Mech-X4 (2016–2018): Season 2, Episode 10 - Versus The Arctic - full transcript

Ryan and the team take MECH-X4 to the Arctic for an epic showdown with Traeger.

Previously, on Mech-X4...

So you're saying
the military is moving the ooze.

- Grey?
- Back from the dead!

We work together when we have to.

We're frenemies.

- No.
- Weird way to put it.

Whatever you're doing, it stops now.

You're too late!

You will address me as Traeger.

Power ratings are off the chart.
I have no idea how to stop him.

We could've won this battle
if I had two good arms.

But I know what we can do.

I found the plane Grey and Traeger stole.
They're in the Arctic.

- You and I, we've been rivals since...
- Kindergarten.

- Do it.
- Who are you talking to?

Welcome to Mech-X4.

No way.

Thanks for the ride, sis.

Yeah, well,
I couldn't let you limp to the library.

Yeah... if Mom and Dad wonder where I am,

- Mm-hm?
- Spyder's failing,

well, everything.

I promised I'd spend the weekend
tutoring him.

We both know that kid's untutorable.

So, uh...

Do you have another story
I can tell Mom and Dad?

We're off to save the world
from a supervillain?

Don't worry. I'll come up with something
much more believable than that.

Look. Just... be safe, okay?

Get outta here.

Your sister seems nice.

Try sharing a bathroom with her
and three older sisters.

So... what about you?
Everything taken care of?

Yeah, I got Olivia to take care
of my gerbil, my hamster, my rescue Lhasa,

my goldfish and my bonsai tree.

So, if half of them aren't deceased
by the time I get back,

I will take that as a win.

No. What did you tell your dads?

I have to make a call.

Come on.

There you go. Thanks so much.

- Hey, you ready?
- Yeah. What about you?

You got your cover story straight for Mom?

I'm supposed to be going with Harris
to some academic bowl,

- and I'll be his emotional support.
- Right.

And I'm going to a video game convention
with Georgia and her family.

I gotta stop talking.
I don't wanna smudge the fake scar.

Are you wearing that little costume
that your girlfriend made you wear?

It's a warrior's outfit.

- Uh-huh.
- Yes.

But, it's the perfect cover story.

All right, I'm only gonna be
at the convention for one day,

Mom thinks I'll be here for three,
so I'm covered next two days.

All right, and then we'll take Mech-X4
up to the Arctic,

we'll take on Traeger,
and destroy the weapon,

and then we'll be back
before anybody else misses us.

Look at you, mighty warrior.

I gotta go.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So... you ready
to be my damsel in distress?

Wait... Wai... Wait... what?

I thought I was gonna be
your knight in shining armor?

You have so much to learn.


Just follow my lead.

You'll get it
before next year's convention.


All the time in the world.

Is everything okay?

Uh... Yeah. I just have this...
big test after the convention.

Hopefully I'll get through it.

I'm sure you'll kill it.

I hope so.


I want you and your brother to know,
that I'm onto you.

And I know you think you're fooling me,

but I do not want a birthday gift
this year, okay?

Every year you guys fight about the gift,

and it always ruins my birthday dinner.

What do you mean?

You should know that...

I'm judging you right now.

It's a photo locket.

With no photo in it.

You were supposed to put the photo.

I got the locket, you were in charge
of the photo, buttknuckle!


Just, let it happen, Grace.

Aaah! Let. Me. Go!

Oh! Aah!


- Happy birthday...
- Happy birthday, Mom.

So I already told your brother,
and now I'm telling you.

No gifts.

I don't think fire department
will let us, anyway.

Are you okay, honey?

Yeah. I just have a big project
I have to finish.

- It better not be a gift.
- It's not a gift.

I heard you.

A nice, quiet dinner together.

When we get back.


Come here. I love you.

Okay. Love you too, Mom.

I'll see you later.

- Wow.
- Are you selling insurance now?

I just got bar mitzvahed.

So if I do in battle today... I die a man.

That's a little morbid, but respectable.

Glad you're not wearin' a man bun.

Oh, I shoulda done that.

Anyway, what's um, what's your excuse?

I came right from the Wyvern convention
with Georgia.

It was actually pretty fun.

Oh, man, she broke you.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Uh, we ready?


- You got me a gift, you shouldn't have.
- No, it's not for you. It's for my mom.

- I'm gonna surprise he after we get back.
- That's thoughtful.

Mom specifically said no gifts.

You bought that? And I bought this.

- What's in it?
- Something from the best son, ever.

We're not done talkin' about this.


The jet's locked in and we're good to go.


Jet thrusters to maximum.

Shields operational.

And, uh, weapons at a hundred percent.

All systems stable,
you backstabbing, gift-getting weasel.

Traeger has no idea that we're coming.

We have the element of surprise.

Today's the day that we finish this.

Here's another surprise for Traeger:

He's not fighting a boy today.
He's fighting a man.


How can you guys be so calm?

Oh, don't be fooled.
Ryan masks his fear with his confidence,

Harris with his science babble,

Mark with his ego,
and, uh, me with my jokes.

Come on, guys, we're fighting Traeger.

There's a diaper under this suit.

We're all secretly terrified.

Harris, I just gave you the best set-up
for a joke ever. What's up?

Oh, sorry. Checking satellites.

I can see the tech he stole,
but, still no sign of Grey or Traeger.

This is gonna be cake, y'all.

And if it's not,
at least we'll go down doing what we love.

- Screaming?
- Here a couple days, you already know me.

We're getting close to the Arctic.

All right, we're almost there.

He knew we were coming?

- How?
- It doesn't matter.



I'm sorry. I... couldn't stop 'em all.

I am making a note of the date and time,
Veracity Campbell said "sorry."

No way this was gonna be easy.

We're not gonna get a shot at that weapon
unless he gets off our backs.

Spyder? Harris? Let's see
what this flight mode can really do.


Ha! He didn't expect us to fly.

We have an advantage. We should push it.

-Let's finish...
-Let's finish this.


I didn't... Okay. I didn't... I...

Ryan likes to say that stuff.

Got it.


- Ooh, we're takin' hits.
- From where?

Where did he go?

We lost the scanners on the first attack.

Hey! That cloud
kinda looks like Harris' dad.

It does not.

Oh. Wait. It kinda does, it's...
even cold and withholding, like him.

What's that, Dad?

I'm up here, just saving the world,
and what are you doing?

Still working at the American Wheat Lobby?

You guys seriously just chat
during battles?

How are you still alive?

You'll get it eventually.

How come he can hit us
but we can't find him?

Maybe he can smell Spyder's underwear.

It's possible,
we do not know the extent of his powers.

Guys, come on,
I need a way to find this thing.

- Scanners aren't picking him up.
- We can release drones

and spread them all over the clouds.

Then we can program it to send out pulses
that can hit the monster...

And reflect the signal
back to the robot like sonar.

- Bam!
- We'll find him!

- Ha!
- Science!

Must be hard for you two
to be this far away.

Guys texting each other emojis,
what color heart are you on?

- Dude!
- Unbelievable.

Releasing the drones.

We're sending out the pulses and...

Got him!

His bearing is two-three-four,
mark two-seven-nine.

Right, uh, totally.

It means below us.

And he doesn't see us.

I can't hold on much longer!

Fire everything!

Dude, pull up!

Impact in 30 seconds!

Just enough time to tell me
what you got Mom.

Seriously? Now?

I'm not telling you!

I've got an idea for a gift,

I just wanna make sure
it's as good as yours.

If it's the same
as my "welcome to the robot" gift,

which was an autographed photo of you,
then no!

See, now you're doing it.

Oh, jeez.
You're right, it... it's contagious,

now I'm cracking jokes
as I'm about to die.

You're not gonna die. Harris! Now!

Yeah! Woo! See, that's how you do that!

Pardon me, sir,
did somebody order a smackdown?

Because it's been brung!

Take that, you cherry-flavored
weird-toothed, iguana-wanna-be,

let's dance on his corpse!


Is it too much?

Guys... look, it... it's still moving.

He's going for the prism weapon!

Look how weak he is.
This is our chance to take him out!

- What do we hit him with?
- X-weapon?


- At the same time?
- When he says...


Shut it down! Now!

It worked.

And now I don't need them alive anymore.

He wanted us to come here.

He tricked us into using the X-weapon
to cook that ocean of ooze.

That explains
why he never made a move on us,

even though Grey knew who we were.

He needed us alive. To fire the X-weapon!

We're in way over our heads.

Harris is about five inches shorter
than me.

- This is no time for banter.
- Sorry.


My missiles are doing nothing!

Arm cannon!


Ryan, the arm's gone.

He's coming back! Hang on, hang on!

Ryan, all weapons are offline!

Uh, it's like he's taking out
all of our vital systems!

Everything's going red!

Nothing's working!

He's heading right for us!

Abandon the robot! Get to the escape pod!

We'll... We'll stop you.

No. You won't.

It's already over.

Guess again, jerk.

Everyone get to the elevator!

Go! Go! Go!

Okay! Come on!

Mark! Here!

What're you... Don't go!


You put up a good fight.

But it's over.

Oh, blah, blah, blah,
if you're gonna kill me,

just get it over with.

Kill you?

I have a gift for you.

The end of free will,
of struggle, decisions.

The only voice you'll hear
inside your head... is mine.



Ryan? Ryan!

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