Mannix (1967–1975): Season 2, Episode 20 - All Around the Money Tree - full transcript

Roger Bard, an Englishman who rents an office in the same complex as Joe Mannix, comes to work one day where he is first confronted by a man named Rhodes, whom he locks in a closet. Bard realizes that his office is being watched by three other men, whom he flees by escaping out a back window. Bard briefly climbs into the window in Mannix' office, where he gives Mannix his keys and asks Mannix to free Rhodes, before driving off with the three men in pursuit. Mannix discovers that Bard's office is an elaborate front, with no files or other paperwork of any kind. Then a tall, beautiful woman named Claudia appears, claiming to be Bard's niece. She tells Mannix that her uncle is hiding in Ensenada, and asks that Mannix accompany her there to aid him.

Mannix, old boy, good morning.

How are you, Roger?

How are things with
Bard Enterprises?

Marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.

Oh, expect to crash through
the ceiling any moment!

Oh, that's great, if you
can afford a new ceiling.

Ooh! Spot of lunch?

Yeah. 12:30?

Fine. Pick you up.

All right.

Hello, Roger.

Oh, imagine seeing you here.

Small world.

Not particularly.

As you know, I've had reason

to see a good deal of it lately.

Paris, Suva, Pago Pago,

Singapore, Madrid, Hong Kong,

to mention but a
few of the places

where our paths have
not quite crossed recently.

Yes. Travel is
rewarding, is it not?

It is now, Roger.

Yes, yes. Well, forgive me

for keeping you standing
in the outer office.

Frightfully rude.
Shall we go inside?

I'm sure we have a
great deal to talk about.

A great deal.

Yes. After you.

Mm! Quite an elaborate
front you have here.

Yes, the mores of our time

demand that a chap seem
to be gainfully employed.

Uh... Why don't you sit down?

Would you care
for a spot of brandy?

No, thanks. What's in there?

There? That
closet? Just a closet.

It's where I put my
hat and my coat.

Mm-hmm. Nothing in
there now, I suppose.

No, nothing. It's quite empty.

And why is it locked?

No reason at all.

I like to keep things
locked. It's a habit of mine.

Away from charwomen
and all that, you know.

Mind opening it?

Oh, no, not a bit.

I say, old chap...

(muffled shouting)
Frightfully sorry, old chap.

Have to run.

(muffled shouting continues)

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

(distant, muffled): Bard!

Somebody come
and open this door!

(pounding) Open this door!

Bard, will you come
back and open it?

Let me out of here!

Help! Can nobody hear me?

Come and open this door!

You haven't taken
one sip of your coffee.

Have I lost my touch?

Oh, now I've got
to scald my mouth

to make you feel secure?

Ah! Hope I'm not disturbing you.

Oh, no. Not at all.

Listen, there's a chap

locked in the
closet in my office.

If it's not too inconvenient,

I'd appreciate you turning
him loose in a moment... there!


Don't panic. I saw him, too.

I was about to ask what
you put in this coffee.

(pounding on door)

There he is!

After him!

(tires squealing)

Well, I guess that
spoils it for lunch.

(horn honking)

Bard! Come back
and open this door!

Let me out of here! Bard!

All right, take
it easy! Hold it!

I'll get you out. Just a minute.

Oh... oh, thank you.

Hey, j-j-just a minute.

What's going on here?

Obviously, I was
locked in that closet.

Decidedly awkward,
to put it mildly.

Well, how did it happen?

Accident. And now,
if you'll pardon me,

I have urgent business
with Roger Bard.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Good night, Joe.

Good night, Joe!


You're still hung up on
that Roger Bard scene

this morning, aren't you?


Well, we can talk
about it tomorrow.

You're on overtime.

I'm in no hurry.

Peggy, how long has Roger
Bard been in that office?

Oh, I don't know; I
guess about six months.

It's funny, I see him
almost every day;

we've had lunch dozens of times.

We've had drinks together.

You know something?

I don't know one
thing about that man.

Well, did he ever talk
about his business?

No. I can understand why.

The business does not exist.

And, this morning, he says
to me, "Oh, things are booming

for me, old chap."

Now, that's got
to be an elaborate

front of some
kind, but for what?

