Mannix (1967–1975): Season 3, Episode 18 - Harlequin's Gold - full transcript

Mannix is hired by a bank to search for Paul Gantry, an Australian sailor who stands to inherit a sizable sum of money. To find him, Mannix goes under cover at the waterfront posing as a sailor looking for any of his "shipmates" from a recently sunken freighter, the Harlequin, on which Gantry served as one of the crew. As Mannix learns more information about the case, however, he comes to have doubts about whether Gantry really stands to collect the inheritance as his client informed him.

♪ ♪

(jazz playing)

Hey, anybody here
from the Harlequin?

You here again?

Shove off, Admiral.

(slurring): There's
gotta be somebody left...

besides me.

Eh, give me a shot
of bourbon, uh, neat.

Can you pay for it?

Oh, I can pay for it.

a lot of bread, Admiral.

Where'd you steal it?

Hey, mate, I earned that money.

Earned it juicing the
engines on the old Harlequin.

Now she's gone.

Here we go again.

She went down about four
months ago off New Zealand.

Yeah, I know, I know.

How'd you know?

You been in here
yakking about it all week.

And we're tired of hearing it.

Well... Now, clam up or get out.

Now, listen, I got 200 bucks.

Give it to anyone who can find
me one of my shipmates alive.

I don't care who.

Danny McGraw, Paul Gantry,

good old Ernie Wells, Atkins,

Bycek. I don't care, they're
a great bunch of guys.

They can't all be dead.

Just can't be dead.

Well, you just tell them I
got 200 bucks for them.

Just spread the word
around, okay, mate?

Yeah, sure, Admiral.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

(door opens, shuts)

How about that bankroll, mate?

I, uh, want no trouble, mate.

Hurry up, hurry up!


If you must play trick or treat,

why pick this neighborhood?


Now, what time is it?

1:45. Oh, good.

The bank will still be open.

Let's go.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

May I help you?

My name is Mannix.

I'd like to see Mr. Stewart.

Is he expecting you?

No, but I think he'll see me.

May I ask, um, what you
want to see him about?

A million dollars.

(door closes)

Mr. Mannix, I've been
waiting to hear from you.

Come in, come in.

Any luck?

Not yet.

(sighs) I can't understand it.

A million dollars and we
can't even give it away.

Do you think you're ever
going to find him, Mr. Mannix?

Oh, I'm beginning to think that

maybe he went down
with the Harlequin.

Well, in that case, we'll
need proof of his death.

His uncle's will names
him as sole beneficiary.

Well, look, Mr. Stewart,
I've checked the union halls,

the rosters on every
freighter in the harbor,

checked every flophouse
and gin mill on the waterfront.

Nobody ever heard
of Paul Gantry.

Well, I can only repeat what
I've been told, Mr. Mannix.

According to the
bank in Australia,

Gantry was seen wandering
around Melbourne last month.

He purchased an airline
ticket to Los Angeles

by way of Fiji and Honolulu.

Yeah, I know.

Why is he hiding?

I haven't the vaguest idea.

Does he have a criminal record?

No, I don't think so.

Remember, we're operating merely

as the instrument of
the bank in Australia.

They have the money waiting.

Is anybody else looking for him?

No, not that I know of.

Then why am I being followed?


Yeah, some clown
has been on my tail

for the past three days.

That is strange.

Gantry, perhaps?


No, the description
doesn't fit Gantry.

Look, Mr. Stewart,

I'm going to have to have
more information about him.

His enemies,
friends, personal life.

Well, perhaps
Mr. Klegg can help you.


Garrett Klegg.

He handles the Gantry
family's business affairs.

Where can I find him?

♪ ♪


Mr. Klegg aboard?

My name is Mannix.

You're right on time, love.

He's expecting you.

He's in the main cabin.

Mind the varnish, mate.


Mr. Klegg?

Oh, Mr. Mannix.

Would you care for a drink?

No, thanks, it's a little early.

Mr. Stewart tells me
you're being followed.

Have you any idea who it is?

