MTV's Family Legacy (2022-2023): Season 1, Episode 3 - Big Poppas - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- ♪ MTV ♪

[upbeat electronic music]

MTV has given fans
unparalleled access

to the world's
hottest artists...

Let us formally
introduce ourselves.

- Brandy's in the house.
- What's up?

We're the Backstreet Boys.

Notorious B.I.G.
Don't move.

And created some
of the most iconic moments

in music history
along the way.


Now our cameras
are at it again...

Get in here.

- What's up?
- Welcome.

Come on in.
Let's take a seat.

As we get the inside scoop
from the ones who know

these legends best and
continue their legacy today,

their kids.

This the legacy right here.

We are the legacy.

It was definitely not
a regular childhood experience.

My mom is
a fucking rock star.

- Hold on.
- Wait, what?

We had to make
a grand entrance.

My pops changed
the game forever.

That was the moment
when I realized that my dad

was something else.

Because to them, they're not
just music's biggest names.

They're also Mom or Dad.

- Why are you busting on me?
- [laughing]

Oh, no she did not.

This is an insane moment
for my dad.

It gives me
goosebumps every time.

In this episode,
once these two hit the scene--

They call me Diddy.

And this is my man,
Notorious B.I.G. in the house.

CJ, man,
that's family, for sure.

Hip-hop was never the same.

Music is in my blood.

all: This is our family legacy.

♪ ♪

What's going on?

Welcome to my crib.

My name is CJ Wallace,

and my dad is the greatest
rapper of all time.

♪ To all the ladies
in the place ♪

♪ With style and grace ♪

Biggie Smalls,
Notorious B.I.G.,

Frank White, King of New York.

My mom is legendary
R&B singer Faith Evans.

♪ You used
to love me every day ♪

I also was raised
by Todd Russaw,

my mom's second husband.

I've been blessed
with two dads.

I didn't really
get the explanation

of who my real father was
until I was probably seven.

♪ ♪

I know they tried
to explain earlier,

but I was just so oblivious
to everything as a kid.

♪ Who the hell is this
paging me at 5:46? ♪

Some of my earliest memories
of really understanding

who he was, we would drive
on Fairfax and Wilshire

where my dad was killed,
and we would always

say a prayer at the light.

That's something
I still do to this day.

I wish I had memory of him.

So much of who I am is my dad,
just natural.

I do a lot of the same
fidgeting with my face

and rubbing my nose.

And we both have crazy asthma
and sinus issues.

Can I blow my nose real quick?

[upbeat music]

Biggie's first MTV appearance
was on "Yo! MTV Raps" in 1994.

And this is my man,
Notorious B.I.G. in the house.

He's from do or die Bed-Stuy
in the house.

What up, B.I.G.?
- Chillin'

He looks green,
like, just new to it.

He was always trying to be
as comfortable as possible,

this shirt, the shorts.

He was cozy all the time.

You used to be a hustler.

Yeah, no question.

You had to get the thing on?

Were you deep
into the hustling game?

Knee-deep, knee-deep.

But you always, like,
wanted to be a rapper, or--

No, no.

I didn't really want
to be a rapper.

It's just--it was
just something to do.

♪ ♪

Other than, you know,

being on the block
and hustling,

it was a gift that he
couldn't even quantify.

Check it out.
It's the Notorious B.I.G.

Don't move.
You know what I'm saying?

We're keeping it real on MTV...

This moment was huge
for my dad.

They didn't have social media
and stuff like that.

"Yo! MTV Raps" was the pinnacle
of rap at that time.

♪ ♪

♪ I seen the light,
excite all the freaks ♪

♪ Stack mad chips ♪

♪ Spread love with my peeps ♪

♪ ♪

We're here on "The Grind,"
you know,

about to rip this.

See the crowd kind of a little,
you know, kinda dead.

But we're going to fix all that
when we get up out there.

You know what I'm saying?

So Biggie performed
"Big Poppa" for the first time

on MTV in 1985.

♪ To all the ladies
in the place ♪

♪ with style and grace, allow
me to lace these lyrical... ♪

It's crazy.

I feel like his style
was way ahead of time.

He just knew how
to control the crowd.

♪ Mackin' hoes,
my crew's behind me ♪

♪ Mad question askin',
[...] passin', music blastin' ♪

I be seeing, like,
small versions,

but never seen
the full performance.

It's really, really cool.

♪ Forget a dollar and dream ♪

♪ Still tote gats strapped
with infrared beams ♪

♪ Where you at? ♪

♪ Throw your hands in the air
if you's a true player ♪

I feel like he always had
that same cool, calm energy.

He was always way cooler
than a lot of other guys.

♪ You gon'
be here for a while? ♪

♪ I'm gon' call my crew,
you go call your crew ♪

♪ We can rendezvous
at the bar around 2:00 ♪

Even though he's rapping,
it just still feels

like such a calming
R&B type of style record.

♪ Junior M.A.F.I.A.,
represent, baby, baby ♪

Man, it's just crazy.

You never know when
somebody's gonna be gone.

- Check it out!
- Uh!

- Check it out.
- 9-5.

Honestly, I used to be really
scared of images of my dad

when I was really young
because he just looked

really scary and menacing.

But the more I've grown
and understood

who he was as a person,
he was really a gentle person,

but he just had
to play this character.

And he was very good
at playing that character.

♪ Call the coroner ♪

♪ There's gonna be a
lot of slow singing ♪

♪ And flower bringing if my
burglar alarm starts ringing ♪

♪ Notorious ♪

This is the remix.


He was able
to achieve success

in such a short amount
of time.

He's like
the American dream story.

You know what I mean?

Like, rags to riches,
figuring it out,

coming from the bottom,
making it to the top.

That's the story that
everybody loves to hear about.

♪ Notorious ♪

And we won't stop
'cause we can't stop.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

Check it out.
It's the Notorious B.I.G.

You're watching Yo!

So the last time my dad
appeared on MTV

was "Yo! MTV Raps"
with Cease in 1996.

You know how we doing it,
you know?

So don't go nowhere
because we'll be right back.

I feel like not
a lot of people know

of just how funny he was

and how much
of a comedian he was.

He really tried to make
people laugh every day.

To all my enemies, mwah.

One love.

My dad was only 24 years old
when he passed away.

It was just
an unfortunate situation

that nobody
was really prepared for.

[dramatic music]

Hi, I'm John Norris with
an MTV News breaking story.

We're outside of Petersen's
Automotive Museum

in Los Angeles,

the 24-year-old rap artist

known as Notorious B.I.G.
was shot early Sunday morning.

My mom was there.

A lot of the Bad Boy
artists were there.

My car was in front.

Biggie was in the middle.

And I just heard
shots ring out.

Somebody just pulls up
to the side of the car

and just unloads shots
at the passenger side door.

My dad was sitting
in the passenger seat.

And they rushed
to the hospital,

where he was later
pronounced dead.

He was supposed to be
in London that night,

but he wanted to stay in LA.

He just wanted to chill.

The body of rapper,
the Notorious B.I.G.,

murdered in Los Angeles
last Sunday morning,

was flown back to his hometown
of New York on Wednesday.

[cheers and applause]

Family, friends, and fans of
Biggie Smalls are here today.

The procession
has just come through.

A lot of support,
a lot of cheers for him.

It was a somber moment,
but the fans are just excited

he came back home.

♪ ♪

I think that's one
of the main reasons

why he's still relevant,

because just
the stories he told,

the way he told them,

his legacy
is gonna live forever.

♪ ♪

He was a beautiful person,

and what he brought
to the music business

has made a very big difference
in where hip-hop is right now,

although it was a short-lived career.

But in those few years
that he was out as an artist,

he made a big difference.

You know, my mom,
she's living proof

that the people you love
can be taken away from you,

and not everything
lasts forever,

so just to appreciate moments
and just times with people

because you never know
when you can lose somebody.

Yeah, man, it's really
an unfortunate situation.

And I don't really talk
about it often.

♪ Sicker than your average ♪

♪ Poppa twist cabbage
off instinct ♪

♪ [...] don't think
[...] stink, pink gators ♪

"Life after Death" was
released on March 25 in '97,

weeks after my dad passed away.

It went platinum,

and "Hypnotize" won Best
Rap Video at the '97 VMAs.

The Notorious B.I.G., y'all.

[cheers and applause]

♪ Sicker than the average ♪

♪ Poppa twist cabbage... ♪

I know if my son
was here tonight,

the first thing
he would have done

is say big up to Brooklyn.

- She did great, you know?

My grandma's always
been very cool, calm,

even through tough situations.

♪ I can fill you
with real millionaire [...] ♪

♪ Escargot,
my car go 160 swiftly ♪

The fact that the album
is titled "Life after Death"

is really scary.

It's like, how do you--you
don't write stories like that.

Some stories
just write themselves.

♪ Biggie, Biggie, Biggie,
can't you see? ♪

♪ Sometimes, your words
just hypnotizing me ♪

A lot of emotions
that come up,

definitely sadness,
curiosity, hope.

You know, obviously,
you like to think

that he died
for a greater cause.

He was able to push rap
into a place

where nobody
thought it would go.

So I feel like
he was definitely one

of the driving forces
for the genre itself.

The music stood
the test of time.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

"I'll Be Missing You,"
the tribute song that Puff,

112, and my mom did,

using the sample from Sting,
from what I know,

it was really tough
to record that record.

I know my mom
didn't want to do it.

She didn't want
to go to the studio.

♪ So far from hanging
on the block for dough ♪

♪ Notorious,
they got to know that ♪

♪ Life ain't always
what it seems to be ♪

♪ Words can't express
what you mean to me ♪

I asked my mom, like,
what does that session like?

She was like, it was
a lot of crying, you know,

it was really difficult
thinking about those memories.

And so Puff, my mom,
and Sting all performed

"I'll Be Missing You"
at the 1997 VMAs.

♪ Still can't
believe you're gone ♪

♪ Give anything
to hear half your breath ♪

♪ I know you're still living
your life after death ♪

♪ Every step I take ♪

- ♪ Oh, Lord ♪
- Every move I make ♪

It's almost like they were
grieving through the record,

you know?

It's very emotional.

It's tough for me to even
listen to the record sometimes.

♪ I'll be missing you ♪

- ♪ Thinking of the day ♪
- ♪ Thinking of the day ♪

- ♪ When you went away ♪
- ♪ Oh ♪

♪ What a life to take,
what a bond to break ♪

♪ I'll be missing you ♪

It was a beautiful performance.

♪ Somebody, tell me why ♪

♪ One glad morning ♪

♪ When this life is over ♪

♪ I know I'll see your face ♪
- Put your lighters in the air!

Put your lighters
in the air for B.I.G.!

Everybody, clap your hands
for Notorious B.I.G.

Clap your hands
for everybody we lost.

We miss you.

[cheers and applause]

"I'll Be Missing You"
won Best R&B video.

And the winner is Puff Daddy,
featuring Faith Evans and 112.

[cheers and applause]

I wish we never had
to make this record.

And I'd like to say,
God bless my man, Biggie.

[soft music]

My whole life,
I've been focused on family.

For me, it's always just
been supporting the estate,

supporting my dad's brand.

And in that, I always knew
I had a love for fashion,

a love for music,
a love for creativity,

and just arts in general.

My acting career really
started with "Notorious."

I got to play my dad
as a kid in "Notorious."

And that was pretty scary, honestly.

It was fun.

I was 13 at the time,
so the pressure

to really nail that role
and portray my father

was a big one.

I felt like, not everybody
gets to play their dad

in a movie, so...

but yeah, right now,
I've been building my brand,

Frank White, a fashion brand.

[upbeat hip-hop music]

I named the brand that
to honor my dad

because that was one
of his many nicknames.

Everything behind Frank White

is really about creativity
and family.

But we wanted it
to speak to Black people

at the end of the day,

something that we
could really get behind.

So this is one
of my work stations.

Got some memorabilia of my dad,

of the only photo
we have together.

