Los pacientes del doctor García (2023): Season 1, Episode 9 - Renacimiento - full transcript

One wrong move could mean death when Manuel and Guillermo's operation is compromised. Guillermo embraces a second chance at happiness.

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Adrián, are you coming or going?

I was about to go for breakfast,
and you all turn up.

No one is leaving

without having a drink first.

Just one, okay?

How many times did we say that last night?

How about the Tortoni?

Do you feel sick?

The Spaniard.

Let's take him inside and have him--

-He had too much to drink.

He's probably fine.

Come on, let's go.



La Meridiana.

-Is this Mr. Cuesta?
-Yes, this is he. Who's this?

I just arrived from Argentina.

I was in such a hurry to travel,
I didn't have time to organize my move.

So I need a reliable company
to take care of it from here, from Madrid.

So Manuel is okay?


He preferred to stay there on his own.

At least he can choose.

The first thing he did

was think of you.

He wanted to warn you.

That's why I'm here.

Do you know how hard it was to get
that information? Now it's worthless.

It doesn't matter.

-Stalin is the enemy.
-Stalin? What about Franco?

Franco, your buddy.

We wanted to put an end to the regime,
and now you abandon the Spanish people.

I'm sorry, Rafael.

I'm really sorry.

You must think about your own safety now.

I fear for your lives,

and I feel really guilty.

What matters now
is that you can go to a safe place.

I brought some money.

-I can get you a passport.

I'm not going anywhere.

Your superiors think I'm a communist.
Will they help a communist?

I've spent the last ten years running.

I've had enough.

Ten years.

In a world that has changed so much,
it seems like it's been 100.

I'll… try to get a flight.

To Buenos Aires?

No, Washington.

I don't think Manuel and I
will ever see each other again.


Only a fool like me
would go out without an umbrella.


-I'm Rita.

I'm Meg. I was on my way out.

Mr. Cuesta.

Thank you.

And good luck.

You too.

Excuse me.

Who was that?

No one. We won't see her again.

Are you okay?

-You sure?
-You're drenched.

Completely drenched.

As of today, on these grounds,

you will have a place
for relaxation and leisure.

Facilities where you can enjoy the peace
you earned for Spain on the battlefield,

unsparing in heroism

and sacrifice.

Long live Spain!

Long live!

Miss Stauffer.

Forgive me for bothering you.

Do you remember me?

We met at a boxing match during the war.

I was training a junior officer.

Adrián Gallardo.

Has he left for Buenos Aires?

A long time ago.

Not so long ago.

He came to our house
at the end of December, right?

We talked about you.

He wasn't sure when he'd be leaving.

I must be mistaken.
We've dealt with so many comrades…

…invoking their representation…

…or subscriptions, must be reported
to the police immediately.


…being a journalist does not authorize…

…and report…

…any unlawful behavior.

Won't you offer your friend a drink?

Are you home?


Am I interrupting?

Apparently not.

Are you feeling better?

I owe you an apology.

There's no need to apologize.
We're friends.

I've got nothing to offer.

I drank it all last night.

What were you celebrating?

I was trying to forget.

Listen, Walter.

Adrián Gallardo must disappear.

I want to be José Pacheco Hernández.

Just another emigrant
who came to Argentina to earn a living,

and life caught up with him.

For me, the war started in 1936,
and it isn't over yet.

I can't take this anymore.

I can't take it anymore.

Do you have something in mind?

Look for a job.

Far from Buenos Aires.

Start a family.

Have a life of my own.

And forget. Most of all, forget.

You won't do all that by drinking.

But I can help you.


No, you've done enough.

I don't want to seem ungrateful.
I owe you.


If I stay amid comrades,
I'll never be able to start fresh.

I have no strength left, Walter.

The war fucked up our lives.

You're not the only one.


if you run into difficulties, come to us.

We will never let you down.

We never did,

and we never will.

I found this.

It isn't much, but it's enough.

Go away.






What can I get you, Galician?


Excuse me.

-How do you know I'm…

Because of your melancholy.

But I'm not from Galicia.

But you're melancholic
from time to time, right?

What can I get you?

Do you have fernet?


Fernet for the Galician.



He put one over on us, Clara.

We don't even know if he was in Russia.

That's enough, Ingrid!

Not a word to anyone about this,
do you hear?

That's an order.

I understand that you wish
to cover up our vulnerability,

but I can't let our comrades
run the slightest risk

because of your crush on an impostor

who turned you down.



You remember?

Yes, of course. It's my job.


Do you like chocolates?

Do I look as though I like chocolates?

Well, I don't know.
Give them to your customers.

Give them to your girlfriend.

Do I look like I have a girlfriend?

At your age, possibly.

But with that melancholy, I doubt it.

Anything else?

Well, yes. A…

A board game.

Chess or checkers?


Well, you look more of the checkers kind.

Here, for you.


Adrián, my friend!

Where did you get off to?

What's up, Spaniard?

You sober today?

Why don't you come for a drive with us?

I want an early night.

It won't take long.
We'll bring you right back.

Let's go.

Get in, dammit.

We're worried about you.

I understand you perfectly.

Getting back to civilian life isn't easy.

Listen, I arrived in 1947.

We were put up in a house
which wasn't too bad,

but it wasn't very homey, to be honest.

So, my wife found a guy
who sold fabric for curtains.

The guy turned up with the samples

and insisted on choosing them together.

There I was, looking at fabric,

after everything I'd seen at war,

after everything I'd had to do
to save my ass,

What the hell did I care
about those damn curtains?

Only those who have been through it
can understand, right?

I ended up punching the guy.

He nearly killed him.

It's inertia, Adrián.

From one day to the next,
you take off your uniform.

You go home.

Everything seems to be going okay.
You can rest at last.

But something's missing.

Don't say it doesn't happen to you.

I just want to forget.

"Forget," he says.

As if that were possible.

Stop. It's here.

See that house?

Two guys Tito sent to kill the boss
are hiding inside.

So then, will you give us a hand?

I'm in Argentina to stay out of trouble.

What's up, Spaniard, are you a chicken?

Get out.

We'll go straight in and out.

You're crying.

Since when do killers cry?



This guy will tell me his life story.


I said I'd help you, and I keep my word.

Last night was--

The Serbs want Pavelic's head.

It isn't the first time they've tried,
and it won't be the last.

They tortured them, Walter.

That's not fighting the enemy
or protecting the boss.

Adrián, I must remind you
that terror is a powerful weapon.

There are 10,000 Croatians in Argentina.

They don't need me. I don't want
to be involved in their issues.

Don't worry.

I'll talk to them.
They'll leave you alone.

Clara insisted I take care of you,

and I'll carry on doing so.

Do whatever you want with your life.

No one will demand any explanations.

Thank you, Walter.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.


Do you want to stay behind the bar?
I'll serve the tables.

Stick to your job, bigmouth.


Always the same order at the same table.

You're a creature of habit.

How were the chocolates?

I gave them to some kids.

It's better to keep temptations at bay.

Right, Galician?

Actually, no.

What time do you finish?

A fernet.


Say yes.

Don't be afraid.

You never give up, huh?

I've given up often enough.

Are you free at six?

The more I know about you,
the more I like you.

Is it serious, doctor?

-That's because you don't really know me.
-Is that so?

How interesting.

If you get to know me well,
you might not like me.

I like you as you are.


And you know it and you take advantage.

We could go out together tomorrow night.

I can't tomorrow.

I'm going to a party meeting.

Don't look at me like that.

We've taken precautions.

Be careful, that's all I ask.


We're going to a rehearsal hall.

But I can't say where.

That makes me feel better.

We'll pass off as a group of amateurs,

each with a copy of the play,
and if the grises turn up…

we were rehearsing.


-I'm going.

You're not a party member, but I am.

We have to respect each other's decisions.

-So, I'm going.

But who knows, I might finish early.

What did you have in mind?

-I'm not telling you.
-Tell me.

-Please, tell me.

Your pal is over there.

You're such a pain.



Take me far away, Galician.

No, we're staying close to home today.

Did you like the empanadas?

They were delicious.

I came across that shop recently.

The walk is worth it.

Don't you live around here?

I live across town.

Why do you come here then?

Am I wasting my time?

Slow down, Galician.

Your melancholy is devouring you.

And I'm not easy.

Not that easy.

But you're fragile.

Like me.

-Guillermo, the rehearsal is running late.
-So I won't see you?

Yes, but a bit later. In about two hours.

You actors are unreliable. Same place?

Yes, same place.

I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry.

Just make sure rehearsal goes well.
You know I'm a worrywart.

Don't worry, I'll do my best.

I don't doubt it.


-May I, Mr. Cuesta?
-Come in.


-Do you have a girlfriend?

But only one. Don't listen to the gossip.

Here. Take her to the movies.
They're good seats.

For me?

Thank you, Mr. Cuesta.

By the way, Don Gabino says
you need to look at these documents.

Thanks a lot.

Cheer up and sit down.

What happened?

They've all been arrested.

Calm down. They have an excuse.

The play.

It's as good as any.

The captain is a bastard.
We'll see what he does.

-They found nothing during the search.
-What happened?

-Did someone squeal? Were they followed?
-I don't know.

They may keep them in overnight
and let them go in the morning.

It wouldn't be the first time.

I'll keep you posted. Act normal.

Fuck, Pepe.

Act normal, doctor. I'm begging you.

Don't complicate things.



-Come in.
-Do you have a minute, Don Gabino?

Yes, of course.

So then?
Have you thought about what I said?

Come on. Make my day, man.

No, it's something else,
and it's not so cheerful.

What's up?

It's my girlfriend.

Don't tell me you got her pregnant.

She's been arrested
by the Political-Social Brigade.

Is she a Red?

She's young.

She wants to be an actress.
At rehearsal yesterday--

Sure. Bad company.

I give you my word.
She's done nothing wrong.

Apart from wanting to be an actress.

These youngsters.

What that girl needs is to settle down.

That's what I said.

Is she going to be
the mother of your children?


What are you waiting for, dammit? Huh?

I have a cousin at the governor's office.
I'm sure he can do something.

Dirty linen shouldn't be washed in public.



-Did they hit you?

-Are you sure?
-No, not me.


-We have to talk.
-What's up?

Forgive me.

Forgive me.
I couldn't sit back and do nothing.

No, it's not that.

They didn't hit me because…

because I'm pregnant.

Guillermo, don't look at me like that.

What are we going to do?

What do you want to do?


What about you?

-Tell me.

-All I know is that I love you.

I want to have children with you.

I also understand
if you don't want them now.


You make me so happy.
And that's enough for me.

-Is that a yes?
-Yes. It's a yes.

-Let's get married.

-Let's get married.
-No, you're crazy.

A church wedding? No way.

-I'm not getting married in church.
-We have to.

Now we have someone else to consider.

Listen, it's just a formality.

-How romantic.

Will you marry me? Yes or no?


Yes, I will.

Mr. Cuesta, I'm sorry.

Don Gabino is expecting a visitor,
and he can't see anyone.


Look, there they come.

Good morning, Miss Stauffer.
Don Gabino's waiting for you.

How are you?

Fine, as always.


I thought I heard your voice. How are you?

You said you'd deal with it personally.

Of course.

Although Rafael would organize
your move just as well, or better.

So, you've decided to cross the pond.

You're going back to America?

To stay, this time.

I've done my duty in Madrid.

If you see Adrián, give him my regards.
I haven't heard from him since he left.

Does that surprise you?

Your friend doesn't know
the importance of loyalty.

Have a good day.


I need to make an urgent
international call to Buenos Aires.


-Walter? It's Clara.
-What's the matter?


-He isn't who he says he is.
-Who is he then?

I don't know.

He fooled me.

You can imagine

the consequences for me
and what we do if this gets out.

No wonder the Croatians don't trust him.

Listen, Walter.

I'm turning to you
because you know him well.

And he's close by.

I don't want anyone to know
there's been a problem.

Nor that we've sorted it out.

No one, you hear?

Loud and clear. It's sorted.

Do it soon.


Take it easy.
You'll hurt yourself. Calm down.

Calm down.

Stop, you idiot. You'll kill him.

Are you blind, you jerk?
You son of a bitch.

-Please. Come with us, Miss Stauffer.
-How dare you?

-Who are you?
-Get in, Clara.

Nothing will happen to you.
I give you my word.

Don't worry.

We haven't come to extradite you by force.

It's about Adrián Gallardo.

The person you know as Adrián Gallardo.

You have been his guardian angel.

We just want you to carry on
for a bit longer.

Afterward, I advise you
to erase him from your memory.

What's done cannot be undone,

as you say over here.

-He works for you?
-Of course he does.

And nothing bad can happen to him.

What's going on?

Why am I here?

Who are you?

