Mannix (1967–1975): Season 3, Episode 1 - Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly - full transcript

Brad Turner, a young black man who is an old friend of Peggy's, shows up at her door one night with his friend Jimmy Whitewing, who is part Indian. They were in a liquor store when it was ...

♪ ♪


You see that?


A liquor store... still open.

Oh... beautiful!

Sir, around the block, please.

Drink up.



There she blows.

Paleface, halt and desist!


(stifled chuckle)

Don't wait, buddy.

I think we found a home.

(suitcases clattering)

(soft chuckle)

(bottles tinkling)

(bottles tinkling)

(rhythmic tinkling)

(both laughing loudly)

Evening. Evening. You okay?



STOREKEEPER: Come on, now.

Hold it! Hold it!

(boys laughing)

I said hold it, there!

Come on, knock it off there now.

(glass shattering)

Operator, get me
the police, please.

Hey, sorry, man.

Let's settle up the damage.

I mean it. How much?

Fifty dollars.


Ah, yes.


It kicks, Teddy.

MAN: Freeze!

Show's over.

Now down on your knees.

Hands behind your head.

Not you. Register.

Hands behind your head.

Okay, Ted.

(cash register bell rings)

Thank you.

(bills crinkling)

(bills crinkling)



Come on! Tawn!

Come on! Come on!


You okay?

(groaning): I think, yeah.

Let's go!


Let's go.


(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(siren blaring)

(siren fading)

(siren blaring)

(knocking on door)

PEGGY: Who is it?

(insistent knocking)

Who is it?

Brad Hopkins.


Open up, Peg, please.


Bad trouble, Peg.

My friend's hurt.

Well, come in, come in.

Here, sit down, sit down.


He's been... he's been shot.

Help him! (coughs)

Details come later.

I'll get my coat.
We'll go for a doctor.

No, no, no doctors.

You want us to leave,
we'll go, but no doctors.

(shallow breathing)

I'll check and see
what supplies I've got.

(phone rings)


Joe, can you come
over right away?

I've got trouble.

I'll be right over.

I'll be through in a minute.

He gonna be able to travel?

He'll lose more
blood if he does.

Lose a lot more if he don't.


How you making it, Indian?

Feels like somebody stuck
a red-hot rebar in my guts.

Are you a full-blooded Indian?

Full-blooded half-breed.

(laughs) (laughs)


Ah, there.

It's been a long time, Brad.

Where've you been?

Other side of the world.

A couple of Arab
countries busting with oil.

Doing what?

Building projects.

Big, beautiful housing blocks.

(knocking on door)


You fink on us, Peg? No.

Go find yourself a hole.

There's liable to be shooting.

Brad, it's not the police.

I swear it's not.

Oh, Mannix, come in. Peggy.

He's not a doctor,
but you need help.

You clean?

Come on, Hiawatha,
let's split now.

MANNIX: Now, hold up.

Maybe I can help. Let's talk.

Till the cops come?

If I'd called the cops,
they'd be here now.

Who is he?

He's my boss and he doesn't lie.

Why should you help us?

You're a friend of Peggy's?

Since I was a kid.

That's reason enough.

Oh, oh, man.

(car door closes)

Now, you go back in there,

and you work out
the rest of your shift.



Kitch asks any questions,

you were just out for
a breath of air, huh?

And you never saw me.

Sure, Elgie.

Now you, uh, work
tomorrow night,

and the night after,
and you don't panic.

And don't run away, okay?

You said it would be fun.

You believe it?

The way it all happened?


Yeah, I think I do.

Now, uh, that boy,

the one that was
doing all the shooting,

what did you say
he called the girl?

It sounded like... like "Dawn."

Dawn. Yeah.

And, uh, she was wearing
a costume under her coat?

Well, it's hard
to tell these days,

but it was fringe.

Where do we go from here?

To the police.

(groans): Oh... (chuckles)


You went through all
of this to tell us that?

There's no other way.

You run now,

and you're only gonna
get yourself in deeper.

You mean turn
ourselves in, just like that?

Write our autograph
on the station wall.

But you already have.

You left your luggage in the
store with your names on it.

Now we just go to the police,
tell them exactly what happened

and let them go to work on it.

Now, this way,
what you're doing...

You're gonna let the
killer get away clean.

And right away they're
gonna believe some black man

and a drunken Indian and go
off tracking a couple of whiteys

nobody's seen but us?

Believe me, it's the
only hope you have.

Now you'd better
give me that gun.


Okay, both of you, over here!

Now, Brad, come on
now, use your head.

You run now and you'll
never get out of this.

I never was out of it.

Funny thing.

Coming in on that
plane, I forgot...

We forgot...

What it was like back
here for people like us.

We were just two Americans
happy to be coming back home.

Real funny, huh?

Come on.

In the closet.

(door rattling)

(siren wailing)


Is that for us?

They're all for us now.

Let's move!

Double homicide.

Both D.O.A.

You, uh, handling
the case, Adam?

Everybody's handling it.

Haven't you heard
who was killed?

Gar Reed's son. Mm-hmm.

And heir.


Why would a tycoon's son

be in on a two-bit
liquor store robbery?

Sort of puts a
crimp in the story

your boys told, doesn't it, Joe?

Well, he was
evidently a customer

who got caught in the middle.

His car was parked outside.

He had the keys in his pocket.

So, uh, you're going
to do nothing about it?

Well, we will check
it out, you know.

That just isn't the end of it.

Look, Adam, those
boys are running scared.

You going to wait
until one of them

is hurt or killed in a chase?

That's up to them!

Right now they're prime beef

by evidence and witness.

Witness?! Yeah, the
liquor store owner's wife.

Adam, she didn't see
them shoot anybody.

And she didn't see
anybody else in the store!

She didn't see
anybody come out of it,

and she didn't see
anybody around it!

I'm sorry, Joe,

but they're the boys I want.

Did you hear who was killed
in that robbery last night?

Yeah, Teddy Reed.

I was running a check on him.

Just a quiet, inconspicuous
kid, but lately he's been

running around with a
wild one called Elgin Boyd.

Want some coffee?

Yeah, about half a cup.

Boyd, huh?

Same residence area.

Same per capita status.

And his description
fits what Brad told us

about Teddy Reed's accomplice.

Oh, he's a nice kid.

You got anything on his
whereabouts last night?

Not yet.

Do you want me to work on it?

Uh, no, I'll take it from here.

Have you heard anything
from, uh, Brad and Jimmy?

No... nothing.


You making it, Indian?

(sighs) I can handle it.

Say the word, we find a doctor.


That's the quickest
way to get grabbed.

Let me live with it.

Just figure a way
to get us out of here.

Only chance I see
is, uh, we hop a ship.

They won't leave
the harbors open.

They can't put a
man on every boat.

Yeah, but they
can notify them all.

I think we can get a ticket
if we pay enough grease.

How much cash you got left?

Not enough. You?


Is it too late?

You wait here and
get all the rest you can.

Where're you going?

To get us some grease.

BOYD: Who's here?

WOMAN (over
intercom): A Mr. Mannix.

Says he's a private detective.

Are you in?

Send him in.

Mr. Mannix?

Please, sit down.

You're a... private detective?


That's very interesting.

Now, how can I help you?

Did you kill two
people last night?


Anybody in particular?

Your best friend for one.

Teddy Reed.

Maybe I ought to slug you.

Maybe you ought to
answer the question.

I don't have to
tell you a thing.

It's terrible about Teddy.

A rotten shame.

I hadn't seen him in a week.

Where were you last night?



Not exactly.

Mind, uh, giving me her name?

That's privileged.

Reputation to protect.

Go on, Mr. Mannix, really,
really, I'm enjoying this.

What else would you
like to know about me?

Oh, I know everything else.

Your mother died
when you were 15.

Your father's been buying
you out of scrapes ever since.

You were kicked
out of six schools.

You were mixed up in
assaults and burglaries.

You've messed up the
lives of at least four girls.

And I strongly suspect
you of being a murderer.



Well, you're right to the
point, huh, Mr. Mannix?

I thought you private eyes

caught the bad guys
with tricky maneuvers.

You made them
outsmart themselves.

You already have.

You were so brilliant,

you forgot to think
of a decent alibi.

You say you were
here last night?

I think I can break the story.

Go ahead.

You won't prove anything.

It already did.

Mr. Mannix...

Let's talk deal.

What's your price?

How much?

As much as it takes to save
two boys who are on the run

for something you did.

May I help you?


You're closing your account?

That's what it says.

Excuse me.


Are hundreds all right?


One hundred...

two hundred... three hundred.

BRAD: Hey, what
are you guys doing?

Hey, this must be a mistake.

I'm just making a withdrawal.

What are you doing?

Operator, this is KG 6-21-14.

Get me 555-6644.

(phone ringing)

Mr. Mannix's office.

I've just been with Elgin Boyd.

I'm sure he's the one we want.

Did he admit it?

Just about. I'm
following him now.

I needled him so bad,

I think he's ready to
close up the loose ends.

What about the girl?

I think he's heading
for her right now.

Stand by, Peggy.
I'll check with you.


(door opening)

That address you followed
Elgin Boyd to, it's rented

to a man by the name
of James Kitchener, and

he's a nightclub operator with
a place called the Experiment.

Complete with dancers.

And dancers wear costumes.


Could be our girl.
(phone ringing)

Mr. Mannix's office.

Oh, I see.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

What's the matter?

(sighs) They just
picked up Brad.

Tell me some more
about your, uh, your plan.

We figured we'd pool our money,

start a construction firm.

Yeah, did you have enough?

Two years full wages.

Well, we drew just a few dollars

token pay each week.

That sounds like you
could make it work.

We'd have to start small,

but we have a good
knowledge of the crafts.

And, uh, I'm just
a vehicle operator,

but I can read blueprints,

and Jimmy's an iron worker.

So, you, you build
them high, huh?

Is that how you put it?


Where is Jimmy White Wing?

No, no.

Brad, you had a good dream.

Don't you want to
see it come true?

Don't snow me
now, Mr. Policeman.

No way now.

Brad, listen:

There's an old saying, "Where
there's life, there's hope."

You want to see
your friend dead?


Well, he's out there
in a hole somewhere

with a bullet wound in his side.

How long do you
think he can hold out?

Rather that than
rotting in prison

for something he didn't do.

Listen, Brad, what happens

if we find the people
that you say did it?


We're not ruling
anything out, you know.

What happens? What
happens if we find those people?

After you let Jimmy die?


(dance music playing)

(patrons chattering)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Penny for the jukebox?

Keeps her dancing.

Um, anybody else do the dancing?

We have two other
girls coming on later.

One of them called Dawn?

Dawn? Mm-hmm.

You mean Tawny.


Yeah, she comes on at 7:00.

Wait around.

I'll do that.


Is, uh, Tawny in yet?


She's getting to
be real popular.

What do you mean?

You're the second guy
that's asked about her

in the last five minutes.

Who's the first?

Tall, lean guy, dark hair?

He's standing towards the back.

Get Kitch.

(door opening)

(door closing)



Brad! You all right?

Sure, sure.

I was scared.

Is it okay?

Did you get the money?

Can we leave?

You look bad.

You didn't answer my question.

Jimmy, I've got to get
you to a doctor, man.

There was nothing I could do!

Brad... you didn't sell me out?


(door opens)

So, we were buddies?!

TOBIAS: Hold it right there!

You... BRAD: Jim!

What did I do? What
did I do? What did I do?!


(dance music playing)

Still looking for Tawny?

That's right.

There she is.

(muted dance music playing)

You said you were
going to take care of her.

Sure, Elgie.

But give us a little time.

These things have
to be handled right.

I want it done tonight.

Of course.

I'm raising the price
five thousand dollars.

No need to do that, Elgie...
We'll give you a smooth job.

I want that private
investigator with her.


I'd like to talk to you, Tawny.

You paid your beer
to look, that's all.

Well, it's about
the other night.


All right.

Let's finish it.


Good morning, my friend.

Join the party.


Here you go.

Why don't you try this?

What are you coddling them for?

Get rid of them.

Why, Elgie?

Because I'm paying
you, that's why!

You don't ask questions.



I, uh, I did him a few favors, I
introduced him to some girls,

(laughing): and he
thinks he owns me.

Shows what too much
money can do to a kid, huh?

All right, all right, now.

What kind of a mess
are you in, punk, huh?

Come on, Papa's not
here to wipe your nose.

So, tell it like a little man.

They held up a liquor
store and killed two people.

The Teddy Reed murder?

That's it.

(chuckling): Well...
What do you know.

Don't, Peg, please,
keep the light off.


Suicide's a foolish
thing to do, Brad.

I turned in my friend.

You did it to help him.

No, I was scared.

I thought it would help me.

No, Brad.

Brad, you can't blame
yourself for what you did.

Ever hear the saying, "We ate
at the same table of despair"?

The black man in the ghetto.

The Indian on the reservation.

I know.

We had to work the
slop-holes of the world

to make a man's wage.

But as long as we
believed in each other,

there was something.

That Indian and me look at each
other and know we were men.

It's all gone now.

What do you call it when
you betray your own brother?

Oh, Jimmy.

Elgie killed them both.

Teddy was just an
accident; he got in the way.

Well, now, what
about the two boys?

The black and the Indian?

Oh, nothing, they
were just customers.

They got caught in the middle.

Elgie, if the police
got a hold of her,

how long do you think
before she'd spill her guts?

How much?

Hmm... Well...

I'll make it cheap.

Say, uh, a hundred
thousand dollars.

I can't raise that
kind of money.

Mm, I'm touched.

Well, you've got two days
and, uh, then I'm going to

ship her downtown,
special delivery.

It wasn't supposed
to turn out like this.

You should have taken your
fun at the country club, kid.

It wasn't supposed
to turn out like this!

(blow landing)

(engine starting outside)

(tires squealing)

(tires screeching)

Please help me, please!

How'd you know I was here?

TOBIAS: Peggy was worried
because you hadn't checked in.

You acknowledge that you've
been advised of your rights

prior to this confession?

Have that typed
up for her to sign.

Now, if you'll call
and get Brad released,

I'll give him a lift to...

He released himself
a couple of hours ago.

Broke out of the
hospital prison ward.

Well, how?

Well, he crawled out
the ventilation duct

and got down to the street.


What about Jim White Wing?


(phone buzzing)


Joe, are you all right?

Oh, I'm fine, Peggy.

Any word on Brad?

He came to see
me a little while ago.

Jimmy called while he was here.

He sounded crazy.

Said he wanted to
know what kind of reward

Brad got for informing on him.

Brad overheard his voice
and grabbed the phone.

Said he wanted to
meet him, then he left.

I'm afraid there's
going to be bad trouble.

I tried to stop him, but...

Did you hear where he was going?

Yes, a place called Haworth.







JIMMY: Over here.

Why'd you do it?

Why? Why?!

Come on, fight!

Jimmy... What's
the matter, Judas?

You were always
quicker than the Indian.

Come on, Judas, try for it!

Jimmy, I don't want to hurt you.

Nobody wants to die.

All right, come on!

MANNIX: Brad? Jimmy?

(Jimmy groans)

MANNIX: Jimmy!


JIMMY: Stay away!

Leave me alone. (panting)



Don't be a fool.

There's nothing to die
for... You're in the clear now!


Will you listen to
me? You're free!

MANNIX: You can
build your buildings!

Don't throw it all away!


MANNIX: Don't be a fool!

(police siren wailing)

Hang on.






There's an ambulance on its way.

Peggy says you told
her to call the department

and let us in on it.

Thanks a lot.

Any time. (ambulance
siren wailing)

Let's get out of here.

(theme music playing)