Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - Versus Miami - full transcript

Grace informs the brothers that she might relocate the family to Miami.

Previously, on Mech-X4...


I will handle defense
until Harris gets back.


- You saved me.
- And you saved us, so, thanks.

And you're welcome.

Listen, your robot just got torn apart.

Luckily, I can help you.

You don't know what it can do.

Do you know what I can do?

Guys, we made it! Grey's still here!

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- Oh...
- Uhh...

- Right...
- Yeah.

I mean, if you...

Oh, this isn't awkward.

I don't... I don't feel awkward.

No, no, no, this is your station,
your shields, so...

I will go help Mark with the X-weapon.

It's all good. It's all good. Okay.

All right, Spyder? Light 'em up
like a Christmas tree.

- Spyder?
- All my weapons just went dead.

Uhh... Uhh!

So did shields.

Mark! What's going on?

You have no idea what you're doing!

It used to be labeled.

Hey, is everything okay?

Leo and Harper were trying
to shift power to the X-weapon,

but then they started
clawing each other's eyes out.

- That's not how you route power!
- Uh, yeah, it is,

haven't you heard of neutron flow?

I invented neutron flow, baby!

Yeah! Both the power relay
and the colon cleanse.

Guys! Stop arguing and start fixing!

This is gonna be
a very short fight!


What happened?

Are we dead?

And the afterlife looks
just like normal life?

What if I've been dead for years
and I just didn't know it?

You know, it just left.
It didn't care about us.

Why would it just stomp
on the third-best

research institute
in the Bay City area and leave?

- Your design has flaws!
- Well, your sweater has flaws!

Well, what are those goggles
even doing?

Guys! Guys!
Hey, Leo, what happened?

Robot just stopped moving!

- First of all, these goggles are sweet.
- Ehh...

Second of all,
when the robot got put back together,

somebody whose name
begins with an "H"...

didn't use the right wiring protocol.

Yeah, Harris!

- Seriously?
- Guys, can you just figure it out?

Before Traeger
throws another monster at us?


- Fine, fine.
- Okay. Shake hands.

- Oh...
- Come on!


All right, now go fix
the robot together.

We're just lucky the monster
wasn't targeting us this time.

Yeah, but what was it doing?

It didn't even destroy the place,
it just put a hole in the roof.

Uh, all right, once the authorities clear
out we can go check it out.

Yeah. I'll pick you up around seven.

Uh... Yeah. Miss you, too.

Ha-ha, look at Mark Walker,
gettin' all serious.

- I'm not gettin' serious.
- Uh-huh.

Maybe a little serious,
but... the good news is,

we can take our time, because...

What's going on?

But why leave Bay City?

That monster attack
was the last straw.

What if he had stomped
our house while you guys were home?


No, the monsters
aren't targeting civilians, they...

Uh, said so... on the news.

Yeah, and Mech-X4 is protecting us.

I'm sorry if I don't trust
a robot who blew up

your old school
to not smash our house

the next time he gets into a fight.

What about our friends?

Yeah, Mark finally
has a girlfriend that he talks with

- instead of just pretending to listen to.
- Yeah.

Boys, I know it's gonna be
hard for you to leave Bay City,

but... it's for the best.

Okay. I got a final audition
with Chrstph Frssll

at the Bay City Culinary Institute.

- I'm sorry, who?
- Chrstph Frssll, the famous chef?

He removed all the vowels
from his name in an artistic statement.

Anyways, if I can impress him,

I will be an assistant chef
at his flagship restaurant

- in Miami.
- Wait, what? Miami?

- I know, can you believe it? Black pepper.
- But Mom...

I said... black pepper.

See, if I can get this job,

I'll be able to move you guys
away... and no more danger,

no more monsters... no more Mech-X4.


Okay, Leo, I brought
the electrocillator for you.

Not that you'd even know
what to do with it.


Where are you, weirdo?

Leo... Leo?


Yeah... Ahh... pretty sure that's
what it's used for.

And you're the weirdo.

How are we supposed
to fight monsters from Miami?

I don't know, with jet packs.

We can't.
The team needs to be together.

I promise... we'll stay in touch.

Talk to you later.

- Georgia?
- Dane.

- Oh.
- There's no other way around this, Ryan.

If you move,
Mech-X4 will basically be useless.

- Mm.
- Which means there's one thing left to do.

Wreck her audition?

What other choice do we have?

Oh. Veracity says that
the authorities

have cleared out
of the Institute. We should go.

All right. Which will leave you two...

to wreck your mom's career.

Up top!


All right, welcome
to your audition.

Now, confidentially,
it's between you, and well...

one other person. Okay?

- Back.
- Oh.

The only reason I'm telling you
that is 'cause I want to see

how you... work...
under pressure, yeah?

I... I... I know this is a huge opportunity
and I'm just... I'm so grateful.

You should be terrified.

Now! I have a... philosophy.

Complete my thought!

Oh... Uh... Uh...
Cuisine is not just food,

it's a statement
of originality and simplicity.

We're really gonna pull off
an epic jerk maneuver?

I guess... to save the world
we have to destroy Mom's tryout.

All right, let's see
what you come up with... okay?

Now, for the audition,
you're gonna cook your best entree.

- Laying your very essence...
- Yes?

On the plate.


All right, come on. Tick tock, chop chop.
'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, let's go.

- We gotta distract her.
- I'll call her.




Mark, I'm kinda busy right now.

Mom, um, there's...

no ducks at the duck pond.

Mark, since when
do you care about ducks?

Uh... No... Oh, no, now there's
too many ducks!

A little extra heat...

- Oh!
- Okay, what's going on?

Everything's fine. Bye.




Oh, no!


Harper was involved
with this place? Not good.

Uh, I'm gonna go
check this place out.

I'll be back.

That's weird.

This is from a triassic muscipula.

Some of these plants
went extinct with the dinosaurs.

The Institute must be
trying to bring them back.

Oh, wow, a leaf. Uh, don't eat 'em,
don't care about 'em.

- Hey!
- "Destroy the Grub Buggy"?

"Waste Chrstph Frssll"?

What is this?

It's, uh, it's a way
to get Ryan and Mark to stay

if their plan doesn't work.

"Frame Ms. Walker
for a crime I committed"?

Oh, I was just, uh, I was
thinking a victimless crime,

like something a smart lady
would commit, like, uh...

like predatory lending.

Okay, what is going on with you?

I, um...


I just don't want Ryan to leave.

Hey, Spyder, come on.

Even if he does, we'll figure out a way
to stop the monsters.

I don't care about that.
I care about us splitting up.

I mean, will you even
hang out with me if Ryan's gone?

Ryan's the glue of the group.

That's crazy. We'll always be friends.

People change, Harris.

Leo and Harper used to be friends...
look at them now.



What are you doing?

You and I are gonna have
an honest chat.

Couple college buddies
catchin' up.

Hm-hm, mm?

Hm... okay.

I see what you're doin'.
You're gonna... waste me.

Unless I tell you
what my secret evil plan is.

Well, there isn't one.

Okay? I made a deal with Ryan,
I am trying to help.


And I'm trying to get you
to stop talking,

so you realize it's time
for you to leave.

I know what's really going on.

You're afraid I'll tell them
the truth about you.

That you helped me...
make... the monsters.

What? Plot twist!

Arm twist!

Ten, nine, and time's up
because I said so.

All right, let's have a taste.

- You look nervous.
- I am.

Well, you should be,
because this...

is the opportunity of a lifetime.

It's all for a good cause.

I keep telling myself that.

Oh! Oh! Ohh!


This is genius!


Uhh... I was worried the quail was
overcooked and the chutney was too thin.

You changed the chemical composition
of the caramelization

in such a way that I have never,
ever tasted before,

and... mmm... the way that you pureed
the chutney so fine

hints at an anger at life.

We made her food better?

And our lives worse.

Hey, look... this one's dead.

Shattered, broken, dead.

This whole day is a metaphor
for what's happening to the team.

Where'd you learn
the word "metaphor"?

Veracity sometimes reads to me
from the "thess-a-russ."

Aahh! Ah! Guys! I can't move!

Uh... Don't worry, we'll get it off.

It'll be fine, just stay still.


Ah! Ah!

Aah! Ahh!

Dude, her vitals are dropping!

If we don't get this thing off,
we're gonna lose her!

This plant is clearly dangerous.

There's gotta be something
nearby we can use to kill it.

See that tank? That must be the herbicide
they use to control the plant's growth.

That stuff
can get this thing off Veracity?

Yeah, but... I don't know
what the herbicide would do to her.

What are you doing?

- Spyder, that's not body spray!
- Aah!

Dude, we both know my future career is
going to be "test subject."

That career starts today.

We don't know if that's safe!

Uh! Uh!

Since when do I care about safe?

I mean my safe.
I care about your safe.



Nothing bubbling.

Not blind.

Uh, tingles a little, but I'm good.

I think it's safe.


It's working!


I feel funny.

Who wants nachos?

Let's get nachos.

It must've released some spores
into her bloodstream.

Just enough to make her loopy.

Do you know who I think
is really cute?


You risked your life to save her.

What does that say to you?

I don't have a very strong
survival instinct?

Don't you get it?

You're willing to do anything
to protect your friends.

Ryan isn't the glue... you are.

I'm the glue.

I'm the glue.

You guys gonna go to prom?

- You gonna get a limo?
- Uh-huh.

We should get you
back to the robot.

Can we get nachos first?

- Yes.
- Yes!

All right, let's go.

We were gonna scare people...

give mankind an enemy
to unite against.

I thought we were
bringing people together.

Yeah, but will the team
see it that way?

That's what you're worried about.

Look, Leo...
I'm good at keeping secrets.

I'll keep this one, too,
and deep down,

you know you can't beat Traeger
without me.

So you won't tell the team?

I can keep this quiet.

We good?


'Cause this was getting boring.

Password, amazing grace.

You coulda got out
anytime you wanted?

Yeah, I kinda been locked up
twice this year,

so I programmed voice commands

into basically anything
that could capture me.

Come on, Leopold,
let's fix this robot.

I don't like it
when people call me Leopold.

That's why I do it.

- Then stop doing it.
- But it's so fun.

Is your final dish ready?

The custard meringue... almost.


This is our last chance.

You gotta blow out the broiler.

You know, my therapist says

that I should pretend to care
more, so...

why are you so keen on moving?

Uh, well, honestly,
a big part of it is

being able to move my kids
away from all the monsters and robots.

But it's also my dream.

I've been working for this
my whole life.


I don't know, man.

We thought she was
trying to protect us, but...

She said it's her dream.

- If we do this...
- We can't.

Right... well, let's have a taste.

Yes, okay. Okay.

Oh, oh, oh! Perfect!

I'll see you in Miami.

I've got a date
with a Yorkshire pudding.

What? Miami!

Great... now we have
to leave Bay City.

There is another way.

You know what we have to do.

Firing's all fixed.

Power's back to normal.

And... better than new.

- Mm.
- Thank you very much.

Are you... Are you two friends now?

Not... Not exactly... friends.

But... not exactly enemies, either.


- I don't think...
- Come on!

- You know you want to.
- All right, once.

- Science. Yay.
- Science. Still got it.


I'm good, I don't do... carbs.

There we go.

Carbs, carbs, carbs. It's like,
have a carb, enjoy your life.

Ryan? Mark? I've got great news.

- You got the job?
- Yes!

We knew you would.
You're awesome.

Oh, you guys, come here.

Okay, so, um, two weeks to pack,

and oh, you are gonna love the beach,
it is so beautiful down there.

- Mom?
- Oh, I'm just so excited!


That's weird.

Th... That's just like my audition.

Yeah, that's me.


There's something that...
That we need to tell you.

He has a power.

I can control machines
with my mind.

And it's not just blenders.

It's a giant robot, too.

I'm the pilot of Mech-X4.


I could only get this one.

This is a start.

So tell me...

how did it feel?

To have the power
to be a giant monster?


Amazing. This is what you found
at the facility?

Yeah. And one of 'em tried
to eat Veracity's face.

Yeah, but, what does Traeger
want with them?

So what's next?

Next, we make one of these

for every man, woman, and child
on the Earth.

Starting... with my brother.

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