Marcella (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

Marcella has no time to lose as the killer has Edward. Following leads she races to the killer's house, but it empty except for a ringing phone. However, a premonition offers up clues, but can she get to her child before it is too late?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So that's two boys
killed, four years apart.

- What's happened?
- I don't think it's a single offender.

You wanted to see me, Mr Jones?

He's a child abuser and
you're giving him a kid!

- 'I don't like her.'
- 'Neither do I.'

I give young people jobs.

More than can be said
for some of you lot!

- Edward, it's not your fault.
- I shouldn't have left him.

Hello, Joel.

- I can't!
- Get help.

I don't know how!

- I need to talk to you.
- Is it Edward?


I've been offered a new
position in Singapore.


Two years to start with.

Well, you obviously
can't take it, can you?

I've already accepted.

I fly over the day after
tomorrow to look at apartments.

The whole family will be coming with me

- Becky and the kids.
- Oh, no, they won't!

Now, you're gonna give me
sole custody of the children.

Are you out of your mind?

I'll be gone for the next two weeks.

When I return, these
need to have been signed.

Otherwise, I'll tell
everyone about your blackouts

and you'll lose both
your job AND the kids.

Sign, and you'll at
least keep your job.

Are you threatening me?

You've always been a better detective
than you have been a mother, anyway.

You can stop right there.
It's never gonna happen.

Marcella, the kids stay with me and Becky
because they don't want to be with you.

You've not been a proper
mother to them for years!

And they probably don't want to admit
it, but I think they actually hate you.


Two weeks.

♪ The rise and fall ♪

♪ Of your god ♪

♪ Will tell me the story of your city ♪

♪ The rise and fall ♪

♪ Of your faith ♪

♪ Will show me the things
that I've been missing ♪

♪ Let this war begin ♪

Don't sit down. You're going out again.

The boy in the boot, Luke
Howell, 15 years old.

Reported missing by
foster parents Tuesday

- before last.
- Where'd he go missing?

They don't know. He was out
with a friend, Andrew,

and didn't return home.
Mark's looking into it.

"Shop-lifting, minor assault, vandalism."

He first came to our attention
when he was ten years old.

- 'Foster parents?'
- 'Yeah, check 'em out. Thanks.'

Did he live here long?

- Just over 18 months.
- And the night he went missing?

Sent me a text saying he was going
to the cinema with a friend.

Andrew. Do you know his surname?

- Is that his?
- Yeah.

It's new. He got it
from some charity thing.

And you believed that, did you?

Chose to believe it, yeah.

He wasn't very happy here, was he?

I don't think he would
be very happy anywhere.

He hadn't had an easy life.

We did what we could.

I'd have chucked them, if I'd known.

So you didn't choose to believe
that they were painkillers, then?

'A lot of foster parents
do a good job, you know.'

Yeah, I'm sure they do.

- Mine did. - Well, that's
good for you, then, isn't it?

I got the feeling you had
something against foster parents.

No, I've just got something
against bad parents.

What, cos you're so flawless
and perfect yourself?

- What do you mean? - You'd have to
be, going round judging other people!

Like I said, Charles, I apologise.

I hope the wonderful work you're
doing with my wife will continue.

Thank you. Bye.

How many more of these do I have to do?

Four more. Are you up for it?

Yeah! Having to apologise to
offended upper-class twats

was at the very top of
my "to do" list today(!)

It mean a lot to me that
you do, so, thank you.

Well, it's the very least
I can do, I suppose.


All I have to do now is make
all this other crap disappear.

Two of my major suppliers
are reviewing whether

they want to be associated
with me in the future.

- Vince...
- I'm not doing anything wrong.

You don't have to do
anything wrong to lose

if your opponent is stronger than you!

- And they are.
- I know. This affects you, too.

But trust me. I'll sort it.


- Same as the ones you found in Leo.
- Mm. It looks like it.

Oh, no -- wait.

This is new.

What the hell is that?

- A-hem.
- Sorry.

I've never seen anything
like them before.

Uh, this one

shares some similarities
with an Adinkra symbol

- and this one could be related to
Jainism. - What's Adinkra and Jainism?

Adinkra are West African visual
symbols from the early 19th century.

Jainism is one of the most ancient
religions, of Indian origin.

Do you know what they mean?

No. They share some
similarities, I said,

but I don't know.

So you don't know why anyone would put
them inside the body of a little boy?

That's where you found them?

Yes. They were surgically inserted,
just underneath the ribcage.


Can I hang on to these and discuss them

- with a colleague or two?
- Yeah, of course.

If you find anything, will you
call us? They've found Andrew.

Luke told his foster parents you were
at the cinema the night he went missing.

How do you know it was me?

We downloaded his
contacts from his phone.

Off the cloud. There was only one Andrew.

Where and when did you split up?

Brixton tube, around 11.

This club offers sexual services. Do you?


- How old are you?
- 19.

- Oh. You look younger.
- I know.

Did Luke ever work here?


He was only 15 years
old. Did you know that?

"Was" only 15?

- Is he dead?
- Yeah.

Was he mixed up in something?

Andrew, he's dead. He was adopted.
Probably abused and murdered.

Was he mixed up in anything?

Sometimes, clients...

Sometimes they'd want
someone who was younger.

A lot younger.

So I'd give them the nod.

Luke wanted to.

Do you recognise any of these men?


He's been here.

Our latest ultrasound!

What did she say?

My blood pressure's a bit high,
and I've got protein in my urine.

She took a lot of tests.

I asked.

What it is.

You were right -- it's a boy!



What's going on here?

No. No fucking way!

- Why are you doing this?
- Can I have your hands, please?

- Haven't you done enough?
- I don't think that's necessary.

Can I have your hands, please?

- Phil!
- It's all right. It'll be fine.

This has gone too bloody far!

- Look at the photo, please.
- I don't care what you think of me.

This amounts to an abuse of police power!

Never seen him before.


He works in the brothel.

You dressed him up as a schoolboy

and you wanted to pay him to have sex.

- But you thought he looked too old.
- Well, how old is he?

- 19. - So then what
is the fucking problem?

Or are you just looking
for something else

to leak to your friends in the press?

- 'Did he tell you off about Luke?'
- 'Who's Luke?'

'The boy who we found killed
in the boot of a car yesterday.'

How's it going?

He was just wondering
what the press were

doing outside his house -- and so am I!

Another body. Young boy.
Sex and the serial

killer. Christmas has
come early for them(!)

- No, that doesn't explain why
they were there. - No harm done.

So you're not gonna discipline her?


Marcella? We don't know it was her.

Oh, I think we do. But maybe your
"friendship" is a factor here.

We don't know it was her, DI Sangha.

Don't hurl accusations around.

There we go. OK?


There you are.


- Got any better ideas? - Quite honestly,
anything would be better than this!

- Such as?
- Something even vaguely resembling

what a respected businessman would do!

A respected businessman
would fire you for a

- comment like that! How many are here?
- Enough.

So let's do this.

Hello, everyone. Nice to see you.

You've been having a go at me, lately.

But I can take a fight,

as long as it's a fair fight
-- which this hasn't been.

If you think the terms of the
contract and wage levels here

are not good enough, too low,

that's a political problem.

Campaign to change them -- go on.

But don't name and shame
individual companies.

Don't name and shame me.

You've created some
kind of greedy monster.

And that's not who I am.

And I'm going to prove it to you.

In here is 20 grand.

Be my guest!

Get out the way!

Let's go.

We found damage to the brain.

When we started to look for
the origins, we found this.

A small hole in the skull
bone, just behind the eye.

Once we knew what we were
looking for, we found

the same damage in Leo
Priestley's skull.

A pointed object had been
inserted at the side of the eye

and pushed about five
centimetres into the brain.

Are you saying they've been lobotomised?

That's your cause of death.

If you're gonna kill
someone, why use lobotomy?

Maybe they weren't supposed to die.

Maybe he genuinely
wanted to lobotomise them.

But why would he want to do that?

People used to think it could
cure mental illnesses.

Yeah, but neither Leo or Luke had
ever been diagnosed with anything.

- And we've got these symbols. Do we
even know what they mean yet? - No.

- What the hell are we
dealing with here? - Right.

Phil Dawkins. Has he got
any medical training?

- No. I've checked.
- Have we shown him the

- symbols?
- We can't detain him, Marcella.

We've got nothing that disproves
his alibi for the bike accident,

the car dealership fire, his phone was
off and we found nothing on his computer.

We've got a link to Andrew. He said he
never brought Phil or Luke together.

And there's nothing that
links Luke's phone to Phil.

And quite frankly, your
stunt with the press has

not helped us. His
solicitor's all over it.

Wait here, will you?

Fuck off!

Let's go to a hotel.

Hey! What are you doing
alone? Where is everyone?

- Why aren't you with them?
- It's boring.

Are you all right?

I mean, really.

- About Leo. - I try not
to think about it that much.

When you were at home, you
said that you got scared.

- And that you shouldn't
have left him. - No.

What were you scared of?

Nothing. Why are you asking?

Because I've been thinking about it,

and I want to know
what you were scared of.

- Marcella.
- Yes?

Can I have a word?

- What, now?
- Please.

Sorry, I didn't know whether
to ring you or not...

Edward called Samantha late last night
and told her he'd killed one of his mice.

- He'd what? - "Squeezed
it to death", Samantha said.

Why would he do that, and why call your
daughter in the middle of the night?

Well, boyfriend and girlfriend,
the way they are at that age.

You didn't know?

- No.
- God,

you must have thought
I was completely mad

when I came round your
place the other night!

Anyway, Samantha was a bit worried
and I thought I should tell you.

Yeah. Thank you.

What did she want?

She said you'd squeezed your
mouse to death last night!

I didn't say that. I said I crushed
it. Stepped on it by accident.

Why do you always treat me
like I've done something wrong?

- I don't. - You do. Always
asking me these questions.

- For fuck's sake!
- Edward.

Will you come back here, now, please?

Go on, show her, Joel.

It may just be a muscle
memory or a nervous spasm.

No, he knew what he was
doing. I'm totally sure of it.

You spend a lot of time
with him. You feel involved.

Sometimes, we see what we want to see.


What are you..?

You didn't want her to know!

Can you turn that off, please?

Cheese, jalapeno and bacon,

mayonnaise and cheese rice.

And you're planning on
letting me eat that?

- You're angry.
- No, I'm more surprised, if I'm honest.

I mean, you were one of those
people down on the shop floor.

You made a pretty big deal
about still being one of them.

You've fought for everything
you've got, Vince,

and to hang on to it, at
any cost. And what happened?

I did exactly the same as you.

I handed out money to people who
needed it. What's the difference?

[The person you are calling is not a...]


Right. Shall we give it a try?






Hold on. Sorry.


Hi. Are you OK?

- I didn't see you in the...
- I thought, um...

Why didn't you tell me about Singapore?

Dad didn't want us to.

But I would have liked to
know. I've got a right to know

if he's planning to take you
half-way round the bloody world!

He asked us not to tell you.

It's tough, you know, when
you two hate each other.



I've... I've got to go.

- See you later, Mum.
- Bye.

- Jane... Um, did you drive here?
- No, we took the bus.

- Want a lift?
- That would be really kind of you.

I'm parked over there.

Are you ready to leave?
I've got all your stuff.

I don't think I ever want
to move back in here.

That's OK.

You can stay with me as long as you like.

Have you read about Phil?

Is there anything new?


Nothing at all.

That's good, isn't it?

I think about it, every day.

I know you do, too.


Things are what they are.

Come on.

We should leave.

Do you remember Belgrade?


It's just I missed you in Belgrade.

What?! What are you talking about?

You know. Then.

The tour.

Come on.

Let's go home.

- Thank you for the lift.
- No worries.

Would you like to come inside for
a cup of tea or a glass of wine?

I can't. I've got to go.

OK. I'll see you.

- Thanks again.
- You're welcome.

- Bye.
- Come on, sweetheart.


- Yep? - 'I'm getting out of
here. Fancy doing something?'

I don't know. I've had a
day I'd rather forget!

That can be arranged!


Alright. Come on. LeAnn.

Oh, here we go(!) What about her?

Exactly, "what about her?" Why
did you bring her on the team?

Why not?

She's good. She's bright,
she's self-motivated,

- she's you, 15 years ago!
- No, she is not!

You said that she was good. I was great
15 years ago, thank you very much!

Did I tell you Edward's got a girlfriend?

- Well, good for him!
- It would be if he'd told me about it!

Us boys don't tell our
mothers everything!

There's a difference between
not telling somebody something

and then treating them
like a complete stranger!

- Have you ever been to Singapore?
- No. Why?

Jason's talking about
taking the kids there.

- Here's to forgetting.
- Sorry.

Come on.

I'm sorry.

- I've got to go.
- What?!

Oh, no, please, come on.

I won't take about Ja...
Whatever his name is, I promise.

- It's work. - What do you mean,
it's work? We're on the same case.

No, the other work. The charity.

- Now?!
- Yeah, now.

I'm sorry.

Will you be all right?

Yeah, I will be.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- Well, isn't this nice!
- Well, you are welcome here any time.

I had an email this evening.

What, and you couldn't
just forward it to me?

The Department of Education is
withdrawing its grant of 300,000

from the Foundation.

Vince... has become a liability.



'Good stuff. You've been trying.

'Well done.

- 'Pretty boy, how you feeling?'
- 'Yeah, I'm good.'

I need to pee.

I can't do it if you're watching.

'A friend at work knows a
therapist who uses hypnosis.

'If you'd like her details?

'She has treated
dissociative amnesia before.'

'Are you feeling relaxed?'

I don't like people messing
around with my head.

We're just going to explore memories

that your conscious mind might
have hidden from you, that's all.

Concentrate on your breathing.

They'll be your memories.
I'll just guide you.

And since you're no longer
actually in that situation,

they'll be easier for you
to deal with afterwards.

Just give it a try.

That's it. Close your eyes.

When I start counting down, you go
back to the days the problems began.

The day you found Juliet.


.. four...

.. three...

.. two...

.. one. You are there.


Everything's fine.

You're fine. You're here.

It was a traumatic event. It was
always going to be difficult.

It didn't work! Why didn't it work?

You wouldn't allow yourself
to get close to that memory.

- You will remember, it's just going to
be a lengthy process. - It didn't work!

We'll start with more recent
fugues and work our way backwards,

- getting closer, step by step.
- I had one yesterday. I can start there.

I think we're finished for now, but
we have a place to start next time.

All right? How are you feeling?


Is he OK?


I'll be fine. You go to work.

Why don't you order some room service?

And if you need for anything...

.. you can ring me.

So, this is where we find
them, at Brixton tube station.

And then this camera...

is the last time we catch him.

After this, we've no idea where he goes.

Any cars you recognise in the area?

Any ANPR cameras?

None that we've found.

DS Backland.

Yes, this is Professor
Malvo from the university.

- 'You left some photos of
symbols with me.' - Yep.

I thought they could be
Adinkra or perhaps Jainism,

but the foundation of these particular
variants are essentially regional.

'That's why I didn't recognise them.

'It's not my area of expertise.'

Salem. North-east USA.

Late 17th century.

- Witchcraft?
- 'Yes. Well,'

evil, to be exact.

'They're all different symbols
for defending against evil.'

'Room service.'

Hold on.

Hang on.

Aren't you worried about your boyfriend

- abusing the baby?
- Leave me alone!

How does it feel to be pregnant
by a convicted paedophile?

Leave me alone!

Please, please, please, leave me alone!

Leave me alone!


Leave... Aghh...


No! Aghh!

Oh, no...

He isn't?

Oh, God, no!

No! No!



No! No!

Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Stop!



Please, stop!

Stop! Stop!

Please help me!


I've just received these
from the professor.

I mean, lobotomies, symbols against evil.

It's not sounding like a
paedophile ring, is it?

We need to widen the search. This
looks like some sort of cult or sect.

Mark's on to it, but so far, there's
no connection between the two.

Why are you looking at that again?

I don't know. There's
just something about it.

There you go. He's just
crossing the road.

The most ordinary thing in the world,

but it's the last time he'll ever do it.

Everything our kids do
could be for the last time.

'Cos we can't always be
there to protect them.'

♪ The rise and fall ♪

♪ Of your god ♪

♪ Will tell me the story of your city ♪

♪ The rise and fall ♪

♪ Of your faith ♪

♪ Will show me the things
that I've been missing ♪

♪ Let this war begin ♪