Mannix (1967–1975): Season 2, Episode 25 - To Catch a Rabbit - full transcript

Peter Martin, the son of a respected doctor who often ministered to the less fortunate, is found at the bottom of the stairs in his home with his neck broken. His sister does not believe the medical examiner's conclusion that his death was accidental, and hires Mannix to find out if he was murdered, and if so, by whom. A clue left by a young boy whom Mannix observes spying on the Martin home leads Mannix to a Chicano neighborhood, where he discovers further evidence about Martin's death, but also uncovers resentments and accusations toward Martin by some residents of the neighborhood.

(doorknob jiggling)

(jiggling doorknob)


(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

As far as I can figure,

he must have fallen
from the top of the stairs.

Neck snapped.

He was probably dead
before he hit the bottom.

His sister looks
about ready to fold up.


Here, give her a
couple of these.

Mild sedative.

Quite a guy, the old man.


Oh, yeah.

You knew him?

Yeah, I used to work out
of the Hollenbeck Division,

just a few blocks from here.

They'd pick up some guy
all cut up in a knife fight

or something like that.

Doc Martin wouldn't
just fix him up.

He'd come down to the station

to see that he got a fair shake.


Did you check the
windows upstairs for prints?


(piano tinkling)

Um... medical examiner said
these might, might help you.

No, thank you.


Well, I guess we've done

about all we can do for
now, Miss Martin, uh...

I'm very sorry.

I'm afraid these... accidents...



If you're thinking

that your brother was
a victim of foul play...

well, I only have to say that
I think you're way off base.

And I can only say
it was no accident.

Miss Martin, nothing
appears to have been stolen.

These were on your brother.

Ring, gold ID bracelet,

wallet with nearly $200 in cash.

That's quite a lot for
a thief to leave behind.

Don't you agree?

The, uh, police believe
that my brother died

as the result of an accident.

I don't.

I think that someone
murdered him,

and that's why I called you.

I want you to find that person.

Miss Martin, I know
Adam Tobias...

The lieutenant handling the
case... and if he says that...

I don't care what he says.

Someone broke into this
house and killed my brother.

Didn't the police take
fingerprint dustings?

They did everything

that a police force
is expected to do.

That does not alter the
fact that my brother is dead,

and whoever killed him
is walking around alive.

Miss Martin... I'm sorry.

Mr. Mannix.

Does that mean that
you won't take the case?

Well, it means I think

that I'd be taking
money for nothing if...

What is it?

Uh... you stay right here.

What is it?

What's happening?

Somebody was out there
hiding and watching the house.

Now, it's a small chance,

but it just may be
worth checking into.

(ranchero music playing)

(overlapping chatter)

(belly laugh)

Too bad, hombre! You lose again!

What's your pleasure, amigo?


Okay, but I don't
think you'll like it.


It's the water.

You know, south of
the border, no sanitation.

It's not the same,
clean, good-flavor beer

like your Anglo beer.

Cerveza, por favor,
Tres Guitarras.

Hey, that's good.

Maybe that's what
we've got too much of

north of the
border... Sanitation.

You know, I'm looking
for a friend of mine.

Peter Martin. Know him?

BARTENDER: Pete Martin?

Yeah. He lives in
the neighborhood.

Thought he might
drop in once in a while.

Let me see now.

Doc Martin's son.

That Pete Martin. Sure.

Why do you ask?

How's that?

He was killed last night.

Now, that's real funny.

Who killed him?

I did not say
anybody killed him.

BARTENDER: They say there
was an accident in his home.

And you wouldn't know anyone
who might tell me more about it.

No, I wouldn't.


That's good beer.



Hey, wait a minute.

Hey! El toro bravo!

You know, you
weren't doing so good.

Four Chicanos against
one man? Shame!

You lose your way, Anglo?

I hadn't noticed.

You are on the wrong
side of town though,

aren't you?

I mean, the smell
down here... so bad.

The stinking factories!

Why don't you stay over on
the clean side of the tracks?

I still have business
on this side.


See how bright he is?

All Anglos are bright.

That's why they live
in the big houses,

have the shiny
cars, fancy schools.

But there's one thing

they're not too bright
about these days,

and that's coming down here

where he's not wanted!

Anglo, you don't own
the world anymore.

Not in this part
of town, you don't.

My Chicanos are planning
to convince you of that.

Now, you go out and
get in that nice, shiny car,

and don't ever come
snooping around here again.

(car engine starts)

Hey, wh-why're you chasing me?

What do you want? 1

What were you doing
outside the Martin house?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

(door opens)

Who is he?

What do you want?

I want to know why amigo here

has been spying
on me wherever I go.

He does not spy.

If you don't get out of
here, I call the police!

Why don't you do that?

Who are you?

Why are you
bothering my brother?

He's been, uh, watching
the Martin house.

I'd like to know why.

Was it for you?

Corre, Carlos!

Oops, what have we got here?

I don't have... What
were you going to say?

You had a pretty big night.

What do you got,
$500, a thousand?

Maybe you'll tell
it to the police.

Yeah, Operator, get
me police headquarters.

off the phone, Anglo.

I told you, get off the phone.

CANTERO: I warned you once.

You don't seem to
remember too well.

Maybe we'll fix it so
you remember next time.

Did you see how he
was holding Carlos?

Treating him like a
prisoner, like a dog.

Well, I figured he might
be able to tell me a little bit

about the killing
of, uh, Peter Martin.

Oh, so now Carlos is a murderer!

What are you, a one-man jury?

Take him around in the alley.

(brakes screech)

Police operator called in.

Good thing you didn't hang up.

They take anything from you?

No. Actually, it was
the other way round.

Meaning what?

I relieved Carlos here
of a few hundred dollars.

Just temporarily.

He sort of talked me out of it.

Where did you get that
sort of dough, Carlos?

Better come with us, Mannix.

CANTERO: Hey, Anglo,

the next time you want
to see some local color,

take the tourist route.

Over 800 bucks, and
one of the bills fits perfectly

with one left torn in
Peter Martin's wallet.

You want to try to explain that?


Look, Carlos, I want you
to get this straight right now.

You don't have
to tell me a thing.

That's your right.

But if there is some
explanation that makes sense,

maybe we can wrap this thing
up and you can go back home.

Now, you're entitled
to a lawyer, Carlos.

You know that.

You know one that
you'd like to advise you?

Is it okay if I call one to
come down and talk to you?

Do you want to call
your wife, Carlos?

Don't you think she'd
like to hear from you?

Book him.

187 PC... murder.

What's eating you?


I said what's eating you?

Ever since you've come back,

you've looked as though you
swallowed something sour.

Yeah, I don't know,
Peggy, I don't know.

Maybe it's just the
way he dummied up.

He didn't ask for a lawyer,
didn't ask for his wife.

Didn't say a word.

What could he have said?

You found him with $800
right out of Peter Martin's wallet.


Then if he broke in to steal,

how come he left
almost $200 behind?

Maybe he had to
cut out in a hurry.

You can grab a thousand as fast

as you can grab $800.

Maybe he was being smart;

trying to throw the police off.

That's not good enough.

Well, it did for a while.


Anybody else call today?

Just the garage.

It's time for your
car to be serviced.

Oh, yeah, well,

make an appointment
for me tomorrow, huh?



Yes, car.

You know, four wheels, a motor.

That's another thing.

What? The Jag?

What about it?

Peter Martin's XKE.

He lives in that old barn

with the furniture
that's half worn away.

Now, where would he
get that kind of money

to run around in an XKE?

There is such a thing
as work, you know?

Uh-uh. What?

He didn't work.


Where are you going?

Back to jail.

Joe, only for a minute, huh?

Yeah, thanks, Adam.


What you want?

You want me to sign
your autograph book?

You catch people,
twist their arms.

Tough man.

Go away.

I know I twisted your arm,

but I'm not sure
you didn't deserve it.

Okay, I deserve it. Go away!

Valera... Go away, go away!

You listen to me, Valera!

You may not know it, but
you're up for murder one!

If you've got an
explanation for that $800,

you'd better tell me right now!

I marked an old lady
on the street, how's that?

Why didn't you
take all the money?

What made you leave part of it?

Oh, I'm kind.

I leave enough so he can
have expensive funeral.

He always liked
to go first class.

Now, Carlos...!

Carlos, I'm trying to
find out what happened.

I'm trying to help you.

Maybe I misjudge
you, huh, Anglo?

Maybe you're going to
believe that $800 belonged

to this lousy Mexican, huh?

Maybe you're
going to believe that

the honorable Mr. Peter Martin

cheat me out of it
so he can spend it

on his fun and games
and wire wheels.

What if I tell you that I
didn't kill Mr. Peter Martin?!

Sure, you're gonna believe that.

Is that the truth?


Go away, Anglo.

You caught your rabbit!

What did you want
to see me about?

Your brother.

I, uh, I have a few questions.

Yes, of course.

Miss Martin, where did
your brother get his money?

His money?

He seemed to move
around quite a bit...

Vegas, Palm Springs... He
ran with an expensive crowd,

and that XKE
Jag out front, well,

they aren't exactly cheap.

What are you saying, Mr. Mannix?

Miss Martin, I just came
from Carlos Valera's cell.

He said he didn't steal
that $800 from your brother.

Oh, he admitted taking it,

but he said it belonged to him,

that your brother
cheated him out of it.

My brother cheated him?

He is a product of
a ghetto and a killer.

You hear something that he says
and you come here believing it?

Well, I didn't come
here believing anything.

I know the case
against Carlos Valera.

But your brother did
have quite a bit of money.

I'd like to know
where he got it.

I'm sorry, Mr. Mannix.

My brother was a very
good and a very decent man.

I'm not disputing that fact.

But you still haven't told me

where he got his money.

Well, he was involved in
several business ventures.

Do you know what they were?

Well, just recently, he said
something about an investment

in a small club on
Sunset Boulevard.

My reports say that
the only interest he had

on Sunset Boulevard was
spending money, not making it.

Do you know if he ever had
any large sums of money?


Do you know of any place
where he might have hidden it?

No, I don't.

Get out of here, Mr. Mannix.

Miss Martin, there's
a man sitting in jail

charged with murder.

I'm beginning to
believe he's not guilty.

Get out of this house.

You don't call me.

You don't ask for me.

I go crazy with worry.

Why do you worry?

When the TV don't work, maybe.

Not because you got no Carlos.

We all worry.

Mele, your friends, everyone.

You don't write to Quadalajara?

No, Carlos.

Anybody write?

No. I tell them not to.


If my mother hear about this,

I... I don't know
what it will do to her.

Maybe it will kill her.

Do you have a lawyer?

Oh, yes.

They are very nice to me here.

Three meals a day,

two phone calls,
one lawyer, free.

Not a very good
lawyer, but free.

Oh, Carlos.

No te preocupes por mi, querida.

Voy a escapar de aqui.


Tengo un plan. Estoy
bien. Voy a escapar.

¿Vas a escapar?
No, no te atrevas.

Why? You don't think
is such a good idea?

It is the worst thing
you could possibly do.

If you say so, I
stay here, okay?

Carlos, you didn't
mean it, did you?

(sighing): I thought you need
a good laugh, so I made a joke.

You used to laugh at my jokes.

How can I laugh now?

You'd better get the lieutenant!

There's something
wrong with Valera! Hurry!

I'll get Cantero.

No. Wait.

He's my brother.

We'll take care
of this ourselves.

What do you want now?!

You take my husband!
What else do you want?

The truth, Mrs. Valera.

What do you care
about the truth?

Mrs. Valera, I'm not your enemy.

I may be able to
help your husband.

May I come in?

Carlos says he's innocent,

and I'm inclined to believe him.

If he is innocent,

his life may depend
upon his trusting me.

Why should he trust you?

Mrs. Valera, what did he mean

when he said the
money belonged to him,

that Peter Martin cheated him?

Don't move!

Now, we're going to
take care of you, Anglo.

No, Mele, you mustn't.

My brother!

Fancy Anglo going
to kill my brother.

No, no, Mele.

Get in the other room!

You're going to die, Anglo.

Go on, fuera!

MELE: Now, Anglo...

No, please!


I'm sorry.


My husband Carlos...
He told you the truth.

I, I have no proof,

no more than Carlos
had to give to the police,

but what he told you about
Peter Martin is the truth.

Peter Martin steal
from him, from us.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

He come to us.

He says he could fix
it so Carlos' mother...

well, she's old and-and sick...

Can get into the
States from Mexico.

Carlos trust him,

like everyone trust
Dr. Martin's son.

Well, we give him
everything we have,

give him all our money
to get the papers.

Only he lie.

All he was doing
was using the money

to buy his cars and his women!

MELE: Don't talk to him, Miriam.

Makes no difference.

He won't believe you.

It's the truth, I tell you.


When Carlos ask him for it back,

Martin laugh at his face.

Last night, Carlos
go to Martin house.

I beg him not to,

but he say he going
to get our money back.

Martin found him...
tried to hit him.

He was drunk and
fell down the stairs.

Carlos took only the
money we had coming to us.

That's all he took.

But I have no proof.


No proof at all.

Who's going to believe me?

(siren wailing)

(siren continues)

(garbled radio transmission)

What's going on?

Any sign of Valera?

What are you talking about?

He escaped.


(sirens wailing)

(brakes screeching)

Attention, all units.

Man described as Carlos Valera

seen entering old Wrigley Field.

Attention, all units.

Cars ten, 13, move
to Wrigley Field.

Cars 20 and two,
move south along 13th.

That's it, here we go.

(siren wailing,
tires screeching)

TOBIAS: Block off that
side street over there

and don't let him squeeze out.

You two cover that parking lot.

He could have ducked in there.


Cars three and five, is
the north end covered?


MAN (over radio):
North end blocked off.


Keep tight and ready.

Remember, he's dangerous.

You've done your job.

I have nothing
more to say to you.

Carlos Valera has escaped.

Yes, I know.

I heard it on the radio.

Miss Martin, I'd like to look

through your
brother's belongings.


You're not going to do
anything, Mr. Mannix.

As far as I'm concerned,
the case is closed,

and you're a trespasser
on my property.

Valera's wife says

your brother was cheating
them out of money,

supposedly for papers
to bring Valera's mother

into this country.

Now, if you have any file
cabinets or strongbox...

No, nothing.

You're not going to
look through anything

in this house, Mr. Mannix.

I will not have you
dirtying my brother's name

with your ridiculous suspicions.

Not even if he's guilty?

He's not guilty!

I already told you that.

Peter was not
guilty of anything.

He was a Martin.

Maybe that's the answer.

Is it possible

that you're not as concerned
about your brother's innocence

as you are about
protecting the Martin name?

You're right, Mr. Mannix.

The Martin name
means a great deal to me.

You may not understand this.

It's very pleasant for me
to walk down the street

as the late
Dr. Martin's daughter.

Perhaps you haven't noticed.

I'm alone.

Too many years have passed.

It's not likely to change now.

The Martin name is all I have.

Miss Martin... there's
a man out there.

He's probably
trapped like an animal.

He's scared, he's desperate,
and he doesn't trust any Anglo.

Probably has no reason to, so...

if you have any doubt, any
doubt at all about your brother,

please come with me.

If you just talk
to him, tell him,

you might get through to him.

He might believe you
and not get himself killed.

(siren wailing)

Gordon, a couple of men
got in on the other side.

They're trying to check it out.

Okay, okay, you guys try it
from this, and watch yourselves.

All right.


This is Lieutenant Tobias.

You're completely surrounded.

There's no way out.

You haven't got a chance.

Now listen carefully.

Put your hands high
above your head.

Walk out slowly, and
you won't get harmed.

TOBIAS (over speaker): Valera.

Now listen carefully.

You haven't got a chance.

Put your hands high
above your head.

Walk out slowly.

(siren wailing)

TOBIAS (over speaker): Valera.

Now listen carefully.

There's no way out.

You haven't got a chance.

Put your hands high
above your head.

TOBIAS (over speaker):
Walk out slowly,

and you won't get harmed.

(distant, rapid footsteps)

Hold it, Valera!

All right, hold it
right there, Valera.

Hold it! Hold it or I'll fire!

We spotted Valera.

He's headed for
the bleacher area.

Have the others pull in
tight around the stadium.

And keep those people back.

Valera... this is
the last warning.

Do as I tell you, and
you won't get hurt.

TOBIAS (over speaker): Valera.

Do you hear me?

Do as I tell you, and
you won't get hurt.

(rapid footsteps above)





CARLOS: Stay where you are!

CARLOS: Don't move!

Carlos, don't do
anything stupid.

Like what, shooting at you?

They have me
already for one murder.

A man can't die twice.

Now listen to me, Carlos...

I believe you're innocent.

I believe you about the money,

Peter Martin, the whole package.

I want to help you.

I can, if you'll let me.

If you don't give yourself up,
you'll only get yourself killed.

Keep talking.

Reminds me of the fairy tales

they told me when I
came to this country.

TOBIAS (over speaker): Valera.

This is a last warning.

Do as I tell you and
you won't be hurt.

Valera, do you hear me?



Carlos, wait!


All right, Mr. Mannix,

the Anglos kill
me, I'll kill you.

(pistol cocking)

speaker): Mr. Valera?

Carlos Valera?

Do you hear me?

Please listen to me.
This is Katherine Martin.

I have something to tell you.

Please... please listen to me.

I know you were cheated.

My brother cheated you.

He did a terrible thing.

I know that now.

The money that you took,
that-that was your own.

I found proof.

My brother was cheating
you, just as he cheated others.

Mr. Valera, please listen to me.

Don't do anything
more to harm yourself.

Please, please, come out.

I know my brother cheated you.

Please, please come out.

Miss Martin, she
says... she says...

I uh... went through
my brother's things

and I found this... money
and these forged papers.

May I... see you
home, Miss Martin?


Thank you very much, Mr. Mannix.


Oh, I'll check with
you later, Adam.

I'm so sorry.

You know...

you are...

funniest Anglo I ever met.

(theme music playing)