Mannix (1967–1975): Season 2, Episode 3 - Pressure Point - full transcript

Joey, a young man who helped Mannix out on a previous case, shows up in the detective's apartment, injured from a beating. Mannix hides Joey and gets a call out to the police just before the apartment is overrun by hoods. Mannix is beaten and when he wakes up, Joey is gone. As the detective follows the trail, an organized front tries to buy Mannix off with a trip to Hong Kong on a supposed case. It turns out that the target of all this is a judge, whose daughter is in love with Joey. The syndicate wants to pressure the judge to move the site of a trial for an organized crime figure who is beginning to talk.


(door opening)

(gun cocks)

Don't put on a light.

(gasps, groans)

Joey, Joey Curtis!

I'm not that sure that
they didn't see me come in.

Mannix... I'm hurt.

Mannix... beat.

What happened, Joey?

Green... Easy. It'll
keep. Easy, Joey.

Kelly... green... frame.

Operator. Can I help you?

Yeah. This is an
emergency, Operator.

I need an ambulance.

The name is Mannix.
I'm at 17 Paseo Verde.

Yes, sir, that's 17 Paseo...

(line goes dead)

Hello. Hello?!

I've done the phone bit.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Good evening.

Where is our young friend?

Well, you got me.

Whoever he was, he came in here

and went out with
the speed of light.

Hey, this guy's an investigator.


Well, Mr. Mannix, that may put

a slightly different
complexion on the matter.

But I do hope you'll
choose to cooperate.

Why not?


Find him.

Why did he come to you?

Well, I don't know.

Say, by the way, who is he?

Oh, come off it, Mr. Mannix.

Please don't play the fool.

It will only cause a good
deal of unpleasantness.

Now I'd suggest you trot him out

and answer my
question and quickly.

Where do you get off
breaking in here like this?

In your business, I should think

you'd have
learned the realities.

(gun cocks, siren wails)

You'd be out of your
mind to cut it this close.

I want the boy.


I did get that call through
before you cut the line.

Where is he?!

Yeah, baby, where is he?

(siren approaching)

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(Mannix groaning softly)

He's coming to.

Mr. Mannix, are you all right?

Hi, Peggy.

Mr. Mannix, can you feel this?


Of course, I can feel that.


Hey, what are you
doing here, Peggy?

Piling up overtime?

The police phoned me when
the ambulance call came in.

Mr. Mannix, please lay back.

He's gone.


That kid Joey.

No one could be there.

What do you mean,
no one could be there?

That's where we found you.

Well, that's all
very well, Peggy,

but we have to have
a charge number.

Now if I don't, Wickersham's
going to have my head.

As a matter of fact,

ever since Mannix
left Intertect,

one hour a day is
devoted to hating him.

Now who do we charge it to?

Well, with any kind of
luck, we can charge it to us.

But suppose, just
suppose we don't come up

with a satisfactory answer?

Intertect's fabulous computers
not come up with bingo?

Parker, think
what you're saying.

Well, no matter how remote,
there's always a possibility.

The whole of civilization
is built on faith, Parker.

Don't waiver.

I don't know any more
about him, Lieutenant.

Joey Curtis was a kid
I used on a job once

because he knew Cleveland.

This was 1965.

Yeah, October. And
when the going got rough,

he stayed right
in there with me.

Now, he may be a punk, but
whatever he was, you liked him.

And I don't think he had
any real connections then.

He was on the fringe, being
useful, trying to get noticed

so some of the heavy
money'd pick him up

and make him a member.

Looks like someone
did, all right.

What have you got?


Some good news, some bad.

No, I never saw
him in Los Angeles.

I never heard of him
outside of Cleveland.

Nobody else did, either.

Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.

Chick Muller never heard of him.

Ditto Red Jake, ditto...

Yeah, ditto, ditto, ditto.

Lieutenant, do me a favor.
See what Cleveland can make.

Look, what do you think
we are around here, Mannix,

an extension of your office?

Lieutenant, I'm an
outraged citizen.

I was hauled out of bed
and brutally assaulted.

Okay, we'll do what we can.

Ditto all of them.

There is no Joey Curtis.

Kelly green frame.

That's the key.

Frame. When I knew Joey Curtis,

he thought a work of art
meant counterfeit money.

Frame... that's a frame-up.

And kelly green: a
color, description.

Best assumption is it's a name.

So we look for somebody
with the name Kelly Green.

That's, uh, what
the computer said.

I took the liberty of
going to, well, you know,

a certain organization.

And... now don't, don't be
angry because it worked.

Intertect put "Kelly
Green Frame"

through the computer
and what do you think?

