Mayans M.C. (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Murciélago/Zotz - full transcript

A new threat in Santo Padre presents the Mayans new obstacles and opportunities.

PEÑA: Previously,
on "Mayans M.C."...

The rebels already moved.

We're too late,
Mikey. I'm sorry.

I want my pew
full by end of day.

(speaking Spanish)

MIGUEL: How many spies
we putting on the street?

This group? It'll
be an even dozen.

I didn't know she was
your baby sister, Coco.

She came in with
one of our other girls

and said she was 21.

- I had her do a few scenes.
- Your porn site?


You must be really desperate.

Shut the fuck up and
get in the car, Mom.

Jimenez is worried
about retaliation.

Just want a set of eyes on you.

I don't need a babysitter.

We never found out how
the Samoans knew all

the details to our biggest run.

Someone in the M.C.?

I don't know.

(wings flapping, bat squeaking)

(insects chirping)

(bat squeaking)

Got something.

- How many?
- Looks like a lone buck

coming over the hill.

Got it.

(indistinct chatter)

(lively music playing
over speakers)

(man singing in native language)

♪ ♪

Is everything going
good here, gentlemen?

- (chuckles)
- Yeah.

We're good, Vicki.

♪ ♪

(men laughing)

♪ ♪

300 yards.

Moving northeast.


10 miles per hour, southwest.

Got it.

(gunshot echoes,
indistinct chatter)

♪ ♪

That was close.

It was a high-powered pull.

Definitely wasn't Border Patrol.

- Hunters?
- Or militias.

Same fucking thing.

♪ ♪

Did you hear that?

All the time.

If they're not tearing
through my land

playing redneck rat patrol,

they're using the fence
as a shooting gallery.

Alice Reed?

And her Concerned
Citizen Coalition.

♪ ♪

'Sup, prospect?


Serving and protecting?

- (gunshot)
- Shit.

Go get the bad
guys, Officer Rogan.

Oh, I'm coming back
for all y'all motherfuckers.

We'll be here, fucking
your favorite whore.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

When's our boy ready
to go back to work?

I can't get him to leave.

- (laughs)
- I'm healing.

- He's faking.
- (hollers)

- Whoa, whoa, look.
- Hey, hey.

- He's laughing.
- Oh, he's definitely playing.

There's only one
way to find out.


Fucking psychos, man, come on.

Come on, come on.
(speaking Spanish)

(all chattering)

♪ ♪



(rousing Hispanic music)

♪ ♪



I thought the second
shot was a kill.

No, the third one was.

- Go.
- Shit.

- Here.
- Go.

(engine turns over)

(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

(vehicle approaching)

(radio chatter)

(Franky sighs)


So much for a little
pussy and a quiet night.

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

♪ Mother of exiles ♪

♪ The torch of hope ♪

♪ In the toss of the tempest ♪

♪ Threw us medicine's rope ♪

♪ But the brazen giant ♪

♪ With limbs astride ♪

♪ Blocks the golden door ♪

♪ To the US of lies ♪

♪ Screaming ♪

♪ Damn your huddled masses ♪

♪ Scrub our floors ♪

♪ Cut our grasses ♪

♪ I am a wolf ♪

♪ A wild cur ♪

♪ Cut from the pack ♪

♪ With blood on my fur ♪

♪ And every howl ♪

♪ Marks the dead ♪

♪ 'Cause a beaten dog ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Never forgets ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Never forgets ♪

♪ ♪

(siren whoops)

(radio chatter)

(woman speaking Spanish)

- Our madam see anything?
- Nah.

Heard the shots

but didn't know anything
went down on her property.

Trigger could have been
pulled half a mile away.

- You first on the scene?
- Yes, ma'am.

I was here minutes
after the shots.

Look, whoever it was,

they knew how
to ninja the terrain.

Rogan was, um, checking in

on Victoria and
the girls last night.

Public service.

Keeping them safe.

Well, your mother would
be so proud, Franky.

(engines roaring)

(radio chatter continues)

BISHOP: Crime scene's a...

bit below your pay
grade, isn't it, Mayor?

My pay is too low to be graded.


Then how can I
help you, Antonia?

(sighs) Well, first
thing you could do

is stop being so
fucking cheerful, Obispo.

Wow. I missed that.

We heard the shots.

- We were at Vicki's.
- Jesus.

Am I the only one not
getting laid at this place?

You've already got a hot wife.

Jumping the fence?


Fifth one in less
than six months.

All taken out long-range,
high-caliber, military-grade.

Local heroes.

Dropping wetbacks for Uncle Sam.

Yeah, that's what we thought.

- Can I get the evidence?
- Yes, ma'am.

(sighs) Oxy spins
it another way.

That's why we're here.

You think this is us?

- Scripts aren't our game.
- No.

But your game is supposed
to be the only game.

You see the hypocrisy
here, right, querida?

Four dead Mexicans
stay cold cases

'cause they look
like collateral damage

from redneck patriotism...

but then you throw some
drugs into the mix and...

Fuck you, Bishop.

I live in so many shades of gray

between you and Galindo.

Some days I can barely
look at myself in the mirror

trying to justify my,
uh, passive cooperation.

Guess the greater good keeps
getting a little harder to see.

(radio chatter continues)

I'll dig into this from my side.

If the Feds get looped in,

not much I can
do to protect you.

I know.

And if I find something...

I'm gonna handle
this the way I do.

I know.

(indistinct chatter)

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I've seen my share
of dead Mexicans.

Yeah, well, this dead
Mexican was muling scripts.


And it might not be the first
one picked off for the cargo.

Well, we better figure out who's
playing Oxy whack-a-beaner

before the DA pitches
a tent in our backyard.

I know where you should start...

My neighbor.

Buenos días.

May I...

Of course.

Do you know about this?

- The feast.
- Mm-hmm.

Yes, they do it every year.

It's an anniversary..

Of the town charter.

They parade the Virgin Mary
from the square to the church.

Music, food,

lots of drinking.

Is it a big event?

Big enough for Santa Madre.


That's good work, prospect.

Thanks, padrino.

I should be able to pull
another mirror from the yard.

(upbeat music
playing through radio)

You gonna ride straight
through to Oakland?

Nah, I got business
in LA for a day or two.

I'll be home by the
weekend, though.

♪ ♪

How's the fit?

You and your brother?

That working out?

♪ ♪



You know, up north we
don't let blood sponsor blood.

Loyalty can get messy.

♪ ♪

Bishop signed off on it.

I'm sure it'll work out.

Word of advice...

If a situation
should present itself

that causes, you
know, confusion...

between brother...

and brother...

you bring it to me or Bishop.

We'll help you out.

You understand?


Of course.

You're a smart kid, EZ.

Santo Padre needs that.

Put the club first.

I want to see a full
patch on your back.

♪ ♪

Everything okay?


- Just...
- (vehicle approaching)

Helping him with the ride north.

(horn honks)

From Taza.

♪ ♪

From a woman.

Did not like her.

♪ ♪

That guy still creeps
me the fuck out.

Bishop wants us out at Vicki's.

What's up?

Nothing. Just some crazy chick.

She wrote you a note? Is
she pregnant or infected?


(rousing Hispanic music
playing over speakers)

♪ ♪

(pounding on door)

♪ ♪

(pounding continues)

♪ ♪

Picked a bad day to go vegan.

Oh, come on, that's funny.


From Agent Jimenez.

Been bumped down to errand boy?

Step up from babysitting.

We have to talk to EZ.

He hasn't called.

You'll get the next bag of intel

end of the week, on schedule.

I'm not trying to fuck with
your family, Mr. Reyes.

I get it. I got two
boys of my own.

We're not sure what stirred
up this new activity with Galindo,

but whatever it is may require
a shift in how we proceed,

and that shift is as much
about protecting your son

as it is our investigation.

The new contact info
Jimenez gave me...

I didn't give it to EZ.

So if he's pissed off...

he should come at me.

Please give that to your son.

(lock clicks)

(quietly) Shit.


(engines rumbling)

(peppy music
playing over speakers)

♪ Hey! ♪

(horses neighing)

(engines roaring)

♪ ♪

(man singing indistinctly)

♪ ♪

(rooster crows)

RIZ: How's it going, Denny?

What's this about, Ariza?

Just want to talk.

- Where's your mom?
- Maybe she ain't here.

Maybe she is.

(chuckles) Big day at Casa Reed.

First the good guys,

now the bad guys.

Or maybe I got
them turned around.

So hard to tell nowadays.

Maybe you and the,
uh, peckerwood patrol

are just humble servants
keeping our border safe,

or maybe you're just a
bunch of fucking racist yahoos

gunning down kids
with high-powered rifles.

Listen, if you're talking
about the shooting last night,

we already told the cops...

we don't know
nothing about that.

Nothing more than our neighbors.

Although, it might be hard
for some of them to notice shit

when they got a
dick in every hole.

- (boys laughing)
- Come on, Alice.

(tense music)

(indistinct chatter and
announcement over PA)

♪ ♪

(cell door clanging, closes)

Come on, Bishop.

What the hell you care
about some dead Mexican?

You running protection
on civil rights now?

Cops found scripts
near the body.


They think he was muling.

That changes it from target
practice to drug running.

That does make it our business.



Boy Scout's got something.

The guy chatting up Alice.

EZ: He was in Stockton
when I was inside.

Had rank in the woodpile.

Some sort of shot-caller.

- Brotherhood?
- I don't think so.

His ink...

it was more military than Aryan.

If Alice is running scripts,
she's gonna need a buyer.

That might be her
friend in the fatigues.

Like my son said,
we don't know shit

about any drug-muling wetback.

Now get off my land.

Let's go, Junior.

- See ya, Riz.
- Yeah.

(peppy music
resumes through radio)

♪ ♪

Stay on him.

See where he goes, who he meets.

- I'm with him.
- (engine turning over)

♪ ♪

- Supervise.
- Yep.

♪ ♪

I don't trust this bitch.

Yeah, that's a whole lot of hate

packed into a little ofay.


Why don't you have Creeper
hang around one more day

over at Vicki's... Keep
an eye on the girls?

All right, will do.

I'll sit by the gate, see
who comes and goes.

- Good.
- (engines rumbling)

♪ ♪

(horses neighing)

(indistinct chatter on TV)

(speaking Spanish)

(baby fussing)

PABLO: Okay.

(both speaking Spanish)

(mellow guitar music)

(speaking Spanish)

♪ ♪

(speaking Spanish)

Imperial County.

(speaking Spanish)

- Ah.
- (dog barks in the distance)

Uh, anymore from
our street rats?

No intel yet on the rebels.

There's still one kid MIA.

EMILY: Excuse me.

I know you're busy. I...

No, it's... it's okay.

(Miguel speaks indistinctly)

Oh, please, stay.

You should all hear this.


This is research...

from media, military,
and academic Websites.

It shows how the Taliban
and ISIS infiltrate a town.

Take over from the inside out.


it'll be a familiar read.

Los Olvidados...

is doing the same
thing on the border.

First they position
themselves as saviors.

The homegrown bomb
for the invading disease.

It starts on the street,

in the coffee shops and
bars... Word of mouth.

Then it spreads to social media,

local press, rallies...
Just inciting hate

and rebellion, and...

it doesn't take much to
shift the will of the broken.

And once that happens,
they've earned trust.

They secure benefactors
and begin recruiting.


the perfect mix of primitive

and high-tech warfare.

You did all this research?

I have to do something to help.

How does this help?

It explains why you keep
losing ground to the rebels.

And if you don't
change your tactics, I...

I just want our son back.


we really appreciate all
this hard work, Ms. Galindo.

Don't fucking
patronize me, Devante.

I'm not Dita or
some pinche guera.

- I'm...
- Emily.

I'm sorry.

I've just tried to...

Please just hear me out.


Go on.

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

The cartel's most useful tool...

is power and fear.

That's the way it's always been.

That's what keeps
you in control.

And yet every time you
use that on the rebels,

they turn it against you,

securing themselves as saviors

and strengthening
their message...

"Kill the devil, save Mexico."

You have to
dismantle their rhetoric,

sway public opinion
a different way...

a smarter way.

♪ ♪

You have to turn
them into the devil.

♪ ♪

Here's where you can do it.

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(baby fussing)

Sweet Jane, it's
good to see you.

(speaking Spanish)


Hey, hey, hey.

- (laughing)
- (speaking Spanish)

(electronic game music
playing on cell phone)

(both speaking Spanish)

(baby fussing)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

♪ ♪

(baby fussing)

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

(engines roaring)

(heavy metal
playing through radio)

♪ ♪

We're not here for you, Dennis.

Came to talk to your
friend in the fatigues.

I got no friends here.

You guys have no idea what
the hell you're stepping on.


why don't you fill us in?



♪ ♪

Where you going, featherwood?

♪ ♪

You should have
listened to Dennis.

Who the fuck are you?

(all grunting)

(man singing indistinctly)

♪ ♪

HANK: Guys, we got eyes on us.

Inside, Dennis.

♪ ♪

Let's go.

♪ ♪

Prospect was right.

I didn't even see
him throw the punch.



We got to find out
who these guys are.

It's not just the Feds.

Last thing we want to do is
complicate shit with Galindo.

Another player...

That's bad.

TAZA: Maybe we form a
little coalition of our own.

Do some hunting tonight.

Then we do it with
Kevlar and very quiet.

The shit we're hunting...

it's gonna shoot back.

(suspenseful music)

Where the fuck is our shooter?

♪ ♪

(engine turns over)

(motor rumbling)

(vehicle approaching)


- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

Feds don't know that
the kid's been taken.

They're afraid that
the cartel's gearing up

for retaliation.

They've been watching me.


I'm sorry.

I should have told
Jimenez right away.

You've been protecting Emily.

I got to head downtown,
pick up a new mirror.

I'll bring Jimenez up to speed.

I should get back.

(engine turns over)

DEVANTE: Vandalize
it, tag the walls.

How much time will
they have in the church?

20, 30 minutes, depending
on the procession.

My men will be quick.


And as soon as we see it,

- you have to insert yourself.
- Mm.

Publicly declare your outrage,

vow to repair all the damage...

Yes, I will be their savior.

- Hmm?
- (knocking on door)

I have an update.

The youth group.

Give us a minute, hmm?

(footsteps departing)

- Emily.
- Mm-hmm?

This was...

very smart.

Thank you.

- The kid that was MIA?
- Hmm.

He came through. Must
have swiped a phone.

Sent a text.

(speaking Spanish)


And this video was attached.

(baby fussing)


(baby crying)

- Who's the nun?
- (Baby fussing)

NESTOR: That's one
of the local Dominicans.

All the fucking money

my family stuffed into the
pockets of that diocese...

(dramatic music)


♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(lively Hispanic music
playing over speakers)

♪ ♪

When was the last
time he checked in?

The 11th.

Can't get through to him.

Galindo has the M.C.
working double time.

Makes sense.

Galindo's son was kidnapped
less than a week ago.


- BOWEN: Los Olvidados.
- Do we know their demands?

I don't give a shit
about the demands...

Or for his kid,
for that matter...

But these Zapatista wannabes

just dropped an
opportunity in our laps.

It's time for EZ Reyes to win
back the one who got away,

turn the wife while the
family's still upside down.

I can't ask him to do that.

Excuse me?

I didn't know that you two had
set up emotional boundaries.

I know him. He's
gonna push back on this.

Then pull the damn deal.

Put him back on the inside.

- (engine rumbling)
- He killed a cop.

♪ ♪

(car horn honking)

I'll make it work.


I got intel...

on his old man.

♪ ♪

(engine turning over)

You know who that is?

My boss...

Assistant Special
Agent in Charge...

Authority over everything
done in the field.

Tracked me down
today to have a sausage.

Then he gave me this.

Galindo's son was kidnapped.

I was gonna put
it in the next drop.

I know you think I'm a prick...

second cousins or not,

but I want you to win here, EZ.

To walk away from this

with the life you were
supposed to have.

Shit has slid downhill...

so fast.

The rebels were an X
factor no one saw coming.

Now we need more than the things

that your photographic
memory can record.

I don't understand.

You have to get close to Emily.

Convince her to turn.

What the fuck are
you talking about?

Emily Thomas is an outsider.

She's Galindo's white
prize to legitimize.

I'm not sure what's in
it for her, but I do know

that losing a child
will shatter any bond.

You need to be there
when that happens.


Guide her to us.

It's our best shot at Galindo...

And the only thing that
keeps your deal alive.

♪ ♪

Then pull my deal.

Put me back inside.

I'll take my chances and
serve the six I have left.

I'm not gonna do anything
that puts Emily at risk.

You're making a big mistake, EZ.

Mm. Why stop now?

(dog barking in the distance)

♪ ♪

(door bells jingle)

(mellow music
playing over speakers)

(door closes, bells jingle)

♪ ♪

(Celia sighs)

♪ ♪

- Happy?
- Shut up.


Got to talk to you.


(man singing in Spanish)

♪ ♪

Then fucking talk.

♪ ♪

I-I know you had
it rough, you know?

Gotten a raw deal.

What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?

He's talking to me.

- I'm the raw deal?
- Bitch, shut up.

Enough. Jesus.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


I'm glad you're
living here now, right?

But you can't go
around telling people

you're my little sister.



- Why, Coco?
- Shut up.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Fuck. Unbelievable.

You don't want anything
to do with me either.


♪ ♪

(door bells jingle)

Told you. She's out of control.

If you had did what I had
asked you 17 years ago...

she wouldn't be out of control.

She'd have a decent life
with a decent fucking family.

Oh, so I'm that bad guy now?

'Cause I didn't give
up my granddaughter

to some fucking stranger?

I was going inside, Mom.

Looking at five years, you know?

Baby mama was a fucking
junkie. Adoption was the right thing.

And so was raising
her as my own.

Bullshit. The only reason
you pretended to be her mom

was so you could
get that welfare check.

Maybe I wanted another child

'cause the last one I
had is a piece of shit.

Then maybe you shouldn't
have let every diseased cock

in Fresno turn your old
gash into a cesspool.

♪ ♪

(door bells jingle)

Hey, I'm sorry. Uh...

I didn't want
this to turn into...

whatever the hell that
was in there, you know?


I just don't want
you to get hurt.

But you can't go around

telling people I'm
gonna fuck them up.



Can you give me a ride home

so I don't have to
listen to this crazy bitch?

Yeah. Give your
little girl a ride home.

Get in some daddy/daughter time.

What the fuck is
she talking about?

I'm your grandmother, kid.

Do the bastard math.

(car door opens, closes)

Is that true?



Puta desgraciada.

Hey! Hey, stop! Stop!

Whoa! What the hell you doing?

- Just drive.
- Uh...

(indistinct shouting in Spanish)

I'll suck your dick.

COCO: Puta desgraciada.

Leticia! Leticia!

(tires screech)

(horn honking)

(shouting in Spanish)

(cell phone rings)

Coco, Coco, Coco.

(foreboding music)

(high-pitched) Coco, Coco, Coco.

(faster) Coco, Coco, Coco.

Loco, loco, loco.

♪ ♪

(car door opens)

(Emily sighs)

When you marry into this life...

you make a choice...

