Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Un cielo y un estado de coma - full transcript

Fito sets himself on a path of self-destruction and must choose between his solo career and other projects. His father experiences serious health issues.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Come on, open.


Fito! What are you doing?

You'll break it!

- What are you doing?
- Why can't I have the key?

Don't tell me anything

My heart is racing

Before I'm switched off

I need to explode

You know that I love you

But I'm holding on to

A stick of dynamite

In my heart

I'll have to admit

I feel like I'm short-circuiting

I have spent my whole life watching

Other people shape the world
Instead of doing it myself

Don't tell me anything

My heart is racing

Before I'm switched off

I need to explode


Everybody ready?

Who's giving the cue?

You call "Action," Charly.


Hey, guys.

One, two... One, two, three.

New York blondes

Lovers between percale sheets

Let's go again, sorry.

I need a notebook with the lyrics,
I can't risk it.

I can't believe it. Where the fuck is he?

Did you tell him the right time?

Yes, I told him three times.

He knew.

New York blondes

Ghosts between percale sheets

Listen up

They've opened up a piano bar

Is it that I was born in the south?

Is it that I turned on the light

Of your heart?

With reggae, cool.

There he is.


- Finally.
- I was recording with Charly.

- You're late to record your own album.
- I know.

- Should we do the keyboard?
- All right.

Come on, let's get to work.

It's fine, but it's missing something.

All right, let's eat something.

- Relax, there's enough for everyone.
- Here.

Rodolfo, come on.
We've been here for hours, man.

Let me try something.

That's it.

Okay, let's record it.

- Record?
- Record.

Go on.

What for?

What for?

- Where's everybody?
- The recording is tomorrow, Fito.

Are you going to eat something?

Is it Tuesday today?



It's considered native
because all of its species are indigenous.

There are more than
1,600 plant species here.

It's one of the largest jungles
in the province...

I'm cold.

...and it's full of vegetation.

Listen to the tour guide.

- Hello?
- Hi?

- Who is it?
- Hello, who is it?

When an elder reached a certain age,

the tribe's shaman
would take a branch from this tree

and break it over the elder's stomach.

If the sound was high-pitched,

it meant that they still had a way to go.

However, if the sound
was more low-pitched,

the elder had to say goodbye to the tribe

and eat one of those berries.

It was a ritual.

It symbolized a spiritual rebirth.

But only those who were close to death
were allowed to eat them.

Shall we move on?

I found him passed out
on our manager's doorstep.

He really scared me.

Easy, Mr. Paez.
I need you to relax and breathe.

Can I smoke in here?


Mr. Paez, what did you take?

The usual.

And what is that?

His lab results are a mess.

The levels are really low.
Electrolytes, lipids, proteins.

His sugar level is at rock bottom.

Hypoglycemia is very dangerous.

Stop this, or you won't make it.

I'll open the window.

And please, eat something.

I have a lot on my mind, Andrés.

My album, playing for Charly,
producing other albums...

Listen, Fito.

Your career, Charly, producing...

You can't do it all. You need to choose.

Do you want to lead or be led?

You're an amazing talent.

An incredible artist, one of a kind.

I don't know...

Maybe we leave Grinbank.

You're crazy.

Fito, Daniel has so much going on.

Imagine if I only worked with you.

Let's get dessert.


Goddamn you, Andrés.

Go on up.

I've never had my own house before.

Come on, hurry up!



It's unbelievable.

No! It's amazing, man!


- It has a balcony!
- It does.

It's huge. Go see the rest.
It has the same fridge we had at Balcarce.


- Thanks, man.
- You deserve it.

Here, all yours.


Paez! Come check this out!


It's a good sign.

I wanted to see a condor.

There are no condors here.
They live way up high in the mountains.

You know what we could see here? Eagles.

Do you know how to tell
a condor from an eagle?

When a condor spreads its wings,
it can measure up to three meters wide.

Was the piano Mom's?

The piano...

No, it was my family's.

Charito would play it when she was little.

The group is leaving already. Let's go.

You know I was bewitched once?


In Chicago.

By who?

A dwarf.

It was during a play.

I think it was all an act.

What was it like?

It was an omen.

Or a warning that came too late.

- Was he cute?
- Who?

The dwarf. Did you like him?

Not as much as I like you.

- Fito!
- It's Andrés.

What does he want now?


Fito, come down here!

I love you, Mr. Paez.

I love you, Fabi.

Hop in. I want to take you somewhere.

- Where?
- It's a surprise.

You're full of surprises lately.

Come on, man, get in.

Hello, hello.

You have reached the residence
of Mr. Cantilo and Mrs. Paez.

Leave a message after the beep. Thanks.


Fito, are you there?

It's Grandma.

I need to talk to you, Fito.

It's about your dad.

Call me back.


Is this a joke?

What can I say? I get calls all the time.

Apparently, Giros is a huge hit.

It was bound to happen.

I can't believe this!

So? What do you think?

But we'll need to fill it with lights.
That's for sure.

We'll need to fill it with people.

- How many people?
- Ten thousand.

We're putting everything on the line.

We need to pack them in,
or we'll never get out of this hole.

We're going to fill it, Paez.



There is a heaven and a...

There is a heaven and a comatose state

The setting's different for everybody

My mom went off to war

...are fighting

A choice brought down the party

Comatose state

"A voice brought down the party."

What was that?

"A voice brought down the party."

"Comatose state."

Those are the lyrics.

Well, okay.

You look fancy.

I can't focus, man.

- Keep it down, please.
- Okay, but I got you something.

You have reached
the residence of Mr. Cantilo...

A gift, look.

Leave a message after...

A tiny pine tree.

Hello, Fito.

Come sit with us.

It's Carrizo.

It goes like this... Come join in.

Comatose state

Your father has some health issues.

It's serious, okay? Call me.

Bye. Out.

Sorry, but you have to go.


- Just go, man.
- Paez.

- Everybody out.
- Just leave. Out, guys.

- What the hell, Fena?
- What?

What are you doing? Get lost!


Sorry, man.

They met by chance at a coffee shop

Their souls were tired of walking around

Ale, turn up the volume,
I can't hear anything.

Turn up the vocals! her hand

He approached her

And asked if she was okay

He would only reach the window
On tippy-toes

Turn it up.

And he took her for a walk down the avenue

Turn it up, Ale!

Quit it! You'll bust our eardrums!

Happy now?

Man, I don't want excuses. Just fix it!

It's your job.

Tuerto, you take forever between songs.

Give me a cue.

- I figured we'd need time between...
- No, we don't need time at all.

What we need is to focus, okay?

- I think you're a little...
- A little what?

A little what?

Do not talk to me this way.

We're working right now.

Let's take a break,
and Ale will check the monitors.

- No.
- Fito...

No! I said no!

No! We're playing at Luna Park, get it?

It's in two days
and we haven't had a decent rehearsal.

Not one!



- Fito!
- Dad!


What happened?

Oh God, no.





There is a heaven and a comatose state

The setting's different for everybody

- Have you seen Fabi?
- No.

We're almost there, okay? Come on.

- What's up?
- Have you seen Fabi?

I haven't.

Have whatever you want, guys.

Let me see that.

Are you ready? We're starting.

- I can't find Fabi.
- I'm working on it.

- Whiskey? It's the good stuff.
- No.

Okay. Come on, guys.
We need to go out on stage.

- Do you know where Fabi is?
- No, where is she?

Where is she?

Hey, Fito!

Listen, this is my friend, Lali.
She's a photographer.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Can she get a few shots of the band?
- Or the show, whatever.

We'll talk later.

Come see, Fito. There's a huge crowd.

- Enough about that! You're not my dad.
- Relax.

- There she is.
- I have eyes.

- Hi!
- Let's go.

- Hi.
- I'm Fabiana Cantilo.

Harmonies, choreography, magic. Pleasure.

Hi. Did you call your uncle?

Go change. We're about to start.

- Okay.
- See you later.

- Did you see it?
- Do you have coins?

- What?
- Coins!


Hey, do you have any coins?

You have any coins?

- Do you have any?
- Here.

What's up, man? Everything okay?

It's all good.

- Want any?
- No.

Listen, everything's set. Shall we?

- Okay.
- Come on.

Take the stage, guys.

Have an amazing show.

- Come on, Fito.
- Okay.

- Fabi, go!
- I'm going!

You made it.

Guys, gather round.

Are you nervous?

- I'm nervous.
- Come on.

Thanks, guys. For real.
Thanks for being here with me.

- Let's go, okay?
- Let's go!

Paez, come here.

- Come here.
- What is this?

Don't move
or I'll make you look like a clown.


Go, man. Crush it, okay?

Oh, man.

Go on!


There is a heaven and a comatose state

The setting's different for everybody


- This is Fito's latest album, right?
- It just came in this morning.

Where are you, man?

I'm picturing a different place

All right.

- Here you go, guys. Thanks.
- Thanks.

- Bye.
- We need to tell your brother.

My own needs

Change like everybody else's


And I get to your moon


Everything spins like an enormous sphere

Everything spins almost imperceptibly



Hang on.

I'm calling an ambulance.

Santiago, Viña, Peru as well.
I got calls from Colombia, Ecuador.

The people at Luna Park were impressed.
We'll do another show.

Keep that to yourselves,
but we'll mention Chile and the others.

What about your dad?

Did you call?


My dad is fine.

He probably had an asthma attack.

He gets them all the time.

Even if he doesn't ask,
you tell him about the shows.

- You know the dates, right?
- Yes.

Glasses or no glasses?

I like the glasses.

No glasses.

Three, two, one... We're on the air!

Yesterday, I was at home
listening to Giros,

and realized it's an album
that fuses many genres.

There's a bit of tango,
a bit of folk music.

Rock, of course.

Where do those influences come from?

Yes, the album is really eclectic.

I would say...

from my dad.

- Your dad?
- Yes, I think so.

He mentioned you!

My dad's a huge music lover.

Every Saturday, he would take me
to this record store, Oliveira.

Back in Rosario.

And we'd come home with a record each.

- What music did you listen to?
- All kinds of stuff.

Oscar Peterson...

But also Mercedes Sosa, Atahualpa,

the Beatles,

Brahms, Jobim.

My dad would listen to all kinds of stuff.


I don't think I've ever told him,

but a huge part of who I am as a musician

is because of him.

Well, I'm sure he's watching right now,
so you just told him.

What are you playing now?

I have this new song
I wrote for a friend of mine.

It's called "Keep Yourself Grounded."

Since we talked about my father,
this is for him.

Well, ladies and gentlemen.

Live from our studio,
singing "Keep Yourself Grounded,"

Mister Fito Paez!

If you are not sure
Whether to return or not return

If you've already stuffed
Too much up your nose

If you're almost blinded with power

Keep yourself grounded

And if your heart has had enough

If you no longer feel connected
To anybody else

If you feel like a ship on the high seas

Keep yourself grounded

And I'm here trying to reach you

Under the moonlight

Under the moonlight

That's just the way it is

I've got the number for that freak

Who is eager

To blow your mind

If you are not sure
Whether to return or not return

If you've already stuffed
Too much up your nose

If you're almost blinded...

They'll be here soon, son.

Keep yourself grounded

Very soon.

Listen to me.

Trust me.

I'm here beside you.

I'm with you.



What are you doing, Paez?

There's a ball...

that's shining over the piano.

Can you see it?

- You can't see it, right?
- No.

It's a perfect circle.


- Here?
- No, more to the side.


No, to the other side.

A bit closer.


It's between your hands.

It's gone.

It's over.


Fito? I've been calling you.

Did you not get my messages?

- Messages?
- You need to come to Rosario now.

I know, I was planning on going
in the next few days, but...


Rodolfo is dying.

It needs to be now.


Fito? Can you hear me?


- Fena, can you drive faster?
- If I go faster, the engine will fail.

What is this?

- Will it get me high?
- It will.

Do you like this room?

I have an idea.
Let me know what you think.

We should empty it.
We take everything out.

We give it a few coats of paint

and make it your room.

You won't have to share with Grandma.
What do you say?

I like that idea.

Have something to eat. I'll be downstairs.

- Where's the ICU?
- That way.

Where is he?


he's brain-dead.

Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni