Meurtres à... (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Meurtres à Dunkerque - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

It's Marco.
He fell in the water.

You're a dick, Marco.

You scared us.
We thought it was you.

Oh, shit...

- Hi, Janie.
- Hi.


- Hi, Janie.
- Hi, Sebastien.

- Hi, Janie.
- Hi, Mathias.

Well, this is a first.

- The prosecutor's in the deck...
- Was he at the parade?

I don't think so.
He's not really the kind.

I'll speak with the neighbors.

Someone must have heard something.
Good luck.

- Mr. Prosecutor.
- Captain Roussel.

Well, what do you think?

We should get him down
before the gulls eat him.

I think that's Marc Vandernoot.

- You know him?
- He was a friend

of my ex-husband's.
I used to see him at the carnival.

This is a bad time for murder.

Investigation should be fast.

Given the circumstances,

the Coquelles CID will take over.

Marc was a Dunkirk Privateer,

like my son and ex.

What's the relation?

This murder
might be linked to the carnival.

And I know the carnival by heart.

I haven't missed a parade
in 30 years.

Yes, I noticed.

I'm familiar with the Privateers
and the places they go to.

In this time of celebration,

field survey should be quick
so as to not scare anyone.

It'd be a shame
to forgo my knowledge.

Alright, the case is yours.
But Coquelles will assist you.

The inquiry
shouldn't take too long.

Especially if you're in good terms
with your ex.

Things are a bit cold between us.

Especially since he died.

What an idiot.

So, where are we at?

We'll be done with the examination
in about 30 minutes.

- Who could've killed Marc?
- I don't know.

Was he having any issues?

Financial, personal,
relationship issues...

I don't think so.
I didn't know him that much, though.

- What was his job?
- Estate agent.

Oh, I remember now.

I heard him fight
with some guy on the phone.

- And?
- I didn't catch the conversation.

- That was dumb.
- You've raised me well.

He was a great guy.

He got me this internship
at the notary.

- Really?
- He knew Antoine de Kerkhof.

You haven't talked about it.
How's it going?

Not bad.

It can get boring.

But it's mandatory
to become a lawyer.

A lawyer... OK, but I won't be
calling you "Maitre Roussel".

Maitre will do it.

OK, bye, dummy.

Have a nice day, old cod.

Take it easy with the clean-up.
You could get hurt.

- Well?
- Marc Vandernoot was divorced.

His 21-year-old daughter
lives in London.

She hasn't been reached.

What about our Coquelles colleague?

They'll send us Nathalie Gesquiere.

Nathalie Gesquiere? Oh, no.
The chick smiles when busted.

It could be worse.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi.

So, what's new
with our hanged man?

I haven't opened him up yet,

but he was already dead

when he got that rope
around his neck.

- He had been strangled.
- With what?

Some sort of thin cord.

The lab tests will tell us more.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Captain Eric Dampierre,

Coquelles CID.

Nathalie Gesquiere
sure has changed.

Hi. Captain Janie Roussel.

Nice to meet you.

- Dr. Klusel.
- Hello.

- And Lieutenant Mathias Laurent.
- Hi!

- Coffee? Waffle?
- No, thanks. I'll pass.

I'll take the coffee, then.

I hadn't seen you before.

I came from Paris last month.

Here. Have a look.

So, Marc Vandernoot, strangled

and hoisted
atop an old mast last night.

That's how pirates
were executed in the old days.

The king would hang them
and let their bodies rot.

He was a member
of a Dunkirk carnival group called

The Privateers.

Perhaps the killer wanted to do
some kind of justice.

Or maybe they knew
he was a Privateer.

- Or both, Captain.
- Or both.

He was big. Must have taken
at least 2 people to pull him up.

Not necessarily.
This pulley helped the task.

- One person would be enough.
- Absolutely.

It could even be a woman.

Anyhow, he or she
was very determined.

Come on, you can tell me.


What did you do to end up here?


I didn't do anything.

It must be serious, then.

Because, usually,

Parisians get transferred here

as the ultimate punishment.

They're rarely happy
to work in the cold and rain.

Don't speed.

I'm here to find my son
and my ex-wife.

There you go.

- How old is your kid?
- Careful.

His name is Solal.
He's 15.

Gaelle, his mother, and I
separated six months ago.

She decided to move
near her parents', so I followed them

and here I am, in Dunkirk.

Solal will discover our carnival.

Is it like Nice Carnival?

Absolutely not.
Are you crazy?

We don't do
cute parades for tourists.

Everybody gets to participate
in Dunkirk, Eric.

I'll take him.

Not so fast, pretty boy.

You need to know
a couple of things first.

You don't just go
without preparation.

Holy shit.

Your kid's going to need
a cool clet'che.

- A what?
- A clet'che, a costume, a disguise.

And he'll have to memorize
the lyrics of our songs.

That's a must...

But then the songs are a bit kinky,
if you know what I mean.

- Sure.
- A bit naughty.

OK, I get it.

I love it.

Once I caught a fish
I had to let it go

Once I caught a fish
A wicked, nasty cod

What did it do?
He bit me on my tool!

That's a nice one.

- My son will love it.
- No doubt he will.

Janie, no offense,

but the police cars here are junk.

Except that's my car.
Too many bumps.

- Now I get none.
- No wonder.

It's here.

- Hello.
- Hello.

We're looking for witnesses.

- We've no time.
- No problem.

You've just earned a 150-euro fine.

- You're kidding.
- It's the law.

ID cards, please.

Don't touch anything.

We'll have your prints everywhere.

Why are you searching his house?

