Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up! - full transcript

After Dorothy identifies Fitz as the Crooked Magician, he steals Toto, forcing Dorothy to team up with Agent Pugmill to go on a rescue mission to get him back.

Previously on Lost In Oz...

We need to figure out who would
want to steal that pearl.

That's who kidnapped Glinda.

My dad's the head aqua farmer.

Who would want to steal it from her?

Anyone who might want
to rule Emerald City.

- Who are these guys?
- They're gnomes.

So the gnomes kidnapped Glinda?

We're one step closer to finding her.

I'm learning about our
enemy's weaknesses.

She's a Gale, Fitz. They're strong.

Dorothy Gale, is that you? Reel her in!

I will be your substitute teacher.

My name is Miss Langwidere.



Ooh! If I had a digestive system,

I think I'd be sick.

Mine's working just fine.

Oh, don't look so scared.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Oh, I guess I can't fool the pearl.

I mean I'm not going to hurt you much.

As long as you give me what I want!

I'll never give you Glinda's pearl.

You're not exactly in the position

to be calling the shots here, Dorothy.

Not the tree! I planted this one

with my dad when I was little.

We named her and everything.


- Is that a sandwich?
- Must be hoagie season.

I love hoagie season.



Hold on!

Oh, Hortensia!

Stay strong, sweet tree.


What can we use? Anything
to get us out of this mess?

Oh! The look on your faces!

Let's remember this moment.

Oh, my viewers are gonna love this.

I can't fit you all in the frame.

Can you get together a little bit?

"Get together."

- Guys, grab my rope.
- Huh?

Is that so I don't wander off?

Probably a good idea.

Now, the exact same time,

you two unhook your lines.

Push off then wall hard on three?

One, two...


Get ready fora ride!



- Perfect.
- You meant to do that?

Fun, right?

Get the pearl!


Don't stop to smell the flowers!

You've got to keep moving!

- Poppies.
- Hold your breath and go around.

Works being made of straw.

I don't sleep.

Who gets sleepy?


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up!

No more games, no more escapes.

Give me the pearl now.

Freeze your own magic!
We have you surrounded!

Is that you?

- Yes, sir.
- How'd you get here so fast.

I... I...

Never mind. Make yourself useful.

Round up these crumbs.

Whatever you say, boss.

Just go with it for now, and I'll
get you all out of this mess, okay?

- Trust me?
- No.

I'm probably not the best eyewitness.

You bet your blue hair you could explain

why I'm waking up to a major
disturbance at the farm.

And I find you at the center of it?

Dad! We saved the farm!

You gotta believe me!

The Bureau has been trying
to blow the doors off

this illegal magic siphoning
operation for months!

Who knew it was the gnomes?

- Fitz knew!
- Futz figured it out?

- Good for him.
- Whoa! Fitz is not...

I know he's not the brightest
crystal in the cave,

but is seems like you
guys make a good team.

I told him to keep an eye on you,

but I didn't expect him to
bring you on a ride-along.

You're not listening to me!

- I found this pearl.
- Another piece of evidence!

Good work, Kansas!

No! Wait!

Fitz is a criminal!

He's behind this farm,

the Yellow Brick Line,

maybe even the whole magic crisis.

Fitz is the culprit, not the hero!

That little...

Wait. Let me get this straight.

You think Futz is the crooked magician?

That Futz? My Futz?

Twerpy, twitchy, clumsy Futz?

Ha! That is rich!

Guys! Guys! Get this!

Kansas over here says Futz
is the criminal mastermind

behind the great magic
crisis of Emerald City!

Futz! The crooked magician!

Lock up your magic, folks,

Futz is on the loose!

It's Fitz!

For the quadrillionth time! It's Fitz!

Can't you get through
your earthenware hat?


You've made fun of me for the last time!

And I'm not gonna take it anymore!

I am the Crooked Magician!


Get him!


He's getting away!

Agent Dregs, follow that wagon!

Agent Waffle, walk this part down.

Secure all evidence.

Where's Toto?







Out of the way, Kansas!

No one messes with my dog!

Hop in.

This is your stop.

I told you I'd get you
out of this, so...

Get out!

You better watch yourself.

The Gnome King's not gonna be
happy about losing the farm.

Yeah, well, you worry
about the Gnome King.

I've got bigger problems.

Class, what is magic?


Um, it's science?

Is that a question?

It's true.

Basic, but true.

What else? You.

It's chemistry.

It's part chemistry. Anyone else?

- It's about transformation?
- Say that again, dear.

It's the science of transformation.

Very good.

But a touch incomplete.

Magic is the science and
art of transformation.

Let's see your work.

- What is this?
- Um...

This! All this swirly business.

- What is all this movement?
- It's...

It's unfocused.

And you're trying too hard.


The science must be precise.

Focused. Intentional.

As in chemistry,
we manipulate the elements

to facilitate a desired reaction.

With precision,
we can alter the elements.

But anyone with time

and a textbook can learn the science.

The art of transformation requires
something less quantifiable.

Instinct. Emotion. Talent.

Which must be why West has
such a hard time with it.

A true talent not only
alters the elements,

but the world around her.

Maybe next semester you can
learn to conjure some talent.

Channel what you feel in this moment.

Focus it.

Use it.

Change your world.

- Your makeup!
- Your voice! My voice!

Our clothes!

An artist is born.

