Mako Mermaids (2013–2016): Season 1, Episode 26 - Decision Time - full transcript

Cam apologizes to Zac for his betrayal but keeps the trident hidden. The girls look forward to returning to the pod. Everyone catches on to Cam's scheme and races to Mako Island. Will they stop Cam and be allowed to return to the pod?

♪ In this world ♪

♪ We're all alone ♪

♪ You know I love ♪

♪ My island home ♪

♪ We'll make this right ♪

♪ Find our way

Through this mystery ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together lying in the sun ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be... ♪


CARLY: Hey, Cam.

CAM: Carly, great.

I need a kilo of tuna,

a kilo of salmon,

as much shrimp as

you've got.

What's the catch of the day?

I think it's swordfish.

Throw in some of that too.

While you're at it, some flake.

And I need it all delivered.

Are you having a party

or something?


Suddenly got a bit of a taste

for it.

Be careful. You've been

hanging around Zac too long.

Nixie. Hey, are you hungry?

I've just placed

a delivery order--

Is it safe?

Of course.

I'll show you.





And you're sure

Zac doesn't know it's here?

Beyond sure.

He wouldn't think to look here.

And you're not gonna tell him?

Not a chance.

You have my word.

Thank you so much, Cam.

Then this is it.

Zac's gonna be

back to normal,

and we can finally return

to the pod.

This could never have happened

without you.

What can I say?

I'm a rare find.

You know,

Zac might not be too happy

with being turned back

into a normal guy. Right?

We're not planning

on giving him a choice.




Hey, girls.


Rita, there's something

we wanna ask you.


We want you to come with us


Back to the pod,

be a real mermaid again.

After all,

you've given us a lot of help.

I'm sure the council

would let you back.


Thank you, but no.

Look, you girls belong

with the pod,

but Mako is not my home


My life's here now.

But it's not gonna be the same

here without you.


I can't believe you

lied to me.

And for such a long time.

I know.

That was wrong.

But I wanted to tell you

so many times.

I never wanted to lie

to you.

I was trying to protect you.

And them.

Yeah. And them.

This is all

their fault.

No, it's not.

Why are you defending them?

I'm not. I'm just...

The whole thing was an accident.

Wrong place, wrong time.

It's not their fault.

I don't believe that.

And I can't make you.

It's the truth.



Telling anyone

would just be bad news

for me, as well as for them.

You know that.

If you're gonna say something,

could you just

wait until tomorrow?

Tonight's a full moon.

If it's not all back to normal

by tomorrow,

then go ahead,

shout it from the rooftops.

But until then,

could you

keep it quiet?




I won't say anything

until tomorrow.



Hi, Evie.

I know you're mad at me.


I can explain.


Then go ahead, Cam,


Explain why you ganged up on me

with Nixie.

Explain why you helped

steal the Trident from me.

Explain how my so-called

best friend of 15 years

could just turn on me

with no warning.

I deserve that.

But we had to do


We thought

the Trident was controlling you.

You told me about

the dreams you're having.

We were trying to help.

Evie knows all about me,

thanks to you.

I'm sorry, man.

Evie was collateral damage.

I didn't want her

to get involved,

but I didn't have

any choice.

I know you know that.

She did have a right

to know.

And I did feel bad

keeping it from her.


Are you really gonna do it?

Give it all up?

Yeah, I am.

After tonight,

I'm gonna be a normal guy.

No scales, no tail.

It's time to get back

to my old life.

It's over.


The Trident is safe,

I made absolutely sure of it.


The Trident was safe with Zac.

You didn't need to interfere.

Well, I don't regret


Then it's real.

We're leaving.


We're not really leaving.

We're going home

to the pod.

No more land people.


No more legs.

Yes, but that's if Zac

keeps his word.

Zac will keep his word.

It's not gonna be easy

for him.

It'll be good to get back

to the pod,

and I'm sure, in time,

we'll forget the things

we've left behind.


Zac's here.

I spoke to Evie. She agreed

to keep quiet until tomorrow.

So we're all set.


that's assuming everyone

will keep to their side

of the deal.

Everyone will.

I'll be back at moonrise.

How are you feeling,


Ready for


As ready as I'll ever be.

So you've said your goodbyes,


Not exactly.

You haven't said goodbye

to David?

I don't wanna hurt him.


I know it's hard.

I had to choose

between two worlds too.

But sometimes the things

we don't do

hurt more than

the things we do.


Sirena, hey.

I have to tell you



Whatever it is,

it can't be as bad as you think.

Come on, out with it.

I'm going away.


A long way away.

I'm guessing this isn't

just a weekend thing.


I won't be back.

Isn't this a bit sudden?

It's been a long time coming,

but I guess I just really

wasn't prepared.

I know the feeling.

I'm so sorry, David.

I can't explain,

but I should have warned you

that this might happen.

I really didn't wanna

believe it.

We can stay in touch.

