Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 7 - Versus The Tech Army - full transcript

Ryan and Mark's fun day with their Dad is interrupted when a fighter drone created by Harris is mysteriously reprogrammed to destroy Ryan.

Previously on Mech-X4...

So, when's your next visit?

Well, we have one more hospital
to build in Egypt.

The good thing about being adopted
is I didn't inherit your weirdo sneeze.

We're gonna do great things together.


I'll see you soon... partner.

Grey! Whatever you're doing,
it stops now!

You're too late!

This guy's power ratings
are off the charts.

You will address me...

as Traeger.

I have no idea how to stop him.

It's following me wherever I go.

That's because I added
facial recognition software.

Now, we can search the city
for Grey and Traeger.

Yeah, what happens when we find 'em?

It'll tell us where they are
and, wait for it...

Oh, heads up.

Stun blast. I get it. I get it.

Okay, what happens
if Traeger destroys the drone?

I mean, he threw
the robot like a rag doll.

- Okay.
- There's nothing Ryan could do to stop it.

- I was there.
- Yeah.

- Dang!
- Dude!

- Oh. Harris, why would you...
- No. Watch.

I added nanites to the drones,

little microscopic robots.

When one is destroyed,

the nanites will carry
all of its data to the nearest drone.

No matter what happens,
we'll never lose any intel

on Grey or Traeger.

And, once it confirms
its target, it'll attack!


New target accepted.

Ah. Fly.

Find the bad guys. Be free.

All right. So, we're gonna be
on watch this whole weekend.

Yup. No eating, no leaving to shower.
Gonna go to the bathroom right here.

- We have bathrooms.
- I don't care.

Hey, dingus, didn't you get Mom's text?

- She wants to see us right now.
- All right. On my way.

Do not go to the bathroom in here.

I promise.

I gotta go
to the bathroom real quick.

- What do you think Mom wants?
- I don't know,

but as soon as we're done here,
we're going back to the robot.

This whole weekend,
looking for bad guys.

Hey! Whoa, whoa!

- Dad!
- Dad!

You guys are a little on edge.

We thought you were working
at the hospital in Bolivia.

Yeah, we finished up early,
so I can get home and see you guys.

And check this out.

I got a few tickets
for the Future Technology Expo.

Dad, that's been sold out for months!

Probably because slam-dunk champion.

Demetrious "D-Win" Winston's
gonna be there signing his new video game.

See? How perfect is that?

See? Tech for Ryan, sports for you,
and music for everyone.

You know DJ Live-Rat$z
performed there last year?

Eh. She played a set
in our living room once.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

An international superstar DJ
played your living room?

Yeah. Mom's billionaire
tech-genius ex-boyfriend paid her to.

And then he tried to destroy the world.

We should talk more.

But thanks, Dad.
This is... this is awesome.

Hey, I'm glad you're so excited.

You guys didn't have
any other plans this weekend, did you?

Uhh... no. Nah.

Come on! Lighten up.

It's a couple days with your dad.
It's not the end of the world.

Hi, there!
Welcome, Davis Walker,

Mark Walker, and Ryan Walker!

Okay, don't get me wrong.
This is awesome,

and I love hanging out with Dad,

but we're supposed
to be looking for Traeger.

There's nothing we can do now.

If the drones get a lead,
then we can bail,

but this means a lot to Dad,
let's try to have a good time.

You know what? You're right.

It's like we're there.

It's like we're there.

Step right up.
Check out the latest in 3D printing.

A perfect print every time.

And... it's... a... butt?

- It was supposed to look like my face.
- It does.

Who said that?

Oh! What you guys know
about the "cabbage patch"?

Uh, literally nothing.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

There you go.

- Do you mind if I get in line for this?
- Go for it.

I think we're gonna go play
Legends of Wyvern 6.

- Yeah.
- As fun as that sounds, later!

Hey, I'll tell you what.

I'm gonna get us some snacks.
I'll meet you at Wyvern in 15?

- Heck yeah, man.
- My man!

Hey, Veracity, you won?

- That's awesome.
- Ah, you know.

Whoa! What is that?

Ah. This is my robot dog.

I call him... L'il Harris.

