Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Me hundo, me hundo - full transcript

Two years after the murders, new leads emerge in the investigation. Fito s world is falling apart, but after the storm comes the calm." contains characters that are not latin-1 compatible

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
She will come back

And the wounds that scar my face

Will dry in her mouth made of water

I have a feeling she will come back


Do you have anything?

Any sort of upper.

Her red lips will cry out seaweed

Seaweed and sea wind

I have a feeling she will come back


Any dreams?

I can't sleep.

If I don't take the pills, I...

I can't turn my mind off.

What pills?


Emotival... Xanax.

How long have you been
taking these medications?

Ever since what happened.

It's now been two years.

Do you think you'd feel better

if you understood what happened
to your grandmothers?

Five australes?
Maybe a dog can suck him off for that.

Your turn.

Hi, baby.

Hello, good evening.

You're so formal!

I don't know how the money thing works.

Take me for a ride,
and I'll tell you on the way.

What's your name?


Beautiful name.

You'll have a great time.

I think it's time you knew
that I didn't give birth to you.

You're adopted.

- Am I adopted too, Mom?
- No! You came out of my vagina.

- Is that why I'm pretty?
- Yes!

And you... I ripped you
from your mother's womb to eat you!

And when I had you in my stomach,
I threw you up.

Oh, please...

I would've rather you shat me out, Mom.

Like any smelly Argentine turd,

I would be floating
in the Río de la Plata.

What are you saying?

Yeah, grab her by the hair.
Grab her by the hair, Mom.

You're bad too!
Fighting over a silly doll!

- Hi, Cecilia, sweetie!
- Hi.

How are...? Two? Wow!

You're going to get E. coli in the brain!

- You're rotten!
- I have a stomach bug.

Hey, is that Fito Paez?


Nice, man. Can I have a hit?


What's going on?

What's wrong, man?

You got scammed, man.
This shit is poison! What the...?




- Fabi...
- What are you doing?

- I love you.
- No.


Get up.

Get up, come on!

Come on, get up.

Stop that!

Come here.

Why are you doing this to me, Paez?

I miss you.

Please, come back.

I don't want to lose you too.

You will never lose me, Mr. Paez.

But we can't go on like this.

We're not selling records
nor selling out concerts.

You're not on the radio. What can I do?

The record has plenty of songs,
but it doesn't have one single hit.

It's not worth it for us
to renew your contract.

What can I say, Fito?

I'm sorry, Roly.

We'll have to decide
what to do with the house.

What about it?

It was included in your contract.

- You'll need to return it.
- No, Gallo. You don't get it.

This album is big and it will get made.
Some other label will buy it.

Look, Fito. For a while now...

you've been isolating yourself.

It's not just one album.
This hasn't been working for a while.

You must realize that.

- I've always looked out for you.
- You? Looking out for me?

- Yes.
- Really? No, you were looking out for you!

But now the numbers don't add up,
you're leaving.

You don't want to work with me?

Then go.

My friends already left

My mom went off to war

Guess who I am.

One, two, three and go

The most beautiful girl ever.

- Let me go, I have to go.
- No.

What's wrong?

I miss you.

Miss me? I'm right here.

But then you leave,
and I have to stand here all night.

What are you doing with that?
Are you dumb?

I said to only wear it around me.

The streets are full of creeps.

I brought it because I knew I'd see you.

When will I see you again?

I'm off on Friday.

Fito Paez, it's great to meet you, man.

Thanks for coming all this way.

- Good afternoon.
- Hello.

- All right. Some coffee?
- No.

- Some whiskey?
- No, thanks.

This is Deolindo Pérez,
Rosario's Chief of Police.

At your service.

Fito, first of all, I want you know
we've always been dedicated to this case.

All this time, which I know
has been long and painful for you,

I've been personally supervising
the progress of the case.

- What is the progress?
- He'll tell you.

One of our agents
has been working undercover

for the past six months.

During the investigation,

he came upon the necklace of the victim,
Belia Ramírez.

I can assure you
we have identified the suspect,

and we also have proof to put him away.

As you can imagine, I didn't want you
to find out through the press.

Gisel, please.

Would you mind taking a picture?

- Right now?
- Yes.

We'll prosecute this fucker
to the full extent of the law.

Thanks, Gisel.


You're the first famous guy
to come around here.

Will you buy me a drink?

I'm broke and unemployed.

What is a Spanish girl doing
in a country that's so...

so wonderful?

Getting away from smack.

At least that didn't catch on here.

You have to leave the places
that mistreat you.

When I got here,
I went through hard times.

But I heard this song. It was beautiful.

And so...

it seemed like it was written for me,
and I couldn't stop listening.

Sunbeams at sun time

She's lost herself at some station

Waiting for some misfortune

Some call from above

Thank you.

Thank you.

Have some faith in yourself.
You've done good to many people.

Cheers to you, Fito Paez.

Cheers, Violeta.



Who said everything is lost?

I'm here to offer up my heart

So much blood swept away by the river

I'm here to offer up my heart

It won't be that easy, I know how it goes

It won't be as simple as I thought

How do you open up your chest
And take out your soul

A stab of love

How are you feeling?


I don't know.

You know?
Here on the island, there's an old saying.

"Whoever visits Cuba and meets its people,
will always have a family."


Fito has AIDS, he takes amphetamines

The only thing he does
Is walk around drunk

Around these streets

All my neighbors tell me the same thing

And all I say is

Get a reputation and get some sleep

You're crazy.

I want to record an album.

What about your label?

What label?

This has the vibe we were looking for.
It's different. I love it.


you know how the country is doing.

The economy is shit. Nobody has any money.
Let alone money to buy records.

We won't be able to have
a proper album launch.

Let alone a promotional tour.

Is that a yes?

It's not much.
It's all I can give you in advance.


I'm going to need demos
and a tracklist, okay?

With his life

Everybody knows
That he doesn't know what to do anymore

It's good.

What if we add something else?

What is it, Mrs. Batata?

That skinny, filthy,
long-haired guy on the seventh floor.

He's so noisy! I've had it with him!

Oh, gosh! That drug-addicted homosexual.

I saw ten young men leave...

Rosario, get rid of that frown.

It's a hit song.

These days we're living through

It's here that we were meant to live

Tangled up on the electrical wires

Some dream will take us away

As always...

Am I late?

The guys are all there as always

There's a boomerang in the city, my love

What goes around comes around
As you always say

Every time I think of you

It was love

It was love

Every time I think of you

It was love

It was love

What the fuck am I doing here?

They're great people.
You'll have fun, trust me.


Hi, my loves. How are you? This is Fito.

Hi. What's up, man?

- Wow, look who's here!
- Hi!

Come here.

Oh, you look great! I love it!


We're getting married.

No way! You're getting married?

- Oh, stop it!
- Wow, our Roth is getting married!

Please, everybody come gather for a toast!

Come on, please. Garçon!

Wow, I'm so glad. Take care of her.

Excuse me.

Can I have a light?


Thank you.

Are you here visiting?

You know who I am.

"Don't ever lie to me."

"It makes me crazy."

Very good.

Now do it a bit lower.

"Don't ever lie to me. It makes me crazy!"

You know what my favorite quote is?

"I went to an orgy after the concert,
but I could only think of you."

What are you doing here?

You came to get married.

I came to shoot

a movie.

We return to Madrid
at the end of the month. And you?

Nothing, I just finished an album, but...

people aren't buying them anymore.

What a shame.

I like your music.

Do they play it in Spain?

Well, I do.

Shall we get a picture all together?

Ceci. Come on, Ale is taking a picture.

Be right there.

Excuse me.

See you.

See you.

This son of a bitch... Fuck.

Want to have some mate?

You're an asshole.

I don't have yerba. I have beer.

It's not our fault we're so cultured.

We're guys who experienced...
We're a mix of...

We're a concrete mix of many cultures.

Like the Argentine world,

the cheesy stuff, Música en libertad,

the good stuff, like Cuchi, Chango...

The Troubadours, I don't know.



What are you talking about?

You have to leave the places
that mistreat you.

Piazzolla, Atahualpa, Mercedes Sosa,

they all went across the pond.

What if we go?

- Where?
- To Europe!

You're crazy, man.
I'm broke. Where can I go?

I don't have money either.

But you know what I have?

Tercer Mundo.

You're nuts, Rodolfo.

Many years ago, some man dreamt up

A vast empire

He had a friendly face, and kept talking

To the most hated
And loved man in the place

He dreamt of having
A garden full of flowers

The nation of Mexico at his feet

He had brothers of all kinds

In their dreams they yelled

I'm drowning, I'm drowning

Nobody knows how I ended up here

Mona Jiménez with Mickey Rourke


Watching all the girls at the whorehouse

The rock band who just wanted girls

Entertaining guys at the Caracas Hilton

Coca, Coca, Coca, Coca Sarli

Coca, Coca, Coca, Coca Cola

You know it's not easy
for Argentine artists

to plant their flag here.

Us Spanish folks are different.

That tango melancholy of yours
doesn't fit here.

What we like here is happiness, fun.

It's the fucking 80s,
we have to celebrate.

But you know what? The 80s are over.

But you guys are always behind.

What was the name
of that Spanish band, Ale?

They opened
the first Rock & Pop festival with us.

I can't remember.

- Los Legales.
- Los Legales!

Los Legales. They were so boring.

Ever heard of them?

That's the problem with Spanish rock.

They can't come up with any new ideas.

All right...

You're an idiot.

The guitar player
with Los Legales, no less.

You disrespected him for nothing.
We're fucked. What do we do now?

He wasn't going to help us anyway.

He wasn't going to hear the demo.

Still, you can't run your mouth like that.

This mouth has been feeding you for years.

Is that so?

What are you doing? Where are you going?

You're leaving, you coward?

Go fuck yourself!

Sunbeams at sun time

She's lost herself at some station

Waiting for some misfortune

Some call from above

She feels dizzy, her blood pressure's low

At least she still has some sense of humor

But for what?

If all we do is keep searching

And losing our certainty

Fito! Thank God you called!
I didn't know how to reach you!

Hey, Charito.

Was there any news?

Open the door, De Giusti. Police.

They found him, Fito.
They found him because of the necklace.

Don't move!

Freeze! Police!

Don't move!

He confessed to everything.
He was a plumber.

He had gone to Mom's to fix something.

After the crime, he became a cop.

He used to go to your school, Fito.

What? Who? How? Who...?

His name is De Giusti. Walter De Giusti.

Do you remember him?

He had your old tape recorder with him.

We always said
we would catch the perpetrators,

and today we are very proud
of having done it.

Any other questions?

It's over, Fito.

They caught him.

Here you go, dude.

- Don't freeze to death.
- Thanks, man.

Bring joy, joy to my heart

It's all I ask for, at least for today

Bring joy, joy to my heart

The pain and sorrow will go away

And then you'll see

The shadows that used to be here
Will disappear

So many messages from our listeners.

And this week's surprise hit
comes from singer Fito Paez.

He has now reached number three
and keeps climbing.

What a song.

This song, which bring us joy,
hasn't stopped playing.

It has become a hymn.

That was Fito Paez
with "Bring Joy to My Heart,"

from his album Tercer Mundo,
which has become a staple on our playlist.

Look who reached number one
in our ranking!

That's right, it's Fito Paez
with "Bring Joy to My Heart,"

an amazing song to start off
a spectacular week

with all the energy
of an artist like Fito,

who paints a smile on our faces
and our hearts.

And then you'll see

Let's drink and get this city drunk

Bring joy, joy to my heart

It's all I ask for, at least for today

Bring joy, joy to my heart

The pain and sorrow will go away

And then, then you'll see

The shadows that used to be here
Will disappear

Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni