Made in Finland (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Midsummer Magic - full transcript

Motorola's U.S. legal team arrive at the Nokia offices in Finland. Behind the scenes, the secret Northstar Project is put into motion to begin the sale of Nokia.

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Nice to finally meet you. You must
be Jackie Leone.

Yes. And you're Barbra Nyqvist?

Barbro. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, you.

And, actually, you have the list,
right? I do.

Miss Tammi. Ed McNeil.

A pleasure to finally meet
you face-to-face.

I'm sorry. Are you Adahy?

The very one you
called in the middle of the night.

This is for you. Thank you.

Nice to meet you.

A pleasure.

Ed McNeil. Aki Makkonen.

Pleasure. Hi. Ed McNeil.

So, when can we start?

As soon as you want. Good. Tomorrow,
then. After a good night's sleep.

Hello? Yeah, hey. This is Risto
Salminen from Nokia... Finland. I called you
earlier about microcircuit board...

..analogue. Yeah,
did you get the drawings? Digital.

Are you absolutely sure?

OK. There is your room.

We though that you would prefer
closed premises,

a space to work
and a space to leave your papers.

Well, we never leave our papers

As you wish.

Anyway, you are not allowed to move
anywhere else in the building,

except the room, this area
of the hall and the auditorium.

Great. You're welcome.

So, Andrew Cruz? Thank you.



All set? Yeah, I think we have water
and pens. Thank you. Thank you.

Gentlemen, please take a seat.

Thank you. Thank you. I am Jackie.

Hi. Andrew. Nice to meet you.

All right. Um...

Hi. What is your name?

First name or last name?
Both. First and last.

Tapio Vainio.

Mr Tapio, I want to remind you

that you are giving this
statement under oath.

Do you understand what that means?

It means you have to tell the truth.

I understand. Great. Now...

..have you opened the Motorola phone
and, or studied

their circuit boards?

So you have opened
the Motorola phones?

And did you have the Motorola
DynaTAC as a model when you designed

the Mobira Cityman?

Well, no. No? OK. Why not?

Thank you, Mr Tapio.

Thank you. Number one,
utility patterns, USD568...

..678. Number two,
design patterns....

Can you please state your name?
Henrik Maki-Talo.

All right. Let's begin.

Have you opened the Motorola phones,
and, or

studied their circuit boards?

I don't know anything
about this.

I wasn't responsible for that
sector. I'm just a product
developer, not an engineer.

When you planned the Mobira
Cityman design, did you have the

Motorola DynaTAC as the model?

Have you studied the qualities
of the Motorola phones?

I have tried to call with it.

But it won't work in Finland.

OK. Thank you. Thank you.
Moving on...



What is this?

It's some kind of traditional
handicraft work.

I recognise the technique. Oh.

My mother did something like this.

And my grandmother.

It ran in the family. Hmm.

McNeil. Is that your father's name?

His family were from Ireland.

My mother's family were
Miami from Indiana.

In case you were wondering.

No. Actually, I thought
you were much older.

And not so... Because of the phone
calls and your voice was all "urgh!"

because you were sleeping
and I just... Yeah. Tammi...

What is that? Tammi?
It means an oak tree.

Wow. Wow.

Guess what Adahy means.

One who walks in the oak woods.

No!Yeah.You're kidding?!

Yeah. It's lunchtime, so... Yeah.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Made short work of that.

So bad. You're so bad!

How did you say that?!

Very special.


Oh, you can actually sit here.
Please. Oh, all right.

Thank you. Yes.

Do your magic.

Lassi. Lassi Forssman, yes.
I like your name.

Oh, thanks.

Lassi. So...

..did I understand this correctly?

You dismantled a DynaTAC and
made notes on his design solutions?

Yes, that is true.
Everyone does that.

So is the copying of patented
components the Nokia-Mobira

modus operandi? Excuse me.

I'm sorry, Ms Leone, but can we have
a short moment, please? Sure. Yeah.

Thank you.

Have you dismantled
the Motorola DynaTAC phone

and made notes
concerning its components?

I'm reminding you,
one question at a time, please.

Have you dismantled the
Motorola DynaTAC phone?

So my second question...

..have you copied the circuit boards
or other design solutions?

Well, according to document 7,
page 32,

the charging dock flex cable,
which you just mentioned,

is number 33 of 128 specifically
identified components

named in this patent
infringement case.

Lassi, better or not,
for the purposes of this lawsuit,

it is the same charging dock.


You have access to
all the rooms, right?

Yes, yes.
Maybe we could keep your number.

Cos we are actually quite
important in the developing

of the Cityman, yeah.

I was the one who realised
that there were some problems...

..Well, yeah, yeah.
I've been to it, yeah...

..Problems. I know, yeah.
This fringe area.

Very nice talking to you, buddy.

And it was a Friday night... Hi. Hi.

