Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - Versus The Dark Night - full transcript

When a new monster creates a city-wide blackout and disables the MECH-X4, the team must figure out how to get the robot working again to stop the beast from completing its mission.

Previously on Mech-X4...

That's the last of it.

I... need... power.

- Did we do that?
- No.

No, that was something else.

- You've got to get back to Bay City!
- We're on our way!

The city's power grid
is out of control!

What's going on?

The whole power grid is glitching.

It's crazy out there!

- Any theories?
- No. Leo's trying to figure it out.

One second everything's fine, the next,

there's some sort of weird power surge.

- Do you think it could be...
- Grey? Yeah, maybe.

Or... okay?

It could be a squirrel.

They nibble on a few power lines and boom!

It's blackout.

Spyder could be right.

It might not be Grey.

"Spyder could be right."

So, this, um, this is
what dignity feels like.

It's okay!

That came from the power plant!

The city lost all of its power!

No squirrel did this.

I'm scanning the city
for power fluctuations.

It looks like all the buildings
that have power

are running off generators.

Hold on.

Picking up a strange reading coming at...

Veracity's house?

- That's weird.
- What's weird?

Other than you scanning a girl's house.

And that you apparently know
Veracity's address by heart.

I scanned every house in the city!

Statistically, some of those
are girls' houses.

Super creepy.

Her house has more power
than any building in the entire city.

Okay, you guys go there

and figure out why
her house still has power.

Maybe it can help us find out
how to restore power to the city.

And in case Grey or Harper is behind this,
we need to get the power back on.

Are you sure sending
Harris is a good idea?

Since he and Veracity
are a few weapons away

from a duel to the death.

We work together when we have to!

We're frenemies. You guys get that!

- No, no.
- Weird way to put it.

We got to go to the power plant
and see if Grey's behind this.

All right! No one's around.

Let's see what's going on.

You seem different.

Like... just less uptight.

Yeah! I guess I am.

Meeting my birth father took
a huge weight off my shoulders.

Was he cool?
When do I meet him?

I wish you could now,
but... it's not safe,

as long as there's people out there
that can use him against us.

All right, well, let's get these guys.

Because the sooner your dad is safe,

the sooner he gets to know
that you're Mark Walker's little brother.

Yeah, I don't know how he went
that long without knowing that.

Me either, man.

- Veracity's having a party.
- A party?

It is a party!

This is my first high school party.


It's everything I dreamed it would be.

She didn't invite us to her party?

This is inappropriate frenemy behavior.

Harris, I know you're hurting,

and I want to be there for you...

but party!

Yo! Yo! Rock out!

Oh, great.

You're here, too. Bad to worse.

Thanks for the invite, Her-Whiney Granger.

- Nice.
- Thanks. Been working on that.

But do you really think
I invited all of these people?

Do I look like the "I want strangers
trashing my house" type?


No, that's a bit out of your character.

They were at a party down the street,

and when the blackout hit,
they just moved,

and followed my lights
and planted the party here,

like an unstoppable swarm of insects.

But just dumber, much dumber.

My dads are gonna kill me.
They're gonna kill me.


What are you doing?

Wow! Hey, guys!

I found the dad clothes!

Dad clothes! Dad clothes!

Dad clothes! Dad clothes!

Oh, man. I was gonna do that.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Whoa.

What's in this case?

- Is this keeping your power on?
- Hold it, spark plug.

Why would I show it to you?

Uh, because we're both
brilliant scientific minds?

Eh, mine's a little bit
more brilliant than yours.

- Is there a curve now?
- There's a little bit of a curve.

Party people in the house!

Okay! Whoo!

Party people slightly
further away in the house!


How 'bout this?

I let Spyder off the leash
and let him clear out the party,

and you show me how this thing works.

How's Spyder gonna get
all these people to leave?

Oh, yeah.

Dancing with myself. Awesome.

Got it. Make it so.

Hey, Spyder.
Someone in the other room says

you can't fit your fist in your mouth.


Where's the butter? Where's the butter?

It's so weird.

Nothing's busted.

No sign of a monster attack.

Maybe Grey's not behind this.

Yeah. About that?

Oh, yeah! Okay. Perfect.

Mm! So good!

I've been bare-handing
this bad boy all night.

- Oh.
- Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


Hey guys, this is, uh, this is J.J.

He's got a lot of opinions

on what's wrong with our generation,
so take it away, J.J.

You all need to eat more corn.

This country was built on corn!

- Ow! My ears.
- Well!

Who wants to talk
about our changing bodies?

- I'm out of here!
- It's completely normal though.

It's completely all a hundred percent...

That's a lot of ooze.
It's definitely a monster.

But what was it doing?
Why didn't it destroy anything?

Hey look!

The monster was drilling
into this reactor.

You think it was stealing the power?

A monster is sucking up energy?

Then the one place in town
with the most energy...

is Veracity's house!

Okay! Wrap it up!

I don't know where you're going,
but you can't stay here.

Oh, FYI: The yellow punch
was not originally yellow, so...

A potato?

One part potato generator,

one part turbine-powered
by the Earth's magnetic field.

It's got enough power for two weeks,
that's why I can't just turn it off.

Yep, hi. I'm Spyder.

Yeah, okay, as promised,
I will not call any of you.

But my number is there
if you, uh, if you need it.

That Spyder guy ruined the party.

But it's still hilarious
we took over some nobody's house.


Yeah, uh...
so it charges things wirelessly.

- And if you turn... Yeah.
- Hey.

It's amazing.

Look, don't let that Wade guy get to you.

Like, I've seen him walk
into sliding-glass doors.

- Multiple times.
- Let's go!

- I saw him eat a rock once.
- Bye-bye.

That's, like, the end of the story.
He just ate a rock for no reason.

All right, I should go clean up.

You can charge anything
you want, but just do it here.

- All right? Cool.
- Okay.

What was that?

It's... Oh, man.

We have to warn Ryan!

What is going on?


Can you turn on Spyder's weapons?

The entire control panel is sticky.

- Why is it stealing electricity?
- Why is this control panel sticky?

It's coming back!

Let's take down... Bug-osaur!

Bug-osaur! Bug-osaur? Is that...?

The Mosquito... dactyl?


You know, we're gonna let
Spyder name it after we kill it!


I'm okay.

Did that thing just suck out
Mech-X4's power?

You are sharp.

That's all the energy we need.

Time to come home.

We need to get to the robot.

Just... one thing first.

Guys, are you seeing this?


Wow. Still generating power
even after the monster attack.

Can we use it to jumpstart the robot?

- I'm not sure.
- Hello!

Where did you come from?

There was darkness
everywhere, Ryan.

- I fell asleep on a park bench.
- I hear that.

Guys, the robot
is almost completely drained.

Thanks, Mark. Awesome update.

That's okay. We can recharge it.

And this beautifully crafted generator
will do the trick!


You finally did it, Spyder.

You proved yourself a worthy
and valuable member of the team.

- Yes, he did!
- I... did not build that.

- Oh.
- I did help steal it though.

Well... at least you're consistent.

Anyways, I should be able to get
everything online in a few hours.

A few hours?
We need to find that monster now.

Well, I could really ramp things up
if I had another potato.

Let's... Oh! Look at that.

- Another potato!
- Why would you have a potato?

How are we gonna track
a monster without a robot?

It's a big, glowing mosquito
in the middle of a blackout.

- We can find it.
- Whoa! Hold on.

You can't just chase down
a monster on foot.

That monster's carrying all
the city's power somewhere.

We have to follow it, see where it goes,
and then come back with Mech-X4.

What if you run into Grey?
She's, you know, super strong.

Mech links. Antidote darts.

Guys, we can take her down.

She's been messing with us
since we started high school.

With her gone, we're one step closer
to having normal lives.

That was very emotionally stirring, Ryan.

I'm really glad I woke up for that.

Okay! I'll get the robot up working
as soon as possible.

And we need to get out there
before we lose sight of the monster.

I can still see it! Over that ridge!

So we're doing this low-tech?

Eh, think of it as old-school.

We destroyed our old school.
This is gonna be awesome.

We're gonna catch Grey,
and... hey, Ptero-squito!

- Nice!
- And that's why he names the monsters.


Is that thing made of ooze?

Whatever it is, it's not good
and we have to stop her.

And we have to take that thing
out before it's fully charged.

Grey! Whatever you're doing, it stops now!

You're too late!

- She's running!
- Should we run?

Is this... form correct?

Have I taken a proper form
so you will recognize me

as your ruler?

I don't like the way that dude's talking.

Ryan, this guy's power readings
are off the chart.

You will address me by my name, human.


You will address me as Traegar.



Okay. Hook up the potato.

Now, this is super dangerous,
so I better protect myself.

Um... ah!


Good enough. Okay.

Yeah! Whoo!

Hot potato! That's right!

The robot's ready.

Then let's not take any chances.

Come on!

Yeah, son!

Let's squash this thing back
into the ooze it came from!

What is that?

When Ryan's done crushing it,
gum on our boot.

How is it stopping us?

- Is that possible?
- Come on, stomp it.

I'm trying. I can't move my leg!

I need more power.

I'm all out of potatoes.


Come on, guys.
We got to get back in this fight.

It's gone.

Oh, good. I mean,
that guy was way out of our league.

He threw us like a chew toy.
Guys, come on.

I don't understand.
Why not just waste us now?

Because whatever it's planning,

it's a lot bigger
than just beating up Mech-X4.

What was that?

He said his name was Traegar.

And I have no idea how to stop him.

Seriously?! I specifically told you
not to take it out of the house.

We had a few things to charge,

so I tried to max it out
with an Idaho russet.

An Idaho russet? Oh!
You could have destroyed the city.

- I... I thought that we were frenemies...
- We are.

Kind of.

It'd just make
my life a whole lot easier,

if you two just got along.

- Highly doubtful.
- No. No.

Well, then you asked for it.


- Dude, no.
- Please stop.

- Oh, yeah!
- That's... very disturbing.

You know what to do.

I'm sorry.


I build bridges.

- And so you know we're serious...
- Oh, yes. Okay.

Okay. You're trying.

Come on!

I'll try on the dad clothes.

- No, you're not!
- Yes, I am!

Why didn't you end them?

They're mosquitoes.
I can swat them whenever I want.

But we had them right there, and...

You are like me,

empowered by the gel.

And that gel is mine to control.

I feel a debt to you.

But do not forget your place!

So, what's next?

Next, we do that which I was born to do.

Make this world my own.