Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Tohil - full transcript

The Mayans learn of another biker gang working their stomping grounds in Human Trafficking, which Pablo blames on himself being too focused on Galindo and his venture. The MC go after the ...

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- Previously
on "mayans m.C."...

- I was in berdoo yesterday.

Told packer I had
to pull anything

I booked through his charter.

This one has the info
for your folks.

- Western union.

- The last four digits
id the branch.

sonora, mexico.

- Sonora?

- Give your little girl
a ride home.

Get in some
daddy-daughter time.

- What the fuck
is she talking about?

- I'm your grandmother, kid.

Do the bastard math.

- Fuck!


- Mercs got adelita.

- Oh, jesus, thank god.

- Angel?

You have to go,
all of you.

[sirens wailing]
- come on, angel, we gotta go.

- We'll be fine.

- Please don't.
- You have to let me go.

- Go, go, go, go, go!

- I need your help, ez.

This agra park project,

there's a bidding process
that we should have won,

but our chinese competitor,

they bribed a clerk
in city planning.

I just need somebody
to talk to him.

- Cops are gonna pull
your email

and phone records, marlon.

Only one way
you don't go to jail.

- Oh, jesus christ.

You're doing this whole
tough-guy biker shit

for your old piece of ass?

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what the fuck?

- Now, get me your phone
and your laptop.

[tense music]


[both grunting]



[sharp bang]

[breathing heavily]

[garbage truck beeping]

[brakes squeal]


[gentle acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

[woman singing in spanish]

♪ ♪

[water gurgling]

[cell phone buzzing]

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

[camera shutter clicking]

♪ ♪

- I hope everything's okay.

♪ ♪

- [sighs]

♪ ♪

[upbeat percussive music]

♪ ♪

- jesus.

♪ ♪

what the fuck we talk about?

Dishes clean.

Don't put empties
back on the shelves!


- Out here.

[chair scraping]

I got us breakfast,
the place you like on 9th.

- Thanks.

- Mm-hmm.

- You're up early.

- The worm gets
the early stuff.

- Yeah.

- What, I can't
do something nice for you?

It's my way
of saying thank you.

Keeping your promise.

- I like you living here.

[dishes clattering]

fuck, we had a deal.

No boys. No sucias.
- Coco, coco, stop.

She's my friend
from school, gaby.

- You don't have friends.

- [scoffs]

this was a bad idea.

He's not gonna be able
to help us.

- Hey, wait, wait.
- Ow, ow.

- Wh-wh-what the fuck?

Who did this?


- Gaby's family
just came over.

Her mom and little brother
used a coyote.

- This is already
a bad story.

- Yeah, her family paid half
on the mexican side,

got here okay.

When we met them,
tried to pay the balance...

- They wanted more.

That's the scam.

Why were you there?

- To help,
moral support.

Plus, I loaned her
five grand.

- Where the hell'd
you get 5k?

Your fucking tuition money?

- We will pay you back.

She did it to help me.

I'm sorry.

- You're right.

I don't have any friends.

I'm trying
to change that.

- They still have your family?

You should have
come sooner.

I mean, they could have
really hurt you.

- I'm sorry.

- Who are these guys,
the coyotes?

- They were bikers.

When they asked for more money,

I kinda told them
my dad was a mayan.

- Fuck, you gotta
stop doing that.

- It didn't matter, coco.
They laughed.

That's when they
fucked with me.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

- what club?

- Patches said vatos malditos.

♪ ♪

- fuck, let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

- you get the email too?

- I was hoping it didn't
mean what I thought.

- Yeah, afraid
it's looking that way.

[siren wailing]
[helicopter rotors whirring]

- jesus.
- Mayor.

- Morning.

We know anything?

- They're estimating
time of death

to be between midnight
and 3:00 a.M.

Just started digging,
but we can already tell

this kid was in
way over his head:

Credit cards, repos,
defaulted loans.

That's just the legal debt.

His phone's filled with texts
from bookies

and other unfriendlies
waiting to get paid.

Nothing threatening,
but he was buried.

- Was anyone else home?

- No, no, his mom's in florida.

She's on a flight back now.

- I knew him a little
in high school.

He was kinda odd,
you know, nerdy.

- Any reason to suspect
this wasn't a suicide?

- Not that I can see.
There's no other prints.

We'll talk to a few
of the bill collectors,

but right now,
there's no other motive.

- Guess the bullet
was marlon's backup plan.

All debts paid.

police radio chatter]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- ♪ mother of exiles ♪

♪ the torch of hope ♪

♪ in the toss of the tempest ♪

♪ threw us madison's rope ♪

♪ but the brazen giant ♪

♪ with limbs astride ♪

♪ blocks the golden door ♪

♪ to the u.S. Of lies ♪

♪ damn your huddled masses ♪

♪ scrub our floors ♪

♪ cut our grasses ♪

♪ I am a wolf ♪

♪ a wild cur ♪

♪ cut from the pack ♪

♪ ♪

♪ with blood on my fur ♪

♪ every howl ♪

♪ marks the debt ♪

♪ 'cause a beaten dog ♪

♪ ♪

♪ never forgets ♪

♪ every howl ♪

♪ marks the debt ♪

♪ 'cause a beaten dog ♪

♪ never forgets ♪

♪ ♪

♪ never forgets ♪

♪ ♪

[upbeat music
playing on radio]

- pop!

- In here.

- Te quiero, mama.

I grew up here too,
you know.

- Oh, I think I remember.

You were the one
on the other side of the room,

kept stealing
all my shit.

Pop's in the garage,

if you really want
to talk to him.

[dishes clatter]

- [exhales shakily]

- you okay?

- Yeah, I'm good.

- [sighs]

man, you know,
the upside to, uh,

pop not saying much is,

he listens.

He loves you, angel.

[door clicks shut]
- morning.

- Pop.

- Want something to eat,

- No.
- I can make--

- I'm good. I'm good.
Thank you.

- I gotta get back.

- Thank you.

- I'll be there
in a few.

[coffee bubbling]

- some coffee?

- Sure.

You know, you can buy
a new coffeemaker

for, like, 20 bucks.

- Why?

This one still
works fine.

Coffee is coffee.

- [slurps]

- you look like shit.

- Thank you.
I get that from you.



you been out
to st. Maria's lately?

- Every other Tuesday
with fresh flowers.

- Did you decide
how much of her got buried

and how much of her
got put into a jar?

- What kind of fucking question
is that?

- I'm sorry.

I never--

it's hard talking to you, pop.

You know, I know you
and ez connect.

I just--I...

- No, that's on me, son.

- When mom was pregnant

the first time, with me...

Did you ever worry about the
kind of father you would be?

- I still do.

That worry never ends.

[tender music]

- I'm gonna be a father.

♪ ♪

- I didn't know that, uh...

♪ ♪

that's wonderful, son.

♪ ♪

- no, man, not really.

You know, I may not ever get
the chance to fuck it up.

- Why?

Who's the mother?

♪ ♪

- her name's luisa.

She's with the rebels,

los olvidados.

Potter's got her locked up

- Luisa espina.

- How'd you know that?

- She came here...
To kill me.

- What the fuck
are you talking about?

- There's a lot in my past
that you don't know about.

- Ignacio cortina.

[tense music]

ez finally told me.

♪ ♪

- jose galindo...

Had more than half
the federales in sonora

on his payroll.

It was safer to take the money

than not.

Galindo knew my family.

He liked me.
He trusted me.

Within a couple years,
I was in his circle.

And so was my partner,

pedro espina.

♪ ♪

luisa came here
because she thought maybe

I had something to do
with the death of her father.

I didn't.

The man who did...

God sorted out.

I left two years
before pedro did

'cause your mother
got pregnant with you.

♪ ♪

- I couldn't get her out.

I couldn't protect
my family.

- You don't know that.

- [scoffs softly]

- potter...

♪ ♪

he's a slippery,
arrogant fuck.

But he's got weaknesses.

He makes mistakes,

like we all do.

♪ ♪

- yeah.

- You love her.
I can tell.

You'll love your child.

♪ ♪

- breaking news
in a developing

and disturbing story.

Police are at the scene

where a local man...

has been found dead
in his home.

- Here you are, dita.

- Officers arrived onto
the scene early this morning

to discover the body
and the gruesome crime scene.

Neighbors are shocked
to hear...

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

- In their otherwise
quiet neighborhood.

