Maigret (1991–2005): Season 1, Episode 20 - Death of a Harbour Master - full transcript

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He is even harder to identify
then a corpse.

Whatever language you speak,
he just smiles.

I wonder if he knows
that we're talking to him.

No identity papers.

Were there no stains on his clothes?

Some dust in his pockets
and mud on his soles.

- That's a trace.
- If only it were true.

We have no idea
who he is and what he does here.

And the scar?

That must be about a month old.
It's from a bullet.

Nicely cared for, say the doctors.
But he could have other injuries.

- Is that why he doesn't say anything?
- Probably.

- So we're in the dark.
- You say that.

If we put a picture in the paper
he will probably be recognized.

Of course he is recognized.

The question is whether someone
wants to recognize him.

Do you think he has changed?

Especially that hair.
In the photo he has different hair.

The main thing is that you recognized it.

Miss Legrand.

You call it Julie.

- You've been with him for eight years.
- Almost eight years.

- How old were you when you came to him?
- Just 4pm.

He really doesn't understand anything
of what we say?

If he does, he hides it well.

Will he always stay that way?

I think his memory is coming
back when he gets home.

Then he can tell
what happened to him.

That makes it so easy.

He recognizes the house.

Open the door.

Tell me exactly what happened.

I've already told you everything.

- So it was six weeks ago?
- Five.

Monday would have been six weeks.

You noticed that night
so nothing special.

He drank his herbal tea
and went to bed.

No, he had that night
service as harbor master.

That depends on the tides.
That evening he had to go to the harbor.

So he left.
What did you do then?

I went to sleep.

- And did that work?
- Yes.

- Didn't you see him since?
- Until today.

And when you got up the next day?

Then it turned out that his bed had not been slept in.

Did that happen more often?
That he slept elsewhere?

Just for work.

- Did he always sleep at home?
- Yes.


Say it, Julie. Only?

Didn't he receive any friends?

- No one ever came to visit?
- Nobody.

What have you done,
all the time he wasn't there?

I waited.

Did you think he would come back?

No, we thought
that he had fallen into the water.

In the harbour? A man who never drinks?

There was thick fog that night.

Later they thought he might
had left.

- Where to?
- We just didn't understand that.

But you will find out, won't you?

You'll find out, won't you?

You won't let him fall
like the others?

They thought it normal that he disappeared.
But such a thing is not normal.

And come back as a kind of ghost
also not.

Are you the harbor master?

That's a big word.

I'm more of a kind here
traffic cop.

- And who are you?
- Police Commissioner Maigret.

- Did you return Mr. Joris?
- Do you know him?

I'm his replacement, you know.

If he is there, I am not there and vice versa.

That limits contact.

- You don't like him?
- Yes, but we are very different.

He's a gentleman. A real sailor.

Captain Yves Joris.
Breton in heart and soul. First class.

Not half a landlubber like me.

- Didn't you sail too?
- 12 years of coastal shipping. The tram line.

Nantes-Bordeaux, round trip.
Then I will just as happily stay in the harbor.

Which ships have sailed out
in the night that Joris disappeared?

- That was on March 23rd.
- Indeed.

The next day I had to fill in.

Can I go to the cafe?

Do you have a list?

Yes, in the captain's office.

- Maybe he didn't sail.
- But he didn't go swimming either.

- Do you note the hours?
- They only sail at high tide.

- High tide lasts a long time.
- That's not too bad.

What about the tide now?

This was the last to be exported.

Would you like to go for a drink?

This is the Commissioner from Paris.

Please sit down, Chief.

Did you bring Mr. Joris back?

That's right.

Is it true he lost his mind?

Indeed. He doesn't talk anymore.

The same, please.

His maid recognized his picture
in the newspaper.

We have seen those too.

That is possible, but she has come.

Logical. She has an interest in it.

- Is Julie Legrand from the village?
- No, from Port-en-Bessin.

Her father is supposedly a fisherman there.

If he fished just as much
if he drank, the sea would be empty.

What do you think about Julie
and Captain Joris?

- Are they having an affair?
- We don't know them that well.

- He comes here sometimes?
- Of course, that's part of it.

Then he has a drink.
And he is always very polite.

But after one glass he leaves.

He does not hang out with everyone and everyone.

By the way, neither is Julie anymore,
the conceited litter.

That comes from nothing
but that feels like a lot.

Is that what you say about her brother?

I'm talking about Julie's brother.

You know she's a brother
has? A sailor, still.

He's on a coaster
who moors here regularly.

Louis Legrand of the Saint-Michel.
Don't you know them?

We call him Big Louis.

That's why we didn't know right away.

We only see him as the Saint-Michel
calls at the port.

And then he doesn't even come
off board.

- Isn't he going to see his sister?
- No, Joris doesn't like him.

Why not?

Because he spent six years in jail

You're kidding us, aren't you?

- You are well informed.
- That is part of my profession.

It's upstairs.

The number is on the room door.

- What kind of sound is that?
- That's the fog horn.

- Does it go on all night?
- As long as there is fog. You get used to it.

Mr. Commissioner.

Mr. Commissioner.
You must come right away.

Two more minutes of respite.
At most three.

The last convulsions.
The look is already dull.

He can no longer breathe.
He's gasping for air.

It is over.

Come closer.
Don't you notice anything special?

Strychnine. You can even see that
without autopsy.

Of course there will be
but I already know.

What did I say? Strychnine.
He probably woke up thirsty.

- Did you fill the carafe with water?
- Yes. Yesterday evening.

He's ... He liked water
standing next to his bed.

Did you not hear anything?

Still, he must have called.
It always is.

Especially at the beginning the pain is terrible.

- He stopped talking.
- How do you mean?

Ever seen?

A testament.

Have you really never had this before?

You inherit everything.

I didn't know he was that rich.

He was not rich.

Ten years ago he inherited a farm.
He sold it.

- There is no other family?
- They are all dead.

- Are you arresting her?
- Why? She's not going to run away.

She wouldn't get very far.

Besides, she now lives
in her own home.

I cannot issue a death certificate.

Nobody asks that either.

He's been poisoned. We're going to investigate
don't end before it starts.

We're doing an autopsy
and all the fuss.

Chief Maigret? I am EugËne
Grandmaison, the mayor.

Yesterday I was late to you
greet, this morning I was hunting.

- Are you hunting too?
- I rarely get the chance in Paris.

We mainly hunt ducks here.
Very exciting.

I come from the flat country.

From partridge and rabbit hunting
I don't know much.

But the duck hunt
is worth a try.

It goes so quickly,
that you have to hit immediately.

She poisoned him, didn't she?

He has indeed been poisoned.

Do you have the maid
not yet arrested?

- Yet I heard from the doctor ...
- What?

I'm not with the police, but I am
don't know who else it could be.

And she has motive.

She inherits from him, right?

Would she do it the first time
have been?

Before he was poisoned, someone did
try to kill Captain Joris.

Oh yeah. That was in the newspaper.

Can you imagine them
shot at that poor man?

I hardly know her
but it seems unlikely.

An accomplice, perhaps?

Then why would she
came to collect them in Paris?

I hadn't thought about that.

As long as the murder is cleared up.

Attempted murder is something else,
not true?

I must go there for sure?

You are the highest here
representative of the authority.

Then I'm going to change.
And warn my wife.

Will you wait for me?

A strange figure. Very closed.

- Did you know him well?
- Not really.

- He sailed for me.
- What do you mean?

We are a family of ship owners.

Actually he has his entire career
made with us.

Before he became a harbor master,
he sailed for 28 years.

So he already worked for my father.
A great force.

Julie. Where is she?

Is there coffee?

- Do you have children, mayor?
- A.

A son? Also a hunter?

Not yet, but it will come.
He's only eleven.

Besides, he's at boarding school,
with the Marist Fathers.

Would you like to go to the salon for the

Give it here, Julie. Here with that paper.

Beware. Someone is bad for it
with your boss. Louis.

- That is your brother?
- His name is on it.

When did he issue this?

Yesterday, of course.
When you were with me in Paris.

- If only I had found it sooner.
- What would you have done?

- Then I would have protected him.
- Against who?

- Who wanted him bad?
- It's all my fault.

Poor kid.

What affection.

It is not too bad for me
that she didn't roll on the ground.

Joris treated her too nicely.
She has gotten imagination.

- Do you believe she was his mistress?
- I do not know? Quite possible.

She was the only one
who recognized his photo.

- Everyone recognized Joris.
- But she responded.

Nobody wanted to go all that way
to travel to Paris.

She could have said that too.
- She lived with him.

She had to speak up.
If only to get rid of him.

At first she thinks he's dead.
He disappears.

Maybe she'll throw it in the harbor.
Together with her brother.

You know he sat down, right?

They throw him in the harbor,
but they are unlucky. He is coming back.

How does he get back?

Maybe it's being fished
by a ship.

In the meantime, she discovers the will.

Now she has to kill him.
Are you following me?

Of course I'm not with the police.

But I know how the people are here.

I know how they work.

They don't vote for me for nothing.

I have the register with me.

You guessed it right. On March 23
the Saint-Michel has been here.

Look at it. I guessed it right.

Now that Joris is dead, there is
doesn't matter that much anymore.

- Can I go to the cafe?
- Yes.

Does anyone still have Julie's brother here
seen after March 23?

His boat has not been here since
so neither does he.

- He was here yesterday.
- Really?

Nobody has seen him.

No one has seen who poison is in the water
of Joris did. Yet he's dead.

I'm getting a little tired of your lies.

I do not lie.

I know that Big Louis does

So you lied about that.

Are you concealing anything else?

The Saint-Michel arrived on March 23
at the end of high tide.

He could still easily pass through the lock.

But it was getting very late
to set sail.

The water is already in the navigation channel
so low that you just about hit the bottom.

You take that risk alone
if you are in a hurry.

Was the Saint-Michel in such a hurry?

Apparently so. But when she passed through the lock
they waited.

- I don't get it.
- Me neither.

They will come later. Then you can ask.

- Hello, Delcourt.
- Hello, Lannec.

Hello, Big Louis.

- Everything is fine here?
- Yes. You are early.

We have sailed a lot.
He was in a hurry again.

- Is Joris back?
- Back and forth.

- How do you mean?
- He is dead.

Poisoned. The first night
that he was back home.

The Commissioner from Paris
investigates the matter.

Captain Lannec?
I want to ask you a few questions.

To you too.

You are Louis Legrand after all,
Julie's brother?

You don't need my jail history
to stir up, you know.

So this is the whole crew.

Only three men for such a large ship.

That's more than enough.
And Big Louis counts for two.

It certainly fell yesterday
not come without Big Louis.

How did you manage that?

You were ashore yesterday.

Or do you claim that it isn't?

If you say so, it will be.

You let your sister know that Captain Joris
was in danger.

- Was I right or not?
- How did you know that?

It was thick after that bullet.

You sail up the channel.
I stay ashore.

- Are you going to see your sister?
- I'll be careful.

I can't stand all that grinning.

To load cargo in the port,
we don't need him.


Do you already know why Lannec
that night out?

No. He said it
his full right.

Big Louis is ashore.
- I saw him walking.

- Where is he when he's not with his sister?
- On an old boat.

Some sailors just can't
sleep ashore.

Back of that dock there.

Why don't you leave me alone?

I think someone else is there.

Come take a look,
if you'd like to know.

What the hell is that dinghy doing over there?

Well, Goddamn.
Where did that thing come from?

What idiot leaves his dinghy
floating in the dock now?

Take a boat hook and capture it.

- The Saint-Michel? That surprises me.
- Can happen.

- Not for them to be so sloppy.
- For nobody.

I got him.

With this weather a sloop belongs on the deck
and not behind the ship.

They just do.

- Maybe someone used it?
- What for?

- To go ashore in front of the lock.
- Nonsense.

- Pleasant type.
- A good sailor.

Is someone else sleeping
than Big Louis on that old boat?

- Can anyone get on it?
- Freedom happiness.

But only Big Louis feels like it.

- Can I give you a call?
- Go ahead.

Good evening, with Maigret.

Can you apply for a criminal investigation in Paris?

No, there is a rush.

With Maigret. Give me Lucas.

Lucas? I need backup.

On board the Saint-Michel
a man is hidden.

I can't do everything on my own
keep an eye on.

No, not seen.
But I am sure.

He waits until dark.
Otherwise it stands out too much.

He's from the upper class, I think.

I'll keep an eye on the barge
on which he hides.

That could be a long night.

Yes I know.

But not two nights in a row.

If you can't come
send someone else.

I don't care who.
As long as he comes quickly.

- You're hungry, aren't you?
- I'm not alone.

Big Louis just got a lot too
smashed. Or not?

But maybe it wasn't
for him alone.

- Would there be two of them?
- No idea.

Where would she go?

Julie Legrand, don't you know her?

Where would she go?

No. You must not touch it.

You're not going to fight, are you?

Holy Mary of the sea,
make Louis's plan work ...

and that we are happy on March 20.

Captain disappeared three days later

Was that your plan?

You are all one pot wet.

Judges, police officers.

For a stupid thing at 20
you pay your whole life.

My brother was convicted and punished.
But that is not enough.

What kind of plan did you have?

You don't believe me.

I wouldn't have wanted to
that Louis was hurting Mr. Joris.

What was your plan?

Louis had met a rich man.
In England or something.

He wanted to buy a yacht.
Louis talked to his boss about it.

He wanted the Saint-Michel
actually been selling for a long time.

- Was your brother a middleman?
- He would get a bounty.

And after the sale he would
may remain on board.

He knows the ship
and is a good sailor.

Who is the buyer?
A Frenchman? A foreigner?

I do not know.

You don't believe me, do you?

- Do you think I'm lying to you?
- I don't think so, Julie.

Just put this back.

It is too late now.

It's never too late.

Big Louis.

- What are you looking at me?
- He is not here.

You can see that the dinghy
is on the quay?

Did you see him leave?

- Yes. And the sloop is moored.
- But have you seen him?

- I saw him disembark.
- Only? Was someone with him?

Who should be with him?
Only Big Louis gets on that boat.

Hello, Commissioner.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm here to help you.

Lucas couldn't find anyone else.
- But you can't do anything.

You never leave your desk.

Because of my asthma,
but it keeps getting better.

I want someone to help me
not someone I have to teach everything.

I'll do my best.

Are you aware of the case?

Lucas will hear about that.
Come on, let's go have a beer.

- I never drink alcohol.
- Then you have herbal tea.

- So they all lie.
- Some just shut up.

And Julie?
The girl who recognized him?

Indeed, it does not lie.

She says what she knows, but she doesn't know anything.

- If only Big Louis hadn't slipped it off.
- Big Louis?

- Did you actually listen?
- Yes.

Louis Legrand. The brother, the sailor.
Do you understand?

Yes. I just didn't know
that his name was Big Louis.

If I hadn't told you
do you know it now.

I know maybe
where Big Louis is.

From the taxi we saw a sailor.

The driver also said:

Look, Big Louis is going
visiting the mayor '.

You can leave that accent out.

Okay, then I'll go to the mayor.
You keep an eye on that barge.

Good day, Commissioner.

Are you hurt? Had an accident?

I fell down the stairs
and ended up mean.

Are you coming for the investigation?

Fell down the stairs?
What a shock that must have been.

Especially for Mrs. Grandmaison.

What's my wife got to do with this?

She must have been shocked
when you fell down the stairs.

Nobody saw me fall.
I was alone.

My wife is in Paris.

And my son is at boarding school.
I am alone in the house.

It sounds like there is little shot
in the business.

The maid is still at large
and you walk with her on the beach.

So Mrs. Grandmaison is in Paris.

There we bring a part
throughout the year.

We go regularly
to our apartment.

I get complaints.
Well, no real complaints.

But my citizens wonder
what you are doing.

I can get in there.

You are black and blue.

- How exactly did you fall?
- Just. To the ground.

