Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Going Forth - full transcript

Dorothy and her Emerald City friends find themselves trapped in her house after Guph sends it flying off on yet another magical tornado. But when it lands in a place no one expected, ...

Previously onLost In Oz...

Where are you taking us?

To Guph.

He said so,

right before turning my mom
into an ornament.


That mine shaft is the
short cut to Emerald City.

Look. I think that's
the end of the tunnel.

I am so happy to be home.

That's not Emerald City.

What are you guys doing here?

I expel you from the Fairy Lands.

Put him down! You can't do that.

Where are you taking him?

Go forth.

Guph filled my journal with magic.

He's conjured another tornado.

How do we stop it?

We can't.


Go forth, Dorothy Gale,

and may you never return to Oz.

Not my preferred method of travel!

Dorothy, you've done this before.

What do we do?

Hang on.

Uh, you know, with all this travel,

you might want
to bolt down the furniture.

Whoa. Where do you think
Guph is sending us?

What can be worse
than the Deadly Desert?

Please tell me there's
not a Deadlier Desert.

No, but there is a Sea
of Pain and Suffering.

Not helping. Uhh!


Uhh. Mom!

Thanks, Toto.

West, your mom,

she was turned into an ornament?

We'll get her back, West.

Right now we have to protect her.


I've got just the place.

In here.

Good thinking, Scarecrow.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Whoa! I think this is it, guys.

We're going in for a landing.

If it's anything like last time,

it won't be smooth.


Ha ha!




Ah. A soft landing.

Happy to help.



Where are we?

I don't think we're in Oz anymore.



Oh, Toto, we're home!

Yah-hah! Whoo-hoo!


We're in Kansas?


It's so...

Ha ha ha!


Hey, look! We're home!

Ha ha ha! Yay!

Ah. I can't believe it.

The... The trees, the yard.

Ha ha! Oh, the smell in the air.

I missed it all so much.

You're finally home, Dorothy.

But now all of you are lost.

We're lost? In Kansas?

That's what I was afraid of.

The journal is empty.

So we go to your
nearest corner alchemist,

stock up on magic, fill the journal...

And go back to Oz.

We don't have alchemists here.

That's what I'm trying to tell you.

There is no magic in Kansas.

When you say no magic,

you mean, like, not a lot,
like hard to find,

like you and Toto have some terrifying

yet ultimately triumphant plan

and we'll be on the next
twister out of here.

More like...

magic doesn't exist in my world at all.

Oh, no.


Scarecrow, may I?

Oh, of course.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll bring you back.

I have the Powder of Life.

But we may need it to get home.


We're going to find a way
to help your mom.

I know it.

I know you'll try.

You guys did everything you could

to get us home.

Toto and I promise

that we'll do the same for you.

If there's anyone who can help,

it's my mom.

Well, where is she?

She's got to be at work at the museum.

It's pretty amazing...

maybe not as amazing as Oz,

but as amazing as Kansas gets.


You didn't warn us

about the mechanical beasts of Kansas.

That was just a recycling truck.

What else should I be afraid
of in this bizarre land?

Don't hide anything. I want to know.

No, I don't. Yes, I do. Never mind.

Okay, tell me.

Yeah. You know,

now that I think about it,

maybe you all should just stay here.

Totally okay with that decision.

That metal creatures
smelled of nightmares.

Come on, Dorothy.

None of us have ever been outside of Oz.

It's just...

Kansas is nothing like Emerald City.

We don't exactly have talking lions,

witches, living scarecrows,
Munchkins, living dolls.

Dolls? Watch it, Dorothy.

Please don't take this the wrong way,

but if people see you,

they might freak out a little bit.

Or a lot.

Freak out about what?

Yeah. We look totally normal.

Just stay here, please.

Stay out of sight,
and stay out of trouble.

We'll be back before you know it.

The way I see it,

if there was enough magic in this house

to get Dorothy to Oz in the first place,

there might be some more to get us home.

It's worth a shot.


so we're completely ignoring that part

about staying out of trouble?

Beryllium, chromium, and vanadium.

Now let's see if you're
hiding any magic in there.

Nope. Only earthly elements.


Evelyn? Are you in there?

Of course you're in there.

You're always in your office.

Hello. It's Axel.


Axel who?

From the Hall of Myster... ies.

Ahem. Hi.

Hey, I had a fun promo idea
I wanted to run by you.

Picture this...

a viewing party for
the upcoming solar eclipse.

We could do it on the roof
of the museum.

That's a great idea.

Sweet. I'll get right on it.

Oh, Axel,

can you bring me another gemstone

from the Hall of Mysteries?

The Eye of the Arctic.

I'd like to run some tests on it.

Right. No worries.
I'll bring it by later.

I'd appreciate it.

Now I should get back to work.

Ah. Say no more. I get it.

You're in the zone.

Thanks, Axel.

Yes, Axel?


Hi, Mom.

Dorothy, I was afraid
I'd never see you again.

I missed you so much, Mom.


Oh, you're here!

You're really here.

I can't...

I can't believe it.

Oh, Toto, you sweet little thing.

I missed you, too.

Did you look after Dorothy?

Dorothy, how...

I was so worried. How...

How did you get back?
Was it the journal?

And what about Languidere? I...


Uh, I love you, Mom.

I'm just so happy you and Toto are home

and we can finally put Oz

behind us.


About that,

there's something I need to tell you.

Honey, you can tell me anything.

W-Well, uh...

we didn't exactly leave
all of Oz behind.

You listen, and you listen good.

The situation here is dire.

I'm not gonna bother playing nice.

I need to know where all
the magic is in this...

Kansas, whatever that is.

We can do this the easy way

or the hard way,

but one way or the other,

I'm gonna get answers.


No tatty plants, no story blossoms?

No liquid of petrification?

No six-leaf clovers?

What kind of bizarre world is this?

I guess if there was magic here,

Dorothy would have found it by now.

Hey. Hey, I found something.

Dorothy was so wrong!

I just typed "magic"
into this flat smartball,

and check it out.

A mop of magic.

There's a magic doody scooper?

Magic car polish? Oh, look.

Magic hair gel?

You have a lot of hair.

And it all comes to your door

in less than one Kansas day?

We're saved!

What's the right thing to do, Mom?

I know what you'd say.

I should use the Powder of Life

to help everyone before you.


Well, then I have General Guph
to thank for sending you home.


No. Mom. He sent me and my friends here

to get rid of us

so that he can take over Emerald City.

The most important thing

is that you and Toto are home safe.

Yeah, but now my friends are stuck here.

They're lost, and we
have to get them home.

That's the most important thing to me.


Evelyn Gale went home early?

An unprecedented mystery indeed.

So you think you're pretty tough

with that horn growing
out of your head, don't you?

Do you know where I
can get one of those?



Looks like, before she came to Oz,

Dorothy had some time on her hands.


West, Ojo, Patchwork, get in here!

What is it?

I think Dorothy was
just messing with us.

According to the flat crystal ball,

there are all types of magical
creatures in these lands.

Uh-huh. The monster
of Loch Ness, mermaids,

a large hairy beast named Bigfoot.

At least you'll feel right at home.

What's that all about?

They might have magical
creatures in Kansas.

But look what they do to them.


Irrational fears confirmed.

I repeat, irrational fears confirmed.

Dorothy was right.

We can't let anyone see us.

So we're not just stuck in Kansas.

We're stuck in this house.

Fortunately, I am well accustomed

to the paranoid shut-in lifestyle.

I'll be happy to answer any questions.

They already found us!

Hi, Dorothy.

Mom, these are my friends.

Guys, this is my mom.

Hi, Dorothy's mom.

I don't know how to break
this to all of you,

but ever since Dorothy was taken to Oz,

I've searched for a way to get there.

But without magic,

every lead is a dead end.

But what about all this stuff

we ordered on the flat crystal ball?

Uh, those things aren't really magic.

Night market knockoffs?

Something like that.

I'm so sorry,

but without magic in Kansas,

I'm afraid getting you home

is just impossible.

I have some.

Powder of Life. Of course!

That has, like, 20 different
magical elements already.

23, actually.

I was going to use it to save my mom.

Your mom? West, what do you mean save?

Cyra. My friend.

The gnomes turned her
into a glass ornament.

Oh, West, you poor thing.

As soon as we get you
back to Emerald City,

Glinda can save Cyra. I'm sure of it.

You just never give up, do you, Dorothy?

You took care of Dorothy in your world.

I promise you, Cyra,

I'll take care of West here in mine.

I'm not sure if it'll help,

but I still have a box of things

I took home from Oz down in the garage.

If you're anything like your mom,

you might find something
magical in there.

I wish I was more like my mom.

Then I'd know what to do.

Well, you sure remind me of her.

I'll be right back.

West, no one would expect you

to use the Powder of Life for us.

Yeah. If you can bring back your mom,

you should.

No. I'll use it to help us all get home.

That's what my mom would do,

so that's what I'm going to do.

I hid the journal in the house

because it was filled
with so much magic.

But this stuff seemed harmless,

so it ended up out in the garage.

Cool jacket, Mom.

Are you kidding?

You have a vintage Tinmancomic?

Can I borrow it, please? I love him.

I've never read a Silver Era Tinman.

Ojo, you can have it.

Aw, thanks, Dorothy's mom.

Evelyn. You can all just call me Evelyn.

Maybe we just have to face the fact

that there really is no magic here.

I'll have to bunk
with that snobby unicorn

for the rest of my life.

More immediate problems. A Kansan!

There's a Kansan
walking up to the house!

Hide! He'll capture us like Bigfoot!

What, Axel?

He's not going to capture anyone.

But if he sees you,

he'll definitely want to show you off

in the Hall of Mysteries.

Ooh. Sounds exciting.

You guys hide in Dorothy's room.

I'll get rid of him.

Evelyn, it's Axel.

You know, from the Hall of Mysteries.

Ha ha. You know that thing
that we did earlier?

Hi, Axel. Sorry. A little busy here.

Dorothy just came home. From camp.


Yes. Camp, dear.

Dorothy? Welcome back.

What kind of camp were you at?

Uh, you know,

just your basic science physics
magic friendship camp.

Wow. I want to go to camp.


did you guys have a party last night?

What can I do for you, Axel?

Oh. Yeah. Right.
I missed you at the office,

so I thought I'd drop off
the Eye of the Arctic for you.

It seemed pretty important.

Thank you, Axel.

I'll bring it back in the morning.

Uhh... whoa.

Oh, my.



Now this... this is unprecedented!

This is total Hall of Mystery stuff!

Not now, Axel.

Evelyn, do you not see

the Eye of the Arctic is flying?

Uh, our house is haunted. No big deal.

No big deal?

This is mind-blowing!

- No, don't!
- Wait!

Don't go in there!


I don't like tight spaces.

Aah! Never ever cram me in a closet

with a claustrophobic lion again.

Uh, a talking lion. A talking doll.

Watch it, pal.

He doesn't like to be called that.

A talking scarecrow.

And a Munchkin.

I know. I'm big for my age.


I thought there wasn't
any magic in Kansas.

I didn't think there was.

West, you activated magic
in this earth stone.

This is incredible.

Do you realize what this means?

There is magic in our world.

There's magic right here in Kansas.

If there's some magic here,

there's got to be more.

And if there's more...

Then we can send you back home.

Dorothy, that is amazing.

Now can someone please
tell me what's going on here?

Axel's got a real thing

for the mysteries of the universe.

Well, Axel,

today's your lucky day.