- Such a shame.

- What's that?

- A man who works
for the city was killed.

Your age, so young.

- Marlon buksar,
a santo padre city clerk.

We will keep you posted
as details on the story

continue to come out.

- [sighs]

- the border crisis continues

as more families
are separated...

[somber acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

- it's the mother and brother
of letty's friend.

Coyotes brought them over
two days ago.

Bait and switch,
want more money.

- It's a fucked-up game,

but why is it on our table?

- Coyotes were a mexican m.C.,

vatos malditos.

- They run tj.

What the fuck they doing
in our backyard?

- Apparently,
anything they want.

- [laughs]
so these motherfuckers

just strolled over the border,

no calls, no respect?

- Letty was there
at the exchange,

told them her pops
was a mayan.

These bitches laughed.

- [scoffs]

- where was the exchange?

- Dogwood.

- Means they got
stash houses nearby.

- Probably more than one.

[spanish rock music
playing over radio]

♪ ♪

- you must be
letty's friend.

- Yes.

This place is beautiful.

- Haven't heard it described
that way before, but...

I guess it has
a certain desperate charm.

- Mm-hmm.

- I'm ezekiel.

Everyone calls me ez.

- That will be easy.


- Can I get you
something, beer?

- Mm, it's morning.

- Right.


How about coke?

Got the kind
with real sugar.

- Sure, thank you.

- [speaking spanish]

it's de la cruz.

My mom, she...

Loved poetry.

She'd make me read some
when I was a kid.

- Hmm.

And you remember
this poem.

- I kinda remember

- That must be awful.

Some things...
Need to be forgotten.

- What up, zeke?

- what's up, trouble?

- I see you guys met.

Ez's not much to look at,
but he's really smart.

That's chucky.

He's weird as fuck but...

kinda perfect.

- Perfection
is the quest of fools.

- See?

How long they been in there?

- Not long.

- We fucked up.

We've been so busy keeping
galindo's plan on track,

serving that master,

we've forgotten who we are.

So has everyone else.

- Vatos are like
fucking hyenas,

recruit deep,
barely prospect,

run the pack
up and down the border

looking for a stray calf.

No pride.
No respect.

Just numbers and money.

All this shit going down
with immigration,

lot of stray calves.

[dark music]

a long time ago, mexico,

I patched the vm.

I was young and dumb,
and they were dumber.

Started with petty stuff:

Boosting cars,
some drugs.

Then el palo
became the shot caller.

Took a turn, got dark.

- Human trafficking dark.

- Mm.

I got out, came north.

- Call dogwood.

Turn that fucking hood
upside down.

- On it.

- I got the address
of their exchange.

Start there.

- This club
does nothing else

until we clean this shit up.

[gavel bangs]

[motorcycle engines rumbling]

- [crunching]

[faint indistinct chatter,
dog barking]


- That shit'll
kill you, louie.

- Eh, I like to live
on the edge.

- Of chronic obesity?

- Hey, why don't you shut--

- so you got
something for us?

- And if I do, you gonna knock
your cut back down to 12%?

- All right, you show us,
then we'll talk.

- All right.

My primo said
this house down here

got bikers coming and going
all day long.

[cell phone buzzing]

[engines humming,
horns beeping]

[men speaking spanish]

- fuckin' idiot.

- Our cut just
went up to 30.

- Hey, that shit
ain't cool, man.


- Any change
with your business?

Someone stepping
on your game?

- Nah, nah, uh,
shit's been pretty even.

- Riz and gilly,
nothing at the drop spot.

- What?

- If the vm have people
holed up in a stash house,

that's a lot
of mouths to feed.

- Hell yeah, stanford.

Yo, who does deliveries
around here?

- Besides imperial junction,

could check out silvano's,
house of phoenix.

- You ain't got no postmates,
doordash in this hood?

- Yeah, we got doordash.

That's when motherfuckers run
from their car to their house

hoping not to get shot.


[upbeat music playing faintly
over radio]

- what you got?

- I checked the pizza place
and two other spots.


- Silvano's looks like a front

for something
I don't wanna know about.

You got something?

- Dumplings
and some egg rolls...

And an address.

Made five big deliveries
last week.

- Let's go make
a delivery.

[dramatic music]

[dog barking]

- windows are all covered up.

Can't see any movement inside.

It all looks kinda sketch.

- No one's posted outside.

They're not expecting company.

- [chuckles] let's go give
these vatos their dim sum.

♪ ♪

- [speaking spanish]

- delivery.

- Delivery?

[speaking spanish]

- oh, come on, man,
someone did.

[speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]

[door crashes]

- [grunts]


- [groans]

[spanish rock music]

- oh, fuck.

- Runner out the back!

- Hola.

♪ ♪

- hey!

- Go.
[doors bang]

[men gasping]

- shit.

All men.

- Same here, four.

- Go.
[door bangs]

[women whimpering]

[gentle acoustic guitar music]

- jesus.

♪ ♪

- [sobbing]

- gaby's mom ain't here.

- No little brother either.

♪ ♪

- [grunts]

- four vatos:
Two dead, one fucked up,

one still whole.

♪ ♪

- I don't know, man.

[indistinct spanish chatter]

- gracias.

- [speaking spanish]

- there were.

But they took them away.

- Took them where?

- Closer to the border.

The cages.

That's where they take you
if you don't pay.

They traffic the young ones
and put down the rest.

- Where are the cages?

- I don't know.

I never been there.

- [speaking spanish]

[gun cocking]

- shit!

- My bad.

[men gasping and murmuring]

- [speaking spanish]

- mm.

[speaking spanish]

[gentle acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

- here's fine.
- Yes, ma'am.

♪ ♪

- hey.
- Mi amor.

- Peña tell you why
she wanted to see us?

- No. Hopefully it's about

all your hard work
finally paying off.

♪ ♪

- have a seat.

One of our clerks,
marlon buksar,

was found dead this morning.

- I saw it on the news.
What happened?

- Looks like he, uh--
he took his own life.

It was very tragic,
very unexpected.

- Uh, I'm sorry.

I'm confused what any of this
has to do with us.

- Marlon sent an email
last night to myself,

city planning,
and several town councilmembers

confessing to taking bribes
for insider information

on the agra park project.

Armed with these detailed
and unfair facts,

chinagra presented
the best bid.

- What does that mean
for the project?

- We throw out the bid.

Chinagra's out of the running,

which is why
I brought you in today.

It won't be confirmed
until city council reviews it,

but from what myself
and city planning has seen,

galindo enterprises
has submitted

the most advantageous proposal.

- Hmm.

Well, you know, the
circumstances with this clerk,

they're sad and unfortunate,

but this project
is too important.

I'm glad it's finally
moving forward.

- Yes, we all are.

And moving forward,
I just need--

santo padre
needs some assurances.

- Of course.

- We have to know that

these sad and unfortunate

never happen again.

- Of course it won't.

This agricultural rebirth
will be the best thing

that's ever happened
to santo padre.

[ominous music]

thank you.

♪ ♪

jesus, awful way
to get good news.

- Yes, I--

what did peña mean,
that this sad

and unfortunate circumstance
can't happen again?

And this clerk, did you know
about any of this?

- No, I've seen him
a few times.

He works for ileana.

- That's my point, emily.

Ileana gave you
inside information,

then her clerk does
the same thing for the chinese,

and when that bid wins--

- he kills himself.
I get it.

I don't know anything
more than you do.

They said on the news
that he was troubled,

that he owed a lot of money.

What is it you're
asking me, miguel?

♪ ♪

- is there anything
I need to know?

- Yes.

You need to know
that galindo enterprises,

your legacy,

it moves one step further
from the border and bloodshed.

Proud of you.

♪ ♪

acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

- flores pequeñas?

- Please.


- What's up, mikey?

- Keep me posted
when and where my wife goes.

- 24-7?

- Yes.

♪ ♪

[men speaking indistinctly]

- this is as close
as we're gonna get.

Let's prep here.
Let creep and gilly know.

- Right.

- This shit could blow up,
get messy with the vm.

You good with that?

- You don't have
to ask me that question.

- Mm.

- You okay, bish?

- Yeah, just updating
the other kings,

letting them know
where this is at.

- We will shut
this shit down,

send a clear message
to the vm.

- Ah, if I was doing my job,
we wouldn't need a message.

- Come on, man.

Shit you've done
for the m.C. In the last year,

it's fucking epic.

