Mannix (1967–1975): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Need of a Friend - full transcript

Mannix seeks to help a man released from prison after seven years. The detective helped send him to prison. This occurred when Mannix was on his first case and, as he remarks, "I was green" then. After the man's release, people start dying at his former employer. Mannix must probe two possibilities: whether the man was framed seven years or ago or whether he is seeking revenge now.

MANNIX: You're on the
other side now, Barker.

Hello, Mr. Mannix.

How does it feel?

Oh, can I, uh, drop
you someplace?

Why bother?

We have a lot to talk about.

First things first.

That's for the seven years.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(calliope playing)

♪ ♪


Leave me alone!

One chili.

Come on, come on.

Please! Come on.

I'm loaded.


Dave... One thing about a cell.

You can close the
door and you're alone.

Now that, uh... we got a parole,

I'd like to work
on a full pardon.

Things you take for granted.

Just being able to
hold a knife in your hand

and know it doesn't
bring a week in solitary.

You, uh... got a place to stay?

They gave me $72
when they released me.

Then there's the money
the jury said I took...

One million, wasn't it?

That makes 1 million,
72 dollars in my pocket

Want to count?

Dave! I was hired.

When all the
evidence pointed at you

and you were convicted,

I never stopped
digging. You know that.

The book is closed. Dave.

It was my first
case. I was green.


I just spent seven years
locked into a 4x6 cell

for something I didn't do.

Let's not talk again.

David, we can clear this
up once and for all... now!

David, I need your help!

(ties squealing)


was it, hit and run?

MANNIX: He didn't
stop to explain.

Another bourbon, barkeep.

You're drinking scotch.

Oh. (chuckles) Is
there a difference?

Since when did
you become a lush?

Mr. Mannix,

starting now, I'm a
lot of things I was not.

I'm also an ex-con.

Is there irony in your
business, Doctor?

Whenever you deal with people.

I was company comptroller
at Rebecca Cosmetics.

Sounds big, right?

Job. Office. Title.

What was it about?


Accounts payable.

Dull for most men.

For me... my life.



My life.

Suddenly, one day a
million dollars is missing.

Then John Loman, the
vice president, disappears.

The roof is caving in.

Mannix to the rescue.

Mr. Barker, You've
had a rough time...

I'm setting a scene.

Where was I?

Does Mannix find

John Loman and
the missing money?

He finds me. Me!

And I wind up in prison
like a cigar in a box, hmm?

Oh, what? No applause?

I think it's a great story.

Hey... I can't wear
these in my new life.

I'll catch cold.

You won't need pants.

You're not going
anywhere for a few days.

Take one of these
three times a day.

Hmm. Be careful.

They don't mix with alcohol.

Oh, this is it.

This is what I need?

A pill. Hmm?

Will this help me to live

with the fact that I was forced

to trade seven years

of my life for stealing? Hmm?

Is this that kind of pill, Doc?

How about one for Mannix?

Kind of easy to swallow.

His part in this
has been sticking

in his throat for years.

You've had enough, Mr. Barker.

How can one bottle be enough?

Thanks, Doc.

You know, I thought when
you got out, just seeing you,

somebody might get
nervous and make a mistake,

grab the money and run for
it, but I sure didn't expect this.

The money is alive
and well in Argentina.

How'd it get there? John Loman.

Loman is dead!

Loman planned this.

They found his car.

He's sunning himself
now on a veranda.

With his blood on it.

He's having a ball!

If that's true, why didn't
the police find him?

Look if he's not in
Argentina, then he's here.

He drove that car
today! He tried to kill me!

Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

That's what we're selling...
Beauty, not buckets of paint.

I want this...
to look like that.


Dollars and cents

are the treasurer's

and the comptroller's.

So work on it.


You're disturbing
my train of thought.

Mr. Timpkins.

I can't locate your wife.

Well, keep at it. She
has to sign those papers.

Now, the meeting's adjourned.

Someone almost killed
David Barker today.

Now, wouldn't the board
like to discuss the possibility

that it wasn't an accident?

It's probably someone
in John Loman's family.

Talk to them. Why them?

Do I have to say it again?

You sure Loman's dead?

So was the district attorney.

Body was never found.

That was the main reason

that Barker wasn't
charged with murder.

(phone buzzes)


Ambergris at that price?

Don't tell me that
whales are scarce.

So are customers like us.

By the way, uh, what
happened to Tom Sommers?

We carried the man
as long as we could.

John Loman, David Barker

and now Tom Sommers.

You know, at this rate, uh,

we won't be able to get up a
ball club out of the old gang.

Excuse me.

Uh, Mr. Timpkins wants
me to talk to Tom Sommers,

and somehow I've
misplaced his last address.

Thank you, Miss James.

That won't be necessary.

Oh, then he is important.

It would only
embarrass us further.

Barker went to jail;
that embarrassed him.

Convicted of one crime,
suspected of another.

And you got his job.

I was his assistant.

How could I forget?

You all did so much to help him.

Okay, I'll help him now.

Where is he?

Why do I get so nervous
when you ask that?

HELEN: They certainly didn't
feed you enough to fill out the bones.

You're as thin as the
day we got married.

Still, it is becoming.



Like old times.

No olives.

I never drank a
martini in my life.

It was such a long
time ago, I forgot.

Maybe one of your
husbands who came after me.

It's been a terrible
time for me.

You were going to
be gone for 20 years.

Is that why you divorced me

before my appeal
was even denied?

Oh, David.

Nobody gets any younger.

Only you.

I had to live.

They didn't want me.

Somehow, they
assumed you told me

where you put all the money.

Oh, come on, David.

Taste it. You'll
really like this one.

You really believe
I took that money.

David, trust me.

We'll go somewhere.

We'll-we'll live.

You're a very
desirable man, David.

Did you know that?

I don't think I ever
realized that before.

I can't believe it.

Seven years...

done a great deal
for you, David.

Kiss mama, baby.

Kiss mama.

Kiss mama.

(door opens)

Hello, Gloria.

Isn't your daughter
beautiful, David?

Kiss your father, Gloria.

He's missed you.

Kiss him.

Get out.

Gloria, please.

I have it all worked out.

Your father came here.

We're going to sit down and talk

and get to know
each other again.

And-And everything
will be just-just...

just like it was
in the old days.

Get out.

I hate you. Get out of here!








(door closes)

(screams): What did you do?!

What did you do?!

This is a rich man!

He owns the world!

(screams): What did you do?!

Why?! Why?!

We could have everything
if you'd just shut up!

If you'd just shut up!

(jukebox playing)


(light snoring)


(light snoring)

Tom Sommers.



Sommers. What?

Come on.

Hey, bartender, get me a bottle.

Here, sit down.

That's work.

Yeah, what?

Standing on your feet.

All you need is a reason.

It's been a long wet
trip from your penthouse.

Who are you?

Joe Mannix.

We met a long time ago.

That's before you changed.

I had a tough time finding you.


I, uh, need a hand, Sommers.

I'm looking for money.

A million dollars.

Oh, Kiushu... Kiushu? In Japan?


What about Kiushu?

The past is an awful ghost.

My past is full of them.

Especially John Loman's?

Oh, Kiushu...

Give that to me.

I'll cash this check
for you, Sommers.

I need it. Oh...

I got to... got to have it.


(loud thud)


♪ ♪



Hey, Mister.


This isn't the Ritz.

Tell Mr. Mannix I'm here.

Well, he has a
very busy schedule.

Say Tom Sommers.

He came to see me last night.

Won't you come in?


Sit down.

(calling out): Mr. Mannix?

Mr. Mannix?

Hey, anybody home?

Mr. Barker?

Doesn't seem to
be anybody here...

but us worms.

♪ ♪

(glass squeaks)

♪ ♪


(all muttering)

All right, take it easy.

Take it easy, men.

You'll all get a
drink, one at a time.

Please, man, please.



No conversation!

Just tell me who
picked up the tab for you

to put me away for good.

I... I-I don't know what
you're talking about.

Where's the other bartender,
with the moustache?


He-he made a big
killing and took off.

Where did Barker go?

For a walk?

Just keep pouring.

Don't worry, he'll come back.

You know?

I know.

That guy Sommers got that
way after Barker was convicted.


He left before I could ask him.

Yeah, well, I mention
Sommers to Timpkins

and he gets very nervous.

You say Barker to
Sommers, and he takes off.

Seven years, a
million dollars missing.

Barker gets out of jail and
somebody tries to kill him.

I get a glass of chloral hydrate

supposed to put me
in the morgue forever.

What are you doing?

You can't worry on coffee alone.

Oh, boy, did I hire
a short-order cook?

Give me answers!

I don't want to
make you look bad.

What would the
cops come up with?

I'll, uh, call a few friends.

Well, I'm on my own now, Mother.