I can't believe I lost Toto.

I lost my best friend.

Well, it's not your fault.

I don't think it is, anyway.

Well, maybe it is.

I... What were we talking about?

Come in, Agent Bucknell.
This is Agent Dregs.

Do you read me?

- What's the good word, Dregs?
- We lost him, sir.

He could be anywhere in the city by now.

All right, we'll keep searching
until something comes up.

People don't just disappear.

- Can I use your phone?
- What's a phone?

Smart ball.

"Bureau of Magic."

Bureau of Magic!

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm,

I haven't done anything wrong, right?

I mean, besides tapping into
the surveillance systems

all over the city.

What do I do? If I answer,
I have to talk to them.

If I don't answer, I'll never
know why they're calling...

unless they show up here!

- Hello.
- Reigh, is that you?

Dorothy? Oh, thank Oz, it's you.

You're calling from a Bureau line.
Did you get arrested?

Brace yourself. Toto's been dognapped.

- No.
- Aye! Fitz!


Oh, that guy is the worst!

I need you to look up his name.

Fitz... What's his full name?

Fenyoucrook IV.

Fenyoucrook, Fenyoucrook.

What is that, Mulgravian?

Ah! Here!

Fitzfilson Fenyoucrook IV.

Seems he's the youngest in a
long line of crooked magicians.

We need better background checks.

Oh! Clearly Fitz is the
runt of the litter.

Will you put up some lost
dog posters around town?

I'm on it.

Anything for the Great One.

I'll meet up with you
guys as soon as I can.

Thanks, Reigh.

So much for my unlisted number.

Huh? Toto.


- Wow. That should help.
- That's amazing.

- No ego, but amazing.
- I just had a thought!


Of Fitz is living a double life,

does that mean he gets
double everything?

Double breakfast, double bed,

double rainbows?

Double life! Wait a second, Scarecrow.

I think you're on to something.

- He works at the Bureau...
- Not anymore, he doesn't.

... and works in his secret lair,

the Yellow Brick Line.

Scarecrow, you're a genius!



Fresh poppies,

just like the ones from the farm.

Don't smell them.

Fitz was here.

Which means Toto was, too.

Before you say anything,
I want you to know I have a plan.

I took a chance on you, you remember?

"No potential," your father told me.

I didn't believe him.

He didn't see in you what I saw.


Or at least that's what I thought I saw.

But now, at the most
critical of junctures,

you force me to question my judgment.

I thought I had it under control.

You thought you had what
under control, dear?

The farm?

The train full of my magic?

The lookout?

- The pearl.
- The pearl.

Not only did you compromise a
major joint magic operation

with our known partners,

but you let Dorothy Gale
slip through your fingers

with my pearl!

You know it's actually Glinda's pearl.

Without my pearl, I cannot claim

my position as the most formidable witch

of Emerald City.

Where is it?

Dorothy still has it,
but I have a plan B.

I'm listening.

Dorothy's dog.

She cares about that dog
more than the pearl.

Just when I question your worth,

you go and do something right.

Well, I figure we hold the mutt

and make Dorothy give
us the pearl as ransom.

Oh, there's that
potential of yours again.

It just peeks out and then disappears.

Brute force won't work with this girl.

We must facilitate the
reaction we desire.

The girl must want to help us.

And you're gonna help us, too,

because you're a good boy.

Oh, yes, you are.

- Toto?
- Hmm?


More puppy petals.

Toto? Toto!

- Dorothy?
- Take a breath.

Leave quietly.

Wait for my instructions.




Guys, check this out.

It's a map for the Yellow Brick Line.

This one looks like the farm.


I think the farm and the train station
were just the tip of the iceberg.

You think an iceberg's involved?

What? No. I think Fitz is involved

in a much bigger operation
than we thought.

Glinda's castle.

I knew Fitz had something to do with it.

Maybe these plans can help us find Toto

and Glinda.

You probably don't even remember
when we planted this tree.

I remember it perfectly.
It's my earliest memory.

Dad, can I ask you something?

Of course, son.

The gnomes, what I saw them doing,

is that something you...

I mean, did you know?

No. No, I didn't.

I knew...

I knew something wasn't right, though.

I didn't wanna tell you and Mom.

I... I didn't want you to worry.

How can you go to work every
day for those creatures?

I don't work for them. I work for us.

Back again at daybreak.


The whole world has my number now!

Half of the calls are complaints

from the billboard companies,

and the other half are calling
just to see if we found Toto yet.

People love a good mystery.

There must be a thousand
different tunnels.

How will we ever find Fitz?

He has Toto.

If I have to go down every
one of these tunnels,

that's what I'll do.

Ah! They found me!

You put one piece of personal
information in the world...


And some lady!

Miss Langwidere?

Toto! Oh, I've never been so happy

to see anyone in my whole life.

I feel the same way.

Welcome back, oh, great one.

Miss Langwidere, how did you find Toto?

I've got eyes and ears everywhere.

I heard a crooked, little magician

had taken this sweet little
guy that didn't belong to him.

So I made sure to alter that situation.

How did you find us?

My question exactly.

The advertisements you hacked into?

It's a two-way street.

Totally traceable.

Okay, shut it down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don't know what I'd do if
I ever lost Toto for good.

Oh, it was nothing, dear.

My pleasure.

Anything for a friend of West's.

How can I ever repay you?