Well, whatever it
is, it certainly pays.

I wish I could bottle it.

The way he dresses;
and that car...!

Yeah, he swings.

I talked to the building
manager this morning.

He said Bard leased that
office for five years firm...

Paid in advance...
then he spends

a fortune redecorating...
Special paneling,

(doorbell buzzes)
acoustical ceilings...

Peggy, whoever
it is, I'm not in.


(knocking on door)

This is Miss Redstone.

She didn't have an appointment,

but I thought you might
make an exception in this case.

You know, you're
really beginning

to get the hang of this job.

MANNIX: Good night, Peggy.

Miss Redstone, please sit down.

Now, what can I do for you?

Help my uncle. He's
in terrible trouble.

Of course.

Who's your uncle?

Roger Bard.

He spoke of you as
his friend... the only one

he could turn to in
this hour of great need.

You know, Miss Redstone,
with you as a niece,

I'm surprised Roger doesn't
have many, many friends.

Of course, his mistake may
have been keeping you a secret.

He's never mentioned
having a niece.

Sometimes we're quite close.

Again, I may not see
Uncle Roger for a year.

He moves about a good bit.

Mm. That's exactly what
he was doing this morning,

with three men
moving right behind him.

Oh, no!

Miss Redstone, you said
he told you he was in trouble.

Does it sound worse
coming from a stranger?

Why, why, can't they let him be?

Who are "they"?

I don't know.

But they've hounded him
across oceans and continents.

That I do know.

If you can't identify the men,

then you probably don't
know why they're hounding him.


And you wouldn't have any notion

about Bard Enterprises,

or what those
enterprises might be?

I'm afraid not. But you
will help us, won't you?

Uncle Roger's counting on you.

Where did he call you from?

Mexico... Baja... somewhere
near Ensenada, he said.

What else did he say?

That they'd really run
him to earth this time.

If you couldn't help him,

it was the end of the
line for Roger Bard.

And I'm to tell you
money is no object.

Well, it isn't to me,
either, Miss Redstone.

It's just that I'm trying
to piece things together.

For instance, why
does he need my help?

Why doesn't he just go
to the Mexican police?

Can't you come with me now?

I'm sure everything
will be explained

to your satisfaction.

We must be wasting
precious time.

All right, Miss Redstone.



Uncle Roger was right.

About what?


Well, now, you sure
this is the right plaza?

Yes. What now?

Uncle Roger said
to park here and wait.

For what?

He said he'd have
a man meet us here.

Well, then, that
makes it all right.

Why? There is a man.

Señorita Redstone? Yes.

Please, come with me.


Please, señor, I have my orders.

Is your name Paco?

Si, Señorita. Paco Moreno.

I'm sure it's all right.

(speaking Spanish)

I am so glad you come.

Your uncle is so worried.

We think maybe
there is an accident.

Por favor.

He says, "Paco, I am so afraid
something is happen to her."

But now is all right.

Your uncle is going
to be very happy.

Please do not move, señor.

Claudia, I thought you said

once we got down here,
everything would be explained.

MAN: It will be.

CLAUDIA (screaming):
Oh... oh, my God!

(bottle shatters)

♪ ♪

(footsteps approaching)

You look terrible.


What are you doing here?

Following you.

From L.A.?


And a rather trying
bit of road, that last bit.

Particularly a test when
driven without lights.

Well, I thought your urgent
business was with one Roger Bard.

It is.

I was hoping you and the young
lady were leading me to him.

Look, just who are you?

Dustin Rhodes, Inspector, CID.

What's a Scotland Yard man

doing down here in the
wilds of Baja California?

Hopefully, closing in on a man
who stole two million pounds,

give or take a few thousand.

Oh, yeah, yeah, that
rings a bell... London, huh?

Old money being, uh, transported

in an armored van to a...
government incinerator.

Unfit money being taken
out of circulation, right.

Old bills, unmarked, no
record of serial numbers.

No clues, no bloodshed.

Fortunately, there
was an informer.

One of the gang, we suspect.

So we did arrest their leader.

But he got away.

He, uh, busted out
of your best lockup.


(groans): Oh...

Oh, a question: why am I here?

What was Claudia's reason

for inviting you to
accompany her to Mexico?

Oh, I was supposed
to rescue her uncle

from some very
mysterious enemies.

Question two: who's
Claudia Redstone?

A rather constant companion
of the chap I'm looking for.

As a matter of fact, I've
been keeping her in sight

this past six months,

hoping she'd lead me to
my man, sooner or later.

That's how I found
him in Los Angeles.

Roger Bard?

Roger Bard is one
of his many aliases.

He's no more her
uncle than you are.


I was beginning to suspect that.

You'll return to Los
Angeles, of course.

No one would blame you.

No... no, I'm gonna stay
here and try and find Claudia.

She's still in trouble.

No trouble at all, I assure you.

She was kidnapped, wasn't she?

Oh, yes... by confederates of
a man called Benjamin Wish.

But if Roger Bard sent
for you to save his neck,

you're far more valuable
to Mr. Wish than she is.

They kidnapped the wrong person.

You don't have to
go looking for him.

He'll come looking for you.



Now, how did you get away?

I didn't.


Who are you? How'd
you get in here?

Mannix... why are
you acting so hostile?

I could've got one of my
boys to slap you awake.

I'm truly sorry, Joe.

About getting you
involved, I mean.

Take Miss Redstone
down to the car.

MANNIX: No, hold it.

You let her go, or
you're wasting your time.

Mannix, you don't have
such a big bargaining position.

Now, either she
walks out of here alone,

or... you got no
bargaining at all.

Well, I'm a pretty
trusting soul.

All right.

Thank you, Joe.

Now, let's start
from the top, huh?

Who are you?

My name's Wish, Benjamin Wish.

Uh, these fellows here

have got names, but
that's of no interest to you.

Uh, your little deal is with me.


Now, uh, just what
sort of a deal is that?

Now, there's a
thousand in it for you.

$500 at the nod of a
head, the rest just as easy.

I always get hung up
on that word "easy."

What do I do?

I want you to deliver a message

to a friend of yours for me.

Roger Bard.

Now, the first part of
that deal I can handle.

I nod with a lot of class.

But, uh, let's hear the message.

Well, I want you to
tell Roger that, uh,

none of us feel
unfriendly towards him,

that we grabbed
Claudia last night,

and it can happen again,

unless he intends
to divide the prize,

as was originally
planned amongst us.

Are you sure he won't
make a counteroffer,

like, uh, you keep Claudia,
he'll keep the prize?

(chuckles): Oh, no.

Roger wouldn't play
those games with me.

You see, Roger wouldn't
like anyone to think that

it was his fault for anything
that could happen to her.

You're, uh, saying
you'd hurt Claudia.

Well, you know, lots of very
funny things happen to people.

But the question is now, whether
you're gonna deliver my message

to Roger.

(sighs): You know...

I haven't got the foggiest
idea where to look for Roger.

Why don't you leave that
to old Benjie Wish, eh?

Right, lads, you can go.

Now, look, Mannix, I think you
ought to hop into some clothes,

'cause you and I have
got a long morning's drive.

Over this way, Mannix.

The hacienda is right up there.

It's patrolled.

By armed guards?

Yeah, I think they
call them charros.

You said that this was
gonna be an easy $500.

Well, just a little
walk in the sun...

It won't hurt you.

Yeah, well, there's
nothing like jogging

past a firing squad
to keep a man healthy.

I'll be waiting here for you.

♪ ♪

What are you doing
on my land, señor?

Came here to talk to you, Roger.

Wizard, old boy!

Heh. Thought I might fool
you for a moment, at least.

The ears, Roger,
they're a dead giveaway.

(chuckles): Well, good show.

One of my ideas for escaping.

I see it won't work.

(Bard speaks Spanish)


Oh, you did call
Claudia from here,

telling her to bring me
down to get you out of a jam?

Definitely, as she
should have told you...

You are the only
friend I could turn to.

Well, that I can believe.

You get a lot of mileage
out of a friend, Roger.

Well, actually, Joe, you
wouldn't be down here,

but I am in desperate straits.

Oh, well, now if this is what
you call desperate, then...

I'd like to know
how to join the club.

You can't trust
appearances, old boy.

Actually, I'm a prisoner here.

The only road that leaves here
is controlled by my enemies.

