Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Welcome Back, Glinda - full transcript

Dorothy, Toto, and Glinda must escape their painted prison and rally their friends before Langwidere can magically erase them from everyone's memories, change the course of history in Oz, and leave Dorothy and Toto stranded here forever.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

Without my pearl,
I cannot claim my position

as the most formidable
witch of Emerald City.

Langwidere. She imprisoned
us in a painting.

She put me in here, too.

A little Kansas house

caused my family generations of pain.

Langwidere's telling the truth.

Smith, he hid a portal
in each of his signatures.

Maybe he can paint
us a portal out of here?

Langwidere is going to erase us

from the history of Oz.

The Memory Changer Machine.

Let's go, Tinker.

All of Emerald City is outside,

awaiting Glinda's return.

A little hustle would be
in your best interest.

Ah. It's ready,
though I've been thinking...

I don't pay you to think.
I pay you to tink.

As the inventor of this machine,

I must express my concern.

Altering the memories of the masses...

Tinker, take a lesson
from your brother Smith.

Do your job and keep your
thoughts to yourself.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

By the Pearl of Pingaree,

we will rewrite history.

Our family's rightful
rule was never crushed

beneath a falling house

or melted by the ruthless Gales.

We erase the Gale family and
their impact on our world.

By the Pearl of Pingaree,

the Wicked Witches have always been

and always will be the
ruling witches of Oz.

Upon my command,

remove Glinda the Good
from our collective memory


Come on, West. Let's give Emerald City

one last look at Glinda the Good.


After she...

After you change everything,

will I... will I still be me?

The best version of you.

What do you want more
than anything else?

I just want to be good at magic.

You dream bigger than good.

Close your eyes.

Imagine, at your fingertips,
every element you desire.

Your wish is your command.

What do you wish?

I want to do things no
one's ever seen before.

I want to invent magic
that seems impossible.

And we shall.

Welcome back, Glinda!


I can barely hear myself think.

Now where was I?

The Islands of Regos and Corregos.

27 paintings and counting.

Smith has always been prolific.

I never realized how much
everything in the world moves

until I got stuck in
a world that's stuck.

Glinda, what if...

what if we never find Smith?


Hey. Because of you, we have each other,

and we are going to find
our way out of this.

Something moved!

- Where?
- There.

That's paint.

- Smith!
- Smith!

- Smith!
- Smith!


- Smith!
- Over here!

Here, Smith!

Smith! Smith!


What is going on out there today?

Citizens of Emerald City,

save your vocal chords.

Glinda, we love you!

Thank you. I only wish

I could say the same about you.

For far too long,

you showered me with love

and, worse, respect,

when what I truly deserve
is your contempt.

This is terrible.

The whole world thinks
Langwidere is Glinda.

Wait. Where are you going?

We can't just sit here

and watch Langwidere ruin our city.

I have to go warn my mom and dad.

Today, after months of silence

amidst a growing magic crisis,

I stand before you with truly good news.

Today I say goodbye.

My reign as Glinda the Good

is over.

Come back!

Waters of Oblivion, rise.

Mom! Dad!


Forget your fears.

Let the rain wash over you

and wipe away any memory
of Glinda the Good Witch.

I am, and have always been,
your ruling witch:

Langwidere the Great.

Langwidere the Great!

Langwidere the Great!

Langwidere the Great!

We are trapped in your painting!

What the...

Help! Help!

Ahh! Uh, huh?

We're trapped in your painting!

- Help!
- Okay.

That is as clear a sign as any

that I need a break.

No, Smith, wait!

Now it is my great privilege

to introduce a young witch

who shall one day inherit the city

and push the boundaries
of magical possibility.

The future of this family,

the future of Emerald City,

West the...


Is that really me?

The best version of you.

I, um,

I hope to be a good witch to you all.


West! West! West!

The future witch, ladies and gentlemen.

- West! West!
- The distant future.

Over here!

Smith! Come on, man!

You're just overworked.
You're not losing your mind.

Jump to the next painting.

We'll get his attention.

- Smith!
- Please!

I can't hear you, voices in my head.

♪ Lama lama lama I can't hear you.

- Smith!
- Aah!

You are losing your mind!

Smith, get a hold of yourself.

Glinda the Good?

This is Dorothy Gale and Toto.

We've been imprisoned
inside your paintings

by the wicked witch Langwidere.

Langwidere? My patron?

- No, I...
- You work for her?

She commissions all of my paintings.

She's using your paintings as prisons.

But that's impossible, unless...

Please, we've found your portals,

but we can't find our way out.

We need your help.

Can you paint us an exit?

Yes, of course.

I need mineral spirits.

Where did I put that?

I just had it this morning.


Yes! Good eye.

Easy. Easy.


Ohh. Whew.


Oh, thank you.

You're a lifesaver.

Your work is captivating.

Thank you for getting us out.

Anybody else in there?

Oh. I never thought I'd
see Emerald City agai...

What happened here?


Oh. Ow!

Hey, watch it, lady.

Something is definitely off.

Don't they know who you are?

I wasn't going to say
anything, but right?


My home.

Langwidere the Great?

You'd better see this.

We're too late.

Langwidere must have corrupted

the Pearl of Pingaree.

She erased us from the history of Oz.

Hey, I know a pearl expert at the farm.

I'm not his favorite
person in the world,

but maybe he can help us out.

- Come on.
- Wha...

Joe, hi, we need to talk to you

about the Pearl of Pingaree.

Ah, well, pearls I know something about.

Now, who did you say you are?

Joe, it's me... Dorothy.

Ojo's friend.

Mm, sorry. Doesn't ring a bell.

And this is Glinda the Good.

And? Good at what?

Mm, have you seen Ojo?

Oh, sure. Ah, there's my boy now.

Ojo, you got visitors.

Your friend, uh...


Right. And, uh, don't tell me.

Melinda the Good

at something or other to be determined.


Make is snappy, son. It's a big day.

Lots of shipments going up
to Langwidere's castle.

Oh! Ojo!

I didn't know if I'd ever see you again.

Wow. Okay.

Hi. You're friendly.

Where are you from?



Whoa. Sounds exotic.

I've never met anyone from Kansas.

I'm Ojo.


Are you from Kansas, too?

Oh, Glinda, I just came by

to congratulate you on your retirement.

Glinda! Where are you?




No, it can't be.



Ojo, it's me. Dorothy.


Uh, sorry. I don't.

Look, I got to get back to...

Wait. What are you even doing here?

You quit the farm.

Ha. Right.

Why would I ever leave the farm?

I'm a Munchkin. This is what we do.

But it's not what you want to do.

Wait. How do you know that?

I've never told anybody.

Are you a mind reader?


It wasn't enough to make the world

forget Glinda and the Gales.

By the Pearl of Pingaree,

Glinda the Good and Dorothy Gale

shall not be forgotten

but rather known by all

as fugitives of justice.

Ojo, it's us, your friends.

Ugh! Toto! You got me
right in the mouth.

You just said Toto.
You remembered his name.


That's them! The fugitives!


Get them!

Got 'em!

Stop, fugitives!

There. It's Dorothy
and Toto and Glinda!

They're being chased.

Oh, we need to help them.

Hmm. Lion's Den to the
Magic Underground.

Lion's Den to the Magic Underground.

Is anyone out there?

Reigh! Is that you?

Patchwork! We just
spotted Dorothy, Toto,

and the real Glinda the Good.

They're being chased down 62nd Street.

They're in trouble and need help!

I'm on it! I'll intercept them.

Meet me at the Night Market.

It's the only place that's still safe.

And hurry.

The Night Market?

Langwidere must have altered the spell.

Now they think we're criminals.

Mm. Mm?



Good to see you, too, mate.

Welcome back, Glinda.

Can you help us?

It's not safe for you out here.

Follow us. Come on, Toto.

Let's ride! Hyah!


Ah. Glinda the Good in the Night Market?

How do they still know you?

Langwidere's spell
couldn't reach down here.

You're coming with me.

Hey! Get your hands off Glinda the Good!

She's a traitor to...

the... state.

Inertium zapper.

That'll slow him down for a minute.

- There you are!
- Dorothy! Toto! Glinda!

Uhh! Aah! Uhh!

Glinda! Oh, I've missed you!

I've missed you, too, Scarecrow.

Uh... uh-uh.

You remember us, too!

The spell couldn't get to us.

And everyone said I was so paranoid

to have everything I own
hermetically sealed.

Huh? Eh.

How were you able

to retain all of this
magic amidst the crisis?

Well, truth be told, it's all synthetic.

But my slogan is

"Our knockoffs are knockouts."

I must say I am impressed.

You think there's something here

we could use to reverse
the spell on Ojo?

We need the Pearl.

Pearl? Well, why didn't you say so?

Pearls are my speciality.

We need the Pearl of Pingaree.

Ooh, I'm fresh out of Pingaree.

But may I interest you

in the finest of
pearlescent alternatives?

The Pearl of Zingoree.


Worth a shot.

By the Pearl of...

Zingoree. With a "Zz."

By the Pearl of Zingoree,

we fortify the truth,
the absolute truth,

and dispel Langwidere's lies.

En... emies of the state!

Uhh. Huh?

I command you to remember.


Ojo? Are you back?

I don't know. I'm confused.

Come on, Ojo.

Remember me. Remember yourself.

Remember our friendship.

That is the truth.


I, uh...

I can never forget you, Dorothy.

Ya ha ha ha ha ha!

Welcome back! Ha ha ha ha!

Even though I kind of did.

Oh, welcome back, buddy.

Where's West?


Come here, kid.

Mom. What are you doing here?

When you didn't come home,
I was worried about you.

Before you get all upset, I can explain.

I was just about to...

I see now I shouldn't
have been worried at all.

You're not mad that I'm
hanging out with Langwidere?

Mad that my dear sister
wants you by her side?

West the Radiant.

I couldn't be more proud of you.

I can't believe this synthetic
magic really worked.

Me, neither.

Do you think it'll work

for everyone in the city?

It has to.

Uh, the Pearl of Zingoree

and pretty much all synthetic magic

has a short shelf life.

You mean I'm not really cured?

Uh, you're temporarily cured.

You got till about sundown,

and then it's poof,

back to the brainwash.

We need the real Pearl of Pingaree.

And it's in my castle.

We're going to bring back
Emerald City's memories.

Magic to the people.

Magic to the people.