Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 8 - El perfume que lleva el dolor - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Rubber bullets, Cardozo! Rubber bullets!

I'll get you, motherfucker!

Come here! Come here, you punk!

Come here, you bastard!

Get down from the stage! Get down!

The kid on the cover
Used to sell flowers on Corrientes

Then he lost his girl
In some hospital room

And nowadays, kindly
With a big smile on his teeth

He'll stop you in the street

And if you don't give it, he'll smoke you

If the police don't treat him with decency

If the truck drivers won't take him
Where he needs to go

He goes back to Dock Sud
Walking peacefully

With a .22 in the pocket
Where he keeps his rolling papers

Some years ago, he would walk the streets

Going to Café La Paz and selling postcards

The world is full of assholes

And nowadays the road is especially full

I won't die of love

I won't die of love

I won't die of love

No, no


What's up, Alejandro!

- What's up, man?
- What's up!

How are you doing?

- I brought you this guy...
- Rodolfo! he can get some time off.

What's up, Fena?

You look chunkier. You gained weight.


Fito? Fito.

It's the customs office.
Did you bring in any drugs?


- Hello?
- Fito! It's nice to hear you.

You're such an idiot.

What is it, Gallo?

You never said you were here.
Let me buy you lun...

- Hey.
- What?

We leave for the party in 15 minutes.

- You guys go. I don't want to.
- What?

- I don't want to go.
- What do you mean?

- Avalis!
- No.

You're coming to the party!

Hi, Marita!

Hi, sweetheart!

You made it!

Hi, gorgeous.

Fito, what's up?

The star is here!

Your friend is here.
The one with the long hair.

My queen!

Come on, drink! Cheer up!

That's it. Come on!



What are you drinking?

Some wine.


Like that. Loose.


I long to have you in my arms

Whispering words of love

How are you, Fito?

Fine, and you?
You left in a hurry last night.

Sorry, I had to go.

The water was nice today.

I haven't gone yet.

- Not even once today?
- Not the whole summer.


do you want to do something?


- Hi, Fito.
- Hi. Good evening.

Good evening.


Fito, this is Angie. Angie, Fito.


You brought your Walkman to a movie?

Here, let me put it in my purse.

- Shall we?
- Let's.

Look, I love this part.

I was thinking and said to myself,
"Call him."

"If you think you messed up, fix it."

Listen, I'm not too proud to admit this.

Fito, I'm sorry. I messed up.

I want us to work together again, Fito.

To prove that I'm serious,
I got you a meeting.

With André Midani.

He wants to do something big
with Tercer Mundo.

He wants to meet you. He's here.

I'm on vacation.

Fito, this is
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You can't waste it.

It's André Midani.

João, Caetano, Gilberto.
He made them who they are now.

- Do you want me to beg?
- It wouldn't hurt.

What are you doing, dumbass? Sit down.

Sit down.

Listen to me.

From now on,
you say yes to anything I ask.

Is that clear?


What did you bring?

Let's see.

The Loves of Kafka, starring Cecilia Roth.

The Stranger, starring Cecilia Roth.

And Labyrinth of Passion, starring...

Cecilia Roth.

What a coincidence!

Well, Roth is a good actress...

- She's great.
- Yes.

But all three movies star Cecilia Roth?

I'd watch an Almodóvar film.

You guys are so lame.

Thank you very much.

Did you listen to it?

You did listen!

- Did you like it?
- I loved it.

The songs are beautiful.

Is it a new album?

For now it's just this.
It's nothing more than this, I don't know.

Ceci, I want to ask you something crazy.

But don't be scared, okay?

Is this your place?


My manager owed me a small favor.

Quite a small favor.

He screwed up.

Here, give me that.

You can sleep here.



And I can sleep on the couch.

Tortonese was doing this show...

Something about his mother coming in,
asking about the toilet...

- And poop?
- Right.

- You were there?
- Yes.

I can't believe you saw me like that.
I was so messed up.

Don't say that. That's not what I saw.

I saw someone who was...

a little lost, yes.

I was like that for a long time.

I lost everyone in my life.
Like some sort of karma.

I don't believe in that.

What does Cecilia Roth believe in?

In love.

Nobody can live
without someone who loves them.

Ceci, I...

I know you're married...

I don't know what your marriage is like,
and I'm not sure if...

I'm going to bed.

I had a great time.

See you tomorrow, Fito.

See you tomorrow.

It's this sky, this sun

If no one is waiting

You are from the city of Rosario, right?


Where are you from?

Oh, no. A long way from there.

I'm from Damascus, Syria.


But when I was a baby, I had polio.

My mother took me on a ship
so I could get surgery.

And that's how I landed
in the Holy Land of Brazil.

You know, I have an idea

to mix...

How do you say it?

I want to gather Latin American artists
so the whole world can know them.



And I want to do a tour with you.

- A tour?
- Exactly!

We can do a tour for your last album.

United States, Europe, Japan.

- Japan?
- Yes, sir.

When would all that madness be?

This year.

Can I be honest with you?

I want nothing else.

I spent my whole life hoping
that a guy like you would ask me that.

My whole life.

But now I'm making something new and...

I feel like this is different.

It's unlike anything I've ever done.

I feel different.

So I need some time

to understand what it is that I'm doing.

Get it?

Yes, sir.

I get it.

I really appreciate your honesty.

Good. Very good, Paez.

I think we can now move on
to something more complicated.

I want to learn this.

I want to surprise my dad.


Not easy at all, but beautiful.

You'll have to practice.

A lot.

I used to be a good man.

I'm not anymore.

Is there a young man from Rosario
who can come up here?

I used to be a good man

If there's anyone good in this place

I paid off all my debts

I paid for my chance at love

But now I'm out in the cold

And nobody remembers me

I walk through everybody
Like the Canterville Ghost


It was a gift from Charly.

Listen carefully
because I'll only say this once.

I'm not into this wild rocker attitude.

You want to party? Fine.

But you can't leave me worried all night
not knowing where you are,

if you'll be back, if you're okay...


Baby, it was no big deal.

Come on. I'm sorry, okay?


Stop messing around
and record that album already.

I saw you

You were picking up daisies
From the tablecloth

I know I didn't treat you very well

No, not at all.

I don't know

I don't know
Whether you were an angel or a ruby

Or if I simply saw you

I saw you

I saw you

You were picking up daisies
From the tablecloth

I know I didn't treat you very well

I don't know
Whether you were an angel or a ruby

Or if I simply saw you

I left

I leave once a while to some other place

I know you don't like this country

You had a dress and a love

And I

I simply saw you

Did you move in with her?


It's a huge deal, you and Cecilia.

- Yes.
- People want to know.

I got calls from everywhere.

Susana's people called me,
Mirtha's people as well.

I'll go if it's to talk about music,
but if it's all gossip...

- Fito, come on.
- No way.

Any press is good press.

Inés, send them in.

All right, I'll tell them.
You can go in now.

- Fito.
- Chacho!

- How are you?
- Good.

Chacho, my man.


Leave it there.

- What is this?
- Your ticket to André Midani's world.

A deal to make a record now.

With an unlimited budget.


He wanted that.

The composing stage, the demo stage,

the rehearsal and recording stages.

Mixing, mastering, all paid for.

You pick the musicians you want
and the place you want.

André's only terms

is to have recording producer
Carlos Narea,

and recording engineer Nigel Walker.

He's a disciple of George Martin.

André was impressed.

You looked him in the eye.


Can you hear it okay?

Please check what I'm doing because...

- How do we start?
- Let's see.

I understand you well
It's like talking to a brick wall

And you could give me faith

A mix between rock 'n roll
and other genres.

Like we're not from only one place.

There's something about these years

That makes me feel this way

I can't say that I'm building a career
to get somewhere.

And tell you that I miss you

And that I will see you happy

That's beautiful.


I remember a day like today

I left home to play rock 'n roll

What we're doing is more about the soul.

About something uncontrolled,
turmoil, chaos.

