Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Parte del aire - full transcript

A grief-consumed Fito digs into the past and learns about his mother's tragic fate. Fabi has a meltdown. In his darkest hour, Fito finds a friend.

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- Fito.
- Ale, is Fabi with you?

Fabi? No, she's not here, man.

Still no word from her?


Nothing at all.

Don't panic. She'll turn up.

Maybe she's just overwhelmed
by all this, you know?

- Maybe she thinks you're angry at her.
- I don't know.

She missed my dad's funeral.

Do you want to go to Rosario?

We can spend Christmas
with your grandmothers.

It'd be good for you to see them.

Maybe. I don't know, Ale.
I'll call you tomorrow.

If you hear from Fabi, call me.

Okay, sure. Bye.


Hi, Grandma.

Fito! Is that you?


that time Margarita played on the radio...

Do you remember that?

There's a moment
at the end of the Debussy song.

She kind of pauses while playing.

It's really subtle,
but she makes mistakes.

Or maybe something was up with her.

She was pregnant, right?

That's when her water broke.

Well, it was so long ago.

I don't get it, Gran.
You don't remember the day I was born?

That recording was a year earlier.

She was pregnant with your sister.

Is Valeria okay?

She got pregnant again the following year.

That's when she had you.

I see.

What do you want to know?


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, Margarita

Happy birthday to you

- Time to make a wish.
- Three wishes.

- Here, honey. Hope you like it.
- Thanks, Mom.

Thanks so much.

So pretty.

I went with white just in case.

She's having a girl, I can tell.

Well, I wouldn't be so sure.

- Mom.
- We'll have to wait.

Look. Didn't you want one?

You're crazy!

They're beautiful, thanks.
I really love them.

- There's more.
- So original.

Guess what this is?

Why would you get her a crystal ball?
If I say it's a girl, that's it.

But I say it's a boy.

It's almost ready.

Mom, smoke out the window,
Rodolfo is sensitive.

Thanks, Belia.
I'd never had such a nice cake.

Excuse me?
I used to buy you cakes from La Europea.

Yes, Mom.

Remember, if it turns purple, it's a girl.

If it turns red...

How many times will you tell her?

Are you done?

Let us know, okay?

Let's leave the girl alone for a while.

Fine, Mom.

Let's go, then.

We're making some herbal tea.

Great, I'm stuffed.

That's great. You need to eat.

Here you go.


For everything.

He'll be a healthy boy.

What if it happens again?

No, this time will be different.






Are you okay?


I want to take a shower.

Where have you been?

Fabi, baby. What happened?


What happened?

What happened to you?

Can you look at me?

Everything is okay.


No, it's not okay.

It's okay, don't worry. You're okay.


Come on, Fabi.

- To Fito!
- To Fito.

Good. This is so nice.

See? He knows we're talking about him.

It's okay.

It's okay, baby.

- What a game, right?
- Yes, it was okay.

- But you have to admit the referee...
- Not again.

Come on!

The second half lasted only 40 minutes!

It's okay, little one.

It's okay.

I know, but I called yesterday.
They said I could call her today.

Right, but yesterday... Was it you?

You said to call her today and maybe...

I don't care what the doctor says, okay?

No, I don't care what he says!

I need to talk to her, she's... No...

Hey, did the doorbell break or what?
What is going on?

- We kept ringing and ringing.
- What a mess!

No one's here yet.


A new song?


I was thinking
we should postpone some gigs.

Give you some breathing room, you know?


We sold out the Luna Park.
A lot has happened.

Take some time off and rest.

Just some friendly advice.

Thanks so much, friend.

But we're not postponing anything.

Okay, whatever you say.

Also, Andrés...

I sold out the show.

- Hi, guys.
- What's up?

What's up, man?

After this,
we're going to Spinetta's show.

It's in Barrancas. Want to come?

It's at nine.
If we finish by 8:30, we'll make it.

What's wrong?

You get here late, talking about leaving.

Hand out the lists, Ale.

Why did you stop playing?

I never stopped.

Then show me.

I'm under so much pressure.

I know.

Maybe my mom was right.

About what?

She said I wasn't ready to try again.

I'm sure that's not what she meant.

Can I show you something?


You're not pregnant. There's no heartbeat.

Well, except your own.

Fluid retention is a common occurrence
after giving birth.

What about the pain?

I'll prescribe an antacid
and an antispasmodic for abdominal pain.

Don't worry,
you'll lose that roundness in no time.

First-time mothers
tend to get scared easily.

This is not my first time.

Let's go.

- Thanks, Doctor.
- Go on. I'll be right out.

Excuse me, sir, but if you don't mind,
I'd like to run some tests on Margarita.

I'd like to rule out any possibilities.

- Possibilities of what?
- She's my family, sir.

Do you want to run some tests? Go ahead.

And since she's your family,
you treat her from now on.

Hi. I'm here to see Fabiana Cantilo.

Sure, just one minute.

Sorry, no visitors allowed
during the first 15 days.

She agreed to that.

No, I think you're wrong.
What room is she in?

You can leave a message.
When I see the doctor, I'll pass it on.

- Don't worry. I'll deliver it myself.
- You can't go in!

- Fabi!
- Sir!

- Fabi!
- Security!

- Fabiana!
- Sir, you can't be here.

- Fabi! What are you doing?
- Sir.

- I'm here to see someone.
- Leave, sir.

Okay, all right.
I'll leave on my own, calm down.

- Fabiana!
- Calm down, kid!

- Let me go, motherfuckers!
- Calm down!

- You're going outside.
- Get off me!

What kind of tests?

What kind of tests?

I didn't feel well and saw a doctor.

Did you go alone?

Hydatidiform mole,
that's what her condition is called.

It's a tumor.

What? A tumor?

When she gave birth,

a piece of the placenta
remained in the uterus.

And that led to cancer.

Eduardo, what are you saying?
Come on, I can't...

You were fine, sweetheart.
And now cancer? How is this possible?

Only one at a time, okay?

- You go.
- No, you go.

No, it's okay. You go.


Hi, Fabi.


Hello, Mr. Paez.

I drew you something.

I miss you.

There are no windows in my room.

Do you want us to leave?

And go home?

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among women,

and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now...

Honey, why are you still up?

I needed some air.

But you need to rest.

I know.

You'll need to help out Rodolfo.

He'll have to take care of Fito.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- This way, please.
- Thanks.

A bit more to the center. Thanks.

We should have done this at home.
It's so draining for you.


I want a nice portrait.

Now, look over this way.

Let's see a smile.

...and take her to this place
of peace and shelter.


Calm down, Javier.

You have no right to be here.

This is your fault too.

Stop it, sir. Stop.

Hey, you...

Is that you?

And is that you?

- Flaco.
- Nice to meet you.

What an honor.

I was talking on the phone,
and I saw Fito Paez walk down the street.

- What a pleasure, man.
- Same.

Guys, come on. Settle down.

You're so loud, guys. Come on. Hey, Patri.

- This is my new friend, a true artist.
- Fito.


- Hi.
- Patricia.

- Let me see.
- And the Three Stooges over here?

Who wants to use Dad's pencils?

- Me!
- Me!

- Me!
- Okay, sit on the chair.

They're cute.

Yeah. Try taking them for an afternoon.


Fito, come here so they can see you.

We're going to draw
a portrait of Uncle Fito.

- Who is that?
- Who is Fito?

- I'm Fito. Hi.
- Hi.

I need to stand very still
for this, right?

- Yes.
- Like this, look.

A robot!

- No, a fright!
- What?

A fright!

- I have an idea.
- No, a fright like...

A dog!

- A frightened dog.
- Let me show you this.

I'm very still in that. You can copy it.

- Who is that?
- That's me.

Who drew it?

Auntie Fabi.

Who is Auntie Fabi?

Auntie Fabi?

- Who is that?
- My girlfriend.

Do you know if she'll be there long?

They said it would be a month.

But I...

I don't know.

Well, then...

That's not too long.


Fabi and my grandmothers
are my only family.

Your grandmas are still alive.

Yes, they're the best.

Is that so?

When will you take me to meet them?

Whenever you want.

Then let's go.

Let's go.

Right now?

We'll eat this amazing pizza
and then leave for Rosario.

You can...

You can cross the whole ocean

Since you refuse to let me sleep,
at least sing it for real.


It's just some bits and pieces.

It's not ready yet.

Excuse me.

Young man? Excuse me.

Are you Spinetta?

No, ma'am. I just look like him.

He's a lot uglier than me.
I'm more handsome.

What are their names?

Whose names?

Your grandmothers.

Belia. That's my grandmother.

She is my father's mother.

And Pepa...

Well, it's a long story.

Come in, Pepa.

Hold on!

- It looks the same.
- Leave that there.

Charito, honey!

Hi, Pepa!

- Hi!
- It's so nice to have you here!

- Good.
- Welcome, I made these for you.

- Oh, look at that!
- Rodolfo, Pepa is here!

- Come on in.
- Where's that beautiful child?

He's such a cutie.

Fito, that's not food.

Auntie will help you.

Do you like Auntie Charito's presents?

Look, there's a bunny on this one.
How nice, sweetie.

Oh, he's so cute.

You're going to walk in no time, Fito!

- Look at his little legs.
- Hi, Pepa!

He's such a cutie.

Hi, Rodolfo.

Damn it!

Pepa, I need you to stay.

Of course, honey. For how long?

Man, look at this compilation.

These albums are amazing.

Those were my dad's.

This pile?

And those are mine.

This was my conservatory.

I would lay down here with my headphones
and listen to Almendra, Pescado Rabioso.

- Charly, Pappo, everything.
- How beautiful.


Thanks, Fito.

No, thank you.

- Okay, I'm going to bed.
- Okay.

You sleep there.
It's comfier than my own bed.

I'll be upstairs if you need anything.

Good night.

It's really delicious.

Do you like it?

What did you use for the sauce?
Basil? Thyme?

It's got everything.
You'll try when it's ready.

...just marvelous.

No, I really mean it.

Your grandson wrote the best song
in the history of our country's rock.

Oh, wow!

- According to whom?
- According to this humble servant.

- How sweet.
- He's like a poetry writing machine.

He keeps making beautiful art,
like these extraordinary gnocchi.

- Are those made of clouds?
- Can't you see you're a poet?

I can never get them soft enough.

Well, once you cook the mashed potatoes,

you need to heat it
to evaporate all the moisture.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Hi!
- Hi, Grandma.

Hey, you look tired!

- Well, girls. It is what it is.
- True.

It's the best I can do.

Are you ready to make gnocchi?

No, don't put me to work

when these two
make the best gnocchi in the universe.

- Careful, it's hot.
- Thanks.

- He doesn't even make toast, right?
- He has us, so he doesn't need to.

Right, of course.

- That's like magic.
- It's going to be delicious.

- Can I try it?
- Not until we serve it.

But it looks so tasty.

Do you think he knew I made it?

That I was there?

They told me he was already gone, but I...

When I hugged him, he cried. I felt it.

May I?

Sure, please do.

The key is in that tin.

What a nice piano.

- What?
- Play something for me.

No, forget it. I have nothing new.

You won't play a song for me?

August tells her no

The moon falls down

Go on.

And she hears this waltz

She hears it but doesn't know it

A certain air tells her yes

To keep on and move on

My love has gone far away

She left, but there was no journey

And then

Then you let your heart be seen

Your heart of bones

So tired

So tired of this world

And then

Then you let your heart be seen

So closed off

And this time

It won't be necessary

For us to say anything



Who is it?

- Mrs. Paez?
- Yes.

It's Walter, the plumber.
We were here about your shower.

We're here to apologize.
We made a mistake.

I brought my brother.
If you let me in, we can finally fix it.

Okay, come on in.

- Take me to the safe.
- What is this?

Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni