Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 17 - Versus The Betrayal - full transcript

Ryan, Spyder, and Veracity attempt to sneak into a hospital to get the materials they need for a secret mission.

Previously, on Mech-X4...

We destroyed Traeger! Guys, it's over!

Aaagh! Aagh!


Take me to Traeger.

What did I do?

The residual ooze in your brain
is in control over you.

Destroy them as I heal,

and exact my revenge.

- What do we do now?
- We get our friend back.

And we make Traeger pay.

Yes. That's better.

I wasn't sure this would work.

But it will be some time
before I'm back at full strength.

I don't understand.
Why can't you just heal yourself?

Because I am a combination
of gel and human DNA.

I needed an infusion of genetic material
from the original source.

Then, we don't need
this guy anymore, right?

Easy there, Ryan.

Yeah. Little to the right.

You sure he's out?

If he wakes up, he'll waste us.

Trust me.
He is so pumped full of sedatives

that nothing'll wake him.

Just stay in the zone.

Try not to think about the fact

that you're basically
performing brain surgery on your friend.

Just completely remove
that thought...


- Outta your mind.
- Mark, mmm...

You get it.

Don't think about the brain surgery.

Can you de-activate
the part of his brain

that makes him
call all shoes loafers?

Guys? Kinda need to focus.

You got the sample, Ryan!

Okay, now get out of there
before you make him as smart as Spyder.


A sample of the ooze
from when he monstered out the first time.

Dang, son!

I'm sorry, I just... I just felt somebody
needed to say "Dang, son."

I miss Harris.

The ooze's response to stimuli
is really aggressive.


the ooze has been
weaponized by Traeger,

which is why
the old antidote doesn't work.

Well, then we amp up our cure.

Way ahead of you, Plaid-lad.

Without Harris, I need someone

to focus my sarcasm on,
so that's you.

Anyway, according to my tests,
the new ooze is susceptible

to a certain kind
of pro-catalytic enzyme.

We just have to...
borrow it from a hospital.

- You mean steal it, right?
- Yeah, steal.



What happened?
I... I can't remember anything!

- You guys gotta help me!
- Save it. You're not fooling anyone.

I can't wait to watch Traeger

crush your bones into dust, pretty boy.

Admit it. Evil Harris is cool.

His hair game's on point.

I have an idea.

Little tight?

Maybe if you tell us
where Traeger is, I can loosen 'em.

Dude, that's still Harris.

What's Traeger's plan?

What about a gentler approach?

I know he's ticklish.

Why would you know that?

Oh, coochie coo-yoo...

What are you guys doing?

Eh... W... Ryan... what happened?
I... I can't remember anything!

Dude... give it up.

Puttin' on a little pressure.

Might as well see
if we can... Extract a little info.

Not cool, man.

We need to cure him, not hurt him.

He's our friend.
We don't hurt our own friends.

He has answers we need.

Didn't Harris help save Mom
from Harper Futuristics?

Didn't he stay up with you
all night tutoring you in French?

And algebra, and history.

I get it, I get it.

I'm really sorry, guys, you're right.

I don't know what came over me.

I will personally tear your flesh...
Oooh... ooh-ooh!


- Where'd you get that?
- My foot.

We need to get something
to cure Harris,

but someone needs to stay here
and watch over him.

- Yeah, I'll do it.
- That makes sense.

You've got the most experience
with Monster Harris anyway.

Make sure he doesn't escape,
or hurt himself.

Or you.

I'm on it.

Spyder, let's go.

Oh, come on.
Every time I wake up,

I'm in another secret base.

But I'm not dead. So, yay.

You're awake?

Yeah, and I don't have
weird spores growing out of my face.

The red bloom?

I removed it from your body
so you could be free

of my influence for this conversation.

Why am I here?

Oh, wait...

I'm guessing I'll hate
the answer to this question.

Don't you know?

Can't you feel our connection?

I was born the day
you tried to conquer the world.

You were linked to the beast.

And when it was destroyed...

My DNA merged with the gel

and... created you, so you're...


Our DNA is identical.

So the closest approximation
would be... brothers.

You know why Ryan was cool
with leaving you behind, right?

Mind games again?

Get real, dude.

He never got over
you being a jerk to him as a kid.

What are you talkin' about?

The teasing?
The "I am so awesome."

The "hurt locker"? Ryan hates you.

- He does not.
- Hello? Best friend over here.

He tells me stuff.

He doesn't even consider you
his real brother.

"A," you're a liar.

And "B"... I don't need to stand here
and listen to this.

Was it something I said?

You're pathetic.

Ryan? Mark?

Ms. Walker! Hi!

Harris, wh...?

What's going on?

Oh, this?

We were playing manhunt.
I... I got captured.

Aren't you guys a little old
for games like this?

Yes? But they tied me
a little too tight.

Starting to lose circulation
in my fingers.

Could you release me?
The control's behind you.


Here you go.

Shame on those boys.

Thanks. You're a life saver.

Get away from her.

Great idea.

He's gone.

Looks like he bought it. Thanks, Mom.


I didn't even need
the belt you gave me.

Good. Harris needs
to really think he escaped

if he's gonna lead us to his boss.

And Ryan's okay using Harris as bait?

That... That doesn't seem like Ryan.

No. No, no, no. Ryan gets how important
it is to track Traeger down.

Be safe. And bring Harris back.

We've just gotta try to lay low

and not draw any attention to ourselves.

We get the enzyme,
we get out, and cure Harris.


We need to stay under the radar.


Betty! Did Lucy have her puppies?


What? I... I injure myself a lot.
The ER staff and I are tight.

Hey, Kravitz!
Congrats on the promotion, man.

W... Come on, let's at least
try to blend in.


- Put these on.
- Uh...

We should take the west tower elevators.
They're much faster.

All right, buddy!

I'll see you in the cafeteria,
lasagne for lunch.

Stop it!

Oh, no, an electronic lock.

How ever will we get in?

I got this.

I just have to break the door down
with my body.


That sounded like bedpans.

- Full ones.
- Mm-hm.


What are you kids doin' here?

You don't belong in here.

This place is restricted
to medical staff only.

Yeah... heh... that's us.

- We are, uh, we're...
- Med students.

- Yeah.
- First year.

- You guys get younger every year.
- No, man, you're just gettin' old.

We're supposed to take rounds
with the attending doctor.

Oh, yeah, to learn,
y... you know, doctor stuff.

It does sound legit.

Yeah, so... we'll be on our way,
and we'll get outta your hair.

The doctor's with Mr. Patterson.
I'll take you to her.


That's right, little Harris.
Go back to your master.

I don't need to stand here
and listen to this.


You fear me.

Uh, yeah, I... you're terrifying, so...

You don't have to.

We are more alike than you know.


I woke with your ambitions.

Your dreams. Your memories.

Our mother's name was Constance.

She used to make lemonade.


We liked it that way.

And when she passed...

I remember... crying.

I have this memory as well.


I do not like this emotion.

Change of subject, Bro-seph.

W... We might share memories,

but I don't remember
ever being into gardening.

Ah, you experienced
the effects of the red bloom.

An improvement on the brain bug
you used on Grace, yes?

And you combined it
with an extinct flower.

That spreads its venom
through its spores.

Infecting many victims at once.

And binding the entire planet
to my will.

And I will end war.

I will end hatred. I will...

Save... the world.

Is this your way
of carrying out my plan?



- No.
- Too soon? Up top?

We'll get there.

Doctor? The students are here.

We're not scheduled
to have med students observe today.

Oh. Fine. Let's see what
you've learned so far.

And, yes, you're being graded on this.

Ah, yes! Interesting.

Mm. Oh?

Stop stalling, what's
your differential diagnosis?


Charts don't heal people. I do.

Now, tell me
about the day you got sick.

Uhh... it was a pretty normal day.

Uh, I went to work, came home.
Had some dinner...

Ahh! Dinner, you say?

I don't see the relevance
in this line of questioning...

Uh... Let the patient talk.

Um... I made some
Disco Dogs double noodle soup.

Disco Dogs...

they haven't made that in forever.

Tell me about the can. Was it bulging?


Tell me! Was it bulging?

Yes! Yes, it was bulging!

With flavor!

What's wrong with that?

It's botulism.

The can was so old,
it was more bacteria than soup.

I know this because I...
I eat out of a lot of bulging cans.

Even though I shouldn't.

Wait, what?

He needs an IV drip
of botulism antitoxin.

And a pro-catalytic enzyme.

That's not standard treatment.

Clearly, you're not up to date
on the latest research.

Well, I... I... uh...

Please, don't
embarrass yourself further.

Just... get it.



How's my favorite little scientist?
How you doin', buddy.

I live to serve Traeger.

Good talk. Good talk.

So, I've been thinking
about the red bloom.

You've got Grey out there
lookin' for a place

to grow a lot of these babies, right?

- Yes.
- Well,

if we really
share the same memories...

The Harper Futuristics greenhouse.

Ho-ho! Now that... is a party trick.

Pack your sun block, boys.
We're goin' to Brazil.


I know you're gonna be peeved
when you learn what I did,

but... I was right.
I found Traeger, and there's more.

Not for you there isn't.

Harris? Mark? We've got the cure.

Oh, hey, honey.

Mom, what are you doin' here?

Mark asked me to come.
To help with your plan.

Oh! I also restocked your fridge
with healthy snacks,

and threw away the stuff you like.

- Darn!
- Oh, man.

Wait... what plan?

I know you're gonna be peeved

when you learn what I did,
but... I was right!

I found Traeger and... there's more.

Not for you there isn't.

Wakie, wakie.

No? Heavy sleeper.

Mark, you're late
for the big game!

I'm good, coach, I'm ready!

Well, look who's awake.

Awww, man.

Can I do the honors?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Easy there, little buddy.

Let's not be... too hasty.

I mean, beyond
messing up these gorgeous floors

with kid guts,
I think we're missing an opportunity.


Well... If Mark's here,
then Mech-X4 won't be far behind,

and we can use our friend
as a... a hostage, or as... a distraction.

If we waste him now, he's useless.

This... is a smart tactic.

Okay, we are closing in
on where Mark's message came from.

I can't believe Mark did this.

Here they come.

You guys are toast.

My form is still too weak
to risk direct combat.

And they still have
that upgraded X weapon.

Sorry about that, by the way,
but... don't worry.

I have a better idea.

Flight path...
Directly into that nearby mountain.

Oh, don't sweat it.
I'm sure Ryan will jump to your rescue.

I don't get it.
Are you saving me or killing me?

Whose side are you on? For real?

Same side I'm always on...

Hey... safety first, am I right?

Have a good flight, okay?

Let's take him down!

Wai... Wai... Wait!

I'm picking up on Mark's car flying
directly at that mountain.

And Mark's inside!

Come on, come on, come on!

Nice snag.

Don't spike the ball.


Traeger and company are gone.


He's gone too.

We lost him.

And it's Mark's fault.

Whoo! Nice save, bro!

Okay, okay.
Uh, listen, I had to call an audible,

but I managed to get some new info.

Harper's working with Traeger
to create "the red bloom."

Mark, we lost Harris because of you.

They're headed to one
of Harper's greenhouses in Brazil...

Mark! You told me you'd make sure
that Harris didn't escape.

And then you helped him do it!

I can't believe you lied.

Right to my face!

I can't believe
you put our friend in danger.

We had to find
where Traeger was.

And I knew you wouldn't listen, Ryan.
And I put my own life in danger.

And delivered Harris
right to the enemy.

We got the cure.
If Harris was still here,

he'd be fine by now.

And we can still do that,
but what good is curing Harris,

if Traeger
completely destroys the world?

Mark's sorry.

Why don't we leave it at that?

Don't put words in my mouth.
I'm not sorry.

I used Harris and I'd do it again.

It didn't work out perfectly,
but we got the information we need

to take down these guys
once and for all.

We're not gonna win
always playing defense!

That's not your problem anymore.

What are you saying?

I won't work with someone I can't trust.

You're off the team.