Marcella (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Grace's disappearance plunges the Gibson family into a state of panic, while Marcella scours CCTV footage trying to make sense of the events of the previous evening. Meanwhile, Cara's thievery puts her in danger.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Last night?
- Yes.

Last time was four years ago, right?

When my daughter, Emma,
she went missing at the shopping center.

Three incidents and few prior to that.

The first, of course,
was with little Juliet.


Last time, you were quite violent.

Do you have a feeling
that that might have happened again?


I don't know, maybe.

I can arrange a CAT scan,
but we found nothing wrong the last time.

We think these episodes are triggered
by extreme stress.

My husband left me.


- That's been affecting me.
- Mm-hm.


How long would you say
you were in that state on this occasion?


The first time was an hour
and the second time was a bit longer.

I was driving.

It's happened twice?

Yeah. The first one was...
closer to the breakup.


Am I going to remember what I've done?


Perhaps some fragments.

You didn't get memories back
from previous incidents?


If you were to talk to someone who--

No. No, no. No one can know.

No one must know.

DTG Construction.

Hi. I'd like to speak
to Grace Gibson, please.

One moment, please.

Grace Gibson's office.

Hi. Can I speak to Grace Gibson?

I'm sorry, she's in a meeting.

- Who can I say called?
- Um...

It's okay. I'll call back. Thanks.

Hi. This is Grace Gibson.
I'm unavailable right now.

Leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Grace, you're late.

Hope you're on your way.

Still no answer.

Postpone the meeting.

It's pointless without Grace.

- Henry?
- Yeah?

Go over to her house.

Why? She's just late.


I'm gonna grab some air.
I'll try her again.

Do you want to come along?

- What, to Grace's?
- Mm.

Now, why would I do that?

I'm assuming you've got the keys,
if nothing else.

Yeah. I know.

It's okay.



Grace, are you here?

She here?



Hey, I'm just heading home.
I'm about to check out.

Uh... One or two hours?

All right. Love you.


Marcella Backland. Sorry I'm late.

You're meeting with Peter Cullen,
aren't you?

Why are you interested in Peter?

His name's come up
as part of an investigation.

What investigation?

I can help you.

He trusts me.

I hope you don't trust him.

Why are you meeting Peter?

I'm studying a master's degree
in Investigative Forensic Psychology.

I'm writing on domestic violence
that results in death.

So, you know he's a very dangerous man.

Has he talked about the period of time
before he killed his wife?

We've talked about his early years.

- The early crimes?
- No.

Has he committed any?

Where'd you meet?

Sometimes in the open prison,
sometimes in town.


- Him or me?
- Him?

No. He's always got a bloke with him.

The guy who runs the bakery.

So, as far as you're aware,
he's never left unattended?

Yeah. That's right.

- Hi.
- Hello, Steve.

Hey, Ashley,
the chief super is looking for you.

- Mrs. Gibson?
- Yes.

DI Tim Williamson. You wanted to see me?

The man in the reception said

it had to be 24 hours
before you could do anything?

Yeah, that's normal procedure

unless there's evidence
a crime's been committed.

Well, she didn't take her wallet,
keys or phone.

No clothes are missing.
Her car is still in the drive.

What more do you need?

- When did you last see her?
- Yesterday.

How did she seem?

Usual self.

What, she wasn't depressed,
upset about something?

- No.
- Was she on any medication? Taking drugs?


She gone missing before?

No. Never.

Can you think of any reason
why she might do so?

I want you to start looking
into this immediately.

That's not how this works.

You know who we are?

- It doesn't matter.
- I think you'll find it does.

I'll need to take this up with my boss.

Then let's do that. I'll come with you.


Those from another Sinnr date?

- Yeah. Worked really hard for them.
- I bet you did.

Look, if you're married and you cheat,
you deserve it, okay?


Forensic report
from Benjamin Williams' flat.

Same plastic bag, tape, cable, ties.
The lot. No DNA or fingerprints yet.

Have we got yours?

- Sorry?
- Have we got your DNA on file?

You attend crime scenes, Marcella.
Get it done.

There was nothing on the CCTV
from the shop.

Camera was in the wrong angle.

Didn't pick up anyone going in or out.

There's nothing about anyone breaking in.
Did they let him in?

They don't have to let him in.
They just open the door.

He shoves them inside
and then closes the door behind him.

No, the victims were found
a long way from the front door.

No signs of struggle.

He's already there when they get home.

You're late.

Client called so I popped in
on the way.


- Hey.
- Hey.

- They're all there.
- I wasn't counting.

Oh, yeah?

Did you get my message?


My text about Grace Gibson?

No. What?

She's gone missing.

I thought of giving him a call,
see if he wants to meet up.


You just got home.

I'm... gonna go lay down for a bit.

Didn't really sleep last night.

Noisy hotel.



Just give me a nudge
when the food's ready.








I heard about you being back.

- It's good to see you.
- And you. How are you?

- How are the kids? Jason?
- I'm good.

Emma's 13. Edward's 11.

Both at boarding school.
I don't get to see them much.

- That must be tough.
- Yeah, it was Jason's idea.

- And Jason? Is he still at Gibson's?
- Yeah, why?

I'm heading over there.
Grace Gibson's gone missing.

She's been gone one night,
but we're looking into it.

- Do they know what happened?
- Nothing, most likely,

I'm gonna spend hours arriving
at that conclusion.

Listen, we should get lunch or something,
catch up soon.

Yeah. That'd be great.

- Great seeing you.
- You, too.

Henry Gibson? DI Tim Williamson.

Have you found her?

We haven't,
but about your sister's disappearance--

Half-sister. Same father.

I see. Your mother--
Well, your stepmother said

that you were at Grace's house
this morning.

Yeah, that's right.

Was there anything
that gave you cause for concern?

Sorry, like what?

Object missing.
Something having been moved.

Signs of someone having been there?

No. No.

I've not been to her place very often,

so you should probably talk to Jason.

Backland. The head of Legal.
He was with me.

They're, um...

They're in a relationship.

- Really?
- Yeah.

But no one here knows,
and Sylvie wouldn't approve.

- Maybe you could keep that to yourself?
- Grace told you?

Mm. Yeah.

We tell each other most things.

Well, then I've come to the right person.

Has there been any news?


Can I get you anything?

- Cup of tea?
- No, thank you.

I ought to go back to work.

We can manage a day without you.

Do you think it has anything to do
with the company?

Maybe she's been kidnapped.
You hear about that.

- We're not in South America.
- We have assets.

I don't want to speculate
and neither should you.

- Mark, have you got a second?
- Sure.

CCTV wasn't really that big
when I was here before.

- Well, what do you need?
- Um...

Access to the films.

Any specific area?

No, not really. I just wanna learn.

Okay. All right,
we start at the beginning.

Rule one, never work with the originals.

You always...

There's been an assault. Masked man
inside a flat when the owner came home.

- No signs of forced entry.
- What happened?

The perpetrator ran off

when he was stabbed in the shoulder
with scissors.

Take Alex with you
and find out what you can.

- What did she want?
- To know how CCTV works.

Any particular aspect?

- No. Just in general.
- Marcella.

Will you give me a minute?

When you find out, let me know.


Got it.
We'll send a uniform shortly.

Okay, thanks.


Three. Three-fifty. All right?

Thanks, mate.

Oi, Lea.

How about a lot of drinks?

On me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Is he here?
- Yeah, he's downstairs.

Okay. Thanks.

Sorry I'm late.

It doesn't matter, you're here now.
That's the main thing.

Well, you said it would be worth it.

The police had a talk with me today.



Someone called Marcella Backland.

What does she want?

She wanted to know about our meetings.

Why does she want to know
about our meetings?

She is persecuting me.

Harassing me.

Because of what you did to your wife?

Or... is it something else?

The police are here.
They wanna talk to you.

- Police?
- Yeah.

Uniformed officers.

- One minute.
- I don't think they're gonna wait.

Just... Just one minute, okay?


You know, I can tell you a lot more
the next time we meet.

When will that be?


What's the boyfriend gonna say about you
meeting up with me?

I haven't got one.

Now, get going.

I'll give you a call soon.


Thanks for coming in.
You can find your own way out?


What are you doing here?

Colleague of mine has gone missing.

Grace. Sylvie's daughter.

Why are they talking to you?

They're... questioning everyone.

- Do they know what happened?
- Not yet.

Look, I've got to get back.

Um... The weekend
when the kids get back from school,

do you wanna come over and talk?

I know we should, but I'm up to my eyes
and then there's Grace.

You know her well?

She's on the Executive Committee.

I've worked with her for years.
It affects me.

Of course.

Let's talk some other time.


You don't give up.

- Why would I?
- 'Cause you're wrong.

You know I didn't have to come.

Take your shirt off.


'Cause I want you to.


You'd have to arrest me.

Bring some kind of charge
and make it official.

Use force.

Only for that,
you'd have to have a lot more to go on.

Not on firm ground, are you, Marcella?

I don't know,
you seem a bit... desperate.

Coming down to the bakery.

Talking to Maddy.

Asking her questions.

All right, Peter.

All right.

Don't touch me. Please.

You told the police about Grace and me.

Yes, I did.

There was a reason
we were keeping it secret.

Don't worry,
I haven't said a word to Her Majesty.

Do you know where she is?

- How could I?
- 'Cause you're sleeping with her.

Don't you think
I would have said something?

Yeah. Yeah, of course. You, um...


Sorry. I'm just worried.

- Hiya.
- Hey.

- Have you found Grace Gibson?
- We haven't.

This is about something else.
Could I come in?


- Can I get you anything?
- No, I'm fine.

- Beer?
- No, thanks, really.

Um... What do you want?

Well, I'm not supposed to say,
it's just I felt that...


What is it?

Jason came up in the investigation
into Grace Gibson's disappearance.

They, uh...

Well, they were in a relationship.

Yeah. I thought as much.

I just didn't know who.

He said you were separated.


Yeah, you could say that.

He took me out for dinner.

In the middle of the main course,
he told me that he was leaving me.

So, I wouldn't make a fuss, but I did.

And then he put me in a taxi
and he went back to work.

So, if you examine his car
and you find dents and broken glass,

that'll be me.

Don't know what to say.

Do you want that beer now?

Yes, please.

Henry, mate, good to see you.


I'm hardly to be
the most entertaining company, I'm afraid.

We can be worried together, huh?


Best case scenario,
she's just lying low somewhere.

I'm sure. She's probably fine.

Did I tell you that a woman
in my AA group that went missing?

Carol Fincher?

- She was gone for seven weeks.
- Don't.

They found her when her body
started oozing through the floor

- into the shop below.
- Please shut up.

What? We're talking
about people who are missing.

We weren't talking about people.
We were talking about Grace.



Excuse me.



Can you wait for the money
till next month?

It's not a loan.

Things have been slow this month.

- You know what I can do?
- No.

I can-- Don't interrupt me.
I can give you a job.

At the company. A real job.

A consultancy, not a charity in disguise.

We're looking for an IT guy right now.
You in?

Yeah. All right.

Thanks. Again.

Hey. Hey.

It's all right.

We gotta help each other.

And Grace was trying to help me
before she... disappeared.

And I blew up with her.

Dude, she'll be back.


There you are.

You left these in the bar.

Any idea how many drinks get spiked
in pubs?

Are we in danger?

Don't you have to be prettier and younger
and a woman?

No. Plenty of crazies out there.

Oh, Yann.

- Yeah.
- Yann?


- It's just like the good old days.

The case.

It's taking over.

- Peter Cullen?
- I know it's him.

Don't be too sure.

It's not a bad idea to take a step back
now and then.

That's not really me, is it?

I know. But maybe this time,
it should be--

It's not the same.
The Hexton case was different.

That was different.



I should get going.

- Thanks for the beer.
- Do you wanna stay?


But I'm not going to.

Why'd you come?

'Cause I care about you.
And that's why I'm going.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Earrings, bracelet.
Your mate's got the watch.

That's all she sold me.

Yeah, it's Carol Fincher's.
This, Harper's.

Benjamin Williams's watch.

Brother recognizes it
and the inscription confirms it.

Who sold you this?

- A girl.
- What girl?

She's supposed to show you
some form of ID, isn't she?

Well, yeah, but--

- Do you know her name?
- No.

But you have seen her, haven't you?

Identifying this woman
is top priority.

What do we know? Mark.

She may have been in trouble before.

Got the guy from the pawnshop
looking through mug shots.

We're trying to get fingerprints off
the bracelet, the watch, the earrings.

Good. She's now our lead suspect.

Serial killers don't take trophies
to sell them.

- They've got a different value.
- How do you explain this jewelry?

She stole them from him.

If that's the case,
the killer's gonna try and find her.

Well, then make sure
we find her first.

Hi. What would you like?


I'm not gonna hurt myself,
so you can forget about that.

I like you, too.

You don't know what I smell like.

Is this to pick up Peter Cullen yesterday?

- Yes.
- On what grounds?

I wanted to talk to him.

If you want to talk to someone,
we ask them to come in and see us.

- He's involved.
- You don't know that.

The murders began when he got in touch
with the outside world.

He's supervised constantly.

He's been seeing a psychologist in prison.
I've read his report.

He's filed a complaint
for harassment. His lawyers are involved.

- We have no grounds to continue.
- Yes, we do.

Peter shows signs
of a personality disorder.

- And that means?
- An unstable self-image.

He switches rapidly
between emotional states

and demonstrates intense rage
that's out of all proportion to the case.

Dominant traits,
intense fear of abandonment

and inability to handle rejection.

I'm sorry, that's not enough.

Stay away from Cullen. No contact.

Can I show him this? See how he responds?

We weren't asking for a favor.

Stay away from him.

I am so sorry
this has happened.

Why aren't you both here?

Because Dad's at work. He's busy.

Are we going to be living
in two different places now?

Yeah, probably.

But that doesn't mean we're not gonna
spend time together.

- We're still your parents.
- Are you sad?

Of course I'm sad.

So, this wasn't your idea?

He left you.

Didn't he?

He left you.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

Things like this just happen sometimes.

Has he met someone else?


So, he just had enough?


Would you like it
if I talked to the school

and asked if you can come home with me
for a few days?

No, thanks.

I'm good.


I guess I'd rather stay here, too.

You don't wanna come home with Mummy?

Hey, come here. It's okay.



Since when have we started using that?

- Are you all right?
- Mm-hm.


- Some guy threatened to kill me.
- Who?

Someone I'd nicked stuff from.
He threatened me on the webcam.

They chat a load of shit online.
He's not gonna do anything in person.

He doesn't know who you are, does he?

There are eight million people
in London, Cara.

- No way he can ever find out who you are.
- Yeah.

Are you my husband's girlfriend?

You should speak to Jason.

Are you seeing my husband?

Look at me!

You should speak to Jason.
Calm-- Calm down.

I wanna hear it from you.
Are you seeing my fucking husband?

I don't have anything to say.
Speak to Jason.

Come on.


You're a fucking liar!
Stay away from me!

Look at me!