That I'm gonna strangle you.

Well, there's a girl
named Margaret Green

who is the daughter of a
prominent judge, Francis M. Green,

and her nickname
just happens to be...

BOTH: Kelly.


Kelly Green.

Reputedly a real swinging doll.

Even the computer
drooled a little.

Mr. McClure, how did it happen?

Where is he? I want to see him.

All right, I'll wait for you.

No, I won't say
a word to anyone.

Mr. Mannix is here, Miss Kelly.

Thank you, Norma.

Miss Green?

You're a private
investigator, Mr. Mannix.

Yes, that's right.

About 2:00 A.M. this morning,

a young fellow just got out
the words, "Kelly Green Frame"

and then passed out...

What's that got to do with me?

Well, your name is Green
and your nickname is Kelly.

And I'm in a frame?

Sorry, try another color.

All right, black. Black hair,

about 25 or six years old,

average height, slim,
a good-looking boy.

Do you know anybody like that?


His name was Joey Curtis.

What happened to him?

He was beaten half to death...

by professionals.

This boy, was he
a friend of yours?

I knew him in Cleveland.

He did me a favor
once. I liked him.

And if I knew this Joey
Curtis, which I don't,

what was I supposed to do?

Talk to me.

Tell me if you're in
some kind of trouble.

Tell me why somebody
would want Joey worked over.

I told you, Mr. Mannix,
I don't know him.

I can't help you. I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

Yes, sir.

I'd like to see Judge
Green for a minute.

A frame, Mr. Mannix?


What sort of a frame?

I don't know, sir.

Well, why should this man come
to you with this cryptic phrase?

It was cryptic

because he didn't
have any more breath.

I understand.

Now, this whole theory of
yours rests on the assumption

that this young man was
talking about my daughter.

That's right, sir.

Yet Kelly told you she
didn't know a Joey Curtis.

I think she was lying.

Uh, Mr. Mannix, you said
you'd gone to the police.

Well, I suggest
you leave it there.

Good afternoon.


your daughter may
be up to her ears

in something she can't handle.

Mr. Mannix, if you
expect me to hire you

to protect my daughter from
this, uh, mysterious frame,

the answer is no.

Uh, thank you for
your time, Judge.

Not at all.

I appreciate your concern.

(door closing)

Kelly darling, I
want to talk to you.

(car engine starting)

(engine revving,
tires squeaking)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

Peggy, get me Lieutenant
Hargrove on the phone.

There's big money inside.


Morgan Farrow.

Well, Roving Vice President

of the Mafia
Acceptance Corporation.


Lieutenant Hargrove, please.

Thank you.

Due back in five minutes.

Yeah. What's Farrow want?

He didn't say.

Said it was very important,

and if he didn't see
you immediately,

buildings all over
town will fall down.

Very interesting.

You see, Peggy, you ask a
few questions in the right places,

and suddenly it becomes
earthquake country.

Oh, uh, hold up
on that phone call

to Lieutenant Hargrove, huh?

Oh, Mr. Farrow is not alone.



MAN: Mr. Mannix...
I'm Morgan Farrow.

This is Miss Hampstead
from my office.

How do you do?

Miss Hampstead, a pleasure.

Oh, can I get you a
drink or something?

Perhaps later?

You know, Mr. Mannix,

I love books, ever
since I was a kid.

Just bought a whole
library from some guy.

A phony.

Never cut the pages.

Anybody knows that.

Even if you don't read them,
you always cut the pages.


Well, now, uh, what can
I do for you, Mr. Farrow?

I've heard a lot
about you, Mannix,

from some of my associates.

We don't have to use names.

I've got a job for you.

That's what I'm here for.

We have an outfit in Hong
Kong that deals in gold.

That is, we don't.

A U.S. citizen isn't allowed
to own gold or trade in it,

but there's a Chinese who
has an outfit, Lim Young.

He does.

Farrow and Associates
have sunk a big stake

in Lim Young and
Company Limited,

and the way these
deals work out... it's, uh,

mostly bookkeeping.

You understand?

Oh, bookkeeping.


and that comes down to
who does the bookkeeping,

and this Chinese brand

of double entry stuff
is mighty peculiar.

Yeah, I can imagine.

Now, we sent our
own security men over,

and they've come back, uh,
maybe a little fatter, maybe not,

but there's been no
change in the bookkeeping.

Now what I want
you to do, Mannix,

is hop a plane to Hong Kong
and find out what's going on.

You can write your own check.

Miss Hampstead, who's got
the whole deal in her head,

will go along.

With me?


Miss Hampstead is a
first-class bookkeeper.

Uh, bookkeeper.


She'll give you the dope on
the business and the characters,

and what they may
be trying to pull off.


Miss Hampstead is a
very efficient young lady.

I have taken the liberty

of making up a little
schedule for you, Mr. Mannix.

First, we'll need your passport.

It is in order, isn't it?

Oh, yes, of course.


TOA is holding
accommodations for us.

First Class, naturally.

HAMPSTEAD: Of course.

They'll need our
passports by 2:00 p.m.

Okay, Mannix?

Well, naturally.

I mean, who can turn
down all of this down,

and, uh, first class?

(loud, shallow breathing)

Why isn't he in a hospital?

There's nothing more
a hospital could for him.

He has my own doctor.

We're arranging for a nurse.

You didn't tell me
he was this bad.

You said just a
couple of bruises.

Anyone thrown from a
moving car is going to hurt,

and look like it.

He'll be all right, Kelly.

Is that what your doctor said?

Kelly, please.

Your friend Mannix told me

you were worked over
by professionals, thugs.

Who sent them?

Who hired them?

Let it rest, Kelly.

Don't start turning over rocks.

You never know what
you'll find underneath them.

I'm a big girl.

Big enough to love a man.

Old enough to take whatever
trouble comes with him.

I want Joey in a hospital.

I want the police called in.

No. No... Joey, Joey.


Whatever happens,
whatever it is,

we can stay together and come
out on the other side. We can.

We'll get you in a hospital.

We'll get you well.

You're going to be so ugly.

I'm going to have to learn
to stand the sight of you.

No, Kelly.

No. No hospitals, no police.

Kelly, they'll...
They'll ask questions,

and we can't stand the answers.

The-The men who...
who beat me up,

Kelly... those men were...

paid by-by your father.


(exhales loudly)

I'm certainly impressed
with Farrow and Associates.

It's a very generous

To think, all this money
just for incidental expenses.

I certainly hope
that the generosity

of the organization extends down

through the entire personnel.

Oh, uh, excuse me a moment, huh?


PEGGY: Yeah.

Miss Hampstead and
I are leaving on a trip.

PEGGY: Oh. Business.

We're going to Hong
Kong almost immediately.

Oh. Well, why not?

I mean, there's nothing
special cooking around here.

Sure, and who wants to be in
town during the earthquake weather?

Head for the
hills, I always say.

Oh, by the way, have
you seen my passport?

Didn't you have it...
Uh, now I remember.

It's in the security files.

Uh, be back in a minute.

What's this about Hong Kong?

Shh. The big pay-off.

Days of wine and roses
with Miss Hampstead.

The question is:

How does Morgan Farrow
tie in with Kelly Green?

Ask Miss Green.

Yeah, I would if
I could find her.


Usually means pressure, but, uh,

pressure on Kelly?

For what?


This is an outfit
that spits money.

What else could
Kelly Green have?

A father... that's a judge.

Judge Francis M. Green. Exactly.

If he's in their pockets.

Maybe they're putting
the squeeze on him

and using Kelly, whether
she knows it or not.

Hey, what do I do
with Miss Hampstead?

Oh, tell her I'm, uh, out
looking for a passport.

I don't know. Show her
pictures of Hong Kong.

Get her stoned.

Do I have to tell
you everything?

Oh, it's no trouble, Joe.


Here you are... Judge
Green's calendar

for the next couple of days.

Yeah. Thanks, Benjie.


Yeah. People of the
State of California v. Phillip.

People of the State of
California v. Jennings.

People of the State of
California v. Mareko...


Violation Section
187 Penal Code...


Rudy Mareko?

Yeah, one and the same.

I didn't know Judge Green
was sitting on the Mareko case.

Well, that all depends.

You see, first he has to rule
on the plea for change of venue.

See, Mareko's attorneys say

he'd never get a fair
trial here, so they ask

for a move, and hold
the trial in the North.

And Judge Green's
got to decide, huh?

What's the word?

Oh, which one... the
top, middle or the bottom?


All right, on top,

Rudy Mareko is feeling fragile,

and decided he's
sensitive to the smell of gas.

As in chamber.

Right, thus making
him talkative.

And in the middle is
the good Judge himself

being pressured from both sides.

The word is that

Mareko's old
acquaintances are uptight,

and they don't want him
chatting about them, you see.

like Morgan Farrow.

Well, I'd say he's one.

So, Rudy Mareko is now
prepared to sing along.

And tomorrow,
Judge Green decides

where he hits the high notes.

Leading to what?

Well, look at it this way.

Right now, Rudy Mareko
is in maximum security,

but if the trial is held up
North, and he's moved,

in a car, or plane,

a world full of strangers,
uh, full of surprises...

if somewhere en route,
that security relaxes...


Mareko goes up in smoke.

(car radio playing
instrumental rock music)

(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

(turns radio off)

(instrumental rock music plays)

MAN: You want
this one, too, Kel?

Here comes the judge.

Yes, that one, and
the cosmetic case.

Boys, if you wouldn't
mind for a minute.

Excuse me, Dad.

I mean, Your...
Judge, Your Honor.

Yeah, yeah... Sir.

Your Honor.

Kelly, do you mind getting
rid of your friends for a minute?

I'm sorry, I don't want
to play the big scene.


Easy, Judge, now easy.

Peace. Peace.

(instrumental rock
music continues playing)

(music stops)

Kelly, I don't want
any more of this.

I'm sorry, Kelly.

It's okay.

I'm going to have to
send you a bill, Judge.

Kelly, will you go
downstairs with me?


Then we'll talk here.

You're really going to
play the scene, aren't you?

It won't do you any good.

Don't you understand,
I'm through?

I don't want to talk about it.

Kelly, no matter what
you've been led to believe,

how much you're in love,

no matter how we've argued,

please have a
little faith in me.

I'm your father, and
I love you very much.

I believe you.

That's what makes it so ugly.

Well, what do you
want me to do? Tell me.

You love me?

I want you to love
Joey just as much.

I... Well, maybe
I don't know him.

We could talk. I could try.


You had him beaten.

You had him hurt.

You believe that?

I hope you love me
very much, Father.

I want you to hurt, too.

(suitcase slamming on table)

Then you've won
something, I suppose, Kelly.

You hurt me.

Get the bags.

Kelly, will you listen?

Let her go!

Move over!

(screaming): No! Leave me alone!

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

Let me out!

I'll let you out when
I'm good and ready.

(shrieks): Help!

(tires squealing) Will
you behave yourself?

(tires squealing)

Will you stop the car?

Now, you listen to me.

Those playmates of
yours aren't surf bums.

They're bad news.
I'm not interested.

Will you stop the car?

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

You believe it or not,
your life's in danger.

Is that what my
father told you to say?

Will you sit down here? No!

(tires squealing)

♪ ♪

(horn honking)

(tires squealing)


(tires squeak)



Have you flipped out?!

Stay quiet, Joey, or I'll
have to hurt you again.

The games are over.

Mannix is causing real trouble,

so we do it the nasty way.

Tell your pigeon the facts.

Happy honeymoon.

Keep your eye on him.

It's that bad, then?

It's worse.

I... I lied to you.

About everything.

Every time.

From scratch.

Right up to telling you

your father paid
someone to... beat me up.

He didn't.

McClure had
somebody work me over.

The idea was to con you.

Make you... fall for me.

Then your father gets shook up,

and when McClure promises

that something
might happen to you,

he decides to trade
a favor for a favor.

Gets somebody named Rudy Mareko

out in the open for a hit.

Why were you beaten, then?


because it worked.

I set you up. You fell.

And I went right
over the cliff with you.

I fell in love with you.

I told them I wanted
out, I wanted you.

I wanted to tell you...

Kelly, I'm... I'm...
The man I love.

And I take whatever
trouble comes with him.

All of it?

And stone cold sober.

sorry, Miss Hampstead,

but that Hong Kong trip is off.

You see, there's going
to be a change of venue.


I'm working on a case
involving Rudy Mareko.

I will tell Mr. Farrow.

I don't think he'll like it.


Farrow and his troops are
going to be after you, and soon.

I sure hope so.

Uh, Peggy, you
stick around, huh?

I may need you.

Where are you going?

I've got to see Judge Green.

I don't know where he is.

He does this sometimes

when he's upset, or
a case troubles him.

Does what?

Why, he goes off
so he can think.

Oh, where?

I'm sorry, sir.

I can't tell you that.

Look, I've got to
see him tonight.

Kelly is... Miss Green
is in serious trouble.

I don't know...

Now, I mean it when I
say she's in serious trouble.

Well, all right.

It's a small cabin up
near Lake Arrowhead.

55 Bellevue Road.

Mannix, I don't know
whether you're a madman

or just totally unprincipled,

but you are going to
leave here, and at once.

You think it's going to
be that easy, huh, Judge?

Give Mareko a change
of venue, get him out of jail

and on his way to
wherever they told you.

Seems simple enough.

No suspicion on you.

You really think that's
a way to help Kelly?

I assure you,
Mannix, you're wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Kelly has spoken to me.

She wants to be alone to think

about this fellow.

She's reconsidering
this infatuation.


And I have some thinking
to do myself... alone.

I'm giving the Mareko
situation a going-over.

Tomorrow, I have to make
a decision on the facts.

You're down on your
knees, aren't you, Judge?

They got to Kelly,

the one thing in the world
that you really care about,

and they're putting the
squeeze on good and tight.

I can make my own decisions.

Even if it costs Kelly her life?

I'm trying to save her life!

Do you think, after
20 years on the bench,

I'd pervert justice just to
keep my daughter away

from a boy I don't even know?


They made it
perfectly clear to me.

If I didn't do what they wanted,

if I disqualified myself,

there'd be an accident.

A dirty accident.

Kelly and Joey Curtis.

Maybe both of them
stinking of liquor,

or shot full of drugs.

Found dead in Mexico,

or on a mountain
road in the Sierras,


She's all I've got.

A wild, rebel kid, but...

she's all I've got.

How a man could
lie to himself...

Tonight I was ready
to believe objectively,


that Mareko might
very well be unable

to stand trial fairly here.

I hate to say this, Judge,

but even if you
do what they want,

I don't think there's
a chance in the world

you'll ever see Kelly again.

If they do anything to Kelly...!

Now, there's one way
we can get her back,

if you're willing to gamble.

Gamble? Kelly's life? On what?

On me, and an idea.

Now, it's not a
very good gamble,

but it's the only one in town.

Don't you realize
if you interfere...?

That I might louse
things up? Sure.

If I do nothing, I won't be
responsible for her death.

But that's the only difference.

Now there's one way we
might get her back alive

and make this gamble work.

You've got to call me and say

you're going to the police
and spill the whole story.

Well, it's up to you, Judge.

My number's here on this card.

Her life depends on your call.

(phone ringing)


Oh, Mr. Mannix.

I was right about
Morgan Farrow's troops.

There's a couple of
strange-looking characters

lurking around outside.

Good. We might need them.

Now, listen to me, Peggy.

In about an hour,
you lock up shop

and get in your
car and drive off.

Park a couple of blocks away,

then double back
and stay out of sight.

Now, if it looks like
I'm going on a little trip,

you get on that phone fast, huh?


(car engine starting)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Hello, Mannix.

I've been acting as
your answering service.

I hope you don't mind.

Not at all.

While you were out,

Judge Green has
been trying to reach you.

Make the call.


This is Mannix.

The police are on
their way here now.

I'm going to tell them what
I know, as you suggested.

Yes, sir.

Mannix, you got
yourself a client.

I want you to consult with
the police and proceed.

Yes, sir, and, uh,

I am sorry what this
will mean for you.

That's unimportant now.

Oh, Mannix?

Yes, sir?

What sort of a
chance do we have?

Well, I, uh...

I can't really estimate that.

I'll be in touch.

The plane under call?

McCLURE: Right.

Get it to the field.

Joey and the girl.

We'll make it a full load.

Oh, then I get to see
Hong Kong after all, huh?

That's a break you
missed for good.

(engine starting)

♪ ♪

(tires squealing)

♪ ♪

Looks like my boys
are cutting it pretty close.

What boys?

The police helicopter.

Not to mention
the boys on wheels.

Sure, sure, you've
got a stakeout.

Take a look at it, Farrow.

Would I have gone
back to my place

when I knew you
were looking for me?

Or send word back
with Miss Hampstead?

I had to find Kelly somehow.

Beginning to get the picture?

Do you want to load up
Romeo and his chick?

Get 'em aboard. Hurry! Okay.

Let's get them out of there.

Come on out.

That was Communications.

The cars haven't found them yet.

Maybe the helicopters will.

I hope so.

Snap it up!

I'm sorry, Mannix.

Get her on the plane!

You'd be better
off staying, Farrow.

No matter what happens
in the Mareko deal,

you'd make out... Your
connections, money.

(helicopter approaching)


He wasn't bluffing!

You've blown it, Farrow.

That's no police chopper.

That's Navy.

Good try, Mannix.

Let's get moving.

Farrow, the minute
you roll that plane,

you'll be a kidnapper.

You know the
penalty for kidnapping.

(second helicopter approaching)

That's not Navy!

Take off. We can outrun them.

(man groans)

Mannix! Mannix!

Get him in the car!

We can use him!



Get him off me!

Hold it!

Get off of me!


(Kelly shrieks)

Go around him.

You go around him.

(sirens blaring,
tires squealing)

(helicopter departing)



We got to get him to a hospital.


We'll need an ambulance.

Easy, Joey.


Joey? Joey!


He's going to
be all right, Kelly.

You've come a long way
since Cleveland, Joey.

(soft groan)

(soft laugh)