Midas (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript


Episode 1






What are you doing here?


Aigoo, my kid. 100 again!

Here, go and buy whatever you want to eat!

Thank you.

In all my childhood memories of my mother,

there is a fishy smell that permeates.

Money, money, money…

Money, money, money…

The devil's cash…

Gap Dool and Gap Soon…

were seeing each other…

The two of them had loved each other…

Mother was always singing
the song "Money Fuss".

She was constantly,
with the most stubborn tenacity,

making a fish-odor infused fuss over money.

But ultimately what my mother left me with,

was merely the premium for hanging a sign
at the outdoor market, five million Won.

When I was in college,
my mother passed away,

and I became entirely on my own,
with no parents, no siblings.

I had invested the five million Won my
mother left me as seed money in stocks,

and perhaps I had a feel
for that sort of thing,

as the remainder of my tuition funds
were supplied through that investment.

[Resume - circled
"Business Administration"]

I also won several joint
investment competitions,

and after I graduated,

I worked for three years at a
securities firm as a fund manager.

I was a successful fund manager
with quite a high performance rate.

[Team Member, Excellent]

You didn't study a core
curriculum of law or anything.

If you were a successful fund manager,

why did you suddenly decide
to take the bar exam?

I suppose it may sound like it
was a decision out of nowhere,

but there were too many
outstretched hands tempting me.

- When you say tempting…
- Yes.

The influencers that wanted to use
my investment intuition and skills.

Are you talking about
operational influencers?

Yes. Money's spell can bewitch even

an intelligent, healthy person's
sense of reason.

I didn't know when I would fall
under it if I held on any longer,

and therefore I prepared for the bar exam.

Perhaps it was good fortune, but I
passed the bar exam within two years,

and my bar exam score,

along with my training institute grades,
were in the top one percent.

With those grades, I'm sure that PK
Law Firm, the top business law firm,

would have probably tried to recruit you.

Is there any particular reason
you're applying with us?

It's my opinion that PK maintains their
reputation as a top business law firm

by recruiting the aid of senior
administration bureaucrats,

prosecutors, and judges.

I felt that this was a better place than PK
for me to have my capabilities recognized.

And finally, I've also heard that
the terms were more generous.

[Drive, Excellent; Talent, Excellent]

I just finished my interview.

How was it?

Not bad.

I mean how was the offer?


PK offers new associates 100 million Won,

and here they said they'd
give twenty percent more.

They said they'd offer an interest-free
loan when I buy a house,

and they'll give me a car.

But the best part of the offer…

is that if I go to study abroad later,

the company will cover all the expenses.

Wow, that's outstanding.

- Then, have you decided?
- No matter how tempting the bait is,

I can't just bite right away. It's bad form.


In situations like this, you have
to lightly let them simmer a bit.

And I have another interview tomorrow.

- Where?
- Nurse, it's a TA patient!

I'll call you back!

- Hook up an IV.
- Yes.

How are his vitals?

Blood Pressure 90 over 60,
heart rate 110.

O2 Saturation, 80 percent.

Give him Hartmann's Solution, an epi drip,

and quickly prepare for intubation.

(Intubation: Inserting tube in trachea
to administer drugs or ventilation)



Doctor. How about doing a crico?

If we delay any longer, it's dangerous.

If you're so good,
why don't you be a doctor?

Hey, what is this?

It's a TA patient,
but intubation isn't going so well.

Move out of the way.

Hey, you moron, how do you think you're
going to intubate him in this condition?

We need to do a crico quickly!

- Crico.
- Yes, sir.

I've moved them all. It's all done.

After doing that, have you lost it?

Ay, what are you talking about?

Not at all. I'm not fazed at all.

Whatever. It's written all over your face.

Did you do some of that homework I gave you?


- I gave it a go, but…
- Try it.

- Here?
- C'mon, try it.

Right now?

All right.

Ah, the first note is hard to get.

End… end…
Endlessly, so many nights…

Overcome with the pain
that eats at my chest…

How much I cr-ied…

Miss Camelia…


What kind of guy sings a
gem of a song like that?

- You really won't do.
- Let me try it one more time.

Never mind.

Yeah, it's me. Bring us two double
portion jjajangmyeons here.

Ah, for me, as always, a regular portion.

Listen to you. You should eat
what you're given.

Make one a regular.

Clean this up and go on home.
I'll see you tomorrow.

I think it will be hard for me to
come out, starting tomorrow.


We're coming to the end of the
term at the Judicial training institute,

so there's a lot to do.

Are you plotting ways
to get out of coming in?

Ay, it's really not like that.

You don't know me after
watching me up to now?

Just keep this one thing in mind.
Where I'm concerned,

you've only earned 49 points in your favor.

Yes, sir.

If you're going to take my Jung Yeon,
you need at least 51.

You know what I'm saying?

I understand. You worked hard today,

Who's your father-in-law?

You still have a long ways to go,
I'm telling you!

[Apartment - Lease deposit 150 million Won]

[Infectious Greed]

[KBR, CEO Special Lecture Series, Yu In Hye
of Lone Asia presents her vision for 2011]

- You came?
- Yeah.

Sorry, it's late, isn't it?

Emergency patients kept coming in
until the very end of my shift.

Aigoo, you must have had a tough time today.

You must be hungry.

Oh, you can't move those, you can't.
I'm using them all.

You are one chaotic mess.

What are you working on?

Finally, the last report at
the training institute.

It's almost all over. Can't you just
throw something acceptable together?

It's important how people end things.

What are you talking about,
"something acceptable"?

You are intense, aren't you? Hurry and eat.

Oh, it's pizza. Oh, it looks good. Oh!

Oh, what were you saying
about having another interview?

Didn't you decide to take the job
you interviewed for today?

I was going to,

but it's something my professor at the
institute set it up, so I feel I should go.

What kind of place is it that your
professor would set you up with it?

I don't really know, either.

I don't think it's really well known.
And it seems kind of small scale.

What a strange professor.

Why introduce my successful
sweetheart to a place like that?

You think he got some money under the
table and is going to sell you off cheap?

What are you talking about, Missy?

To sell me off dirt cheap, I'm
worth too much around these parts.

Total blue chip.

Oh, my lovely blue chip.

Shall I sleep over?

Then what will you say to your father?

I've already created my alibi. Don't worry.

Quiet. Stop saying things that
mean trouble. Eat this, then go.

I don't want to lose all the
points I've earned in one shot.

I even went so far as to sing Miss Camelia,
do you know how hard that is?

- You scaredy cat.
- Why is this being a scaredy cat?!

It's just an accurate judgment that
there would be an intent to kill.

You all probably know that financial crimes

have been increasing
exponentially in recent years.

Given that financial markets are expanding
more broadly and changing so quickly,

I believe radical measures must
be taken through new reform laws.

Bank and financial market laws
have already been revised.

Is that not enough?

The laws revised last year were to
rectify cases that have already occurred.

- They are not effective.
- The laws must be minimal.

Korea is a country where free
competition is recognized.

In a country like that,

wouldn't too much regulation put
extreme pressure on competition?

What is the reason that foreign hedge funds

have waged unjust economic
activity in Korea?

Isn't that because… the laws were weak,

and lawyers like you, who went
to work for law firms,

protected only the profits of your
clients in order to collect legal fees?

Isn't that statement…

a personal attack that's beside the point?

Now, now then. I think the debate
is getting too heated.

Let's end today's seminar at this juncture.

What a jerk. Why does he
go around acting so great?

He has grounds to act that way.
He's got five prosecutors in his family.

His uncle was even
Public Prosecutor General.

And they say his family's
really wealthy on top of that.

Punk. So, that's why he treats people who

become lawyers as money grubbing insects.

What are you doing this afternoon?

I'm interviewing at a law firm.
What about you?

I'm thinking of going to a special lecture
by a well known guest speaker.

- Who's the speaker?
- Was it Lone Asia?

It was some head of a hedge fund.

Yu In Hye.

Is it someone you know?

Let me tell you a bit about today's
guest speaker, Yu In Hye.

DEO Yu graduated with an MBA from the
University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School,

and worked as an eminent
investment consultant on Wall Street.

- I thought you had an interview.
- I think I have time to listen before I go.

She is currently CEO of hedge
fund firm Lone Asia.

Now then, let's welcome our speaker
with a big round of applause.

It's a pleasure. I'm Yu In Hye.

I did accept Professor Lim's
invitation to speak,

but I contemplated a very long time
on what to speak to you all about.

Then, it occurred to me there
was no need to contemplate.

It occurred to me that perhaps you
would all like to hear about money.

On the assumption that you
agree with what I've said,

I will just comfortably speak about money.

"Money", and "wealthy".

Two words that excite people,
and make them feel good, right?

How much do you all make?

What's the starting salary of
judges and prosecutors?

About an annual salary of 40 million Won.

Those who become attorneys
at law firms may make more,

but on average, you can assume
50 to 60 million Won.

Right now, it looks like there are about
1000 of you in this lecture hall,

so altogether, would it be
around 50 billion?

When I worked on Wall Street,
among successful asset managers,

there were people that made
over 60 million dollars.

So… more than all of you
put together, it would seem.

How much did you make?

I didn't make that much,

but probably between
15 to 20 million dollars.

I'm not telling you to brag,
so don't misunderstand.

There are many people
that make more than I do.

What I'm merely trying to tell you,
is that the world is

full of people who make more
money than you all can imagine.

Making a lot of money and becoming
wealthy is probably a standard ambition.

However, on the flip side of the
ambition for money and wealth,

is the thinking that "Money is dirty",
and "The wealthy are bad people."

That sort of unavoidable contradiction
in thought absolutely exists.

Is money truly dirty, and are
the wealthy really bad people?

I don't believe that money
or the wealthy are bad,

but that society, with its distorted view
of money and the wealthy, is diseased.

Not viewing the human being's
appetite for money as sordid greed,

but protecting it, as a healthy desire.

That is precisely the law
that you all are studying.

I sincerely hope the law that
you all are studying…

is not dominated by money.

When law is dominated by money,

all that's left is sordid greed.

Thank you for listening to my
less than interesting lecture.

- Was that true earlier?
- What?

That her annual income on Wall Street
was over 20 million dollars.

Well, now that she's directly
managing a hedge fund,

she's probably become uber wealthy.

If it's a hedge fund,
they probably deal in M&A's, too.

Then they'll need a lawyer.

At Yu In Hye's level, she'd probably
get legal opinion from a firm in the U.S.

In Korea you'd probably have to be a partner
at a firm like PK for her to speak to you.

And if you win a case, the compensation
would probably be several billion won.


They must know each other.

Looks like the successful ones somehow
always get connected to each other.

Ay, I need to meet a woman
with a lot of money soon, too.

I'm going.

It's me.

The lecture went kind of long,
so I think I'll have to go directly there.

Okay, I'll meet you there.


Hey, Frank.

China and Taiwan have just
signed a trade treaty.

This will mean an economic union
between those two.

I'm positive.

Yes. Anyway, I will keep you updated.


Have you made a decision?


I will invest 15 billion Won.

Thank you for making a difficult decision.

Before we finalize the investment,

there is a prerequisite condition.

What is it?

First, we'll need a reorganization with
at least a 20% reduction in workforce.

Second, a 2-to-1 reduction in capital.

Finally, until operations
have returned to normal,

the current Board of Directors,
including the chairman, must step down.

Only then will we invest.

But… what kind of
outrageous demands are those?

You're even asking for the
Chairman of the Board to step down?

If we pull out here too,
you all know quite well…

what will come about as a result.

Let's forget it.

Chairman, let's get up.

The demand regarding the capital,

and the demand calling for the
board's and my resignation,

we will carry out.

However, please reconsider the layoffs.

Our employees are different
than those of other companies.

From the time we set up a
dockyard in a barren space,

they all suffered wretchedly,
and came this far together.

That mindset of yours…
I too respect it.

However, it is that paternal
method of management

that has brought your company
to the brink of bankruptcy.

If even one of the conditions
I've proposed is not met,

we will end all discussions
regarding investment.

How can I help you?

- I'm here for an interview.
- Ah, yes.

Please come this way.

If you wait just a moment,
the President will be here shortly.

[Lee Do Hoon, Daegu District Court
Chief Judge, Supreme Court Justice]

[Park Myeon Seon, Ministry of Justice
Section Chief, Intl. Assoc. of Prosecutors]

Ah, sorry. I'm a little late, aren't I?

I did ask Professor Lim,
but I couldn't predict

whether you'd come or not.
Thanks for coming.

I'm Choi Gook Hwan, the President here.

[Dae Jung Law Firm, Choi Gook Hwan]

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

- Please sit.
- Yes, sir.

Do you know anything about our Dae Jung?

No, nothing.

I was going to try to do some research,

but I couldn't find a way
to find any information.

And none of my classmates at the
institute had any knowledge, either.

You must have thought Professor Lim strange
to introduce you to a place like this.

What do you think? Have you taken
a look through the brochure?

Yes, I looked at it briefly.

- What did you think?
- Mmm…

Frankly, I was really surprised after
reading the Partners' backgrounds.

And the fact that people with
such amazing experience

are partners in a law firm that isn't very
well known, made me suspicious.

We've never picked anyone
from a training institute.

So, the training institute
wouldn't know about us.

I want to recruit you.

Of course, you have top grades,

and I've heard you're being recruited
by top business law firms

like PK and Atlantic.

For an unknown law firm like us
to recruit a guy like you,

I'm sure an average offer wouldn't
even come close to being sufficient.

So I'm thinking of making an
unprecedented sort of offer.

For starters, I'll commission you
with a blank check annual salary.

If you write down what you're worth,
that's your salary.

And another thing. This should be
a really appealing term.

From the moment you enter this firm,
you become a partner.

Though I don't know the particulars,

if you want to become a
partner at PK or Atlantic,

I've heard it takes seven to eight years
on the short end, and ten on the long.

What do you think?
Don't these qualify as good terms?

What is this?

I've heard that when the institute
students interview at law firms,

they sometimes receive an interview bonus.

Let's just call it that.

The Environmental Protection
Resolution brought up at

the last National People's
Congress in China…

I hear it's going to be adopted. Then,
is there evidence to support that?

You're certain, right?

Ah, thank you. I'll call you again later.

Attorney Choi has come.

What brings you here so unexpectedly?

Every time I come here, it feels like I'm
in a different world. I was just passing.

Do you know that it's frightening
when you utter the word "just"?

- Is that so?
- Because it's never "just" anything.

This is about Father, isn't it?

Go ahead and tell me.

The Chairman will be drawing
up his will shortly.

- Do my brothers know about this too?
- No.

You're the first person I've told.

It seems it will happen
around his next birthday.

So, do as you see fit until then.

Ah, and this…

Read it when you have time.
You'll find it interesting.

I'm going.

I know my grades are
somewhat better than most,

but I'm just a training institute student

who hasn't even displayed
any strength in practice.

I'd like to know why you'd make such an

extreme unprecedented
offer to someone like me.

I'm sorry to say this to you,

but unbeknownst to you,
I've found out quite a lot about you.

I'm saying I'm confident
I can utilize your skill,

to be worth more than what I'm offering you.

Do you need a longer explanation?

Aigoo, what on earth is going on?!

Grandmother, are you feeling all right?

I'm still in pain.

This will be all administered in about three
hours. You'll feel a little better then.

- I'm going to check your blood pressure.
- Yes, thank you so much.

Nurse, the Head Nurse is looking for you.

Please finish checking all
her vitals before 2:00.

Nurse Lee. Have you heard of the VIP ward?

Yes, it opened last month.

I heard not anyone can go in there.

Apparently a one night stay
costs four million Won.

Excuse me?

What's more shocking is
that of the patients there,

there are more people that
come to rest than sick people.

But, why are you telling me this?

I think you'll have to be moved there.

But I like the emergency ward I'm in now.

Only our hospital's ace
nurses go to the VIP ward.

You've been chosen.

In becoming a head nurse, then a chief
nurse, then senior nursing officer,

you think there's any other
experience that could help you more?

Anyhow, congratulations.

Just come to the emergency
room until tomorrow,

and then starting next week,
you'll have to do OT for a week.


Where are you?

I'm at the institute library.

You don't know what today…

I think I'm going to be a little late today
because I have to get ready for a seminar.

Why, is something wrong?

No, work hard.

Dad, I'm home.

- You came right on time.
- What is all this?

What do you mean what is all this?

You gotta eat well since this
is the day you were born.

How many times have I told
you not to do stuff like this?

Hey, kid. It's not like I've got dementia.

I know it's your birthday,
how can I do nothing?

Go wash your hands and sit down.

All right.


- Why did you turn out the lights?
- Mmm. I prepared a present.

A present?

Jung Yeon. It's me.

A day like this has actually come.

I feel really awkward trying to say this.

After always getting chastised
for earning only 49 points,

I was actually praised for the
first time today by your father,

as he told me I've earned 51.

Hey, after trying so hard
to get those points,

there's no machine I can't handle.

Even if I end up quitting law, I can
easily be your father's assistant.

I can be responsible for you.

So, Miss Lee Jung Yeon,

will you marry me? Hmm?

Don't we go well together?

That guy!

He just hung around all the time, and listen
to him acting like he did all sorts of work.

Dad! What are you doing with a guy
who's supposed to be studying?

I never told him to come.
He came on his own.

Hey kid, why aren't you coming out?
What are you doing?!

Do Hyun!

Happy birthday.

The candles are melting. Blow them out.

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday dear Jung Yeon…

Happy birthday to you…

One more time?

Now, then…

When will you hold the ceremony?

Before I finish at the institute.

There's a really, really nice
banquet hall inside the institute.

As for the date, why don't
you find us a good day?

Since you're lonely, and my
Jung Yeon also grew up lonely,

be prepared to have lots of children.

Oh, Dad.

We'll do our very best to
have them one after another.

Listen to you! You sure know
how to answer a question.

Hey kid, why don't you go ahead
and sing us Miss Camelia?

All right.

Endlessly, so many nights…

Overcome with the pain
that eats at my chest…

How much I cried…

Miss Camelia…

Exhausted from longing…

Exhausted from crying…

Are we going somewhere?

Just follow me. I have a present for you.

A present? What kind of present?

Ta da!

Get in.

This is a present?

- Where did you get this?
- Just get in for now.

- This car? Is this the present?
- No.

Then, where are we going right now?

Where I can give you your real present.

Just wait.


- All right. Drive slowly.
- Jung Yeon.

It's been my wish to drive a new
car and put the pedal to the metal,

with the woman I love.

I guess you got your wish.

Are you really not going to tell me?

Now open your eyes.

What is this place?

This place is where you and I
will live together.

Take a look around.
And take a look at the view.

- The view's pretty nice here.
- Wait.

What happened while I wasn't looking?

Don't change the subject or
talk in circles. Tell me now.

I decided on a law firm.

- Where? Atlantic?
- No.

It's called Dae Jung, and it's the
place my professor hooked me up with.

The house and the car were part
of their offer in recruiting me.

They gave me a blank check
to specify my annual salary,

and I wrote a figure just a little
higher than what Atlantic offered me.

But more than the salary, do you
know what's really the killer term?

Don't be shocked.

As soon as I join the law firm,
I become partner.

That means that aside
from the annual salary,

- I get a share of the law firm profits.
- No way.

You're only just about to finish at the
training institute, so how can that be?

I had doubts myself,
so I looked into it.

But the more you learn about
the place, the more amazing it is.

So, there's nothing to worry about.

That's the truth, right?

I said don't worry. Don't you trust me?

There's something I haven't told you either.


I've been transferred to the VIP Ward.

VIP Ward? What is that?

They say a one night stay
costs at least 4 million Won.

- 4 million Won?
- It's not a place anyone can go.

Only our hospital's ace
nurses get sent there.

Wow, Lee Jung Yeon…

You're the VIP, huh? But you're going to
be the one attending to others?

Go and dump your job
at the hospital tomorrow.

And just live in comfort, beckoning service
with your finger, being addressed as Madam.

This oppa will make it so.
You trust me, right?!

Aigoo, that big showy talk of yours.

Jung Yeon.

Before my mother passed away,
do you know what she said?

She said that she felt reassured
because you were here.

That meeting you…

was the biggest blessing in my life.

Let's have a good life.

Read this when you have time.
You'll find it interesting.

[Kim Do Hyun]

[Financial Law in the New Free State Era]

It's In Hye.

The report you left for me
the other day, who wrote it?

What did you think of that report?

I couldn't believe that a training
institute student wrote that.

Well, there are bound to
be geniuses in any field,

but it's not easy to find someone you could
quite call a genius in the study of law.

I mean, what would be the criteria
of excellence in a Judge?

I suppose faithful reading
of the law, justice, ethics…

making fair rulings in accordance
with those principles.

I guess the criteria would
be along those lines.

And it's not that different for lawyers.

But the fellow who wrote that
report seems a bit different.

I've never seen anyone so creative in
the interpretation and application of law.

Since I entered the legal field,

it's the first time I've felt,
"Ah, this guy is a genius."

If a man like that becomes a prosecutor,
it could be a headache for a lot of people.

So, I'm bringing him on.

To do what?

There's a saying, "Keep your friends
close, and your enemies closer."

Isn't that a line from The Godfather?

It's already been thirty years that
I've been serving the Chairman.

I have to start preparing
someone to take my place.

- Are you on your way?
- Yeah.

- How do you feel?
- Just so-so.

Don't be so infatuated with being
partner that you go around preening.

Be prudent and do a good job.

Hey, if you're going to nag, then hang up.

Yes, sir. Call me when you get off work.

All right.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Manager Han, Attorney Kim has arrived.

I'm Han Dong Joon, responsible
for operational support.

- I'm Kim Do Hyun.
- Let's go.


This is your office, Attorney Kim.

Miss Yang?

She will be your personal assistant.

- I'm Yang Su Jung.
- I'm Kim Do Hyun.

I look forward to working with you.

If you find anything uncomfortable or need
anything, please don't hesitate to call.


Let's go.

[Attorney Kim Do Hyun]

Ah, Assistant Yang,

what time is that meeting tomorrow
with the Public Prosecutor General?

Ah, well, I'm not feeling very well.

Please cancel it.
Yes. Immediately.

Here, no one but VIP patients and
authorized staff are allowed to enter.

It really feels like a hotel suite.

If you compare it to a plane,
this is first class.

So you need to have a crew member mindset
to provide the best service to our guests.

This is the room you will be managing.

Patients in the VIP ward will probably be
a little different than general patients.

First, start by getting
to know our patients.

- Okay?
- Yes.

- Oh, are you starting today?
- Yes.

But the atmosphere here is no joke.

I felt a little intimidated at first too,

but after you work here
a while, it's no big deal.

Please keep in mind that
I'm your senior here.

Ah yes, yes, I will treat you
with the utmost respect.


I think you can start by reviewing this.

- Is this the list of patients?
- Yes.

Here, the name and age.


What do you think? Do you like your office?

Yes. I was actually going to contact you.


About what I should be working on.

Let's step out.
There's somewhere you need to go.


- And the Chairman?
- Ah yes, he's out in the garden.

- The sunshine is nice.
- Yes, Chairman.

