Mannix (1967–1975): Season 1, Episode 8 - Beyond the Shadow of a Dream - full transcript

A 26-year-old woman, worth $10 million, hires Intertect to do a background check on her boyfriend. It turns out the woman has spent 10 years in a mental hospital and seems on the verge of cracking up. Mannix suspects something more sinister. The woman is surrounded by shady characters. The detective concludes one of them seeks to drive her back to the mental hospital.

(eerie, dream-like
music playing)

♪ ♪


(screaming continues)


(screaming continues)



Lucky I saw her.

She was walking in her sleep.

She could have drowned.

(theme music playing)

♪ ♪

Thank you.

Mannix, would you come
to my office, please?

This is twice the
retainer we require.

I'll pay twice the fee
you asked.

I expect to get my money's
worth, and I want the best.

So you said.

However, this retainer will be
applied against our usual fee.

We can't do better
than our best,

and we don't charge extra
for that.


Miss Carrie Day.

How do you do, Miss Day?

Mr. Wickersham speaks highly
of you, Mr. Mannix.


Miss Day would like us to check
out a man named Mike DiAngelo.


Is my reason important?

Well if I, uh, knew
what you were looking for,

I might have a better chance
of finding it.

Mr. DiAngelo has asked me
to marry him.

I want to be sure
of his motives.

Oh, well...

I'm sorry, but I just don't
handle that kind of case.

I buy only the best,
and I'm paying a double fee

for Intertect's best man, and
Mr. Wickersham has chosen you.

I'm sorry.

I want to know
why you won't work for me.

I demand to know why.

Let's just say, uh,
I don't like demands.

Do you want more money,
Mr. Mannix?

On the contrary, Miss Day,
my advice is free.

You love the man, trust him.

I'm sure you can afford
any amount of money

it might cost you.

Now, that was entirely
uncalled for, Joe.

You know bet...

I'm sorry, Miss Day.


I'm sorry.


I was trying to be like
I'd like to be...

Firm and strong.

I don't care about the money.

I'd just like not to be hurt.

Is that unreasonable?



I don't mean to be insulting,

but I guess
you're not very rich,

working here and all.

No insult.

I'm not rich.

If a girl says she loves you,

you believe her because

you have no reason
to believe she's lying.

I want to believe
Mike isn't lying

because I have a great deal
of money.

And I'm not hurting him
by trying to be sure.

I don't want
to be a suspicious wife

with doubts
about her husband's motives.

Won't you please help me,
Mr. Mannix?

Miss Day is having
a house party.

DiAngelo will be there.

I'm sure you can put up
Mr. Mannix for the weekend.

Oh, yes.

Everyone's arriving tonight.

Well, uh... I may be
a little late, but I'll show.

If anybody asks you,

tell them
I'm in the insurance business.

Mr. Drake, uh, I have a...

an application for
an insurance policy

on the life of, uh...

Uh, yes, uh, this is the
president of our company

with the board members.

Let's see, the life of one...

Oh, yes,
here it is. Uh...

Michael DiAngelo.

Yes, now, we'd like
to make inquiries

about all prospective
policy holders.

Why have you come to me,
Mr., uh, uh, Mannix?

Yes, right. Now, solidity is the
lifeblood of life insurance,

and... and somehow,
that doesn't sound right.

Solidity couldn't,
circulate now, could it?

Well, no matter.

But being a man
who deals in finance, Mr. Drake,

naturally you'd understand
our concern

about the financial stability
of a potential policy holder.

Now, we understand that you have
sold securities to Mr. DiAngelo.

Well, he is a recent client.

We've had a few dealings.

They were all perfectly

Oh, right, right,
perfectly satisfactory.

Now then, uh, what is the nature

and amounts
of Mr. DiAngelo's holdings?

I-I don't discuss my clients'
confidential affairs.

Oh, admirable.

That is admirable, Mr. Drake,

and very rare
in this day and age.

However, being members
of a financial community,

we do have a common interest
in protecting each other.

No information
without DiAngelo's okay.

Well, particularly
since we, uh, note here

that one Walter Drake is having
some difficulty with the SEC

over the sale of unregistered
securities of questionable


I'm sure that I have
some other notes

here someplace on the sale
of those securities.

All right.

DiAngelo purchased $3,000
worth of oil stock from me.

He paid cash to take a flyer
in a highly speculative item,

which I happened to recommend.

I know nothing else about him.

Well, you've certainly
been most helpful, Mr. Drake.