Our life is a bed made of glass

And this life is made of glass

Our life is a bed made of glass

A bed of glass for the two of us

Your career is doing great.
Tell us what's next.

I'm making a new album.

We've all left this place

We've all left home

To play rock 'n roll

Can you tell us about it?

I think it's going to be monumental.

And it'll be called Love After Love.

Honey, honey, baby, let's stop crying now


I'll see you there in half an hour
And we'll leave this place

Sorry! I'm late, obviously.

Hi, I'm sorry.

Always late, Cantilo.

Love After Love. I like it.

Honey, honey, baby, let's stop crying now

I'll see you there in half an hour
And we'll leave this place

Two days in life is never a bad thing

In some ways that's what living's about

Thelma went in and robbed the supermarket

Did you know? Your boy watched MTV

The military hates those souls

And I want them for myself


I have to say

I have to say

Things got more complicated
And you know it's true

Whether I dreamt it or I lived it

The girls with me are Thelma and Louise


To the Gran Rex!

Is the eighth one sold out?

That's right.

Eight shows, just like that.

We may need to add another show.

Let's play a big arena, then.

Is that funny?

I want to play an arena, Andrés.

- Are you drunk?
- Not yet.

I thought it was up to Fito
to decide on the shows.

Look, Ceci, with all due respect,

I've been managing
Fito's career for ten years.

I agree with what she's saying, okay?

We'll talk about it next week.

- Whenever you want.
- I have to run to a meeting.

Want anything else?

We're good.

This is for the check.

- Enjoy your afternoon.
- Bye, have a good day.

Let's go again.


No, it's not a chromatic scale.
Read this one.


No. That says D.

All right. Let's start from bar 50.

Don't you want to hear the first ones?
I practiced it all.

From the top.

Okay, start from the top,
but read the sheet music.

Read the sheet music.


You can't read music!

You need to get up right now

and never return here again!

Do you understand?

You get off that piano right now

and never return here again!


Belia, my grandma...

She played the piano.

I would've loved
to have her there tomorrow.

I think they're here.

Your grandmothers, your father,

your mother.

They're here.

Let them go, Fito. Let them.

I can't.

If you don't feel this pain,
it will never leave.

You can do this.

You can. Look at me.

You can do it.

Come here.

Who is it?

Mrs. Paez?

With his undone skate

He stares at his fears turned into people

That dance around his kindness

Sorry, I can't do anything right

Run to the window
Don't look at your shadow

You look like such a fool
Never try to understand me

Let's go to the country

See how the sun rises?

Let's go to the sea in a nice Cadillac

Red strawberries in Chapadmalal

Something inside says that I love you

Good sweet wine, mountains of honey

Let's get the rust off ourselves to grow



We're ready.


Have fun.

- Fito.
- Hi, man.

There's nobody out there, Paez.

Go out there. Go.

My brother!

Go on, dude!

What the fuck are we doing here?

- What is this?
- Come on, go.


Love after love maybe

Looks like this ray of sunshine

And now that I've searched

And now that I've found

The perfume that pain wears

In the essence of every soul

In the absence of pain

Now I know that I can't

Live without your love

I got stronger there where I never saw

No one can tell me who I am

I know damn well

That I've learned to love

The perfume that pain wears

In the essence of every soul

So do all religions say

I think it may be love after love

Love after love maybe

Looks like this ray of sunshine

And now that I've searched

And now that I've found

The perfume that pain wears

In the essence of every soul

So do all religions say

I think it may be love after love

Nobody can and nobody should

Live without love

Nobody can and nobody should

Live without love

A key for another key

And that key is my love

A key for another key

And that key is your love

Love After Love became
the best-selling album

in all of Argentine history,

and the songs on the album
became truly iconic.

Since then,

Fito has recorded more than
20 internationally acclaimed albums

and is among the most influential artists
in Spanish-speaking popular music.

His family is always part
of every one of his songs.

He has two children: Martín and Margarita.

Fabi and Cecilia continue to be
an essential part of his life.


Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni