Merlí (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Els Peripatètics - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Hello. I pushed the trip forward.
I'm going to Rome today.

Company stuff.
Could you stay with Bruno from today?

It was only 3 weeks earlier than we had agreed.

Fuck you. Lets sit.

Nothing happens in three weeks.

Bring Bruno to me today.
I do not expect this, but I have the idea.

No, I'll talk to my parents.
He will stay with them.

until you are ready
to take care of your child.

I'm ready. We already talked about this.
What are you afraid of?

Anyway, Merlí, we'll leave it as it was:in 3 weeks

You're going to take him to my parents.
I'll call them.

Listen, this freaking dog has been licking my shoe for a while now.

You know how it pisses me off.

I was about to say 4 things to its owner, but I did not do it

Because I want you to see that I can control myself.

As with Bruno, I also know how to control myself.

However, you're annoyed as if I do not care enough about it.

And I'm upset.

You'll feel better with good company, right?

I do not have a boyfriend in Rome
and do not meddle with my life.

Is it so hard for you to tell the truth?

His name is Salvatore.

Do not tell Bruno.
Work has nothing to do with it.

But I'll help you find him.

You know they do not give me a fee like this here.

I have to get ready.

Are you going to give him a pension every month?

I never failed my son.

Fuck you.

Hey listen.
Can you make your best friend shut up to fuck once?

Tell Bruno that your room is ready.

"I'll wait for you two at home at 3:00 p.m.
- Great. See you later.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye

I am what you are looking for.

I'm Merlí Bergeron.

I think when they told us that we had to do an eviction

They must have thought, "Shit, how offensive."

They do not suffer.

It's been a long time since I assumed that I have to live in my mother's house.

Come come.
This is what this city has

there is a room for tourists,
but not for those who live here.

You move to your father's apartment as of today.

It's the best thing that could happen to me.

Bruno ...

I could be more lucky:I could break my leg
while dancing and singing "bingo".

Deeply, you two are the same.

Do not worry about the dance class.
I'll still pay for them.

Wow ... What a change.
You used to complain about it ...


It must be a very good job ...

Yes it is.
And that cost me a lot to accept.



You have a boyfriend there.

I looked at his phone.

Did you see my cell phone?

Going to Rome for a job of shit was strange.

Not a fucking job!

Like it was the most normal thing.

I offered him a move to go with me.

I'm finished

Roman adventures.

I can not go if you're crazy.

Maybe when you get to Rome, I would overcome it.

Wait a minute.

You have been banned.

Tell me.

Yes Yes.


But how old is this director?

Oh, 27.

Then tell him in my name that when he was born,

I was already doing Antigona on stage.

I'm not just any actress!
I'm the Calduch!

Let me know what you get.
I love you.


You have refused a job with which you could have paid the rent.

I won't do any work that isn't teaching.

And Bruno?
He was not going to live with you?

Ah, three here.

Barbara asked me to stay with him this afternoon.

This director, I'm going to have to tame your ego.

He does a "Hamlet" with the characters
dressed in military.

and he believes it is transgressive.

I like Bruno.

He has talent.

Just one thing.

He believes you have a job and does not know that you have been kicked out of your home.

Tell her the truth or you will not live here.

20 minutes late ...

The first "merlinada" ...

I'll miss you.


Of course.

Why did you change plans at the last minute?

I would have been even later if we had found it at home.

Staff meeting stayed longer.
What you want?

- Then?
- Hi.

Ready to discuss daily?

Merli, please! "Just kidding, woman.

I'm sure we'll have some fun.

Do I have to respond?

Are you going to walk with all these animals?


Thank you.

Goodbye dear.

Do not Cry.

If you hold me, I will not.

Let's go...

Come on, good-bye.


You will lose your plane.


Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- What is wrong?


We have to leave.
I'm sorry.


We have to carry our bags.

What are you doing?

We have to save money, boy!

Could you try not to embarrass me?

I'm shocked.

Save energy.
You really will be shocked now.