Uh... I don't suppose
you'd be in the market

for some life insurance,

would you?


(distant laughter
and party chatter)

You playing peekaboo?

(laughing loudly)

You know, peeking in windows
is not very ladylike.

The man I'm after
is not a gentleman.

Uh, a-are you sure
I can't help you?

Not unless your name
is Mike DiAngelo.

Oh, here he is.

MAN: Well, that's a most
interesting point of view,

and I hope that you can tell me
more about it a little later.

Thank you.
You're welcome, sir.

Yeah, that would be a good idea.

Why don't you have
some more champagne?

(doorbell chiming)
Excuse me.

Thank you.

Who are you?

My name is Mannix.

Miss Day invited me,

but, uh, she'll have
to speak for herself.

Miss Day didn't invite me.

Well, that is understandable.

What do you want?

Mike DiAngelo.

What's the matter?

What is it, Uncle Rick?

It is a woman.

A real woman.

Where's Mike?

I don't know you.

What do you want?

(laughs loudly)


Gwen, you do turn up
in the oddest places.

Did you think that you could

brush me off so easily?

How much are you

paying for him?

I don't know what Mike's price
is on the open market.

He never expected money from me.

Who... who is she?

Carrie, if I hadn't known
other women first,

I wouldn't appreciate
you so much.

Gwen, don't be tiresome.

Run along home.

What if I don't want to?

Well, I want you to.

I'll take you
to your car.

I'll take the
lady home, Mike.

(Gwen sobbing)

Come on, sweetheart.
There you go.

(sobbing turns to laughter)

Come on, come on, come on.

Not running because
of me, are you, Frank?

I'll be right back, pet.

(door closes)

Now, Carrie, what do you think

of DiAngelo and
his lady friends?

Well, I think perhaps you'd
better go up to bed.

(eerie, dream-like
music playing)


No, don't...

You'll kill... no...



No, don't!

Don't... no...


(grunting and gasping)

♪ ♪



Please go away.



(gunshot, Carrie screams)

(doorknob rattling)


What is it, Mannix?

You all right?

Come on now, come sit down.

Carrie! Carrie!

What happened?
No, no, it's all right.
It's all right.

Uh, please, all of you,
would you mind going out?

I think it's better
she be alone.

You mind?

What do you think?
Who knows?

Hey, what's with the gun?

He's a private detective.

Carrie, Carrie, give me those.

Please, Uncle Rick...
Give them to me, Carrie.

(door slams)
Give them...

I couldn't catch him.

I want Carrie
to be alone to rest.
Yeah, in a minute.

Carrie, that man,
he did go out the window.

What'd he look like?

What business is this of yours?

Go ahead.


I couldn't see his
face very clearly.

It was...
it was weird,

like it came out of my dream.

Where were you
when he shot at you?

In bed.

And the man?

Right there,
where you're standing.

It was horrible!


This gun has just been fired.

That gun belonged
to Carrie's mother.

Haven't seen it in years...
I thought it'd been lost.


I've never seen that gun before.

There are no bullet holes
in the bed or the wall.

Mr. Mannix, I suggest
the matter be dropped.

Somebody fired this
gun in this room.

I'll call the police.
Oh, no, you won't.

You tell me why I won't.

Because I don't want you to,

and because you are
employed by Carrie,

who certainly doesn't want
you to call the police.


No, you mustn't.

Please don't call the police.

All right, no police.

Just to satisfy my
curiosity, Mr. Day,

why would a man show
so little concern

when somebody has just
been firing a pistol
in his niece's room?

Carrie, dear, try
and get some rest.

Would you come with me,
please, Mr. Mannix?

Mr. Mannix.

Carrie fired those shots.

No bullet holes, no chance
to miss at that range.

Is there any other explanation?

There doesn't seem
to be at the moment.

But yours doesn't
make much sense.

It does if you know Carrie.

Carrie was released recently
from a mental hospital.

She spent ten years there.

I'll, uh,
get my bag from the room.

You might tell Carrie I just
had to take another job.

Mr. Mannix.

Uncle Rick told you about me?

That doesn't mean
I don't need your help.

Carrie, I-I don't
know what to say.

I just...
Will you listen?

All right.


Until a little while ago...

I lived at Vespers.

That's a...
a mental hospital.

I don't remember
too much about it.

I guess it wasn't too bad.

But I'm all right now.

Really, I am.

I'm sure.

I was 15 when I went there.

I'm almost 26 now.

