Love Life (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

I mean, how fucking great
are these details? Right?

Different wallpaper, maybe another
finish. It's gonna be beautiful.

I am so proud of you!

When your aunt left you this place,
it was disgusting.

It was like an old gross home
in New Jersey.

New Jersey isn't
really that bad.

I can see it's gonna be amazing and
you're gonna get a lotta money for it.


What if I don't wanna sell it?

I mean, yeah, I guess you could rent
out. You could use the extra cash.

No, I wanna live here.

I think we should live here.

- What?
- Just hear me out for a sec.

It's a great school district.

It's only 40 minutes from the city
so we can commute.

And the town...
Sara, I'm telling you,

there is this strip of Main Street
that you'd totally think it's Brooklyn.

Would I? Or would I think
it was like a street in New Jersey,

that has some barber shop
that serves beer.

You're gonna do a great job with this
place, but don't be crazy.

I'm not being crazy!

Moving to New Jersey,
it's crazy.

Sara, I'm ready for this.
I'm ready to have a house.

Come on, aren't you over
having roommates and having to

step around piles of trash
every time you leave the apartment?

What would we do for fun, Jim?

Like, go to highschool
football games?

Just picture it. You on the couch,
doing crossword puzzle,

me in the kitchen
cooking up some pancakes.

I don't know, maybe eventually
a little kid running around.

I don't want that!

I mean, maybe...
Maybe one day.

But now? No!
Come on!

Let's go home.
We'll go out tonight.

We get fucked up,
make some stakes, you know.

Be young!

I'm gonna live here.


I really want you
to live here with me.

But either way I'm moving here.

This is what I want.

What does that mean?

I don't know, Sara.
What does it mean?

Some relationships
are clearly not meant to last.

Others seem obviously pointed
toward forever.

And then there are those
that are less clear-cut,

where one must decide,
without a definitve path,

whether to go all in
or cut one's losses.


Hey, baby,
I need more toilet paper.

Though deep in her gut,
Darby had suspected the worst,

she had, nevertheless, nine months ago,
after a whirlwind engagement,

stood before the justice of the peace
and hoped for the best.

Hey. No, baby. I gotta get up,
I gotta go to work.

- I'll make you breakfast.
- That's sweet.

Magnus Lund Part 2

2016 A year after the proposal

- I'll make you French toast.
- That's okay. It's already nine.

And I should really be on time
for the arrival of the priceless relic.

- I'm sorry, I'm just... so tired.
- It's okay.

Did you ever hear back from
those jobs you applied for?

Oh, yeah, I got the job
at that fusion place.


That's amazing!
Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause I'm not gonna take it.

- Why not?
- I mean, the pay was a joke.

I've been a sous-chef for five years.
The offer me 65K.

- That's a lot!
- I know what I'm worth and...

Plus do I really wanna work
in a fusion restaurant?

Isn't there part of you
that misses going to work?

Honestly, I just wanna focus
on the Chip case.

- Get that fuckface to pay me back.
- Yeah.

Baby, you have been through
two lawyers.

What has it been, like, a year?

Couldn't you have made
that much by now?

It's not about the money.

This is about
my reputation as a chef.

Plus I have a call today with Freddy's
cousin who is a big-time lawyer.

- Who's Freddy?
- The man bun, worked at the door.

Yeah. He quit because Fuckface
wouldn't move him up.

I gotta go.


Oh, yeah. Which card should I use
for the retainer?

It's just a retainer,
we'll get it back when we win.

I don't think that's how it works.

Babe, if you want me
to take the job, I'll take it.

I'll do anything you ask, I swear.
I'll hold off on starting my own place.

I just wanna make you proud.


Make sure it's legit,
get references.

I mean, I know Freddy,
but yeah, of course I will.


- I love you.
- I love you, too.

- Where are they now?
- 22nd and Lex.

So that's two minutes. Can you let me
know the second they get here?

Yeah. Also I got you a bacon, egg and
cheese from that bodega you like.

- Amazing. You're promoted.
- Wait, really?

No, but you're doing a great job
and I appreciate you.

Darby had kept this shameful chapter
from her youth

neatly compartmentalized
in her memory bank.

Recently though she had been thinking
a lot about the past,

trying to thread together
the pieces of her life

in order to find out
how she had ended up where she was.

- It's here.
- Great. I'll be right there.

Alright, so we have
the two jade dragons...

Ming dynasty figural jar,

and the 18...
silver seals.

- Oh, hand me the gloves.
- Yeah.

Wow. There's only ten
of these teacups in the entire world.



Think of everything
it's been through.

The emperors, the wars,
the revolutions.

- Take my picture with it.
- Yeah.



It looks like you
got a Facebook message

from a Luke Ducharme?

- Oh, you're still on Facebook?
- That's all, Tim, thank you.

Memories. How's it going, Carbucketty?
I'm in NY. Let's catch up!

- Here it is.
- Okay, babe.

This looks amazing.
This is kind of a lot.

For my number one babe.

- Try the hot sauce, please.
- Oh, yeah?

Because I think that's the one.
I think I got the peppers right.

How was your day?

- Good.
- Yeah?


It was kind of great, actually.
I got this shipment in for auction.

It's these 40 different pieces of Asian
antiquities from different eras.

But, like, check this out.

Yeah, they look like...
butt plugs.

Yeah. I mean, and they're called,
like, "silver seals," right?

But it's a big deal, and it's my
biggest commission, so I'm excited.

I know, I'm sorry,
I'm just fucking spiraling.

Freddy's fucking lawyer cousin
won't take the case.

- Did he say why?
- I don't know.

Some horseshit about needing
documentation for my hours.

- Can you get that?
- He's not the guy.


This year's been
a fucking shitshow.

So lucky that I have you.

Oh, my God.
It feels so good.

- Your pussy is so fucking tight.
- Yeah?

Yeah, fuck my tight pussy.

Oh, babe, not so hard!
The fajitas!

Luke Ducharme would like to connect
with you on Messenger

Darby Carter, holy shit.

- You look amazing.
- Aw, Luke Ducharme.

- You're not bald.
- Low bar.

- Drink?
- Yes. That would be great.

I can't believe you're a lawyer.

Actually, I prefer the term
"law daddy."

Sure, yeah. Is that, like, what you
have on your business cards?


So what about you? Are you the one
who talks fast, like,

"100, 200, do I hear 200, 300,
sold to the man in the front!"

Yeah. No, that's exactly what I do.
That's unbelievable.

That's an uncanny impression.

Oh, fuck.
It's such a trip to see you.

Oh, please. I'm sure I'm hardly
a significant figure in your past.

I mean, like, what did we even hang out
for, like, a week, if that?

Well, I guess you made
an impression.

Well, right. Yeah.

I mean, I guess,
faking cancer kind of memorable.

Yeah, about that.

Darby, I feel awful
for what I did.

Oh, my God.
No, what?

It's so whatever.
It was a long time ago.

It was fucking high school.

Yeah, I guess, but...

During my last breakup, I was going to
therapy with my ex,

and this stuff came up about me
leaving a large wake,

and I started thinking
about what that meant,

and I realized
how much damage I've done

to different people
over the years.

And I know that
I was at least a component

in the whole cancer thing.

It wasn't just that. There was
my family stuff and, like,

puberty hormones are just...

Please let me apologize.

I was a total dick to you,
and I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Really, thank you, that...
Jesus, that means a lot.

I should tell you
I do have cancer now, for real.

It's so bad.
The prognosis is so bad.

It might be my last night on Earth, and
I'm here with you. So weird.

That's not the way
you want to spend it.

Darby felt relief that she could
finally close the book

on that embarrassing chapter
of her life at the Cornelia Academy.

Perhaps if Luke had forgiven her,

she could forgive herself
as well.

At first, it was a series
of text message pleasantries

and loose plans
to meet up later that week...

Which soon became longer,
friendlier exchanges

about where, for example,

the best bagel in Manhattan
could be procured,

which evolved into full-blown,
day-long text conversations,

first about nothing
in particular,

complete with links, gifs,
and emojis,

and eventually deep conversations
about their feelings on everything

from open relationships
to religion.

Wow. So that's the guy
you got cancer for?

- I mean...
- I know.

And it's weird to feel so connected to
somebody I haven't seen since school.

Oh, my God.
Is he your wittle soul mate?

No, no, I'm just going through, like,
a rough thing with Magnus,

and so I know I'm just
frustrated, and it's whatever.

I don't know, this dude looks like he's
got a really good credit score.

- That's what I look for.
- Do you want some?

Take it easy, Don Draper.

Are you okay? Is this okay?
Have you heard from Jim?

No. He's not picking up
my calls,

which is kind of hot.

Are you gonna
take this seriously?

It's gonna be fine, Mom.

Is there a world where you could see
yourself making this work in Jersey?

Darby, there are two Walmarts
within 15 minutes of his house.

Yeah, no, I hear you.

Oh, hello.

Shit, it's Luke.

"What are you up to tonight?"

- Sounds like you're gonna be fucking.
- No.

"See you soon."

"Can't wait to talk to you later."

It's so much more attractive
when you have a mouthful of bread.

Hey, sexy lady.
Where you going?

With my friend from high school.

- I told you about this, remember?
- Yeah.

Yeah, of course.

Yeah, I hope that's okay, 'cause there
was just the one extra ticket.

Totally. You know how I feel
about cultural phenomenons.

I do, yeah.

So what are you up to tonight?

Well, actually, working on the case,
and I got an idea.

What if I call Chip and tell him that
I'm gonna call ICE on his ass?

- You mean like extortion?
- No.

More like, "Hey, man. Do the right
thing or else I'm gonna make a call."

Oh, that's still extortion. So just put
a pin in that until I get home,

and we can workshop
some other ideas, okay?

Are you sure, though? 'Cause it feels
like it would be effective.

100% don't do that.

Sorry, excuse me, excuse me.

Oh, sorry.
Excuse me, sorry.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

It's okay. Here. It's Chardonnay
and probably awful.

But it's booze.

Yes, notes of burning swamp.
I'm gonna get ten more.

I definitely need it.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

I just couldn't find a cab, and I hate
making people wait, and I was stressed.

Well, the wait was worth it.

I feel really dorky,
but I'm so excited.

- Me too, me too.
- Five minutes!

- I think this is it.
- It's really real.

- All right, I think we're over here.
- Oh, fancy.

Darby had wanted to see "Hamilton"
for some time,

and yet now,
she found it hard to focus.

It was deeply thrilling
to feel Luke's knee next to hers.

They both knew they were touching,
but neither of them moved.

Darby wasn't doing anything
wrong, and yet,

this private moment sent an electric
charge through her entire body.

I mean, it's corny,
but, like, it was amazing!

- It was amazing.
- I feel so cliché.

- Well, this is me. Right here.
- Okay. Well...

Thank you so much.
It was incredible.

And I should go.

You should probably go.

- Do you want to come up?
- Yes.

No, 'cause I'm married.

And yeah, I didn't even
want to get into this.

It's just that my husband's

in the middle of a wrongful termination
lawsuit, which is stressful,

and I don't want to do
something to hurt him

or fuck this up just 'cause
I'm mad at him right now,

which is just a long way of saying
yes, I want to fucking come up,

and no, I can't,
'cause I'm married.

- I could talk to him if you want.
- Oh, God. No, no, no.

That's not... I'm just venting.
I would never ask you to do that.

Seriously, I don't mind.

It's not really my area of expertise,
but I'd be happy to help.

- That wouldn't be weird?
- No, not at all.


Why don't you text me and we'll all
figure out a time to get together?

I'll do that,
and thank you again.

- This was great.
- Thank you for going with me.

Okay. Good night.

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

- How was it?
- It was pretty good.

- Lived up to the hype, I guess.
- Good.

I'm sorry.
I'm just kind of sleepy.

Got it.

I had a great time.
Thanks for coming.

And remember, he's doing us a favor,
so be nice.

He? Isn't it your friend
from high school?

- Yeah, it is.
- Oh, he's gay.

What? No, no.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Thank you so much for meeting us.
- Yeah, of course, of course.

- This is my husband.
- Luke.

- Magnus.
- Great to meet you.

And what else?
I designed 80% of the menu.

And I put us on the map,

Before I got there,
he didn't even have Twitter.

Well, Magnus was trying to unionize,
you know? The place was doing well,

then he felt like they could afford to
give their employees health insurance,

right, babe?

Well, that's an angle.

Do you think any aspect of your firing
was retaliatory for these attempts?

Yeah, 100%.

If you actually talked to any other
employees about unionizing

and we could get them to go on record.

Yeah, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not
gonna throw anyone under the bus.

No, I don't think
that's what he means.

I think just if we could get someone
to corroborate what you're saying...

Yeah, and what I'm saying is that
I'm loyal

and I won't fucking do that,
so that's not an angle.

Magnus, I'm just gonna
be straight with you here.

Even with a contract, he could
claim he fired you for cause.

Without documentation
or corroboration,

one could easily say you came in late
or didn't fulfill your duties.

Why would one say that
if one works for me?

Well, I'm a corporate lawyer,
and I don't... work for you.

I'm doing this as a favor to your wife,

but a part of every attorney's job
is to argue the other side's case

to know what is or isn't worth

and as much as it sucks,

I would let this one go, man.

Great, man. Thanks for your
professional opinion.

Yeah, I'm done.
Let's go.

- I can give you some cash.
- No, no, no. It's all good, really.

I'm so sorry.

What was that?
What was that, man?

They're all the fucking same! Anything
that's gonna take any extra work.

No, come on,
that's not it, you know that.

And he was making
some good points.

He's just trying to help,
and I...

He took an hour out of his day,
and he did it as a favor to me,

and the least that you could do
is just pretend to be appreciative

or just not be so much of a dick.

Yeah, well maybe I'm fucking
frustrated. I'm sorry.

I know. So let's just go
do something else.

Do you want to walk around a little?
Or we could go to Joe's Shanghai?

No, I want to go to the gym.
I want to fucking punch something.

- I'll text you, whatever.
- Yep.


I have a mini-bar and an expense
account. Room 1103.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- There's booze inside?
- Yes.

- Great.
- You can have some.

- Has he always been like that?
- No. Not always.

But for a while now, yeah.
It's been so bad lately,

I don't really remember
when it was good.

Which isn't...

I'm not trying to be a downer.
And I do love him.

Don't beat yourself up.
You're a good person,

and he's clearly
taking advantage of that.

I don't know.

I think I might've known that he was
like this from the second I met him.

In my bones, you know?

And I don't know
what that says about me.

- Relationships are fucking hard.
- Yeah.

So this might
sound presumptuous, but...

You do know that you
don't have to stay with him?

People get divorced.

Well, I mean, what about
your last relationship?

Like, when did you know it was time to
call it with your girlfriend, wife?

Yeah, no, just girlfriend.

I would say I knew
for about a year

before I did anything about it.

You look good, Ducharme.

Well, so do you.

Come here.

- This is a really nice room.
- Thanks.

They don't usually give rooms
like this to associates,

but because I'm a law daddy...

- Yeah, you got an upgrade, obviously.
- Yeah, precisely.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- What?
- Nothing.

Just if you had told 16-year-old me
that I would end up here,

I wouldn't have believed you.

Pretty wild.

- So you leave tomorrow?
- Yeah.

- If you're ever in Boston, tell me.
- For sure.

I should get going.

As Darby left Luke's impossibly
nice Gramercy Park Hotel suite,

she realized that this
was never about Luke at all.

He merely represented the possibility
of something better than Magnus.

Darby could've told Magnus

She could've blown it all up
and freed herself,

but something stopped her.
Maybe it was self-doubt,

maybe it was fear
of the unknown.


Just a second.

Hey, I'm just...
I'm gonna take a bath.

I'm sorry I was a dick
to your friend today.

Thank you.

Our next lot today is 114,

an exceptionally important
and fine chicken cup.

After that,
Darby lost her appetite

and more or less
stopped sleeping.

She was in a purgatory
of her own making,

and the longer she sat in it,
the harder it was to find her way out.

Back to my bidder here, it's at the
desk at 27 not yours, 28 million.

Gentleman here, 28 million.
29 million, new bidder.

Thank you, I'm out. It's 29 million
with you here in the room.

No more bids on the book.
It's 29 million.

30 million now, aisle bidder.
Thank you, sir.

It's 30 million, 31 million,
back to the lady at 31 million.

32 million, well done, sir.

What shall we do, ma'am?
Go to 34 for me?

34 million, thank you at 34.

35 now, on the right, now.
35 coming in on the phone.

Sir, can I get you to go
to 36 million?

36 million is yours.

At 36 million now, it's
gentleman seated on the aisle.

Fair warning, last chance.

At 36 million, it's yours, sir.

Sold at $36 million, title 23.

Magnus Hello???

- Hey.
- Hi.

I got something for you.
It's stupid.

No, Tim.
That's so sweet.

It's nothing, it's just something to
commemorate, like, your first big sale.

- It's a big deal.
- That's so nice.

Oh, my God, you hate it.
I'm so sorry.

No, Tim...

- You sure?
- This is really great.

Thank you so much.
This is so sweet.

- I love it, I love it.
- Okay, cool.

Anyway, we're all gonna go grab a drink
and celebrate.

You have any interest in coming?

I'm just gonna catch up
on some paperwork.

- Aw, boo, come on.
- I know, I know, next time.

Will you just shut the door
on the way out? Thank you.

I would've made you something.

The teacup sold today

for 36 million.

Do we get a cut of that?

- No, that's not how it works.
- We should.

- Well, we don't.
- What's wrong?

What's going on with you?

Magnus, I don't think
I can do this anymore.

- Do what?
- Us. This.

What are you talking about?

I just think...

I need some space. I think we could
both use some space.

I don't need space.

Well, I do.

Oh, my God. Hey, I know the last couple
months have been rough.

Times are gonna get rough,
you know? I want to grow old with you.

We're gonna go through
some shit together. Ups and downs.

I want to be with you
when I'm 90.

I know I've been
a shitshow lately.

I know.

I'll fix it. I'll get a job.
We can start saving for the farm again.

I want to take you to Spain.
We can have a beautiful life.

Just us against the world.

You can't do this.

You can't just quit
when it gets hard.

It didn't get hard.
You made it hard.

We're fucking married.

We took vows.

I would die for you.

My dreams are your dreams.

No, your dreams
are not my dreams.

That's what
I'm fucking telling you.

Good luck.

Honestly, good luck finding this.

I'm the fucking best
you're ever gonna have.

Okay, Magnus.
Whatever you say.

- I will fucking kill myself.
- Don't say that.

Walk out the door,
and I'm gonna kill myself!

My body's gonna be in the kitchen,
you're gonna come back,

and you're gonna
have to make phone calls

and explain why Magnus
committed suicide.

Are you fucking crazy?

You're a fucking crazy bitch!

I'm gonna call the cops on you!