Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Sticks - full transcript

Dorothy and West go in search of Langwidere, but come face to face with Glinda herself. The Good Witch has a plan to send Dorothy home - but first they'll have to retrieve the stolen magic of Emerald City.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

When were you gonna
tell me I had an aunt?

Stay away from Langwidere.

You should forget you ever met her.

The pearl. Where is it?

We had it in our hands,

but I lost it.

Without the pearl,
there's not much I can do

to help you find Glinda.

Langwidere said she needs
the Pearl of Pingaree.

How well do you even know Langwidere?

I'm going to stop her from
making a big mistake.

Did you bring the pearl?

And it might have cost
me my best friend.

Friends come and go, West,

but you only have one family.

You know, Mr. Rope...

Or can I call you Velvet?


You know, Velvet,

you and I actually have a lot in common.

How do you figure?

Last summer when I volunteered at
the Kansas Natural Sciences Museum,

I had to keep a whole class
of preschoolers away from

the Neolithic mammoth exhibit.

Sticky fingers and furry
fossils don't mix.

Point being, I know where
you're coming from.

You're doing your job,
and I respect that.

Thank you. You're not getting in.

Have you ever had a
friend that needed help?

Your friend? Sharp clothes,
swoopy hair, sour face.

- Is that the one?
- Yes, West!

Yeah. You see what West
did to my doors there?


I think your friend can
handle herself just fine.


Can you see anything, Toto?

There's West. With Langwidere.

West. No, West!

Now that we have the Pearl of Pingaree,

you can teach me the locator spell.

We have the Pearl of Pingaree?

Who, exactly, is "we"?

Because as I remember it,

you were supposed to
bring the pearl to me.

What are they saying?

I can't hear a thing.

We need to get closer.

Ha, ha!

What was that?


But you said you'd teach
me the locator spell.

We'll find Glinda, send Dorothy home.

I said that I know a locator spell.

You filled in the rest with
what you wanted to hear.

Class is over, West. Give me the pearl.

It's not your pearl. It's Glinda's.

If you won't teach me the
spell or help Dorothy,

I'll figure it out myself.

Hm. Look at you, West.
Ambition, talent, confidence.

I used to have confidence
just like that.

With the days that lie ahead,
I could use a little more.

What was that?

What did she take from West?

Now still think you're the most
suitable caretaker of the pearl?


And, West, one more thing.

If you ever do become
great, let me know.

I'll have some use for you.

No, oh! Hey, watch it!

Wait, how'd you get inside?

West. Wait up.

Dorothy, what are you doing here?

Looking for you.

What happened back there?

I'm sorry, Dorothy.
I gave her the pearl.

I'm beginning to think
that was a mistake.

I've been making a lot
of mistakes lately.

- Haven't I?
- No, no, it was something else.

It was like she took a part of you.

Something important.

Whatever it was, I'm sure she'll

make better use of it than I could.


I wanted so badly to protect you, West.

I just can't believe my own sister
would be the one to hurt you.

As if she hadn't hurt our family enough.

Wait. You can fix it, right, Mom?

You can heal me?

I can heal just about anything.

But confidence.

There's no magic in Oz that
can just give it back.

I'm so sorry, West.

I love you so much.

You're the best friend
I've ever had, Toto.

West needs that, too.

Without her confidence,

West needs a best friend
now more than ever.




- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Ha ha! What up, Varalina?

Morning, Koby. Beautiful day.


Oof. Yeah. There we go.

Nice work there, Ojo. You're
really gettin' the hang of this.

Get it? The hang of this?

Thanks, Dad.

See ya back here after school.

Munchkin life is hard, man.

Ojo, something happened
to West last night.

It was like Langwidere took
part of her personality.

Tell me it was her sarcasm.

"The Shadow of Confidence"?

Ojo, look at this.

I think Langwidere literally
took West's confidence.

Wait. Is that even possible?

Sure. It's like Scarecrow
losing his memory,

or Ray's courage.

In Oz, someone's personal
strengths can actually get,

you know, stolen.

That is seriously messed up.

What? Am I green? Purple? Polka dot?

Please tell me I'm not polka dot.

Take your seats, everyone.

Settle. Settle.

I have an exciting announcement.

Just this morning, our class received

a very generous donation of...

big level magic.

Well, what are you waiting for?

There's more than enough for everybody.


Roxygen. Flutonium.

Come on, Dorothy.

This is what you've been waiting for.

So, West, aren't you gonna do
some aggressive experiment?

Take it to the edge of
irreversible catastrophe,

make everyone question
your emotional stability,

then rein it back in at the last second,

and leave us all in awe?

And maybe a little bit afraid?

What if I can't control it?

That never stopped you before.

I think I'd better sit this one out.

It's worse than I thought.

Whoever inspired Miss Langwidere

to give us all this magic,

you certainly left an impression.

The magic is from Langwidere?

She took your confidence,

and then put all this magic
right in front of you.

Why would she do that?

Is she testing me?

Or toying with you.

Whatever she's up to,
we need to find her,

and take back your confidence fast.

Then we're done with
Langwidere for good.

I didn't know I knew how to drive.

You don't.

Thanks for the lift, Ray.

Anything to serve the great one.

Stakeout snacks.

Okay, let's see here.

We got some Uni-candy Corn,

some wolfish jerky...

And, mm, scorchin'
hot organic cheese fingers.

What? I can't believe
you guys have these.

Nope. Nope, that's different.

Oh. I want to try.

Oh, yeah. I don't eat.

Right. And you don't sleep, either.

So it's up to you, Scarecrow.

Don't let any of us fall asleep.

We need all eyes on that velvet rope

until Langwidere shows up.

And then we have to stop
her before she gets inside.

There's no way I can get
through that door now.

You got it, Scarecrow?

Oh, you can count on me, guys.

Look for Langwidere.
Look for Langwidere.

Look for Langwidere.
Look for Langwidere.

Look for Langwidere.
Look for Langwidere.

Look for Langwidere.
Look for Langwidere.

Look for Langwidere.
Look for Lang... Ooh!

Hey. A taxi.

Get it together, Scarecrow.

Focus. Remember your mission.

Look for a taxi. Look for a taxi.

Hey! Right there. A shiny taxi.

Hey, lady! What kind
of lousy tip is this?

I drove all the way out
to the sticks to get you.

The sticks.

Oh, no!
What happened, Scarecrow?

The sun is up.

Morning, Ojo.

My dad's gonna be furious.

Bye, Ojo.


I asked you not to let us fall asleep.

I believe you.

Well, did you see Langwidere?

Ooh. Langwidere.

Oh, I knew it started with an L.

La-la-la-la Langwidere.

So I take it you didn't see her?

Uh... Hmm.

Then maybe you did see her?

W... Hmm.

The sticks?

What's the sticks?

- Not what.
- Where.


Wait! Hold up.

Have you thought about
what you're gonna say?

I'm sure I'll think of something.

You know, you might want
to plan this out a bit.

We are kind of the underdogs
in this situation.

How about...

"Now, you look here, Langwidere."

Ooh, that's good.

"You think you can mess with my friend?"

"You think you can mess with my dog?"


"Well, now you've got a mess
on your hands, don't you?"

"And that's me. The name's Dorothy,"

"and I'm that..."


Got that out of your system, I hope.

Yep. Let's do this.

Now, you look here, Lang...

You're not Langwidere.

Not the last time I looked.


Glinda! Are you really...
Oh, wait a second.

Just had to check.

Last time I saw you,
you were an illusion.

Dorothy Gale.

Now, aren't you a long way from home.

How in the fairyland
do you know Dorothy?

I mean, you know Dorothy, your goodness?

Of course, I know Dorothy.

I know you, too, West.

One might say that I've
been expecting you.

Please, no need to be so
formal all the way out here.

Oh, Glinda, don't tell me you forgot me.

Chief advisor Scarecrow.

How could I ever forget you?

- Glinda, we found you.
- I can't believe we really found you.

All right, that's good.
A... A bit more formality.

Sorry. It's just that,
you know, you're Glinda.

This is the coolest thing
that's ever happened to me.

Well, you came all the way out here,

I'd imagine you have
something important to ask.

Can you please fix my memory?

Will you please restore my confidence?

Please help me get home to Kansas.

Well, the short answer is...


We'll go for the long answer, then.

- Whoa.
- Ooh.

Alpinstock Falls is the source of

all the wands, scepters,
and magical staffs in Oz.

But without any magic to enchant them,

they're simply sticks.

Glinda, what are you doing out here?

We came looking for Langwidere.

When the gnomes took my magic,

they were there for me, too.

Langwidere arrived just in time.

She took me here where I'd be safe.

You have the pearl.

Langwidere tells me I have
you to thank for that.

Glinda, Emerald City needs you.

I need you.

I wish I could help you, Dorothy,

but the gnomes have all my magic.

Without it, I'm no more
powerful than these sticks.

So take your magic back.

Yeah. You're Glinda the good.

Even if I knew where to find the gnomes,

they're practically invincible.

They're expert miners, thousands strong.

They can extract magic
from anything or anyone.

That sounds exactly like
the magic Fitz used on us

when he turned you and Ojo into stone.

There's a memory I love to relive.

Dorothy, you want to get home,

you want your confidence back,

you want your memory.

And I want to be back in
my castle in Emerald City.

I only see one way for
all that to happen.

You have to recover my magic.

- Me?
- Dorothy?

I couldn't possibly.

You are not magic.

You're immune to their greatest weapon.

It has to be you, Dorothy.

With the lunch pail trees

nearly back to full production,

I've been thinking of
sending Ojo downstairs

to the kelp farm.

Did you ask Ojo what he wants?


Wh... What do you mean, what he wants?

He... He's a munchkin.
He wants what we all want.

Oh. The look. You're giving me the look.

Come on, Marglette.

He's got to get farming sooner or later.

And since he's been working with me,

he hasn't been wasting time
with the trouble makers

who started making all this...

You know, trouble.

Without Ojo and his friends
making some trouble,

you'd still be working for the gnomes.

Ojo's meant for more than
the typical munchkin life.

We've always known it.

So, what do you think, Dorothy?

You gonna go after the magic?

I don't know. What do you think, West?

Honestly, right now,
it feels impossible.

Quicksticks! We have to get outta here!

- Oh-ohhh!
- Scarecrow!

West, help us!

I can't! I don't have any magic!


Glinda! Help!


The magic from school.


Okay. I can do this. I can do this!

I can pick myself up.

I can pick up my friends.

Dorothy! Scarecrow! Toto!

You have to climb out.

Hurry! Grab on!

- Woo, woo, woo, woo!
- Whoa!


You saved us.

Of course, I did. What'd you expect?

You're back!

I missed you.

We're going after the magic.

We're bringing it back to Glinda.

I'm right beside you, Dorothy.

Me, too.

Me, too.

Maybe more like right behind you.

Like, way behind you.

Like, I'll stay right here.

There's one thing I have to do first.

I didn't know I could drive.

Oh, come on, West!

I just came to tell you

that you can keep my old confidence.

I realized there's a lot
more where that came from.

I am great, Aunt Langwidere,

and I'll never let you
take my confidence again.

Last time you came here,

you asked permission to be great.

I have no use for that kind of witch.

Now you tell me that
you're going to be great,

and I believe you.

Glinda's reign is over.

She can no longer rule
on goodness alone.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that I know you're
going after the magic, West.

And when you get it...

bring it to me.

It's you and me, West.

Together, we will be

the most powerful witches
Oz has ever known.

That looks good, Ojo. Real good.

I think the lunch pail trees
are back to full production.

So, where am I going next?

Down to the kelp farm?

Wherever you want, son. It's up to you.

What if it's not the farm at all?

That's okay, too.


Thanks, Pop.

Sure. You know,
if you ever change your mind,

you sure have a knack for farming.


Fitz's train could be anywhere by now,

but we know where it started.

Right here.

We are going to follow the
old yellow brick line.

Hey! Wait up!

Ojo, what are you doing here?

Aren't you supposed to be at work?

I think I'm ready for something
bigger than munchkin life.

Dorothy, when we find the magic,

what if I lose myself again?

Then you've got us,

and we'll come looking for you, West.

I promise.