It looks more like you are a big jam

Did you hear that?
I really heard something.

Right behind the door.

Big Louis, what a surprise.
Come on in.

What a pity that you are only here now.

Otherwise you could have received him.

- What are you doing here anyway?
- I sent for him.

I am also conducting an investigation myself

No objection that I continue mine?

I have a few more questions
for Louis Legrand.

I also want a few things
know about him.

I hope I get results
about your research.

What are you doing over there?
You had to keep an eye on the barge.

That man went ashore.
He does indeed stand out.

A gentleman of the horse races.
Only the binoculars are missing.

- Where is he?
- I went after him.

He doesn't know that I am him
followed until here.

He's hid behind the house.
Like he's waiting for someone.

He's gone.

Would he be in?

Excuse me. I forgot my pipe.

The gentleman from the police
forgot his pipe.

- Bring us a drink.
- Yeah, if he got his pipe back.

If I don't find your pipe in the salon ...

you will not find it anywhere
you haven't been, chief.

Then it is certainly somewhere else.

Is he in, boss?

Those three lit windows
are from the salon.

- You can probably see inside.
- A little high, huh?

Climb the wall.

You have to help me, boss.
It just won't work.

What do you see?

Nothing. Only one corner of the room.

Then move up a bit.

Over the wall.


- What are they doing?
- Strange, you know. They are playing checkers.

To play checkers?

That man I followed
is not there.

Or he's in the dead corner.

The sailor wins with checkers.

- He's making the mayor.
- That will be my concern.

- What exactly did the other look like?
- Really classy.

How chic? With diamonds in his ears?

No, but you saw that he has money.

He was wearing a light suit.
Not afraid to get dirty.

About 35, 40. Dark hair.

And where is he now?

He has to do with the man
we found?

The man who was murdered?

Watch, don't ask questions.

- Did you hear that, boss?
- What then?

The phone rings. That's in there.

The mayor answers.
No, Big Louis slaps him.

That must be our man.

On the phone. That classy type.

Keep an eye on everything,
I'll be right back.

Good evening, Captain.

Goodbye, miss.
Criminal Investigation Commissioner Maigret.

Is it you again?
You certainly work day and night.

You just transferred someone to
Mr. Grandmaison, the mayor.

Where did that conversation come from?
From the station buffet?

Stay on the line. Don't hang up.

- How far is the first station?
- At least twelve kilometers.

It is shorter via the cannery.

- You mean longer.
- I drive it every day.

I drive it every day too.

- Half an hour by bike?
- Something like that, yes.

Are you still there, Miss?

Would you like me with the police station

Go and see if there is no bicycle left.

With the commissariat?
The inspector on duty, please.

About 35 or 40 years old. Mediocre. Dark.
Long in stature.

Last sighted
in a light-colored suit.

Check if he's at the station buffet
even more people called.

If he took the train
then let all stations warn.

We have to get him.

Did you write everything down correctly?

Once you know more
you call me at the cafe at the harbor.

When a phone comes for me
I can be found further down the street.

- At the mayor's house?
- Exactly.

My bike took off.

I was already afraid of that.
He'll be back.

- When?
- Tomorrow.

How do I get home tonight?

- You won't see much like that.
- I'm scared to death.

- You were asleep, didn't you?
- No.

They will soon fall asleep.
They no longer play checkers.

The housekeeper has gone to bed.
I saw the light above.

- And they've been drinking.
- Both?

Especially Big Louis. He likes it.

The mayor tries
to get him drunk?

Damn, boss. Now that you mention it.

Someone walks up there.

That must be for me.
I'll be right back.

He has been at the counter.

He wanted to go to Paris,
but no train went.

He couldn't find a rental car anywhere either.

Then he got a second-hand
bought a sports car. A yellow.

We just missed him at the garage.

He did leave a bicycle. Plus
compensation for the owner.

- Do you have the number of that car?
- Yes, chief.

- Have all roads to Paris blocked.
- Has already happened.

- Then arrest him.
- On what grounds?

Theft of a bicycle.

Do you have news about my bike,

You will get it back tomorrow. With some money.

