Marcella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Mo holds the police responsible for Hassan being shot, Marcella finally gets the information she has been seeking regarding the death of Grace and deliveryman Ronnie is about to make the mistake of his life.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thanks, John.

Sorry to disappoint you.

- How did you disappoint me?
- You failed.


I'll be convicted of attempted murder.

And the Grove Park killings
remain unsolved.

- You think?
- I know.

Don't insult me with new evidence
or shit like that.

We've known each other too long
for charades.

Eleven years.

So, what did she do? Your wife?

What, you mean professionally?

Why did you kill her?

She was gonna leave.

Replace me.

Have you ever been replaced, Marcella?

Given someone everything...

only to find out that someone else
can do it better

so they just throw you away?

It's crushing.

People break up all the time.

He left you.

For someone else.

- You just don't kill them for it.
- Some do.

How did you celebrate this morning?

- When we caught you?
- No.


It is her birthday today, isn't it?

- Marcella was right.
- The original victims from 2005.

If you look, tape wound
around their necks clockwise.

Now, you come to the recent victims,
all of them...

anticlockwise. We should've seen it.

Boss? I... I've cracked it.

Sex tape thing. Cara Thomas?

- The threat with a knife.
- We know which one.


So, I extracted the ghost code
from the cam program.

They were using this masking algorithm

that changes the IP address
every couple of hours.

- That's why it took so long.
- Ugh.

I used a live trace route
to track it.

- And--
- Standing ovation, Mark.

Where did you track it to?

Mrs. Claire Shaw.


Kinky sex?

I'm sorry. I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I'm not into
all that weird sex camera stuff.

I traced the IP address to your house.

I have no idea what an IP address is.

It stands for internet protocol address.

- It's the number--
- Mark.

Mrs. Shaw, does anyone else
have access to your computer?

No, no one. Just me.

Why? What have they done?

Has someone been having sex
in my computer?

No employees?

- No one else has access to it?
- No.

We're a really small business.
I've got nothing to do with this.

I can barely turn a computer on
without crashing it.

And yet, you run a business
through a website.

Well, that's not me.
That's my computer man.

Matthew Neil. I make his life a misery.

Mrs. Claire Shaw.
How do you know her?

Claire Shaw? She's my client.

And what services do you provide
for her?

Website, server, set up her e-mail.

And fielding calls, several times a month.

Why do you ask? Has she done something?

- This is a police matter.
- Yeah, I figured.

But what has she done?

Several times a month?
What, has there been problems?

Has there been anything but problems?

Viruses, malware.
Trojan horses, spyware. You name it.

Oh. Is it The Destroyer?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay, yeah.
She's an idiot.

If her connection's vulnerable
to external attacks

it would be easy
for someone to pose as her.

Especially someone trying
to hide their activity.

Hijack her IP.
That's pretty straightforward.

- That's something you could do?
- Yeah.

So could I.

But it wouldn't be good for business.



Does it turn you on?

The scent. Does it give you a hard-on?

Or do you need to tie people up
and watch them die for that?

Maddy associates that smell with Adrian.

So even if you bought it for her,
it would only remind her of him.

- Who's Adrian?
- The young man you tried to replace.

Peter. You're not very good
with women, are you?

Is that why they leave you?

Use you, like Maddy did?

- And look who's talking, eh?
- I managed 15 years with Jason.

With your wife, you only managed two.

What is it? Is it...

Is it because...

you have performance problems?

Is that what this is about?
Can't you get it up?

We found the place you killed Adrian.

We traced his phone
to the last place he answered a call.

And your DNA's all mixed up in his blood.

You should've stuck to your MO.
Far less messy.

Traditional Polish sausage.

Hope you like.

Been in a fight, then, Bendek?

- Your knuckles and the--
- And the bloody towel in the washing.

I was in a fight.

I'm sorry.


Racist guy.

Stole my money and then he got mad.

Because I quit my job.

I'm sorry.

All right.

You okay?

Yeah. Just got up a little too quick.

Right, then. I've got a meeting to get to.

Joanne, Dennis, Jennifer.

All these victims. So long ago.

You know you're gonna get life
for the murder of Adrian, don't you?

And then you'll just be forgotten.

- Maddy won't forget me.
- Oh, she will.

She was only interested
in who she thought you were.

- Not some... pisspot copycat murderer.
- There's more to me than that.

- Is there?
- Yes.

I thought you were gonna go down
in history.

Was I wrong to be obsessed with you?

You know, I kept your case file.

And every now and then I'd be fascinated
and I'd take a look.

- What a waste of time that was.
- Yep.

You were right to be obsessed.

Was I?

You see, I understand you.

How you feel about being betrayed.

I'm not like that.

- I wouldn't betray you.
- You men, you're all the same.

Big, fat fucking disappointment.

You can admire and respect me.

I'd admire someone who got away
with murder for 11 years.

I'd respect that.

But it's not you.

You're weak.

You're a failure.

That's what's disappointing.




It was me.

I did it.

I killed them.

Can I have your attention?
We now consider the 2005 killings solved.

He has confessed.

Okay. End of celebration.
We've got a killer to catch.


So, it was only 2005.

Yes. Tell me we've got some good news.

If the computer trail's dead,
we've got nothing on that key card.

- The trophy from Grace.
- If there was one, we haven't found it.

- We've got a maniac out there.
- I know. We're back to square one.

This is your investigation,
but back to square one is not an option.

I only need what you have
on the planning department in Lambeth.

Andrew Barnes. Yes.

I want to stop him
blocking DTG's planning proposals.

Mr. Backland.

- Victoria.
- Shall we?

Hi. I believe you know Stuart Callaghan.

Yeah. I did the Blackthorn job
for Gibson's last year.

That's right.

Stuart's been our man
in the field on this one.

Well, shall we?

on the Lambeth Planning Department.

I pay you to get me leverage.

Now I need some on Andrew Barnes.

He's clean.
Maybe it's because his wife was an MP.

The others
in the department are more vulnerable.

I don't give a shit
about the others.

I need more on Andrew Barnes
than just taking antidepressants.

You employ us to gather
strategic intelligence, Mr. Backland.

We can't find what isn't there.

- Well, that went well.
- Didn't it.

Mr. Backland.


Look. I'm really sorry
that you're disappointed.

This Andrew Barnes.
Is he an imminent problem for you?

Not just at DTG
but for me personally, yes.


I wish I could do more but it's the SIA.

What we can and can't do
is heavily regulated.

I don't care about regulations.
I pay you to get rid of my problems.

Okay. Well,
I might be able to help you with that.

Not officially, you know?
Not through the firm.

Fine. Then just do it.

And give me a call when it's done.


I think I understand.


Hey, you, miss. You...
You remember me?


I was... I was thinking about
that night you asked me about.


I remember seeing someone.

Leaving the house. A woman.

- What?
- She came out...

backed up her car, put something
into the boot before she left.

- I thought you were sleeping.
- I was asleep.

But I woke up.

And I saw her.

Long, dark coat with the hood up.

- The car was a black Audi.
- What do you want?


- What do you want?
- I want to help you.

To tell you.

Thanks. Thanks, Hassan.

Why are you late?

I told the police what you saw.


To help.

- A woman was killed there.
- Are you crazy?

- This is what their help looks like.
- Mohammed, they don't do that here.

I just gave them information. Come on.

And what if they want someone to testify?

If they do, they do.

So that's it?

They are going to come back for you,
to both of us.

You've ruined the whole operation.

- I am off.
- Working part-time now, are we?

Yann called. He said he's got a surprise.

Well, say hi for me.

If it's a shitty surprise,
I'm up for some fun later.

- Lambeth.
- You've been fired.

How did you get in?

I can help you put this project
back together.

So, why would you want to help me?

Believe me, it's Plan B.

You just can't stand being away,
can you?

You have to be involved.

You need the legal side of things covered.
You've got till Monday.

And you would know this how?

Being informed is
what Sylvie used to pay me for.

And I can help you deal
with Andrew Barnes.

Have you heard anything new
about Grace?


Do you think it's Cullen?

I know it is.

From Marcella.

Your wife is investigating the murder
of my sister?

Can I talk to her?

Bring me in on Lambeth.
I want full credit for my work.


Okay, let's go.

- Sorry I'm late, princess.
- That's okay, Dad.

Mum says you're always late.
I know you had to work.

Well, I've got a little more work to do.

But... Who'd like to do deliveries?

- Me.
- And Mr. Sniffles?

Yes. If I can have a carrot afterwards.

That sounds fair. Seatbelt.


- You know Henry Gibson.
- Hi.


Can I have a word, please? Upstairs.

What's that?

He just wants to know where you're at.

Tell him what you told me.
That it was Cullen.

It wasn't.

I haven't got a clue who it is.

When were you gonna tell me?

Calling you about who didn't kill
your girlfriend isn't exactly my priority.

Well, tell him something.
I'm trying to get my job back.

And I wanna keep mine.

Hey. I'm sorry. I don't know
what he's promised you, but...

- It's highly inappropriate.
- I understand. Just one thing.

Why did he move my sister?

- I don't know.
- He didn't move any of the others. So...

I'm sorry. This is... Yep.

- Thank you. Good luck.
- Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't help more.

So, you're just gonna leave?


I can't go back to that.

Darling Juliet. Happy birthday, sweetie.

So, have you heard anything
more from the police?

Should I have?

IT crimes. So boring.


What? I don't get it.

Well, this is where we had
our first dinner in London.

And I have made them copy everything.

You know, the food, the wine for you,
the same table.


You remember what we had?

Yeah. Course I do.

- Crazy.
- Come on.

Go on.


Seven to three.

What's that?

That's how many times
you've talked about Henry

and how many times you've talked
about me or us during dinner.

What are you doing counting?

It's just that I really
made an effort tonight.

Yeah, you did.

So why-- Why destroy it?

It's just that you talk about him
all the time.

Yeah, I do. He's my best friend.
And he's going through difficult times.

So are we.

I moved away from everything.

From my daughter...

from my job, everything,
to be here with you.

Not to be here with you and Henry.

What are you doing?

- Going to have some fun.
- Don't do this.


Hey! Hassan! You asleep?


I thought you drove here.

- I've been at a Premier Lodge.
- Wife kicked you out?

Ha, ha. Very funny.

Mark's hacker friend
managed to extract information

from that card we found
in the old guy's garden.

- From a Premier Lodge?
- Yes.

And it retains information
until it's reprogrammed.

I've got the name
of the last person who used it.

Sit up.

Bendek Krol?


Size 10?

- Sorry?
- Your shoe size. Size 10.

- 43.
- What's that? A UK nine?

Thirty-seven-- Yeah, so nine.

Why I'm here?

Before you moved in with
the Callaghans, where were you living?

With friends.

And then at some cheap hotel.

What did you do
with the key card of your hotel room?

I think I put it in a bowl
on the counter.

- Why?
- You didn't take it with you.

I just said.

- I put it in a bowl on the counter.
- No.

You said you thought you put it
in a bowl on the counter.


I did.

Can you please tell me
what you were doing on those dates?

I can't.

I'm not keeping a diary.

What about these images?

Do you recognize any of these people?

They are dead.

I recognize them from the paper.

The landlady couldn't give him an alibi

for the attempted attack on Walter Davies.

- And he's been in a fight recently.
- With who?

Some employer,
she doesn't know who or when.

Find out. See if we can hold him on GBH
if we don't get anything else.

- Okay.
- Why do you think you're here?

Size nine footprints were found
at the scene of an attempted murder

along with your key card.

And your arrival into the UK coincides
with five separate killings.

Do you wanna try and remember
just that little bit harder?

You're late.

Come in. She's taking a nap.
Do you want a cuppa?

Your daughter made them.

May was a little worried today.

She must've overheard something
at her mum's.

What was she saying?

That Mum wasn't gonna
let her see Dad any more.

Look, Ronnie. I can loan you the money
to make up defaulted payments.

Thanks, but you're already babysitting
for free.

And that'll be another debt.

But I won't take May away from you
if you don't pay me.

No, I need to fix this myself.

But thank you.

What happened?

Witness saw it parked here last night.

It was still here this morning
so he had a look. Driver's shot.

- Hassan El-Sayed?
- Yep.

- That's why we got it.
- You said he didn't see anything.

He didn't.

He was outside Gibson's house
the night she died and now he's dead?

We don't think that's a coincidence?

No, we don't.

He's dead.

I found him dead.

- I don't know.

He went to speak to the police
and now he's dead.

I'm going to find out who did this.

Just thinking of a picture
for the funeral.

Do you have a favorite?


I think you should probably choose.


We have sorted Lambeth.

Green space, sustainability,

And we still make more
than decent money.

- You and Jason?
- Me and Jason.

Couldn't have done it without him.

It stays on schedule and there's
no grounds for Andrew Barnes or anyone

to blacklist us from future projects.

Well, that's wonderful.

Wonderful enough?

Then I'll be on my way.

Thank you.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Mm-hm.

You bringing Jason Backland back.

- Who'd have thought it?
- He offered his services.

But I used him.

You're the one bringing him back.

Talk to me about Krol.

He doesn't remember his whereabouts
for the murders.

Premier Lodge are gonna send over
the CCTV from their reception

from when the key card was last used.

I... I checked out the dead taxi guy.

You're not good with names, are you, Mark?

I am, but when I say a name,
like Hassan El-Sayed,

people usually go, "Who's that?"

Then I have to explain
that's the dead taxi guy.

- I'm just being quick.
- What about the taxi driver?

Right. Hassan El-Sayed.

Born in Morocco, 1986.

Comes to the UK in 2004.

He's granted UK citizenship in 2009.

He works at Canalside Cabs,
as we know.

He was also hired by Camden Station Cabs.

- So he was ambitious.
- That's what I thought.

And then I looked into his family.
His brother, Mohammed El-Sayed,

he comes to the UK
about a year ago on a tourist visa.

That ran out four months ago.

And there's no record of him
leaving the country.

Around about the same time

that Hassan takes the second job
at the second cab firm.

So, I checked the night we know
he was working,

the night he was
outside Grace Gibson's house.

He took out a cab from each company.

Okay. So we've got... two drivers.

One licensed.
His brother was driving the other one.

And that explains why he didn't see
anything at Grace Gibson's.

- He wasn't there.
- Potential eyewitness.

He's here illegally,
so he won't come in willingly.

So, let's find him.
He might've seen our killer.

It's freezing, isn't it?

You're so beautiful.

Yes. I'll have some of this.

What do you mean?

Thank you, baby.

Thank you, okay?
I'm gonna go back in. Okay?

Be careful with that, yeah?

Excuse me, miss.
What have you got there?

Come on. You'd better come with me.

- Leave me alone.
- Come on.

If you've cleared your bill,
you don't need to wait in line.

You just put your key card
in that bowl.

Right... now.

Confirming what he said,
Bendek Krol drops his key off.

But, look. Seconds later...

- This guy takes a key out of the bowl.
- Is there another angle?


Look at me.

- Look at me. I need to see his face.
- He knows where the cameras are.

He's our suspected killer,
who dropped the card at Walter Davies'.

- Yeah.
- Oh, fuck!

Remember Lea Coombes?

Yeah. Cara's flatmate.

Cara's flatmate. She's here.

Cara gave you this as a present?

Didn't realize it was stolen.
I thought it was a proper gift.

As in one she actually picked out
and paid for, like a normal person.

Do you know if she stole anything
from anyone else around that time?

Yeah. A watch and some earrings.

And a bracelet, I think.

You said the person
she stole from was dangerous.

Thanks very much, Lea.
You can go now.

Thanks. And take care, okay?

The trophies from the pawn shop.

Yeah. So...

Cara sleeps with a killer, steals a
necklace and is killed because of it.

Provided that is Grace's.

She had cocaine
in her bloodstream when she died.

If we can prove it's Grace's necklace,
she must've been murdered by our killer.

Think it could be hers?

If I'm lucky.

Please, please.

Please, God. Please, God.

I didn't do it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. It wasn't me.

Sweet dreams, princess.

Jason Backland.

- Jason.
- Yeah, hi, Stuart. What is it?

I got rid of your Lambeth problem.

Andrew Barnes.

I spoke to DTG earlier. It's sorted. So--

What do you mean, got rid of?

- Just what you asked me to do.
- Stuart, what--?



May! Princess?