Keep still and quiet.

Waiting for instructions.

Miss Stauffer,

having a common enemy builds

unusual friendships.

Unthinkable just a few years ago.

That's why, sooner or later,
my government will help Spain.

Negotiations are already underway.

Are we going to spoil them
because one of our guys had a mishap?

That wouldn't be reasonable.

Spain needs us.

And you,

above all else,

are a patriot.

What about my extradition?

You needn't worry about that right now.

Adrián Gallardo is untouchable.

Do you understand?

Make the necessary calls
before it's too late.


Take it easy, Manolo.

Everything will be all right.

-Trust me.
-What are you doing here?

What's your part in this?

Clara knows you aren't Adrián Gallardo.

How could they beat us to it?

Forget it.
Forget Adrián, as if he never existed.

I don't get it.
Do you realize what could--

Not another word, Walter.

We aren't alone.

There is always a reason to forget.

And this one is important.

Very important.

We can go now.

They won't bother you anymore.

Clara will continue to look after you.
She has no choice.

Did you organize this?

My superiors wanted someone you can trust

to tell you that…

we saved your life, and we're even now.

We're even?

This isn't about saving my life.

Millions of innocent people have died.

Their assassins travel the world
as if it were their home

thanks to Perón's hospitality

and Franco's protection,

another assassin who has killed my people.

Your country doesn't care.

In Spain, every day is the same day.

But we're even.

Look at me.

Tell your superiors to go to hell.

Think whatever you want, Manolo.

Think and live however you want.

Or however you can.

But live.

What did your friend do to Clarita?

Just the mention of his name
makes her freeze.

Want the truth?

Of course, man. The truth.

It isn't what he did to her.

It's what he didn't do to her.

Oh, women…

Anyway, what did you want?

Well, if your offer still stands,
I'd like to buy La Meridiana.

Man, that means a lot to me.

But I don't want any favors.
I'll pay a fair price.

Of course.

You'll pay me every last peseta.

One more thing.
Do you remember my girlfriend?


The one that wanted to be an actress.

She's gotten over that.

We're engaged.

Man, at last!

I'm so glad, Rafael!

A wife and a business.

You can't say
your life isn't going to change, huh?


We'd like you to be the best man.

Me? Best man?


Thank you, Rafael.

Thank you.

I'm so glad you're attending
my second wedding too.

At least
I don't have to do anything this time.

I'm too old for all that hassle.

It's nice to see you happy, master.

-Stop calling me "master."
-It's better this way.

-I won't make a mistake that way.

Excuse me. The bride is here.

Wait a minute, honey.

Do you take Rafael
as your legitimate husband,

as ordained
by the Holy Roman Catholic Church?

I do.

I'm so happy for you.

-Good luck.
-Thank you. That's so kind of you.

I'm so excited
there's finally a Mrs. Cuesta!


Of course.

Who would've thought
I'd be responsible for all this?

And it all started that New Year's Eve.

-Wait a minute, Pepe.

-Did you invite her?
-I don't know how she found out.

During the ceremony,
I couldn't stop wondering…

Did you live in the neighborhood
before the war? On Velázquez?

No, back then
I lived in a village near Toledo.

I swear, you look just like someone--

-Auntie, let's talk to Don Gabino.

-Our conversation has been interesting.
-Don Gabino?

-Do you know what an old shirt is?
-I'll be back.

-An old shirt?

Look, Don Gabino…

It brings back memories, right?

Nice hairdo.

I knew you'd like it.

I neither like it nor dislike it.

I just came to say congratulations.


I hope it works out better this time.

So do I.

I really mean it.

I know.

Who is she?

Another woman we won't see again?

You read my mind.

Do you know how much I love you?

Very much.

Me too.

Celebrate that you're still alive.

The Galician didn't come today.


He got held up at work.

You're going steady.

Did you tell him your story?

I told him I'm a widow.

You won't scare this guy off.

He's crazy about you.

Tell him.

He wasn't born yesterday.

He'll understand.

You know what you're scared of?

That he won't be scared.

You're a bit of a wizard.


''I carry in each wound

hope that has already faded…"

-Go on.
-"…that hammers without mercy."

Go on, carry on.

Between one tango and the next,
life slips away.

You're right.

But I'm in love.

But any hope

Is always tamed by time

If it doesn't destroy it entirely

Now I know all that

All that and much more

You have a visitor, Mr. Cuesta.
He's waiting in your office.

This package came. It's addressed to you.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

They know.

I've been told
I ought to congratulate you.

Thank you.

I suppose
that's not the only reason you're here.

No, of course not.

I wanted to ask you

if you've had any unexpected encounters.

What do you mean?

Has anyone come here asking questions?

Not until you got here.

Apparently, word has gotten out

that we've safeguarded
certain artistic goods.

How did they find out?

There's a long list of people
who may have been indiscreet.

I've come to warn you, Rafael. That's all.

Remember, only your name
appears on the paperwork.

If anyone bothers you,

call me.

Don't say anything.

And stay calm.

If necessary,
Rolf will make sure no harm is done.

You have done enough already.

You don't need to see me out.

What do you think?

Comfortable but not luxurious.

Ideal for a man living alone.

Ideal for a man
who's just passing through.


I want to tell you something.

Do you know where Fortín Tiburcio is?

I moved there
because I married an older man.

Handsome, gallant.

His name was Renato.

Everything was fine at first.

He treated me well.

He wanted us to have a child.

You can't imagine how much he wanted one.

But that child never came.

And I felt guiltier by the day.

Until I decided to see a doctor.

His doctor.

I found out Renato couldn't have children.

That was my mistake.

Or maybe he knew that I knew.

He beat the hell out of me.

He never stopped after that.

Can you imagine, Galician?

Until, one day, the rain came.

It was pouring.

The cattle drowned,
and the men couldn't cope.

Renato decided to go out to help.

And he took me with him.

That was when he slipped…

and fell down a gorge.

We were alone.

He was hanging over the edge.

All I had to do was step on his hand.

Or simply leave and not look back.

He realized.

I could see it in his eyes.

And suddenly, the branch broke.

And I was free.

Or not.

I've made it easy for you, Galician.

All you have to do is say
you're just passing through.

Do you think I could?

You're like me.

You hardly open up.

It would be a mistake
to carry on like that.

Because I'd like to marry you.

My name is Manuel Arroyo Benítez.

I came to Buenos Aires
pretending to be a war criminal.

I hope at least half the story
you've told me is true.


I wish it were only half.


What do you say?

"So what"?

Why do you want to get married?
We're fine as we are.

We could be better.

I love you very much, Simona.

Very much.

I love you very much too.

Even though I haven't said it yet.

All right, yes.

Let's get married.
But stop looking at me like that.


What should I call you
with all those names you have?


Galician is fine.


Are you sure
you don't want to name him Guillermo?

I'd love to say that name out loud.

In front of the whole world.

We'll name him Manuel.

Okay, that's that.


-Come here, my love.

Hello, Manuel.

-I'm going to work.

Say "Bye, Dad."

"Bye, Dad. Bye."


-Get in, man!

They need me in the office!

Get in.

Where are we going?

"Where are we going?" Where do you think?

Or is what I've heard not true?

People in Spain talk too much.
You should know that.

Except you, Rafael.
You're like the Norwegians.

Maybe you are Norwegian, and you've been
fooling me all these years.

That's impossible. No one can fool you.

That's why I'm still alive.

We're here.

Good afternoon.

You brought me here
so I'll treat you to lunch?

Twice a year, remember?

So, you're the owner of La Meridiana now.


I'm paying off the purchase, bit by bit.

If it hadn't been for our business,

I wouldn't have considered it.

Bam came to see me.

He was worried.

Ignore him.

That Jew doesn't want anyone
to take from him what he stole from us.


that won't ruin our lunch,
not by any means.

I've come to talk about the future,
not the past.

Now that you own the agency,

we can go back to doing business together.

I'll make you rich.

That's good.

I've just become a father.


When I say you're like the Norwegians…

This definitely calls for another bottle.


We have a lot to celebrate.

I have enough men now to organize an army.

An army? What for?

To set up the Reich.

The Reich is…

That's a lot, Rolf.

Step by step.

I won't let it fall into oblivion.

Once I'm asked to step forward,

my men and I will be where we ought to be.

Where have you been?

Out for lunch.

Good heavens.

Until this late?

How much have you had to drink?

As much as I had to.

What's the matter?

I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

My love.

This child will never lack for anything.
You know that, right?

You won't be defeated.

Not you.

Not you.

Subtitle translation by: Molly Yurick