Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Calling of Saint Matthew - full transcript

A proposed alliance promises to return the M.C. to its former glory.

♪ ♪

Dad's dead. Mom is dead.

I'm in charge now.

Do you know
if she's working today?


Take the baby, Scott!


my boy.

- Rae: Paul!
- Do what I can't. Free yourself.

- Stop! Don't hurt him!
- (grunting)


Made some room for you
in the closet.

Meeting the family is
a big step.

This is Kody.

I can already tell
she's too good for you.


Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Please don't go.

This is Maggie.

Hope you guys like red velvet.

Wow, you're a grandma.

I love being a grandparent.

Holding your baby's baby
is beautiful.

- I think I'm gonna leave.
- (panicked screams)


I'm going to tell the police.

It's Angel.

- (gunshot)
- Angel: No!

What the fuck did you do?

I know who I am now.

Santi, hurry up!

You don't want to be late
for school.

Okay, honey. Buckle yourself in.

(car door closes)

(engine starts)


I-I'm not here
to kill you, Marcus.

I'd say that's off the table.

If you don't mind,

I'd prefer not to have a gun
in my face.

I'd prefer not to have a dead
man sitting outside my house.


look, I've come with an offer.

The answer's no.

I don't work for you.

I don't work for anyone anymore.

But you work for your family.

Yeah, we all work
for our families.

I brought you into mine.

I trusted you.

You abandoned me.

You owe me
to at least hear me out.

For your club.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

the other night...

I told you.

I don't want to know.

If we're gonna do this,

I need you to know
what you're getting into.

I ain't scared of whatever it is
you think I should be scared of.


you know what a death rattle is?

That last sound that people,

animals make
when they're dying?

That's all I've been
for seven years.

Nothing can touch me, Ez.

I'm a fucking ghost.

You know where to find death

in her dark mansion

tell her to lift
my body and soul together

to a place
where I won't be remembered

neither in this world
nor in heaven.

What is that?

Rosalía de Castro.


that sounds beautiful.

To just disappear.

Not be remembered.

(dog snarls, barks)

(dog barks)

(vehicle approaches)

who's here?

Stay here.

You guys only ride American,

Shit. Must be expensive, though.

Everything has a price.

You were always good with words.



Some of the fellas,
they thought that you thought

that you were better than them.

Better than the rest of us.

I never felt that.

I always felt like
you and I were truly brothers.

I always had your back, man.

Yes, you fucking did.

And I love you for it.

Anybody else inside?

Just the dog.


So, some of those, uh, brothers,
who you made feel small,

when you left like that,
they checked up.

Sent kites
from Chino to Corcoran.

Nobody saw you.

Not even at high desert.

Yeah, I kept my head down.

Kept your head down.

Yeah, you said that.

You see, now,
I don't have your, uh...

Your intellect.

Some kid doing 25 to life

gets escorted out of prison
by the feds...

And is now a member
of a motorcycle club...

What would they say, you think,

if they knew they had
an informant in their house?

Say that again.

What you just said,
say it again.

Fuck, man.

I didn't want to come like this.

I'm just in a bad way.

What the fuck
are you talking about?


The way she looks at me.

I try, man.

I don't want my girls growing up

thinking their dad's
a fucking bum.

You put me to work.

For you, for the club.

I need to make some money, man.
I don't care what it is.

If the price is right,
I'll do it.


you want a favor.

You thought it'd be a good idea
to come over here

and fucking threaten me?

I don't give a fuck
about that shit,

about whatever deal you made.

I needed to get your attention.

Now, I'm not looking
to blow shit up for you,

but I will.

I'm desperate, brother.

I was a fucking king inside,

And now...

You said it yourself,

everything's got a price.

You want me to keep
my mouth shut, this is mine.

I ain't looking for a handout.
I'll work for it.

But I expect
to be hearing from you.

Or they'll be hearing from me.

(truck door opens and closes)

(engine starts)

(door closes)

(sighs) that...

Sounds like a problem.

He needs a name.



The baby.

He needs a name.

What about...



- Ezekiel?
- Uh...


- (baby fusses)
- what about...


Hell nah.

No way I'm-a let him grow up
with all that... Stuff.

He needs his own name.

How about maverick?

- M-maver... maverick?
- Maverick. Yes.

He can grow up to be
a badass fighter pilot.

(imitates jet engine)


Angel. Angel!

(baby cooing)

what about Christopher?


♪ ♪





sorry, Jacob had an accident.

- I can do the...
- I got it.

You know how to make a bed,
little man?

(bed sheet rustles)

I'm-a teach you
how to make it military style.

Grab that side. (clears throat)

pull it towards you.

You always want it a little bit
longer on the presented side.

There we go. Good.

All right, come on.

You're gonna make
a 45-degree angle,

sharp and crisp.

Nice and straight.

There you go.

All right, now hold it
right here.

Just hold it. Good.

Tuck in the excess.

All right,
you try the other side.

Mommy's gonna be with you
next week, okay?

In a new, magical place.

Will daddy be there?

Hey, all right, punk.

Hmm? Want to go wash up
for lunch? Yeah?

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

(water running)

I'll call you, um,
when I get to the motel.

First thing tomorrow morning,

you take the passports,
you take the money.

Just stay tonight,
just-just-just come with us.

(stammers) look, I'll just...
I'll be a few days behind you.

- Em...
- I have to make sure
they haven't tracked me.

- Okay? And as soon as I'm s...
- I can't do this.

I can't, I can't,
I can't do it.

Erin. Erin.

Oh, god, Erin.


You... Are the most annoying,

but also the toughest
person I know.

- Mm-hmm.
- And for our entire lives,

when I haven't wanted to
strangle you...

...I wanted to be
as fearless as you.

You can do this.

(breath trembling)

you're really annoying, too.

- I know I am. (laughs)
- (crying)

dude, what the fuck?

Is that smart?

It helps me to personalize.

It's careless and dangerous.

You being here is
fucking careless and dangerous.

- What if he was here?
- You haven't checked in

in over two weeks, Kate.


can I just put
some fucking pants on first?

Thank you.

(Kody sighs)

I don't want
a repeat of Nashville.

I'm good.

- Everything's good.
- Good.

Great. (sighs)

- then you won't mind.
- (scoffs)

- are you fucking serious?
- Are you, Kate?

- Is your head in this?
- (door opens)

we're checking the cameras.

From now on, we're gonna
have eyes in here as well.

What about my fucking privacy?

Has there been any mention
of san Bernardino?

Everything is in the reports.

I'm afraid not everything.

Look, I am making
real progress here, okay?

- I've made contact
with other members.
- And?

And I need more time.

We don't have more time.

Everything is getting
too explosive.

San Bernardino.
Uc Davis. Nevada.

It's just that I...

Uh, he's finally starting to
trust me.

I'm ga... I'm gaining his trust,
and we are connecting

- and it's good. It's...
- Kate.

- I'm good, man. I'm fucking...
- Kate, look at me.

Your career is at stake.

You begged me to put you
back in the field.

Maybe you're not ready.
Maybe you're still grieving.

How many times
do I have to tell you

that I'm fucking good?

Push him,
or I will pull you out.

And fill this.

♪ ♪


(bird chirping)

To make room for the future,

you must let go of the past.

Whatever happened between you,
Emily, Dita, Galindo...

You got to put it behind you.


- (gate opens)
- why are you bringing that...

What the fuck?


I wasn't aware Mr. Alvarez
was bringing a guest.

Neither was I.

Let me introduce
my vice president,

Ezekiel Reyes.

Ezekiel's vision led his people
out of destruction

and back to the glory
of Jerusalem.

I believe he was also martyred.

Bound to wild horses
and ripped to pieces.

Are you two familiar
with each other?


We share someone in common.

Have you spoken with her?

I was going to ask you the same.

I hope there won't be an issue
with this business arrangement.

With all due respect, señora,

I'm not exactly clear what
business we're here to discuss.

I'm aware the roots of
your partnership with my brother

have grown rotten, which has
caused an issue for us both.

Supply stalled.

Demand heightened.
We're here,

with the help of Mr. Galindo,

to build a bridge between our
two seemingly disparate islands.

Now, this deal, Marcus,

would not only benefit you
and the Mayans,

but it would completely
change the landscape

of how our business
is conducted.

It would challenge the belief

that brutality and profit
need to coexist.

I've seen the consequences,

of needless violence

and loss.


...Now I believe I've found
the right partner

to lead us all
to a more peaceful future.

There's just one thing.

Due to temporary
issues of liquidity,

I'm going to need you
to take three times

the original agreement
with my brother

and to start immediately.

You have this quantity?

♪ ♪

I've assured Soledad the Mayans
will be able to handle the load.

Miguel will serve as
my appointed liaison

north of the border.

I trust you two can work

to facilitate
this new arrangement.

Yet the deal
is between Marcus and I.

We have a long working history.


I owe you, carnal.

I came here today
out of respect to you,

out of respect
to our gracious host.

But this is a decision
that's gonna take some thought.

The clock is ticking,
Mr. Alvarez.

If you can't see your way
to doing business with me,

I'm sure someone will.

And if they are your enemy,

well then,
you will become mine.

If I may ask,
your brother,

where does he stand in all this?

My brother will be handled.

(humming a tune)

- (stops humming)
- (baby cooing)

(laundry basket thuds)

what's beautiful is the...
The untouched clay, the...

The infinite potential,
from Hemingway or Himmler,

from Basquiat to Bundy. Huh?

Give me my child.

Or will you just be
like the rest of us?

Eking out an otherwise
disappointing existence

of quiet despair.

- (fusses)
- aw.

You better rest up,
little baby.

The tiresome world of grown-ups

The ever-swinging pendulum
of tit for tat.

You're it.

Get out!

Is he sleeping
through the night? Hmm?

My boy still has nightmares

from when a certain
filthy bitch witch

locked him in the closet
with his terrified mother,

both thinking
they were going to die there.

I won't do it,
whatever it is you want.

- Could've been worse, I suppose.
- (baby fusses)

have you heard
the, uh, bizarre story

of the overworked federal agent,

and her, heretofore,
incredibly boring husband?

One Sunday morning,

french toast on the girdle,

he comes after her
with a bloody knife.

Well, soon to be.

I mean, undoubtedly provoked
by her foul, lying mouth,

but still, the rage required
to thrust the knife

into her flesh again
and again. Mm.

trained as she was,

she was able to retrieve her gun

and shoot Mr. Dullsville
in his pea brain.

And that should've been
the end of story, right?

But, inexplicably,

she turns the gun on herself,

ending her own, I suppose,
unfulfilled existence.

We can only be thankful that
those two didn't have children.


Although... and-and this is
super curious...

several neighbors reported
seeing the couple

with an infant.

I won't do it.

But there were no adoption

or birth records
to substantiate.

There was no trace of
a baby ever even being there.

Do you hear me?

Let's just hope,
for someone's sake,

they don't reopen the case
with a more critical eye, hmm?

- I won't do it!
- (baby fussing)

you will,
dearest mother of orphans.

You know why?!


There is nothing...
and I do mean nothing...

we won't do for our children.

Is there?

(baby fusses)



(door opens)

(sighs) thanks for coming.

You want to come inside?

Hey. (sighs)

hey. Come here, come here.

(nails sniffles)

I hate you so fucking much.

I know.


what do you want, Angel?

Why'd you ask me here?

I need you to hear
that I know...

I know I fucked it all up.

I'm so fucking sorry
you had to go through that.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there
for you.


it's my fault. It...

You know, I just think I was
just terrified of having him.

- I just...
- It's nobody's fault.

It just...


(sighs) that's what I'm working
really hard to believe.



I don't know
if you wanted me to be here

- to make you feel better, but...
- No. No.

- I just can't.
- No. No.

I just wanted you to know
I'm really fucking sorry,

and I'm-I'm a piece of shit,
I know this.

Yeah, well, I didn't have to
drive all the way down here

to find that out.


and you're not.

Do you know that?

You've got a beautiful heart.

And that's why
I fell in love with you.

And one day...

The rest of you is gonna
catch up to that heart.

It just...

Makes me sad that
I won't be there to see it.

I'm so fucking sorry.

♪ ♪

me, too.

You gonna be all right?

(sniffles) I don't know.

Yeah, me either.

But I'm gonna fucking try.

Me, too.

♪ ♪

- (machines whirring)
- (quiet chatter)

(door opens)

(entry bell jingles)

(chatter continues)



Uh, Maggie, right?

I didn't see you.

About the other night...

I just wanted to say
that I'm sorry.

I didn't know about your loss.

But it doesn't change the fact
that you're still an asshole.

I'm sorry?

I didn't want to come
to that dinner.

I stupidly let Izzy
talk me into it

because she spoke
so highly of you,

but you were a sucker punch.

Punching down on a woman
who had the nerve to show up

thinking she might have
a nice evening with friends

and meet a decent guy for once.

And I know you just saw me
inside there.

I only came out after you

because I thought
it was important for you to know

that you suck.

Anything else you want to
get off your chest?

My cake was delicious.


I bet it was.

Listen, I got somewhere
I got to be right now, but...

Maybe later,
if you're not busy

playing mah-jongg
or knitting doilies

or whatever grandma business
you got going on...

...Maybe we can grab a drink.

I don't drink.

Of course you don't.

You want to see me tonight?

Honestly, lady,
I don't really give a fuck.

Okay, then.

Your loss.


I want to see you tonight.

It'll be on my playing field.

(scoffs) fuck, we're not
going to church, are we?


and risk the embarrassment
of my date bursting into flames?


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

are you ready?

♪ ♪

(lock beeps)

(plane passing overhead)

(door closes)

(drops bag)

♪ ♪

(plane passing overhead)


as you may or may not know,

me and Ez travelled south
to meet with galindo.

Galindo's alive?

He is.

He and the sister of el Banquero
wanted to meet about

reopening the pipeline.

Which would put santo padre
back on top.

Back in charge of the pipeline

and able to build the coffers
needed to sustain the war.

No one could touch us,

sons or the other charters.

We'd be too powerful.

Fuck yeah.

What do we got to do?

What's the next step?

I'm gonna say no.

Díaz and I started this club
40 years ago,

in the name of brotherhood.

But now,
all I see is greed.

This chiva is poison.

And our involvement with it
all these years

has poisoned the soul
of this club.

Karmic payback
for the families destroyed.


without the heroin,
we'll have no footing.

Anyone can move on us
at any time.

This war with sons,
with everything...

Enough blood has been shed
on both sides.

This war needs to stop.

Need to return
to the way it was.

Fuck how it was.

They killed one of ours.

We should fucking kill
all of theirs.

- Fuck yeah.
- Bishop's right.

Sons started this war.

We need the power to finish it.

After san Bernardino,

we got them
right where we want them.

Oh, yeah.

This is not the time
to change course.

It's time to step back

from what's been bringing
this club down.

Sometimes, you got to make
tough decisions.

This decision is a mistake.

- I agree with bishop and Ez.
- So do I.

This matter's closed.

- No more room for discussion.
- Padrino.

If I can...

I've always been proud
to call you all my brothers.

But this...

These walls
no longer feel like home.

Maybe there's been...

Too much damage.



I'm still a Mayan.

I'll always be a Mayan.

But santo padre is not my home.

What are you saying, carnal?

With your permission, Padrino,

I'm asking to go nomad.

- (scoffs)
- what the fuck?

(creeper scoffs)

so, you're just gonna
abandon us?

You think you can just run now?

Run from everything you've done?

You think that's fucking fair?

It's time for me to go.

I'm not wanted here.

- Says who?
- Says fucking me.

You want to leave?

Get the fuck out.

Hey, yo, Ez...

If you're not with us,
you're against us.

I don't want any brother next
to me who doesn't want to be.

What do you think
coco would give

to sit in that chair right now?

You just want to throw it away?

I've always respected you, Ez.

I don't give a fuck.

You want out?

As far as I'm concerned,
you're fucking out.


It's your say.

No one else's.

You've been a good brother,

and I hope you find
what it is you're looking for.

So be it.

("will the circle be unbroken"
by Gregg Allman playing)

♪ ♪

♪ I was standing ♪

- (whispering indistinctly)
- ♪ by my window ♪

♪ on a cold and cloudy day ♪

(indistinct chatter)

♪ so I told the ♪

♪ undertaker ♪

♪ "undertaker ♪

♪ please drive slow" ♪

♪ 'cause that lady ♪

♪ that you are hauling ♪

♪ oh, I hate ♪

♪ to see her go ♪

♪ will the circle ♪

♪ be unbroken? ♪

♪ by and by, lord ♪

- ♪ by and by ♪
- (engine starts)

♪ there's a better ♪

♪ home a-waiting ♪

♪ in the sky, lord ♪

♪ in the sky. ♪

(door closes)


(drops keys)


(insects chirping)

(inhales slowly)

(leather crinkling)

(breath trembles)

(bag rustling)

(breath trembling)

♪ ♪

(breath trembling)


(chain rattles)


How was your guys' day today?



The same.

- (toy rattles)
- (baby coos)

Angel, I've been thinking.

- Maverick.
- (baby fussing)

- yeah?
- I looked up what it means.

A calf who hasn't been branded.

- (baby coos)
- let's keep him that way.


("no time for blood"
by Battleme playing)

(pins clattering)

♪ take me back
and let me find my home ♪

♪ balance me ♪

♪ when the world is
at my fingertips ♪

- ♪ breaking you from me ♪
- nice. Nice.

♪ I know this ain't the place
to change your mind ♪

♪ about me ♪

♪ I've been driving
through these streets again ♪

♪ with darkness on my feet ♪

- ♪ it's a crazy time ♪
- are you ready?

♪ blind, I see ♪

♪ crazy time ♪

♪ back inside me ♪

♪ when you told me
not to lose my mind ♪


♪ that you would
take it all away ♪

beat that.

♪ just don't want to
lose today ♪

- whoa.
- (laughs)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ it's a crazy time ♪

♪ blind, I see ♪

♪ crazy time. ♪

(plane passing overhead)

(phone dialing)

(line ringing)

automated voice:
Please leave a message
after the tone.


(lullaby playing quietly)

- (door creaks)
- (lullaby fades)

♪ ♪

(gasps) no.

No, no, no!


(engine turns off)

what are you doing?

It's my fault.

♪ ♪

Angel was born sweet.

Like his mother.

But you...

...Are my reflection.

You're the weight of my sins.

The awful things that I've done.


How could you have done that?

She loved you.

I love my brother.

And if I'm a monster,

then I'll be one
to protect the things I love.

Something you couldn't do.

Something you've never
been able to do.

Show him to me.

Show me, Ignacio.

Let me see him.

♪ ♪

that's what I thought.

(takes deep breath)

- oh, my god.
- That's good, right?


Where'd you learn
to cook like this?


So, you take corn chips,

cheese puffs and a slim jim,

and you got yourself a tamale.

Ramen noodle, peanut butter
and hot sauce.

Pad Thai.

- Shut the fuck up.
- (both laugh)

okay, I knew a little
before I went in.

When we were kids,

my mom strung out,

not coming home for days...

It kind of fell on me to feed
my little brother and sister.

And not having nothing
in prison...

...Having to learn,
to be resourceful...

...That's what really
made me learn to cook.


Do you ever worry about it?

Going back in?

I mean, the way you live,

you got to think about it.

Eh, I don't know.

The way I see it,

we run half the yards anyways.

But now, with the sons...

Them white boys need their dope,
too, right?

As long as we're providing,

the Aryan’s always gonna
fall in line.



creeper (chuckles):
What's going on, Kody?

- (water running)
- what's wrong, Kody? Talk to me.

What's wrong?

(whispering inaudibly)

(water drops echoing)

(continues whispering)

♪ ♪

♪ all the people
selling truths ♪

♪ on every corner now ♪

♪ they wait until the fear has
knocked you down ♪

♪ all the rules
are changing now ♪

♪ you're living in sin ♪

♪ everything around you
is caving in ♪

♪ and you sing ♪

♪ la, la, la, la ♪

♪ la, la, la-la. ♪

♪ ♪