No, but that may be the reason
Gantry's playing hard to get.

Tell me, uh, has he been
in any kind of trouble?

I never met the lad.

My only interest in this is
to settle his uncle's estate.

And frankly, the
sooner the better.

I've got other clients
that need my attention.

Uh, I understand that he was
seen in Melbourne last month.

Do you know anything about that?

Ah, yes, apparently

one of the local banks
did some investigating.

They learned he visited
his girlfriend in Melbourne.

Is she still there?

Far as I know.

Something sinful about
an empty glass, Angel.

His girlfriend may
be the bait we need.

Can you tell me
anything about her?

My, uh, secretary handled
all that correspondence.


Well, um, her name
is Sheila Sprague.

Lives and works in Melbourne.

Gantry was quite smitten
with her, I understand,

before he, um, disappeared.

And, um, that's about all.

Well, it's not much,
but then it might help.

Well, I hope so.

I hate to think of
a million dollars

just sitting there
gathering dust.

Heavens, that is a
melancholy thought.


Oh, well, anything else

we can do for you,
just let us know.


He doesn't half know
his chess, does he?


You know, love, I believe Mannix

will find our Mr. Gantry.

He knows you've
been on his tail.

I'm sorry, Skipper, I...

Oh, no problem, lad.

It just shows our Mannix
knows what he's about.


Wagner, step in here a minute!

I've got a job for you.

(phone ringing)

Mr. Mannix's office.

Oh, yes, just one
moment, please.

Overseas Operator from Melbourne

about your call
to Sheila Sprague.


Yes, I called about
Miss Sprague.

Well, is there a
referral number?

No, no. Never mind.
Thank you, Operator.

Well, her phone's
been disconnected

and they can't locate her
anywhere in Melbourne.

Maybe she's with Paul Gantry.

If he exists at all.

Who do we know in Melbourne?

Not a soul.

I'd sure like to know
more about that girl.

Who she is, what she's like...




She works at R & I down
at Police Headquarters.

She Australian?

No, but she could cable
the Melbourne Police

and make it seem
all very, very official.

Oh, sure.

Lieutenant Tobias
would love us for that.

Well, he wouldn't have to know.

I mean, why
shouldn't he help us?

After all, he's a
public servant.


Okay, look, you get
Gloria started on that.

And I'll drop Sheila's name
down around the waterfront.

If Gantry's there, that ought
to bring him out of hiding.

What about your other calls?


Harry Agar called
three times today.

Who's Agar?

Bay-Shore Insurance Company.

Oh, yeah, well, uh...
tell him to forget it, huh?

Tell him I've become
a very bad risk.

(door closes)

Lookin' for a girl
named Sheila Sprague.

Any of you know anybody
that knows where she is,

have them call that number, huh?


(jazz playing)

It's about time you showed up.

Yeah, why?

Well, you still paying that 200?

You know something?

Well, there's a guy.

He's been asking for you.

Who is he?

Ah, two bills, remember?


Okay, half now. Half
when I see the man.

Well, his name is Agar.

Harry Agar.


Yeah, he said you'd
know where to find him.


(door opening)

Oh, Operator, I'd
like the phone number

of the Bay-Shore
Insurance Company.

I'm sorry, Operator, I
didn't get that number.

I didn't hear you.



(line ringing)

♪ ♪

(man groaning)

What happened?

Did you see who did it?

Take it easy. I'll send
for an ambulance.

♪ ♪


You swing a mean cane, Gantry.

The name is Gray. Patrick Gray.


And I'm Mother Goose.

Spelled M-A-N-N-I-X. Mannix.

Private investigator.

The, uh, the other
bloke, the one in the alley,

he was hired by Garrett Klegg.

Who's your benefactor?

Well, now, if your name was
Paul Gantry, I might tell you.

Gantry, is it?

Well, now, I might just
be able to find him for you.

Well, if you do, call me.

Get off it, Mannix!

You been up and
down this waterfront

talking up a storm
about Sheila Sprague.

What's your
business with Sheila?

Ask Gantry.

I'm asking you.

Is she all right?

Has anything happened to Sheila?

You'd better talk, Mannix!

Because if anything's
happened to Sheila,

so help me, I'm going to...

I don't know what's bugging you.

But you'd better decide
who your friends are,

and when you do, you
know where to find me.

(door shuts)

Are you sure you
haven't seen him?

It's very important.

All right, thank you.

I've been calling
all over town for you.

Yeah, why?

Well, Toby's got this
Cub Scout meeting,

and I promised
him that I would...

Well, what are you waiting for?

Oh, and Harry Agar called again.

He said you and he are
looking for the same man.

Paul Gantry?

He said he's on
his way over here.

He wants to discuss it with you.


Right away. This evening.

Is there anything I can do?

Yeah, get to that Cub
Scout meeting on time.

(chuckles) Good night, Joe.

MANNIX: Memo to Mr. H.T.
Stewart, Westland National Bank...

I believe I've
found Paul Gantry.

He's living at a
waterfront flophouse

called the Harbor Manor,
under the name of Patrick Gray.

The man in question fits
the description of Mr. Gantry,

however he has
limited use of his left leg

and his left arm is
amputated above the elbow.

His awkward movements
lead me to believe

that his handicaps
are of recent origin.

There are a number of
possibilities to consider...

GANTRY: Consider
sharks, Mr. Mannix.

Hungry sharks.

Come in, Mr. Gantry,
or is it still Patrick Gray?

Paul Gantry, first mate aboard
the late, lamented Harlequin

and her sole survivor.

Now, what's all
this about Sheila?

I was just using her as bait to
lure you out of the woodwork.

You've inherited one
million Australian dollars.

You're sure she's all right?

Hmm. As far as I know.

You're being pretty
casual, aren't you,

about your inheritance?

After all, that's
one million dollars.

Oh, stow it, Mannix.

It's a poor joke.

It happens to be true.

Your uncle Ambrose
Gantry left it to you.

The money's in a
bank in Australia.

I never had an Uncle
Ambrose or any other uncle,

for that matter.

Well, anyway, the
money's there, in your name.

I've seen the letter.

You can fight it out
with the bank tomorrow.

I'll fight it out with the
bank, if I'm still alive.

Don't you see, Mannix?

It's a trap. There's
no inheritance.

They're using you to find me.

They? Who are they?

If I say any more,

your neck will be on
the block next to mine.


Maybe I can save both our necks.

Try me.


Tell me about the Harlequin.

Australian freighter, sailing
under Panamanian registry.

She was sunk and her entire
crew was lost, except for you.

Now somebody wants to kill you.

Something must have
happened aboard the Harlequin.

What was it?

First night out, the whole crew
was struck with food poisoning.

Every one of us
sick, dead or dying.

Then the goon squad came
out of nowhere and took over.

You mean piracy?

I mean mass murder, Mr. Mannix.

They pitched us all
overboard to the sharks.

All of us, 17 men.

It's a sight I'll
carry to my grave.

Somehow, I got washed ashore

not far from a
village near Auckland.

My left arm were gone.

Was out of my mind for weeks.

When I came to, I heard
that the Harlequin had sunk.

What was her cargo?

A few million dollars
worth of gold bullion.

They scuttled the Harlequin.

That's why the sharks
are still after me.

To get rid of the last witness.

How did you find out
they were after you?

Last month I was able
to go home to Melbourne.

On my way to see
Sheila, I got shot at.

The taxi was wrecked.

I managed to escape. Here I am.


Why haven't you reported this?

Because the sharks would
make Sheila their target.

I know 'em.

They'd do to her what
they couldn't do to me.

So, now you know, Mannix.

And now you're part of it.

(car approaching)

(tires squealing)


Did anybody see what happened?

I did.

He was crossing the street
and this black car came

right around the
corner and hit him.

(bystanders murmuring)

Is he dead? Yeah.

Who was he?

Harry Agar.

He was on his way to see me.

Hello, Operator, get me
the police department.

Lieutenant Tobias in Homicide.


I've got some business for you.

A man was killed
outside my building.

Hit and run.

No, it wasn't an accident!

I know because my tape
recorder's missing, too!

(siren wailing)

(tires screech)

(indistinct radio transmission)

All right, Charlie, see if
you can find any witnesses.

Mac, keep these people
clear for the ambulance.

Well, sir, I believe this
lady can help you here.

(siren approaching)


What happened, Joe?

Well, I'm not sure.

I heard the screech
of the brakes.

I ran out to see
what was going on.

I came back and my
tape recorder was gone.

Did you see the car?

Well, I caught a glimpse
of it through the window.

A dark sedan. That's
about all I could tell you.

What was on the tape recorder?

A case I'm working on.

Do you think it had anything
to do with Harry Agar's death?


Maybe we'd better
talk some more, Joe.

(siren wailing)

How well did you
know Harry Agar?

Just that he was
an insurance man.

Never met him.

We knew him.

He was an insurance
investigator, and a good one.

He worked for one of those
marine insurance firms.


Yeah, you know, boats, yachts.



What do you know
about this, Joe?

Agar was coming to see me.

He had some information.

Apparently, he had too much.

What's the case?

Sorry, Adam.

Look, Harry Agar was
killed coming to see you.

You claim it was no accident.

Your tape recorder's stolen,

and now you're
withholding information.

I don't want to be the
cause of any more killings.

Look, there's a nice
guy dead out there.

Oh, come on, Adam,
don't lean on me.

As soon as I can, I'll
tell you the whole story.

Do you have any idea
who you're looking for?

Yeah, the guy that
stole my tape recorder.

MANNIX: Memo to Mr. H.T.
Stewart, Westland National Bank...

I believe I have
found Paul Gantry.

He's living in a
waterfront flophouse called

the Harbor Manor under
the name of Patrick Gray.

The man in question
fits Gantry's description.

However, he has
limited use of his left leg,

and his left arm is
amputated above the elbow.

His awkward movements lead me

to believe that his
handicaps are of recent origin.

There are a number of
possibilities to consider.

GANTRY: Consider
sharks, Mr. Mannix.

Hungry sharks.

Sounds like Gantry's voice.

It did, indeed.

MANNIX: There are a number
of possibilities to consider.

GANTRY: Consider
sharks, Mr. Mannix.

Hungry sharks.

It's Gantry, all right.

He's in there with Mannix, and
you waste your time on Agar!

Skipper, we had to.

Agar saw me in the
car outside the building.

Anyway, it was an accident.

He's been investigating
the Harlequin.

If he and Mannix ever
got to comparing notes...

That would have been sticky.

He's a good man, that Mannix.

Served us quite well.

Seems a shame, doesn't it?

A shame?

To end such an
illustrious career.

Oh, Garrett, I do wish
you wouldn't talk like that!

Nobody lives forever, Angel.

You'll see that Mannix and
Gantry are no exceptions,

won't you, lads?

Take care of Gantry first.


Who is it?

It's Mannix. Open up.

Got to get you out of here.

Somebody stole my tape
recorder, and it'll tell them

exactly where to find you.

The sharks again.

When they smell blood,
there's no stopping them.

I'm running out of
places to hide, Mannix.

Where can I go from here?

To the police.

You're out of your ruddy skull!

At least they can protect you.


If I tell the police anything,

I'd be signing
Sheila's death warrant!

My silence is the only
thing that's keeping her alive!

Now look, Klegg
killed your shipmates!

You can't let him
get away with it!

Now we can go to the police

and let them start
an investigation.

Didn't you hear me?!

Sheila would be murdered, too!

Gantry, you can't
keep running forever!

And she can't
keep hiding forever!

It's all my fault.

Your life's in jeopardy,

Sheila's under constant
threat, all because of me.

No one has the right to cause
such human misery, Mannix.

What do you want to do, sit here

and wait for Klegg's
men to find you?!

(slams suitcase shut)

You'll wind up dead!

Small loss, all
things considered.

Sheila can do
far better than me.

Oh, stop feeling
sorry for yourself.

Now let's get out of here.

A girl like that deserves more

than a waterlogged,
broken-down mariner.

Best I could offer her would be
a sheep station in the Outback.

Not much of a life for
a girl like that now, is it?

But we could put down
roots, raise a family, maybe.

Lord knows I'd
be good to that girl.

She'd know she was
loved, Mannix. She'd...

All right, all right, let's go.

Maybe the police can
keep the sharks away.

But one thing:

I don't say a word
about the Harlequin.

All right, here we are.

It's 2:00 in the morning.
Everybody's tired and sleepy.

What's so important, Joe?

Well, uh, Mr. Gantry has
some interesting information.

It might lead to Harry
Agar's murderer.

That true, Gantry?

There's one problem, Adam.

Mr. Gantry has
absolutely no desire

to cooperate with the police.

Oh, come on, Joe, it's late.

If you want to play games,
how about tomorrow?

Wait a minute. Look, look, I
got him here and it wasn't easy.

Now, uh, the rest is up to you.

It's your legal right to
remain silent, Gantry.

You needn't answer any questions
without advice of an attorney.

Don't bother about lawyers.

I told Mannix I'm
talking to no one.

Afraid you'll be implicated?

It isn't that.

Well, what is it then?

You're protecting someone, huh?

You know who it is, Joe?

Yeah, but I can't tell you.

I told him I thought
he was foolish, but...

well, it's up to him.

Then what are we all doing here?

Well, he's in danger.
I want him protected.

How long can you hold
him for questioning?

24 hours, and that's all, Joe.

Beautiful, That's all I need.

For what?


(door shuts)


Mr. Mannix's office.

MANNIX: Morning, Peggy.


I'm at the Panamanian
Consulate checking out freighters.

I'll be about a half an hour.

Anything new?

No, no, nothing.

You're sure?

Peggy, you still there?

I'm here, Joe.

Well, look, uh,

Klegg's musclemen may
be around looking for me.

I'll check with you later, huh?

Half an hour. Plenty of time.

I'll take care of him.

And I'll take care
of the little lady.

Mr. Klegg wants
to see you, Mannix.

(tires screech)

♪ ♪

Morning, love.

Want some company?

Ah, Mannix, welcome
aboard, lad, welcome.

Too bad Mr. Gantry
couldn't be here.

We're planning to put to sea.

Oh, you're not going
anywhere, Klegg.

You'd have to get
rid of both of us.

Both Gantry and I know what
happened aboard the Harlequin.

Oh, a terrible thing, that.

But how does it affect me?

Harlequin, owned by
an Australian corporation.

The principal
stockholder Garrett Klegg.

Now why in the blue-eyed
blazes would I want

to sink me own ship?

For the cargo;
a fortune in gold,

which you already have.

Plus all of the insurance
money you hope to collect.

That's a nice nest egg.

Enough for you to
put up a million dollars

in a phony will
to get to Gantry.

Why don't you bring
Mr. Gantry here?

We could sit down,
discuss it like gentlemen.


You're really in no
position to refuse, you know.

If anything happens
to me, Klegg,

Gantry will tell the
whole story to the police.

Oh, I don't think he'd do that.

Cares too much for that
girl of his in Melbourne.

Can't say that I blame
him. She's a charming...

As a matter of fact, Gantry
is with the police right now.

You know, Mannix, I'm
almost inclined to believe you.

Still, I think I can persuade
you to bring Mr. Gantry here.

No chance.

You see, Klegg, you don't
have a Sheila Sprague

to hang over my head.

Oh, that's true.

In a way.


Come along, Mannix.

Take it off.

This might do the trick.

Has a child at
home, I understand.

Relax, Mannix.

She's asleep.

Just a mild sedative.

No unpleasant
aftereffects, I assure you.

Unless... well,
put it this way...

I want Gantry here
within 12 hours.

You will cooperate,
won't you, lad?

Adam, you told me you were
going to hold Gantry for 24 hours.

Downstairs, they
tell me he's gone!

Please come in, Joe.

Where is he?!

He refused to talk.

He refused an attorney.

He just sat there like a mummy.

And you released him?

Yes, about ten minutes ago.

All I could do.

Joe, I had no charges.

He said he was tired...

Tired of hiding,
jumping at shadows,

tired of causing misery
to everyone around him.

Well, Adam, he's on his
way to getting himself killed.

All right, Joe!

Maybe, you'll tell us
about this case now, huh?

(pounds desk)

Well, he witnessed a
mass murder at sea.

He's been hiding for weeks.

He didn't want to tell anybody,

because he's protecting
somebody in Melbourne.

Sheila Sprague?

(opens desk drawer)

How did you know that?

We got a picture.

Courtesy of the Melbourne
Police Department.

You know, they found that thing

in a display case
in a penny arcade,

a take-your-own
picture kind of place.

You're sure this
is Sheila Sprague?

That's what Melbourne told us.

And next time, I'll thank Peggy

not to use this department
as a clearinghouse.

You know what he's doing,
Adam? He's gonna give himself up.

He's gonna get himself
murdered to protect this...

two-faced, little... Joe!

Stay out of it, Adam!

You'll get Peggy killed!


Joe Mannix just left. Tail him.

We'll be in a car
right behind you.

You keep in touch with me.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Where's Klegg?

He'll be right with you, chum.

Never fear.


You gave us quite a run for it.

♪ ♪

Well, well, well, Mr. Gantry.

Welcome, lad, welcome.

How nice of you to stop by.

Stow the happy talk, Klegg.

Let's get on with it.

And this time, the sharks
can finish the job, right?


It all sounds a bit too easy.

You and Mannix haven't cooked up

some mischievous little
charade, now, have you?

Mannix is your problem.

I'm here, aren't I?

So you are. So you are.

Tell me one thing,
Klegg: is Sheila all right?

Of course she is, lad.

No reason why she shouldn't be.

You won't harm her?

Harm her?

Good heavens,
that's the last thing

in the world I'd want to do.

I wish I could
believe you, Klegg.

You have my word.

You're a courageous man, Gantry.

You must love
that girl very much.

Such loyalty should
not go unrewarded.

When you're decent, Angel,

step in, would you?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


You all right?

Just kind of sleepy.

I want you to get ashore.

What about you?

Come on.

SHEILA: Hello, Paul.


What's she doing here?

I thought you said that she...

She's here of her
own accord, Gantry.

You're a liar!

Ask her.

Please don't look
so tragic, Paul.

Garrett and I met in Melbourne

when he came
around looking for you.

You and Klegg?

Simply a matter
of options, Paul.

Did I want to spend my life

on a grimy sheep ranch, or this?

Don't be angry with me, love.

I'm allergic to wool, anyway.

And mink is much nicer.

Don't talk like
that; it's not you!

But it is, Paul.

You know what it's like when
you've been at sea too long

and you see a-a fish and
you think it's a mermaid?

You, you see a woman,
you think she's Juliet.

Do you know why
Garrett calls me Angel?

Tell him, darling.

Because she's anything but.

That's it, Paul.

He sees me as I am,
not as-as something

carved out of
starlight and poetry.

To think I've been in hiding all
these weeks to keep you alive.

To stop you from getting hurt.



Hold on!


(Gantry grunting)

Hold it!

Gantry! Gantry!

Listen to me!

Gantry! Gantry!

(sirens wailing)

(tires screeching)

All right, come on, Sheila.

You're a part of all of this.




Let go of her.

She's not responsible
for any of this.

I know she isn't.

She was about
to let them kill you.


No, she wouldn't.

I know she wouldn't.

Tell him, Sheila.

Tell him.

SHEILA: You poor,
poor sailor boy.

It's Klegg's fault.

He changed her.

You're not the Sheila I knew.

Face it, Paul... She's
one of the sharks.

♪ ♪

(theme music playing)