Dang, son!

Okay, Harris would actually love this.

Wait. You invented all of these
and won every prize?

Yes. Everything
but sixth place.

Kristi Medlin.

But... this baby right here
is what won me first place.

The Buzzkill.

A hand-held annoying-person
device disabler. Here, watch.

All I did was take a selfie
at the funeral,

and everyone
made such a big deal out of it.

I was... hello? Grandma?

It sends out a signal
that stops digital butthead behavior,

you know, like texting during a movie,

talking too loud
on a cell phone, et cetera.

- You're kinda scary.
- Mmm. Yeah.

- Later.
- Yeah.

Is this where I meet Demetrius Winston?

Am I in the right line?

I'm in the right line. Yup.


Hey, has anyone ever told you
that your princess dress

really brings out the flecks
of amber in your eyes?

Less smooth.

I'm Emeline of Navarre,
ruthless warrior.

Umm... I like your shield thing.

You mean my plus four
Shield of Gragaloon?


Sorry, no, I have no idea
what any of this is.

That's okay.
You're lucky you're cute.

It really does help.

I am Emeline of Navarre!

We can free the king!
Ready your sword.

There may be trolls.

Ryan. Hey, man, we don't have to play
if you don't want to.

No, no, my friends are
constantly blowing up my phone.

You know how it is. Yeah, Dad.

Come on. Let's play. Come on.

Well there, Harris, Veracity won
the Junior Inventor's competition.

- Why did you not win?
- All of my inventions go into...

Oh, I don't know... killing monsters.

Since when did you start
reading the Bay City Planet?

Since always.

Their bloggers are never afraid
to say what needs to be said.


We've got a possible match
at Bay City International Airport.

It's a distorted reflection,
but it could be Traeger.

Or it could be Canadian Prime Minister,
Justin Trudeau.

- Why would it be Justin Trudeau?
- Why not?

- Should we tell Ryan and Mark?
- Not yet.

You know Ryan.

If he even thinks it's a bad guy,
he'll bail out on his dad.

- We need to make sure.
- Okay.

If it is Traeger,
we'll shoot him with trackers

and hunt him down
with Ryan and Mech-X4.

I just hope he doesn't feel it
when they hit.

Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that.


Dude, not cool.
Let's see how you like it.

- Ah!
- Not the eyes! Not the eyes!

We don't have time for this.
Let's get to the airport.

Come on, there's always time
to shoot your friend in the butt.

Dang, son.

No, there is no way

that they would've made it
to the playoffs without D-Win!

He is a beast at offense.

They're trash without his three.

They still have
Perkins and Ivanovich.

- Those guys are useless.
- Wow.

We might have to settle this
over some jalapeño poppers.

Actually... I do know a great place.

Oh. Okay.


I gotta go.

We must get you
to the White Witch for a healing poultice.

To the trunk of the white tree,
and watch out for trolls.

Oh, straight to the Internet.

Ryan, where are you?
We're being hunted!

We are.

Why is one of Harris's
hunter drones here?

I don't know.
It looks like it was after you.

When Harris showed me these,
they targeted me first.

Maybe it's a glitch.

Hey, man.

I will be your Emeline of Navarre!

- Huh?
- Sure, man.

Yeah! Woo-hoo! Hyah!

We have to get back to Dad.

Look out!

So, now regular tech is after me?

Wait. Harris's nanites are in there.

He said they were designed
to spread to other drones.

- He didn't say anything about other tech.
- Can't you just zap 'em?

No, there's too many.
It's like a thousand tiny little robots!

The nanites are infecting
all the tech around us,

but they're not compatible.

Great, so it's either gonna explode
and hurt a lot of people or attack us.

I'm gonna call Harris.

It is Traeger!

Okay, we should probably go invisible.

There's not enough power
left to go invisible.

I asked you to charge
these things yesterday.

I asked you to not ask me to do things.

We need to figure out
what they're doing.

Steel girders, PVC piping,

and some sort of polymide.

Oh, no.

Oh, no, no, no. Not polymide.

I don't know what that is.

It's an element they use
to protect equipment during cold weather.


You've reached Harris.
Leave a message, y'all.

He isn't answering his phone.

Looks like we're gonna have
to deal with this ourselves.



First thing we have to do
is get away from all these people.

If the tech is after me,
we can just lead it away.

Then let's go.

All right, here I am!
Come and get me!

What's going on?
That stuff wasn't after me?

I'm sorry.


Whoa! Sorry, sorry, sorry.


Uh... down boy.
What is wrong with you?

I will put you down.

It's after Veracity?

Wait. Was she around
every time the tech attacked?

Yeah, I think she was.

It was targeting her.
You were just in the way.

But why is the tech targeting Veracity?

Dude, not cool.

Let's see how you like it.



- Uh, Veracity's gonna get hurt.
- And anyone who's around her.


Okay, I'm gonna protect
Veracity, you deal with Dad.


- You okay?
- Oh, yeah, never better.

- Whoa!
- Oh!

What is going on?

It's the first time
I've seen you in a month.

It seems like you couldn't care less.

No, Dad, that's not true.

What is it, son?

You can tell me anything.

Dad, can you please
just give me some space?


Exits are now sealed.

Targeting Veracity Campbell.

I'm sorry. What?

Let us out!

Great. We're trapped in here.

Every piece of tech in here
is a Veracity-seeking missile.

See? This is what happens
when you are the smartest kid in Bay City.

Somebody programmed
all of this tech to attack me.

Who would do such a thing?

There's only one person
who is smart enough

and petty enough to do this.

Kristi Medlin.

Yeah! That's who it was, Kristi Medlin.

- Definitely not Harris.
- If I could just get to my Buzzkill

and then I could crank it up,
then it might have the power

to end all the tech at once,
but it's back at my booth.

The plane is fully loaded.
It's good to go.

Take it to the destination
and wait for me there.

There's one more thing I need.

- What are you doing?
- To find out where they're going.

- We're gonna get you to your booth.
- Yeah, let's get to work.

Hey, Mark, things are getting crazy.
You might need this.

She remembers my name.
It's 'cause I'm cute.

Focus! You're not that cute.


Whoa, whoa! Hey! Harris!

That was awesome.

You were like a superhero
in an action movie.

Owie! Oh!
Mommy's precious cargo got an owie!

When I tell this story,
I'll leave that part out.

Oh, no.

It's not stopping!

Mark! The Buzzkill!

They're gonna blow!

There's not enough power!
There's just too many of them!

- What happened?
- Wow.

I-I'm more impressive than I thought.

Don't ever tell Harris we did that.

- Done and done. Okay, yeah.
- Cool. Go, go.

Hey, Emeline of Navarre.

Here's some of your shield back.

- I'm really sorry.
- It's plastic.

It was the price of like one basket
of jalapeño poppers.

Oh, okay. Well, that's,
what, six bucks? Six-fifty?

I mean...

I want you to take me out
for jalapeño poppers, champ.

- Oh.
- Wow.

You're really bad at this.

Give me your phone.

Text me... if you want.

You know...

every Emeline needs a Merek.

I could pull that off.

Ryan! They finally got the doors open.

Are you okay, man?
I was so worried.

Yeah, Dad, we're-we're okay.

Seriously, we're fine.


So, about before...

Yeah, Dad, about what
I said back there. I...

When you told me
I should give you some space,

at the top of your lungs?

Yeah, I'm really sorry.

- That was really harsh, and I...
- No, no, Ryan, I get it.

You're a teenager now.

I mean, why would you want
to hang out with your lame dad?

No, Dad, I like hanging out with you,

even when my head's buried
in my phone when I do.

Believe me, I really do.

So, we're cool?

- What do we say?
- Frosty.

Okay, I am really sorry
about the nanite stuff.

I definitely didn't think
it could spread to other tech.

- I can't believe you took on Traeger.
- Yeah.

- Are you insane?
- It was awesome.

Yeah, left the part out
about "mommy's precious cargo."

- I'm sorry. What was that?
- Don't-don't worry about it.

I'm just glad you're okay.

So... what's next?

We watch this guy's every move...

...and when the time is right,
we take this guy down.

For good.

Well, what do you know?

It works.

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