In between is empty.

In between is when you
should learn what it's like

to grow up, have dates,

to know if a man kisses
you because he loves you.

Do you know
of any, uh, school

where I can get a cram course
in telling a lie from the truth?

How to read the meaning
in somebody's expression?

No, I don't.

I've met a few men.

They seem very nice.

But I'm frightened.

I'm not so much frightened of...

of them as I am of me.

I'm afraid that's
one problem I can't
help you with, Carrie.

Wait. You could find out
about my friends,

and maybe find out
about the man who was
in my room tonight.

The one with the gun.

Are you sure there
was a man in your
room tonight, Carrie?


You know, dreams can be
awfully real at times.

I've lived with them,

all the time I was at Vespers.

The dreams were the worst part.

One I had I don't
know how often.

Always two figures,
standing over a bed,

and sometimes I'm in the bed,

and s-sometimes
it's somebody else.

They're gonna stab...
but not with a knife.

Like a long needle.

Tonight was horrible.

Horrible as a dream, but real.

It happened, Mr. Mannix.

If I were still sick,

would the doctors
have let me come home?

Well, that'll
be fine, Mr. Drake.


Oh, may I help you?
In a moment.

I must say, you get around.

Is this where you get
your tips on the market?

(phone rings)
Look, Mannix, I know
you're a private detective.

I don't have
to tell you anything.

I was just curious to know
what you're doing here.

I don't think it's
any of your business.

But it just so happens
I came to see my wife.

She's a patient here.

She recently developed
a heart ailment.

I don't get to see her
as often as I'd like.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

(door opens)

This looks like old home week.

Excuse me, didn't I
see you at Carrie Day's?

Oh, yes, you did,
Mr. Mannix.

I'm Robert Adams.

Do we chalk up your being here
to coincidence, Mr. Adams?

Dr. Adams...
I'm on staff here.

And, now, what brings
you to Vespers?

Oh, well, I'm here to talk
to Carrie's doctor.


I'm Carrie's doctor.

Please, uh,
sit down, Mr. Mannix.

Carrie tells me she
was released because
she's no longer sick.

Is that true?

Even forgetting medical ethics,

why should I give you
any special information
on Carrie's condition?

Because I'd like to help her.

Hm. Everybody wants
to help everybody.

To hear tell, the world
is drowning in goodwill.

I was hired for the job...
I've no ax to grind.

Carrie's money
could grind a lot of axes.

For instance, say...

a private detective wins
a rich girl's gratitude,

and she finds she's come
to depend on him.

So, he marries her and lives
happily on her money ever after.

What a nasty thought.

If I wanted to go that route,

I wouldn't be here
asking for your cooperation.

And why not?

A show of concern for Carrie
in all areas.

(intercom buzzes)

Dr. Adams.


You want to help Carrie.

Would you consider having
nothing to do with her?

Is that her doctor's orders?

No. No.

No, I used to give orders.

Very frustrating when
I couldn't enforce them.

Now I protect my ego by
offering only suggestions.

Use your own judgment.

Well, I don't know
enough about her
to judge intelligently.

Now, let me put it this way.

Someone with a weak ankle
favors it, limps.

The weakness hangs on
because of over-protection.

Now, Carrie has been
emotionally ill.

She tries to run for cover
to protect her emotions.

She left Vespers
to learn to get along

without tranquilizers,

without a hospital staff
as a crutch.

And without a private detective
to lean on.


Good-bye, Mr. Mannix.

This is about Miss English
in two...

Uh, Doctor, I have
another question.

I'm sorry about
this man, Doctor,

but he hurried past my desk
before I could stop him.

This is Mr. Mannix,
Miss Carter.

I gather he often hurries

and is difficult to stop.

You had a question?

Yes. Uh, isn't there
some sort of rule

about a psychiatrist socializing
with his patient?

No rule.

Approved procedure
requires avoiding

nonprofessional relationships

while the patient
is under treatment.

Anything else?

No. If I think
of anything, I'll call.

By the way, this is
a nice place you have here.

See you.

(door closes)

If that man comes back,
I want to know about it.

Yes, Doctor.

Somebody fired
those three shots.

Now, it could
have been the girl,

but then again, there's
a chance it wasn't.

A chance.

Lou, she could
be in big trouble
and need protection.

Anyone shooting at her at
that range wouldn't miss,

so it had to be blanks.

Now, you're saying
someone fired three shots

in a deliberate attempt
to make that girl appear
to be psychotic.

Or trigger a... a relapse

and drive her back
into a mental institution.

You're building theories
on the word

of a girl
who's admittedly unstable.

Lou, I know it's thin,
I know it's improbable,

but if I don't believe Carrie,

then we walk away
and I leave her to...

Well, I just got the computer
report on her chums.

Joe, I'm concerned
with her reliability,

not her friends.

She's being treated
by Dr. Robert Adams.

Now, he's been sued
by a patient in Michigan

some time ago on malpractice.

Oh, and Walter Drake...
It's just a matter of time

before the SEC catches him

for selling high-class wallpaper
for grade-A bonds.

Oh, and Frank Terrano.

You must remember him
from the police blotters.

And good old Uncle Rick.

Now, he should have
plenty of money,

but somehow he never does.

And Carrie's $10 million

must seem very appealing to him.

Oh, now, here's one... DiAngelo.

Now, there's a crumb. Yeah.

He's a crumb with a talent for
getting women to pay his bills.

Those are the playmates.

The playmates of a girl who's
inexperienced and helpless.

So what do we do, just
leave her naked in that jungle?

Hi, Mr. Mannix.

Hello, Carrie.

Oh, by the way,

I've arranged to have a
man named Pender here

to guard you when
I'm not around.

He's on his way over now.


Something wrong?

Well... it's
a little frightening,

because it means you think
that somebody might hurt me.

Well, I'm delighted,
because it means you
know I'm not dingy.

Listen, can you spare a moment?

Well, Mike's waiting
for me on the court.

DiAngelo? Fine. You can
spare a moment. Now...

Uh, you met
Dr. Adams at Vespers?

Mm-hmm. He's the one
who really made me get well.

It was almost like
he forced me not to be sick.

(laughs): I know it sounds
funny, but it's true.

He's wonderful, really.

And yet, you're, uh,
interested in DiAngelo.

Oh, I like Mike, and
I know every patient

falls in love with
her psychiatrist.

But my doctor says it's
all right for every girl

to have trouble making up
her mind... for a while.

Yeah, well, I hope that
word doesn't get around
to some of the girls I know.

Look, uh, you didn't
meet DiAngelo at Vespers.

No. Mr. Terrano
brought him here one day.

Mr. Terrano's a friend
of Uncle Rick.

He seems very nice.

Well, that's not exactly the
word I'd use to describe him.

Hey, Carrie...
takes two to tennis!

I'd like to talk to him.

Why don't you tell him
you have to powder your nose?

I'll be right back!

All right.

Mannix, isn't it?

That's right.

I've known some
private detectives.

All of them seemed as dirty

as the business they were in.

I suppose you met them

while they were turning
over rocks to find gigolos.

Anytime you want to choose me,
friend, I'm available.

I'm frightened,
but I'll try and hide it.

You make a habit
of frightening people?

Meaning what?

Carrie. She could be terrorized
right back into Vespers.

Or hadn't you thought of that?

You're not smart.

Why would I want her
declared non compos?

It would be like
taking $10 million
out of my pocket.

Well, it's not quite
in your pocket.

However, if you made
her feel jumpy enough,

she could run
to you for protection.

Are you hoping to peddle
that fairy tale to Carrie?

Make yourself the white knight

who marries the maid
with the fat bankbook?

You know, we could make a deal.

Now, she likes me.

I could bow out.

You're no competition.

She's, uh, pretty
shook up about Gwen.

Yesterday's newspaper.
Carrie knows it.

I could tell her there's a
new edition to that paper,

and that you're an avid reader.

Well, you tell her whatever.

She's in love, and people
in love don't listen.

I know about that because
I'm in love with her,

and I don't hear you.



(door opens and closes)

Pardon me. Uh...

Can you tell me which
is Gwen Rogers' apartment?

She moved.

Are you sure?

I should be.
I manage the joint.

Forget it.

I don't want to see it.

I don't want to know
how much it is.

I can't help you,
and it'll break my heart.

No forwarding address.

Mister, please.

Can you tell me when she moved?

Hey, you came up with
a question I can answer.

Last night. Late.


Nothing to get excited about,
Mr. Mannix.

Want to do you a favor.
Get out.

I want to show you something.

We was getting
worried about you.

Show Mr. Mannix what we
was getting worried about.

Yeah, I could have
blown you right
up, Mr. Mannix.

Next time, we might not
be around to help,

so maybe you better
stay away from Gwen Rogers.


Are you gonna make it a habit
of turning up in my life?

