Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - Versus Sabotage - full transcript

After a successful mission, the team finally gets a little chill time in Mech-X until they find a bomb on the X-Deck!

Previously, on Mech-X4...

We work together
until we defeat Traeger.

We destroyed Traeger! It's over!

So it's time for me
to say, sayonara.


Ohh! My fiefdom is fief-dope!

- Mmm!
- Uggh!


- Easy, dude. Still feelin' a little...
- Stupid? For wearing that hat?


No, I like this hat, it's just,
still feelin' a little... barfy.

Really? 'Cause I feel great.

Mm, defeat Traeger, check.

Defeat all of you
at this game? In progress.

Not so fast, kid, okay?

I've been playing
this game so long,

I have moves
they haven't even invented yet.

Surprising confidence
when Ryan's kicking your butt.

- Yeah.
- That's a first.

Usually Ryan eats it
at this game.

We never get past the first round,
all we do is hassle him.

How is this any different?

We're celebrating Traeger's loss,
instead of playing a game Ryan loses.

Mmm, not this time,

- Boom! "Trance"!
- Skip your turn!

- Oh, yeah! Yeah! Back away!
- Wow.

- Uggghhh!
- Ooh.

Food poisoning. Happens
when you keep fish sticks in your locker.

Didn't Veracity throw those away?

- Not all of 'em!
- Oh.

Hey, where is Veracity, anyway?

She was supposed
to teach me gram-o-grams.

Have you guys heard
of this thing called "memes"?

You've all heard of it.

- Yes.
- A little bit, but that's okay.

- Hm. Okay.
- Veracity's touring a school

that's for geniuses
that has never invited Harris.

Because it's an all-girls' school.

My petition is working its way through
the court system.

- You've retained a lawyer?
- Yes.

Yep, of course you did.

- Come on, Mark!
- Any time, Mark.

Come on, Mark, it's your turn!

- Whoa. Okay.
- I'm on a roll.

It's gonna be a chilla.

And a thrilla, and quite a killa,
when I burn down your vill...

...age. Village.

What's that ticking sound?

Ah, it's me.
I'm making the ticking sound.

When I think, I'm concentrating,
I make sounds with my mouth.

- Like, ma ma ma ma...
- Stop that.

Hm. Okay.

Uh-huh, yeah!

Who's been playing this game
since before I was born now?

It's still me.
Ryan, that's not how time works.

Well, yeah.

Oh, but also, I have a little surprise
for everyone. "Steal"!

No, you can't do that!

Oh, yes, I can!

Oh, and, uh, speaking of "can,"
if anyone needs me...

...I'll be in the left ankle.

Do not disturb.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, hold on, the left...

The left ankle... is the bathroom?

- Yeah.
- So, nobody go in the right ankle.

- Dude.
- Ohhh...


Ahh, okay...

Huh. Where's the elevator?

Oh, yeah, right,

I took 'em offline when I was
doing the upgrades.


- Ughhh!
- Dude, are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, no, I'm... I'm fine,

I'm just... just working
the fish sticks through.

- Uuggh!
- That's disgusting.

Ugghh! I regret nothing!


Okay, so, guys, would food poisoning
cause me to s... like, see things,

like some sort
of cool but scary bomb under the table?

Spyder, you're seeing things.

You don't look good.
You should lie down.

Just look under the table!


Ryan, you can stop it, right?


I'm trying, but nothing's working!

No electric components.

Hmm, maybe if we
turn the timer to zero...

- No!
- Okay.

Oh, uh...

Harris, give me my drill
from my toolbox. The small one!

Uh, Spyder, go to the left ankle

and pull a torken fetter
from the access panel.

I don't know what that is,
but I will pull everything.

Torken fetter, torken fetter,
where are you?

Pull... a...

There's no such thing
as a torken fetter.

I've seen Spyder drop
several explosives.

And we're done rolling dice now.


Wow, thanks for checkin' up on me.

But I wanna let you know I'm a big boy,
and I can go all on my own.

I need a torken fetter,
there's an explosive in the X-deck,

Mark needs a torken fetter to disable it.

- Explosive?
- Yep.

- Torken fetter.
- Yeah?

There's no such thing
as a torken fetter.

- Yes, there is.
- No.

Here you go.

- Oh... No...
- It's speeding up.

- I can't jam it.
- Ugh...

- One minute left!
- Um, I can't find the torken fetter,

and also, Leo says it doesn't exist!

It doesn't, listen closely:

Cut the blue wire,
it's always the blue wire.

There aren't any wires!

Umm... cut the red wire?

It's just gears.

Maybe we can...

freeze it with the coolant
from the power system!

I'm on it!

Come on!

Are... Are... Are you sure
there isn't a red wire?

Look closely,
please... please, look closely.

Come on!

- Do it, come on!
- Okay.

- Yes!
- Oh my gosh!

Hey, uh, uh, I would've heard if you guys
had blown up by now, right?


- Let's go! Yeah.
- Let's go!

