Mannix (1967–1975): Season 2, Episode 8 - Who Will Dig the Graves? - full transcript

Mannix is hired by a secretive multi-millionaire to find his ex-wife. At least that's what he has been told when he takes the job...

(phone ringing)

MAN: Mr. Mannix?

Mr. Phillips is ready
to see you now.

Walk halfway down the
street; a vehicle is waiting.

It will take you
to Mr. Phillips.

Come on, what's all the mystery?




That's right.

Get in.

Take off your coat and shirt.

(engine starting)

(siren wailing)


A little information,
just something.

What's wrong with him?

Is he here now or is he coming?
At least you can tell us that.

Hey, who's that? Let's find out.

Think it's him? It could be.

Who is he? Come on,
Doc, give us a break,

Is it David Blair Phillips?
(camera shutters clicking)

I don't name 'em.
I just wheel 'em.

Mr. Mannix, forgive
me for getting you here

at this ungodly
hour... I'm Dr. Gregory.

Curiosity got me here, Doctor.

I wanted to see if there really
was a David Blair Phillips.

(servomotor whirs quietly)

Mannix, eh?

I'm what's left of
David Blair Phillips.

Now, David, we
mustn't give up hope.

We hope, but I'm
the one who's dying.

I hear you find
needles in haystacks.

Well, with a little luck and
the right harvest season.

Run the film, Mark.

♪ And tell her to make
me a cambric shirt ♪

♪ Savory, sage,
rosemary and thyme ♪

♪ Without any seam
or needlework ♪

♪ And then she shall
be a true love of mine ♪

♪ And tell her to
wash it in yonder well ♪

♪ Savory, sage... ♪

Recognize her, Mannix?

Susan Ward.

Before she became
Mrs. David Blair Phillips.

I want you to find her for me.

Susan Ward died January.

Her clothes were found
on a Monterey beach

with a suicide note
pinned to them.

I can't pass
miracles, Mr. Phillips.

Show us the news
photographs, Mark.

News photographs taken
at the Aloma Music Festival.

Three days after she
committed suicide.

Unless the cameras lied,

Susan was alive on January 21.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

Susan became famous
singing at that festival.

Why did she run away?

That's my private affair.

I hunt people who
are lost, Mr. Phillips.

But not a woman that
doesn't want to be found.

I was cruel, without reason.

Jealous without cause.

I kept her on a short leash.

When I wanted her, I pulled.

The bitter irony is: I did
it because I loved her.

Because I was
afraid I would lose her.

So, of course, I lost her.

I'm dying, Mannix.

I want her back, to
make amends if I can.


This is all the information
we have on Susan.

And $20,000.

And if she doesn't
want to return?

Then I've lost $20,000.

Good night, Mannix.


Yes, sir?

When he finds
her... kill them both.

(quiet whirring)

(electronic tones
beep intermittently)

Slow and easy now.
Don't crowd him.

(folk rock music
playing in distance)

♪ In a city built on laughter ♪

♪ I have found you crying ♪

♪ Caught you in tears ♪

♪ Trust in me and
from hereafter ♪

♪ You'll be safe from
sorrow shadows and fears ♪

♪ Trust in me ♪

♪ I will care for you ♪

♪ Share a grace with you ♪

♪ I'll make a place for you ♪

♪ For you and me ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ And if it pleases you ♪

♪ I'd be honored to serve you ♪

♪ Take a stand for you ♪

♪ Always there with a
loving hand for you ♪

♪ There if you go ♪

♪ Yes, and I'll serve you well ♪

♪ Serve thee well. ♪

Good group.


♪ In the world of hidden
treasures... ♪ Dean Hill?

If you're looking for
grass, try the park.

♪ I have found the rainbow... ♪
I'm here about a discovery of yours.

♪ Taking comfort in your
pleasure... ♪ Susan Ward.

♪ Love will come in
silence, faithful and true... ♪

Keep at it, guys,
I'll get back to you.

♪ I will care for you ♪

Go get some coffee, man.

♪ Share a grace with you ♪

♪ I'll make a place for you ♪ I'm
here representing David Blair Phillips.

Her husband.

♪ For you and me ♪
Her owner.

Some people need people,

or love people... or
at least want people.

Phillips owns people.

But he doesn't
own Susie anymore.

♪ It's a pity
you're a stranger ♪

Little Susie's drownded
in the deep blue sea.

