Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript


Episode 12

[The characters and situations in this drama are purely fictional.
Any similarities to real persons or situations are coincidental.]

Next, let me introduce Han-Young Bank's
new major stockholder,

Lone Asia's CEO Yu In Hye.

[A New Step Toward Financial Power!]

I'm Yu In Hye.

The party is very special and
meaningful for me.

Because it is the moment when a longtime
dream of mine begins to become reality.

Han-Young bank will be the cornerstone of
the world's finest financial empire…

that it is my dream to build.

People even accused me of selling my soul
as I worked for you.

Why did you abandon me?

When you said you were going
to change my life,

was that all a lie?

How am I supposed to make sense
of this situation?

Please tell me.

I don't have the ability to
protect you right now.

If I continued on with you,

I could see both our imminent destruction,
so what else could I do?

So I had no choice but to
part ways with you.

Do Hyun, you're happy now, right?

And it's true your decision
really isn't dangerous?

Yeah. I'm confident.

Okay, that's all right then.

Forget about my gloomy forboding feelings,

and I really wish you well.
I mean it.

Ah, you scared me.
I thought you were a ghost.

What are you doing instead of sleeping?

Go to sleep, will ya?

If you just sit like that,
you'll just get more miserable.

A cornerstone of a financial empire…
it's a great expression.

Financial reforms are going to be
put into action shortly.

It sounded like you knew all about it.

Now that I have the cornerstone in place,
I need to start building the empire.

Chairman, you'll help me, won't you?

Once you build a financial empire,
what do you plan to do?

Good question.

I haven't been able to decide yet.

I think you've already decided in your head.

And what have I decided?

To buy power.

I thought I was a pretty skilled gambler,

but I truly don't think I could
pull one over on you.

You're right.

The ultimate thing you can buy
with money is power, isn't it?

If you want, I can help you in
your shopping for power.

Excuse me for a moment.

Why have you drunk so much?


Thinking that the star of the party could
have been me, rather than you…

keeps making me drink.

If I don't drink,

I feel like I'll go crazy.

You're drunk.

Please get home and rest.
Please take him.

Right. I should.


Kim Do Hyun… received his sentence
and was put in the slammer.

After treating him like a dog,
cutting him off like that, you're quite…


You're vicious.

I still can't understand your betrayal.

I really didn't know you were so bad
at distinguishing left from right.

I'm already regretting it greatly.

If you want to return, regret isn't enough.

Think about what you could bring with you.

Aigoo, aigoo. Aigoo.

Aigoo, I wish I could just sleep deeply.

I just kept having nightmares.

I didn't get any sleep at all. Aigoo.

Shall I get some sleeping pills
prescribed for you?

There's no need. Sit down.

So, Nurse Lee, how do you feel?

Why do you ask?

I know that Kim Do Hyun went to prison.

You must be pretty upset.

Well, he committed a crime,
so he's paying the penalty, I guess.

Still, to be punished, he needs to
understand what crime he committed.

But a man like Kim Do Hyun doesn't
understand what crime he committed.

Didn't I tell you before?

That he has no idea that
he's crazed right now.

He's deaf and blind from being crazed,

so how could he possibly
understand his crime?

And that's why he's pitiable.

- You were looking for me?
- Have a seat.

What is it that you wanted to tell me?

Nurse Lee, are you somehow involved
with our hospital's foundation?

Why do you ask that?

Well, that…

Well, an order came down to the Nursing
Department from the foundation.

They want you to resign.

Did I do something wrong?

The order came with no particular reason,
so the Chief and I are at a loss.

How exactly are you involved
that this could happen?

Aigoo, sure feels good.

Ah, geez.

Ah, geez, really.

If you just sit around like that, you'll just
think more and get more miserable.

Instead, if you move your body and sweat,
you'll eat and sleep better.

And you'll adapt in no time.

Let's go.

Let's play some foot volleyball.

No, thanks.

You're Kim Do Hyun, right?

Follow me.


You'll know when you get there.

Come quietly.

Go on.

We've brought him.


It's Director Yang.

Yeah, it's me.

Good job.

Don't delay and take care of it.


Thank you.


He said kneel!

Look at those eyes.

You look like you have a temper.

Should we handle him a little first?


You're Lone Korea's Kim Do Hyun, right?

Answer him, you punk.


If I ask you, you should answer.

Who are you?

Even if I told you, you wouldn't know me.

But why'd I drag you here?

Because you hit me pretty damn
hard from behind.

You have no clue what I'm
talking about, do you?

December 13th of last year…

Do you remember?

In the final moments of trading today,
1 trillion won in stock was sold,

as the stock index fell 73 points in an
unprecedented market meltdown.

I heard you were behind that.

In your stunt to shake up
Han-Young Bank, I got hit.

A young guy attempting to swallow a bank,
you must have some skills.

With those oh-so-great skills of yours,
get me back the money I lost.

If you can't recover the money
in the time I give you,

you will die.

So the guy doesn't take my words lightly,

give him a slight taste,
and be careful not to mark his face.

Yes, sir.

His name is Gu Sung Chul, and in
Sampo Prison, he's basically king.

He has a ton of money.

Not just your general thugs, but the organized
crime syndicate kneels before him.

He's bought off the prison guards,

and to that man, this isn't a prison,
but a five-star hotel.

Dirty little…

Isn't this a prison?

How am I supposed to get your
money back in here?

That's your problem, not mine.

I didn't make that money disappear, you did.

I'm saying this, just in case, but it
would be wise not to have other ideas.

Now that I am aware of your existence,

you will never escape my hand.

What is it?

Those evil bastards!

They are masters at beating the crap
out of someone!

How is it they can leave your face
looking fine and cripple your body?

Aigoo, I don't know how you got
mixed up with them,

but since you've been flagged
by the prison king,

your life here is going to be pretty tough.


You look like you're in good condition.

Other than the fact that I'm concerned
about your condition, I'm all good.

I'm sorry to splash cold water
on your good mood,

but today's my last day.

Your last day? What do you mean?

I can't treat you anymore.

Why not?

The foundation sent down an
order for me to resign.

I'll be going now.

This is Yu Myung Jun.

What happened to Lee Jung Yeon?

What is it?

What have you done to Jung Yeon?

I didn't think you'd listen
to me anytime soon.

So before rumors got around
at the hospital,

I just nipped the problem in the bud.

Do you not have any
consideration for people?

Are they just objects to use when you need
and discard when they're useless?

The person without any consideration
for people isn't me, but you.

If you had any consideration
for Lee Jung Yeon,

you absolutely shouldn't
have been seeing her.

I've told you long ago,

but unlike Father and our older brothers,
I don't care about the background of who you see.

But with Kim Do Hyun's
connection to our family,

you seeing Lee Jung Yeon is the perfect way
to create an unnecessary scandal.

Even now, I can't understand why
Lee Jung Yeon would be seeing you.

I'm sure she had an ulterior motive.

What sort of ulterior motive?

You've changed since you've been seeing her.

You pay no attention to managing TS Mall.

And you never discussed the pediatric
cancer foundation with me.

Our clashes have all been after you
started seeing Lee Jung Yeon.

I'm scared of you changing.

It's Lee Jung Yeon that's
changing you like this,

so how can you expect me to just
sit back and watch?

Am I wrong?

Yes. You're wrong.

Before you considered any ulterior motive,

you should have first considered
that I love Jung Yeon.

It's me!

I love her.

Without a need for any words,
for any reason,

I… love her.

[Sampo Prison]

Cell 13, new cellmate entering.

All right!

- Ahn Jae Bok.
- Yes sir!

Don't pull any of your nonsense
and just be quiet.

Pull what sort of nonsense?

Don't worry.

I'm Yang Man Soo. Let's get on well.

Man Soo.

Whoa, where do you think you're sitting?

Stand up straight there.



Aigoo, what a funny guy.

What, is this your bedroom?

You trying to sit without
even an initiation?

Didn't you hear the guard?

He said not to pull any nonsense.

What the hell, initiation in today's world?

And another thing.

I think I've lived this life a
little longer than you.

You can't just talk to me like that.

Wow. I really wanted to mend my ways
and live as a good man.

Look here.

You think I'm funny?

You think I'm easy?

Do I have to beat the crap out of you?
Stand the hell up!

