Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Go for Kansas - full transcript

Dorothy and her friends must sneak into Glinda's castle, now occupied by Langwidere, and defeat the wicked witch in order to restore Emerald City's memories and finally send Dorothy home.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

Who is powerful enough
to take Glinda the Good?

Whatever happened to Glinda
must be on that torn out page.

You sacrificed your
memory to protect it.

I have a memory problem.

I have the cure.

I can remember!

By the Pearl of Pingaree,

we will rewrite history.

Do you want to live in
that world with me, West?

I do.

She erased us
from the history or Oz.

We need the
real Pearl of Pingaree.

And it's in my castle.

We're gonna bring
back Emerald City's memories.

Langwidere has cast a spell
on the Pearl of Pingaree.

She transformed it from a lie detector

into a lie projector.

She's replaced everyone's
memories with lies.

As long as the corrupted pearl
is inside Tinker's machine,

the people will believe that Langwidere

is the ruling witch of Emerald City.

And that we are the enemy.

To restore the truth,

all we must do is reverse Langwidere's

wicked enchantment on the pearl.

How do we get into the castle?


We've got everything we need right here.

Ojo, don't you have to make
a delivery to the castle?


Einstein to Farm Boy,
what's your status?

Scared out of my pants,

thank you very much.

Stay focused.
Remember, at sundown,

you'll be back under Langwidere's spell.

Thanks for the terrifying reminder.

We have a munchkin farm delivery.

Send him in.

Opening loading dock doors now.

Goin' in.

Long live Langwidere.
State your business.

Pugmill's under the spell.

Oh, right.

Long live Langwidere!

I need to inspect your truck.

I don't think Langwidere's
gonna appreciate

you guys getting all up in her produce.

Ooh, hey,

you ever had a caplooey
fresh off the vine?

No offense, but I think you guys
could use a smile or two around here.


We're all clear. Let's move.

Nice work, Ojo.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Okay, you all know what to do.

Get to your positions.

Wait for Reigh's signal, and then...

Then we save Emerald City.

Hey, munchkin!

You got any more of those caplooeys?

They're amazing.

I'll keep these guys smiling. Hurry!

More caplooeys? I got caplooeys.

We have sync.

Monitor's coming online... now!

Lion's got eyes on the pride.

Copy that.

Your greatness, I kneel before you,

and humbly request a...
a meager magic subsidy.


Miniscule, really.
Just a little something

to help me and my family
of lowly magicians

get back on our feet.


Thank you for your time, your greatness.

Aunt Langwidere, it's Fitz.

West! Know your place.

But what's the point of
having so much magic

if we can't do anything with it?

We can do anything we want.

But one hand out leads
to another, and another.

You said we'd usher in
a new age of magic.

I have. For us!

You made your choice.

There's no turning back.

What have I done?

This isn't me.

Remember the last time
we were here, boy?

Well, get ready to fly again.

Kansas in position.

Glinda, there are more
guards than we thought.

It's okay. Dorothy has a plan.

Okay. Straw Man in position.

Farm Boy in position.

On my count. Three...

two... one.

Pull it!


- Oh!
- Uhh!

Let's hope knock-off
hypergravitationals do the trick.

Oh, oh, oh!

Ooh. It's working.

All right, old friend. You're up.

The fugitives! Stop right there!

Hey, wait! Don't go in there!

Please, won't you come in?

Good work, Scarecrow.

Find Dorothy and meet
me back at the portal.


- Whoa.
- Oh, oh!

I know you're here, Glinda!

This time there will be no escape.

Toto, let's hide in here.





You remember me.

Of course, I remember you.

That's great. It means
you're not brainwashed.

You're supposed to be in Kansas.

My aunt lied to me again.

Come with me, West.

You don't have to obey
Langwidere anymore.

I helped make this world.

I have to live with it.

But you don't.

What are you doing?

Giving you the magic to get home.

West, I'm not leaving you.

You've been trying to leave
since the moment we met.


Do it, Dorothy.


Say the words now.


Oh. There you are.

I was worried about you.

I'm fine.

There's a technical
issue with the castle.

Stay put.





Langwidere knows we're here.

Dorothy Gale,

I must take you to Langwidere at once.

Oh, that's not good.

Hm? Hmm.


The Pearl of Pingaree.

That was a national
treasure you destroyed.

From an Oz that no longer exists,

which makes it, and you, obsolete.

Oh. You brought that
night market garbage

to a real magic fight?

Glinda, you're making this easy.

Ojo, I'm your friend.
You have to remember.

Dorothy! Toto! Ojo!

Let go of me.

Holy gazelle! Are you guys okay?

Yup. Everything's going to plan.

Um, nope. Ojo's back
under Langwidere's spell.

Yeah, more bad news on that front.

I've been monitoring the feeds.

The pearl's been destroyed!

So everyone is stuck this way forever?

Let me go!

Ojo, it's me, Dorothy.

From Kansas, remember?

Sounds exotic?

Uh, it does sound exotic.

The truth is still in there, Ojo.

It has to be.

Look, it's us. We're friends.

We've been through so
much together. Look.

I don't know what's happening to me.

Trust your heart.

The heart can't forget,

because it doesn't have a brain.

I... remember.

Dorothy. Scarecrow.


I remember you all!

I remember everything!

I knew it was still inside you, Ojo.

I knew you'd find the
truth in your heart.


I just remembered something in my heart.

Extract of awakening.

When the gnomes poured it on me,

my memory came back.

Uh, some of it, anyway.

Now you tell us you have the antidote?

Oh, Scarecrow, you beautiful hay bale.

Your timing is perfect.

The extract can save the whole city.

We'll show them what happened to Glinda.

The torn out page!

But that was destroyed.

We'll use the extract
of awakening to fix it.

Reigh, how long would it take to hack

every screen in the city?

Two shakes of a woozy's tale.

No point of reference for that.

Uh, like 30 seconds.

It's working!

The magnifying glass.


Felt pretty good being me
for a while, didn't it?

You're gonna destroy me in
front of a bunch of kids.

Glinda! Look out!

It's too bad you're a mortal.

Too bad for you, I mean.

Eternity is such a long
time to spend in captivity.

No! Don't!

Hurry, Reigh.

Ah-ha! We're in! Ready to transmit.

The people of Emerald City
will never follow you.

Transmitting now.

The people of Emerald City
will never follow you.

Of course they will.

They need to follow somebody.

Their feeble minds crave it.

I love my people, and they love me.

No magic in all the fairy lands

can re-create that.


When I'm through hacking into
their pathetic little memories,

they'll never even know your name.

The truth is more
powerful than any spell.

I remember. I remember!

Glinda the Good.

Look. Glinda.

That's right. I remember.

- Oh, you're Glinda.
- I remember her.

Glinda! Glinda!

Glinda! Glinda!


If you want Dorothy,
you're gonna have to go through me.

And me.

And me.

Oh, you and what magic?



A rookie mistake;

using all your magic at once.

What a shame.

You had so much potential.


But... that's impossible.

You don't have any magic.

Head's up, Smith,
she's comin' in hot.

Smith! Let me out of here!

You know, I painted a portal

into every one of my paintings.

It's kind of like my signature.

I think I'll leave this one anonymous.





West, where did that magic come from?

We didn't have any elements.

I have no idea.

You saved me.

No, Dorothy. You saved me.

Hello, my friends.

I'm so happy to be home.

Magic to the people!

It was right there. All this time.

Even though we couldn't see it.

I can't believe you're leaving.

I'm afraid to even think about it.

What are we gonna do without you?

Knowing you guys, something awesome.

And I'm, like, 75 percent sure

I'll never forget you, Dorothy.

Kansas will always be our home.

And now, thanks to all of you,

so is Emerald City.


Go forth.

We're really going home, Toto.

But part of me wishes we could stay.


- So long!
- Bye, Dorothy! Bye Toto!



Hang on, Toto!

What was that?

We actually made it, Toto.

We're home!


Scarecrow, are you okay?

Wait. What are you doing in Kansas?

Dorothy, we're not in Kansas.

Then where are we?