There's always

the Internet and phones.

We can write and talk.

No, we can't.

I don't understand.

After today, we're never

gonna see each other.

Goodbye, David.

Sirena, wait!


Let's go.


We need to talk.


Will you be okay if I

leave you alone for a minute?

Those mermaids have got Zac

completely fooled.

Tell me something

I don't know.

The sooner he gets turned back

into normal Zac, the better.

No, that's it.

They're not gonna turn him back

into a normal guy.

Not tonight, not ever.

But they have to!

No, it's not gonna happen.

They want him for

their pod.

Tonight is a full moon.

They're gonna turn Zac into

a merman forever.

We have to do something.

Yeah. We do. Come on.


Cam tricked you, Nixie.

He's scheming behind our backs.

He has been this whole time.

You can't trust him.

You're wrong.

Nixie, you have to believe me.

I heard him talking to Evie.

He's up to something.

What if he's not?

How can you know for sure?

Fine. Don't believe me.

I'll prove it

to both of you.

Show me where he's hiding

the Trident.


what are you doing here?

Do I need a reason?

It's just...

I have to go. It's nearly time.

You can't go out there.

You're walking into a trap,

they've got you fooled.


I know you don't like them,

but they're on my side.

Now, I have to go.


Evie, move.


I really have to go.

If you go to Mako,

our deal is off.

I'll tell everyone about them

and you.

You wouldn't do that.

I'm sorry, Zac.

But I will.

It's right here.




He lied to me.

He actually lied to me.

I'm sorry, Nixie.

Why did Cam lie to Evie?

He's using her

to stop Zac going to Mako.

Yeah. He wants this

all to himself.

Cam's always been jealous

of Zac's powers.

Cam wants to be a merman.

We've got to do something.

If he takes the Trident

into the moon pool--

No, don't worry, Sirena. I'm not

gonna let this happen. Okay?

Are you kidding me?

There's just one thing we need.

Why are you doing this?

I know those girls.

I know I can trust them.

You're wrong, Zac.

Cam said that--


What's Cam got to do with it?

He said that they wanna

make you like this forever.

Cam said that?

Whose idea was it to go to Mako

to get the Trident from me?


Right. And who has the Trident?



Who planted the seed

of information

into your head earlier today

to try to get you to stop me

from going to Mako tonight?


I have to go.



What are you doing?

Yes, what are you doing?

Rita, I have made

a huge mistake.

But we really need these

right now.

Cam is out there

with the Trident,

and we have to stop him.

I know we haven't finished

much of our training,

but I'll understand

any punishment that follows.

We're taking these.

So, what are you waiting for?

Thank you.

Don't do this.

You're too late.

I'm gonna do

what you couldn't do.

You're making a big mistake.

You're wasting your breath.

Come on, Cam.

Put it down.

We don't belong here.

Speak for yourself.

You could get hurt.

Seriously hurt.

You take that thing in there,

it will destroy everything.

Do you remember

that night we camped here?

It should have been me.

Not you.

I won't let you do this.

I'm not asking

your permission.

You had your chance,

and you gave it up.

But I'm not going to.



This was meant to happen,


You can't stop it.

Give it to me!



You shouldn't have done that.





You can't stop me!


What's going on?

I don't know.

I think my moon ring's

losing power.


It's the Trident.

It's stronger than

our moon rings.

Hold on, Nixie!



You're no match for me!





Lost something?



Guess we have to

give these back to you now.



I remember three young mermaids

who were banished from the pod

for failing to protect

the moon pool.

But no one could have protected

the pool as well as you have.


I see three mermaids

who saved the moon pool

from destruction.

The pod would be

as proud of you as I am.


I know there's

a journey ahead,

but all three of you

have earned your moon rings.


Sorry, we're not open yet.

I'll wait.


I don't understand.

I thought you were...?

Does this mean...?

I thought I'd stay a little bit

longer, if that's okay.

It's more than okay.



I was in the moon pool

during the full moon,

and I didn't change back.

You realize this means that

you're stuck dating a merman

for a little while longer.

Well, it's lucky that

I love you for who you are,

not what you are.

Somebody get me

a bucket.

I was hoping

to see you three today.

I wanted to apologize.

I shouldn't have judged you

so quickly,

and I really am sorry.

I should have trusted you.

It's all history now,


Go on, go.

I'd race you to Mako,

but let's face it,

you're too slow.

Dream on, mer-boy.

I can out-swim you any day.

So can I.

Me too.


♪ In this world ♪

♪ We're all alone ♪

♪ You know I love

My island home ♪

♪ We'll make this right ♪

♪ Find our way

Through this mystery ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ Swimming in the sea ♪

♪ Now it's just you and me ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ I just wanna be ♪

♪ With you feeling free ♪

♪ It's my destiny ♪

♪ Forever, ever, ever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together lying in the sun ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Forever ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Just be you and me ♪

♪ I just wanna be... ♪