Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - Versus Velocity and Veracity - full transcript

Veracity's first mission with the team could be her last when her attempt to give Mech-X4 a flight mode goes terribly wrong.

Previously, on Mech-X4...

I could've won this battle
if I had two good arms.

But I know what we can do.

- Do it.
- Who are you talking to?

- Welcome to Mech-X4.
- No way.

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Okay, weapons... ugh.



Scanners. Shields.

Scanners and shields.

This is amazing.

- Excuse me.
- Jeez.

That's my spot.

- How long you been up there?
- Since you said "sticky."

It's pretty cool, isn't it?

Yeah, uh, except for the hallway
that smells like bratwurst.

Dang it, I told Spyder to stop
using the legs as a smokehouse.

So, it's been a few days
since we asked you to join.

You still haven't told us that you're in.

By the way, you still
haven't told us that you're in.

Oh, yeah. Oh, no, no, I'm-I'm in.

Giant monster-fighting robot?

Ah, you know it.

I will handle defense
until Harris gets back.

Then bump it!


Um, I'm really psyched to be here,
but I'm not really the bump-it type.

So... what's on deck?

Getting ready to fight something
way worse than Seth Harper.

Guys! Guys!
We're getting our butts handed to us!

Okay, note to self,
wash hands after battle.

We're losing the ventral armor.
I gotta go secure it.

Harris! Harris, shields!

I've got you covered, Desmond.


Well, I've been calling you Ryan
for what, 13 years now?

Why did you not say something?

Sorry, sorry, Veracity, habit.


Okay, Spyder, arm cannon,
and then I'll follow up with...

The robot won't respond.

My panel's dead, too.

Bam. Simulation over.

Bam. Welcome to Scraptown, y'all. Yo.

Well, that stunk.

At least Harris' simulation program
worked okay.

Anybody else get an animated Harris
mocking them on their Mech-Link?

Since he's been injured,
he's had a lot of free time.

I don't get it.
How did we lose power?

Uh, yeah, I think this is on me.

I figured out how to extend the shields,
and keep the monster further away.

Seems like a great idea to me, yeah.

Which is our first clue
that it was a bad idea.

Well, I mean, I needed the extra power
to extend the shields, and I guess

it took it from your systems. My bad.

It was a great idea,

but you have to tell us
so we can work as a team.

- I was just tryin' to win.
- We were all trying to win.

These simulations
are to help you learn to work with us,

but you've gotta work with us.

Hey, she gets it. She gets it, Ry.

Hey, guys, how'd the simulation go?

Well, spectacular.
She was great, uh...

I mean, of course, you're great, too.
It's still your chair.

It's, uh... You're just injured.

So, do I know how
to defuse a situation or what?

I found the plane Grey
and Traeger stole.

They're way up in the Arctic.

The Arctic. That's way too far
for us to rocket jump.

We need Leo's flight mode.

So, Mark and I will have to finish
the flight upgrade during our free period.

All right, great training session,

See y'all at school.

When Ryan said
"Great training session everyone."

- Sarcasm. Yup.
- Figured.

Hey... ya know you really messed up
with Veracity back there?

Dude, we have to get her ready for battle.
If she's not up to speed, we could lose.

Ryan, she barely knows you.

Okay, we follow you
because we've known you forever.

Okay, so what are you suggesting?

Camp out in the robot?

We can watch scary movies?
We can make s'mores?

The s'mores would actually be great.

Yeah, they would but, no,
that's not what I'm saying.

When Dad was in the Army,
he wasn't best buds with his commanders.

But they inspired him.
That's why he followed them.

That's what you need to do with Veracity.

Inspire her?

How do I do that?

Part of being a leader
is figuring out how, bro.

Yo, Sup V?


Dude, be quiet.

Sorry. Sorry, what...

What, uh...
what are these people doin' here?

Is this some sort of kid prison?

Spyder, go away.


I'm reading Harris'
stupid tutorial again. Uh...

Reading, no.

I came here to tell you
that you're doing fine.


I can memorize every ridiculous detail
in that stupid tutorial,

but that's gonna solve
the real problem.


Which is...?

I'm used to working alone.

The whole others relying on me
and me relying on others thing,

just... just kinda weirds me out.

I actually don't have
a lot of friends or anything.