Where's Mr. Vandernoot?

He was found dead this morning.

I can't believe it.
What happened?

I can't tell you.

Did you see him
go in or out last night?

We went to the movies last night.

At around 11:30, we saw the lights
in the living room were on.

And at midnight,
Goldorak made a racket.

- Goldorak?
- That's our dog.

He barks when a car parks outside.
He's a watchdog.

It's necessary.

We're not safe anymore
with all those refugees.

The 200 children in the camp
are not safe either.

- Janie.
- Yes?

- Check this out.
- Coming.

You can go.
You'll be summoned if needed.

Oh, wow...

Not bad for an estate agent.

Right. Especially for a guy

who reportedly earned
2,000 euros a month.

He was immune to the crisis.

I reconstructed
Vandernoot's final hours.

He went to the carnival

and had dinner
in an Italian restaurant,

the Primo Bacio.

The owner didn't notice anything.

They had quite a few drinks
and left at around 10:30 p.m.

His friends allegedly
walked him to his car.

So Marc was with his friends
and got home at 11 p.m.

And he died between 1 and 4 a.m.

The dog barked.
A car parked outside.

If it was the murderer's,

the victim must've known him.
He didn't break in.

So, either he strangled him here

and then took him to the port,

or he killed him on site.

He was living
well above his means.

Given the car he had,
we should look into his accounts.

We'll check
for money-earning businesses,

and the trouble
that goes with them.

So he was hanged
over some money?

- Isn't that weird?
- Any other option? I'm all ears.

Let's question the Privateers.

We'll do it this afternoon.

No, we'll question them tonight.
I'll pick you up at 11.

11 p.m.?

- Alright?
- How are you?

- Good to see you.
- You too.

So, tell me, how's school going?

They're not exactly
fond of Parisians.

But you're a Dunkirk boy now.

I wouldn't say that.

I have a spare hour.
Have you been training?

Come on, lift.

Oh, no!


Is something wrong?
Wanna talk about it?

It's Mom.
I'm sick of her.

It's been hell
since you're not there.

I'll be better off with you.

Your Mom's going through a lot.
A separation's never easy.

But you both agreed to it.

Of course we did,
it's just not so simple.

I would've loved you
to be my father.

Solal, I moved here
to see you more often.

OK? I'll talk to her.

Alright, man?

What's that outfit?
You're not wearing your clet'che?

Your costume!
Your costume for the carnival.

Never mind. Let's go.

So you drive like this all the time.

Except when I'm drunk.
Then I'm a better driver.

- You made no effort.
- Me?

I told you.

We're going to be
interviewing witnesses.

If you want to catch a fish,
you gotta be in its element.

Then it'll be easier to make it talk.

Plus, it'd have helped you
get the context.

You don't just read about Carnival,

you live it.

I'll dress up for Carnival,
but right now I'm working.

- Know what? You'll regret it.
- We'll see.

- Hi.
- Hey, a Parisian clet'che.

- Good evening.
- He's in deep cover, eh?

See? What did I tell you?

It'll be like that all night.

Thank you.

Hey, Jacky!
This round's on me.

- Here you go, Janie.
- Thanks, Mathias.

- Here, Eric.
- Thank you.

Are you OK, Jacky?

Marc's death is a blow
for the Privateers.

Don't worry.

We'll find the guy that did it.

Was Marc behaving differently?
Did he have any issues?

I don't think so.
No, he was his usual self.

Doesn't change the fact
that he was living the high life.

How could a small-time estate agent
afford a sports car?

Did you ever wonder
where the money came from?

Who is this guy?

Marc had quite some money,
but that's not why he was killed.

Any other leads?

Sorry, Richard.
We've nothing for the moment.


What do you mean?

You don't know
who the lunatic can be?

We're trying to figure this case out.

Is it possible that Marc
had his hand in the Privateers' till?

Are you insane?

We'll try to help you, Janie,

but those are moronic questions.

How can you be sure
none of the 50 members would steal?

Because the Privateers' till
is sacred!

Every year, our profits are donated
to charitable organizations.

No one would touch that money!

Calm down, Jacky.

Forget it, he's from Paris.
He can't understand.

Well, Parisians should
do their homework before speaking.

They'd speak less bullshit!

In 10 years as a Privateer,

I'd never heard such things!

Go check your accounts
before getting offended.

- I've no need to check!
- We do!

And if you don't cooperate,

we'll question you
one by one at the station,

and then we'll call off
this little party of yours!

Are we good?

I think that's enough Eric.

So, nothing to tell us?

I don't want to sully his memory,
he was a nice guy,

but this I can tell you:

his money had nothing to do
with the Privateers.

If I were you, I'd look in
on Antoine de Kerkhof,

the notary.

Save your breath, Jacky.
Let me tell you something,

he would've wanted us to party

and have a drink in his honor.
To Marc!

So, how's your new job?

It's going great.
Thank you.

The people I work with
are very nice,

and I have Wednesdays off.

You have adapted well
to the local atmosphere.

You're partying every night?

I went to Carnival for work.

You wanted to talk about Solal.

I saw him yesterday.

He's not doing very well.

He wants to live with me.

- Are you kidding?
- No.

- I said we'd discuss it.
- Discuss what?

Solal is 15 and as far as I know,
he's my son.

I get to decide for him.

I know, but Solal
is not a child anymore.

Just talk to him.

Wait a second,
are you lecturing me?

You want to have custody?

I'm just trying to understand
why he said that.

- Are you getting along?
- We're fine.

Only I work 10 hours a day,

and he wants to have fun.

And none of this is your business.

I want him to be happy.

Well, he is!

There's no way
he's moving in with you!

I'm going back to work.

I don't spend my nights clubbing.

- Hi.
- Hello.


- Hi.
- Hi, Eric.

Here's some aspirin for your hair.

- Your office is in the back.
- OK, thanks.

Thank you.

Oh! Thank you very much.

OK, give me that.

Way to go, Captain!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You can take that desk.
- This one here?

Now I see why you take
a couple of days off for Carnival.

What days off?

We can sing
and dance all night long,

and be here in the morning.

In the morning...
Sorry, I haven't had your training.

Right. I'm taking a look
at the properties

that Marc Vandernoot sold.
Guess what?

They were all below market price.

And 95% of the cases
went through the Kerkhof firm.

Vandernoot and Kerkhof
were getting paid off the books.

This Kerkhof guy keeps popping up.

By the way, there's something
I think you should know:

my son's working with Kerkhof.

But he's not involved in this.
He's been there for 3 months.

You were right to tell me.

Do you want me to question
that notary? I can go alone.

No. I want to go too, naturally.

I don't see what the problem is.

Mr. Vandernoot's sales
are up to code.

He'll tell you that himself.

I'd be surprised.

He was murdered yesterday.


You didn't know?

And yet, it's in the front page
of that newspaper.

Carnival-goer Found Hanged

The body hanging on the ship
was Vandernoot's?


The article didn't specify
the victim's identity.

Were you two working together?

Yes, as usual.

I took care of most
of Mr. Vandernoot's files.

We had many ongoing.

What was Mr. Vandernoot's
sales commission?

It depends on the total sum
of the transaction. Usually, 5%.

5 % plus the amounts
he'd receive in cash.

Yes, by systematically underpricing
the properties that you sold.

Enough for the owners
to bear a grudge at him.

What are you talking about?
Do you have any proof?

I suppose you really care
about your firm.

It'd be a pity
if we launched an investigation.

All we want is to find
Marc Vandernoot's murderer.

We don't care about the rest.


I'm sure you're really
good investigators.

As for me, I carry out my mission
in all transparency,

and I will do my best

to help you find the murderer.

Come in.

- Please come in, Benjamin.
- Hello.

Your son's a good asset to our team.

He'd be an excellent notary.

I take special care of him.

I hope you do.

We'll be right there.

- Same staging.
- Indeed.

The prosecutor's
going to be thrilled.


Oh, shit.

- Is that yours?
- No.

Hello? No,

this is Captain Eric Dampierre,
criminal investigation.

Who found the body?


I took their statement,
but they saw no one...

Karim Nedjaoui, a math teacher.
That was his wife.

Karim would wake up early every day
to go jogging.

That was his ritual.

I always saw him
before I went to work.

Except this morning.

He didn't come home.

Did you worry?

Yes. I called him many times,
but he didn't answer.

Was he taking antidepressants?

He'd been on treatment
for several years.

Did something in particular
happen to him?

No. He'd always been like that.

I thought I could help him at first,

but I was wrong.

Did Karim take part
in the carnival?

No, never.
He hated that.

Margot, our 16-year-old,
tried to take him with her.

He always refused.

It was stronger than him.

Do you know this man?

Marc Vandernoot.

- He was a real estate agent.
- I've never seen him.

Thank you.

Nedjaoui died today
between 7 and 9 a.m.


But no one saw anything
on the beach.

I talked to Vandernoot's friends.

They don't recall seeing Nedjaoui.

I finally got to speak
to Vandernoot's daughter.

She remembers Nedjaoui,
he was her teacher at school.

However, she's positive
her father didn't know him.

They have to be linked somehow.

Maybe Karim Nedjaoui
was involved in real-estate deals.

Let's look into Nedjaoui's papers;

bank accounts, tax records,
real-estate operations...

- Yes?
- Captain Roussel?

The prosecutor's on the line.

- Hello, sir.
- I've just read your report.

We have two deaths and no leads.

I don't want to be responsible

of a wave of mass hysteria.

I expect much more of you.
Now get moving!


Janie, isn't this
your son's signature?

"Benjamin Roussel"?
What the hell is this?

Wait, it doesn't mean
anything for now.

But I think we should have
a conversation with him,

so he can explain.

What did he do?

Maybe he was drawn
into Kerkhof's scams,

and he just couldn't say no.
- No, that is not possible.

That's not like Ben.
Perhaps he wasn't paying attention.

All the more reason to call him.

I'll take care of it first,
if that's OK with you.

- Stubborn as a mule.
- No... You think?

I told you,
you just don't get Woody Allen.

But that's...

No, not at all.

Hold on a second.

I gotta go.
I'll call you later.

You said you barely knew
Marc Vandernoot.

You and Kerhof
were working on his files.

- Were you going to tell me?
- Hello.

You lied to me.

Vandernoot was involved
in the notary's scams,

and you knew that.

You even signed a bill of sale.


What? I'm your mother.

No, you're a cop
and you're questioning me.

For crap's sake, Ben, a man's dead!
A man you knew!

What about this one?
Do you know him?

Karim Nedjaoui.
He's dead, too.

Ever seen him?

I won't answer.
Summon me to the station.

What? I can't believe

you're actually willing
to hide information from me,

to cover up for two crooks

to whom you owe nothing!

I didn't raise you

to become a scumbag scammer!
This is serious.

That right there
is emotional blackmail!

You think I'll tell you everything
just because you're my mother?

I'm not a kid anymore, Mom!

You let me down, Benjamin.

- Hello.
- Hi, Janie.

Dip these in your coffee.
It's delicious.

By the way...
You can summon Benjamin Roussel.

Right. I'll take care of that.

I've been looking into
Karim Nedjaoui's bank records.

Karim Nedjaoui
had only one account

on which his salary
was deposited.

No overspending,
no holidays or nights out,

However, he did have
an ownership saving scheme,

from which 3,800 euros were withdrawn
three months ago,

and then transferred
to a firm of undertakers.

You mean he planned
his own funeral?

No. He paid for the inhumation
of Delphine Viguier.

Paying a lady's funeral expenses?
What a gentleman.


Thank you.

No. I haven't heard of her.



Do you think...

it could be possible for this lady

to be a very close friend
of your husband's?

Was she his mistress?

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but...

I understand,
but Karim wasn't having an affair.

I would've noticed something.

I know what you're thinking,
but that wasn't him at all.

As a matter of fact,

he wasn't really
into that kind of things.

No phone calls
between Delphine Viguier and Karim.

No email exchange either.
They weren't lovers.

But he knew her.

Delphine Viguier
lived with his brother Yann,

who has a police record.

Goes back a long way, but still.

Burglary, robbery,
drug trafficking...

That calls for a visit.

I told you he wasn't home.

We'll have a look anyway.
Can you open up?

Yes, of course.

Go ahead.

Thank you.

This place is a museum!

And a pretty gloomy one.

Actually... Mr. Viguier
is not really on vacation.

He's in the hospital.

A specialized hospital.

He's not right in the head.

Especially since Ms. Delphine passed.

- You mean he's in an institution.
- Yes.

- How long has he been there?
- I don't know.

I mean, your colleagues
picked him up off the street.

Mr. Viguier
wouldn't hurt a fly, you know.

He can be really weird
and noisy at times,

but he's not a bad guy.


Dunkirk News
Carnival-goer Found Hanged

What if Viguier killed
Vandernoot and Nedjaoui?

Thank you.

I know it's a very hard time
for your family,

but your husband drew up a will,

which will ease
the inheritance process.

I will now proceed with the opening.


"if you're reading this letter,
then I'm dead.

"But it isn't over yet.
She died because of us,

"and we'll all go to hell
for our crime. Karim."

Is anything wrong?

No. Everything's fine.

It's always a very emotional moment.

- When was he admitted?
- Two days ago.

Right after Vandernoot's death.

Did he go out
yesterday or the day before?

No. He wasn't allowed to,
and this is a very secure building.

He couldn't have killed Nedjaoui.

Is he in a state to talk?

You can try, but he's in a crisis.

He's not making any sense at all.

After you.

Hello, Mr. Viguier.

We're here to talk about your sister.


Did she send you?


My dear Delphine!


She's dead.

She died on Saturday, February 7.

You know, she drowned
in the ocean of darkness.

When is Delphine coming?

Did she tell you?

Mr. Viguier...

Do you know this man?

What about him?

The ocean of darkness...


The ocean of darkness...

Goodbye, Mr. Viguier.

The ocean of darkness...

Hi, it's me.
Leave a message after the beep.

Mom, I need to see you
as soon as possible.

I have to tell you something.

I'll be at the Heavy Mask's
fries truck. Call me.

What are you doing here?

- Alright?
- Not really.

Mom and I argued.

She says I sleep late,
I don't do my homework,

I don't help her
and I'm sloppy.

All that?

She's going out tonight,
so I'm staying here.

OK, no problem.

Nice flat.

All the boxes
are in the right place.

I'll call your mom.

- Jerem, have you seen Ben?
- Sorry, no.

- How about you?
- No.


- You're here?
- Where are you dummy?

I'm waiting for you
at the food truck.

I'll be there in two minutes.

Muriel, can I have 2 pints, please?

Thank you.


Let me through.
Let me through.

Make way.

Let me through!


Call an ambulance! Quick!


I'm Dr. Ifo. I'm in charge
of Benjamin.

Your son was stabbed twice
to the abdomen.

A mesenteric artery was hit,

causing a massive bleeding.

He lost a lot of blood
before being operated on.

Now he's in a coma,

and the extent of his wounds
is not yet known.

But is he going to be OK?

I'll be honest with you,
he's in critical condition.

Go home and come back tomorrow.

We'll call you
if anything happens.

Do you want to see a doctor?
He'll give you a sedative.

No, I'll be OK.

Good luck.

I can't live without him, Eric.

He's going to be OK.
I know he will.

- Mathias called you?
- Yes.

He's at the scene
with a dozen men.

He'll be fine, Janie.

- Come on, let's go home.
- No. I want to stay with him.

There's no point, Janie.

He's in the ICU.
You won't be able to see him.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come in, Janie.
I'll fold out the couch.

It'll help you sleep.

Did you get some sleep?

- Any news from the hospital?
- No.

It's going to be OK.

I'm so mad at myself.
It's just awful.

What are you talking about?

This is all my fault.

Ben wanted to speak to me.

About the investigation, probably.

- He was stabbed because of me.
- Cut the nonsense.

What else can I think?

I couldn't protect him.

What kind of useless mother am I?

Janie, stop.

I didn't have kids

because I always felt
I wouldn't be able to protect them.

In this job,
we see all kinds of horrible stuff.

But you...

You've never been afraid.
You're strong.

You always did
whatever it took for him.

You're an awesome mom.

But right now,
I need the awesome cop.

We need to find
the bastard who did this.

- Alright?
- OK.

We had an argument yesterday.
We said awful things to each other.


Arguing doesn't mean you stop loving.

Go to the hospital.
I'll start the questioning.


We're gonna be late.
We're gonna be late!

- What time is it?
- 8:10.

Oh, fuck!
Janie's gone?

- Yes.
- Shit.

We had breakfast.
Is she your new girlfriend?


Her son was seriously injured

Poor her.

That's why she slept here.
Come on, move.

Police Station

- Hey, Eric.
- Hi, Franck.

- Any news on the boy?
- No major changes.

One way or the other.

And Janie?

She's at the hospital.

I've started questioning
Ben's friends.

Ben joined us.
He was acting strange.

He looked like he was in trouble.

Actually, I had the feeling
he was flipping out.

He couldn't stop turning around.
He wasn't there with us.

Was he scared

of something in particular?

Maybe someone?

No, I don't think so.

He said he needed
to talk to his mother,

but he didn't say why.

How exactly did this assault happen?

We were by the pizzeria.
Ben fell down and...

I didn't realize
he had been stabbed.

Do you remember a costume, a face,

a detail,
something that could help us?

No. Actually, yes.
I saw a Scot in a kilt.

Yes, yes...

I saw a guy in a green costume
at some point.

He was wearing an Obama mask.

What did this guy look like?
Tall? Short? Well-built?

He was tall, but he wasn't wearing
an Obama mask.

He was wearing a furry mask,
a bit like an Alien.

I'm almost sure.

Thank you.

Basically, no one saw a thing.

It's ridiculous!

We have absolutely nothing.

I don't think it's connected
to the murders.

Maybe Ben just got into a fight.

No. People don't get
assaulted in Carnival.

What's wrong with you?

Carnival is about
tolerance and inclusion,

not fighting!

Give me a break.

And he wasn't robbed.

I'm sorry.

What I mean is,

Vandernoot was a Privateer,
just like Ben.

Viguier is a fan of privateers.
There must be a connection.

Except it's not the same attacker.

The modus operandi changed.

Our murderer hangs his victims.

And he takes care of the details.

I don't know.

Maybe the attacker was in a rush

and wanted to stop Ben
from talking.

Maybe Ben found out something
about the Privateers.

I don't know.


What can you tell me
about Janie's son?

He's a smart kid. Bright, even.
Quite engaging.

Could he engage in dirty business?

He had his rebel phase,
and he keeps questioning

the national police authority.

But I don't think he'd do
anything dangerous or illegal.

Thank you for your trust,
Mr. Prosecutor.


The prosecutor authorized us
to work on Ben's case.


I'm sorry about this,
but we have a situation.

Please, come in.

- Hello.
- This is Captain Roussel.

Mrs. Delalande would like
to report a kidnapping

against her ex-partner...
Mr. Eric Dampierre.

My son didn't come home last night.

And you think he was kidnapped?


Let's be honest.
Your name is...?

- Gaelle.
- "Gaelle." Janie.

You know that Eric works here.

You came to put him
in a difficult position, didn't you?

I came to file a complaint.
You won't take it?

I had breakfast with Solal
this morning.

- You know my son?
- He's a nice kid.

He's smart.

OK, how about coffee?

Shall we?

This way, please.

- Coffee, Mathias?
- Sure.

There's a nice shop nearby.

- Hey, Remi.
- Hi, Janie.

- Two dark coffees, please.
- OK.

I had a rough night too.

Is Solal an only child?

Yes. He's the light of my life.

Mine's called Ben.

- Shall we sit here?
- Yes.

I didn't know you had a son.

He's 23.

Here. I got the surveillance tapes
that captured Ben.

Can you have a look?
We'll probably find something.

By the way,
your ex was here earlier.

- She wanted to file a complaint.
- What? Why?

She wanted
to press charges against you.

Against me?

She says you kidnapped her son.

- What?
- Janie talked to her.

Everything's fine now.
You should thank her.

I can't believe this...


- Hello.
- Hello. I just saw him.

He's in stable condition.

The next days will be decisive.

- Can I see him?
- Of course.

His girlfriend is there,
but you can go in.

- His girlfriend?
- Yes.

Why don't you go on?
I sing like a dog.

I'm Zoe.

- You must be Janie.
- Yes.

- Ben has told me a lot about you.
- I can't say the same.

You must be surprised.

Ben told me his last girlfriend
and you didn't get along.

He was scared to introduce us.

She was a bitch.

You're not a bitch.


Will you take over?

He likes it

when you sing like a dog.

Yes, Chloe.

You better wake up, dummy,

so we can talk, man to man.


Same as yesterday.
No better, no worse.

Look, I don't know
what you told Gaelle,

but I wanted to thank you.

About the complaint.

You're welcome.

Your ex is a good woman.

You should try to speak calmly.


Sure you don't want to rest?

I don't think I'd be able to.

I can't stop brooding over it.

There must be a link
between Ben and the murders.

Yes, I understand.

I've been thinking
about our meeting with Viguier.

He said his sister
died on February 7.

That is not true.
She died from cancer last November.

Viguier is nuts.
He probably got mixed up.

Viguier is nuts, that's for sure.

However, in his deranged mind,

that date, February 7,

must necessarily mean
something important to him.

So I investigated.

There was a Privateers ball
on February 7, 1993.

That's a disturbing coincidence
if you ask me,

considering the guy
has a privateer-themed flat.

He did all kinds of stupid stuff,

and after 93, nothing.
No more felonies.

And it was also at that time
that his mental problems arose,

with all the subsequent visits
to the asylum.

And you know the rest.

That's why I can't help but think

that something happened
the night of the ball, in 1993.

If that's the case,
then it is linked to our two murders.

What do you think?

You're a local,
you know all this by heart.

Does anything come to mind?

I've something to do.
See you later.

Privateers Ball

The Privateers

Hey, boys.

Hi, guys.


- Hi, Janie.
- Hello, JC.

- Hi, Jacky.
- Hey, beautiful.

- How's Ben?
- He's hanging in there.

- What about you?
- Hanging in there too.

So, getting ready for the ball?

It's a mess.
We've 2 days less.


- Jacky...
- Yes?

I'd like to show you something.

The 1993 Privateers ball.

Do you remember
the people in the picture?

This is me.
This is Richard.

This is Paulo, of course.

And then we have Marc and Karim.

I was so young.

What about this girl?
Is she Delphine Viguier?

Delphine, yes.
I remember now.

I never knew her last name.

She was this guy's sister,
and Karim's girlfriend.

- She was his girlfriend?
- Yes.

I tried to hit on her
and he set me straight.

Do you know who this girl is?

I've no idea.

I don't remember her at all.

Did anything unusual
happen that night?

Tell me, Jacky...

Did Paulo stay with you
the whole night?

Please make an effort.

Sorry, I don't remember.
It was 23 years ago.

And I wasn't exactly on the wagon.

- Is it related to the investigation?
- Maybe.

Where's Richard?
I can't reach him.

He must be warming up
in some bar.

The question is, which one?

Try the Baumel.

OK, thanks. Bye.

I think I found something.

Look, it's here,
right after 17.26.

A guy walks down,
and he's acting weird.

Here, with the boa.

- Oh, shit. Can you rewind?
- Yes.

- Zoom in.
- OK.

He's wearing a hood.

I'll check the other cameras.
Maybe we can follow him.

Sorry, we haven't seen him
in two days.

OK, thanks.

Sorry, madam.

Yes, Janie.
How are you?

I've been better.
There's been another murder.

Are we sure he was murdered?

I don't know, they just said
they found Viguier dead in his room.

I have to tell you something.

I came to see Viguier yesterday.

I was the last person
to see him alive.

Is this some kind of joke?


Same method.

Only this time,
he didn't hang him.

He had nowhere to hang him from.

Who entered his room after my visit?

No one. We had done
our last round right before.

It's all in the records.

That's impossible.
Someone must have sneaked in.

No one can enter without a code.

They would need a hospital badge.

- Our facility is perfectly secured.
- Right.


Look at this.

The date.

February 7, 93.

- The Privateers Ball.
- Yes.

You do realize
you're getting us in deep shit.

We're going to lose this case.

If I write this down,
the prosecutor will go nuts.

If I don't, it'll backfire on me.

You do what you want.

You should've known better!

Someone was there after me.

Killing Viguier
was probably quite fast.

When I saw him,
he was already half-drugged.

Why did you go?
What did you want to know?

You'll have to explain.

I found this at Ben's.

I didn't mention it because...

Because what?

I wanted to know

to which extent my ex-husband
was involved in this story.

This is my ex, Paulo.

I've done little progress on him.

However, what we know now
is that Marc Vandernoot,

Karim Nedjaoui

and the Viguiers
- brother and sister -

knew each other

and were together
at the 1993 Privateers Ball.

Did Viguier react at the photo?

He didn't at first,
but then, suddenly,

he pointed at this girl.


He got agitated and then
he started reciting the Bible.

What passage?

The one on the depths of darkness.
You know, religion and I...

You went to that ball.

No. I was about to give birth.

I wasn't at the Kursaal.

I have no idea
what happened that night.

So, we have a photo with 8 people who
had known each other for 23 years.

3 of them were murdered.

One man and one woman
died of illness.

Which leaves us two Privateers
and that Leila girl.

They could be the next victims.

I questioned Jacky.

Either he remembers nothing at all,
or he hides it well.

Regarding Leila,
we've got absolutely nothing.

We don't know who she is
or where to find her.

We have one witness left.
What's his name again?

- Richard Delmotte.
- Right.

- We had a drink with him.
- Yes, I remember.

I'll take over.

- Hi, Eric.
- Alright?

Delmotte cleared off.

His cell is off,
and he didn't show up for work.

He's worried.
He must feel threatened.

The cracks are getting filled.

Maybe he's the murderer.

Any news on the guy in the video?

Later, probably.
Where are you at?

I'm going through the albums
that we found at Ben's.

I'm trying to figure out
who did what

on February 7, 1993.

Marc, Jacky and Richard
are in every photo,

of every Privateers ball.

Karim, Delphine and Yann Viguier

are in the pictures
from 1990 to 1993.

And then, nothing,

as if they'd stopped
going to Carnival.

So, there's a girl named Leila.

Yes. This is Leila.

She can only be seen
in the 1993's album.

Neither before nor after.

She's a beautiful girl.

Damn, I saw you
in a whole bunch of pictures.

But not in 93.

No, I was studying in Paris.

Check this out.
They finally tracked the guy.

This was taped near the port
after the attack.

- The bike?
- Yes.

- I don't recognize that place.
- That's Colbert Sq.

- Let's see...
- That's the port.


- He dumped a knife.
- Looks like it.

Shit, we can't see his face.

I'll ask the lab
to identify his license plate.

Look, I'll be out for half an hour.

You don't mind?


You wanted to see me?

Gaelle, you know I hate
arguing with you.

We're here for Solal.

We need to talk, right?


Solal is your son.

You decide
how he should be educated.

I have never questioned that.

But right now he's unhappy

because you want to break us apart.
He doesn't get it

and neither do I.

I need to see Solal.
Do you understand that?

I raised him too, damn it.

About the complaint...
I was upset.

Why're you mad at me?

I'm mad because...

Because you're his idol.

It kills me to know
he wants to live with you.

Solal loves you.
He adores you.

He's just being provocative.

So, what do we do?

He can stay with me twice a week.

You'll go out, have some rest.

Can we try?


Alright, guys, to the Privateers!

I'm expecting
a massive parade this year.

We've worked really hard,
haven't we?

- Awesome.
- Cheers.

Cheers to you.


Cheers, pals.


- Where are you?
- Later.

Don't you think
it's a bit early to be boozing?

I swear I'm fine.
What is it?

Remember the drawing
we found in Viguier's room,

the one with a boat named

There was a boat
registered under that name in 1993.

The owner was
Pierre de Kerkhof, Antoine's father.

What a coincidence...

Antoine inherited that boat

and it's still at the marina.

Maybe we should pop by.

I can't.
I'll be there in one hour.

What the hell are you doing?

Good God...

- So, JC, care for another one?
- I won't say no.

Where's Richard?
He should be here.

Why do you want to know?
Are you a cop?

You idiot.

- Whoa, stop!
- No spilling, please.

- OK, bottoms up.
- Bottoms up.

Look who I found.

He was hiding in a ship
that's leaving tomorrow.

We were wondering where you were.

Why were you hiding, Richard?

- I wasn't.
- Are you kidding me?

- Karim's death shocked you?
- Who?

Karim Nedjaoui.
Rings a bell?

Yann and Delphine Viguier?

Leila, maybe.

You see, Yann Viguier,
whom you didn't know,

was murdered yesterday.

Yes. He was strangled last night.

Like Vandernoot and Nedjaoui.

Why am I here? Why am I here?

- I won't speak without a lawyer.
- A lawyer?

What for?

I wonder how long he'll hold out

before he ties a rope
around his neck.

OK, you're free to go.

No, seriously.

Please, I didn't do anything.
I want to stay here.

That's not going to be possible.
Our cells are full.

If he enlightens us
on a couple of things,

we might make a few allowances.

Sure. We're not savages.

What happened the night
of February 7, 1993?

Is it linked to Kerkhof's yacht?

And Leila?

Make it quick.
We're losing patience.

It was after the 1993 ball.

We were a big group.

We went to party
on Antoine de Kerkhof's boat.

There was us and...

Marc and his friends at that time:

Karim Nedjaoui...

And Delphine Viguier.

And Delphine's friend, Leila.

What was her last name?

I don't know.
She never said.

She was an illegal.

A Kurd refugee.

I remember she was beautiful.

We were drunk.

At some point, Antoine said,

"Come on, let's go for a ride".

We got excited.

But we were done for.

We didn't check the forecast.

So we left.

We were far offshore
when the wind picked up.

We turned back,
but it was already pretty bad.

The waves were huge.

They were...

hitting us hard.

And then suddenly
we heard someone scream.

It was Delphine's friend, Leila.
She had fallen overboard.

We turned back
to see if we could find her.

We looked for her,
but she disappeared.

So we panicked.

We figured that
since she was an illegal,

she had no ID,

so she didn't exist legally.

So we decided not to say anything
to avoid any kind of trouble

with the police.

Leila drowned
and you didn't tell anyone.

What difference would it have made?
She was an illegal.

She was supposed to go to England.

- No one knew she was here.
- No one?

Are you sure about that?

It seems
someone's trying to avenge her.

- Who is that person?
- I don't know.

Her brother?

I would tell you if I knew.
I'm not crazy, I don't want to die!

Just arrest that lunatic.

You're not crazy,
but you're a bastard.

You know perfectly well

there's a statute of limitations
after 10 years.

Was Paulo with you that night?

No, I swear.

Not him or Jacky.
Antoine and Paulo weren't close.

They came from different worlds.

Paulo never set foot on his boat.

So, can I stay?

You can even choose your cell.
They're all empty.

You think you know them...
Richard, of all people.

I can't believe it.

What kind of scumbag
lives with it for such a long time?

He's clearly not drowning in guilt.

Now I see why Nedjaoui
was depressed and Viguier was crazy.

Who wants to avenge Leila?

A parent?

Her brother? A boyfriend?

Why now?
Why 23 years later?

Maybe because
they never knew until now.

Delphine Viguier
died only 3 months ago.

What if...

What if she told the truth,
so as to ease her conscience?

Mathias, I need you
to get Delphine's phone records

from a couple of weeks
before her death.

Also, check for any missing girls

in the summer of 93,
and bodies found on the beach.

OK, I'm on it.

And Kerkhof?

I believe he knows a few things
he could share with us.

He'll appreciate our protection.

OK, I'm going.

You go to hospital
and ask the palliative care unit

to give you a list of the people
who visited Delphine Viguier.

- Shit, I forgot my keys.
- Go. I'll see you later.


The murders and my son's attack
are connected.

I want to know
who tried to kill him.


Good evening.

I'd like to see
D. Viguier's visitation list.



The lab just called.

They have
the scooter's license plate.

I checked with the licensing agency.

The vehicle's registered
to a Steve Desmet, 24,

convicted for theft and possession.

I'll send you a pic.

- Do we have an address?
- 32, Rue de la Republique.

You deal with Kerkhof, OK?

Janie, don't do anything stupid.
I'll send in backup.

It's OK, I got this.

- Is Steve here?
- Maybe. Who are you?

Are you crazy, woman?

Why did you stab a man
two days ago?