Ah, this is the young man I told you about.

I'm Kim Do Hyun.

He looks young.

He's two years older than I
was when you first met me.

Is that so?

Time sure…

If you suddenly had ten billion Won come
into your possession, what would you do?

Tell me.

There is a private equity fund I know of

that requires a minimum
investment of ten billion Won.

Because the fund has quite
a high performance rate,

in about three years, I could
double my original investment.

Ten billion Won is enough for you

to spend the rest of your life
playing and living it up.

Why would you take that
sort of dangerous risk?

And, if you must invest, wouldn't it
be safer to invest in land or buildings?

I don't think there's any game in this world
more exhilarating than making money.

And investing in real estate
during these current times,

I believe is a fool's move.

Do you know how much money
I have tied up in real estate?

I don't really know.

You'll know soon through Attorney Choi.

You are currently standing in front
of this country's biggest fool.

I'm sorry.

- What I meant…
- Never mind.

Do as you like.

Find Mi Ran.

It seems like I haven't seen
her in a long time.

Yes, Chairman.

I guess we've got a task for you.

Let's go.

The Chairman has given permission.

Then I guess he'll soon know as much
as you do about Father's estate.

Since he'll be taking over my work,
I suppose so.

No, it doesn't matter to me.

If you want, that's fine too.

Yes. Thank you.

I'll contact you again later.

Among this term's graduates at
the judicial training institute,

there's a man named Kim Do Hyun.

Find out everything you can about the guy.

Yes, ma'am.

Where are you? When do you get off?

I think I'm going to be a little late today.


I'm still working.

What are you working on?

Well, I'm not exactly sure
how I would define it.

Anyhow, I'll tell you about it later.

Have you gotten off work yet?

I think I'll be getting off soon.

If you think you'll be really late,
I'll go straight home.

I think you'll have to today.
Anyhow, make sure you eat.


- Who are you?
- Attorney Choi sent me.

He's asked me to come and get you.

Get lost.

Get out!

Look here. Look here!

Wake up! Look here!

Yes, we have a problem.

I think she's overdosed on drugs.

Yes, she's unconscious.

Mmm, okay.

You stay there and handle things
so no talk comes out of there.

If there are people that must keep silent,
it doesn't matter how much it costs.

You make that judgment and decide.

Yes, it's me.

No, I'm still in front of the hospital.

Excuse me?


It's a female patient in her twenties.
Yes, yes. Yes, I understand.

- What's going on?
- It's a suicide emergency.

Since you have a lot of experience
in that area, hurry and get ready.

Who is it that they don't go to the ER
and come directly into the ward?

They say it's the daughter of the Executive
Director of our hospital foundation.

It'll become a headache if it gets out,
so be careful of what you say.

There's nothing strange with her vitals.

Prepare a Levin tube
and activated carbon.

[Levin Tube: nose to GI tract;
Activated carbon: poisoning treatment]

I took care of that.

All right. It's okay.

I've taken care of tying up the loose ends.

Good work.

How's her condition?

She's all right. Don't worry.
Go on home now.

What? Do you have something to say?

The work I need to do
was this sort of thing?

Please tell me definitively what
I will be doing going forward.

I've worked for the last thirty years
for the Chairman and his family.

Going forward, you will be doing
that work instead of me.

I joined Dae Jung as an
attorney for the law firm.

So when you say I will be working
for the Chairman and his family,

I don't understand.

Are you saying that they
are worth that much?

What happened?

She's become stable now.
Go on in.

Who is that?

The Chairman's daughter.

How is she?

Her vitals are stable.

Can I have a word with her for a moment?

Why did you do it?


you couldn't possibly think this is
how you'll get revenge?

It's not revenge if you destroy yourself.

Don't ever…

do something this foolish again.

- Mi Ran's okay, right?
- Yes.

This is our new recruit, Kim Do Hyun.

It's nice to meet you. I'm Kim Do Hyun.

I heard about you from Attorney Choi.

It's a pleasure.

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