MTV's Family Legacy (2022-2023): Season 1, Episode 4 - Harmonious Households - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- ♪ MTV ♪

[hip-hop music]

narrator: MTV has given fans
unparalleled access

to the world's
hottest artists.

Let us formally
introduce ourselves.

- Brandy's in the house.
- Sup?

We're the Backstreet Boys.

Notorious B.I.G.
Don't move.

narrator: And created some
of the most iconic moments

in music history
along the way.


narrator: Now our cameras
are at it again...

Hey. Get in here.

- What's up?
- Welcome.

Come on in.
Let's take a seat.

narrator: As we get
the inside scoop

from the ones
who know these legends best

and continue their legacy

their kids.

This the legacy right here.
We are the legacy.

It was definitely not
a regular childhood experience.

My mom is
a fucking rock star.

- [panting] Hold on a second.
- Wait, what?

We have to make
a grand entrance.

My pops
changed the game forever.

That was the moment
when I realized

that my dad was something else.

narrator: 'Cause to them,

they're not just
music's biggest names.

They're also Mom or Dad.

- Why are you busting on me?
- [laughing]

- Ooh! No, she did not.
- Yeah!

This is an insane moment
for my dad.

It gives me goosebumps
every time.

narrator: In this episode...

♪ Like this ♪
[all vocalizing]

♪ Like this, like this ♪

narrator: With their
off-the-chart harmonies...

all: ♪ But if you can't
look inside you ♪

narrator: They changed
the world of music forever.

MTV. And that's the jam.

You gotta always
give it your best.

Music is in my blood.

And this is my...
both: "Family Legacy."

[hip-hop music]

♪ ♪

Hey. Get in here.

[Boyz II Men's "MotownPhilly"]

[slate clicks]

[slate clicks]

My name is Nathan Morris II

from Philadelphia.

Let's get down
with Boyz II Men.

My dad is Nathan Morris
in the group Boyz II Men...

♪ It's long overdue,
but now ♪

♪ Philly is slammin' ♪

Which is a legendary group
in the music industry.

♪ The East Coast family ♪

My dad is from Philadelphia.

And my grandmother
convinced my dad

to go to the High School
for Creative & Performing Arts.

He didn't want to go, but
he listened to my grandmother.

In 1985, I came
to the performing arts school.

And me and a friend of mine
started the group.

My dad was a vocal major,
and even though

they were doing a whole bunch
of, like, opera

and classical music at school,

my dad and his friends
started singing together

and having fun on the side.

And that ended up becoming
Boyz II Men down the line.

all: Hi, we're Boyz II Men.

My name is
Shawn "Slim" Stockman.

- Uncle Shawn,
still the comic book nerd.

My name is Nathan
"Alex Vanderpool" Morris.

My dad,
always cool, calm, collected.

My name is
Wanya "Squirt" Morris.

- Uncle Wanya, he's the
energy, always jumping around.

The same way you see
those videos of him doing it,

like, back in the '90s, he's
still that same person today.

He never changed.

And my name is
Michael "Bass" McCary.

Uncle Mike, he's
the goofball joking around.


They were a product
of Philadelphia,

and they represented the city

in the best way
that they could.

A street formerly known
as Broad Street

was renamed
Boyz II Men Boulevard

to honor
the Philadelphia foursome

as what city spokespeople call

"good role models
for children everywhere."

I remember one time,
it was me and my dad.

We were in Philadelphia, and
it was around Christmas time.

And just driving
through Philly,

just trying to find any people
that were sleeping outside,

giving them blankets, thermals,

away from the spotlight
of everything.

For me, that was a lesson
that my dad taught me

that will stay with me
for the rest of my life.

That's what it's all about,
you know,

always giving back
to the community.

[Boyz II Men's "MotownPhilly"]

- Yeah!
- Come on!

Boyz II Men was
on "Unplugged" in 1992

before TikTok,
Instagram, Google.

If you got on "Unplugged,"
that was huge back in the day.

♪ MotownPhilly back again ♪

It's something I hear, like,
"Your dad's in Boyz II Men?

Oh, my God. Motown..."

They just start singing it
to me.

all: ♪ East Coast swing ♪

♪ Boyz II Men going on ♪

I remember when I was a kid,
I got to sing his verse

one time with him.

Like, he brought me on stage
to sing his verse.

♪ It's long overdue,
but now ♪

♪ Philly is slammin' ♪

all: ♪ Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD ♪

- ♪ Ha, the East Coast family ♪
- ♪ The East Coast family ♪

- ♪ Never skipped a beat, nah ♪
- ♪ Never skipped a beat ♪

♪ While cooling
on South Street ♪

I was nervous.
[wheezing laugh]

I was so nervous.