You see, the charros can hold
them at bay, but I can't move.

The original Mexican standoff.

(chuckles): Yes. Yes, sort of.

Yeah. Well, I learned
this morning that

the hostile forces
intercepted the chap

I sent to talk to you...
They made him talk.

That's how it happened.

Oh, what did happen?

Their man met us in
Ensenada last night.

It was a pretty
bad scene, Roger.

Oh, I say, I'm sorry.

Is Claudia all right?

Yeah, she is for the time being.

Which brings me to the
message from Mr. Wish.

Yes? It seems Claudia's
continued good health

depends on you

and, uh, splitting the,
quote, prize, unquote,

as originally planned.

Yes. Uh, well...

tell Mr. Wish that I'll be
in touch with him shortly.

All right.

Um, am I to assume

th-that's all you're
prepared to do for me?

That's right.

Oh, well, my charros will
see you back to Ensenada.

What about Claudia?

Oh, believe me, old chap,

Claudia can take
care of herself.

You know, Roger,
with you as a friend,

a man really has to keep
up his insurance premiums.

Don't move!

Stay loose.

Put your hands
up against the wall.


Now turn around, Roger,

face the desk with
your hands on it.


Uh... I say, you, uh...

you wouldn't really use
that thing, would you?

If you'd like to test me,
Roger, try something.

Yes. Well, this chivalry

is wasted on
Claudia, I assure you.

I'm doing this for
myself... now, let's go.

Um, uh, where? Ensenada.

Oh, you're taking me
to see Benjamin Wish.

No, I'm taking you to see
Dustin Rhodes of Scotland Yard.

Now, what happens after
that is strictly your ball game.

Oh, I see... you met
the inspector, then?

Mm. And I know all about
your heist in good old Blighty.

One question, Roger.

Exactly how was I supposed
to help you get away from Wish?

Uh, well, I thought
that we could play

a sort of a charade; we
could exchange identities.

Now, Roger, we don't
look anything alike.

Ah, you and I know that.

And so does Benjie Wish.

Yes, but you see,
were he to learn

that after losing us here,

a man accompanied by
Claudia Redstone departed

from Ensenada airport
by chartered plane,

well, he'd assume that
man was Roger Bard.

He'd hardly expect
me to be driving back

to Los Angeles in a
motorcar, would he?

I'll buy that, Roger.

But you know, Mr. Wish
is out on that road.

Now is there another
way to Ensenada?

No. I thought that my
charros could pin him down

just long enough
for us to get by.

All right, Roger, but you
make your charros understand

that they do exactly
as I tell them...

(gun cocks)

or they lose a very good patrón.


Oh, absolutely.


(two gunshots)

(gunfire ceases)

(gunfire resumes)

♪ ♪

(tires squeal)

(tires squeal)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Which side of the road
are you working, eh?

Well, I work strictly
down the middle, friend.

You know, old matey,
there's nothing to keep us

from letting you rot out
the rest of your life in jail.

Think about it.

Well, I have thought about it,

and I find the
possibility very unlikely.

See, because you'd
be rotting in jail with me.

That's not a very
attractive picture, is it?

Now, if you were
trying to get away,

you were headed for the prize.

I had a funny notion you
were trying to cut old Wish out.

You know, Mannix, being partners
to a dude like your friend here,

one learns to expect
a double cross.

That's why I had a
car follow us up here.

Block the road behind us.

Seems to be less and
less trust in the world.

Yes, pity.

Cigarette, old chap?

No smoking here, Bard.

You'd probably try
and start a brush fire.

Less and less
trust in the world.

Right, lads, let's
get him to the car.

Hold it, gentlemen, the
guns on the ground, please.

Thank you.

Now could we walk
in this direction?

Thank you.

Don't shoot him,
you ruddy fools!

He's the only one who
knows where the loot is!

Get that tree out of the road!


Don't you try anything.

I don't mind if they shoot you.

(tires squeal)

♪ ♪

(helicopter approaches)

Mannix, you're in
trouble, old boy?

You might say so.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Young lady... most likely
our young friend, Claudia,

rang me at the hotel,

told me I might
find you out here.

Recommended this whirly.

Clever girl.


You seem upset.

Well, I think I'll feel better

once we get back with
our old friends again.

Shall we get in the bird?!


There's Wish.

Ought to be over
Bard's car in minutes.

There's Bard!

I wonder why he's stopped.

Good show, Mannix, old boy.

Lucky you dropped
by. I'm out of petrol.

You better get in the bird.

Wish should be here
in a couple of minutes.

Sorry, old man. No room.

(tires squealing)

(tires squeal)

Let's go.

(engine revving)

Well, for a place as
deserted as the moon,

you certainly run into
everybody you know around here.

I certainly didn't expect to
see you trudging along like this.

Didn't Mr. Rhodes find you?

That he did.

He was supposed to pick you up.

Well, he did that, too.

And he also put me
back down again.

Why should he have done that?

I think it had something to
do with, uh, Uncle Roger?

Joe, I've meant to
talk to you about that.

He's not really my uncle.

Well, you could have fooled me.

Roger's a good friend.

He got into trouble
a few years ago.

He stole some
money, a lot of money.

You don't know what
he's been through, Joe.

He's been hounded
all over the world.

He'd like to give it
back, stop running,

but he doesn't want
to go back to jail.

That's understandable.

I hoped you could talk him into
telling you where the money is.

Maybe then we could get away,

and you and Rhodes
could share the reward.

You think Rhodes
would agree to that?

I think Mr. Rhodes plans to
take that reward for himself.

As a matter of fact, that's
what he's about to do.

He can't.

Well, he's doing it.

That helicopter with
Roger and Rhodes aboard

should be in Ensenada
in about half an hour.

No, no, it didn't.

You trying to tell me something?

I paid for the
whirly and the pilot.

I ought to have something
to say about where it lands.

And that's not Ensenada?

It is not.

Get in, Joe.

He'll fly them around a while.

I paid for two hours in the air.

If we hurry, we
can surprise them.

Well, nothing's gonna
surprise me anymore.

Besides, I'd like
to have a little chat

with Mr. Rhodes myself.

You really came loaded for bear.

I thought Rhodes
might be more receptive

with champagne and caviar.

Don't you agree?

That's what I
call good thinking.


Well, it's not the most romantic
place in the world for a picnic,

but it'll have to do.

Well, I must admit,

it has a certain
amount of charm.

And a certain amount of dust.

Joe, have you ever stopped
to wonder about the first man

who ever decided caviar
was something to eat?


(car approaches)

I thought you said our friends
were arriving by helicopter.

Something must have gone wrong.

Well, that's it then, Mannix.

Unless you want the lady hurt.

Get the car out of sight.

My, my...

that's a very nice picnic
you set up there, Claudia.

How did you find us?

Oh, we never lost you.

We followed you here.

You and your friend Mannix.

Where are we?


But there is a
winery down there.

Maybe somebody there can
tell us where is Ensenada, huh?

I call this living
high on the hog.

Too much grub
here just for you folks.

You must have been
expecting visitors.

Lucky you were able to make it.

Well, the place is
becoming popular.

I should have
made a reservation.

Roger, darling,

there's been a terrible
change in plans.

Yes, so it seems.

Get his gun.

Oh, no, the
inspector has my gun.

Well, gentlemen,
how was your flight?

Oh, charming.

Might have known what
to expect at the end of it.

I must recommend
you to my travel agent.

I hope you didn't go to
too much trouble, my dear.

I refer, of course, to
this little double-cross.

I didn't, Roger.

I di... they followed
us here... truly.

That's right. She didn't know.

Oh, it doesn't matter,
Claudia. No hard feelings.

I hope you and Wish will
make a very happy couple.

That's very generous
of you, Roger.

There is, after all,
no spur like avarice.

Well, now, Roger, don't tell me
you're going to knock avarice?

I mean, a man who
stole six million dollars

and then cut out his partners?

Partners cut me out, Joe.

Wish over there identified
me to Scotland Yard.

Wait a minute,
Roger, that hurts.

That hurts very much.

Who got you out of the clink?

ROGER: You had no choice.

I'd hidden the money
before I got picked up.

Getting me out was
the only chance you had

to put your hands on the prize.

Well, now that you're
back with us, Roger, uh...

you know, perhaps we'll
start from the beginning, eh?