- You can take a room tonight.
- I'm crazy there. I'd rather keep that money.

- How did you get in?
- Were you shocked?

The door was open. What are you making there?

Chocolate with a lot of sugar, very nutritious.

I don't cook on my own anyway.
Also a cup?

How did Mr. Joris think
about the mayor?

- He used to sail for him.
- I know that. No more?

They sometimes went hunting together. If
the mayor found no one else.

Then he asked Mr. Joris along.

- Do you think I'll be in trouble?
- How so?

With the legacy.

I have a letter from the notary.
It's much more than I thought.

Mr. Joris kept well hidden
how rich he was.

Why would you get in trouble?

I have indeed done nothing.

Not your brother either?

Louis drinks too much
but that's all.

Mr. Joris always said
that he had to be careful with that.

How are things going between the mayor
and your brother?

- Not too good?
- Have you heard about it?

There have been problems
with the mayor.

He found that Louis at night
made too much noise.

Nobody likes the mayor.
He is not loved even as a shipowner.

He pays even better than the rest
but he is hated.

Not just by Louis.

You are mistaken. Your brother and
the mayor are the best of friends.

They even play checkers together.

Don't go too far from home, Julie.

I may still need you.

- Has there been another call for me?
- Yes.

- What was the message?
- They didn't say anything.

Shouldn't I call back?

Here, a sandwich.

- How did you know I'm so hungry?
- I was hungry myself.

- What are they doing in there?
- They are already half asleep.

Keep watching while you eat.

Do you want to know how things are going?

That man of yours has been arrested.

You must formally identify him.

It's a foreigner.
A Norwegian.

He is a French national
and is called Raymond Martineau.

Still, he starts to complain
at his embassy.

Look at it, boss.
He gives him a spanking.

- What?
- Big Louis hits the mayor.

Come down. Come on, jump.

Brace yourself against the wall.

You're right.
He beats him.

- What are we doing, boss?
- Come with me.

Do you have your can opener with you?

How did you get in?
This is trespassing.

- That man hit you.
- What do you know about that?

Or did you not hit him sometimes?

We had a disagreement
that only concerns us.

Listen carefully, Verduret.

Someone like sir
can not just be abused ...

if he has nothing to hide.

I'm not taking this.

Look at that. Open up.

Everyone knows Mr. Martineau
from Norway.

At least I don't know anyone here.

Are you sure about the police?
Can you tell me what this represents?

So nobody knows about anything.

Mr. Mayor
can be quietly beaten.

Without any comment.

Mr. Martineau is a stranger
and does not know anyone.

Not even Big Louis, with whom he is
spent the night ...

on a dilapidated barge.

He came by here quite by accident.

Before he tried to run
to Paris.

Why Paris anyway,
Mr. Martineau?

- Should I answer that?
- I would appreciate that.

I just love Paris.

Compared to Paris
Norway is quite boring.

So you don't want to say anything.
And neither do you.

I'll find out anyway.

And then you get it
really stick with me.

Do your ships sail a lot on Norway,

Not as much as it used to be
but it happens.

Do you mean the time that Captain Joris
worked before you?

Joris did indeed sail to Norway.

Did he meet a certain Martineau there?

Does Big Louis possibly know?

You hit the mayor this afternoon ...

to find out something
for Martineau.

What was that?

- And why don't you file a complaint?
- I sure do. To you.

I'll leave everything else
at my embassy.

In that case, I request you
available for the judiciary.

Can I speak to you privately,

Keep a close eye on them.

- You don't have a leg to stand on, do you?
- What else am I supposed to do?

- Sooner or later one will talk.
- And if not?

That's the risk.

You are under house arrest until further notice.
An agent will guard you.

This abuse of power
will cost you dearly.

Mr. Martineau takes a room
above the cafe ...

where he is guarded
by Inspector Verduret.

I believe this is still yours.

You come with me, Big Louis.

Where have you been, Big Louis?

We have to go.
It will be low tide in two hours.

Just wait at the plate.
First I need it.

Get on board. You still catch a cold.

Strange to be here with the three of us
to be in a dead man's house.

I try to introduce myself
how he was.

A sailor who went his own way.

When he could no longer sail,
he continued to live in the harbor.

So he could keep hearing the sea.

He didn't say much, but he had a heart.

He has you a few times
pretty bad names, huh?

He did that because he liked you.

And he liked your sister very much too.

Now he is dead.
It was not a beautiful death.

Since he was viciously murdered ...

he suddenly has no friends anymore.

I'm the only one
who stands up for him.

Because I'm his murderer
does not want to let go free.

But all I get is lies.

I've said everything I know.

That's true, Julie.
The problem is you don't know anything.

Your brother knows something.
But that does not mean anything.

Do listen.
Help the chief now.


Do you know how we are in my profession
call a taciturn type like you?

A suspect.

And you are even an ideal suspect.

Now that Captain George is dead,
your sister earns the inheritance.

Leave that out of your mind.

Don't arrest him.

Come on and stop that nonsense.

Tell me what you know
otherwise you go to jail.

Say you didn't do anything.
I know it is.

Don't be an idiot.

I know you're armed, don't I?
Do you want to arrest me?

I have time. First we go
on board the Saint-Michel.

You're not going out tonight.
We are going to talk.

- Is the other one on board too?
- CÈlestin? Yes.

It must be there too.
I want to talk to all three of you.

Sit down. You too.

Tell him to sit down.
You're the captain, aren't you, Lannec?

At least that's how it is on the roll.

Where is the role actually?
Can I see him?

Look at that. The surprises
the world is not over yet.

Captain:Joseph Lannec.

Sailor:CÈlestin Godet.
Owner-shipowner:Louis Legrand.

So you are the new owner.

Recently. Since March 20.

Three days before the disappearance
from Mr. Joris. Strange, huh?

- Does it bother him more often?
- He only understands Breton.

I bet Mr. Martineau's boat
bought, and that you are a stooge.

What does he want in return?

What were the three of you doing here ...

on the day
that Mr. Joris disappeared?

Softy. You don't have a cent
but a boat worth millions.

And that for an ex-convict.

- What kind of noise is that?
- It must be the wind.

- I'm going to see.
- No kidding, huh?

It's my boat right?

Nothing to worry about.

Go and see, CÈlestin.

I thought he only understood Breton.

I can hear him talking to someone.

- Did you tie him up properly?
- With sailor buttons.

- What now?
- We leave him.

- We have to hurry.
- They can't find him until tomorrow.

Wait, I'll notify the police.

I don't understand a word.

- What are you waiting for?
- To the police.

- I'm a police commissioner.
- Anyone can say that.

Untie me.

Look, the Saint-Michel has stalled.

Certainly sailed too late again.
Too little water in the fairway.

Do you want to untie me now?

Do you see?
They didn't want to wait for the tide.

- Where are they?
- No one is on board anymore.

- I have to warn the mayor.
- He's probably already informed.

No, he is still in bed.
Or he's on the hunt.

Not today, take that from me

- You're mad, aren't you?
- No, Verduret.

He certainly has knots
Learned from the Boy Scouts.

With your experience it was something like me
did not happen.

Now go to the post office quickly.

The mayor doesn't get a phone
more through.

- And if he wants to call himself?
- Don't pass on anything, write down numbers.

Then you send an investigation message
out for Lannec ...

Great Louis, CÈlestin and Martineau.

What do you want from me now?
Leave me anyway, I have a headache.

- Mr. Martineau is off.
- Bravo.

He's with Louis Legrand
on the Saint-Michel.

Let him go back soon
to his country.

Unfortunately for him
the Saint-Michel has run aground.

Still, he probably is now
already crossed the border.

- What do you think?
- What am I supposed to make of it?

Would he be out of the country?

If not, he must be here
still have something to do.

But what?

Have you seen the mayor?
He must come.

Only he can give permission
to drag.

He, or the owner. But we must
drag before the tide.

Let it drag. Shouldn't that?
I take responsibility.

You represent the government.


- Did he call?
- To a school, 60 kilometers from here.

- A school?
- A boarding school. At the fathers.

I had thought of everything
except for that.

FranÁois Grandmaison is indeed
student with us.

Yes, he is eleven years old.

The shipowner's son, yes.

Mrs. Grandmaison has her son
picked up this morning.

- Do you think he's coming, Mom?
- Of course.

But he doesn't know where we are.

We used to talk at this place
always off.

- Was that a long time ago?
- Yes.

You weren't even born yet.

- Maybe he forgot.
- No, it is not.

Look, police.

You have been arrested, Mr. Martineau.

He's my father.

I know that, even if it took a while
before I understood.

Are you HÈlËne Grandmaison,
the mayor's wife?

You took your son out of school.

- Did you want to run with sir?
- You followed me.

That's how you found him.

Is it because of me that you are arresting him now?

Surely you work on behalf of my husband?

Of course he wants you Raymond

But you won't get me back home.

You must know that yourself.

If you stop us,
you know what's going to happen.

FranÁois is legally his son,
so I have to go back.

Do you want that?
Are you paid for that?

I understand you are angry
for the region we have supplied to you.

Don't be proud of it.

My only crime is me
love my son and this woman.

You don't know my husband.
He's smarter than you think.

He always knows how to get his way.

Does he think FranÁois is his?

No, he always knew.

Yet he married her.
He stole my son and my wife.

And now you want them back.

Why waited so long?

We saw each other
only returned two years ago.

I thought FranÁois
was the son of Grandmaison.

That HÈlËne had cheated on me.

According to the lawyer we took,
the law is against us.

And you probably are.

I just research
the murder of Captain Joris.

I don't care about the rest.

Then let us go.
We did not kill Joris.

But you know who did it.

If you don't want to say anything, fine.

I'd better go to your husband.

Unless you have something else
have to say.

Come on, FranÁois.

Raymond came to secretly
France. We met again.

We had to hide
because of FranÁois.

We knew my husband
FranÁois would never let go.

This is how the plan of the

We were supposed to leave at night.

In Norway we would do anything
make it officially in order.

It went wrong.

Grandmaison caught us.

He went mad with rage and fired.
The bullet hit Joris.

I have it in Norway
have it taken care of.

I couldn't come here anymore
So I took him to Paris.

The police would take care of it
that he ended up, I thought.

I do not know.

He treated him like his own son.

I think he's on his way
loved him.

I had no idea that Grandmaison
would deal with Joris.

I do not know?

Maybe he was scared
that he would talk.

No children were added.

I didn't want that
so I made sure it didn't happen.

It sounds awful
but I think ...

he was offended that an ex-employee
turned against him.

He didn't care that I was leaving.

But he wanted to keep FranÁois.

That's why he had to go to boarding school.
That's how he separated us.

I had to and would address it
from that school.

I knew Grandmaison was afraid of
violence and that Big Louis hated him.

So I asked if he was a bit busy
wanted to exercise.

No, I had no pity.

After all, he was a murderer.

How did he like you after birth
Get out of the country?

I was 20 years old and deeply in debt.

He would make everything public
if I didn't leave immediately.

Now I've made money
and can I refund everything.

It doesn't matter anymore.
Everything is now your son's.

The house, the shipping company and the rest.

Do you have another problem
with the death certificate?

It was an accident while cleaning
of his gun.

You're with the police.

Still a good ship.
I can set sail again in no time.

Good idea. Then you hit a little
in oblivion.

Are you still mad about last night?

I almost forgot.
So keep your mouth shut.

Let them run.

- What time are you sailing out?
- You should ask the captain.

If everything is still intact, we can
be at sea in two hours.

Thank you, chief.

Is that why he had to die?

Is that why he was murdered?

Yes, he wanted to help Martineau.

He came to Norway

They started talking
and the captain understood everything.

He went to HÈlËne Grandmaison
and worked out the whole plan.


Maybe because of he people
like to be happy.

But mainly because he is the mayor
was not allowed.

Will you stay in the house?

No, I'll sell it. Without him
I feel very unhappy here.

You know, between Mr. Joris and me ...

nothing ever happened.


We were too shy for that.