That's kind of crazy that we
only have this photo together.

♪ ♪

I had to take a bunch
of my dad's clothes

from my grandma's house,

and this was definitely
the biggest piece.

And it's got his name on it,
Bad Boy logo.

I could fit in this arm
right here.


This one is the Junior
M.A.F.I.A. 5,001 jersey.

Like, I always look at these
when I was like ten years old

and be like, oh,
I can't wait to take these.

Poppa on the back.


Seeing all this
has also helped inspire designs

as far as the colors and just
the cuts and everything.

The baggy look
is definitely back in style.

♪ Bad boy ♪

Yeah, man,
Frank White is my baby,

my way of continuing
my dad's legacy,

celebrating the Wallace name.

I try to think about how would
he feel about what I'm doing,

but I know he'd be
supportive no matter what.

- ♪ Notorious ♪
- And we won't stop.

- ♪ I'm coming ♪

What's up, y'all?
It's Just.

I'm the firstborn.

I'm an executive
at Combs Enterprises.

What up, y'all?
I'm Quincy.

I'm an artist, actor.

Yo, what's up, y'all?

This is King Combs,
Christian Combs.

I'm a rapper, model.

And our dad is...

- That's the question.
- Who isn't he?

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy,
Sean John Combs, and Love.

Is that it?

I think we missing like
two or three.

To everybody else,
it might be something else.

But to us--
no one else can say this--

that's our dad.

P. Diddy.

[cheers and applause ]

♪ Shot callers, brawlers,
who be dipping ♪

When I came
into my stepdad's life,

I was calling him Puffy.

And that's what
my mom called him.

And he let it rock
for a little bit,

but he was not too
happy after too long,

his son calling him Puffy.


♪ But still,
everything's real ♪

When my pops first
came in the game,

he was an intern
for Uptown Records.

He got a chance
because the producer

wasn't in the studio
for Jodeci.

♪ Come and talk to me ♪

- He ended up just producing
the track himself.

And that track actually became
his first number one record

for R&B and hip-hop.

So he really, like, started
the R&B hip-hop wave, low-key.

My dad started
Bad Boy Records in 1994.

My dad helped cultivate artists
such as Notorious B.I.G,

Faith Evans,
112, Mary J. Blige.


My dad's first time on MTV
was "Yo! MTV Raps" in 1990.

That's a fun fact.
It's crazy.

What's up, y'all?
I'm Puff Daddy.

Yo, how old is he?

He looks
just like Christian.

That's crazy.

We're chilling
with Fab Five Freddy

and Oran "Juice" Jones
on "Yo! MTV Raps."

You see how he winked?
He winked like this.

Now his wink is way smoother.

Pops is huge on fashion.

I'm ready.
What's up, Quincy?

What's up, Justin?

- Miami on the yacht.
- Wow.

We look like
little twin brothers.

- Yeah, for real.
- Low-key.

♪ Come across,
the more problems we see ♪

- Justin, Quincy.
- Come here.

What y'all think about this?
Should I wear this?



- Said no.
- It's too preppy for us.

I need something
with some more pizzazz.

Yeah, yeah.

Now, this is what
I'm talking about.

This right here...

He always just set the tone
and set the trends.

Suede suit.

He had to have five outfit
changes for one award show.


That's it, that's it.

MTV awards, baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

♪ Don't stop now,
straight to the top now ♪

My pops definitely
stayed fresh, stayed fly.

That's something he instilled
in us from a young age.

I remember he took me to,
like, fly boot camp

and made sure I knew how
to dress, walk, and all that.


- Wow, this was 1997.

This was my pop's
first time live at the VMAs.

Oh, they came out the sky?

Of course.



Come on now!
Come on now!

I remember these rehearsals.

These suits and his hair.

I'm like, I've never
seen this many women

with blue hair at one time.

The shiny suits.

Oh, look at pops.

♪ A team much
stronger than yours ♪

♪ Violate me, this'll be
your day, we don't play ♪

- ♪ DOA ♪
- ♪ Mess around, be DOA ♪

♪ Be on your way ♪
- ♪ Mess around with ♪

♪ 'Cause it ain't
enough time here ♪

♪ Ain't enough lime here
for you to shine here ♪

♪ Deal with many women
but treat dimes fair ♪

♪ And I'm bigger than the city
lights down in Times Square ♪

♪ Girl the eye, player,
please, lyrically ♪

♪ [...] see
B.I.G. be flossing ♪

♪ Jig on the cover of Fortune ♪

You know, Biggie always
pushed my dad to be a rapper.

So I think, like,
after Biggie passed, like,

that probably fueled my pops to
follow that dream

that Biggie had for him
and just, like,

keep the legacy
and the Bad Boy music going.

♪ More money ♪

[cheers and applause]

[upbeat music]

♪ I'm the definition
of half man, half [...] ♪

♪ Ask the clubs, Bad Boy,
that's what's up ♪

2001 VMAs,
our pops just took it over.

- Took it over.
- Just took it over.

♪ We still here,
you're rocking with the best ♪

♪ Don't worry
if I write rhymes ♪

♪ I write checks ♪

Now, pulling up
on an 18-wheeler is crazy.

No one else knew
that was happening.

It just turned
into the Bad Boy MTV Awards!

- Uh-huh, uh-huh.
- Welcome, MTV, 2001!

Now, he always used
to take over MTV.

We rented an 18-wheeler.

We had to make
a grand entrance.

You know,
we're promoting this new album,

"The Saga Continues."

By the way,
"The Saga Continues,"

if you go look on that album,

we executive
produced that album.

We was in the studio.

If we was nodding,
it was something.

If we didn't,
it didn't make the album.

♪ We ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ We can't be stopped now
because it's... ♪

♪ Bad Boys for life ♪

I'm a Bad Boy for life, man.

Bad Boys never,
ever, ever going to stop.

This officially was the new
Bad Boy anthem after some time.

I think that really just set
the record of what Bad Boy is.

This is my favorite song.

I was in the video
in the Harlem Shake.

I was in the video.
We all was in the video.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

♪ To the death,
it's official ♪

♪ I survive what
I've been through ♪

♪ Y'all got trauma ♪
all: ♪ The saga continues ♪

♪ We ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ We ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ We can't be stopped now ♪

And what we see constantly,
jerseys was the thing.

Jerseys was something
that the Bad Boy movement,

it represented that team,
the squad.

♪ We ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ We can't be stopped now
because it's Bad Boy for life ♪

Bad Boy Records was a family.

On Sundays,
we had Soulful Sunday,

where everybody comes together.

- Fried chicken.
- Mac and cheese and yams.

That's my best,
like, family memories,

like, yearly because, like,
it ain't changed much.

But it's, like, just--

it's got bigger and better
within the same tradition.

When I was a kid,
was spending

a lot of time in the office.

I think half my childhood,

I remember being
straight office.

We made the office
a playground.

The office was not
too far from MTV,

so sometimes we would just
be going down the street.

And then next thing you know,
it's just all these people,

all this screaming.

[cheers and applause]

There was a crowd
outside the whole building.

Like, it was crazy
every single day.

I just dropped
my third album.

It's in stores today.
"The Saga Continues."

P. Diddy
and the Bad Boy family.

TRL, I guess,
was his favorite little spot

to go because he's
all about the hype.

I guess, he's all about
turning up the people.


TRL, y'all got to come back,
so I could see

because I ain't get
to see none of that.

Welcome to PD Request Live.

I'm your host, Puff Daddy.

He was always on TRL
so much because he just had

so many hits
and so many different things

to just promote.

My new album's in stores.

"We Invented the Remix."
Make sure you all go get that.

And TRL was, like, a--

played a big role
in the success

of just the music videos.

This is my new video!

♪ You ain't want beef,
then why did you start? ♪

It was the place to go
to premiere everything.

Today's the grand opening
of the Sean John store.

[upbeat music]

Can you dig it, man?

- Vote or Die was a huge
passion project for my dad.

Pops is into anything
that gets the people involved.

MTV generation will decide
who's the next president

of the United States.

So this is the time
to really get involved,

get people to really understand
the change that's needed.

This is all I'm about
right this second.

All your heart's
going into this?

All my heart
is going into this

right here, to mobilize, educate.

And once again,
we need you all to vote.

Let's register.
- I know.

Let's get it cracking.
Let's be about it.

And when Obama ran, it was
that much more important

for him to really get up and
get all the people to vote.

When Obama became president,
it was all of our victories.

He took us out to dinner,
and he blessed his whole team

with presidential Rolexes.

And they don't
make them no more.

- Yeah.
- So this is a true gift.

Thank you, Pops.

My dad was on TRL
so many times,

they gave him
the official legend award.

Got the banner,
jersey signed up.

It feels good to be back.

There's no place like home.


Now, hold up, Diddy.

You've been on TRL 39 times.

both: 39 times.


You got to understand
that this

was the cultural
epicenter of music.

You know, everything started
and finished here in TRL.

It's so good
to have everybody back.

Shout out to MTV.

We are officially
retiring your jersey.

So if you want to walk
over here with me,

we have this specialty
Diddy jersey.

Wow, that's what's up.

And then 98 on there,
and that's representative of...

I don't think
they could give the award

to nobody else, right?

I think he was
the only one that was fitting

for the Legacy Award.

TRL was such
a huge moment in my life.

When I came here
the first time,

you know, it was an honor
to be on the show.

And it's still an honor
coming back to be on the show.

It feels good to be home.

He has a saying,
no sleeping in the trophy room.

So it's like, no matter what
accolades, or achievements,

or just milestones
you reach in your life,

you have to keep on going,
and not get comfortable,

and just keep pushing forward.

Let me tell you something.

You all missed the TRL, brother.

I just think that shows
his relationship with MTV,

it was a super healthy,
strong relationship.

MTV always been
rocking with us.

So I think that's dope.

[upbeat music]

Growing up
in the music industry

has affected me by just
showing me the amount of work

that it takes to be great
and just showing me,

like, the level of excellence
I should just upkeep

and hold myself to.

I kind of just
naturally connected

with just the behind-the-scenes
type of work.

I'll still be on the stage.

I still do my thing.
- Uh-huh.

- Take that.
- Take that, take that.

[cheers and applause]

The best advice
my father has given me

is to always stay dreaming,

just that disciplined,
focused hard work

and just knowing
what it takes to be great.

Growing up with my family
was very influential, I guess,

because everything
was about the arts.

Everything was
about the show, the lights.

♪ ♪

Just creating is my favorite.

An artist is what I like
to label myself,

not a rapper, not a singer,

no, an artist, just because
I'm taking my frequency

and really spreading that
to the world.

♪ ♪

I kind of knew
I wanted to be, like,

and artist and performer since,

my first memory is,
like, I always

really wanted to do that.

♪ I just
took that guap-anese ♪

♪ It's my language ♪

♪ I just put some Cartiers ♪

♪ On my main [...] ♪

I really started taking music serious

when I moved to Los Angeles.

When we were, like, 15, 16

is when I really told my pops,

this is what
I really want to do.

I showed him
a song I recorded.

And he told me
it wasn't going to be easy

and that I had
to really take it seriously,

and take it into my own hands,

and put in
the same work he did.

♪ Valentino on my main girl ♪

♪ Bad Boy chain bussin'
like the rainbow ♪

Now I got my new
hit single out,

"Can't Stop Won't Stop."

♪ Can't stop, won't stop,
Bad Boy ♪

Number one.

Oh, shit.

What's up?
Number one!

"Can't Stop Won't Stop."

Got to move on.
- What's up, baby?

We number one.

♪ Yelling out the window ♪

♪ Money ain't a thing though ♪

Seeing my dad perform,
and making music,

and seeing the work it took,
it really inspired me

to feel like
I could do the same thing.

♪ Can't stop,
won't stop, Bad Boy ♪

this the legacy right here.

We are the legacy.

The legacy continues.

The legacy continues, baby.

Stay tuned.

[dramatic hip-hop music]

♪ ♪

- ♪ MTV ♪