Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Pearl of Pingaree - full transcript

Dorothy's investigation into Glinda's disappearance leads her to the Munchkin Farm where she discovers a magical pearl that reveals the truth. Before she can use it to get closer to home, however, she's confronted by an emboldened Fitz.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

We're looking for Glinda the Good.

It's me, Scarecrow.

I have a, uh, um...

Memory problem?

Glinda was taken?

Who is powerful enough
to take Glinda the Good?

You were Glinda's chief advisor?

What happened to me?

Whatever happened to Glinda
must be on that torn out page.

You're the one that ripped out the page.

You sacrificed your
memory to protect it.

All this time, I was looking
for Glinda to help me.

But I think we need to help her.

Glinda the Good Witch is missing.

Any information, we ask that you call

the Bureau of Magic at
1-8Billion-Find Glinda.

That's 1-8000000000...

It doesn't seem real.

How do we even know
she's actually missing?

Not just missing, West. Kidnapped.

Kidnapped? Come on.

- By who?
- By whom?


- I don't know yet.
- Ah. But we have a clue.

The page you saved from
the Book of Records

You remembered.



What? He's a legend.

Scarecrow sacrificed his memory

to protect this page.

And now we're going to find out why.




Hide this where no one
will ever think to look.

Your pearl of Pingaree.

- But Glinda...
- It's what they're here for.

As long as the pearl is safe,

no one can deceive the people.

They need to be protected.

Oh, no!

I can't believe it. It's...


That's where it ends?

Water of Oblivion. It hit the page.

Sorry, Dorothy. I couldn't help it.

Well, who did you see? Just tell us.

Um, um... Whoo.


It's okay. You did great.

- You gave us our next clue.
- Really?


You showed us the pearl.

We need to figure out who would
want to steal that pearl.

Because that's who kidnapped Glinda.

I know where we need to go.

Please don't say back to the castle.

My camo tech is glitching out,

and I really can't have
all those bureau agents,

news crews and looky-loos staring at me.


- Hi, Mom.
- Mifkit, where are you?

In a paranoid lion's apocalyptic bunker.

I'm with Dorothy. What's up?

Glinda's castle crashed. Did you hear?

It's all over the news.

Uh, yep.

I need you to meet me
at the healing center.

- Why?
- It's very important.

I'll explain when you get here.

Can you give me a hint?

The day has finally come.

Hey, West. Let's go.

Or you're welcome to stay
here with Scarecrow and me.

I'm not stayin'. Are you kiddin'?

This is the most action
I've seen in weeks.

Or is it months?

Yeah, sorry. I gotta go, too.

My mom wants me to meet her at work.

So, where are we headed?

To see a munchkin about a pearl.


Welcome to the Munchkin farm,

the pride and joy of our people.

My dad's the head aqua farmer.

He knows something about
everything that grows underwater.


My darling boy.

Your call made my day.

Dad, this is Dorothy.

Hi. So nice to meet you.

Ojo tells me you know
everything about...

Come in, come in.

There will be plenty
of time for questions.

It's not every day my son
brings his friends for a visit.


Cornelia, you remember my boy.

And these are his friends.

Come on, Scarecrow.

Uh, I'll catch up.

I'll let her tell him she's married.

Now, pay close attention, friends.

You only get to see it
for the first time once.


You said it. Every day, I'm amazed

that this is where I go to work.

And that my boy will experience

all the same occupational pleasures

as soon as he finishes school.


Here on the aqua farm floor...

- Hey, Dell.
- We grow over a billion different

underwater species of edible magic.


So, kids, how can I help?

Ask me anything, I'm an open book.

What do you know about
the Pearl of Pingaree?

Come on, Dad. I thought
you could help her.

You know about everything
that grows underwater.

Pearls I know something about.

What about Glinda's Pearl of Pingaree?

Pearls of Pingaree belong to the people.

They are worn by the
ones who protect us.

Today, that is Glinda.

But before her, there were others.

Hey, I bet you kids have never seen

a starfish constellation, huh?

Who would want to steal it from her?

Anyone who might want
to rule Emerald City.

Could you be a little more specific?

The dragons, the spiders,

the growlywogs and hammerheads,

invisible bears, fanphasms,
skoodlers, skeezers, wheelers,

whimsies, certain witches,

they all want it.

And the only reason these bad
guys don't try to take it

is because Glinda's
power is so unrivaled.

Dorothy thinks Glinda was kidnapped.

Tell him about the book projection.

- Before they took her...
- Before who took her?

We don't know yet.

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

But Glinda knew they
were after her pearl.

She made Scarecrow hide it,

but now he doesn't remember where.

Good. Then it's safe until
Glinda can be found.

Why? What does it do?

Sorry, I just remembered

the zephyred kelps need tending.


What does the Pearl of Pingaree do?

Knowing could help me find Glinda.

If you're honest, it shows you
the truth you need to see.

If you're wicked...

If you're wicked what?

Just make sure you know
how deep the water is

before you go jumping in.

Ojo, take 'em over to
see our lunch pail tree

on your way out.

So, when I was a kid,
me and my dad planted

a lunch pail tree on the 80th floor.

One year, it grew
linguine and meatballs.

And last year,

the best grilled cheese
you could ever grow.





We shouldn't be in here.

We don't have permission.

Come on, let's go find Scarecrow.

Look. I've seen this symbol before.

I saw it in Glinda's castle.

Okay. So what?

So there's gotta be a connection.

- Who are these guys?
- They're gnomes.

They're in charge of the
farm's distribution.

What was their symbol
doing in Glinda's castle,

on the day she was kidnapped?

I... I don't know.

And I don't know if I want to know.

Well, we're gonna find out.

I'm really not sure what you expected.

That I'd hand you a piece of Ozonium,

and let you go wild?

That's not the way it works, West.

We need to start small.

So you hand me a mop,

and make me clean squid
ink out of your vents?

That's one way to look at it.

That it's an annoying chore.

Or that it's an insult that has
nothing to do with my witch training.

Mifkit, I know you're talented.

I know it better than anyone.
I'm your mother.

But before we get to see what
you're truly capable of,

you need to show me some
patience and control.

I need to know that you're responsible.

You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Oh. All right, then. Lay it on me.

I've already used Ozonium.

Oh, yeah?

Used it on my Ozopotamus.

Brought it to life and set it free.

Well, that's a waste.

Animating a toy with
the rarest magic in Oz.

That's not the point.

Look, West, if you'd rather waste time

making up stories, fine.

But a life of magic,

it can get complicated.

Don't even.

It can get dangerous.

And whether you believe it or not,

I'm really just trying to guide you.


I don't like you, Dorothy Gale.

I don't like you at all!

What are you doing?


What are you doing wasting
time in the girl's house?

Who puts a hole in the floor?

Miss Langwidere,

I'm learning about our
enemies weaknesses,

so I can destroy her once and for all.

You have no idea what
Dorothy's been up to, do you?

Busy sticking your foot into holes.

For the record, I fell.

She was inside Glinda's castle, Fitz,

and something there led
her to the Munchkin farm.

What do you think that could be?

Her big friend is a Munchkin?

She knows about Glinda's pearl.

Oh. Oh, yeah, I'll change
my answer to that.

Who knows. She might
already have the pearl.

Great. So, we'll take
it from her. Right?

It makes our jobs easier.


Oh, dear, sweet Evelyn.

You grew up and started a family.

How nice for you.


No wonder Dorothy's been
thrashing you about.

She's a Gale, Fitz. They're strong.

She's not just some tourist.

Well, that's sure good to hear.

Truth be told, I was
starting to doubt myself.

Her mother, Evelyn,
turned my sister against me,

ruined my family and
left me to grow up alone

with nothing.

Hey, but look at you today?

You're a witch on the rise,
my inspiring mentor.

And now she sends her
daughter back to Oz.

This Dorothy is here for a reason, Fitz.

There's a plan in the works.

I can feel it.

- See ya.
- Bye.

Oh, stop.


You want a ride home or not?

I wish, I will...

I'll do.

And that's how wishes come true.

I'm coming, Dorothy.

Wh... What are you doing in my room?

Oh. We're still trespassing.

Come on. Time to connect the dots.

Any idea where this door leads?

No. And like I told you,
we're not supposed to be back here.

Said myself to myself.

I must have watched
50 gnomes come this way.

There's got to be
another door somewhere.

If there isn't, can we go home?

You can.


Cornelia's married.

To Broccoli.

Scarecrow, what are you doing?

Oh, just looking inward. Finding myself.

Thinking about how love's a
jerk that needs to be humbled.

Did you see a bunch of
gnomes come through here?

Is that what they are?

I could have sworn they were gnomes.

They all went over there.

That is not a natural
part of this ecosystem.

Smart boy, Toto.

We need to lift it up.

Uh, it's a boulder.

Maybe it just looks like a boulder.

Like this place just looks
like a Munchkin farm.

Whoa. What's that supposed to mean?

You saw how your dad reacted

- when we brought up the pearl.
- How?

Like he wanted to tell us
more than he did.

I thought he was pretty helpful.

You know, Dorothy, I really don't like

what I think you're
thinking about my dad.

Ojo, look.

What kind of farm is this?

The gnomes are farming oysters.

What do they want with all these pearls?

They're looking for something specific.

Uh, guys.



I think I remember where
I hid Glinda's pearl.


We can hide in my dad's office.

Scarecrow, are you okay?

I think so.

That robot attacked you.
Why did it do that?


Where no one would ever think to look.

Is that...

Glinda's pearl.

That's why the gnomes
have all those oysters.

They're trying to grow
another Pearl of Pingaree.

Because before they kidnapped Glinda,

she hid her pearl with you.

So, the gnomes kidnapped Glinda?


Yes. Guys, this is huge.

We're one step closer to finding her.


I really hope my dad
didn't know about this.

If he did, I'm sure there's
a good explanation.

May I?




What truth did you see?

I... I don't know.

Something... Something about West.

She was so angry.

Let me see that.

Huh. Guess it likes you better.

- You see anything?
- I know I heard something.

- I think they heard you scream.
- We're trapped.

Is there any other way
down besides the elevator?

I... I've never done this,
so don't ask me what to do.

I've been rock climbing since I was six.

Come on.


Down there somewhere.


All we gotta do is pull 'em up.


Wait! If you want the Pearl of Pingaree,

you have to let my friends go.

Dorothy, don't.

That's what you want, isn't it?

Dorothy Gale.

Is that you?

Reel her in, boys!

Good morning, class.

I will be your substitute teacher

for the next few weeks.

My name is Miss Langwidere.

And my number one goal is to make sure

you reach your full potential.