You know what's cool about the robot?

It's that it made all of us
teammates, and friends.

Mark and I didn't get along,
and now we're like, super buds.

Angus! Hey, Smelly!

Me and Nerdo are ready
to test flight mode. Peace, Buttface.

N-no problem, best buddy!


I hate kid prison.

- I will not be silenced!
- Shh!


Locked in!


I can feel the jet
integrating with the robot.

All right! Let's fly!


Flying is awesome!

Duh, bro, that's why birds
are always singing.




Dude, faster, spin faster!

Or... slower. In a straight line, please.

Aah! Aah! What the heck?

Whoa, uh, reading
some kind of e-explosion?

Obviously. Damage reports coming in.

Shut the jet down,
take us back to the hangar.

This test was a failure.

It's not going down, I can't stop it.


Bro, you okay?

Yeah, I'm just trying not to crash.

I still can't turn off the jet's engines.

The jet's turbines
are combustion engines.

It's a chemical reaction.
You can't turn it off with your power.

Mountain! Mountain!

Nice move!

Harris, can you detach the jet?

No. The explosion fried everything.

And also, did you know
Spyder has a third nipple?

- What?
- That was a pillow fort secret!

That you gave away there, ha, ha.

The carbon monoxide
is filling up the cockpit.

That's why he's so loopy.

And the hatch is sealed.

All right, let's save the day!

Mark, bust him out.

I'm gonna fly over the ocean
where we can't hit anything.

On it.


Aah! Aah!

Dude, what's wrong now?

I don't know how to say it,
so... I'm just gonna say it.

My butt's on fire.

Uh, yup, there is a fire
in the anterior syndromic system.

The robot's butt.

You guys need to put it out.

Also, I have a burn cream
for that, if you'd like.


I'll have you out of there in a sec!

Listen, Mark, if I don't make it,

there's something important
you need to know.

What is it?

Me and Spyder are the ones

who ruined your date
with Casey Weintraub.

You were the ones
that put glue on my car seat?

Oh, she was so mad
in the video!

What video?

Never mind.

I can't get this thing open.

I'm gonna try to teleport through.

It didn't work!

Curse you, physics!

Look, I know you're hopped up
on goofy gas,

but I need you
to cowboy up right now.

How do I get you outta here?

The only way would be
to blow the hatch off with a bomb.

I'll be right back!

Wow, you are fast like a cheetah!

No offense, comic relief,
but I can handle this by myself.

No, that's not how we work, okay,
I know every inch of this robot.

You need me.
Also, what are we doing?

The robot has a built-in
fire suppression system,

but for some reason,
it's not activating right now.

But, around this corner
is a panel that's gonna let me...

- Toast marshmallows.
- Oh...

Okay. Okay, that's just an obstacle.

Uh, life only gives us
obstacles, so think.

- About what?
- So many obstacles.

Oh, okay, uh...

There are junction boxes
in the ventilation systems,

and we can activate the fire
suppression system from there, yes.

But it's like a maze in there,
so I'm not gonna know where to go.

Well, I got the blueprints here,
I-I can...

Wait... There we go.
I-I can direct you.

Uh, is there someone else
who can do this?

Maybe Ryan, or like,
that water skiing squirrel?

Oh, man, I wish, but, no,
just... trust your teammate.


Okay. Okay.

Yo, Ryan. I can't get to the armory.
There's a fire.

Veracity and Spyder are on it.
Just hang on.


Okay, um... make a right.

No, no! Left.

- No.
- Spyder? Focus.

Okay... make a left.

Then the next right,
then the next left,

and you're golden. Trust me.

Ah, there we go.

Is there a fire in the vents, too?

Plenty of time before it gets to you.

Are you sure?

Oh, I know fire,
I destroy a lot of evidence.


I got it! I got it!

I can feel the fires going out
all over the bot.

My butt thanks you.

And my butt says you're welcome.

All right, we're out over the ocean.
I'm just doin' donuts.

Spyder, Veracity,
get back to the control center.

Mark, get Harris out of the jet.

Uh, more fire.
You can get outta there, now, V.

The fire suppression is taking
its time coming into the vent systems,

and the fire's coming at me really fast.

I got you, V.

Ryan, I need an incline
as steep as you can.

I'll do the best I can.


You guys saved me.

And you saved us, so...
thanks, and you're welcome.

Thanks and you're welcome.

Thank you and you're welcome.

Thank you and you're welcome.

I'm not used to this.

Okay. I'm gonna blow the hatch.

Let's get your little wee butt
outta there.

All right, buddy.
We're gonna get you outta here.

So, I've got Nerdo.

And the fire is out.

And we're right over the ocean.

We just need to figure out
a way to stop.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

I can't steer anymore!

That. That's what
could possibly go wrong.

Uh, the fire destroyed
the controls for the rudder.

It'll take hours to fix.

We don't have hours.
We're rocketing back toward Bay City.

Well, if we crash
into the city at this speed,

we will turn it into a crater.

It's no use. The jump rockets
aren't strong enough to change our course.

There's only one more option...
eject and blow up Mech-X4.

You mean use the self-destruct?

If anybody has a better idea,
I'm listening.

Harris... do you remember,
in, uh, in fifth grade,

when you were too afraid
to take me down

in that mathletics showdown?

For the bazillionth time, I wasn't afraid.

My parents' car really...
did... run out of gas.

Hey, yeah! Without gas,
the engines will stop.

We'll never run out of gas
before we hit the city.

But according to Harris'
absurdly detailed tutorial,

we can just dump fuel manually,
we have to go outside,

and not fall to our deaths.

It's too dangerous
at the speed we're moving at.

The wind will blow you right off.

If only we could, like, uh,
stay still for a few minutes.

The grappling grip!

We can grab something on the ground,
and it'll hold the robot like an anchor!

That could give us the time
to dump the fuel.

I could dump the fuel, but...
there are two engines.

We need another person to take the trip.

Harris can't.
And Spyder's firing the grappling grip,

and I have to pilot the robot.

I got it.

It's gonna be rough out there.

No, I know. I can do it.

Come on, Desmond.

Bump it.

You guys dump the fuel.

We'll find us something to slow us down.

There are gravity pucks
in these shoes.

They'll keep you attached
to the robot's hull.

If they don't, at least I die
in a pair of nice new shoes.

- Now you're gettin' it.
- Hm.

So, would Ryan really
blow up the robot to save the city?


Other kids freak
if their apps don't update.

How could he
give all of this up, it's just...

Inspiring? Like a good leader?

I told him to do that.

Look at you. Brother of the year.

Huh... Let's go.

You take this fuel tank.
I'm gonna take the one on the far side.


Mark, how's it going?

Dumping the fuel now.


I'm emptying the second tank!

We're losing fuel and speed!
It's working!

Aah... Aah... Aah!


Aah! Ahhh!

Aah! Ohh!

We're still coming in too fast!

Spyder, grappling grip!
We gotta slow down now!

All right, we snagged something.

And it's holding!

The grip is barely hanging on!

My arm feels like it's being
torn out of the socket!

Keep holding,
the freighter's anchored.

We're moving again!

Dude, where's Veracity?

She didn't come back?

Grab the gravity pucks,
we all have to go out there and find her.

Veracity! You're okay!

Found her.

I knocked Harris' tutorial,

but it did have an annoyingly
detailed section

on how to amp up
your gravity shoes.

You didn't think I was gonna let you
croak me on our first mission, right?

Oh, and uh, we will be
out of fuel in three, two...

and one.

So, we're gliding.

Shouldn't you be back
in your flight girdle?

Okay, but we're definitely coming up
with a cooler name for this thing.

Found the source
of the explosion.

Leo had to build the jet
from whatever tech he could find,

so some of the fuel lines
weren't secure enough.

Some of the gas leaked
into the thrusters and ignited.

We've replaced all of them.

We could take the fight to Traeger
as soon as the repair cycle's over.

In a day or so.

Hey! The new 4D movie
opened at the Metro-Plex,

uh, you can practically
smell Chris Pratt's handsomeness.

Okay, well... just bought tickets.

- I'll save the seats.
- I'm on snack patrol.

And I'll point out the plot holes.
Yeah, there's a lot of them.

Hey. Aren't you comin'?


Um... yeah, I'll shush
people that can't shut up.

Awesome, because Spyder
loves to yell at the screen.

Everything is ready.

Mech-X4 is still out there.

They always figure out a way to win.

I know. But now... we have this.