Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - We Speak Mirror - full transcript

Back in Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends must find a way to get the Nome King's Belt back from Guph so that they can bring all the Emerald Citizens home safely.

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Previously on Lost in Oz.

The Nome King's belt

is the most powerful magic in all of Oz.

Emerald City is ours.

High five, my good sir.

The entire population of Emerald City

is stranded in the Nome Kingdom.

We found a way out of here.

But without any way

to cross the Deadly
Desert, we're still stuck.

West is bringing the
Deadly Desert to life.

It's not deadly anymore.

We'll go back to Emerald City and
make sure it's safe for everyone.

Then we'll bring them all home.

- Goodbye Nome Kingdom.

Emerald City, here we come!



All I ever did was take
life from this fairy land

and then you, Dorothy, and your friends,

you brought life back.

Thank you, Toto.

This is the old Trans-Desert Passage

from when the Nomes and
Emerald citizens were free

to go between the two fairy lands.

How do you know that?

I've been here before.

This tunnel nearly got us home.

You mean it nearly
got you to Emerald City.

Oh, right, that's what I meant.

Well, if Emerald City's going
to be home for any of us,

we have to take the Nome
King's belt from Guph.

And, use it to bring everyone home.

When we know it's safe.

We need someone who could
get close enough to Guph

to take the belt, someone he trusts.

The only nome I've seen
get that close to Guph

is his own reflection.

That's true.

His reflection is the only
one he seems to listen to.

Well, that's sure a lot
of no help at all.

Look out! Move fast!

- What was that?
- The passage.

We have to work together or
the tunnel won't let us through.

The reflection! That's it!

We use Guph's reflection.

If we can somehow control
Guph's reflection,

we could get in his head.

We can convince him to give up the belt.

Oh, come on, between
you three awesome witches,

you have to know some
kind of mirror spell.

Seriously, Dorothy, that's
total fairy tale stuff.

It's very creative, Dorothy,

but magic doesn't work like that.

Maybe that's just because
no one's figured it out yet.

I can do it.

You can enchant a reflection?

Mmm, but not with magic.

I conjure pure Oz technology.

Now, you're speaking my language.

Just like I told you, the Nomes are back

under your control.

Yes, precisely.

I have accomplished all of my goals.

What will I do now?

Treat yourself.

Do something nice, just for you.

Hmm, I do so enjoy this
whole conquering business.

Ah, start a list of more
fairy lands I can seize.

Very good, my king.

It's a good thing
you have this camo-tech, Reigh.

Once again what everyone calls paranoia

I call preparation.


Nope, still Scarecrow.

Try switching the RC with the PC.

The reflectionation cable with
the projectionation cable.

The blue plug with the green plug.

Okay, hit it!

Oh, huh, it works!

Scarecrow, you're Guph.

I am?

Oh, I am!

Hey, look at me, I'm Guph.

How did you two do this?

You are talking to the vice president

of my school's audio video club.

And, I'm pretty good with machines.

Wait, so this means one of us

has to play Guph's reflection?

There's no way he's gonna fall for that.

I'm really mean and scary.

Bla ah ah.

Oh, it'll be easy.

You just have to speak
from the diaphragm

in a smooth, condescending tone.

And then, just when
everyone begins to relax,

you yell in their faces.

Oh, you're gonna make me do this.

But, how do we get the
mirror in front of Guph?

If there's one thing I
learned in the nome Kingdom,

the kings sure love their gifts.

True that.

A delivery for you, King Guph.

There's a card, sir.

Dear King Guph.

Just a little housewarming gift
from all us thankful Nomes.

Welcome home, King.

Did you hear that, old friend.

Finally, the gratitude you deserve.

My King, I have created
the list of fairy lands

that could use a good conquering.

Personally, I think the
Winkies are most vulnerable.

What is that?

It's, it's beautiful.

Finally, a mirror worthy of a king.

Now, hold up a second here.

You don't even know this reflection.

I am majestic!

Reigh, you're not Reigh, remember?

You're Guph, dude.

Ah, I see...

that royalty suits you well.

Ah yes, came with the place.

I honestly didn't know that
anything could be this soft.

So, fluffy.

Wait a minute.

Why aren't you wearing a robe?

Ah, I got it.

I would never wear the
germ-ridden clothing

of an Emeraldo.



King Guph, old friend.

Shall we discuss your next conquest, eh?

Oh, My King, after everything
we've been through,

you wouldn't do anything
rash, now would you?

Big mistake!

Put my new king-size mirror
in my new king-size parlor.

And, we're clear.


Oh Reigh, that was amazing!

That was terrifying.

Guys, guys, we're on the move.

Reigh, your performance was perfect.
Keep it up.

Just make him believe that he
has to get rid of the belt.

- You're on in three, two...
- But, be smart.

Make him think that he thought of it.

I got it! Stop making me nervous!

You, nervous?


For you, my glorious King.


I've won.

I'm on top of the food chain.

I am the most powerful
nome known to nome-kind.

But, being on top means
you have further to fall.

But, being on top means
you have further to fall.


Your enemies will surely try
to usurp your new position.

New posi...
Who would dream of usurping me?

The Nomes are long time
enemies of the Phantasms.

- The Giants...
- And, the Growleywogs.

And, most recently the Growleywogs.

Think about it, King.

What is the one thing

that put you upon the Emerald Throne?

Lack of ethical restraint.

Well, yes, that, but
what magic put you there?

The Nome King's belt.

Yes! And, now that it has
served its purpose,

you must...

Protect it at all costs.

I'll build an impenetrable
defense system

so no one can ever take it from me!


Wait, no, no, no,
that's not what I meant.

Oh, you are so very wise.

Manager Nome!

Crushers installed
around the castle perimeter

will pulverize any
assailant who breaches

the Water of Oblivion Moat seen here.

Oh, very nice.

It's neat and I like it.

No one will get within a
thousand yards of that belt

without your permission, King, sir.

What are you doing?

We need a plan B, fast.

Cameras on each crusher will broadcast

said pulverization for your
repeat viewing pleasure.

How gratuitous!

Excellent work, Manager Nome,

wouldn't you agree, reflection?


If he's blocking out all
threats from the outside,

we need Guph to think the
real danger is already

inside the castle.

You can do that?

We're talking about
irrational fear here.

Reflection, hello.

Ah, there you are!

Sorry about that, I just
needed a moment to myself.

That's an odd thing
for a reflection to say.

So, what do you think

of my state-of-the-art defense system?

- Meh.
- Meh?


This may guard the belt
against outside invasion,

but does nothing to prevent
one from the inside.

Sir, there is no need
to concern yourself

with such nonsense.

Hmm, oddly defensive
words from the only nome

who knows the secret of
my new defense system.

King Guph, sir, I have
always stood by your side.


You've let him get too close.

He knows too much.

This is preposterous.

How dare you?

He's getting confrontational!

Come on, Reigh.

Get back in there.


That is not your...

- Sir, look!
- Oh.


Have I mentioned how
much I love our mustaches?

Uh, sir, that reflection
is not what you think.

It is a trick, sir.

Your Magnificence,
who are you going to trust,

this disgruntled nome
who could steal your belt

the moment you turn your back?

Or your own reflection?

It is a trick, sir.

I trusted you, Shaleton.

You remembered my name.

Your situation has changed, Guph.

You can only trust yourself now.

And, you. I can trust you, right?


Which is why, now hear me out,

you must get rid of the belt.

The Nome King's Belt?

After all I went through to get it?

You no longer need it.

You control Emerald City
and all its magic.

You no longer need it.

You control Emerald City
and all its magic.


Because of the belt.

As long as the belt is with you...

It can be taken and used against you.

But, hide the belt now at
the height of your power...

And, you shall remain
exactly where you belong.

I have to get rid of the belt.

Now, you're thinking
like a king, my king.

And where might you
hide it, do you suppose?

I know a remote place
where things go to disappear,

out in the Out... Mmm, ah, ah, ah.

I will take your advice, my friend,

and keep the secret
location a true secret.

Oh, but my king, you can trust me.

Yes, but you never know
who might be listening in.

Well, he does have a point.


My King!

Reigh, we're gonna need your van.

If I cannot trust the
advice of my own reflection...

who can I trust?

How heavy is the
head that wears the crown?

Can we walk through and get it?

The falls are too powerful.
We'd be crushed.

If I had some frezoneze or hultonium,

we could stop the falls,
but without magic...

I can do it.

You know last week, I opened
a portal from Kansas to Oz,

reanimated my mom, and brought
life to the Deadly Desert.

What's a few thousand sticks?


Go get it, Toto.

Good boy, Toto!

I've done it!

No one will ever find
the Nome King's belt.

- We got it!
- Yeah!

I can't believe it actually worked!

Believe it, Munchkin.

Yes, yes!

- Ha ha, woo hoo!
- Yeah!

What are those
Emeraldos doing in my mirror?


- Woo hoo!
- Ha ha!

Roquat, Dorothy Gale?

Oh, hey, Guph.


Look what we found.





It is an honor to return your
father's belt, King Roquat.

Now, we can return the Nomes

and the people of Emerald City
back to their rightful homes.

But, what if...


What if Emerald City
was home for everyone?

What do you mean?

We could open the Trans-Desert Passage.

We can unite the fairy lands.

It's worth a shot.

Roquat, you saved me?

It was the right thing to do.

Thank you, my king.


Dorothy, I've never
been more proud of you.

I guess it's time for
us to go home, to Kansas.

Dorothy, you started
off here as a little girl

lost in Oz and now you've
become this strong,

resourceful, amazing young woman.

And, you've made Oz your home.

She's made Oz a better home.

For all of us.

So, now we can go home to Kansas.

Or, we can stay home

in Emerald City.

It's your choice, Dorothy.