Either you live
inside the circle...

you'll know everything
that happens,

you'll see everything...

♪ ♪

But to survive...

you have to feel nothing.

Or you can live
outside the circle...

♪ ♪

Know nothing...

and feel everything.

♪ ♪

And you chose outside.


♪ ♪

Because a child needs one
parent who's capable of love.

♪ ♪

I'm not inside anything, Dita.

This is about Cristobal.

I just want to help.

I understand that, but the
choices you make now...

♪ ♪

As simple or innocent
as they may seem...

they'll impact
your life forever.

♪ ♪

And the life of your family.

♪ ♪

(car door opens)

(grunts softly)

♪ ♪

- ¿Todo bien?

- Sí. Claro.
- (engine turning over)

♪ ♪

He said he was
gonna see you today.

He did.

EZ's in trouble, Felipe.
He needs your help.

He's got a decision to make,

and you have to push
him in the right direction.


EZ can make up his own mind.


You got a good
relationship with your boys.

I didn't have that.

My old man was a drunk.


You knew him.

A little.

I got shit to do.

At least with my old
man, I knew who he was.

I don't think EZ and Angel can
say the same thing about you.

Seems Felipe Reyes
didn't exist before 1985.

Coincidentally, the same
year you got married.

No birth records,

addresses, schooling.

Not a trace of you.

The only information I do have

is on your social
security number,

and oddly enough, that
belonged to a woman from El Paso.

She died in 1985.

My next step is to
reach out to a buddy

who works for Mexico's
General Prosecutor.

Have the PNR do a
facial-recognition search.

What are you doing?

You clocked a
covert DA surveillance

and almost took out
one of my agents.

Think I'm not
gonna look into that?

You don't know a
goddamn thing about me.

That seems to be the point here.

You need to help your son.

Convince him to
flip Emily Thomas.

It's the only thing that's
keeping him and this deal alive.

I can't make him do that.

I won't.

Yeah, you will...

because if you don't...

everything your sons
know and love about you...

And I'm guessing
their mother, too...

They're gonna
find out it's a lie...

and they'll never
trust you again.

I'll tear your family apart.

(engine turning over)

(tires screech)

(gags, vomits)

(car beeping)


access Alice's east cattle gate

from this side.

Then it's about 1/4
mile to the house.

BISHOP: Okay. Thank you.

(peaceful guitar music)

- Be careful.
- Yes.

♪ ♪

Creep, watch her.

Nothing happens to her.

♪ ♪

You keep eyes on the front.

- I'll take the rear.
- All right.

Come on.

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

(horse neighing)

♪ ♪

(cell phone beeps)

(cell phone buzzes)

TAZA: It looks quiet.

Just the pickup truck in front.

Shades are down.

I don't see no
shadows or movement.

There's no movement inside.

Might be empty.

TAZA: How do
you want to do this?

Maybe we should
ring the doorbell.

♪ ♪

-I like it. BISHOP: Okay.

We're going in.

♪ ♪

- Here we go.
- (horses neighing)

♪ ♪

- (gunshot)
- Jesus.

- (grunts)
- Son of a bitch.

(all breathing heavy)

Doorbell was a bad idea.

DENNIS: Fuck you!
- Shit.

That's Dennis.


Go! Through the back!

- Go, go!
- Go, go!

(suspenseful music)

(horses neighing)

♪ ♪

- (screaming)
- Down! Get down!

- (wails)
- Dennis.

We got him!

I want answers! Need him whole!

- Yeah!
- On me.

- Fuck.
- Shit.

♪ ♪

Kitchen's clear.

♪ ♪

Bedroom's clear.

♪ ♪

TAZA: Bishop.

(exhales slowly)

RIZ: Holy shit.

♪ ♪

COCO: Coalition's
out of commission.

(sighs) Fuck.

♪ ♪

(panting, whimpering)


ANGEL: Stop running!

What the hell are you doing?

He was shooting at us.

(gasping, groaning)

(stammers, crying)

Did you do all that?

Do what?

At the house.

What are you talking about?


(groans) It had to be Cole.

Jesus. Jesus Christ.

- Cole?
- Who's that?

- The guy outside the bar?
- (whimpers)

Where's my mom?

Cole... he the guy
buying the scripts

you guys been picking off?

Uh, it just... It
just started as...

we were shooting
illegals jumping the fence,

and then we found
the ones with the drugs.

How do I get a hold of Cole?


Look, I'm... I'm really
bleeding a lot here, guys.


Really bleeding a... (groans)

What are you doing?
Help me, please.

Where's Riz?

- (gunshot)
- Oh, shit.

He was gonna bleed out anyhow.

Tell Bishop that.

Maybe he got away.


ANGEL: We'll bury
him on Riz's property.

Take his finger.
We're gonna need it.


You're lucky it's
not a new phone.

You'd be cutting off his face.

(groans softly)



TAZA: Nothing
in the other rooms.

Alice... not here.

This was a
military-style execution.

It was neat.

No brass, no prints.

Someone's trying
to tie up loose ends.

And someone knew it
would be in our best interests

to make this go away.

Using us to clean up.

(door opens)

- It's us.
- Shit.



- Where's Dennis?
- I lost him.

- He got away.
- We heard shots.


He kept firing at us.

Freaked out.

Now we know why.

All right, pack 'em up.

We'll burn them
on the other side.

(somber music)

♪ ♪

(door opens)

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

(siren wailing in the distance)

♪ ♪

(band playing lively
mariachi music)

(indistinct chatter)

♪ ♪

WOMAN: Mucho gusto.
MIGUEL: Mi esposa.

EMILY: ¿Qué tal?
MIGUEL: Gusto verte.

(indistinct chatter in Spanish)

♪ ♪

-¿Conoces a mi esposa?
WOMAN: Buenas tardes.

(indistinct chatter in Spanish)

♪ ♪


Left two messages.

If the guy we want is
actually named Cole,

he'll know we're reaching out.

We don't know
nothing about this dude

except he's a
stone fucking killer.

If we don't find a buyer
for this heroin soon...

Los Olvidados will lose ground.

And without Adelita...

we don't have a
solution to Galindo.

And this whole play to
back the rebels falls apart.

And if the club finds out,

it'll be us on that couch
with a bullet in our head.

Maybe it's time to rethink this.

(wood snaps, both grunt)

- (groans)
- Shit.

(both cough)

You all right?

Jeez... (grunts)



It's a fucking tunnel.

A serious fucking tunnel!

(band playing festive
mariachi music)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

♪ ♪

(all murmuring)

(light acoustic guitar
playing cover "Sweet Jane")

♪ ♪

Está muerta. Está muerta.

Hermana Jane está muerta.

♪ Standing on the corner ♪

♪ ♪

Hermana Jane está muerta.

♪ Suitcase in my hand ♪

(overlapping chatter)

♪ Jack's in his car ♪

♪ Says to Jane
who's in her vest ♪

♪ "Me, babe, I'm in a
rock and roll band" ♪

- Emily! Emily!
- (people crying)

♪ Ridin' in a Stutz
Bearcat Jim ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Those were different times ♪

♪ And the poets
started rows of verse ♪

♪ ♪

♪ And all the ladies
rolled their eyes ♪

MAN: Hermana Jane está muerta...

(woman screams)

♪ Sweet Jane ♪

(crowd screaming and shouting)

♪ Sweet Jane ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Sweet Jane ♪

- (yelps)
- Emily!

-(gasps) MIGUEL: Emily!


♪ ♪

♪ Jack, he is a banker ♪

♪ And Jane, she is... ♪

Emily. Em?

Baby, stay with me.

You're okay.

I got you.

♪ And then they come
home from work ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Sweet Jane ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Sweet Jane ♪

(upbeat Western rock music)

♪ ♪