Andrew, you're not allowed to
discuss outside the interviews.

Sure, of course.
I completely understand.

Motorola! Hey! Jackie, Adahy,
Andrew, Chris, please?

You have to stick to the protocol.

All discussions outside
the interviews are forbidden, OK?

If you want to continue
the interviews, you can

go to the auditorium
and ask for the next names or,

if you want to have a break,
you can go to your hotel.

The info sheet you have lists
all the areas your batch pass

covers, and it certainly
does not include this!

This is the line you can't cross!
This side is for Nokia people only!

So, this is the protocol we can
continue with. We're very sorry.

You've been such great hosts. Guys,
please? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's go.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

Katarina? Adahy.

This is the list of
names to go over.

We'll start with the first
one in 15 minutes. All right.

And it's just Ed.

Who told you to open the Motorola
phone and study it in detail?

Hang on, who decided to copy
the Motorola design solutions?

Did your bosses tell you to
copy the Motorola solutions?

No. Did YOU copy the
Motorola solutions?

Yes, you did.

You did, didn't you?

I don't get it. I mean,
you are trying to confuse us, right?

Tell me the truth, huh?

Someone might have told you
to take apart the phone.

According to document 5...
Document 7...

Page 18... Page 13...

Page 32...

You have been a bad boy!

Hi! Hey!


Hey! He's getting you a drink.

So it's more like you
can't order doubles.

No double whiskeys,
no double vodkas,

but you can order one and then get
another one. That's the Finnish law.

Really? Wait, so, no to doubles,
but yes to two singles? Yes!

But that makes no sense!

Well, it makes sense in Finland
cos everybody in Finland wants to

be left alone, even the alcohol.

All right. Cheers, guys! Cheers.

Don't know what this is.


Hey, cheers!

Titties! Titties!

Titties! Titties!

Hey, guys. You want to come dance?

I love you!

No! No, no, no!

Why not? You know why not.
Don't you like it?

Of course I like it,
I just ordered it! I tell you what.

Why don't you get the next round...

..and, that way, you don't owe me,
if that's what you're worried about.

You know, it comes from an old
malaria treatment in India.

Doctors used to blend quinine with
the gin to make it more palatable.

So, actually,
it's kind of good for you.

I mean, you've got mosquitoes here,
don't you? Like, real nasty suckers?

You must get bitten
to death every time

you run naked through the meadows?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

What is it, hash?
Yeah, it's ammonium chloride.

Finnish speciality.
What's it used for? To get drunk.

Except me. I'm too used to this.

That is some potent... Well!



We didn't. The very last thing
that should have happened! What?

Oh! I'm sleeping with the enemy!

Literally, fuck! Yes! Sleeping!

And enemies? Aren't we colleagues?
No, no, no! We are not colleagues!

You're a drunken idiot!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

I bet you have a wife and seven
children back home. I don't!

Hey, come and see.
Next time I'll see you is in court.

Colleagues don't have to go
THAT far. What do you mean?

Well, it's a pretty clear case,
isn't it?

What are you talking about? Oh,
come on! Don't be so naive!

It's just Motorola sniffing out
the copycats, that's all.

Just doing my job. Excuse me,
but Nokia did not copy Motorola!

And you're not sniffing - you were
totally drunk and I rescued you!

Sure, whatever.

It was just an unfortunate
accident between Nokia and Motorola,

between you and me. Oh!

I shouldn't be talking about
this thing with you anyway. Oh!

What's the matter with me? Argh!

Hang on, hang on! We booked
the rooms for the entire week!

He's saying we've always
been closed for Midsummer,

and this year is no different.
Where are we supposed to stay now?

We haven't finished yet. Well,
I'm sure you'll find another hotel.

Unfortunately, this hotel
is the only place in Salo.

The nearest open hotel... Helsinki, maybe.

You Finnish people are
fucking incredible!

Well, it's an ancient
Scandinavian festival

and the owner will be celebrating
it, just like everyone else.

Pretty much all of Finland
shuts down. How convenient!

What can I tell you?

It's a whole Midsummer ritual
for us - bonfires, sacraments,

flowers, spanking each other
with birch branches to drive out

the evil spirits, that kind of
thing. This is deliberately hostile.

We're going to need to
have this in writing.

An official explanation for the
termination of these interviews.

It'll have to be added to the
official case report. Of course.

I have it right here.


Have it your way.
See you in Washington.

Well, my phone is always on,
even on bright pagan nights.

Have a safe trip.

Thank you. And happy midsummer or... we say in Finnish.

# Boys, boys, boys,
looking for a good time

# Boys, boys, boys,
get ready for my love... #

All right.

# I guess that means it's been three
years come June

# And I don't even try,
try to remember

# Can't seem to remember
to forget about you

# Hold on for you're ever so near

# And I hold on to my fevered
dreams... #

Hei, hei,
this is Risto Salminen from Finland.

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