Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - A Crow Flew By - full transcript

Internal strife bleeds into club business. An old enemy has found sanctuary south of the border.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You fucking come at me?


At my fucking kid?

What happened to
the great El Padrino?

Your flash.

The future of this club

starts today.

Where's Gaby?

It's better this way.

- What did you say?
- Let her go.

Happy's been fucked

ever since Montez bailed.

is as much of a brother

as anyone in this fucking room.

That ain't true.

If it was, he'd be
in this fucking room.

And the Mayans?

There ain't no appetite for war.

I found something
and I don't know what to do.

El Banquero needs us.

If we pull this off,

- we'll be fully in bed with him.
- I can do it.

I'll go with the Reyes brothers.

I think
this is our package.

Can't bring a kid, man.

This is Noah, and leaving him

- is nonnegotiable.
- It's all right.

We got you.

I don't want to.

- It's our little secret.
- No.

- Please.
- What the fuck?

Angel, what
the fuck did you do?

What the fuck did you do?!


I had no choice. He was...

- You did the right thing.
- I know I did the right thing!

we can't just leave
his dad out here.

He's not my dad.

He's my friend.

He said we were
going on an adventure.

This is gonna be bad, angel.

I know it's fucking bad.
What the fuck do we do, then?

Let the coyotes
take care of this piece of shit.

Sun's coming up.

We'll drop the kid off.

He can call his parents.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- you good?
- Mm.

You want some breakfast?

I got to get to it.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

Do you think you could
pick me up tonight?

You don't even
like riding the bike.

I, um...

I just don't like
walking home alone.

It's sketchy.

Got a lot to do.


but I don't see why not.



I promise.

But I got to go.

Crazy ass.

♪ ♪

who pulled the trigger?

Who pulled the fucking trigger?!

I did.

Fucker, I did.

I made sure the
motherfucker was dead.

I was the ranking officer there.

It was my call.

It's on me.

This is who you give power to?

This is who you trust?

What the fuck am I
supposed to tell el Banquero?

You tell him we don't run
protection for kid touchers.

Hurting kids...

You all did the right thing.

what they did, Padrino,
is kill the pipeline.

And maybe every
motherfucker in this room.

Santo padre.

Hang back.

There's one more thing.

You got to be
fucking kidding me!

There ain't no fucking way!

♪ be clear, we here, and
now you can't ignore it ♪

that's my new prospect.

♪ we don't ever
show it, we got to go ♪

♪ go, you already know it ♪

anybody got a problem with that,

you can take it up with me.

♪ change that ♪


♪ play that, if you know ♪

♪ you better stay
back, back up ♪

all right then, you
french-braided little bitch,

get the fuck behind that
bar and get me a beer then.


♪ you take a break ♪

faster, prospect!

Sad fucking day
when we start letting

soundcloud rapper-looking
motherfuckers in here.

♪ go... ♪

♪ go, go, go, go, go, go... ♪

what's up?

It's time for you to pack up.

Time to come home.

This about that
bullshit in the desert?

We sent you down here
to keep an eye on things.

All due respect,

I thought you sent me down
here to help repair things.

You did that a little
too good, brother.

It's time for you to
come back to Yuma,

your true family.

♪ limitations, instead ♪

♪ take that feeling
when you're anxious...♪


Sup, man?

Looks like I get to go see
my lady and kid a little sooner.

Aw, shit, man. Congrats.

♪ on your mark... ♪

didn't want it like this, but...

Fuck it, you know?

Wouldn't change a fucking thing.

Except maybe getting
stabbed and kicked off a roof.

You know, could've done
without that shit, and maybe...

I don't know, maybe
being stuck in the desert

with a fucking pedophile,
but that's just me.

- At least it wasn't boring.
- Yeah.

♪ keep up... ♪

you're a good dude, Ez Reyes.

♪ you got to go, come on... ♪

you, too, Manny.

♪ you got to go, come on... ♪

♪ you got to go, come on... ♪

♪ get ready ♪

♪ you got to go, on your ♪

♪ mark. ♪

you wanted to see me?

Sit down.

I want you to know that
I've been watching you.

Keeping your head down.

Putting in the work.

Staying clean.

I'm just trying to get
right w-with the club.

The club.

The club is all of us.

Not one person. Not one charter.

These selfish fucks putting
in their own resentments,

their own bullshit first,

threatening to destroy what
better men than them have built.

Are you here to build,

or are you here to destroy?

I'm sending you to Oakland.

Be a representative for
us, for the fallen brothers.

Help build a bridge
between santo padre

and the rest of the club.

You good with that?

Fuck yeah, I am.


And coco.

You get this right,

your bottom rocker
might be waiting for you

when you get back, huh.

Gracias, Padrino.

nother, sweetheart?

♪ deep down it's
darker than me... ♪

Jess and I
usually start watering it down

when he gets like this.

♪ I'm jet black... ♪

that's weird,

'cause he looks like a
grown-ass man to me.

You got it.

♪ away from the light... ♪

just say when.

♪ jet black, jet black... ♪


♪ you think you're
running from me ♪

♪ time's running out,
and I agree. ♪


What happened
out there is on me.

Wasn't Manny's fault.

No shit.

Yeah, well, if I had to guess,

I'd say it was your
idiot fucking brother.

You're the one
who put us out there,

with a kid getting
raped in the desert.

Oh, now you're a fucking
advocate for child safety?

Listen. I'm willing to put

whatever you and I got going
on between us behind us.

This club has a lot
of rebuilding to do.

We're not gonna accomplish that

if you and I are at
each other's throats.

This guy, el Banquero,

- there's got to be a way...
- Oh, you want to help?

Right? You want to,
you want to help me

like you helped your president?

'cause last I saw, he was in
there drinking himself to death

while you're out
here wearing his flash.

Now, let's get something clear.

You hurt my kid.
I'll never forgive that.

I don't give a fuck
how many accolades

or patches Alvarez
decorates you with,

you'll never be nothing but
a walking dead man to me.

Don't let me catch you slipping.

We got to go, dog.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I got to go clean up
your fucking mess.

he's got to let that shit go.

Everything that
happened between us...

- Stop.
- What?


Do you know why I made you VP?

I don't.

'cause you have a good idea

of what this club could be.

But you don't understand this.

Who we are. Who we come from.

The rules and why we have them.

I started this thing

because we wanted
something that belonged to us,

and we fought
tooth and nail for it.

But you have to understand this

to truly understand what
it is to wear that kutte.

As my friend Jax once said,

"forget the past,

and you're doomed to repeat it."



it wasn't your friend.

It was Jorge Santayana
who said that.

Just read the fucking book.

hey, watch it.

Sorry, Taza.

You good, Jess? You,
uh, still feeling sick?


I'm better now.

Thanks, hank.

I don't even recognize
this place anymore.

What the fuck's
happening to this club?

We're being tested.

I'm not sure we're
gonna make it.

Man, this is the
last fucking place

I want to be for
fallen brothers.

We should be in Oakland

with everyone else
from the mother chapter.

Being here's a fucking insult.

Oy, man.

Fucking finally.



If you're not feeling
100, you can go home.

- No, I should stay...
- I got it.

Seriously, go home.

Yeah, okay. Thanks, Cielo.


I can't fucking do this.

The fuck do you mean?

I'm fucking scared, man.

They're gonna find out,
and if they do...

Get your shit together, Jess.

Stop fucking bitching
and keep your ears open.

If you hear anything...

I may have heard something.




- oh, shit.
- Mm.


You can't keep up
with me, old man.

shit, I'll keep
up with you all night.

Oh, yeah?

Well, we'll see about that.

Hey, bish. Can we talk?

Hey, hey.

What could we possibly
need to talk about, Ez?

Hey, you know,
this whole VP thing.

I didn't ask for it.

I would never...

I wouldn't do that to you.

It's all good.

- No, really, I...
- You like Nietzsche, right?

- Nietzsche.
- Nietzsche.

That guy.

Of course you would
like that motherfucker.

He was all about power and will.

come here.

So, what you need to do now


Take that power
that you crave, Ez.

Take that shit with
your bare fucking hands.


Find the will

shove it right up your
fucking ass.

you see, she gets it.

Okay, where were
we? Where were we?

anything else?

- Ooh!
- Hey, what're you doing?

You better respect your VP.


Educate your ex-president.

Fuck away from me.


Just a minute.

♪ that same old fool ♪

♪ looking back at me ♪

♪ and I say ♪

♪ hello, fool ♪

♪ are you ♪

♪ you still my love ♪

♪ don't you? ♪

♪ they say the first ♪

♪ million tears ♪

♪ are the hardest to cry ♪

♪ and after ♪

♪ a million ♪

♪ your tears will
start to dry... ♪


♪ yes, I know ♪

♪ I got a long way to go ♪

♪ before all my... ♪

♪ because the first
million tears ♪

♪ are the hardest ♪

♪ to cry ♪

♪ and I've just begun... ♪

I used my hand to
prevent the branch

from going into my head.

Bike went one way,
I went the other, and

brothers went to go get my mom.

Thought I was gonna bleed out,

fucking die in a
field somewhere.

I always wanted
to be a ballerina.


I always loved that,
you know, girly shit.

I got two older brothers
instead, but, uh, you know.

What about you?

I got this.

And, uh, one on my shoulder.

One through the bicep.

I got...
I got them scattered

all over my-my stomach.


I've been shot eight times.

No, Jesus.... Those abs.

I mean, dude, sit down,
finish your sandwich.

You look like you're

- I meant do you have
any brothers or sisters?
- Yeah.

I'm the oldest of three.

I got a...

Got a little brother
and a wild-ass sister.

different dads,

but we were close.

My mom, she was always working.

So I looked out for them.


I was the baby,


Um... I don't know, my
brothers were more like...

Terrorists than siblings.

That would've been nice,

having somebody look
out for me, you know?

I mean, it's not too late.


I mean,
I'm sorry, what?



- Was that too much? Fu...
- You know,

"a" for effort.

execution was, like...

It was a little clumsy.

you make me nervous.


You've been
shot, like, 30 times.

I'm just some damaged
chick eating a sandwich.

That sounds a
million times deadlier.

Okay. "a" for execution on that.

is it possible you've
gotten even uglier?

It's the syphilis
your mom gave me.

She's got me looking
like the elephant man.


Aw, thanks for making it.

Aw, Rae and Jacob are
gonna be so happy to see you.

Everyone's already out back.


Tell me you didn't
get my kid a dildo.

shit, no.

The dildo's for you.

"and then my wife and I decided
to have my testicles removed.

Now I live life with my
penis inside a cage."

"oh, it's made life so
much more convenient.

"now, when I want
pleasure, I just call

our bull, Leroy."

Oh, shit, here
comes the captain.

Jesus, did we have one
that I don't remember having?

Kevin and Maura’s.

Yeah, you'd know that
if you made half an effort

with the neighbors
instead of just

doing your tired mystery
science theater thing.

- It's pretty entertaining to me.
- Don't-don't encourage him.

- Dad! Come play at the pool.
- What's up, birthday boy?

First, you got to say
hi to your uncle Gilbert.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, you were half
that size last I seen you.

So, about Jenks' height then.

All right, shark attack time.

Let's go. Does mom want to join?

I'm good, thanks.

You boys go get out
all that testosterone.

Let's go, birthday boy.

okay, kids,

what are we drinking?

just beer for me.


we got tequila
inside if anyone's interested.

Fuck yeah. I'll get it.

Uh, shot glasses
are over the sink.

I'll give you a hand with that,

seeing as you don't have any.

Better hope
they have a stool

- so you can reach the cups.
- shut up.

See what you've been missing?

Nothing changes, huh?


Let's not let so much
time go by again.

- Yeah.
- We miss you.

You know...

You good?

You wouldn't lie to a
senior officer, would you?

you know, uh...



It's a bitch, and then you die.


we can't apologize
enough for what happened.

But, given the circumstances...

We'll do what it takes
to make it up to you.

Run double load
till you're whole.

Hey, we got a good thing here.

Be-because of
that, we want this...



what're you doing out here?

shit's sad in there, man.

Can't stand that new chick

trying to get knuckles deep
in bishop's prostate exam.

oh, bro.

so, you want to kick it?

Got some studying to do.

you fucking nerd.

Shouldn't you be home

helping your fiancée
get ready for the kid?

she got
that shit on lock.


If I ain't there, I
can't fuck it up.

Well, I think

not being there

is the number one
way to fuck it up.

Bro, nails isn't going anywhere.

For some crazy reason,

I think she may
actually like you.

Imagine that.

- I can't.
- shut the fuck up.

go home.


You ain't Irish, Lopez.

Just didn't want to
make it a big thing.

you sneaking out after us
not seeing you for so long

would've been a
much bigger thing than

you just saying goodbye.

Let me help you with that.


For real, ranger.

How you doing?

I haven't been
called that in forever.


What, you got some

cool motorcycle
name now, like...

Hatchet or grizzly?


Seriously, what
do they call you?


you... You should've
gone with hatchet.

This everything
you thought it'd be?

closest thing I
could find stateside.

I was surprised
when you didn't re-up.

Always imagined you a lifer.

What happened in


You didn't do that.

That wasn't you.

That wasn't any of us.


- Fuck you!
- Calm down.

- I live here.
- Hey. Hey, hey, hey!

Say it again, motherfucker.

Don't look at him.

What the fuck did you say to me?

Fuck you and
fuck your wife, too.

- Who the fuck are you?
- Don't look at him, look at me.

- He's telling me to calm down.
- Yeah.

Am I not fucking calm?

Am I not the calmest
motherfucker here right now?

Calmest motherfucker I know.

- What happened?
- I asked him to not be

so rough with the kids.

He's making everyone

don't worry about it.

Sorry, little man.

I'm sorry.

We're all good, bro.

We're all good.

No, this smug motherfucker,

made me look like an
asshole in front of my kid.

- Fuck you!
- You did that all by yourself, Paul.

Ignore that piece of shit. Okay?

He's wearing
fucking Jesus sandals.

You really want
to fuck up a dude

wearing fucking Birkenstocks?


- I missed you.
- I missed you, Paul.

- You good?
- Mm-hmm.



I'm good, man.

Hey, guy, listen,
no hard feelings?

Sure thing, guy.

you tapping out on me, old man?

Fuck no.

You ready for round two?

Fuck yeah.

Mm-hmm? Oh, shit.

- line it up.
- Mm.

♪ ♪

- tell me when.
- When.


That's big.



Your dad's here.

Is it a secret?

Uh, he brought a cake.

Yeah, exactly.

you're home.

Hey, pop.


I'll leave you guys to it.

You don't want some cake?

Well, I'm pretty
tired, actually,

on accounts on I'm...

Growing a person in my body.

Okay. Uh...

All right.

You didn't tell him
to take off his shoes?


you got a knife?

Uh, yeah.

this is good.


♪ but Jesus ain't coming ♪

♪ so don't waste your time ♪

♪ not yours and not mine ♪

♪ you're only dreaming ♪

♪ and while you were scheming ♪

♪ of silver machines ♪

♪ far above the leaves ♪

♪ I snuck into your scene... ♪

fuck, bish.

♪ lurking, behind... ♪

what channel is it on?

You have to
change it to apple TV.

- Then why in the fuck do I need a...
- Hey.

why can't we just
watch a movie in the VCR?

What's a VCR?

you're killing me, Tess.

I'm inviting Obispo
for dinner next week.

You didn't think to
talk to me about it first?

I didn't realize I
need permission

to invite people to dinner
in my own house. Hmm?

I know not to touch that.

You both are too stubborn.

He's in a lot of pain.

Come on, dad.

Yeah, I'm gonna
get it right now.

You remember
Maggie, from church?

Oh, don't do that, Iz.

- What?
- I know how you work.

Just leave it alone.

you're crazy.

go get that.

And give me that remote.

Okay, so, what are
we watching, huh?

- Ez.
- Padrino.

Sorry to bother you
like this. Can you talk?

Out here.

What is it?

Tired of small men
hijacking this club.

Letting their ego,
their weakness dictate.

Canche and fucking bishop.

They almost destroyed
everything that you built.

Everything the
rest of us believe in.

And we didn't even have the
power to stop it from happening.

Where you going with this?

I read your original bylaws.

You have something in there
called a kill-switch clause.

Yeah, any president can
be overruled or removed

if a chapter votes

- Votes unanimously against them.
- Right.

You're always talking
to me about brotherhood.

Why not give the power
back to the brothers?

Reinstate the kill-switch?

It could prevent what happened
between Canche and bishop

from ever happening again.

If we learn from our
past like you said...

...Well, we can
protect our future.

♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪

♪ here's something that
you're never gonna forget♪

♪ b-baby, you just ain't
seen n-nothing yet♪

♪ and now I'm feeling better ♪

♪ 'cause I found out
for sure... ♪

I've buried a lot of
brothers over the years.

And now we're asking for
a lot more of them to die.

Montez was our brother.

And they buried him
in a fucking barrel.

We're not gonna get
another shot like this.

Those spics are gonna be
distracted with their fucking

fallen brothers "day
of the dead" bullshit.

What did Chibs say?

He gave the green light.

You got your war.

♪ ♪

♪ so I took what I could get ♪

♪ ooh, ooh ♪

♪ she looked at me
with her big brown eyes♪

♪ and said, "you ain't seen
nothing yet" ♪

♪ b-baby, you just ain't
seen nothing yet ♪

♪ here's something that
you're never gonna forget ♪

♪ b-baby, you just ain't
seen n-nothing yet ♪

♪ you need an education ♪

♪ got to go to school ♪

♪ that's what she told me ♪

♪ no, you ain't
seen nothing yet ♪

♪ whoa, whoa ♪

♪ you ain't seen nothing yet ♪

♪ sha, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la, la, la ♪

♪ b-baby, you just
ain't seen nothing yet ♪

♪ b-baby, you just
ain't seen nothing yet ♪

♪ whoa, whoa ♪

♪ sha, la, la, la, la. ♪