♪ I would like to know you,
show you my love ♪ Not exactly.

♪ Keep you warm and safe
from danger ♪ She's still alive.


♪ Share the secrets
I have found to... ♪

(turns off intercom)

Are you putting me on?

You know, I'm not
surprised, though.

There's no profit in suicide.

And Susie counted the day
lost that didn't show a profit.

The first time I met
her was up in Berkeley.

She was playing
a ten-dollar guitar

and crying out
against conformity.

She'd borrowed the
guitar and stole the song.

She didn't believe a sobbin'
word of the song anyway.

But the electricity
was all hers.

She was a turned-on chick, man.

I taught her... coached her...

I recorded her.

I watched her hit...
and lo, I was content.

Then I turned around to spit

and Phillips had her wrapped
in mink, under glass on display.

Half a billion
dollars buys a lot.

Was it only for money?

I don't know.

You could've asked her.

I couldn't get near her.

Phillips had a watchdog...

Sharp teeth in a
three-button suit.

Henry Talbot.

Mr. Henry Talbot.

His job was to protect
the new Mrs. Phillips

from her disreputable
old friends.

Well, then, how
did she get away?

Susie had her ways.

And with him, too.

He was tough and
ambitious, but he was human.

You say you found her
in Berkeley... doing what?

I didn't ask her.

She came with me
on her own terms,

and she went away the same way.

If you find the lady,

will you tell her
that Dean Hill says...

sends his regards?

I'll tell her.

(device emits steady beep)

(intermittent beeping)

This is Los Angeles.

Hello. Los Angeles KG 6114.

(static hissing)

I want... OPERATOR:
I'm sorry, sir...

There's some static;
I can't hear you.

Okay, Operator.

I'll call when there's
less interference.

(intermittent beeping)

(steady beep) He stopped.

(steady beeping)




Uh... No, Mr. Mannix.

This is Dr. Gregory.

Mr. Phillips is under sedation.

Well, maybe you
can help me, Doctor.

What's happened to Henry Talbot?

Henry Talbot...
Mr. Phillips' secretary?

Oh, uh... he had a
misunderstanding with the chief.

Last summer, I believe.

He went to Rome.

That's a pretty
expensive vacation.

Well, as you know, Mr. Mannix,

Mr. Phillips is a
very generous man.

Well, when he does wake up,

ask him if he has any idea

who else might be interested
in locating Susan Ward.

Why do you ask?

I think I'm being tailed.

Be very cautious, Mr. Mannix.

And let us know immediately
if you find out who it is.

Oh, you'll hear
all about it, Doctor.

(dial tone droning
over speakerphone)

He spotted Bledsoe very quickly.

(dial tone stops)

I told you we had the right man.

Professor Brendon?

That's right.

Would you hand me
those books, please?

You're the man who called

about the article
on anthropology?

I'm the man.

A popular article
on anthropology.

What publication?

The Southwest Explorer.

It's a travel magazine.

Then, my friend, you're going

to write junk for the ignorant.

It's all right with me.

Uh... Indian burial customs.

Savage sex rites of the
bloodthirsty Amerind?

Well, not exactly.

Susan Ward.

Let me remind you
of one burial custom...

Leave the dead alone.

You're sensitive on the subject.

Susan studied with
me for three years.

She was an exceptional person.

I'm not interested in exploiting
her for a cheap article.

I think that's all.

"Natani... Maid who
becomes a deer,

"walks on the summits of
blue mountains far around.

Far spread the land below."

Where did you find that?

In Susan Ward's thesis

for her master's
degree in anthropology.

My apologies.

At least you looked
past the headlines.

I've heard her described
as shrewd, money-hungry...

An operator.

Very possibly true.

But certainly not
the whole truth.

Susan was a complex woman

looking for simple
solutions to her own life.

Where did she do her studying?

On the reservations.

Two summer field trips.

She just blended in.

Learned the
language, the customs,

and the songs and prayers.

She always kept that
part of her life separate.

Just between Susan Ward and you?

And Roanhorse.

Harvey Roanhorse...
A medical student.

Bright... I'll give him that.

He and Susan were
both very intense.

About each other?

Perhaps. I wouldn't know.

At any rate, he left.

For what reason?

To finish his residency.

Dr. Harvey Roanhorse, MD.

And started a clinic.


On the Table Rock reservation.

Well, uh... thank you.


I've been waiting
for you to call.

Figured you might have
had trouble getting through.