Pretend you just walked in
and start the initiation.

My name is Yang Man Soo.

That's it.

I'm from Yeongdeungpo district in Seoul.

My current address is there, too.

All right.

My crime… blackmail.


That's all.

What kind of blackmail was it?

I extorted some land with a vixen.

Ay, Hyung, are you a gigolo?


Do I look like a gigolo?

I am a gambler.

A total whack job has come in!

Number 4082! Kim Do Hyun.
You have a visitor.

Who's the visitor?

I don't know. Go and see.

Why did you come here?

You said you were happy.

You said the choice you made
wasn't dangerous.

What is this?

You were right.

I did sell my soul.

So I couldn't see the state I was in,
or where I was going.

I just looked forward and kept going.

Without realizing the end was
such a dangerous cliff.

Do you regret it?

What's weighing me down right now,

is more rage than regret.

Rage at the person who drove me to
that cliff and pushed me over.

Doing that will just deepen your scars.

Forget it all instead.

That's the only way you can go back
to your original place.

How can I go back to my original place?

When I did what I did to you?

That wasn't you.

You sold your soul. How could that be you?

If I sit back and quit now,

She'll find and create another crazed
bucking Kim Do Hyun.

I can't just let her do that.

Don't waste your concern on
someone like me now.

If I'm going to climb back up
that cliff I fell over,

I'm going to have to become an even
more loathsome monster.

I don't want to show you that
loathsome figure any longer.

Do Hyun.


Ah, yes, hello.

What are you doing here?

I came to see Do Hyun.

Excuse me?

Do Hyun Hyung is here?


Then, what are you…

Well, uh, I just…

Came to visit my father.

Ay. Our family's sure looking pathetic.

Please get in. I'll give you a ride.

Aigoo, damned bastards.

How could they stuff both father
and son in the same prison?

I guess the whole world knows
we have no bond.

Hey kid,

is that something to say to your father?


It's my fault.

It's all my fault.

I thought you were doing pretty well,

but how did this happen?

You were totally used by the Yu family,
weren't you?

I'm right, aren't I?

They abandoned you, didn't they?


I guess my fate is to be abandoned.

Why hit where it hurts?

Have you found a way to recover my losses?


You couldn't find a way,
or you didn't look for a way?

I didn't look for a way.

- This punk…
- Whoa.

Did my words sound like hot air?

I'm currently serving a sentence.

That means I'm paying for my crimes.

Your loss was also part of my crime.

Your words are reasonable,
but those words make a fool out of me.

I have a more important reason.

Give me a reason I could possibly accept.

I need to get out of here soon
as there is something I must do.

I cannot risk ruining that by doing
something stupid in here now.

And what is it you must do?
I have to know that to understand.


Against whom?

That I can't tell you.

If you consider your revenge that important,
it would be good to listen to me.

Otherwise, it will become difficult for
you to see the outside world.

You don't believe me?

If I can't get out,

then you can't get out either.

What happened with the CK Heavy Industries
and the Sunbong Jungmil stock?

We haven't been able to set
the sale timing yet.

The market is looking really good, so I think it
would be good to delay as long as possible.

Securing the financing for the bank is the highest
priority, so we shouldn't get too greedy.

We'll make sure there's no problem in securing
the capital for financing the acquisition.


[Lee Jung Yeon]


Where are you right now?

You may see it as a worthless career,

but I was quite devoted to my job.

For the Department Chief and the
Head Nurse to run me out…

do you know you've put them
in an awkward situation?

I thought of quietly leaving
considering their situation,

but I felt that was giving up
the pride in my work,

so I don't think I can do that.

It sounds like you would
take legal measures.


I will.

Before that, I feel that you should know
the reason I'm seeing Yu Myung Jun.

As a nurse, I've been seeing
Yu Myung Jun as a patient.

I can't give away a patient's secret,

but because you are no different
than a guardian to him,

I will tell you.

Yu Myung Jun is fighting cancer.

I saw him to help him with pain contol
as ordered by the Hospital Director.

And Yu Myung Jun wanted me
to stay by his side.

I was somewhat uncomfortable knowing
he had feelings for me,

but I felt it was fortunate he
could feel as much ease

with me as he could with the
pain killers I administered.