- Yo, Wan, kick it!
- Come on!

By the time I got to the
"cruisin' on South Street,"

I kind of got comfortable,
and I was like...

I was like...

[all vocalizing]

Come on now!

"Unplugged," that was
kind of the beginning

of, you know,
a lifelong relationship

that I feel like
the fans have with the group.

In a sense, I think
this was the origins of that.

And I think
it's really cool to see that.

all: ♪ ABC, BBD ♪
[cheers and applause]

I knew they were big
my whole life.

[hip-hop music]

♪ ♪

To see the levels of--
like, the amount of crowds

that just kept coming out
in droves to come see them...

I've had individuals
come up to me

and tell me, like,
"You don't understand.

your dad's music was played

at my father's,
you know, wedding,"

or, "My son was conceived
to your dad's music."

[laughing] I've heard that
too many times too.

I was just like, I don't know
what to do with this inf--

"Bless you."
Oh, my God.

We don't need
to talk about that on MTV.


[upbeat music]

This is
1991 "Rock N' Jocks" basketball.

They're singing
their national anthem

for the first time.

Those shorts is -

with the suit?
This was--

I forgot about the shorts
with the suit.

I'm not gonna lie,
I forgot all about this.

all: ♪ Oh, say, can you see? ♪

♪ By the dawn's ♪
- ♪ By the dawn's ♪

[humming] I remember
this whole rendition.

all: ♪ Light ♪

♪ And
the rocket's red glare ♪

- Ooh!
- ♪ The bombs ♪

♪ Bursting in the air ♪
- [sighs]

[sighs] Every time.
Gets me every time.

all: ♪ Through the night ♪

♪ That our flag ♪

♪ Was still there ♪

I keep going back
to being in my room

in, like, my dad's house,
like, back in Philly.

Just picking apart every
single harmony, like, and part

and, like, listening to it
over and over again

and, like, to the point
where I can, like,

recreate it, in a sense,
in my room on my keyboard.

Like, I just remember
going through this

over and over again.

all: ♪ Of the brave ♪

♪ Brave ♪

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

all: ♪ Boyz II Men ♪

♪ B-B-Boyz II Men ♪

My childhood honestly
was as normal as you can get.

But my dad was touring around,

and it was really rare that
I got to see him sometimes.

So, like,
the pandemic that just passed,

that span was

the most time I've ever spent
with my dad in my life.

Every single day,
throughout the day,

we talked about life
and, you know,

all of his experiences
and teaching me things.

All right,
fun fact about my dad

that some people may not know

is that Monopoly gets
very hectic in the household.

My dad is, like,
smooth-talking when it comes

to negotiating with Monopoly,
and it...

pisses me off.

Everybody sees this monumental
music legend in the group.

I see my dad.


[audience screams]
- ♪ We belong together ♪

♪ ♪

♪ And you know that I'm right,
oh, yeah ♪

In 1992,
"End of the Road"

was top of the Billboard
charts for 13 weeks.

Boyz II Men have broken
Olivia Newton-John's

and Debby Boone's joint record

as well as edging Elvis Presley
out of the record books

with the track
"End of the Road."

"End of the Road," the
single with the longest run

at number one
since Elvis Presley's

double-sided hit, "Don't
Be Cruel and "Hound Dog,"

which spent 11 weeks
at the top way back in 1956.

It feels great because...

We tried, we tried,
and tried.

We went to three twice.
- Yeah.

Almost. Almost. Real close.
- It feels good at the top.

Real close.

Never got the, you know,
number one position.

But finally, we did.
Thank God.

And just thank you to all those
people who made it number one.

- ♪ Play with my mind? ♪
- That song passed

Elvis Presley's "You Ain't
Nothin' But a Hound Dog,"

which is such a legendary song.

And to think that the group,
Boyz II Men,

the group
that my dad helped create

would surpass,
you know, that record,

it's just really crazy

to wrap my mind around
when I think about it.

all: ♪ Although we've come ♪
- ♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪
all: ♪ To the end of the road ♪

As African American men
in the music industry

to be able to break that record
is monumental.

all: ♪ You belong to me ♪

♪ I belong to you ♪

After that,
everything changed.

Like, it was crazy.

♪ And we don't even know
what we argue about ♪

MTV went behind the scene
with Boyz II Men

when they shot
the "Water Runs Dry" video

at White Sands National Park.

all: ♪ Don't do it, baby ♪

no green-screen shooting.

Like, nah,
everybody was out there

in the middle of the desert.

If you guys were able
to take a look around, man,

it's, like,
absolutely beautiful up here.

- Oh, yeah.
- You know, this was, like,

the perfect spot, man,
for this song.

- Lovely.

♪ And some just don't know ♪

♪ How to change ♪

There's a scene
of them running.

There was a helicopter that
flew over to get that shot.

There's no drone footage.

There's no drones back then,
I don't think.

♪ ♪

Real authentic cinematography,
which was really cool.

all: ♪ Let's don't wait
till the water runs dry ♪

How does it actually tie in,
the desert, with the song?

Well, you know,
it kind of symbolizes

the hope
that your relationship

doesn't end up dry like this.

You wanna take care of it

and do the proper things
to make it happen

so your well
and your water doesn't run dry.

That's dope.

The lyrics of the song

matched with the changes
of growing from boys to men.

all: ♪ We'll make the biggest
mistake of our lives ♪

Heard my Uncle Wan
and my dad say this.

They was like, "Boyz II Men
represents growth,"

'cause the "II"
represents you transitioning,

similar to kind of
what I am going through,

in a sense,
as a young man

trying to transform
into a male as well.

[all vocalizing]

In 1995, "Water Runs Dry"
was nominated

for two VMAs--Best R&B Video
and Best Cinematography.

[all vocalizing]

My dad told me,
they did the Billboard,

but they never was able
to win the Moonman.

So that's on my bucket list.

I'ma get me a Moonman
hopefully one day.

[hip-hop music]

♪ ♪

In 1994,

Boyz II Men performed
at the VMAs for the first time

"I'll Make Love to You,"

which was on number one
on the charts for 14 weeks

and went platinum worldwide.

♪ Close your eyes ♪

♪ Make a wish ♪

♪ And blow out
the candlelight ♪

I remember these outfits.

Before it was like
the colors were crazy,

but now you see, as they go
and start to get more mature,

it starts to calm down.

♪ I've made plans
to be within you ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
- They made the joke.

"There's a guy
with child support

who hates this damn song."


But nah,
this song has created so much,

like, just passion and love.

And it's been a pillar in a lot
of people's lives, in a sense.

It reminds them
of the creation of their kids.

It reminds them
of the night that they met,

the night that they danced
for the first time,

so many different aspects
of their lives

that they hold in position
with this song.

And it's pretty great
to see that.

all: ♪ I'll make love to you ♪

♪ When you want me to ♪

♪ And I will not let go ♪
- I remember one time.

I was kid.
I think I was 11.

They were in Vegas,
and, you know,

when they'll sing
"I'll Make Love to You,"

sometimes they'll come
into the crowd,

and sometimes
they'll slow-dance

with someone that they meet.

My dad,
he slow-dances with this lady,

but she did not want to let go.


And they ended up, like,
falling 'cause he was tripping.

And I was just sitting there.
And then I see this.

Like, my jaw just opened.
It was crazy.

♪ Only if you want me to,
yeah ♪


♪ Only if you want me to ♪

Oh, yep, they still do that.

They still do that.

[cheers and applause]

all: ♪ I can't let her go ♪

When it comes to music,

one thing that I remember
that really stuck with me

was when they created

the "Journey Through Hitsville"

I remember being in the studio

through the entire creation
of a song,

from the first vocal
that was laid down

to building the full chords
and harmonies

and what it takes
to make those types of songs,

and sitting down with
Randy Jackson and meeting him,

a legendary producer.

And I'm only, like,
11 at the time.

And it was just something
that really stuck with me.

And it still sticks with me
to this day.

all: ♪ You don't know
how much you mean to me ♪

People always compare me
to my dad.

It's, "Oh, my God,
you look just like your dad,"

or, "Are you doing music?
What's the music looking like?"

And you know what's crazy?

I went to a performing arts
school as well.

And I actually left
after a year and a half.

I just didn't know
what I wanted to do.

I didn't know if I was
good enough to even do music.

I didn't know
if music was the path for me.

And now, I'm getting
my master's degree

in clinical
mental health counseling.

[all vocalizing]

I remember my dad telling me,

"You're never
gonna lose that."

Today, I work on my own music.

This is the first guitar
my dad gave me.

And I got it when I was
a junior in high school?

This is my baby.
This is the OG.

[gentle strumming]

I'm sorry.

I have a bunch of stuff
in the vault

that I still haven't
really put out there yet.

You gotta always
give it your best,

and that's all
we're trying to do.

[Boyz II Men's "MotownPhilly"]

all: ♪ Boyz II Men ♪

I don't really think
you can replicate

what they created.

Here we go!
both: Let me hear you say yeah!

I don't think
anyone has done it since.

But I'm definitely proud
of everything he's done.

And I really,
really appreciate,

you know, being able
to see all these things.

And, you know, I know how much
work it took behind the scenes

in order to get to that point

and how much work it takes

to continue to stay on top
of that craft for decades.

♪ ♪

all: Whoo!

[audience screaming]

What's up, guys?

This Tron, and welcome
to me and my wife's crib.

Come on in.
Let's take a seat.

[R&B music]

Let's do this.

My name is Tron Austin.

I am from Atlanta, Georgia.

I am 25 years old,
and I am a artist...

♪ Stackin' that dough,
that broccoli ♪

♪ Everywhere I go,
they stoppin' me ♪

Slash drummer.


And my mother is Chilli
from the group TLC.

[TLC's "Creep"]


TLC is the most influential,

iconic female girl group
of all time.

- ♪ So I creep, yeah ♪
- ♪ I creep around ♪

♪ Because I need attention ♪

- TLC has sold
over 65 million records

in their entire career.


♪ If the lovin' is strong
and he got it goin' on, and ♪

♪ I ain't 2 proud 2 beg, no ♪

We're gonna break it down
right now!

My mother actually
wasn't going to be

a part of TLC at first.

- God, will you hush?
- No!

She went to the audition
to be a background dancer.

She was 20. She was going
to Georgia State at the time.

They already had
T-Boz and Lisa.

They were already together.

But when they saw her dancing,
they were like,

"Hey, do you sing too?"

And she sang something
for them,

and that was kind of that.

♪ The girls are talkin' ♪

♪ ♪

I met them that Thursday.

I was in the group that night.

And the rest is history.

My mother's role in TLC--

I always looked at her
as she's the one

who's hitting
all the high notes.

♪ At the end of the day ♪

♪ I have myself to blame ♪

♪ Can't believe I'm trippin' ♪

Like, my Auntie Tionne,
she always was able

to take over all the lower
notes and the lower octave.

♪ I never thought
they would ever deceive me ♪

- ♪ So it ain't like
I'm braggin' ♪

♪ Just join the paddywagon
'cause ♪

Auntie Lisa's a huge part
of female rap history.

♪ If I need it
in the morning ♪

♪ Or the middle of the night ♪

♪ I ain't 2 proud 2 beg, no ♪

In some songs,

one shined a little bit more
than the other.

Other songs, you'll hear more
of this group member.

And I thought
that was pretty cool.

all: ♪ Or will they turn
their backs on you? ♪

Everyone has
their own department,

And truly and honestly,
we couldn't be solo artists.

I'm not saying that we wouldn't
be good solo artists,

but we're just
that much better

both: together.

Welcome to "Yo! MTV Raps."
Hey, what's up?

My man, Boytoy Bill,
from the ghetto.

Dre's in the house hanging out
with us, spinnin' some jams.


Oh, it's TLC.
all: Yo, what's up?

My mom appeared on MTV
for the first time in 1991.

Introduce y'all selves,
because everybody don't know

who--which one
of the individuals y'all are.

I'm Chilli
with all the sauce.

She was only,
like, 20 years old.

It was pretty crazy.

- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, everybody.

- Hi, everybody.
- And what's up

to the fans, records,
and everybody else.

What's up?
- Hey.

I'm always thinking
how my grandmother felt

'cause, you know,
she was working three jobs.

So for her to probably see her
daughter on the TV like that

was probably like, whoa.

Probably a big moment
for the whole family.

You could see it
on all three of their faces.

It was like, oh, wow,
big moment, you know?

You could tell
they were soaking it in.

Look at them ill hats.

Those are some
of the illest hats, man.

- T-Boz made this hat.
- Oh, she makes it?

I made this hat.

Oh, wow.

See, I didn't know that.

I didn't know
that she made that hat.

"Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg."
Now what's that song all about?

What y'all mean
y'all ain't too proud to beg?

You get on MTV, and you get
on a show like "Yo! MTV Raps."

That's a step right there,
and it's a monumental step.

It's huge.

That's the first time
I ever seen that.

I actually never
seen that clip before.

There's just some things
you just can't repeat.

And they made a lot of history
after that.

[cheers and applause]
- TLC in full effect.

Ha ha!

[dramatic music]

Dallas Austin
and TLC's Chilli,

meanwhile, have a new
production of their own--

a month-old baby boy.

Tron Austin, my son.

He's just a great inspiration.

And he has just made me
a well-rounded person.

It's such a busy industry.

And how crazy things get,

she's always wanted to maintain
that, like, mom role

where I've always my normal.

I've always had to do
the same things

all my peers and stuff do too.

♪ Every time
I think I'm through ♪

♪ It's because of you ♪

I'll see her on stage.

And, you know, they'll be
in a 20,000 people,

you know, all that,
and then by 12:00,

it's, like, her trying to make
sure she has her grocery list.

♪ It's my life and
I'ma live it like I want to ♪

Biggest memory I have,

I mean, honestly,
from these times

is being in the studio
late nights.

Regardless of what was going on

and, you know,
their lives or whatever,

I just--hey, I was still a kid

that was getting dinners
every night.

And she would make huge meals,
you know?

That was special.

Made a lot of time
to do those kind of things.

[gentle music]

Family holidays have
actually been really big

the whole time, you know,
since I was a kid.

My mom loves--
she always enjoyed cooking

because family dinners
were just so important to her.

She has a very signature
sweet potato pie recipe,

barbecue oxtail recipe.

It's a lot of dishes.

She always wanted to maintain
that, like, mom role,

but then she can go on stage
get the show rolling.

And I think that's inspiring.

[upbeat funky music]

♪ ♪

The '95 VMAs,
that was a pretty big deal,

you know what I mean?

♪ ♪

TLC was nominated ten times

for their video
for "Waterfalls."

The winner is...

♪ Don't go chasing waterfalls ♪


[TLC's "Waterfalls"]

The video, for having things
structured a certain way,

there's just some things
you just can't repeat.

Winning one VMA is already
an insane task,

so winning four is, like,
unimaginable, honestly.

[cheers and applause]

We have a list, and we'd like
to read it to you together.

They put it
on a toilet paper roll?


We would like to thank...

all: Dallas Austin, MTV,

all of our fans.
♪ Don't go, don't go ♪

And then the performance,
it was pretty crazy.

all: ♪ Don't go
chasing waterfalls ♪

I was a toddler when I saw
my mom on TV during the VMAs.

I was at my grandma's house,
and I remember,

she had me in her lap
and we were just watching.

I was like, "There's Mom.
Let's go there."

And she's like,
"No, she's gonna call us."

all: ♪ You're moving too fast ♪

I remember she had
called us after and stuff,

and I'm like,
"Hey, Mom, I saw you on TV."

And she's like, "Yeah."

I got, you know,
really excited about it,

so, I mean,
yeah, that's a big deal.

Come on, y'all!

Put your hands high in the air
and help us sing this one!

"Waterfalls" is
one of those songs

that you hear that song
all the time.

♪ ♪

To me, it just sounds like
it's, like, generation-less,

meaning it that can go

whatever generation
is going on right now.

Can you believe we won
the Viewers' Choice

Best Video of the Year?
- Of the Year!

- I know!
- R&B!


Nothing is like
the first time.

You're gonna remember that.

all: ♪ But I think
you're moving too fast ♪

[cheers and applause]

♪ Don't ask yourself why ♪

♪ Just look to the sky ♪

They were touring.

They were topping the charts.

They were
taking over the world.

And then, unfortunately
we lost my Auntie Lisa.

[somber music]

It's too bad
we start the show like this,

but it is a very sad day.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes,

the woman who brought the rap
and the attitude to TLC,

lost her life in a car
accident yesterday afternoon.

No one has, of course, been
more devastated by this news

than the women who considered
Lisa quite simply her sister--

T-Boz and Chilli from TLC.

[somber music]

I just remember
there was a low point,

a low period in the house

during those days.

♪ ♪

Ever since Lisa passed away,

they've always
honored her memory.

They always have her part.

They show her up
on the big screen

and the whole stadium
will light up.

And everyone is just dancing.

It's usually a very good
but emotional experience

when I see people's faces.

♪ Watch the tables turn ♪

And her presence
will never be forgotten.

You know,
she was an icon.

And somehow, someway,
my mother and my Auntie Tionne

still found a way
to continue to make music

and keep touring.

[cheers and applause]

After 27 years, they're
still doing their thing.

They still got a huge fanbase.

And they're still
making milestones.

What's so cool is
that MTV recognized

their legend status,
of course,

their achievements,
by honoring them

with a award in Japan.

[dramatic music]

The 2013 VMAs in Japan,

that one was one to remember,
for sure.

I was 16 when they were
getting an award there.

I wanted to go out there
with them.

I was at the peak of just
my anime-head experiences

and stuff, so I even
based my outfit and everything

based on just, like,
the cartoons and stuff

that I was wearing and whatnot.

Please welcome TLC!

[cheers and applause]

It was really dope.

Those fans were
giving them so much love.

[TLC's "Waterfalls"]

We'd just like
to thank all of our fans.

We've had 20 years,
and we're still going.

And we're so blessed to be here
and get this award.

Lisa's family came out
to this one.

I had never met her family
like that either.

I want to give a shout-out
to her family that came here

to also support us.

- And her sister looks a lot
like her as well,

and so, it was pretty cool.

We love you.
I love you, Tron.

[TLC's "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg"]

♪ Realize the realism ♪

♪ Of reality
treats us both the same ♪

♪ 'Cause satisfaction is
the name of this game ♪

They did a medley
of all their greatest hits

throughout the years,
and, you know,

of course
the crowd was super lit.

♪ Every time
I think I'm blue ♪

♪ It's because of you ♪

I remember those outfits.
They look so cool.

Like, it's kind of giving me,
like, "Maleficent" vibes,

like that movie,
that Disney movie.

♪ I was told
I was beautiful ♪

The coolest thing for me was
seeing their fans were so nice.

They gave them so many gifts
that they couldn't even

take back on the plane 'cause
it was just so much stuff.

Like, you know, it goes to
show, once again, the impact.

♪ You can't look inside you ♪

♪ Find out who I am to... ♪

♪ Always talkin'
about what he wants ♪

♪ And just sits
on his broke ass, so... ♪

I would be blessed to go
to a lot of the summer tours.

I used to always spend a lot
of time with the drummers,

because as a drummer myself,
I always wanted to get better.


One thing
that's really special to me

was the music room
that my mother had did for me

back when I was 15 years old.

To me, it signified
that I had some kind of chance

or ability.

So I was always
going downstairs,

playing my drum set,
just challenging myself.

And I started writing music.

That music room has brought me
to where I am today.

♪ I'm goin' fast,
when I hit the gas ♪

♪ With me in the casket ♪

♪ These [...] is mad
'cause they in the past ♪

♪ They faker than plastic ♪

Back when I was in college,

I had gotten
with a few of my friends

and we just
started doing music.

So I had a song called
"Captions" back in 2019.

And it was my first record.

And I wrote everything.

So I wanted
to bring everyone together

and I wanted
to make it innovative,

so I created
the dance challenge

to go with the single
on TikTok.

♪ Yeah, yeah, ay ♪

And TLC was on a tour.

And after my mom
had seen the challenge,

she was like, "Oh, man,"

can we do it with the dancers
and all that stuff?"

I was like, "Of course,"
you know, "Awesome."

♪ Yeah, hey, hey ♪

It's crazy.

You know, she's double my age
and can move way better

than anybody
that's my age and below.

That video went really viral.

So since then, I just recently
dropped another single

entitled "150."

♪ Blowin' up, up in the cannon,
goin' 150 ♪

♪ Hot, hot, hot ♪

And growing up
under a performer,

you understand
that putting on a show

is more important
than anything.

And that's kind of
my approach, you know?

Every project, for me,
is another stepping stone.

I haven't performed
with TLC yet,

but I'm gonna be drumming
for their shows next year.

I feel like I'm continuing
my family legacy

by pursuing my music career.

And I'm proud
of what I was born into.

♪ No,
I don't want your number ♪

I think MTV influenced
TLC's career tremendously.

You know, a platform
and people seeing you

is really what you need
at the end of the day.

♪ Don't want
none of your time ♪

It makes it really cool
because you saw

they were doing this
since the '90s.

And everyone knows
how hard the industry is,

so for them
to just still influence,

to still to come on top
like that,

I mean, it's--
it's pretty powerful to me.

[cheers and applause]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- ♪ MTV ♪

[hip-hop music]

narrator: MTV has given fans
unparalleled access

to the world's
hottest artists.

Let us formally
introduce ourselves.

- Brandy's in the house.
- Sup?

We're the Backstreet Boys.

Notorious B.I.G.
Don't move.

narrator: And created some
of the most iconic moments

in music history
along the way.


narrator: Now our cameras
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Hey. Get in here.

- What's up?
- Welcome.

Come on in.
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narrator: As we get
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This the legacy right here.
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