Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Pintó sus ojos de amarillo alfombra - full transcript

While working with his idol (Charly Garcia), Fito falls deeply in love with a colleague (Fabi Cantilo). Later, seen flashback, he develops his first crush.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The set list looks great, guys.

- Really?
- Yes.

"On the Tightrope"?

We should close the show
with "Life Is But a Coin."

- Let's change it.
- But we already agreed!

Let's do "Tightrope."

The three of us may go...

Go take a peek, it's crazy.

The three of us may go...

Hi, Charly!


- Hi.
- Hello.

I heard you don't like me.


No way, how could I not like you?


I love your music more than anything ever.


Let's see. Should we ask Melingo,
Gonzo, and Fabiana as well?

Of course, Gallo.

Guyot, Iturri, Toth,
and the new guy on the keyboards.

He's a hippie, but he's good.

Come to rehearsal tomorrow.

Practice tonight.



Minimalism, polyrhythm,
neoclassicism, discretion.

And if possible,
small strokes of ambiguity.

I'm calling it Modern Clicks.

Let's hear it again.

This isn't right.

Dinner in five.

What key is this in?

I don't get
why I can't find the right key.

I can't find it, man.

No, I don't get it.

There's something wrong here.

Charly is going to fire me.


It sounds like a key that doesn't exist.

It's neither F nor F sharp.

It's like something in the middle.

- Hello?
- Tweety? It's Fito.

- How are you?
- Good.

I'm struggling with one of Charly's songs.

- What is it?
- I can't find the right key.

- Give it a listen.
- Sure.

Man, this guy is brilliant.

What do you think?

Man, it's extraordinary.

Let me explain.

The dude re-scaled the whole song
a quarter key higher,

right in between F and F sharp.

And the vocals?

- He altered the pitch.
- He altered it.

How the fuck do I play it?

You'll have to choose
to either play F or F sharp.

- What if I make the wrong choice?
- Then practice both.

When they play the first chord,
you'll know.

But the song starts on the keyboard part.

I'm the first to play.

Can I have the Irishman's number?
Ronaldo, was it? The carburetor guy.

Sure, it's 7-9-6-3...

Let me write it down.




You're not saying hi?


- Rodolfito, wake up.
- What is it?

Come, let's get you dressed.

- What is it, Granny? I was sleeping.
- Wake up and get dressed.

This is Felipa.

She'll be working here from now on.

Hi, Fito.

Will she live here?

Of course, in the room upstairs.

She'll help Pepa and me around the house,
and she'll mind you too.

I don't need to be minded.

How fortunate! It'll be less work for me.

Thanks, Ale.

Guys, Dani said he'd be dropping by
at the end of the day,

so if you need anything,
you can talk to me.

- What about the big guy?
- Huh?

No vocals today?

I'll do it.

- Do you have the lyrics?
- Ale?


"Videotape Eyes"?

It starts with the piano.


I don't have any hot water at home

I don't have any love songs to write

Can't you see

That I'm waiting to come back to life

While you stare at those videotape eyes?

Here comes that final test
Of what's right and wrong

Here come the news from across the sea

Can't you see

That the world is turning backwards

While you stare at those videotape eyes?

This world will forever miss

That movie that I once saw

And this world will forever tell you

That it's better to stare at the wall

You already have the postcards
From Paraguay

You already have your suitcase
Set on the couch

Why don't you go play with the others?
Get some movement in.

Will you play with me?

While you stare at those videotape eyes

This world will forever miss

That movie that I once saw

And this world will forever tell you

That it's better to stare at the wall

Ready or not, here I come!

Oh, come on!

Let's start with "Embrace."


Three, four...

There are too many strange things going on

Yet nothing's changed in the world

I don't trust your educated face

I don't trust your survival instincts

I haven't been reading the news

Because I'm mad that everything sucks

But until then
You'll carry a shadow on your face

You can't brag about being a normal guy

Don't play dumb
Your flaw defines you

And I'm telling you, hey!

Embrace that flaw

It's not your fault
That your nose doesn't match your face

And I'm telling you, hey!

Embrace that flaw

You can get a boob job, hon
But you're still the same


I give up!


Great job, guys.

Daniel said that tomorrow
we start at nine, okay?

- Okay.
- See you.

Do you like UFOs?

Sure, of course. Yes.

See you tomorrow!

Want a ride? We're going that way.

No, thanks. I'm going the other way.

Fabiana Cantilo.
Harmonies, choreography, magic.


Fito Paez.


and screwups.

Charly is happy with you.


It's just the way he is.

Hey, listen...

I was thinking that...

Your spaceship is here.

Goodbye, Fito Paez.

"Your spaceship," what an idiot.


Hello, is this Rosario's
Psychiatric Hospital?

- Fito!
- How are you, Granny?

It's so nice to hear your voice!

Me too.

How are things going?

- Fine...
- Is that Fito?

- Give me the phone. I want to say hi.
- Wait a minute! Let me finish.

Is that Pepa? Send her my best.

I'll let you talk to her,
or she'll kill me.

When are you coming to visit?

I don't know.
I'm not sure if I can make it back soon.

I'm rehearsing non-stop.

- Really?
- Yes, with Charly García.

With Charly García?

Pepa, he's making a record
with Charly García!

- Wow! Really?
- Mom, who is that?

Is that Dad? Can I talk to him?

He's just about to leave, Fito.

He sends you his best.


He says you can talk some other time.

- Okay, send him my best.
- He says bye.

Love you guys, bye.

Bye, I love you.

- Love you.
- Take care, sweetie.

The stars left the skies

- The stars left...
- Come on, Fito.

Tell us about Charly.

His backup singer
is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

If she ever likes me back,
my life is made.

The stars left the skies

The sea carried traces of her sand

Shining wound that torn the sky apart

And the sun rises on you again
Old world

Japan erupts in noises and devices

The night lends its sex to Buenos Aires

I keep thinking of getting on stage

And the sun rises on you again
Old world

Wow, 39.
I'm worried that it won't come down.

I know.

- Can you call Eduardo?
- Yes.

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes.

I brought cold compresses.

I also brought
some herbs from my hometown.

My grandmother's recipe. It never fails.

Can I?

You haven't started yet!
I thought I was late.

Always late, Cantilo.

Always so sweet, García.

So sweet, like you.

- Your timing's off, Cantilo.
- I don't think so.

Clearly. Otherwise,
you'd be doing it on purpose.

I think the drum machine
is sounding too robotic.

Willito, don't you mess with my Rucci.
She plays a lot better than you.

I think I'll buy a few more of these
and get rid of you all.

You did good, Rosario.

Here, Fito.

This will make you better.

You'll see.

Where is your hometown?

Far, far away.

What is it called?




You're not eating. You don't like it?

You should eat now.

There's no knowing
when we'll have another break.

Thank you.

Us small-town guys have to stick together.

Where are you from?

I'm from the place
where the best weed grows.

- Paraguay?
- No, dummy. Venado Tuerto.

- Really?
- Hell yes! Can't you tell?

Excuse me.

She stole your sandwich.

Can I have a smoke?

Excuse me.

What date were you born?

Me? March 13th, 1963.

One plus three is four. Plus three, seven.

Seventeen plus nine.

Twenty-six! Your number is eight.

Eight? Okay. Is that good?

- Not that good?
- No.

What is your number?

- Three.
- Three!

Your timing was fine.

What's it like in Rosario?

Everybody there
has this sort of melancholic vibe to them.

You guys are kind of wistful, right?

Full of nostalgia.

My life is but a blank piece of paper

An out of tune piano

Ten long slender fingers

A bunch of words strung together

Those long slender fingers
are yours, right?

No, no.

- Sorry, I thought...
- Don't worry.

- I know you have a boyfriend, but...
- No, I only have friends.

One of those friends is downstairs...

and he gets jealous.

Do you understand?

See you downstairs, little pup.

- Hello.
- Hi, how are you?



- Fito.
- Nice to meet you.

- Ready?
- Let's go.

- Come on.
- Let's go kick some ass.



Ale! I have my back to the crowd.

That's how it goes. What can I say?

What? You don't like it?

Come on. Let's rock this city.


After listening to the songs on the album,
one can't help but wonder...

Where is the old you from Sui Generis?

That more contemplative, more thoughtful,
more daring version of you.

- What's left of that guy?
- Nothing.

She's underage, he's an ordinary guy

And it's a cardinal sin
What they're doing now

She missed out on the wedding and the rice

And the groom got attacked
By more than a few guys

They're beating him all the time

Come on, sing, dude!

They keep beating us down

...they land in those places

because they are allowed
to park their spaceships.

- Cantilo!
- García.

I'll take you there someday.

I was at a club, it was really dark

There was a blue light over the exit door

He passed out in front of me


It wasn't the pills
It was the men in gray

They're beating him all the time

Over and over again

Alberto Spinetta said that now,
young people dance to your songs.

I dance to his songs.

Would you say this record
is for dancing, not thinking?

If you don't dance, you can't think.

- What does that mean?
- You clearly don't dance, moron.

Motherfucking fuck!

Who the fuck threw this at me?

You bumbling baboons!
Go back to the jungle!

You sounded awful, you hick.

- Calm down, it'll be okay.
- Go fuck yourself.

You did great, Paez.

Good job.

Excuse me, please. Good evening.

- Mr. Carlos García?
- That's him.

Come with us. You're under arrest.

- Excuse us.
- No, wait!

What is this, Charly?
Where are they taking you?

What were you thinking up there?

- Bring whiskey, Daniel.
- It'll all be okay.

- Charly!
- Where is he going?

Relax, Charly. Everything will be okay.

Where are they taking him?

Charly looked quite strange.

Charly is an artist.
People are not used to that.

He looked unwell.
Was he under the influence?

He was fine.

- Do you know where he went?
- Who's paying his bail?

Take this to Felipa.

Another one, Rodolfo?

It's Saturday, Pepa. Let her enjoy it.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

Dad, can I try it?

No, mister. No.


It's strong, right?

No, I liked it.

- You liked it?
- It was fine.

You're still young.

They called him Carlos García!

He never dropped his glass!

He went to the station
holding a glass of whiskey!

I need some fresh air.

Come with me.

"You sounded awful, you hick."

To insult you, he says "I love you."

Look into his eyes
and ignore what he says.

His eyes speak volumes.

That's why he wears sunglasses.

And he knows I discovered his secret.

Mount Uritorco is around here, right?

No idea.


What do you mean, why?

What planet are you on, Paéz?

Because of the UFOs!

The mothership is here.

There is a huge landing strip

with lots of entryways
that nobody can see.

Except me.

Okay, Mothership. Listen to this.

Is this the new one?

Piano, piano, piano


I think I'm falling for you.

I think I'm falling for you too.

Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni