Love After Music (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Cuando yo me vaya de aquí - full transcript

Fito lands a gig as a keyboard player, but his dad's opposed because of the dangers it could bring. Fito's troubled childhood is revealed in flashbacks.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
APRIL, 1993

...more than 60,000 people
are gathered to watch Fito Paez play.

It may be the most important concert
in rock history in Argentina.


This is unprecedented.

After 11 sold out shows at the Gran Rex,

this is the crowning moment
of a revolution in Argentine music.


- Have you been waiting long?
- Yes! All day!

- Do you want to see Fito?
- Yes!



Fito, we're ready.

Fito, Fito!

Fito, Fito!


Official report for today.

The subversive group
was located by law enforcement...

When they resisted arrest,

shots were then fired,

and as a result, two males
and one female were fatally wounded.

No police officers were injured
during the successful operation.

The authorities recommend
that people go about their day normally

and abide by whatever law enforcement...

They're coming.

Come on, man.


Come on, let's go.

It is now the third year
of the military dictatorship in Argentina.

Thousands of citizens are missing,
mostly young people.

Musicians are persecuted
by the authorities,

and rock music
is considered a voice of resistance.

They are all far from home

When the speech had ended

I heard somebody yell

They said, "I sell wholesale clothing"

- Bye, guys.
- See you.

- It was cool, right?
- No.

Nobody was even paying attention to us.

Come on, Baglietto came to see you.

Are you sure it was him?

Told you so.

Let's finish loading everything.

Can I bum a cigarette, please?

Wait, let's finish this.

You didn't say your name.


No, what is your name?


Fito what?


Fito Paez.

We're going to go rehearse later.
You should come with us.

It's the police!

Everybody against the wall!

- Everybody's under arrest!
- Get in!

- Help me load this.
- No, let's go!

- Hands against the wall!
- Fito!

Let's go!

We need to walk against traffic.

Where are we going?

Come on, let's go.


Come back tomorrow!

Come on, man.

Here we are.


Then I'll play that lick there
and let Tuerto have a solo.

Come over here.

Set up over here.

- Hi, Juan.
- Sapo.

Who's this?


There was a raid at the bar.

Are you guys okay?

That's crazy.

- What are we playing?
- "April"?

- Let's go.
- Okay.

- Got it.
- Okay.

- Shall we start?
- Yes.

Can you plug it in?



- Ready?
- Yeah.

It was in April that I heard
That sweet rhythm

Of my darling child dancing

Inside the womb

A blooming prairie was his home

And her navel, oh, her navel

Her navel was the sun

I wrote him the sweetest of songs

A story about a cloud and a flying fish
Who fell in love

I dreamt of him running
His body dripping in sweat

His cheeks round and full

His cheeks round
And full of sunlight and warmth

He's probably at Claudio's house.

He's not there, Mom.
I called. He's not there.

- Did you try Prieto?
- He's not there.

How about the station?


- Thanks, Juan.
- You're welcome.

We rehearse three times a week.

Always at night.

If you join, we need your full commitment.

Is that a yes?


See you tomorrow, then.

Welcome to the Troubadours.

How's the food?

- It's great, Juan.
- Delicious.


Baglietto asked me to join his band.

No, no.

It's one thing for you to be in a band
with your friends for fun.

But no, this is different.
You know I don't like it.

I don't get it, Dad.

You love music.

This has nothing to do with music, Fito.

It's not safe for you to be going outside,
especially at night.

But Dad, rock happens at night.

Only church choirs
rehearse during the day.

Then you'll play with the choir.

Aunt Charo is here.

- Hi.
- Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

- Hi, everyone.
- Hi.

- Charo!
- Hi, Auntie.

Hi, honey.

- Want some vermouth, dear?
- Sure, that's why I'm here.

- What's up, sweetie?
- Nice to see you, Charo.

Can we talk for a minute?

- Right now?
- Yes, now. Let's chat.

Done. Put it away.

Okay, let's hear it.

- What time is the rehearsal?
- Nine.

Okay, I'll handle it.

I'm not getting dressed up!
I don't want to go on a date.

Stay out of my life.

- At least try.
- I won't try.

- Wake up, Rodolfo.
- Worry about your...

It will be good for you
and everyone else here.

Watch your tone.

Son, if you agreed two weeks ago,
you can't just not show up.

It's bad manners.


- Hi. How are you?
- Hello.

Oh, sorry. How are you?

- Nice to meet you, I'm Leonor.
- Sit.

Excuse me.

- Hi, Claudio.
- Pepa, how's it going?

Hi, dear. Fito is waiting for you.

You're saving my life.

I'll be back in a few hours. Thanks!


- Take care.
- Of course.

Bye, Grandma. You rock!

- Belia.
- Claudio.

Charo can be a bit pushy.

I apologize
if you felt obligated to accept...

No, don't worry. Not at all.

I've known her for years.

She led my daughter's Bible studies.

But that's not actually important, right?

I'm sorry,
I'm just not used to this at all.

Okay, why don't we make a deal?

We'll both order the pesto pasta.

You should never order pesto
on a first date, but...

What do you think?

Sure, okay.

I'm back, Mirta

After three years without seeing sunlight

I don't care to know
If you were unfaithful

I know that even a woman as strong as you

Has needs she cannot fight

What is that?

I thought it might sound cool
to include it.

- After each verse?
- Yes.

- Should we try it?
- Let's try.

- Go on.
- Let's see.

Cue us.

I'm back, Mirta

After three years without seeing sunlight

I don't care to know
If you were unfaithful

I know that even a woman as strong as you

Has needs she cannot fight


You scared me half to death!

Scooch over.

I thought you were your dad.

How did it go?



I am...

on another level.

Up here.

And your son is a lawyer?

No, he has a year left of school.

The other one wants to be a doctor.

- You're a doctor, right?
- Yes.

They went to see Fito play the other day.
They said he's great.

- Yes.
- He's really good.

But it's just a hobby.

I want him to go to university.

But he's a good player.

He inherited his gift from his mother.


- She was a talented concert pianist.
- I didn't know.

Maybe he can go to music school,
attend a conservatory or something, right?

I want him to have a real job.

But Margarita was remarkable,
and so is Fito.

He could make a living as a musician.

I only see it as a hobby.

I wrote this verse yesterday.

Do you think it could work?

Yes, totally.

It's amazing.

- Shall we try it?
- Let's.

Life is only but a coin

Whoever seeks it shall find it

A simple unassuming coin

Not an ostentatious wad of bills

My life is but a blank piece of paper

An out of tune piano

Ten long slender fingers

A bunch of words strung together

Good evening.

All we have to do is live

That is the secret

With a smile always up my sleeve

With the madness and the sanity
Within each day

Maybe things will turn out all right

People always dreaming

Streets always bustling

Taxis always roaming

The skies and the city avenues

Days go by and tell the story

Of humans walking together

Days go by and sing each morning

Days go by without fear

All we have to do is live

That is the secret

With a smile always up my sleeve

With the madness and the sanity
Within each day

Maybe things will turn out all right

All we have to do is live

That is the secret

- With a lover
- Without a lover

With the innocence and sweetness

That sprouts up now and then

Maybe things will turn out all right

Thank you.

Playing the keyboard, Fito Paez!

We're here thanks to you, man.

Thanks to you, Baglie!

Here's to Juan Carlos!

It's the police!

Everybody against the wall!

- Go!
- Let's go! Hurry!

- Stop!
- Come on!

- Stop!
- Come on! Get on the bus!

- Hurry!
- Go!

Come on, guys!

Let's go!


Are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

Why are you stopping? Let's go!

Everybody freeze! Nobody move!

Show us your IDs!

We'll take you in for background checks!


Rodolfo Paez.


Are things okay at home?

I don't know what you mean, but yes.

We're a respectable, normal family.

Easy! Easy, Marzulo.

Paez! No kicking, Stefani!

Suck it, bitch.

I ask because I'm worried.
Fito wasn't like this before.

Like what?

Paez! What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

- It took two teachers to stop him.
- Is the other kid okay?

He should speak to someone.

A professional.

He started it.

That's no excuse.

If I kept going, could I have killed him?

But you stopped.

What if I kept going?

Can we just listen to Brahms?
Move your arm, or it will skip.

What happened to Mom... Whose fault was it?

Why would you ask that?

It was just a tragedy.

Look at me. It was a tragedy, okay?

Go find a record you like.


He went to military training.

He lasted two months.

He downed an entire jar of pills
to get himself discharged.

He almost died.

He later wrote "A Song to My Death."

Rodolfo Paez.

Rodolfo Paez!

That's me.

Come on.

Come here!

And the others?

You're lucky you are a minor. Now go!

Fucking hell! What is it?


I can't trust you anymore?

Don't do that, Pepa.

Come on, Rodolfo.

- The boy needs to eat, Rodolfo.
- No, Mom.

Then he should come to the table.

Your son has Margarita's genes,
and you can't fight that.

You always take him to the record store.
What did you expect him to be? A lawyer?

Let's eat.


Why do you lock the piano?

I know it was my fault.

It was no one's fault.


It was no one's fault.

Fito, wait.

I have some files in the trunk in a box.

Can you get it for me?

Go on, get it!


What is this?

No way!

- Is this for me?
- Yes.

For me, really?
No way, I can't believe it!

You're nuts!

Come here.

Wow, Dad. You are the best in the world.

The best in the solar system,
the galaxy, the whole universe.

- You can't leave school.
- I won't.

- Promise?
- Promise.

If you have a gig out of town,
I'll drive you and pick you up.

- Okay. Okay!
- Okay?

And listen. No going to Buenos Aires.

Things are getting ugly out there, okay?


Come on, let's go try it.

- Okay.
- Let's go.



Hi, Julito! How are you? Everything okay?


I have news.

I just got off the phone
with Julito, our manager.

We got a gig at Obras.

- Seriously?
- Obras Sanitarias? In Buenos Aires?

We're going to play in Buenos Aires.

We're going to Buenos Aires!

We're going, guys!

- We're going to smash it!
- Buenos Aires!

- We're going to Buenos Aires!
- I can't believe it!

It's amazing, guys! We did it!

Dad, we need to talk.

I've been meaning to talk to you too.

Let's go on a trip.

With Charo, Carrizo. It's been a while.

Dad, the band got a gig.
A big gig. Very big.

- Great.
- Yes.

But we'd have to travel.

To Santa Fe?

No, Dad.

We'd have to go to Buenos Aires.

Are you okay?

Absolutely not. You're not going.

But it's Obras.

I don't give a damn.
We talked about this. You're not going.

You're not going, and that's that.

I'm not asking for permission.

- Bye.
- Bye, sweetie.

I love you.

- Take care of yourself.
- Bye, thanks.

Don't forget to call!

So? Are you nervous?


What about you?

I'm shitting myself.

Good evening. I'm Juan Baglietto.

Thank you.


- Let's go!
- Come on.

Let's do this, guys!

Life is only but a coin

Whoever seeks it shall find it

This will help you.

Not an ostentatious wad of bills

My life is but a blank piece of paper


Cantilo, come here right now!


Don't you think he's great?


No, not that hippie.
The big-nosed dude on the keyboard.


He's imitating me.

Subtitle translation by: Mariela Rascioni