You don't have to
worry about me anymore.

Don't forget to
carry your galoshes.

And be a good boy.

If Barker gets back, sit on him.

Hey, I can't wait
around forever.

If that doesn't work,
lock him in a closet.

You see, Toby, it's like this.

Mother has this
kind of a boss...

(woman moans softly)

You drop in once in a while.

You tell me your troubles.

You ask me questions about
the same old dreary mess

of seven years ago...

and then you're gone.

It's too late, Joe.

(groans loudly)

You, uh, going away?

David Barker brought
back memories.

I have to go off someplace.

Tom Sommers had
memories, too, Lucille.

You taking him along?

Oh, that.

So you found out.

I give Tom a little money
now and then to help out.

That's all. Or to
keep him quiet?

About what?

Maybe a conspiracy to put
the wrong man behind bars.

Oh, Joe, people like Tom Sommers
come apart for a lot of reasons.

I don't know why
he got that way.

I don't really even
want to know.

But you're running away,
and, uh, he's living in fear.

All right. I am scared.

We're all scared now that
David Barker's out on the loose.

Why can't I see it?

Why don't I just
forget the whole thing?

Because you're a sweet
guy and you're confused.

You feel responsible.

Look, maybe you haven't
seen the violence in that man,

but I have.

I've been to that
prison, and he was...

he was just like a madman.

He said he'd get us all.

He thinks we should
have done more for him...

But what could we have done?

Well, I'll see you, Lucille.


don't feel guilty.

Frankly, I never understood
your carefree attitude, Bernard,

from the day you
became my assistant.

Rushing away from the
office 5:00 on the dot.

Cocktail parties, golf,
boating on weekends.

"Let the books wait till Monday.

Man has to play,"
you always said.

Things seem to have changed.

(calculator clicking)

Look at me.

Time on my hands.

I never had time
on my hands before.

What do I do with it?

Even in prison, they
gave me things to do.



How does a man change?

David, I must get
this report finished.

All I ever knew was work:

ledgers, statements, reports...

Until it happened.

It's Saturday, who
works on Saturday?

I promised this for
Monday morning.

I don't know where to turn.

I don't seem to fit anywhere.

Am I insane?

Did all this really happen?

There's a stink around me
I did not put there, Bernard.

I need help! I need to
know what happened.

You, you worked very
long and very hard.

Timpkins refused you more money.

You were mentally exhausted.

So then you planned that theft,

and John Loman caught you at it,

so you killed him.

I don't remember any of that.

I guess you'd want to
block it from your mind.

No. No!

♪ ♪

This is KG 62114.

Get me 555-6644.



Bernard Cord is dead.

Now you tell Barker to stay put.

He never got back.


Was it Barker?

MANNIX: Nobody
saw Barker push Cord.

He could have jumped or, uh,

he could have fallen.

I just came here to
tell you to be cautious.

Not to panic.

I don't intend to panic.

What's this all about?

Mrs. Timpkins.

David Barker.

He may have killed Bernard.

Do you think he did, Mr. Mannix?

Whoever did also
tried to poison me.

Now if it was Barker, why me?

You helped in his
arrest, did you not?

Maybe you're on his list.

Well, I, uh,

suggest you stay here
and keep your doors locked.

Mr. Mannix,

there's only one
way to end all this.

Find John Loman's body.

That would put Barker
away once and for all.

You're not dying again for
a change, are you, Walter?


Do you have a bridge
game scheduled?

I have nothing in black.

All I own is Rebecca Cosmetics.

Rebecca... careful.

You may be on his list, too.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(phone buzzes)

This is KG 62114.


Hello, Mannix? Hello.

Mannix, I'm being followed.


I feel it.

I feel it.

No ghosts.

This is flesh, Mr. Mannix.

Really... flesh.

It's after me.

Where are you?

At the bar.

Where I found you?

No, I'm outside.

(tires screeching)

SOMMERS: Mannix.

Sommers, why?

I needed it.

I needed it.

Who was following you?



I'm sick.

(laughs) Oh, I'm sick.

Who gave you this bottle?

BARKER: Before
I got out of prison,

even the guards
treated me with respect.

The man who stole
a million dollars.

Then how come you
buy such rotten brandy?

I'm a cheap millionaire.

You didn't steal that money.

What's the matter with you?

Don't you like to
vote with the majority?

Maybe I've been working
for Mannix too long.

Does he believe me?

He's working with you.

Ah, he could want
a cut of the treasure.

That stinks. (chuckles)

We're all thieves in this world.

How much we steal
is what separates us.

My cell mate robbed
a liquor store, $50.

No one talked to him.

I lost a husband
that was a policeman.

He worked for peanuts.

So don't tell me about money.

(door opens and closes)

How long has he been here?

This cell, I enjoy.

This just walked in?

I don't want to be
the complete sponger.

I went out for a bottle.

And it took you
all day. Have one.

You know Bernard Cord is dead?

Peggy told me. Yeah,
that news break you up?

He was my friend.
Did you go there?

We talked. About what?

I don't know. He was changed.

Especially after
he hit the sidewalk.

I'm sorry.

Tom Sommers is dead,
too. That also shake you?

Oh, no.

Yeah, all of that

since this busy bee of
ours got out of prison.

Our brave and true
champion, Mr. Mannix,

that your belief in me
cracks at the first test.

I can't afford to take any
more chances with you.

I didn't kill Cord or Sommers.

What about John Loman?

I told you Loman is...

I don't know if I believe
anything you told me.

If I'm guilty of anything,
it's being a fool.

About my work, my life.

Believing in people.

In anyone.

Oh-ho, one thing
prison did for you,

it taught you to
play a sad scene.

I'm sorry they're dead.

I am.

They were my revenge.

Someone robbed
me of seven years.

Now they've taken my anger.

Don't you understand?

Now what'll I do?

Lie awake nights and freeze?

You must know how it is.

When you're filled
with bitterness,

and there's no one to hate.

You can never seem to get warm.

There has to be an answer.

Ask Sommers.

Ask Cord.

They were my friends.

When I went into
prison, they said

they'd always be there to help.

Where are they now?

I'm your friend, and
somebody tried to kill me.


(laughs): You?

Least of all you.

You don't know what
to believe, even now!

Two people are dead and
there are still no answers.

That's why you got into
this... Why you're still in it.

Not for me. Not for a friend.

You're a man who likes to know.

And you don't know a thing.

I've been cooped up long enough!

Barker! Call the police!

Tell them I was at Cord's.

Say I went after Sommers.

Maybe you can help
them find my fingerprints!

(door closes)

Say it and you're fired!

Sometimes it's
not easy to like you.

All right, what is
it?! You tell me.

You wrapped it up pretty
quick seven years ago.

Yeah, and I haven't
had one that easy since.

All the pieces fit
like a key in a lock.

Now, where you going?!

I have a child waiting
and an irate sitter.

Oh, beautiful. Just walk
away from the problem.

Whether he's guilty or not

will have to wait until
tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry I can't
solve your dilemma,

but, uh, that's
why I work for you

instead of the other way around.

Yeah, but all the
pieces were waiting.

They set me up like a
chicken pecking at grain.

Maybe Loman is alive.


I don't know!

Well, as they say in TV Land,
have a nice weekend, Mr. Mannix.

Hey, wait a minute!

You came in to make some coffee!

The next pot's on you.

Start with water.

Hello, Walter?


I think it's time we met.

Thank you, Johnson.

Come in, Mr. Mannix.

Mrs. Timpkins.

Well, it's too late. He's gone.

Where'd he go? I don't know.

He left right after that
call from David Barker.

Mr. Mannix, my
husband is a fool.

He's intent on embarrassing
me with this open sentimentality

for a thief, which he made
the mistake of employing.

If you can clear all this away,
I'll make it worth your while.

It's already worth my
while, Mrs. Timpkins.

(speaking quietly in Japanese)

(speaking Japanese)


One should respect all
departed who are beloved.

Good custom.

Uh, did you know my brother?


I worked for Mr. Timpkins
a long time ago.

My brother was a gardener
here, too, for many years.

You may have met.

A drop of water in one ocean

meets a drop of
water in another.

Time passes quickly,
but not memories.

At least he is home.

In Kiushu?

You have been there?

No. No, but a friend of mine
spoke of it just the other day.


My brother is there
in a silver casket

carved with care and beauty.

Were it not for Mr. Timpkins,

my brother would be buried here,

in a strange land

instead of with
honored ancestors.

Here it is.

Yoshibo Terikawa.

Uh, died seven years ago.

Coronary occlusion.

It was a lovely service from
the wake to the cremation.


His body was shipped to
Japan in a silver casket.


We sent the urn to the house.

Would you mind rechecking that?

Well, David, how have you been?

I lost my tan in prison,

but then, I never had
much to begin with.

All those hours at the office.

You've changed.

Nothing stays the same.

You seem somehow self-assured.

Don't kid yourself.

I-I've got nothing to lose.

David, forget the past.

Start again. Drink?


My mind

stopped functioning
when I went to jail. I...

I-I'm a vegetable, Walter.

A-A cloud in
limbo, I-I'm nothing.


You still don't?

Still can't.

What can I do to help?

Tell me my crime.

The courts did that.

You're not a fool.

Whatever happened,

whether you had
anything to do with it or not,

you must have known something.

What did happen, Walter?

Am I a killer?

How could I have
been such a fool

to let that theft get
past my department?

Help me, please.

I-I... I've lost
everything else.

I... I want my sanity.

Please help me to save that.

May I?

Help yourself.

You were in a bad
state at the time.


And you and John
Loman never got along.

Cord said that, too.

It's true, David.

Loman and I were friends.

David, you just don't
want to remember.

Cord said that, too, Walter,

but that's not the truth.

I think you know the truth.

I think Cord knew the truth.

But none of you even tried

to help at my trial. None
of you seemed to want to.

Did you expect
us to make up lies?

I want the truth,
Walter, the truth.

I want it now, or...

Get a hold of yourself, David.

All right.

We killed John Loman,

and we stole the money.

You want to call the police now?

You know they won't
believe me without Loman.

Loman is dead.

You're still lying.

I'm sorry, David.

Truly sorry.

It was you all along.

You know what Rebecca is like.

She owns this
place, she owns me.

Nothing here is mine.

The money was a
chance to be free.

It had to be all of you.

It was all of us.

Even John Loman.

But he was too greedy.

He wanted it all for himself,

so I had to kill him.

When Sommers found out
he was an accessory to murder,

he just went to pieces.

It's terrible,

the reverence some
people have for life.

It all worked.

The statute of limitations
ran out on the money,

and I was just waiting
for the right moment.

Then Mannix got
you out of prison,

and everything
started to go wrong.

Bernard Cord started
to crack under the strain.

So you put him out of
his misery with a push.

Now there's no one left.

Except Lucille and me.

And a million dollars.

Too bad you had to
come here to kill me, David.

I did have to protect myself.

People will understand.




Peggy, I need help.

It's all right...
Don't apologize.

I always wake up at
3:00 AM in the morning.

I know what happened
to Loman's body.


It's in Japan.

What is it, Mommy?

Oh, it's all right, darling.

Go back to sleep.

The body's in Japan. Oh.

Peggy. Go on. Go on.

Timpkins may be our key.

I want you to find Barker.

Call your friends
at headquarters.

Tell them that he stole
a pair of my cuff links.

Anything. But find him before
he does something foolish.

He already has.

My friend from headquarters
called a few minutes ago.

Barker just killed
Walter Timpkins.

(knocking on door)


Late date, Lucille?

What do you want, Joe?

Well, for one thing, I'd like to
know who your liquor dealer is.

The stuff he sells kills people.

What are you talking about?

About Tom Sommers,
dead in an alley.

You gave him a bottle
instead of a check,

this time, didn't you, Lucille?

Get out of here.

I-I told you, I'm leaving town.

Oh, if you're waiting
for Walter Timpkins

and the million
dollars... Walter is dead.

I don't believe it.


Dull David Barker
came back to life.

You won't need your bags

where you're going, Lucille.

They furnish the clothes.

Joe, no!

No, talk to me, Joe.

Please talk to me.

Talk to me before
you do anything.



Like you said,
Lucille, it's a little late.

Get me the police.

Why did you call me here?

I don't know.

Wait... Wait.

I guess I called to...


I know what's
happened to your life.

I don't know what I've
done to cause it, but...

it just seemed to me that...

something should be said.

And yet I...

Who are you?

She's my daughter.

The police are tearing up
the town looking for you.

What are you doing here?

I felt the need of a...

a friend.

Call an ambulance.

I told you to stay out of it.

I had to know.

I couldn't stand not knowing.

I called Timpkins,

and he said he'd tell me.


He tried to... kill me.

Now who'll buy that?

I'll buy it.

I'm seven years wiser.

I told you to call an ambulance.

There's an emergency.

There's been a shooting.

17 Paseo Verde. Yeah.

Send an ambulance. Fast.

All of them.

My friends.

Get me some towels
in the upstairs bathroom.

Get me some towels!

Seven years.

Seven bad.

Seven good.