Who could've done this?
Okay... It has to be Harper.

It can't be.
The bomb used an egg timer,

it had to have been
placed in the last hour.

Harper ghosted days ago.

- Grey?
- Impossible.

Mark and I
built a security system

specifically designed
to keep her out

while you saved Ryan's bio-dad
from the mine collapse

before the city-wide blackout.

Man, that was a crazy 24 hours!

We have to check the security footage,
see if anybody got in.

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

There are cameras in this robot?

Spyder, it is okay.

We know you sleep here
four days a week.

Look, the time code jumps
from 6:09 to 6:42.

The last half hour of footage
was wiped.

But just on the interior cameras.

The exterior cameras
didn't show anything, which means...

no one came in or out.

So what you're saying is
it's one of us?

One of us planted the bomb?

And no one moves
till we find out who.

Are you insane? You think one of us
planted the explosive?

There's no other explanation.

No one came in or out.

That doesn't make any sense.

We were all in the robot.

It could've taken any of us out.

Guys, we've done some crazy things.
I went nuts in the Arctic.

Harris turned into a monster.

Harper gave Ryan's mom
a mind-controlling brain bug.

Couldn't he have done that
to any of us?

I mean... am I even in control?


I think so.

That's my juice.

I gotta get another one.

And the fridge
is all the way over there.

Hey! One of us did this,

we need to stay together
until we figure out what's going on!

Okay, you guys?
We just need to, uh, take a deep breath.

Think of things that'll calm us down.

Sophomore year, uh...

spring playoffs...
Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark...


Wow. Nice job lifting
all of our spirits, Mark.

What are you doing
to figure this out?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...

we can't turn on each other.
We're a team.

He's right. We need to go over
exactly where we were,

right before the game,
during the deleted security footage.

If one of us did that, wouldn't they
lie about where they were?

Yeah, and when we find
the hole in their story,

we'll know who tried to kill us.

I'll go first.

This afternoon,
I was in my workshop,

working on a sick engine rebuild.

I look good in my memory.

Sup, Georgia. See you tomorrow.

- I saw Ryan, too.
- Oh, yeah, I remember that.

When I grow up... I wanna be you.

- What?
- I don't know exactly what you said.

Walker brothers!

Did you do... anything else?

Uh, I needed a tool,
so I headed over to Leo's.

He'll back me up.

Here's that tool you wanted.

Thanks, dude.

Was it a torken fetter?

When I grow up, I wanna be
you, Mark Walker.


Okay. I think we get it.

Mark borrowed a tool from Leo

and has a disturbing amount
of self-esteem.

So, Leo, you back up Mark's story?

At least the parts
he wasn't embellishing?

Yes, but there are two problems
with Mark's story!

One, when I grow up,
I wanna be Tina Fey.

And two, the tool
you borrowed from me

wasn't a wrench.

It wasn't even a tool
you'd use on an engine at all.

Well, what was it?

A needle.

Used for boring small holes.

Here's that tool you wanted.

Small holes, like at the center
of the gears in the device?

No no no no, no!
You guys, I promise, I would never...

Mark, hey!
Just... Just show us the engine.

You're my brother,
I know you wouldn't do this.


- Mmmmm...
- What is this?

- Just leave it alone, it's nothing...
- It's an embroidery station.

What a...


I didn't want you
to find out this way.

Or... at all.

Georgia got me
into embroidery for cosplay,

and we do it
while we watch basketball.

It's... It's romantic. It's romantic!


This is intricate.


What a tight stitch, uh...
This took a long time.

And it's still warm.

Which means that Mark
must've worked on this

before the game, it...
It's not him. He's innocent.

Let's get outta here
and never speak of this again.

Oh, yeah, man, for sure.

- Just let me get a couple of pictures.
- What?

Do you like
portrait or landscape?

I don't have some
awesome sewing secret,

but I was totally busy not building
some crazy explodey thing.

I was in the medbay,
doing some light math as usual,

in an attempt to cure
my food poisoning.

Ha! Ten!

The equation! The cure!


Don't you know
what this means?

Wow! You're amazing!

Just like the real Alfred Eimstein.

I know.

- Um, I don't...
- Mark got make stuff up,

- so let's just let him have this.
- Okay.

And then, four Harrises
did a line dance.

Spyder, that was a fever dream.

I took care of you
in the medbay while you slept.

Until you woke up,
and threw up on my sneakers.

Oh, yeah! I remember that.

So the only person
who could vouch for you was asleep.

Yeah, but I was
in the medbay the whole time.

Spyder saw me before
and after he fell asleep.

Ryan, you saw me, too!

Yeah, I know, but you still
had enough time

to jump in the elevator
and then plant the explosive.

Except... I cut the power
to the elevators

when I was doing the upgrade.

So it was literally impossible for Harris
to do all that in such a short time.

Leo's right. I couldn't even move
that fast, and I'm...

- you know, awesome.
- Yeah.

Bam! Innocence is sweet!

I mean... Ryan? What about you?

Are you sure your Traeger freak-out
didn't come back?

What? No...

Uh... No, it wasn't me!

Because I know exactly what I was doing
before we played the game.

Uh, I w... I wanted to do
some training exercises

before we played.

I... I saw Mark in the hallway.

Sup, Georgia? See you tomorrow.

"See you later, Merek the Muscly"?
Heart emoji? Ugh!

You read my text? Not cool.

After I passed Casa-no-game,
I went to train in the control center.

Hooked up to the control pad?


No, you didn't.

When I cut the power
to the elevator,

it also cut the power
to the control pad,

so that... is impossible.


Anything you wanna tell us?


I lied.

You were lying?

Good as new.

What are you saying?
You planted it?

No... No... I... I wasn't lying about...

About the... the explosive,
I was lying because...

because I cheated in the game.

I knew it!

I mean... wait... what?


You know, Ryan? I'm proud of you.

For defeating Traeger?

No, no, no,
for playing this game again.

I mean, you always lose!
In ridiculous fashion!

It's... uncanny.

But... But yeah, yeah,
that... that Traeger thing,

that was... that was cool, too.

I was tired of losing,
and... and all the trash talking.

So... I teched out the dice.

- Checking on Spyder?
- Aah!

Huh, yep, yep, and everything
looks... good.

Uh, well, yeah,
so I'll see you later,

and I love you, bye!

"Love you, bye"?


Who's been playin' this game
since before I was born now?


Such a noble leader,
but it also turns out

you are just...
And I hate to go there...

A cheater, cheater,
pumpkin eater.

And the worst one in the patch!

I... I just wanted to win.

I'm sorry.


I'm proud of you.

And also relieved...
you were not tryin' to blow us all up.

Okay, well, that's everybody...

except Leo.

Wait, what?


Why would I... I...

I would never blow up
my own robot!

Or you guys...
Or you guys in it, as well.

Come on, I was in the workshop
the entire time, remember?

Doing upgrades!


Do you have any proof?

Well, it's no embroidery station,

but I did install
a neck massager on my chair,

and the paint should still be wet.

And I painted it... red.


Okay, welcome to Casa de Leo!

Don't go in my bedroom!
Haven't made my bed.

Ha-ha-ha! Here she is!
Yeah, lookin' good.

Whoo! The, uh, paint fumes
on that are a little bit toxic,

so you might wanna
hold your breath.

Don't have to hold it that much,
it's a bit comical, a bit much.

It was you.

Wh... I... I didn't put those there!

Everything is here!

Everything you would need
to build that explosive!

Including this poster-sized
schematic of the thing

that almost blew us up!

Now you're... Now you're...
Now you're closing in on me?

This is actually happening?

Leo? We're your friends.
We can help you.

Wait a second.
Give me a second, okay?

I don't think straight
when I'm surrounded!

Guys, give him some space.

We can't give him space,
Spyder, he tried to blow us up.

Did you plant any other ones?

No! I didn't!

I've been in here all day
doing, you know...

crazy invention stuff!

B... B... But, uh,
good invention stuff,

not evil invention stuff.

Leo, come clean.

Th... There must be something
you're not telling us.

I am keeping something from you.

Bovine! Cherry! Sandal!

We can still catch him.
He's old, he can't run that fast.

Leo! Leo!

You guys really think Leo did this?

He left the X-deck
right before we found the device.

There's explosives in his workshop
and... he's on the run.

- You're right.
- Can you find him in the cameras?

He's heading towards
the control center, come on!

Hey, Leo, surrender!

Come on, help us figure this out!

I'm gettin' outta here
till you guys cool off.

We're not letting you go.
You can't leave!

All right, fine. Have it your way.

Peppermint! Tapenade!

There's no tech
in the weapons.

You made weapons
specifically to use against me?

Ryan, you went nuts
in the Arctic!

I like to be prepared for anything.

Leo, don't!




I'm disappointed in you guys.

Especially in you, Ryan.

I protected you
when you were a baby.

I never gave you up
when Harper had me in prison.

And now you turn on me?


- Whoa!
- Come on!

- Guys?
- Leo! No!


Not again!

Leo! Stop! Come back!

- I can't move!
- I can't move!

I can't move! I'm tied up!

Stupid Thunderdump!

I have the most terrible
Thunderdump joke,

but I don't...
I don't think it's appropriate.

But it's good, trust me.

I should've known
something was off about Leo.

How could I let
a stupid board game distract me?

Don't blame yourself.

None of us saw it coming.

He was locked up
by himself for years.

And we were working
with the guy that did that to him.

I guess that could
drive anybody crazy.

- Poor guy.
- But hey...

you still have your friends.

And the giant robot.

Not too shabby.

Thanks, man.


You failed me.

Your bomb destroyed no one.

But I was able
to drive away the inventor.

Do better.

Next time make sure
you destroy the technopath.


Hey, I just realized
it's taco night at Nessa's.

Taco time, son! Let's bounce!