Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Previously, on Mech-X4...

What's the point of blowing up your school
if they send you to a different one?

You're wearing a varsity jacket,

- you're not varsity here.
- Yet.

Let's not make this
harder than it has to be. Grey?

Back from the dead.

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All right, you heartless monster.

I believe that belongs to you.

All systems failing!
Eject! Eject!

- Sir! I thought you were dead.
- Well, Morris,

since everybody knows
I'm behind the monsters,

good. Listen, you need to hide.

I need to get out of Bay City before...



Unexpected! Terrifying!

Okay, easy, easy.

Is it ready?

Considering you can claw my head off,

yeah, it's ready.

Technically, it's now the same gel
you fell into,

which we know can give you monster powers.

- Without damaging human DNA?
- Theoretically.

So, what's up? You need a tune up?
A power boost? A little monster smoothie?

I mean, why are you...

You said, "Theoretically."

Yeah, I mean, it's untested.

If I'm wrong, it could...
You know, it could kill you

or... or make you grow a second face,

which would be weird at first, but maybe,

in the long run, could be better.

Then we need to test it...

...on people I don't mind seeing hurt.

What do you mean, you're not coming?

Dude, Grey's still out there!

I know, but we've been on patrol
every day this week, and nothing.

Now, if she shows her face,

or her claws, we'll take her down,

but there's a spot open on varsity
and I'm gonna take it.

I'm really sorry about your leg, man.

Not really sorry.

Take a seat, guys.

All right, first round
of tryouts are starting. Got to go.


Yeah! Yeah!

You and you, out.

Tomorrow morning, you two, one-on-one.

Whoever wins makes the team.

I need him to focus on Grey,
not some stupid tryout.

It's not stupid to him.

Look, we all have our thing.

You're the technopath, I'm the brain,

and Spyder is...


Awesome. Weirdly flexible.

Can hear dog whistles?

- And Mark's a jock.
- Right.

We're gonna... We're gonna come
back to my thing, though, right?

- Uh...
- For sure...

Dude, don't you think
it's been hard on him,

being at a new school and, you know,

not being Mark Walker?

I guess.

Varsity is a part of his identity.

Just like how the information
on this data core

is a part of yours.

How is the data core going, anyway?

Don't you think if he got the info
he'd be gloating by now?

I don't gloat.

- "Dang, son!"
- "Science!"

"Check it, y'all!"

Okay... I gloat a little,

but not today.

Harper encrypted this
in a way I can't work around.

And that I can't crack with my powers.

So... I need better decryption software,

and I can get it.

All I need is a little bit more time.

And I'll use that time
to help Mark with the tryout.

Does anyone know if this thing
can 3D-print sneakers?

Man, he's good.

Yeah, thanks.

If this is about me not spending
every waking minute in the robot...

Nah, man. I'm here to support.


These are awesome.

They feel great.

Go kick butt at your tryout.

Game on!

- That's amazing!
- Oh, you think that's amazing?

Watch this.

Did you put gravity pucks in his shoes?

- That's cheating!
- I'm trying to help my brother.

I'm not mad, I'm proud.

You wanna know the secret
cheater handshake?


He's gonna kill you
when he finds out, right?

We both know Mark deserves
to be on the team.

Plus, how is he gonna find out?


How could he not know?

Man, I knew I was awesome,
but that awesome?


You got moves, Walker!

- Welcome to the team.
- Go Fighting Bees!

Uh, the Mighty Beavers?

It's the Badgers.

Go Mighty Badgers!

Badgers, today is Red Velvet Cupcake Day.



Ah, there he is!

He's the newest, the awesomest,

member of Badger varsity.

Mark! Mark! Mark! Mark!

It'll catch on, I promise.

Yo, Walker! Over here!

If you're with us, you're with us.

Just go to them.

I'm gonna drown my sorrow in a cupcake.


it meant a lot that you
supported me today.

You know, after practice,

we're gonna get back to looking for Grey.

Hey, Mark? Can I have
one of my gravity pucks back?

- Shh!
- Wait, what?


Ha-ha! Okay, cool. Thanks!

Oh, and by the way,
congratulations on making varsity.

Yeah, with no help at all,
nothing suspicious.

I have to leave now.

These shoes were teched up?

Hallway. Now.

Veracity's the only person
I know with an app that can

crack the level of security
on Harper's data core.

What you're saying
is you need her help?

No, I need her app's help.

Okay, you're stealing, Ryan's cheating...

When did I become the respectable one?

I don't like it. I feel like I need
to break a window.

Okay. We're good.
Watch out, watch out!

- Oh!
- Mm!

Bryson fell asleep in class,
so I put a marble in his ear,

and it didn't come out, and then...

Sweet silence.


- Ugh!
- What's wrong, man?

The software's working fine,

but I need more processing power.

- What's up, V?
- "Oh, what's that, Veracity?

Your tablet has a tracking device
that lets you know

when people
who shouldn't have it, have it?"

Is that an impression of me?
Because you're not even trying.

Because I wasn't.

Just ask her.

Ask her what?

Yes, Spyder, ask her what?


That is pretty advanced.

Yeah, Harris locked his data core,

and, uh, stupidly forgot the password,

and now he can't open it.


Yes, apparently that is what happened.

Oh, that is delicious.

Sherlock Gnome here forgot the password

and needs my help. Oh...

Computer lab. Let's go. Now.

What are you doing?
She's gonna see Ryan's secrets.

I thought of one thing. You can't
expect me to think of everything.

Cupcakes are for helpers.

- You made me a cheater.
- Come on, we both know you're awesome.

I wanted everyone to see it
so you would make the team.

I don't care, okay?
Mark Walker earns his place.

Mark Walker doesn't take shortcuts.

Mark Walker wins... because he works hard.

Well, Ryan Walker was trying
to help Mark Walker.

Yeah, and now I have to do something
I've never done in my life.

Come on, man.

You're quitting?

I knew you wouldn't
leave me behind, man.

Uh, yeah.

Oh, now I get it!

You wanted to prove you were good
enough, then shove it in our faces.

This is you being a Bay City High jerk.

No, no, no. It's... it's not that at all.


Look out!

Something's wrong. Look!

What's happening?
What's wrong with you guys?

Dudes, put me down!

I know what this is.
This is like what happens...

When Harris is infected with the ooze.

I need to find Harris. He's the only guy
who can cure this type of thing.

And I'll... fight an entire school
that hates my guts because of you.

What the...


Lights out!

Come on!

Link the cores via micro-USB.

Connect them through
the tablet wirelessly.

Plug in the encrypted date core.

That you need my help decrypting.

You run the app, which I totally could
have designed if I had the time.

Yeah, it's cute that you think that.

What happened to the lights?



Uh, Spyder, everything okay?

Define "okay."

You got some skills, Walker.

You would have made a good Badger.

Look out!

I've got to go back for my brother.
You think you can make it outside?


Spyder! Harris!

Mark! Anybody?

One down, 400 more to go.

What is up with this guy?
It's like he's a zombie or something.

- Why are you so calm?
- Panic does no good at a time like this.

- Hurry up, hurry up!
- We need a weapon! What do we have?

Uh... umbrella with a metal tip!


Aha! Multiple laptop batteries.

Duct tape!

- Why do you have duct tape?
- Don't ask.

Power amplifier
and we are good to go.

Three, two, one...

- Nice work!
- Thanks.

We got to get the police.

Uh, hey, I know you guys are new here,
but the exits is this way.

Our friends are that way, so.

Ryan, I can't reach you!

You can now!

It's not cheating now, right?

If our lives are in danger,
it's not cheating.

Hang on.
Come on, come on, come on.

Why is every school we go to a death trap?

- Come on! Harris, any ideas?
- Uh... okay.

It's obviously an ooze infection,
but they're acting different than I did.

If I could analyze a hair sample,

I could probably make an antidote.

Yeah, no, guys, take your time.
Nothing really going' on over here,

just zapping my fellow students.

Okay, I know where to can that.

- All right, Spyder, plow the road!
- Go, go, go!

Pulse low, oxygen level okay...

Interesting. He still has tonsils.

Good to know.
Anything about the infection?

Oh, sorry. Yeah.

Okay, the ooze is still in there,

but the freezing cold must have cured him.

Too bad we can't just shove
the whole school in that freezer.

Spyder, that's brilliant.

Wait, now I'm... brilliant?

I don't know who I am anymore!

All right, Mark, Harris, can you get

all the infected students
outside in like, five minutes?

Spyder, come on.

Hey! Hey! Bay City East stinks,

and the Badger's a stupid animal. Come on!

I've got Beyoncé tickets!
If you want them,

you're going to have
to catch me and eat my brains!

Wait, wait, wait!

I don't like being popular!

Three... two... one.

Charging cold cannon.

Everyone's outside.
The school's completely empty.


Sweet! No more ooze zombies.

I can't feel my undercarriage.

I don't know what happened here yesterday,

but I do know that you or one of your
Bay City punk friends was behind it.

Yeah, well joke's on you,

'cause none of my friends
are cool enough to be punks.

So, they remember nothing?

I don't remember anything
when I'm oozed up. Makes sense.

- It's convenient.
- Yeah.

Hey, Tiny Justice... here.

The data core, you saved it.

And decrypted it, yeah.

Hey, relax. I didn't look at it, okay?

- Because?
- Because, "A," I am not interested,

and "B," you said it was private,

and "C," you know,
you're surprisingly brave

for... you.


You guys need some privacy?
Some special alone time?

Lip balm? Breath mints?

- Dude!
- Pass.

Such a child.

You hanging on to those?

For missions, when we need them.

I know, I know. Not for cheating.

I'm sorry about that.
And I'm sorry you couldn't make the team.

Well, actually, after Wade saw
what I could really do,

he got them to give me my spot back.

Wait, that's great!

But... I turned them down.

I'm already part of a team.

And Grey's back, the monster's are back.

We've got a lot to do.

But thank you for trying to help,

even in that really messed up way.

Boo-ya, I did it.

- I cracked the data core.
- Pretty sure that was Veracity.

Ryan, check it.


My birth parents are in there.

Who are they?

Your red ooze drove people crazy

and can be neutralized with freezing cold.

That doesn't help me.

But it didn't kill anyone.

And that was the purpose of the test.

It didn't destroy human DNA, so...


Okay, okay, okay. I-I-I can fix it.

I can fix it, I promise.

I can get rid of those weaknesses.

Then do it! And make more.

A lot more.

For what? It shouldn't take much
to enhance your powers.

Who said it was for me?

Wait. Who's it for?

Grey! Who's it for?