Something's wrong
with the phone lines.

At least that's what the man
said from the phone company.

He's been here all
morning, checking them.

MANNIX: Well, they
seem to be all right now.

PEGGY: Oh, the man
seemed very efficient.

Listen, Peggy, check
the passport office

for information on a
tourist named Henry Talbot.

Will do.

Where can I find
you if I need you?

MANNIX: I'll call
you when I arrive.

PEGGY: Where?

I'll give you a hint.

I'll be traveling to the tune

of "Three Coins
in the Fountain."


He's on his way to Rome
chasing Henry Talbot.

You're a fool.

That dialogue was
solely for my benefit.

Wherever Mannix is going,
it's certainly not Rome.

Now, you get Travis,
and you have him

watch every flight
out of San Francisco.

We have an appointment
with Mr. Mannix,

and we're going to keep it.

Are you going to be staying
long in New Mexico, sir?

Well, that depends on
how friendly the natives are.

We're famous for
our frontier hospitality.

Sign here, please.

If there's anyplace you're
particularly interested in,

I might be of help.

I could point out the
best and shortest way

to get wherever you're going.

Where are you going?


He wouldn't say where.

We'll find him.

Fill it up.

And I think it
needs a little water.

It's running hot.


Long and cool,

with enough gin to cut the dust.

You hit Custer, the
drink's on the house.


75 cents.

And a quarter change
for music to mourn him by.

(banjo plays lively folk intro,
Dean Hill joins in singing)

You dig Dean Hill?

So-so. Fair singer.
Good teacher.

Say, you ever hear one of
his pupils... Susan Ward?

Nah, never.

That's strange.

She recorded her own
arrangements of Indian music.

Navajo chants.

Hmm. Do tell.

Me, I like music that does
something, like make rain.

Take another shot
at old Yellow Hair.

I thought you Navajos
were peace-loving.

That was three,
four massacres ago.

Oh, by the way, where
can I find the hospital?

Oh, up the road, just
on the reservation.

You'll see a sheep barn
with some busted windows.


♪ Mary wore three
links of chain ♪

♪ Every link was
pre-ordained... ♪

I'll be back to collect.

♪ Pharoah's army got drown... ♪



Table Rock Hospital.

Doc, there's a man
come a few minutes ago,

asking about Susan Ward.

Thank you, Widefoot.

Dr. Roanhorse?


My name is Mannix.

How do you do?

Can I help you?

Although it's outpatient day,

and I'm a little
pressed for time.

Well, I'll keep it simple.

I'd like some help in
finding Susan Ward.

Susan Ward is dead.

Not anymore, Doc.

I'm afraid that story's
gone up like smoke.

I'm a private investigator.

All I want to do
is talk to the lady.

Look, Mr. Mannix,
the facts are simple:

Susan Ward is
dead, I'm a busy man

and you're intruding,
so good-bye.

MAN (over radio):
Table Rock, Table Rock,

Hosteen Hardy
calling Dr. Roanhorse.

This is Dr. Roanhorse.
What's up?

My wife's in labor, Doc.
Can you send someone?

We're five miles
east of Crystal.

I can't get there myself,

but I'll send
somebody up, pronto.

As I said, this is my busy day.

(speaks Navajo)

(woman replies in Navajo)

(Roanhorse speaks Navajo)

(woman replies in Navajo)

(speaks Navajo)

Natani... pretty name.

Uh, she's my field nurse.

Must be about 101.

As spry as ever, though.

101 years old... how about that?

Uh, then you can't help
me with Susan Ward?

Who can summon
the dead, Mr. Mannix?



(woman speaking Navajo)

(coyotes howling in distance)

(coyotes howling in distance)

MANNIX: Susan Ward?

(speaks Navajo)

It's all over! You can relax.

I just want to talk
to you, Miss Ward.

My name is Mannix.

Your husband hired me.

Of course.


You must be good.

David Blair Phillips
hires only the best.

I'm flattered and I'm curious.

You hunted me.

You found me.

Now what?

I ask you to go home.

And if I say no?

I was only hired to
find you, nothing more.

Mannix, does
anything go with that?


(laughs) Joseph.

The turncoat of many colors.

Come to lead me out of Egypt

back to the promised land.

Or is it back to bondage?

You may have a
reason to run and hide,

but your husband
wants to see you.


He's dying.

He wants you by his side.

That's a lie.

Or didn't he mention
I tried to kill him.