Now that I can't do that anymore,

I suppose another nurse will do it instead.

That is all.

If it's for money,
you'll even join forces with the devil?

I have yet to meet a devil worth
joining forces with.

Then, what happens now to your
poor monkey Kim Do Hyun?

I'm not sure.

His connection with me has now ended.

I suppose… he'll figure out himself
what he'll do with his life.

Are you still seeing
Lee Jung Yeon these days?

Of course.

It's my only happiness.

Find another happiness.

That won't last long.

I want to show you there are things
that won't go as you intend.

What are you doing here?

What am I to you?

How could…

How could you not say a word to me
and turn me into a fool?

Saying anything wouldn't change anything.

Why wouldn't it?

If I had known much earlier,

I wouldn't have left you alone like this.

Why did you give up treatment?

Quit immediately and check in
to the hospital.

Let's go to the U.S. together.

Whether it's surgery or treatment…

we have to try everything.

Why are you just sitting here?

Don't worry about me,

and take care of yourself.

Your disease… is much more
serious than mine.

Myung Jun.

I was curious about who exactly
you wanted revenge against.

So I looked into you, and a string of
interesting names came up.

Yu Pil Sang, Yu Sung Jun,
and even Choi Guk Hwan.

I know a little bit about Injin Group.

No, not a little. I know them very well.

Even what's unknown to the world…

That family's secret.

Hey. Eat this.

Your father went to a lot of trouble
to get this for you.

He's the sort of person that could
find a banana in Siberia.

He's something else, anyhow.


No, thank you.


This is no good.

Are you really not going to eat this?

Hyungnim will be really hurt.

Then, I'll eat it.

Whenever I eat something tasty,
it makes me laugh.

Ah, it's nice out.

Did you give it to him?

Of course.

I told him you went to a lot
of trouble to get it,

and it looked like he was touched.

Touched, whatever.

Since he was a boy, he'd go nuts over meat.

That punk. He's so stony.

He's just like his mother!

Hey! Are you sure you fed it to him?

He ate it up.

Have you thought about it?


And the conclusion?

I'll do it.

All right.

I knew you would.

For starters, mobilize as much
capital as possible,

and purchase up CK Heavy Industries
and Sunbong Jungmil stock.

I couldn't understand why you,
knowing my relationship with Kim Do Hyun,

were seeing Myung Jun.

I misunderstood when I was convinced
you had an ulterior motive,

and was overly sensitive.

Please forget about what happened
with the hospital.

And I'd like to make a request.

Please stay with Myung Jun.

Madam CEO, you sure do
live in an easy world.

Since you believe that you can just judge and
determine everything by your own criteria.

I'm not someone who moves
according to your will.

I have no reason to, and I don't want to.

You said you misunderstood me
because of Do Hyun.

Well, he and I now have nothing to do
with each other anymore,

but still, I occasionally think of him.

What could he be thinking as he lives
his days in that icy cold prison?

What could he have meant to you?

I planned to continue my current
relationship with Myung Jun,

even without your request.

Because unlike you, I can't so easily
cut the ties I make with people.

The stock you had me buy, CK Heavy Industries
and Sunbon Jungmil, both rose a little.

But I don't suppose you had me buy
them to eat that little bit of profit?

The next phase… borrow as many shares of
the two stocks as you can on margin.

Are you planning to short sell?*

{\a6}*Selling borrowed stock
assuming the price will drop


And the time to sell?

Lone Asia are planning to sell stock
of the two companies,

to come up with a portion of the financing
for the Han-Young Bank acquisition.

Because I am the one that came up
with the financing plan,

I know when the funds have to go in.

That's… the time to sell.

Somehow, he seems closer
to that man than you, Hyungnim.

Listen to you, punk!

That's strange.

They were brutally at odds with each other.

When did they get so close?


He's here.


Why don't you go somewhere else?


What kind of scheme are you up to right now?

What are you talking about?

You're up to something with that
Gu Sung Chul or whatever his name is!

Don't don't concern yourself over it.

How can I not be concerned?

Of all places,

I meet my son in prison.

We meet in this pathetic state,
so how can I not be concerned?

Then how are you going to help me?

If you're going to be concerned,
do something about it. Otherwise,

mind your own business.


Hey kid, there's not a damn thing
I can do for you!

I'm worried you'll get involved in something
stupid and sink even further,

but there's not a damn thing I can do
but be scared to death.

Nothing but to regret and regret again
the dog's life I've lived.

I know I don't have any right to say
anything as a father to you,

but still, when my kid is walking
toward a swamp,

how can I just sit and watch?


Why suddenly?

I just want to try something different.

What something different?

I haven't decided yet.

I want to rest a while and think
about it over time.

If you quit, what am I going to do?

You're in the VIP ward with Injin Medical's
top nurses. What are you worried about?

Ay, does just inserting needles well
make them the best nurses?

They need to know how to
touch people's hearts.

Are you sure there's no other issue?

Of course.

Then, just rest for a little while.

I'll find you a job.

Call the head nurse and have her come
to the VIP ward immediately.

Call Nurse Yoon, it's urgent.


What's going on?

The foundation's chairman
has had an emergency.

BP is falling from 70 to 40.

We're doing CPR.

Give him and epinephrine injection.

I'm injecting the epinephrine.

Charge plates, 200 joules.

Please step aside.

What about Father?

How is Father?

He's still unconscious.


are you saying he could pass away?

You can't come in here.


Can you hear me?

Wake up, Father.

You can't just go like this.

What am I supposed to do? Huh?

Are you just going to leave with
your legitimate son, Yu Sung Jun,

being stepped on by that wench, In Hye?

You can't. Father!

Wake up!

Should we be contacting
Tae Jun in Boston, too?

What are you talking about?

Are you saying we should be
preparing for his death?!

I was just saying that because I was worried.
Why are you losing your temper?

Since it's come up,

frankly, shouldn't we prepare
ourselves for the worst?

Let's wait and see how he progresses.

What I'm saying is,
if something suddenly happens,

there needs to be someone clearly designated
as the center of our household.

But, it's all vague for us here.

Of course, it's been a while since you've
been designated as successor,

but the inheritance hasn't been
clearly finalized.

Right, Hyungnim?

Well, that's basically true.

That's what I'm worried about.

Then, like other families,

there could easily be battles and accusations
about who's rightfully who's sibling.

There won't be any such issues,
so don't worry.

Father has left me with the authority
to distribute the inheritance.

But that doesn't mean the inheritance
has been definitely finalized.

If you are having other ideas with
that sort of authority,

there's no way I'm going to accept that.

Father will hear.

Please stop.

You shut up.

You guys heed my words.

The legitimate descendents of Injin Group
are me and Ki Jun Hyung.

Father's legitimate children
are not you all,

but me and Ki Jun Hyung,
that's what I'm saying.

Got it?

You're not calling us the concubine's kids today.
We're so grateful.

What did you say?

What kind of rude little…

Stop it now!

I know you're all on edge,
but this is too much.

Right now, let's just focus on getting the
Chairman to regain consciousness.

It's herbal tea.

Thank you.

Are you really quitting?

It's like wanting to cry and someone
slaps you and releases it.

And I have a good use for the severance pay,

and I figure it's an opportunity
to find a new life.

What about us?

Will I not be able to see you anymore?

I'm thinking I ought to keep
a rich friend around.

I don't think it's time to go so far
as to bring up that issue yet.

All right. Let's talk later.

What do you think is going to happen?

Don't worry.

He's not one to pass away so feebly.

What I'm worried about…

I know about it.


That outside of the estate that
all of us know about,

Father has additional hidden money.

Don't look at me as a joke.

I know very well that it's not land
that made Father's money.

How did you…

That money, at the very least,
must never go to In Hye.

Ta da!

Hey, what is this, man?

This is boiled chicken that you like so much.

Eat up.

Hey, man. Where'd you get this?

Your elder son Do Hyun got it
for you to eat.

Hey. Is that true?

Of course it's true.
How could I have obtained this?

Aigoo, here.

Oh, look at how it comes right off.

It's totally big. Here. Eat.

Hey. Did Do Hyun really give you
this for me to eat?

If you really can't believe it,
eat it quick and ask him directly.

Here, eat.

Look at how it comes right off.

Mmm, it's good.

I've got salt too. You want some salt?

I ate it well.

Don't worry about me now.

I won't let this sort of thing
happen to me ever again.

Right. That's as it should be.

Come on in.

Please sit.

It was frustrating to see you
only during exercise time.

I pulled some strings.

It's okay, right?


In honor of becoming cellmates,

I wanted to have a celebratory drink,

but sadly it didn't happen.

Would you like to have some of the spirits
we made from yogurt drinks?

That gives me a headache,
so I don't find it drinkable.

Do you want to have a glass?

No, thank you. I'm all right.

Now, tell me.

The secret in Yu Pil Sang's family.

Yu Pil Sang earned his money by
managing political slush funds.

He created astronomical slush funds,
managed them, and received special favors.

And even now, more money than exists
in the Injin Group estate,

is probably hidden somewhere.

At one time, I ran money errands
for Chairman Yu.

A problem arose,
and Chairman Yu abandoned me.

The prosecutor who investigated
me back then,

was Choi Guk Hwan.

And through that, Choi Guk Hwan became
Yu Pil Sang's beck and call boy.

I don't know how you plan to
get your revenge,

but if you're going to go up
against that family,

I have some interest in it as well.

At market close today, sell all the stock.

It's me.

Throw it all.

He's regained consciousness.


It's Sung Jun.

Can you recognize me?

Why are you crying?

Hey, calm down.

Are you all right?

Why are you all here?


you were unconscious for a long time.


Yes, Chairman.

I'm tired.

I need to sleep a little more,

so everyone go on home.

Let's go.


Thank goodness, really.

But, don't you think you put on
a bit of a show?

What do you mean put on a show?

Why would you say something like that?

What, can't a guy make a joke?

Anyhow, still, you're a little strange.



What are you talking about?

No, I'll go. Have everyone stand by.

Is something wrong?


I'll be going now.

What's the expected loss?

About 15 billion won.

To get the financing for
Han-Young Bank right now…

Is there anyone that doesn't know that here?

What I want to know is how this happened.

It appears someone knew the
timing of our sale,

and short sold the stock.

And who is that someone?

The only person that could possibly
know our time schedule…

would be Cha Young Min.

CEO Yu Sung Jun could also be
trying to get back at you.

What have you summoned me for this time?

I'm pretty pathetic to come
every time you call.

Don't you think?

I've become a total fool.

How long are you going to
pull this sort of thing?


You used Cha Young Min to attack and
short sold stock held by Lone Asia.

What the hell are you talking about?

When did I?

I've let you go so many times,
now you're making crap up to pin on me.

If you're lying,

I can't forgive you.

This is making me nuts.

It's been a long time since
I've seen Cha Young Min.

But what attack are you saying
I had him make?

I'm the guy who's so afraid of you I can hardly
put up a defense, much less an attack.


I'm asking you as a favor.
Stop making a fool out of me.


Kim Do Hyun.

It could be Kim Do Hyun.

He's in prison right now.

That's impossible.


He's completely capable
of something like this.

Look into it quickly.


That's fine. Now, you can go.

Yes, ma'am.

- Did you wait long?
- No.

How do I look?

You look stylish.

All right. What did you want to buy me?

Let's go.

All right.

Did you call me out just to
buy me this little thing?

Just try it.

All right.

What do you think?

It's tasty.

Dip the sausage in the broth.
Then, it's even tastier.


Mmm. This really hits the spot!

Nurse Lee.

Since you've quit the hospital and all now,

I can stop calling you Nurse and
just call you Jung Yeon, right?

Of course.

So, Jung Yeon, have you found another job?

No, not yet.


Mmm, then why don't you spend
some money with me?


I've spent my entire life getting
badmouthed, just making money,

I've never really properly spent any.

How about we just go and spend away?

What do you think?

Have you looked into it?


It seems he's serving his sentence and
there's nothing out of the ordinary.

And the others who worked at Lone Korea haven't
made any particularly strange movements.

I don't think you need to worry
about Kim Do Hyun.

Eight! Nine!

Okay, ten more!

Are you sleeping?!

37. 38. 39.

40. Wow, are you ever gonna stop?

[Lone Asia CEO, One of the Nation's Top 10 Most
Influential People in the Financial World]

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