You lied to Mom and me.

You do not even have a home or a job.

What do we do?
Go to a hotel?

Bruno, I do not want problems, I want solutions.

Do you know why we came here?

Is this a solution?
Living with "the Calduch"?

- That's chaos.
"Hey, the only thing that can get dramatic here is me.

You're in my house.
And I'm in charge.

What are you saying?
As for my son, I'm in charge.

There is no choice but to adapt.

"No, I'm sorry. Mom still has not got on the plane.
"Do you know why I did not pay the rent for a year?"

Because your pension was my priority.

Your father can make many mistakes.
But he never failed that.

"If Mother knew, she would never leave me with you." "Don't talk to her.

Let him be.

How can you let it be?

He does what he wants.


You, shut up.

Do you really want to screw your trip?

"Do you know she has a boyfriend there?"

I do not care!

I do not want to waste my time arguing with children.

He said it to me.


Yes it's me.


We did not go to Dad's house,

but grandma's.

- What are you doing?
- Shut up.

They just called me.
I have a job.

"Ah, you have a job.
"What job do you have?"

Fuck, son!

Do not you remember?
I am a teacher.

This is a lie! You do not have a job.

You do this.

"You gave me a headache."
"This is your brain trying to understand your absurdity.

Now you have done well.

- If that's a lie ...
- I have a job.


Son, this is a lie, isn't it?

= = No, they called me.

I'm going to cover sick leave.
Starting tomorrow.

You do not look very happy ...

- Hello.
Are you Merlí, professor of philosophy?
- Yes.

How do you do?

I'm Toni, director of the institute and professor of mathematics.

How are you?


The previous teacher was sick a few months ago now.

I can not not say what I feel.

You will teach high school freshmen.

Can I have an extra for me to leave occasionally?

"I'll introduce you to the other teachers."

"Is it strictly necessary?"
"I'll introduce you to the other teachers."

"Is it strictly necessary?"

Man, of course.

Always penance.

- Gloria, teacher of art and drawing.
It is Merlí, professor of the new philosophy.
- How are you?

"And Santi, your husband, a language teacher."
- Nice to meet you.

You too.

We're married, but it does not look like this, eh?

- Turns off. Let's go.


And Eugeni Bosc, principal professor,
Catalan language and literature.

How is it going?

Welcome to the trenches.

You're the new Aristotle, huh?

He was the first to shout that philosophy would no longer be underestimated.

I was the first to post an article on this topic.


No, Eugeni has a literature blog.
It's all right.

You could do an interview for the blog, really, talking about philosophy.

Mireia, Latin.

He is Merlí, replacing David.

- How are you?
- Hello.

Nice to meet you

Mireia is one of the institute's promising teachers.

You are exaggerating.

No, no, you're a diamond in the rough.

If you let yourself be advised,
you will end up being a great teacher.

Is there any sink nearby or do I have to vomit here?

Here are the schedules.

Let's go. Good luck on your first day.

Thank you.

Hello everyone!



I'm late

I had to go to the vet.
My dog ​​was sick all night. Poor thing.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I made a mess.

Gloria, do you have my photocopies?

- Yes. Here they are.
- Thank you.

Merlí, philosophy.

How are you?

Is your name Merlí?


I like that name.

I'm Laia, English.

- I'm late for class. Goodbye.
- Bye.

Sorry, but she's dating Albert.

He is the P.E. teacher.

I gotta go.
I have a class for the first year of high school.

Uh, what a way to start!

Be careful with Pol Rubio,

He is impertinent.

Never take notes.

He repeated it for two years.

You will recognize him because he is always glued to the lips of Berta Prats.

- Ah.
- Luck.

Joan, do you have any extra pens?

Did I return what I borrowed the other day?

It's okay.


I'm so lucky.


I'm not just going to live with my father,
but with my crazy grandma too.

- Fuck! Are you kidding ?! - Bruno! man!


You did not come yesterday. You were sick?

So, then ... Yes.

"The new teacher Philo is coming today, isn't he?"
- Yes.


The new professor of Philosophy?

The substitute.

What is going on?

Anything. Do not worry.


Good morning children!

It's him! My dad!

- Oh really? He is yours...?
- Shut up. Shut up.


My name is Merli.

and I want you to "get tough" with Philosophy.

Marc comes with a boner every day.

Shut up, you idiot!

I mean, I'll try to get over you.
my interest in Philosophy.

You! What is your name?


Bruno what?


What the hell is that last name?

It's French.

Ah ... Do you think Philosophy
Is it good for anything?


That's what I wanted to hear!

I'm fucking sick of people
who say Philosophy is useless.

It seems that the educational system has
forgotten the questions:

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

Now, they only care about the company we create,
how much money we earn ...

Philosophy serves to reflect.

Reflect on life, on human beings,

And to question things.

Maybe that's why they want to kill him.

They find it dangerous.

Philosophy and Government
have unresolved sexual tension.

What is Philosophy?

No idea, right?

Philosophy is not just a set of profound questions and absolute truths.

Philosophy is transforming what we take for granted.

You all seem surprised.

Not anyone, eh?

Contrary to what many people think,
teens are not fools.

He is.

That's how you get revenge on me, right?

What happens is you're asleep.

You do not move your butt off the chair.
if not because they took their phones.

I want to see you awake

Listen and pay attention to what is happening around you.

Be prepared to take on the
contradictions and doubts established by life ...

And to face adversity.

On top of that,

As in this life, you do not always win
Then, learn about defeats.

I know a little bit about this topic.

Yesterday, for example, I got kicked out of my rented apartment.


They kicked me out of the house.
because I did not pay.

I have nerves, right?

Now I think about it, you and I have two things in common:

We live in the homes of our mothers and we do not have a penny.

"You say it calmly, as if that does not affect you.
- What do you want me to do?

I break down crying?

No. I'd rather laugh at adversity.

Come on, tell me some personal problem as you laugh.

Who wants to start?


- Tell me your name.
- Tania.

Very well, Tania.

My father was caught cheating the Treasury.

Oh, man.

I swear.

Now he has to pay a fine.

My father can not lie.
He's down. I do not know.

Send him my regards.


Not bad, but I'm asking you your own things.

Come on, cheer up.

Who else?
Let's go. Now.


My name is Joan Capdevila.

and my problem is

Well, I do not know if it's a problem.

But I'm very shy.

Yeah, but tell me while you're laughing.

I'm very shy.

But you dared to raise your hand
and talk in front of everyone.

Maybe you're not so shy.

Someone else?

Tell me.

Always ... Well, my name is Gerard.

I always liked a girl, but they never noticed me.

How do you know that?

Are you a mind reader?

Maybe in this school, there's a girl who always thinks of you before going to sleep.

He'll believe that.

Come on, now I.

I do not take notes.

I'm warning you to let you know.

I can not hear and write at the same time.

And no teacher understands this.

No, I understand.

Well, in philosophy, you just have to listen

and learn to think.

I do not care if you do not take notes, Pol Rubio.

How do you know my name?

Ah! I was told that you like to study so much
that you have taken the course twice.

Act as if you did not know him.

No, I do not know him.
I do not know.

- I can not say the same.
- Yes.

Hey! Bergeron!
Just a moment.

You must be happy. You see, I have a job, it was true.

Now you will see how your father teaches you.

Did you ask to work at my school?

No, this goes by the number.

I can not refuse this job, or else I would be off the list.

Fucking great ...!
You teach and Mom in Rome with a man.

She went to Rome to work, not to fuck.

You can save the word "fuck".
Especially here.

Mom is going to go crazy
when I tell her I'm going with her.

I'll save money and look for an apartment.

I've had enough seeing you twice a month.

Now I have you here every day as a teacher.

These aren't my ideal teenage years.



When you were a child, I left you and your mother.
It is true.

I made a mistake.

Are you ever wrong?

Now I'd like to help you not make too many mistakes.

I only saw you a couple of weekends.
one month for years.

When your mother told me she was going to Rome and I would stay with you,
I was glad.

Yes, yes, I know, I know I am very used
to live alone.

But I'd like to live with you.

Dad, are you getting sentimental or what?

I'll give you my room. It's bigger than yours.

If you want to be in peace,
we will not tell anyone that I am your father.

I do not know how long we will do without anyone knowing it, but yes.

It is better not to say anything.

Father ... you are ... strange.

[Tanya:Is that okay?]

This cell phone isn't cool.

Okay, I'll buy you a new one.


What a damned teenage years is this
Is a father worth the price of a phone?

The vet did some testing and that's fine.

After the night I spent, at least a joy.

Maybe he eats something spoiled.

Yes I think.

Do you want me to come to your house tonight?

I'm really tired because I did not sleep last night.

As you wish.

Well, let's go.
Come and stay longer.



How are you?


"How was your first class?"
- Good. Very good.

This is Albert, P.E., professor.

He is Merlí, philosophy.
- Hello.
- How are you?

I'm leaving, I'm late for class.


- See you then?
- It's ok.


He is your boyfriend?


How old is he?


You're attractive enough to be with someone older and more experienced.

Why you say that?

No, nothing. I did not want to bother him.

I'll see you around here.

I do not know why he talks to Joan, man.

He is bitter.

I could not stand David. I went to talk to him once ...

- He was an idiot.
"I went to see him in his office ... You can not talk to him."

He was very serious, was not he?

A lot, huh?

You can not talk to him because ...

I like Merlí.

He's fucking amazing.

I like him.

At first, I thought,

"What an idiot."

But then, he's cool.

I can not stand the fat Santi.

No way!
Santi is cool.

I think the lesson was interesting.

What is going on?

You think all the lessons are interesting!

But what are you doing, man!

I think Merli sniffed
something before coming to class.

Something strong.

I told him I did not take notes and he understood me.

"I understand better, my dear.
"Do not call me honey."


Do you want some grass?

He's going to get in my sandwich.

- You are vegetarian? Merli is my father.

What are you saying?

Let's go! Shut up!

Does it really mean that, eh?

"But you do not have a father." - Of course I have a father, silly.

he asked her name.

It's true, and he laughed.
in his last name, "Bergeron".

Exactly, he said make it a joke. "Tania, it does not matter.

Fuck! There's a guy going to guitar class with me.

"He was so excited that he put a watermelon in the microwave and made a hole ..."
- No.


He fucked hard, man.

A friend, you say?

And why do all the melons in your house have holes?

I'll never eat melon in your house again!



I do not understand what you said about my boyfriend earlier.

Could you explain it to me?

Of course.
I told him he was very young.

That surprised me.
Attractive women like you often date more mature and experienced men.

Like you, maybe?

I will not let you come this way.

You just arrived. I did not give him any reason to hit me.

Are we clear?


You really are beautiful.

But how dare you?

I offended you?

Is it weird that I tell you what I think?

That's how I am.

When I meet an attractive woman, I tell her that.

It does not mean that I want anything more.

I simply show my admiration for beauty.

Thanks but...

But nothing. You're beautiful and that's it.

What I said does not hurt anyone, right?

My problem was the tone.

The tone?

The tone is right. Sincere but correct.

Look, I do not care.
Just leave it here.

I'll see you tomorrow, Merlí.

Of course.

Do you see how the curriculum is not necessary?

I love you.

Will you help me memorize the text?

Where is your father?

I don't think he's late.

Do you like your room?

"I always dreamed of sleeping near Daddy and Grandma.
"You'll get used to it quickly."

Yes ... Lessons, not so much ...

Yes ... Parents should not be the teachers of their own children.

I will endure stoically.

Poor you!

"Stoic," a strange word Daddy put in my head.

[Mom:[All the greats in Rome! How are you?]

[Bruno:I could not be better ...]

[Mom:I'll call you tomorrow. Be careful!]

[Bruno:"Ok :)"]

Don't you want some fruit?

No, I'm not hungry.

- Hello.
- Hello.

How are you?


Do you want to have dinner, son?


Give me the paper.

"You were singing."
"We'll start rehearsing next week.

Is it true that people give dogs because they can not take care of them?

There are many ads on the internet,

You can not stand dogs.

He would not do that. Don't abandon it.


Bruno, I'm leaving.

Where so soon?

"I have things to do." Goodbye.
- Dad...



There is no teacher who counts his life in class.

And don't try to make friends with the students.
It's pathetic!

Look, Bruno.
I teach like this.

And I did not see that it bothered his classmates.

- Goodbye.
- Wait.

If you want, tell them that you are my father.

But don't say that I dance.


Fuck it if they don't like it.


Yes, OK.
I won't say anything.

It's very good.

"I really like your personal opinion of the novel.
- You do?

I already told you

You have great criticism, Joan.

- Thank you.
- You have...

Well, I'm going to class.

Ah yes.


I'm coming a little late.

What do you have there?

Last night, a friend called me.

He told me that they were forced to put down some dogs.

Here we are.

Yes, it happens often.

I have friends working in kennels, too.

He gave me one.

I couldn't resist.

How wonderful!


It's really beautiful!

And they were going to kill him?

- Yes Yes. I think so. I do not know.
- Because?
And they were going to kill him?

- Yes Yes. I think so. I do not know.
- Because?

He's quiet.
I talked to the janitor.

"I'll take care of him until I finish my class."
- It's ok.

Take him to the vet first.

I know a good one. Do you want his phone number?


It's really insane because I can not handle responsibility.

Does this veterinarian take an emergency?

You want me to go?


I know him well.

"Tomorrow, I have an hour off.
- Perfect. I appreciate it.

Come on, everyone to class, it's late.

And do not turn on all the lights in the apartment.

You have to save.

I'll drop you off at my friend's appointment and call me when you see him.

How do you like.

You, calm down. So confident.

So beautiful, eh?


Such is the dog.

Because Matthias is very annoying.

He spent the whole day ...


All back to your place.

- I'll tell you later.
- It's ok.

We will see.

Is there anyone not present in the class?

Ivan - the Freak


Ivan, Ivan Blasco?

He's an idiot.

He has not been coming for 2 months.

The freak.

It's all right.

This is my last name.



It was true !:he is Bruno's father! I can not believe!

Bruno:If you're angry, you're going to stay
without leaving next Saturday.

Let's see, today I have no desire
to stay in class. Follow me.

- What do you think? That I'm joking with you? Follow me!
- At where?

Come on! Let's go! Follow me! Let's go!

And so we come to one of the most important
playwrights of Catalan literature of the twentieth century.

Does anyone know your name?

Anyone know what his name is?

Playwright bo ...

Ha ha!

Anyone know what his name is?

Hello good day.

How are you?


Well ... I brought you here because this
seems to be an inspiring place.

The brain could be the kitchen of the human being.

And also to explain to you that more than 2,000
years ago, there were some students from
Philosophy called "peripatetics".


What are you saying?

No, no, no, not "peripatetic." They were students of the Aristotelian school,

We will talk about Aristotle.

They were named because they philosophized while walking.

Floor. Floor! Let's go! Floor!

Let's go! Floor! Follow me! Let's go!

Peripatetics used to wander
whille reflecting.

I do not know if you can.

Come on, reflect while you walk.

If anyone has any interesting thoughts, you might say.

I'm peeing.

I said "an interesting reflection".

Get your dick out!

You'd go crazy with my big dick.


Merli, I have a question:is everyone capable of philosophizing?

Your father is going crazy.

You shut up.

What is wrong.
He says nothing.

I was silent for two reasons:

to think about the answer

and show that when someone is thinking,
People look at him ill.

Why is thought frowned upon?

Should not it be the other way around?

Are not people, who do not reflect on things, are more reprehensible?

In philosophy class,

you can show that you are rational animals.

In others, you can stay only animals.

Come on:hike! Group of bipeds! Let's go! Floor!

If when you were younger children, you would be the class of penguins or dolphins,

now this class will be the Peripatetics' class.

Merlí, I'm mad at you.

Oh really?

Yes, you did not answer me:can everyone philosophize?

What do you think?


I think, if philosophy serves to put doubt on thinking we know,

everyone can do it.

But they do not give a damn.
Not everyone wants to do it.

You just became mine.
favorite student

Let's go man!

But, but that does not mean that you can not fight to steal your title.


I'm coming to you, boy.

Keep calm, keep calm, keep calm everyone.

Lucky that I do not care what the Catalan teacher thinks of you.

He said I should be careful with you.
because you are an impertinent one.

Let's go! Floor! Reflects!

Walk and reflect.

Fucking Eugeni Bosch ...!


Very good. Send me an email
and I'll tell you something, okay?


Hey, what's going on?

I was told Eugeni Bosch criticizes me in the staffroom.

Come on, this is not true. Of course...

And you say you do not
There's a mania in students ...

"Eugeni does not object to you, Pol.
- He said be careful with me.
And you say you do not
has craze on students ...

"Eugeni does not object to you, Pol.
- He said be careful with me.

He insults me.

Who told you that?

Merli Bergeron.

Let's go.


How was the kitchen with the kids?


What we need

All institutes have the typical teacher who teaches creatively.

God save me from being orthodox.


I'm more of a classic.

I admit it.

No, I will not make friends with the kids.

I think ... I think it's important to keep the distance between teacher and students.

I'm more interested in the distance between teacher and teacher.


Bruno should not have much fun having you in class.

He is delighted.



Ivan Blasco has not come yet.

Who is monitoring it?

I am. I offered myself.

Ivan Blasco?

What's wrong with this kid?

He has agoraphobia.

He does not want to leave the house.

He seems a bit strange, but he is a good student.

I'll do anything to get you out on the street.

Who knows?

As when he sees you enter the house, he will want to leave.

What's wrong with him?

Nothing, nothing.

Laia really likes puppies, right?



It's so hard for you to have a normal lesson, right?

The "normal" concept could lead to an endless discussion.
For you, what is normal?

Normal is normal, normal.

Dammit! What a deep son
I have.

Listen. What is considered normal today was not like this for years.

It's a Foucauldian lesson.

Do you see how you say weird things?

What does Foucauldian mean?

Why are you doing this to my friends?

You were silent for 3 minutes and that bullshit about thinking.

You're jealous of Pol!

Oh, yeah ... I'm dying of jealousy ...

Pol is very annoyed with Eugeni because of what you told him.

It's natural.

Why did you tell him?

Look, Bruno.

Eugeni is the kind of teacher I hate.

Because he thinks students are his enemies.

When he comes to class, all evil comes to him.

To me they disappear.

- Bruno! I'll wait for you outside.
- Okay, I'll go now.


I just ask you not to notice.

"You'll have to get used to me as your teacher, okay? - Bruno! Champion!

You see? You will make more friends by being the son of the Philosophy teacher.


I do not understand about peripatetics.

Are you going to explain this to me at home?

Wikipedia, child. Wikipedia.

Can we talk for a minute?

Yes of course. Sit down.

Listen out.


How do you let Eugeni come to the house of an agro-phobic?

It's cruel, it's like Dickens.


Have you seen each other?

You come into my office and talk to me like we're so close.

Merlí, I do not like your attitude.

You came only 2 days ago, but you're already making trouble.

Did you tell Pol Rubio that Eugeni had criticized him?

It is the truth.
He criticized him.

You should not tell students private conversations between teachers.

Toni, I can not stand this kind of teacher.

I've met as many as him and they annoy me.

Eugeni is a very good teacher.

No, he only knows how to sell.
He has no talent.
Eugeni is a very good teacher.

No, he only knows how to sell.
He has no talent.

Bah, let's leave it here. Leave.


Hey, can you tell me what exactly happened to that Ivan Blasco?

Oh, it seems the boy feels left out of the group.

From time to time he would not come to class or be late.

Eventually, he stopped coming.

Your mother brought us the medical report.

He was diagnosed with precocious agrophobia.

He does not leave the house?

No, he does not want to.

He does not want to see the psychologist, either.

She is a single mother.
She works all day.

And eventually she can not handle it all.

I promised him that I would find a volunteer teacher to monitor him and Eugeni offered his help.

This will make your illness worse.

It's already been decided, Merlí.

Eugeni will be the teacher who helps Ivan.

Starting tomorrow.

Obviously without payment.

Oh, how generous.


Yes, I'm looking at it now. One second.

Ah, great.

Well, thank you, eh?


Merlí, I just talked to the vet.

The dog is perfect.

Damn, what a relief.

You can pick it up anytime.

Right. But I had to leave my apartment and now I'm temporarily living in my mother's house.

I did not talk to her about it.

What will you do if she does not want it?

So I do not know.
To argue, I think

I would not leave a dog on the street.

I have been thinking

And if you can not keep it

I do not mind taking care of him.

But you already have one, right?

Yes, but I fell in love with this puppy and ...

I would not mind having two.

You have to ask your partner.

Because? I live alone.

Ah yes?


I think it's good that you keep it.

Actually, you did me a favor.

Because I'm being trapped in a mess.

But I'm delighted.

What if the two dogs do not get along?

I think they do.

Listen. Because...?

Shall we take them to a park? Check.


Are we going later?


- Good.
- Perfect.


Open please.

Ivan, I have to go back to the bar.

Do not make me call the police, please.

[Lift out of order]

Ivan, open, please.

I have to go back to the bar.

Open, please, Ivan.


Hello, excuse me.

Are you the mother of Ivan Blasco?

I am.

I'm from Instituto Ángel Guimerá.

I am the reinforcement teacher.

We hope you come tomorrow.

I ... My name is Miriam.


Shouldn't have a Eugeni come?

Do not.

It must be a mess.

Anyway, you're coming is good.

Ivan locked himself in and he did not want to open it.

I'll talk to him.

Ivan, a teacher came to help you.

I have to go back to the bar.

I work in a bar in front of the building.

I left a moment and I have to go back.

I will replace you.

Thank you.

Toni told me that I would not have to pay, but I insist on agreeing with an hourly rate.

We talked about rates.
To relax.
Toni told me that I would not have to pay, but I insist on agreeing with an hourly rate.

We talked about rates.
To relax.

Ivan, I'm going to work.

You stay with Merlí.

Thank you.

If you need anything,

I'm at the bar.
Yes, go. Do not worry.

Go. Do not worry.


I know you're listening on the other side.

From now on,

I'm your tutor.

while you do not return to school.

Do you open the door for me?

Oh! I'm sitting on a teacher's couch.

Your mother is also a teacher.

Which is?

At least your mother does not work at our school.

Your father rules. If I were a teacher,
I would like to be like him.


Hello grandmother.

Huy! Who is this beautiful girl?


Oh well. I am Carmina Calduch.

Yes I know.

You're an actress in this ad, are not you?

Baby, believe me, I've done it.
things better than that "pate" ad.

Of course, of course. You're one of the best actresses in our country.

Ah really? And who are the others?

The theater people are a little ... unbalanced.

Of course she gave birth to my freak dad.

What is wrong with you?

Is it just because of Merli?


Yes, you are lying.

Tell me, are you hiding anything from me?

We will see

I think ... Well, I do not think so.

I'm in love with someone.

Dumbass! You did not tell me!

Are not we best friends and we tell each other everything?


I'm not telling you.


You never came dancing with me.

"I can dance with you whenever you want, but tell me who!"
- No! I will not tell you.

- Who? Come on, tell me, please. Tell me!
- No! Stop! No!

Girl, girl, girl! This cushion is a reminder of "Cyrano"!

Excuse me.

I said I'm in love with Marc.

Marc is foul of spirit!

When I get a boyfriend I can be a bit nasty ... | Add Style To Your Smart Phone! In fact, his volunteer teacher - Eugeni Bosc - is supposed to come tomorrow.

I came first.

You must be like those cynical philosophers who believed they could only pursue virtue out of society, eh?

I'm a philosophy teacher, you know?

I'll tell you an anecdote.

When Diogenes was a slave,

His owner asked him, "What do you do best?"

Do you know what your answer was?

He said:

"I can command and I command you to set me free."

Then his owner gave him his freedom.

and made him the keeper of his sons.

Did you like it?

I think you take that as shit.

But Eugeni did not tell him these anecdotes.


Very good.


You stay there.

We have a ton of work.


Obviously they get along.


In the park, everyone looked at us.


Do you get along with ...?

How will you name it?




The philosopher?

"Yes, Descartes."

"I really like the way it sounds in France.
- Yes.


I used to live in Paris.

In Paris?

When my mother worked there.

We will see. Speak French.

What do you want me to say? What should I talk about?

About philosophy.

About Descartes.

For example.


[On France]

I am a thinking thing

[In French]

that is, a being who doubts, affirms, "qui nie"?


= "I love you".

Hang on.
I'll feed the dogs.

[In French]

I think, therefore I am.

[Tanya:Wow. You have not told me yet ...]


[Tanya:Are you going to tell me who you're in love with or not?]

[Bruno:Yes, sometime]

So, how are you?

What? Have you come to talk about deep things?

= I like it.

I see you happy ...


- I got a little bonus today.
Of what?

Ivan Blasco. I will give you private lessons at home.

He did not say much ...

No, no ... But he opened the door, it's a start.

Take this.

New mobile phone ...

It's Chinese.

An imitation of the good ones.

No, no, no, no, excuse me:good
mobile phones imitate this.

It's better than the one you had, isn't it?


Ah, ok.

You're welcome, eh?

Thank you.

Peripatetics were students of Philosophy ...

I already know! I looked at Wikipedia.

It is faster than "Merlipedia".

good evening

Dad ...

I'm ... scared ... of what you could do in class.

Admit that you are strange.


Yes Yes Yes...

Yes, I'm complicated, yes.

But the world in which you live is
even more complicated, son.

Everything is done shit. But I do not want you to fall into neglect

nor pessimism. I want you to be involved in things, be critical of what surrounds you.

Yes, I know it's a boring thought of
these issues, but I do not think

teens only have it in their head
sex and get drunk.

You also have fears, do not you?

You want to try new things,
but you're fucking scared.

You're like ... like amateur actors.
before taking the stage for the first time.

Oh, I do not know ... Look:

You can fall in love one day and
you can not be loved in return.

This is life.

You are not always loved by the one you love.

Yes, Bruno, yes:you have a complicated father and everything you want.

but I'm the best teacher you've ever had

and over time, you will see that I am right.

Be patient.

I know I'm difficult, but ...

you will have to take it philosophically.

Merlí, you're in the service of the institute
Do not install it at your service.

Do me a favor of not skipping more pattern.

Who wants to cheat
in the literary dispute?

What is this turkey saying? It's crazy.

-What is wrong?

My period has not yet come.

- What?

It was just sex.

But you liked it, right?

Do you know what I said to you?

There will be nothing between us.

I wrote some verses
for the poem.

Are you going to read in front of your father?

It's all right.

You are revolutionizing the chicken coop.

It was very quiet until you came along.

Oh, shit.

But you told me he would not be here.
Oh shit.

But you told me he would not be here.

Give it to me.

- Son. "Son, no.

Put your clothes on. You're naked.
- Good. Relax.

Ivan, look at me.

Look at me.

Shut the fuck up.
- Marc, let it be.

I know what happens.

- What are you doing?

Stop, stop.

What are they doing?
To stop.

Stop, stop.