Oh, well, I'm sorry
about last night.

By the way, I'm Mannix.

Yeah. I know.

Frank in?

No. Not now.

Mind if I wait?

Sure. Why not?

Close the door behind you.

You a friend of Frank's?

I know him.

In other words,
it's none of my business.

Okay. Drink?

Yeah. Scotch.
Short water.

I, uh... ran
into Mike DiAngelo today.

Oh. Well, put that to music,

and I'll write
the rest of the lyrics.

Forget it.

I get a little sloppy at times.

Mike's okay.

You know, he expects
to marry Miss Day.

Maybe he's in love.

I mean, men fall in love
for many different reasons,

and money is as good
a reason as any.

He never was in love with me.

Men never are.

Only kids fall in love
with toys.

But you fell in love with him.

Oh, I fall.

I fall hard.

Not this.

I mean, I'll stick around
for a while,

and then I'll move on.

Well, here's to love
and the happy couple.

I don't think
they'll get married.

Well, I hope not, for her sake.

You know, believe it or not,

I feel sorry
for that little dame.

I mean, she's
worse off than I am.

Money, looks...

What does it all mean?

I mean, if you're
living your whole life

on the edge of, like, nothing.

You know a lot about her.

Not really.
You know, Frank told me

about that place
that she was cooped up in.

If I was stuck in a place like
that, I'd go out of my mind.

Which is a...
stupid thing to say,

because you don't get there
unless something's wrong

with you already.

How long have you known Terrano?

Hmm. Just since yesterday.


I won't know him for long.

(key jiggling in lock)

That must be him.

Hello, Frank.

Good-bye, Mannix.

I thought we'd
have a little chat.

Maybe some other time.

Oh, this won't take long.

Go on upstairs.

Make it fast, Mannix.

What's on your mind?

Your friends
delivered your message

about staying away from Gwen.

All right, Frank.
Now tell your friends
to take a day off.

We told him to
stay away from Gwen.

Shut up! Get out.

You know, having those guys

around you all the time, Frank,

doesn't help the
element of surprise
when they do show.

I told you, upstairs!


Frank and I have no secrets.
Do we, Frank?

Do what you like.

Now, what did you have
going with Rick Day?

And I'll check any answer
you give me.

Why should I tell you anything?

Because I get very angry

when people plant bombs
in my car, or jump me.

I've even been known
to lose my temper.

Now, we don't want that,
do we, Frank?

Day and me are strictly legal.

How could I think otherwise?

A factoring operation.

We buy up due bills
in the garment industry.

Now, what about DiAngelo?

He's anybody.

Just a guy.

Ran into him at the races.

Brought him to a party at Day's.

Out of the goodness
of your heart?

Because you didn't
want him to be lonely?

If he marries money,
he'll be a guy to know.

You want out, Gwen?

What are you offering?

I'll stake you to the price
of a hotel room.

No, thanks, Mannix.

(door closes)

Pender! Pender, what happened?

I don't know.

My head!

I was...
I was downstairs.

Thought I heard a noise.

Came up here, her
bedroom door opened and...

next thing I know,
I'm waking up.

Carrie! Carrie!

What is it now, Mannix?

You got a key for this room?

Isn't Carrie in there?

Have you got a key!?

Check the front of the house.


RICK: I'll check
the rest of the house.


♪ ♪

(gentle rustling)

Check and see if her
prints are on this, huh?

Want to bet?

Yeah, and have the lab look

for anything unusual
about the prints.


I'll see you later.

Come in.

I've ordered the ambulance.

Get her old room ready,
the annex, 116.

She'll be arriving in
about a half an hour or so.

Yes. Thank you.

How is she?

She took an overdose
of tranquilizer.

Why the tree?

I'll give you a pat answer.

She played up there
with an older brother

she loved a great deal.

His death first brought
on her illness.

This is some kind
of regression, I suppose.

Will she come out of it?

We'll get her back
to Vespers and detoxify.

If it was a drug,
she'll come home.

If not...

She, uh, told me about a dream.

Said it occurred pretty often;

two figures over a bed,
about to stab her or someone.

Does that have any significance?

She mentioned that dream
frequently at Vespers.

We tried to find
the meaning, but...

I'm sure it's significant,
I just don't know on what level.

They're ready.

Carrie, come on.


Come, darling.

Help me.

Keep that left up.

Come on. Keep it up.
Keep it up.

(bell dings twice)

Operations tells me
I'm off the case.

You are.

You mind telling me why?

Client's orders.

You're next,
Mr. Wickersham.

I don't believe it.

Look, take the rest of
the afternoon off.

Someone pressured her
into calling you.

She didn't call.

(bell dings)

No, while she's in
a mental hospital,

her uncle is her legal guardian.

You'd better keep your left up.


And he says, no case,
no Mannix, no more.

(bell dings)

Look, Rick Day could be the
reason she's in Vespers.

Now, the lab checked the
fingerprints on that lamp.

She never held it in her hand.

(bell dings twice)

Her hands were placed
on that lamp.

Those tranquilizers she took
that put her up in that tree

could have been given to her
in a dozen ways.

Yeah, I wondered
about that, too.

Look, I agreed with Day
to take you off the case.

I didn't mention to him
I was sending Pender out

to Vespers to keep
an eye on the girl.


So take the rest
of the afternoon off.

That bell is giving me
a headache.

Yeah, thanks, Lou.

All right.



This is Mannix. Get me Pender.

He's in car 305.

Pender here.

Yes, Mannix.

(gun hammer cocks)



(tires squeal)

Pender! Pender!


You're not allowed...
Where's the annex?

Across the lawn.
I want to see Miss Day.

I'm sorry, Mr. Mannix,
but you'll have to wait.

What for?
Only the doctor in charge
can grant permission

to see the patients.
Yeah, well, who is
the doctor in charge?

Well, right now,
it's Dr. Adams.
Get him for me!

I can't at the moment,
Mr. Mannix. If you'll wait...

Look, when you get him, send
him over to Miss Day's room.

(door closes)

Where do you think you're going?

I want to see Carrie.

You can't see her right now.

Why not?

She's just coming out
of it, Mannix.

She needs quiet, no visitors,
and that includes you.

Now, look, Adams, she can be
in big trouble.

I doubt that.

I'll wait in her room.

Get him! Stop him!

Put him in restraints!

Thank you.

(door shuts, key turns in lock)




(water splashes)

(key turns in lock)

I'm sorry, Mr. Mannix,

but you just can't
barge into a hospital

and turn it upside down.

I told you, Carrie's in danger.

Carrie is fine.
I just looked in on her.

She's resting quietly.

I'd like to check
that out for myself.

You are a detective,
not a doctor.

Her rest is very important
to her now.

If you can calm down, perhaps
you can see her later.

That may be too late! Now, she
may be just another patient to

you, but...

I love Carrie,

Mr. Mannix.

You and I may know the rule
against personal relationships

between psychiatrist
and patient; it's a good rule.

it defines behavior,

not emotion.

I haven't told her, of course,

but I certainly wouldn't let
anything happen to her.

It already has!

Now, somebody wanted

her back here in Vespers.


I don't know!

This is ridiculous.

I can't believe Carrie is in any
danger here at Vespers at all.

And you've given me
no facts to warrant
altering my judgment.

I'll be back
to release you later.


Well, I, uh, I swore
I'd never tell,

but, uh...



(muffled gasping)







(muffled gasping)


She, she was going wild!

I-I was just trying
to restrain her!

She was trying to kill me.

No. She's a sick girl.

She's making up a fantasy.

I remember the dream!
It wasn't a dream, it was real!

No, no!

She and Walter Drake,
when I was here before,

it was dark and it was night.

I heard a noise,
and I went to the door.

She's making up stories!

They were bending over the bed,
his wife's bed!

They had a needle!

Don't pay any attention to her!

They were talking
about killing her!

No, don't pay any attention...

Yes, I heard it,
I saw it!
Where, Carrie, where?

There, there!



(grunting and groaning)


Just don't let him get away.

He tried to kill his wife.

And she tried to help him.

He's right.
I saw them.

I think she's a little upset.

Of course, that's

She expected to get a husband,

and she'll get a jail sentence.

All she and Drake had
to do was get rid

of a inconvenient wife.


Periodic injections of digitalis
building to a lethal dose.

And Carrie saw them.

That's why they tried
to drive her

back here, so that, uh...

no one would believe her

in case she did remember
the murder attempt.

It wasn't my imagination.

It wasn't a dream.

No dream, no more hospital.

I'm all right, then.

Would you like to go home?


Excuse me.

Oh, Mr. Mannix,
thank you.

Uh. Yes, yes. Uh, thank
you, Mr. Mannix.

That's all right.

I-I was wondering, if you happen
to get a moment...


(theme music plays)