Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Versus Harper's Ghost - full transcript

Ryan is bombarded by visions of Harper. If Harper is still alive, Ryan must make a difficult choice: save him, or destroy him once and for all?

Previously on MECH-X4...

- Technopath test subjects?
- Like your birth parents?

- I thought you were dead.
- Surprise.


I did it. I cracked the data core, y'all.

My birth parents are there.
Who are they?

Your red ooze drove people crazy

and can be neutralized with freezing cold.

Grey's back. What is she up to?
What does she want?

They didn't know
that this was all I needed.

I've been thinking about the visions.

If it weren't for them,
we wouldn't have known about the monster.

Someone out there is our ally.

We have someone on our side.

- I can fix it! I can fix it!
- Then do it!

- And make more.
- What?

It shouldn't take much
to enhance your powers.

Who said it was for me?

- Is that him?
- No.

- Okay, what about him?
- No.

Ryan, your father didn't look
like a 40-year-old Al Roker.

- That's good, right?
- Mmm...

But you said his name was Randall Anthony.

Why can't we look for that?

I tried, but Harper never knew
your birth father's real name,

so we'll just have to go through
each volunteer one at a time.

- And you didn't know my mom, huh?
- Your father's the one who gave you to me.

He never told me who she was
in case Harper captured me.

You know?

Like when he held you
in an underwater prison for years?

I still can't take a bath
without flashbacks, Ryan.

And I'm a bath guy.


Wait, that's him.
That's your father! Go back, go back.

- Ha!
- "Subject 240."

Or "Randy," to his friends.

And always with that infectious smile.

- That's my father.
- Yeah, yeah.

I wondered if we looked alike.

Let's see.

Looks like Harper really spent
a lot of resources tracking him down.

The last thing he had
on your birth father was,

he was living under the alias
"Tony Ward" in Bogota, Colombia,

five years ago,
then he lost him again.

Wait, he changed his name?

Yeah, to throw Harper off we all had to.

For three years,
I was Doctor Max Flatiron.

Science was his trade,

passion was his game.

Yeah. Oh! Oh, and when I lived in England,

I was Penry Heathcoate.

He liked Scottish eggs, tea,

and living hard.


Um... okay.

So, what do we do now?

Oh, well, now that I have
your birth father's last alias,

I'm sure I can pick up
the trail again. Yeah.

- Thank you, Leo.
- Mmm.

With Harper gone...

he doesn't have to hide any more.

He... he's free to...

I mean,

if he wants to...

- he can...
- Meet his son?


It's been so long.

Maybe he doesn't even remember me.

He gave up everything

so you'd be safe.

I'm sure you're in his thoughts every day.


Be right back, one minute.
We got him! Whoo!

All right!



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You need to increase
your rate of velocity.

Also, you need more acceleration
to be able to jump over the school.

What if I lost some weight?
Or wore a less puffy vest? How about that?

What up, Justin Timber-flake?

Wow! Never gets old.

Wait, is that Spyder
jumping the school on a bike?

- With a rocket?
- I have dreams.

They're stupid. They're still my dreams.

Well, it looks like you may need
to increase your angle of departure.

- You know what I mean?
- So many big words.

She's saying build a ramp.

An effective but primitive solution.

- But it is too dangerous.
- Which is why I'm going to do it.

BTW, the weather
is supposed to be clear on Saturday,

so, if you try it, let me know.

- Most def, V.
- "Most def, V"?

I can't believe
she asked me on a date.

It's not a date.
She wants to see if you don't die!

That's what a date is, right?

Hey, guys. I'm pretty sure
I saw Harper in the robot,

but when I attacked, he disappeared.

- You know what this means, right?
- Yes, ghosts.


Um, Spyder, you know
there's no such thing as ghosts, right?

Then explain to me
why I keep seeing my grandfather.

Because he's alive!

Ryan, Harper is gone.

You're stressed out
now that Grey is back.

- I guess.
- You need to relax.

Last time you were this tense,
you got some skate time in.

And we almost got
assassinated in the woods.

There's a skate club
that meets after school.

You guys are probably right,
and it feels like forever

since I've been on my board just for fun.

And we're always here to hang out.

Except for Saturday.
I've got a date with Veracity.

Excuse me, does anybody know
how aftershave works?

It's not a date!


Hey, Ry. You finally made it.

Yeah, I've been meaning
to hang out,

but I got caught up
in community service.

I read to elderly dogs.

That's... so weird.

Ah! Oww!

So, uh, what have you been up to?

Oh, uh, trying to master
an air over the pyramid.

Let me show you how it's done.

If I land it, you owe me a smoothie.



I'll take a banana swirl
and some stitches.

Okay. The hallucinations
aren't going away.

- Yeah, we heard.
- Wait, what do you mean, you heard?

Dude, you wipe out that hard,
people are gonna talk.

And text, and video chat,

and post in online.

- Yeah, most of them were me.
- Yeah.

Hee hee. Veracity.

No, I'm not gonna shave my hair

to be more aerodynamic.

Gotta keep my man mane for our date.

It's not a date.

Okay, I know
you and Veracity compete a lot,

but there's plenty of Spyder to go around.

- Eww. No.
- Don't ever say that again.

Okay, why do I keep
seeing Harper? Am I losing it?

No. The technopathic part of your brain
is being stimulated.

It matches the scans that I took

after you had those flashes
of the sea monster.

So, you're saying that these
are technopathic visions?

But why is Harper there?


Harper is alive!

Oh, okay.
You need to take it easy.

- You don't even know...
- No, these visions have been right so far.

It must be him sending them.

Why would the guy
who creates monsters

warn us about monsters?

I don't know.
I'll ask him when I put him in a box!

Okay, you mean a prison.


Okay, dude, you need to calm down.

Before you burn every gadget
we have in this room.


Tell me more about these visions.

It looks like he's trying to talk.

Last time your brains
were connected like this,

we were using a neurosplicer.


Neuro... neuro-splicer.

He's trying to say "neurosplicer"!

Okay, I can work with that!

Are you sure about this, Nerdo?

I'm betting Harper's device
isn't strong enough

to send his entire message.

That's why he's saying "neurosplicer."

With this, we can turn
Ryan's brain into an antenna,

and get the whole message.

Is he here right now?

Yeah, that jerk's standing
right in front of me.

Yeah, but the last time
Ryan used this thing,

he almost got brain damage.

Theoretically, it could wipe
Ryan's brain

and turn him into a mindless drone...

uh, but I'm... going to be...

very, very careful?

It's worth the risk
to find out what Harper's up to.

Let's just... let's get on with it.

Don't get brain damage!

Hello, Ryan.

Miss me?

- How are you still alive?
- Long story, don't have time.

I'm in a little bit of a lot of trouble.

So you call the person
that hates you the most?

You know I want
to drop you off a cliff right now?

Why would I help you?

Because I'm being held prisoner by Grey.

Grey? What does she want with you?

She's using me
to make monsters and mutate the gel.

She's up to something big.

I mean, why do you think
I've been trying to help you?

And honestly, Ryan,

I don't know
what she's gonna do to me next.

Why would I give a flying taco
about what happens to you?

Do flying tacos exist?

If you find me, you find Grey,
you take her out and boom!

You go back to being a regular teenager.

Prom is super fun!

Then I go live on a sandy beach somewhere.

I was thinking something more
like bars and a padlock.

Kind of aggressive, but I'll take it.
It's better than being her slave.

Fine. Where are you?

Being held near Colton Ridge.

By the storm drain.

Grey is coming back. Hurry!

Get... to... work!

Control center, now!

That's the last of it.

This better work.

Good talk.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
We're gonna go rescue Harper?

Not rescue, capture.

Are you sure that's what you'll do
when you find him?

What's that supposed to mean?

Last time you accidentally
shorted out stuff,

because you were hiding something.

Guys, Leo may have a lead
on my biological father.

Harper's the reason
he had to go into hiding.

With Harper still out there,

he's a danger to my birth father.

I can't expose him to that.

Until Harper's out of our lives,

I can't meet my father.

Just promise me that you're not
gonna do anything to Harper

that you're gonna regret.

I promise.

All right.

When do we leave?



I'm detecting one human,
but he's underground.

See that storm drain?

There's a ladder that leads
down to some chamber.

- He must be there.
- Good! Let's get this guy.

That's far enough!

Harris, now!

What did you do to me?

Ooze antidote!
We were ready for you this time.

Boom! It won't cure you

because you were infected
by the zapped ooze.

But it will at least mess you up.

I got my eye on her. Go.

This is it.

Guys, you made it! Oh, thank goodness.

I'd roll out the red carpet,
but I'm a little, you know, chained up.

- Yeah, get used to that.
- Really?

You sure? Because I have 1.5 billion
dollars hidden around the city.

- And we don't want your money.
- Oh, okay, okay.

So, compromise:
We take the money, then we betray him.

You know I can hear you, right?
I'm right here.

- Oh.
- Ryan, don't!

I promised, didn't I?


Hey, guys, come on.
We're on the same side here.

- The lesser of two evils...
- Is still evil!

Yeah, study algebra, learn Spanish.
I choose neither, thus, I win.

- Harris!
- Hey, I got you.

Come on, buddy.

She got the drop on me, Ry.

I'm sorry. I tried everything...

Oh, boy.

Not the time! Not the time!

He interrupted the process.

What can I do for you? What do you need?

I need power!


I'm too pretty to die!

- Run!
- This way!

Spider, rhino...
I call it Arachna-Rhino!

Look out! Look out!

Not the time! Not the time!

Other way!

- What was that?
- Don't worry if you wet yourself.

We all did it the first time there.

Amazing! Plus, an elevator
that can kill you?

Classic Leo.

All right, let's squish this thing.

- What's a spider's weakness?
- Fractions.

Here it comes. Shields up!

Dang, he's tough.

Yeah, it's a little bit
of spider, a little bit of rhino.

I call it, "Arachna-Rhino."

I name the monsters here.

Stop being nice to the sociopath.

It's twerking.
Why is it twerking?

Is it mooning us?

It's gonna get a lot worse.

I can't move the robot's arms!

I can't fire the rockets!

I will not be able to unsee this.

So gross.

We've got to burn through this stuff.

- X-weapon?
- X-weapon!

- Ready?
- Ready!

What? Guys, I'm with you.
We're Mech-X5 now!

- No! No, no. Uh-uh.
- Never gonna happen!


- Yes!
- Oh, yeah!

Hey, what about Grey?

She's gone! And all I can find
are traces of the red ooze.

Where did she go?

That was awesome!
Hey, where are the rest of the guys?

I was thinking of springing for jackets
but I need to know their sizes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What-what... what's going on?

Harris says that...

this will erase your mind
if you use it for too long.

And I promised my brother
I wouldn't do anything I'd regret.

But erasing your mind?

I'll sleep just fine.

If you're worried about me
telling you're the pilot, don't.

- We're on the same side now.
- Shut it!

This isn't about my secret identity.

This is about what you did to my mom.

And this city!

This is about you driving my birth parents
into hiding when I was just a baby.

One way or another, you've been
messing with me my whole life!

But not anymore.

Think about what you're saying.

Oh, I have.

You, drooling and brainless...

everyone is safer.

And there's a little bit
more justice in the world.

You don't have to do this.
You could take me to prison.

You still have followers.

You can still do
a lot of damage from prison.

This way, you won't hurt
anyone ever again.

Okay. Okay.

But I want you to know,

I am proud of you.

What's that supposed to mean?

I mean, you get it now!

You're finally the hero
you were meant to be.

The kind that's not afraid
to make the hard decisions.

Just like me.

You are no hero.

And we're nothing alike.

Oh, really?

Eliminating people for the greater good?

Sounds familiar.

Face it, Ryan,

you and I,

we're the same.



You burned out the neurosplicer.

We are nothing alike.

And we're never gonna be alike.

Enjoy prison.

Hey, Ry-Guy,

remind me what happened to you

the first time I tried
to contact you with this.

That's right,
it did not go well.

I could end you...


...right now.

But I won't.

We're going to do
great things together, Ryan.

I'll see you soon...


We had him, and I blew it!

I should have just...
I should have taken him in.

But he played me.
He knew exactly which buttons to push.

We also lost Grey.

That's my bad.

Don't worry about it.

We'll get them both,

and we'll do it right, now.

Well, in that case...

"Sorry, Veracity. Can't make our date."

Huh. It's... it's not a date.
Who knew that?

- I knew! I'm the one that...
- We all knew.

Hi, there!

Oh. The mood in the room is a little low,

but I have some news.

Found your birth father.

- Really? That's...
- He's in danger,

and there's not much time.

If you don't do something,

you might lose him forever.

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