Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 14 - Versus the X-Weapon - full transcript

When the team split apart as Grace contemplates leaving Bay City, Traeger makes his move.

Previously, on Mech-X4...

What's going on?

I got a final audition
with Chrstph Frssll.

If I can impress him,
I will be an assistant chef

at his flagship restaurant in Miami.

Remember the deal?
Use your money and your tech

to upgrade the robot,
I take down Traeger,

and it's game on
between you and me!

I can control machines
with my mind.

- That's just like my audition.
- I'm the pilot of Mech-X4.

This way, this way!
Keep moving! Keep moving!

Let's go! Lets' go! Move! Move!

The monster's heading downtown.

We've lost contact
with the second battalion!

Sir, what are we gonna do?

I don't know. Where is Mech-X4?

Major, Mech-X4 isn't coming.

If you want to save the city,
then you need to listen to me.

So... you're Mech-X4,

and you control the robot
with your mind.

And you and your friends
are part of a team

that fight the monsters
that have been attacking Bay City.


- Pretty much it.
- So this whole time,

you guys have been lying to me.

- Uh...
- Uh...

Okay! Uh, I have an idea.
We're tryin' to come clean, right?

So let's play a game
of, uh, "Truth or Truth."

Mm, "Truth or Truth"
is not a game.

We're trying to get all of our secrets
out of the way at once,

so, uh, Mark'll tell one,
you tell one, and I tell one.

That sounds fun.

Okay, great, Mark, you start.

Um... I'm secretly a toilet texter.

- Mm.
- Every time I text to you

between 3:15 and 3:22,
I'm on the toilet.

That's when you always text me.

Right? Terrible. Okay, Mom?

I... I wanna know more about this.

And you will, but we're playing again,
so... truth or truth?

I don't actually
bake your birthday cakes.

I buy them.
That's the gift I give to me.

You didn't invent Choco the Whale?

I... I cook for a living, Ryan, I...

Stop that!
Okay, your turn. Truth or truth.



Okay. I was given this robot
to fight monsters,

found out our principal
was part of a conspiracy

to destroy the world,
almost killed her,

and then we accidentally
blew up our first high school,

defeated your ex-boyfriend,
found out the principal was still alive,

went to search
for my birth parents, found them,

cured them of a disease, and last week
we got stranded in the Arctic,

and I went a bit crazy.

Whew! I am so glad I got that off
my chest. Do you wanna see the robot fly?

No, I... I don't wanna see the r...

Wait, the robot flies?



So the robot has wings? Or...

We have a jet
that attaches to the robot.

Hi, Ms. Walker!

New scarf, huh?

You have a jet?

Yep! And the first time
we tried to use it,

we almost crashed into the city!

- Who are you?
- Uh, I... I'm new.

Oh, and BTW, uh, the weapon's
new energy sig is on point,

and is ready to be tested.

Come on, Mom, admit it.
It's kinda cool.

Okay, it is... a little cool,
but who would be insane enough

to give this to a bunch of kids?

Hi, there!


Wow! Anybody shocked that
that hasn't happened before?

Welcome to Mech-X4.

Okay, we've added
the anti-ooze tech

from our arm cannon
to the X-weapon.

And you're saying
this weapon can take down...


Well, this is way bigger
and more powerful than ever before.

- It's... a little scary.
- Ha-ha-ha!

Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be...


Wait. This could be dangerous?

- Um...
- No!

Between Veracity's
calculations, and...


Ping on crunching the numbers...

Nice save.

...this beam should blast him back
from the ooze he came from.

And then, no more monsters.

No more danger.

All right.

The Mech-Link is gonna measure
both the power and the frequency

of the new weapon.

Yeah, I rock these.

- Ready?
- Ready!



Wait, you've been doing this long enough
to have catchphrases?


Yeah, it's getting there,
but, uh, the frequency's

off by about 1.21 gigahertz.

What do I do?

Think of it like driving a car.
You need to step on the gas.

You okay?

Yeah, I can handle... handle...


I-I can't stop it!

How do we shut down the X-weapon?

Emergency power shutdown!

Victor! Crawford! Breath mint!



Oh my...

That burn is serious.
Ryan needs a hospital.


Ask a whole bunch
of questions we can't answer,

like, what's your name?

And how did you get
that burning "X" on your chest?

But don't worry. My med-tech is so
super user-friendly,

even this tiny boy
can run the scan.

And bam... Ryan has scurvy.

And needs an orange.

I should probably update that software,
eventually, sorry.

Okay, no, no. This is insane.

We're not staying here. Ryan?

- Come on, we're going to the hospital.
- Mom, I'm fine.

- Mark, help your brother.
- Mom, I... I don't...

- Yeah, Harris does this thing all...
- Ryan Peanut Walker,

get up off your butt.

Move it!

- Middle name, not good.
- Mom, I'm fine, please.

Okay, guys, good news.

It'll take some time, but I think we can
adjust the X-weapon

so it won't make Ryan so crispy.

Graceface! I am sorry I haven't called,
things have been crazy...



Oh, hey, is that Krav Maga?

Are you in Darryl's class?

How is he still alive?
And what is he doing here?

Mom, we need him to stop Traeger.

He's helping upgrade the robot.

So you're harboring the guy
who kidnapped me

and tried to kill you?

- The world's most wanted man?
- Ooh, is that true?

- Did I get ahead of those pirates?
- No!

Dude, not helping!

That's it!
Get all of your stuff, both of you.

We're never coming back here,
and we're leaving Bay City.

- Middle name's Peanut, huh?
- Yeah.

My middle name's Belinda,
and even I'm embarrassed for Ryan.


Stop it.

Oh. Hey, dude.

What are you doin'?

This is my first
"Most Handsome Player" trophy

from baseball camp.

I cannot risk breaking this.

Why was that even an award?

No, I mean, stop packing.

We can't leave.

Yes, we can.

Your Aunt Gloria's
gonna put us up in Miami

until we can find our own place.


Aunt Gloria makes me
scrape off her dead skin.

It's everywhere.
Like everywhere.

Mom, we can't leave.
Bay City needs us.

Ryan, I'm doing this for you.

You're just a teenager.

You should be worrying
about grades and girls.

You shouldn't have the burden
of saving the world on your shoulders.

So we're just gonna cut and run?

Leave Bay City to be destroyed?

No, of course not.

I'm gonna do
what I should've done in the first place.

Give me all the info
you have on Harper and Traeger,

and I'm gonna take it
to the authorities.

They're the ones who should be
protecting the city, not you.

- Mom, I'm the only one...
- That's enough, Ryan!

Start packing.


What did you just say to me?

I said no.

I'm not gonna leave.

I'll crash at Harris's
or Spyder's or something...

No! We're moving!

Because I said so.

I'm not scared of monsters.
I'm not scared of you!

Uh, okay.
Just take it down a notch, bro.


You have no idea
what's it's like to be a parent.

All I do is worry about you two.

Are you healthy?

Are you safe?

Am I raising you right?

And I'm proud of you two.

The things you've done
are amazing.

But do you know what it was like

to see you hanging in that harness?

I thought you were dead.

Do you know
what that did to me?

You two are the most
important thing in my life.

I can't lose you.

And I can't let you
risk your lives anymore.

This is everything
we have on Traeger.

I'm gonna take this to the military.

Promise me
you won't go back to that robot.

I promise.

Don't mention the veins.

Don't mention the veins.

Uh, do you need help
with those veins?

Aw... I mean, directions?

Monster alert.

Monster alert!

- What do we do?
- Nothing, without Ryan Peanut Walker.

- Peanut!
- Like... Like the fruit.

No, it's, uh... it's a legume.

- Not the time.
- No.

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

Dude... we promised.

This way!
Keep moving! Keep moving!

Let's go! Move!


Mech-X4 isn't coming!

If you wanna save the city,
then you need to listen to me.

Here! Here, this will help you
beat the monster.

We don't need
your crackpot theories.

You need to take me seriously! The
information on this drive is important!

My orders are to cease
engaging the enemy and pull out.

Lieutenant, escort this woman
to a safe zone.

- Yes, sir. This way.
- No, no... no, no-no... Wait!

Wait! You're leaving?

Yeah, we're pulling out of the city

till we can come back
with reinforcements.

- Well, how long will that take?
- Forty-eight hours.

The city will be rubble by then!

Ma'am, I don't like it
any more than you do.

- But orders are orders.
- Then disobey!

You're supposed to be
protecting the city!

That's not my call. Now I suggest you get
to a safe zone, and hope that...

Hope? Hope for what, a miracle?

No. Hope that Mech-X4
gets here soon.

- Let's move out!
- Carry on.


Are you okay, Mom?

You took the robot out
without my permission.

I'm sorry, Mom, but we had to.

We couldn't
let Traeger rip the city apart.

Ryan, listen to me very carefully.

Take him out.

You guys heard my mom.
Let's dust this dude.

- Spyder?
- You got it...


What was that?

It's hitting us with his tail.
Bringing up shields.

We need that new X-weapon
right now!

I'm recalibrating the power flow,
Harper's making the finishing touches,

so Ryan doesn't get fried again.

Yeah, let's not fry Ryan again!
Spyder, get him off us!

Ah! The X-weapon's back online!

Wait! The last time you used that thing
it almost killed you!

Are you sure it's safe?

Truth or truth?

We never know if it's safe.

But it's my job.

- X-weapon?
- X-weapon!


Ryan, you've gotta amp up
the beam's power!

You can do this, Ryan!

1.9 gigahertz.

2.3 gigahertz.



We did it!

We destroyed Traeger.

We destroyed Traeger!
Guys, it's over!


Good work, team!

- I knew you could do it!
- I knew you could do it!

I knew you could do it!

There was some question
on his part.

He was a bit of a negative Nellie!

- Never!
- You still listening to us?

I'm her favorite now.


Come here!

So we're gonna stay?
And I can keep piloting the robot?

Yes, we're staying.

And I'm sorry, I know how much you wanted
that job in the restaurant.

Yeah. The restaurant is a dream, but...

you know what else is a dream?

Watching my children grow up to be brave,
compassionate people.

And you learned it
by being in that robot.

Mom, it wasn't the robot.

Yeah, Mom.
We learned that from you.


Oh, uh... one more thing.

Seth Harper.

Don't worry, Mom.
We're way ahead of you.

Okay, let's do this,
we're gonna go in there,

and we're gonna take him out.


Wait, wait, wait.

This is gonna sound crazy,
but... he saved our lives.

He put the robot back together,

and he helped build the weapon
that defeated Traeger.

It doesn't matter, okay?
He still has to pay for his crimes.

I don't get it, where'd he go?

Hey, guys!
I know, I know what you're thinkin'...

where'd our best new buddy go?
But here's the thing.

We kinda made a deal to work together

until we defeated Traeger,
and guess what, good news,

we did, so it's time
for me to say... sayonara.

But don't worry.
I'm sure we'll see each other

again... someday.

Bye for now, buddies.

We have a report
of a possible intruder,

7-6-0-2, check it out
and report back. Over.