Well, uh, either
it slipped his mind

or he didn't think
it was important.

That's why I ran.

Have you seen the room?

The killing room?


I've never been to his house.

"Eagle's Nest," he calls it.

With one room hung with weapons;

one of the world's great
collections devoted to death.

I... needled him.

He hit me, and
then he hit me again.

He began to enjoy it.

You weren't his property.

You mean I should have
consulted my attorney?

At midnight,
trying to dodge a...

I grabbed a war club
off the wall and I hit him.

He went down.

I went out, off, and away.

That's it.

But you let Susan Ward stay dead

when you found out David
Blair Phillips was alive.

Susan Ward?

Susan... was a shady lady.

Hiding in shadows.

So I stripped myself
down to the basics.

And I keep looking in the mirror

until I like what I see.

Do you like what you see?

Not always.

I've learned to live with it.

But I'll take your message
back to your husband.

Just like that?




Could you not tell him,

say you couldn't find me?

He'd only send someone else.

Please, Mannix.

Is it the money?

Yeah, it's the money.

And a fact: I know who I am.

A guy who keeps a bargain.

I'm sorry.

(gun cocks)

I'm sorry, too.


No, robbery.

Your carburetor.

While you're waiting
for the tow truck,

I'll be long gone... from
you and David Blair Phillips.

Mobile One.

Mobile One.


there was a man named
Mannix here, looking for you.

And Widefoot spotted two
others at the reservation border.

Mannix found me.

I'm at Turquoise
Junction near Crystal.

Can you send someone?

Yes, I'll do what I can, I...

(footsteps approaching)

Susan, get off the air!

There's another
man here with a gun!

Stay off! Don't answer!

Harvey... Harvey?



We have to get to the clinic!

And do what? No, please!

Those were gunshots.

Please! No, no, no!

Susan! Susan!


I'm sorry, Susan.

It looks like I was
picked as the Judas goat

to lead the lamb to slaughter.

Only this time, they're going
to try and kill the goat, too.

This is where we split up. Why?

They'll be looking for my car.

I want you to find
an isolated spot,

hide the camper and stay there.

Well, what about you?

I'm going to look
for Henry Talbot.

Henry Talbot?!

What good is that gonna do?

I think he might
know what's going on.

But more important, why.

He's afraid, too.

He's not going to
tell you anything.

He might, if I ask him nicely.

You've got an awful
lot of faith in humanity.

I'm a romantic.

And sometimes you
have to gamble on people.

(engine starts)


(gunfire continues)

(bullet hits windshield)

(gunfire continues)

(gunfire continues)

(tires screech)


The next shot won't miss!

Take off your shoes.

I'd like to leave you
for the buzzards,

but I'll settle for this.

(ballad playing)

♪ Black, black,
black is the color ♪

♪ Of my true love's hair ♪

♪ Her lips are
something rosy fair ♪

♪ The prettiest face... ♪

(door closes)

I found her.


Well, she's in trouble.

Well, where is she now?

In hiding.

Those watchdogs
you hear are wolves.

How do we call them off, man?

I'm waiting for the word now.

(phone rings)

Maybe that's it.


It's for you.

Maybe it's the word.


PEGGY: I've been trying
to reach you for half an hour.

Can you talk?

I could scream.

What about Henry Talbot?

I used a few old police
department contacts

and checked him out.

Where is he? What's he doing?

Helping the grass grow at
the Santa Marta Cemetery.

He's been dead since
the end of January.

All legal. Accidental death.

Certificate signed
by Dr. Gregory.

I wonder what the going
price is for death certificates.

If I need you,

where can I reach you? Try
the Santa Marta Cemetery.

Do we, uh, dig him up?

We do.

Only we don't use a
shovel. We use a court order.

Digs a lot deeper and
spreads the dirt a lot wider.


Who is it?

Whoever owns the face,
the name behind it is Phillips.

Now get out of here fast.

Send a squad of armed
pigeons over to Eagle's Nest.

(gun cocking)

That's a dirty crime.

Maybe you'd like to
take off your shoes.

(door opening)

Mrs. David Blair
Phillips, I presume?

I thought it over, Mannix,
and I've come back.

I made a bargain with David,

and, this time, I'm
going to keep it.

That's who I am... a woman
who keeps her bargains.

Very honorable.

I got tired of running,

tired of all the violence.

Harvey Roanhorse is alive,

but he could have been
dead because of me.

So I came home.

Never underestimate the
power of half a billion dollars.

I never have.

That's the gold
seal on our bargain...

Money, for the Table
Rock Reservation Hospital.

Fair exchange... one
nurse for $1 million.

That's a lot of money, just
for a welcome home present.

David Blair Phillips makes
that much in three days.

How is Mr. Phillips?

I haven't seen him yet.

He's under sedation.

Then who made the bargain?

I talked to Dr. Gregory.

He had instructions.

In the course of the haggling,

did he mention Henry Talbot?

You know, just two
days after you went

for your little suicide swim,

Henry was buried in the
Santa Marta Cemetery.


Yeah. Dead?

And I got a feeling it
wasn't from natural causes.

Mannix, be realistic.

David once told me,

"Violence is the
last resort of fools."

My husband is not a fool.

Ruthless, of course.

But a fool...?


And that's it, huh?

That tears it?

I'm very grateful.

And I'm all right.

Do me a favor, Susan...
Tell your watchdogs

that you're going to
drive me back into town?


Just go ahead, tell
them, see what happens.

Bledsoe, would you
bring the car out?

I'm going to be driving
Mr. Mannix into town.

No dice.

What did you say?

I'm sorry. We got orders.

Well, I've just
changed your orders!

I'm sorry.

Dr. Gregory!

Yes, Susan?

Is my husband awake yet?

Not yet.

Would you come in
here immediately, please?

You beginning
to get the picture?

Now, just take it easy.

I've got a land
mine planted outside

by the name of Dean Hill.

(knocking) It's due
to explode any minute.

Susan, what's the problem?

Did you have the audacity to
order those men to keep me here?

Well, you agreed to
stay; that was understood.

You didn't answer her question.

I intend to leave.

Now, do you intend to stop me?

David gave
absolute instructions.

David does not have the right.

I want to talk to him.

He's very ill, I told you.

Then he's in no
condition to issue orders.

Where is he? Let's
have this out right now.

DR. GREGORY: He needs the rest.

I'm sorry. I can't permit it.

Were you as protective with
your last patient... Henry Talbot?

Yes. What about Henry?

Tell her, Doc.

Um... He died.

A bad fall.

I was there, but there
was nothing I could do.

So you certified
his death certificate.

Very efficient.

DAVID: Dr. Gregory,

please have my
wife and Mr. Mannix

come upstairs.

David, I thought you were...

Ill? I'm not ill, Susan.

I'm dead.


Henry Talbot.

Mm-hmm. Risen from the dead.

And David Blair
Phillips is in your grave.

Then I did kill him.

It doesn't matter now.

No, Susan, you didn't kill him,

I did.

Well, he was
unconscious, you'd run out...

there he lay, a half-billion-
dollar opportunity.

So I, uh, finished
the job for you.

For all that beautiful money.

What else?

You know, when a man controls

a really great fortune,
he's insulated by it.

Nobody knows him,

especially if he's secretive,
anonymous by choice.

So you took his identity.

Oh, no, that's
really quite simple.

See, a very serious illness

will change a man's appearance.

And when he recovers,
he looks a little thinner,

his face looks
a little different.

With only a stray wife
to get out of the way.

Now, Susan, I did not want that.

I would have kept the bargain.

But now that you've
brought Mannix into it.

Bledsoe, get the car out.

Yes, sir.

You're going to, uh,
kill the both of us, huh?

Well, you haven't got a
chance of getting away with it.

You think not?

I'm, uh, I'm sorry, Susan.

Well, that's, uh, not
good enough, Talbot.

I've left messages.

We're going to
have some visitors

very soon now.

Not soon enough.

Travis, let's get a move on.


Hold it!

Well, Mannix, do you
want it now or later?

Look out!

(grunts) All right, hold it.

(sirens approaching)

♪ ♪

You sure? No.

But you're still going back to
the reservation and the hospital?

For a while.

Maybe longer.

I have to untangle myself.

Well, everything
else is so simple here.

It gives me a chance to
work out my own knots.

Just remember what I said...

Have faith in humanity.

Even your own.

Goodbye, Mannix.

(speaks Navaho)... Natani.

Where did you learn that?

The university library.

I figured it might
come in handy,

knowing how to say
goodbye in Navajo.


Oh, and I also learned
how to say hello.

Just in case I might
need it... someday.

(door closes, engine starts)

(theme music playing)