You're wasting your time, Wish.

He's not going to tell
you where the money is.

We'll see about that; we'll see.

Oh, Roger, with
six million dollars,

why does anybody
have to be a loser?

Of course, darling,
Mannix is right.

Now while you're
thinking about that, Roger,

why don't we just have a
little drink of champagne,

and you just keep
thinking about that and...

All right, nobody,
just like statues.

Now let's drop those
guns, huh? Come on.

You, too, Wish.

Over there, both of you.

Now, Roger, why
don't you and Claudia

bring the car around
front. I'll be out in a minute.

Jolly decent.
Thank you, old chap.

How about me, Mannix?

Well, I'm sorry,
Rhodes, but, uh...

you can't have everything.

No room.

Now, turn around, gentlemen.

And I want you
to stay right there,

'cause the first man
through this door

is gonna meet a bullet.

I'm sorry, Joe, darling.

But give me the gun.

You wouldn't.

I would.

And I'd hate to spoil

a beautiful man
like you with a bullet.

But one half of
six million dollars

is three million dollars,

and three million
is three million.

And a money-hungry
gal is a money-hungry gal.

(engine starts)

Joe, you'll hear from me.

I'll get a check off
for services rendered.

Save your money, Roger.

You'll need a lawyer.

(tires squeal)

Where's the car?

Round the side. Let's go.


Well, here we are again, Rhodes,

with each other for company.

Mm! I'm sorry about leaving
you out in the desert, old chap,

but I couldn't take any
chances after all this time.

No hard feelings, I hope.

No hard feelings. Hm.

But we have to
find them, you know.

Oh, I'm perfectly willing
to let them come to me.

Hold it a minute, Mannix.

Do I understand you
correctly, they will come to you?

They will, if I can
arrange to be there

when they get back to L.A.

May I be of service?

That whirly out there

can't fly without its
ignition key, can it?

Good show.

Ah, we're back in
business then, I take it?

We both take it.

Oh, darling, it's
only five past 2:00.

It's four hours before daylight.

Plenty of time to
make our little getaway.

Yes, darling.

"Danger... structure
condemned due to fire damage.

Do not enter."

Oh, no!

MANNIX: Hello, Roger.


Oh, and you know Claudia.

Oh, yeah... and you
know my secretary Peggy.


Yeah, it's too bad about
what happened to your office.

What did happen?

Peggy, maybe
you'd better tell them.

While you were in
Mexico, there was a fire.

A fire?

How bad was it?

Totaled it out.

As I get the picture from Peggy,

it burned right
through the roof.

The firemen thought the
entire place was going to go up.

Oh, I'd better go up...
No, you'd better not, Roger.

There's no floor,
no ceiling, nothing.

You don't understand,
I must see...

Oh, no, you'd better
not because I think

that's Scotland
Yard approaching.

You see, he's been

following you ever
since we got back to L.A.

in hopes you'd lead
him to the money.

Roger, it does look
like Rhodes' car.

I think you can get
out the back way.


Oh, I'll see you
later, old chap.

Any sign of them?

I've been following them

since they left the
apartment, as you suggested,

but they gave me the slip.

I thought they might come here.

Well, they slipped right
through my fingers, too, Rhodes.

They just got away
with all the loot.

Didn't you see them?
They went that way.

You must have passed them.

As a matter of fact,

I'll bet you can catch
them, if you hurry.

I'll give them a good
run for it, don't you worry.

See you, Rhodesy.

What did you do all that for?

He's no more Scotland
Yard than I am.

Just a suspicious man by nature.

You see, Scotland Yard
men don't usually carry guns,

so I phoned London.

Oh, there's a Dustin
Rhodes, all right,

but he's been in a London
hospital for six months.

Broke his back.

Fell down a coal chute.

There we go.

The money actually belongs
to the Bank of England.

We'd better get at it
before our friends return.

How can you be so certain that
Bard hid the money up there?

Actually, he told
me it was up here

when he said his
business was booming,

went right through the ceiling.

I can see why a man would
pay his rent five years in advance.

You have to hand
it to Mr. Bard...

There's nothing to ease the
tensions of modern-day living

like an acoustic
ceiling full of money.


Nothing at all.

(theme music playing)