What man?


Some dude paid me.
I don't know him.


- You're insane!
- And you're almost dead.

I'll count to three.

One, two...

It was an old guy.
His name's Kerkhof.

Yes, Lefranc?

We got a problem.
It's Delmotte.

He was killed in his cell.
I called the CID.

- Is Mathias with you?
- No, he's out.

OK, I'm on my way.

Janie, pick up, damn it.

You went to that ball.

No, I was about to give birth.
I missed the ball.

I've no idea what happened.

I came to see Viguier last night.
I was alone.

I forgot my keys.

Anyhow, he or she
was very determined.

I was the last person
to see him alive.

Fucking hell!

Good evening.

Lt. Mathias Laurent,
I work with Capt. Roussel.

I'm sorry, you'll have
to come to the station.

- You're kidding.
- No. It's for your own safety.

Richard Delmotte
was just found dead.

We've reason to believe
you might be the next victim.

Please, follow me.

You stay here, OK?


Anyone home?

What are you doing?

- Delmotte is dead.
- What?

He was strangled in his cell.

How can that be?

I tried to call you, Janie.
I tried, and tried.

Please, what do you mean...

What's the matter with you?

Where's Kerkhof?

I don't know, I just got here!

Stop it.
I know you killed Delmotte.

Have you lost it?

Only a cop could kill him
in the station.

- And you were with Viguier.
- Why would I do it?

You and your husband
were on that boat.

You were involved.
Maybe you were friends with Leila.

Are you freaking nuts?
I didn't do it!

Are you here to kill Kerkhof?

I'm here for Kerkhof, yes,

but I want to arrest him.

He ordered the attack on Ben.

How do you know?

He paid a guy, Steve Desmet,
to do it.

He's in my car now.
He confessed.

See for yourself!


Where's Kerkhof?

With Mathias.

I thought I'd find them.
They must be going to the station.

- Mathias?
- Yes, Eric.

- Is Kerkhof with you?
- Yes.

We're in the Market docks,
on our way to the station.

- Call me when you get there.
- OK.

- The Market docks? But...
- What?

I drove by those docks earlier.
They're closed till tomorrow.

Oh, shit!

Mathias, for fuck's sake!

We didn't see it, Eric!

Just think about it.

Mathias could've easily
killed Delmotte in his cell.

His sister works at the hospital.

He could steal her badge
and kill Viguier.

Mathias was here 23 years ago!
Here, in Dunkirk!

You're a good cop.
Listen to your gut.


Oh, fuck...

We need to find Mathias.

Where can he be?

Where everything started:
Kerkhof's boat.

- What are we doing here?
- Settle the score.

- I'll step on it.
- I've no seatbelt.

You shut up!

It was you...

It was you who killed them.

Your deductive skills
are impressive, Kerkhof.

How about a boat ride?
You liked that 23 years ago.


I can give you money.

You think you can buy everything?

Life and death... Everything.

They'll know it's you.

They'll probably
figure it out soon, yes.

How long do you think you can swim
in this water?

5 minutes? 10 minutes?

I'll watch you drown, Kerkhof.

I will watch you disappear

just like you watched Leila's body.

- It was an accident.
- You killed her!

Delphine told me everything
before she died!

You invited your pals to a party,

you were drunk, you raped her.

You led everyone to believe
that she had fallen.

She fell.

It was an accident.
It wasn't my fault.

Delphine was wary,
but she kept mum

because she was scared
you'd turn her in for theft.

You manipulated them,
you terrorized them.

Everyone tried to cope
as best as they could.

You threw her overboard...

and I'll do the same to you.

It's right here.
Pontoon No. 7, berth 1.

- There they are.
- Janie, wait.

He's already killed 4 people.

I know him, he's my friend.
Let me go.

You thought you had escaped justice?
Well, you were wrong.

You, too, are going to pay.


Leave, Janie.
Let me finish this.

I know he deserves to die.
I know that better than anyone.

He's behind Ben's attack.

You piece of shit!

No, wait.
Dying would be an easy way out.

I want him to be tried
and to rot in jail

for what he did to Ben.


Mathias, do it for me.

And for Leila.


I'm sorry, Janie!

Come here, son.

I was 23 years old in 1993.

I had just been admitted
in the police academy.

Leila was a young Kurd refugee
working as a waitress

in a bar I used to go to.

I fell head over heels
in love with her.

Everything was fine
between us, but...

we had an argument
the day before the ball.

She said she wanted
to join her brother in England.

She was considering
paying a smuggler.

I told her it was crazy.

Since I was leaving
for an internship in Paris,

I made her promise...
not to do anything,

to wait for me till I came back.

That was the last time I saw her.

I came back to Dunkirk
after my internship,

and Leila had vanished.

I looked for her everywhere.
No one had seen her.

So I thought she'd made her decision.

But Delphine Viguier felt guilty.

She contacted me 3 months ago.

She told me the truth about Leila.

My only true love wasn't living
a happy, fulfilling life in England

with a husband and kids,
like I thought.

She had been dead...

for 23 years.



dumped into the sea
with no decent burial.

I had the name of the murderers,

so I thought it was
my duty to avenge her.

They were all going to pay.

Her death couldn't go unpunished.

Janie, I needed to do it.

I had to do it.


- Hi, Janie.
- Hi.

The prosecutor's
going to be pissed off,

let me tell you.

He will never understand,
but Mathias was a good cop.

- Getting used to our waffles?
- Yes.

Excuse me.


Yes, Zoe?

I'm on my way.

Ben has woken up.

Come on, go.

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