- Yeah.

- Hey, if you want,

I can recite some
profit growth statistics.

- I'm sure you could.

It's good
to have family close,

in the club.

I miss that with alvarez.

- Think he does too.

- You know what separates us
from all the other scumbags,

gives us the courage
to look into the mirror?

This fuckin'
piece of leather,

the history
that hangs on it.

Means I've earned
the respect of men,

men I love,
men I'd die for,

men who'd die for me.

The money, the weight,
it can't lead.

We have to serve
something greater.

- We all need
to be part of something.

- We're set.

- The old man
said that the cages

are in the southeast corner
of the warehouse.

He saw four,
maybe five vms on watch.

After crushing
their stash house today,

we gotta figure
they're gonna be on alert,

you know,
maybe more muscle.

- Probably only travel
with who they need,

which means if they
called for backup

and they're coming from tj,
they ain't here yet.

- All right,
prep for an army.

Pray for a squad.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

[people clamoring in spanish]

♪ ♪

- sí, jefe.



Sí, jefe.

[speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]

[door bangs]

- shit!

- Go, go!

- Go, go, go, go!

[people screaming]

- no!
- Too close to the cages, man!

- [speaking spanish]

[screaming continues]

- go, go!

- [speaking spanish]

- [gunshot]
- [grunts]

- angel!
- [gunshot]

- [groans]

- [speaking spanish]

- come on, let's go!
- Vamos, vamos!

- Let's go! Hurry up!
- Vamos!

- Let's go! Move!

- Mama! Mama!

- Move! Let's go!

- Go. Go.

Okay, go, go.

Let's get
the fuck outta here!

[all coughing]

[soft acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

- señora!

[speaking spanish]

- sí.

- [speaking spanish]

- [speaking spanish]

- we the good guys,
boy scout?


- I fucking hope so.

- Gaby! Gaby!

- [crying]

- Gaby. Gaby.

- Leo.

[all sobbing]

[family speaking spanish

- [whispers]

- You okay?
- Yeah.


- You okay?

- We never had that...

Love from a mother.

Guess we never will.

- That's 'cause
I killed her.


Past is the past.

Dead is dead, mi'jita.

You and I have a chance
to have that.

That thing that you did
for your friend,

proud of you.

It almost got us killed,

but you did the right thing.

I love you, huh?

- Thank you...


- [laughs]
- mm-mm.

- Nah.

- Love you, coco.

- [speaking spanish]

[cell phone buzzing]

- hey.

[door clicks open]

- look who's here.


You're home late.

- Sorry, long day.

- Mm.
[chuckling] oh.

- [laughs]

[timer dings]

- dinner.
- Yeah.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dog barking]

♪ ♪

[line rings]

[cell phone rings]

- on my way home.

- I wish I was.

Ileana called.

This clerk's death
has hit her really hard.

She's still at the office.
She asked me to come by.

- Of course.

I'm glad she
reached out to you.

You're a good friend.

- I'll have luis wait for me.

It shouldn't be too long.

Love you.

- I love you too.

[gentle acoustic guitar music]

♪ ♪

[woman singing in spanish]

♪ ♪

- we're alone.

Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- You didn't pick up
or answer my texts.

I didn't--
- I'm sorry.

I didn't know
what to say.

I just figured
the less you knew, the better.

- So what happened?


- He pulled a gun.

- Oh, my god.

I had no idea.
I thought he was just a--

- it just happened.

The gun was in my face,
I pushed it away,

and it went off.

- So you made it
look like a suicide.

- After I went
through all his shit,

I realized he had a lot
of reasons to pull the trigger.

I just added your problem
to the list,

sent out the emails.

Had gloves on.
No trace of me there.

♪ ♪

- someone is dead
because of me.

- No.

Marlon is dead because
he pulled a gun on me...

While I was doing a favor
for someone I care about.

- Is that how we do it?

We tell our version
of the truth?

- Our version
is all we have.

♪ ♪

- [sniffles]

thank you.

I know you did
all of that for me, and...

If there's anything
I can do,

you know, to help you
or your family,

please, please
just let me know.

♪ ♪

I should get back.

Good night.
- Night.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

there might be something
you can help me with.

♪ ♪

it's a family thing.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[baby giggles]