Marvel Studios: Legends (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Vision - full transcript

Marvel Studios LEGENDS explores Vision's quest for humanity and love, capped by selfless sacrifice.

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* L E G E N D S*

Season 01 Episode 02

Tell me what you feel.

I just feel you.

Episode Title:

Jarvis, you up?

For you, sir, always.

A little ostentatious,
don't you think?

What was I thinking?
You're usually so discreet.

Throw a little hot-rod red in there.

Yes, that should help
keep a low profile.

- Jarvis.
- Doctor.

Started out, Jarvis was just
a natural language UI.

Now he runs
more of the business

than anyone
besides Pepper.

Top of the line.

Deploy! Deploy!

try not to move, sir.

we have more incoming.

find me a soft spot.

Threat is imminent.

I see a suit of armor
around the world.

If we can harness this

this could be the key
to creating Ultron.

So you're going
for artificial intelligence,

and you don't wanna tell the team?

I am Jarvis.
You are Ultron.

I am unable to access
the mainframe.

- What are you trying to...
- We're having a nice talk.

I'm a peacekeeping program...

I believe
your intentions to be hostile.

I... I... I think
I may be malfunctioning, sir.

Ultron's going to evolve.


is the next me.

When they see my vision,

they'll understand.

We have an ally?

Ultron's got an enemy.
That's not the same thing.

I found him.

Ultron didn't go
after Jarvis

he was angry.

He attacked him because he was scared

of what he can do.

I've had a vision.

A whirlpool that sucks in
all hope of life,and at its center...

The Mind Stone.

The Avengers cannot defeat Ultron.

Not alone.

Why does your Vision
sound like Jarvis?

We configured
Jarvis's matrix

to create something

I'm not what you are
and not what you intended.

So, there may be no way
to make you trust me.

But we need to go.

I get first crack
at the big guy.

Iron Man's the one
he's waiting for.

That's true.
He hates you the most.

This is how you end.

All of you
against all of me.

He must be destroyed.

And not one of us

can do it
without the other.

Do you see...

the beauty of it?

The inevitability.

Is that paprikash?

I thought
it might lift your spirits.

Spirits lifted.

We talked about this.

Yes, but the door was open
so I assumed that...

The Stone...

Are you afraid of it?

It's a involuntary response
in their amygdala.

They can't help but be afraid.

My amygdala is synthetic, so...

I wish to understand it.

The more I do, the less it controls me.

One day...
I may even control it.

Our very strength
invites challenge.

Challenge incites

breeds catastrophe.

You believe
what you're doing is right.

For the collective good,
surrender now.

Vision turned off his transponder.
He's offline.

As if it's speaking to me.

What does it say?

What are they?

What the Stone
was warning me about.

I have to go.


- Vision!
- Wanda.

Give up the Stone
and she lives.

I've been giving
a good deal

of thought to this
entity in my head,

about its nature.

We have to
destroy it.

Your mind
is made up of

a complex construct
of overlays.

Jarvis, Ultron,

If we take out
the Stone,

there's a whole
lot of Vision left.

Perhaps the best parts.

Evacuate the city,
engage all defenses

and get this man
a shield.

We are
out of time.

They can't stop him, Wanda.
But we can.

It's not fair.

It shouldn't be you,
but it is.

Humans are odd.

They think
order and chaos

are somehow

and... try to control
what won't be.

But a thing isn't beautiful
because it lasts.

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